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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. no coat, no socks, no bra. >> a woman with dmen ta released from the -- dementia released from the hospital alone. before she gets picked up, she goes missing. topper is tracking to see if more showers mean for flooding. and usually it's police taking drugs off the street. so why are they teaching one community the tricks of the trade? this is 9news now. >> and we with begin tonight with a story you'll only see here on 9. locals of a family are furious that a hospital released her mother who suffers from dementia all by herself before they could come pick her up. the hospital is investigating because of our call. >> reporter: for the second time in four days, an ambulance picked up doris logon at her
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home. but her family refused to let her go to george washington hospital. last friday after a trip to the emergency room due to her diabetes, the hospital discharged the dementia patient alone and wearing only an open hospital gown and slippers. >> when i asked the lady where is my mom, she is like she's not in the system anymore. and i said how could that be. >> they gave her three bus tokens. >> it was very rainy and cold. >> the lady said it's not our responsibility to call anyone when someone is discharged. i said this is not anyone, it's a patient with dementia. >> reporter: for more than four hours the family looked on the streets. >> i couldn't figure out what was going on. >> reporter: meanwhile the mother was taking not one, not two, but three metro buses back to anacostia to an unfamiliar house she had only moved into
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just two weeks before. remarkably, she made it. cold and confused. >> she was shivering. she wouldn't stop shaking. >> no coat. no socks. no bra. >> if you would ask how would they feel if it was their mom. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for george washinn university hospital says it is now reviewing its emergency room records from last friday based on our inquiries and will take appropriate action if necessary. anita. >> how on earth did she make it ohm? again, with all of those -- home? again, with all of those buses and the state of her clothing. >> she made it home through the kindness of strangers. she had no money, no id, barely any clothing, like anita mentioned. apparently people helped her find the right bus routes but she only had three tokens and needed three buses to take her home. a metro driver, and the family is very grateful, aloud her to take a -- allowed her to take the bus for free. and when she arrived at the anacostia bus station which was
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her landmark, a stranger gave her an umbrella. >> wow. good that we made those calls. thank you so much. >> you bet. are the flood waters receding? rain is still falling. let's go to topper shutt with the latest. >> we have good news, anita. we are still under flood warnings for another 45 minutes around the potomac river. again, all of the crests have been lower than they were earlier this morning so we are certainly past critical stages. area of low pressure is finally beginning to move a little further off to the east. it's still throwing back showers across the delmarva and showers in the immediate metro area. we'll come back and talk about when the showers will finally leave us alone. now it's time to talk about flooding. this is not '96 or '03, but they are preparing for flooding. here is gary nurenberg in georgetown. >> reporter: hey, topper, we are along the georgetown water front and the water front is now closer to georgetown than it
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usually is. this is the walkway that normally overlooks the potomac. right now it's under the potomac. we talk to people who live and work here and say that it's not the highs that topper talked about in 1996, it is higher than it's been in years. at dusk, the potomac was high. flowing swiftly, inviting to a u.s. wild water champion. >> for us, it's a big opportunity to gettous and paddle the river at a -- get out and paddle the river at a really high level. >> reporter: you can jog along the river, but by the time you got to the georgetown water front, the high waters stopped you. >> there is about 6-10 feet of water above the normal water line, and that makes for a difficult jog. >> reporter: the big metallic walls keep the potomac from flooding businesses which are now below water level. tony and joe's restaurant normally boasts a magnificent view view down the river. monday they didn't have the view, just the wall. >> they bring in a crane and
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hoist them up and lock them into place. it's not great for business. people are still out. >> reporter: it's an eerie business when you look up and see that the walls are the only thing preventing flooding. the walls will be lifted here the next couple of days and they expect business, anita, to pick up again. >> gary nurenberg, thank you. new at 11:00, an accused killer is behind bars tonight. he is accused of killing a 20-year-old. officials found the victim's body on a sidewalk on north perching drive last night. police say he suffered from upper body trauma and was later pronounced dead. prosecutors have now charged him with murder. also new at 11:00, police are releasing more information surrounding a death in montgomery county. officers found a man's body on new hampshire on the on ramp. the victim did not have any id
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on him but he's described as a hispanic male in his early 30s or 40s. he is wearing a blue flannel shirt and khaki pants at the time he was found. the cause of death hasn't been released. if you have any information, please call montgomery county police. police have a wanted suspect. this man tried to hold up a giant greech restore. a -- grocery store. a man armed with a gun demanding to be taken to the safe. a swat team was able to get him out safely but the suspect got away. the clock is ticking for dozens of residents on the drink of getting kicked out -- brink of getting kicked out of their condo. the condo association has failed to pay a water bill. they paid their condo fees of more than $500 all along but others have not. more than 10% of these units are now in foreclosure and 50% of
