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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. disappearing lanes. potholes and everybody going back to work. >> some expert advice on maneuvering the morning commute. this is 9news now. >> and if you thought friday's traffic was bad, you better brace or brake for even more. >> at least that is what legendary traffic guru says. brittany joins us live with the expert advice. >> reporter: they call it limited sight distance. when you come up to a corner and you can't see around the corner because something like a mountain of snow. that's what drivers are facing all across the region and it's one of the reasons why not even bob marbruck will take the normal shut cut. instead he's staying on the main roads and you should too.
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>> no clearing going on the right side of the road. >> reporter: he narrates as we navigate. giving us what is going on ahead. >> outbound pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: but bob says there may be no avoiding an uncomfortable crawl. >> whether you're traveling in maryland, virginia, the district of columbia, it's the same variety of issue. >> reporter: and all of the issues are a result of the weather. >> one of the problems we have is we have roads with curves. and as the snow began to accumulate last weekend and early last week, they pushed it back, you pushed it back, you pushed it higher and then we lost the curb lane. >> reporter: that's also happened on intersts where accelerating lanes disappear. >> the american legion bridge. the right lane lost where you would go from the george washington park way. >> reporter: the personal theory on traffic , the only thing that matters is what is in front of you. but there is one tip he would
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give every driver come tomorrow. that's stay on the main roads. >> don't try to shortcut through a neighborhood. no guarantee you'll come out on the other side. pick a line that is moving and stay in that line. if the driver in front of you stops for some reason, that means the driver can probably see something that you may not be able to. >> reporter: it's very likely that something will be a pothole. >> normally that's something that comes to us in the springtime. but there are some, no doubt, in your travels. >> reporter: and if you plan to leave early, take a cue from bob. he's giving himself three hours to get to work. now, if you have the choice of taking two parallel roads, one of them a two-way, the other a one-way, bob says always take the one-way. because if you look behind me, the two-way here is already a one-way. you're going to be playing the robin hood little john game, he says, and you don't want that with oncoming traffic. reporting live in north west, brittany morehouse, 9news now and >> good advice to make things
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hopefully a little bit better. thanks, brittany. here is a quick look for the closings and opening for tomorrow. the federal government will be open tomorrow with a two-hour delay for employees. for school, alexandria and fauquier county schools. loudoun county schools will open one our late. anne arundel, frederick, howard, prince george's county closed. major problems for the dc area. emergency repairs closed. all but one lane of the interloop. another monster pothole closed the left lane on the pike in bethesda. highway officials say they know about that one but crews are still tied up removing snow. you can leave your pothole warnings on our website and one week after the latest snowstorm, things are hardly back to normal around here. the piled up snow is not only causing trouble fosh you and me getting -- for you and me
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getting around, but also the first responders. surae chinn road along with the emergency workers tonight. she filed this report. >> reporter: engine company 16 is one of the busiest in the district. >> it's been a dramatic impact. >> reporter: but lately frustration is mounting just as the snow accumulates on the side of the road, causing an obstacle course for drivers. the people who ignore the sirens is a constant. what is not are reduced lanes because of snow or handling stretchers over snow-packed curbs. >> sometimes they don't know you're there or they're not paying attention. >> reporter: with the snow, how much more does it affect you guys? >> significantly. even the road conditions haven't been particularly good the last blizzard. >> reporter: i went on one call monday night that came to a halt because of a delivery truck parked in the middle of a lane. a firefighter had to get out and tell him to move, putting their response time back at least one minute. luckily, the call turned out to
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be an automatic fire alarm that accidentally went off. >> the last response was a true example of the problems we run into. >> if it was a structure fire or say a cardiac arrest, it definitely could have made a huge impact on the outcome of the situation. >> reporter: throughout the district, cars are parked illegally, forcing delivery trucks to double park and making ladder trucks park farther from the curb. >> i can't explain it. but it's very frustrating when circumstances happen out on the street that delay your response time getting to somebody that needs your help is very frustrating. in our job, minutes sdmunt and you think it was -- count. >> reporter: and you think it was bad today. they're bracing for a bad tuesday. their response time has doubled. what used to be two minutes is now like four minutes. keep in mind, district workers, federal workers all back on the
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roads tomorrow. they're shaking their head when it comes back. >> they have no idea how it's going to be. another on to cal to talk -- obstacle to talk about on the roads is slick ice. >> it's all about the temperatures tonight let's start with temperatures and some folks are already below freezing, especially up to the north. frederick coming in at 27. winchester is 30. downtown it's still above freezing with baltimore on the freezing mark and culpeper also on the freezing mark. so here is the deal, black ice. what appears to be wet is actually frozen. there is going to be black ice no doubt especially on the bridges and overpasses. there goes the first batch of rab and snow. now we -- rain and snow. now we have a little rain out to the west and a lot of snow out in the mountains. we'll talk about that when we come back. 9news now will be there tomorrow morning to help you get around any delays as much as possible. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. with the latest information on
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the roads and any new closings or delays. new at 11:00, a maryland man behind bars accused of stabbing a woman to death in a parking lot. it happened this afternoon outside of home depot. police say he stabbed her inside a parked car. officers have not yet released the names of the victim or the suspect, but they do say this crime was domestic. u.s. and pakistani forces caught the taliban top military commander a few days ago. meanwhile, reports out of afghanistan say taliban fighters have stepped up their counter attacks against u.s., british and taliban groups. some 15,000 allied troops are fighting to take control of that region. no late word at this point on casuality numbers. the death toll from a commuter train crash in belgium stands at 18. but investigators fear it could go higher as search teams comb through the wreckage. here is what some survivors had to say as conveyed by a translate tore.
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>> as the train went off the tracks, we found ourselves upside down. it's shocking. i thought i would die. it's dreadful. there are no words. actually it's like you were living a nightmare. >> investigators say two trains packed with commuters collided head on during the morning rush hour. they say one train ran a stoplight. the force of the collision threw both trains so high into the air they brought down power lines. taking a quick look now at news from all across the nation. two people are dead, three others are missing after a small plane crashed in new jersey today. that plane went down at the monday mouth monmoutth airport. officers found high levels of co2 in the build ng. that forced everybody -- building. that forced everybody out. they will reopen tomorrow. and in alabama, the husband of that college professor accused in a deadly shooting says they went to the gun range
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just a few weeks before the killing. but he says he still doesn't know how amy bishop got the gun. she is accused of opening fire. she killed three and wounded three others on friday. more on toyota's troubles tonight. the number of reported deaths from sudden acceleration in toyota vehicles is going up. in the past three weeks, the federal government has received complaints alleging 13 additional deaths related to this. those deaths occurred in nine crashes between 2005 and 2010. 21 deaths had been reported previously. toyota has now recalled eight and a half million vehicles worldwide over the past four months. because of problems with gas pedals, floor mats and the breaks. putting it to the test, a look at which safe will protect your valuables if your home goes up in flames. plus. >> the whole thing just doesn't seem fair to me. so it's just kind of squeeze it in and enjoy the flight. >> too fat to fly?
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says who? a look at the controversy surrounding overweight passengers and the airlines. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a couple of flurries possible overnight. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. there is going to be slick spots, even before 8:00. a lot of clouds. we'll come back and talk about when temps will get above freezing for the rest of the day and talk about the prospect of some flurries and some snow showers on tuesday. stay tuned.
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movie director kevin smith and southwest airlines are waging a twitter war tonight over the airlines decision to throw him off a plane for being too fat. >> gary nurenberg reports there are no uniform rules about who is too fat to fly. >> reporter: . >> it was kind of weird. >> reporter: director kevin smith usually books to adjacent seats for his large frame but flying standby he could only get one and the airline says that's not enough. >> it depends on what side of the airline you're on. >> reporter: size is a safety issue. >> well, it gets stuck in the seat. let's say there is an emergency. they can't get out. and if they're in an aisle seat, people can't get past them. so it is a danger. it's a safety issue. >> reporter: we asked passengers. >> i think it's a tre tricky subject because i'm -- very tricky subject because i'm
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overweight myself. >> reporter: she thinks ticket agents should place larger passengers in aisle seats. >> if i was getting overweight, i wouldn't be blaming the airport or the airlines. i would just be blaming myself. >> reporter: some passengers said the airlines should simply make more room. >> make some more for all of us. a little more leg room, a little wider. cut some of the seats out on the three-seat side and make a little more room. >> reporter: there is no uniform rule each airline decides. kathy is with the national association to advanced fat acceptance. >> if there are going to be restrictions for who is to fly on that particular airline or that particular seat, those rules need to be clearly stated and be non-arbitrary. >> reporter: an unlikely solution. >> what would be amazing is to have some fitness facilities on the plane. get them exercise their way to wherever they're going. >> reporter: we'll be seeing more of the issue. >> the airline seats are about the same. we're getting bigger. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now.