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the units are paying nothing. if the bill isn't paid up, they'll shut the water off forcing everyone to move out. >> i don't know where i'm going to go. i have animals that i just can't get rid of. >> the condo association has hired a new lawyer and management company to try to work out a solution with the wffc. they have until next tuesday to figure something out or the taps go dry. you can learn more about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to living with the condominium association at click on 9 news extra. turning to health care, if you listen closely, perhaps you can hear the sound of arms being twisted on capitol hill. leaders in the house are turning up the heat on a reluctant handful of democrats to vote yes on president obama's health care bill. a vote could come later this week. the case of the run away
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prius could turn into a matter of he said, they said. tonight toyota officials said they can't find anything wrong with the prius. the driver says his car sped out of control last week on a california highway. now after days of road testing that prius, technicians say the gas pedal, the gear shift, the brakes, all look like they're normal. well, our analysis is not finalized, toyota believes there are significant inconsistencies between the account of the event of march 8th and the findings of this investigation. >> toyota now suggests human error might be to blame. how a driver managed to plow into this mess. we'll talk about that after the break. topper. still some spotty showers across the metro area. we'll talk you out with the wakeup weather. temperatures on the chilly side twinds light thankfully out of the north at ten. we'll talk about whether or not
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the roads will be wet for your morning commute. we'll take you through the rest of the day. we do have spring-like weather coming in. stay tuned. [ crowd cheering ] male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪
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we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. w. usually it's the police who will yanking the drugs off the street. but tonight a seasoned detective introduce the secrets of the drug trade to one community.
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this happened in the dc neighborhood of columbia heights. as brittany morehouse reports, police are hoping the drug lessons stop crime. >> we're going to talk about heroin. >> reporter: it's a lesson about the drug trade secret from crack to pot. >> this is one ounce. one ounce of marijuana will cost $125. >> reporter: and the dangers of prescription drugs and inhale ants. there is nothing this narcotics investigator won't share, such as a new drug trend. >> people are dipping cigarettes into liquid pcp. >> things you would not suspect to be money is money. >> he talks a lot about the economics of drug dealing as well. that's something most of us can relate to. we understand -- i understand business. and most people understand business. >> reporter: and the business includes all ks of tools. one may not perhaps identify with narcotics. the detective illustrates. >> the most proper way is at
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night. >> reporter: he talks how to identify drug dealers. if he sees them on the streets with rubber bands, they're most likely dealing heroin. columbia heights is one of many growing communities plagued with drugs. >> we have a large percentage of drug use, probably larger than half the states. and being the nation's capitol, it's an epidemic. >> reporter: and where are the hot spots? >> it all depends on time of day. areas. and most importantly the band for various types of drugs. >> once they come out, they shoot up and they're ready for business. >> reporter: it's an eye opener for many here to the youth to former criminals. >> the event was sponsored by the northwest columbia heights community association. the group aims to engage new neighbors and stop crime by hosting such events and empowering others. an update on an investigation on a death in frederick county. investigators have identified the victim found in the water at
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the lake dam as morgan plat. 24 years old from maryland. two fisherman spotted his body in the water last wednesday. the cause of his death has not been released. will he or won't he? late today dc council member vincent gray has not made up his mind to run for mayor. sources close to the councilman say he will announce a challenge. here is what gray had to say today about the race. >> well, obviously we've been considering this. if i strongly am considering it, i would have said before now that we weren't going to do it. >> recent polls show gray could run neck-and-neck. as for mayor fenty, he has already raised $4 million for a reelection campaign. students and parents rallied in dc today in a protest against
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chancellor michelle reigh. the group from hardy middle school is outraged over the decision to remove the principal. the plan would be to replace pope with a part-time principal in charge of hardy and two other schools starting in the fall. today the family of a prince george's county police officer who died in the line of duty was laid to rest. he died last week from injuries he suffered in an accident. last month he was rushing to a call when his cruiser hit a patch of ice and crashed into a pole. today fellow officers spoke at his funeral. >> we don't need to question why. we don't need to look back. we need to look forward. what can we do to make tommy proud of us. >> jensen is the 26th prince george's county officer to die in the line of duty. taking a quick look at news across the nation tonight, in ohio police have brought more charges against a man accused of punching children in the head to
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amuse himself. officers say the man assaulted at least three kids inside a wal-mart with the youngest victim being just two years old. he told police it was exciting to hit the kids with their parents nearby. in springfield, missouri, the ground opened uptaking school kids with it. a sidewalk collapsed this morning injuring three students heading to school. you can see the hole there. officials say the kids fell about six feet into the large storm drain below but only suffered minor injuries. leaky valves could delay next month's space shuttle mission. they discovered leaks over the weekend. those valves are part of a system that maneuvers the shuttle in orbit and during reentry. right now it's set to take off in a few weeks. a driver in tennessee spotted a tv news vanna long the road and won -- van along the road and wondered what is all the news about.