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>> she often flies early in the morning and checks website to learn seat sizes to avoid confrontations with airlines and she and her husband often buy three seats for the two of them to share. caught on tape in california, bullet flying into a church right in the middle of the sunday service. [ gunfire ] . >> someone opened fe . just before the service started, two men walked into the church as though they were looking for someone and then they walked back out. moments later the gunshot rang out. >> you can't be safe at church, where can you be safe at. >> this is a church. to me it's like they committed a cardinal sin. >> so far the victims are expected to recover. this is what a home safe looks like after a fire. tonight in our continuing see re of safe and sound reports -- series of safe and sound reports, we put saves to the
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test to see if you have to spend a fortune to save your valuables. >> reporter: four safes, four different price tags. they look and feel pretty sturdy. the least expensive at 6499 and 2299 are supposed to protect items. >> we're putting identical items. a legal document. a family photograph. a memory stick. a dvd. and some jewelry. >> reporter: once loaded with our valuables , the fire department crews do the heavy lifting slicing the safe simulator. >> we tried to create a realistic environment. something that you might see in a house fire. >> reporter: instructors like the fire and thermal imaging cameras monitor the temperature.
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keep in mind that cds and other media start to melt. for 30 minutes, the firefighters kept the fire stoked. >> jump it up to 900. >> reporter: with temperatures between 1100. >> and 1300. >> reporter: none of the safes were looking good on the outside. but, remember, it's what is on the inside that counts. and getting inside put the firefighters to work. >> it was a little burned up. >> reporter: with combination dials fused and other exterior damage, the firefighters had to force entry to get to the valuables. the two more expensive saves with metal layers with fire proofing material inside. steam was rising from the model as we got to its cor. >> it's hot. -- core. >> it's hot. >> reporter: in the 1 hundred 99 safe, the items were basically intact. but water from putting out the fire was wet. no one had much hope for the two cheaper saves. >> we thought the smaller safes might not hold up as well.
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>> this is a $64.99 safe. >> reporter: water was not an issue. even though the plastic outside melted and the fire resistant period crumbled, the items were cooler and all survived well. >> the documents got a little bit of soot on it. >> reporter: even with the cheapest model at just $22 99, it did just fine. >> not bad. >> interesting. and those cheaper models it will well, here they are. they were made by century and honey well. most cheaper than the most expensive in the test. not only should you look for the word fire and waterproof, but also look for the ul sticker when means the safe has been tested by underwriter's laboratories. >> i guess you didn't get what you paid for. >> look at these. >> that's pretty crazy. sometimes they get you for what you pay, actual hee. here is the next -- actually.
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here is the next three days. we're going to stay dry. we're going to see flurries and snow in the mountains and actually all the way sthu wednesday. for us, though -- through wednesday. for us, though, we should make it to 40 by thursday. that is going to seem pretty nice. weekend is flanking me. we'll do the forecast in detail overnight. a flurry or snow shower possible. becoming breezy and cold. winds west southwesterly at 10-15. let me show you doppler. this is on our website at around town there is nothing. but out to the west, some flurries and some snow showers are popping up. in fact, you can see a little dusting between hagerstown. we're going to see a lot of snow showers in this area tonight and tomorrow and a lot of heavier snow in the mountains. some of this because of the winds tomorrow are going to be blown in here so we're going to have chance for flurries in the metro area. back to the computer we go. we'll talk about morning. mostly cloudy, windy and cold. flurry possible. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and winds westerly at 10-20.
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so that's going to drive the wind chills to the teens early on tuesday morning. and keep it in the 20s late tuesday morning. by afternoon, still variable cloudiness. there will be periods of clouds, periods of sun. slight chance of a flurry in the afternoon. high temperatures in the upper 30s and winds westerly at 10-20 again. now, let's talk about the satellite picture radar combined. this was the clipper. it was a healthy clipper. it gave us a quick batch of precipitation and often times clippers can look pretty impressive for an hour and that pretty much is it. it did hammer ohio. and look at the snow showers all the way back down to northern sections of alabama and georgia and it's going to snow for a long time in the mountains. garrett county, mineral county, west virginia. it's going to snow all tonight, all tomorrow and there are winter storm warnings in effect there. as far as we're concerned, there goes the first batch of moisture. here comes a little piece of energy across the mountains, and that is producing a little bit of snow shower activity off to the west. so we'll keep the chance of snow
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showers west of town and flurries in town. windy tomorrow, upper 30s. upper 30s, almost 40 on wednesday. 40 on thursday. upper 30s again on friday. and that's almost eight degrees below average. slight chance of some snow, light snow or flurries saturday night. another system scoots to our south in the wake of that storm pretty cold too with temperatures in the upper 30s. now, you might wonder where folks are dumping the snow. >> yes. >> they're dumping it at rfk. >> yes. >> and it is unbelievable. they have piles of snow that are taller than the dump trucks. check this out. look at this. it's unbelievable. i want to know when this is going to melt. we should take a poll. >> it's going to be a minute. >> tax day? >> 30 days. >> 50 days. >> that's the dumping spot? you don't want to miss an all new david letterman. here is a new preview. >> they got no snow. and injured american figure skater -- the downhill skier
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lindsey vaughn because the woman's event has been postponed to labor day. [ laughing ] >> so that's good news. >> tonight actor and comedian tracy morgan will be with musical guests. >> dc united has games at rfk in march and april. it better melt by then. >> yes. terps in virginia tonight. >> looking -- wow. >> reef is is going to be a -- reavis is going to be a lottery ticket. apparently vazquez was wound up and ready to go. the terps senior had the half of a lifetime. this is the most dramatic sporting event of the year. next. with fios you have instant access
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> two weeks until march now and these next six days are going to
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tell us whether or not maryland is for real this year. coming off the 22-point thumping by duke, they have three games in the next three days, starting with the war against arch rival virginia and test one passed. at the cable box tonight after the five-day snow delay and vazquez from maryland was in his happy place pullup jumper, we're off and running. and then the driving shot off the grass and then on the break. look at that pass to haze. and then vazquez says let me launch my own three because i can hit some of these. he had 25 at half time. terp shot 70% in the first 20 minutes. and they would coast from there. this is james pajet cleaning it up. terps win by 19. 7 and 3 in the acc. 17-7 over all. back in town at the mekka,
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howard hosting. number two is michael deloch. he steals the ball, lays it in. they fall by 20. they're now 7-20. if i'm antawn jamison, i have a bag packed and a one pay plane ticket booked because the nba trade deadline is thursday and there's a good chance the captain is going next. both the cavs and heat expressing interest. butler dealt to dallas along with deshawn stevenson. karon practicing with his dallas teammates for the first time today and speaking about his dc departure. >> it's the nature of the business. i'm ready for the challenge. >> the end of the day, it's a great opportunity for all of us too because we go from a situation that didn't look so good to a great situation with a team that's competing for a title. >> that's good for them. five days until pitchers and catchers report and the nats have signed a veteran outfielder to a free agent deal.
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he's a 276 hitter. to years ago he led the league with stolen bases. from vancouver, here is the updated medal count. the u.s. adding two today. a couple 30 somethings winning medals today. france, germany, canada splits one. finally tonight, i know the superbowl was eight days ago. but if you want a sporting event with more drama and tension than any other on the annual sporting calendar, you must tune in to the westminster dog show. night one of two. let me give you the highlight dog. the javanese, the toy poodle who modelled her hair due, the old english sheep dog. we're still trying to figure out how the dog sees through all of that. the peek knees, the dog that appears to walk with no legs. and we show you the pride of washington dc. that's the bearded kolly. like me, he doesn't like to
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shave very much. best in show to be named. tomorrow we had a fairfax, virginia dog in there. that's a dc dog. i'm telling you, i get jazzed about the dog show. >> is this really a sport, though? is that a sport? >> you don't feel the drama? >> i do. >> the tension. >> i'm not going to say anything else because you'll never get anything good saying bad things about dogs. >> never. we'll be right back. g÷gyç
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