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in a split second, he became part of the fuss. no. okay. andy edmond ran right into the rock falls. >> i didn't even see it. i'm lucky to hit it in a way to not get too hurt. my dog here, she probably took a pretty good hit but she's all right. >> not right to laugh. he has a great outlook about all of this. fortunately neither manor beast was urt. by the -- man nor beast was hurt. letterman is on after 9news now. >> are you folks exhausted? it's that lousy daylight savings time. i hate it. we lost an hour. actually two hours if you count the one you're losing now. >> oh. >> i was tired. i know that.
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tonight actors jennifer aniston. it should be a good one. >> it should be. sunshine coming? >> we're going to actually head for a nice stretch of weather. >> we need it. >> we had 2-3 inches and minor flooding but up in the new york area they had seven inches of rain. the storm is being compared loosely to hurricane gloria back in '85. go to our website at and check out my blog. all right. here is your forecast first now. the next three days, maybe a shower in the morning. got to keep it in. and then some sunshine in the afternoon. 53. and then look at this. 63 as we get into wednesday and 66 by thursday. overnight mostly cloudy, breezy. low temperatures 38-44. winds out of the north 10-15. spotty showers up towards baltimore north and south of town. they're moving from northeast to southwest which is thot the normal way they move -- not the
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normal way they move. a little bit of activity near clinton. nothing is heavy and nothing is going to add to the flooding. this is insult to injury. more showers across 95 for woodbridge. and, again, they're moving southwest essentially paralleling 95. where are they going to go in the next hour. >> reporter: ? those are going to break up. that will cross 66 and eventually 495. back to the computer we'll go and we'll talk about tomorrow morning showers are still possible. not very many. but still possible. 40s and 50s. winds out of the north at ten. howard as your bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. and then decreasing clouds. we raise temps a little bit and winds not a factor out of the northwest at about ten. you may be able to salvage a pretty decent afternoon. here is your nine tu tur cast. now -- future cast. tomorrow morning howard will be here by 3:30. showers north and west of town. nothing heavy.
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you'll probably have a wet drive tomorrow morning. i think if all goes according to plan, we'll have dry roads on the evening commute on tuesday. we get to the afternoon just a few clouds, some sunshine should be breaking out shortly after lunch time. and then we should see a very nice late afternoon with sun going down. we'll have a fair amount of sun left in the day as we clear out. so all and all not bad. zone forecast, everybody is going to be in the 50s. the exception hagerstown, cumberland and maybe out towards oakton will probably be in the upper 40s. everybody else in the 50s. 56 in culpeper. low to mid 60s in leesburg and manassas. downtown 54. maybe even higher if we see sun earlier. and 53 for annapolis. the small craft advisories finally expire around 9:00. -- noon. all right. next seven days, early showers then 58. 63 on wednesday. spectacular. spectacular thursday and friday. mid to upper 60s. spring officially arrives on saturday afternoon at 1:32 and
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it's going to feel like spring. sunshine, upper 60s. sweet. 63 on sunday. showers come in with a front. they probably hold off until night. most of the day should be okay. and it will get cooler as we get into monday with temperatures back into the 50s. >> we're going to be doing the happy dance. >> people are going crazy by wednesday. >> all right. thank you. the latest on ov, what is going on? >> we know he's suspended and tonight we're going to hear reaction from the coach. ahead in sports, nhl makes ovechkin pay for this hit. 24 hours after the men were celebrating, not everyone in town is cheering. we're going to explain why. and the nats once again trying for their first spring training win. and that is getting old. that is coming up next.
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and now 9 sports with sara walsh, the best sports in town. >> like boxing, hockey games are known to pack plenty of big punches. but on sunday when alex ovechkin
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sent a player into boards, the nhl has deemed ovechkin's actions reckless and he has a broken clavicle and ribs. ovechkin will fore fit over 44,000. it doesn't do any good for the game to have ovechkin suspended. now, they released this statement saying we have no problem with the way alex tried to finish his check. unfortunately an injury resulted. we are disappointed with the suspension but do not want to comment further. wizards in utah tonight visiting the jazz. they would own the paint. here he is going to get the hoop to put the jazz up 20 points. minutes later darren williams is going to split the double team here. the wizards are likely going to lose eight straight because right now they are down 22 with
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just minutes to go. meanwhile gilbert arenas is speaking out admitting he has a painting in his garage. arenas says he walks by it with his head down. well, while both the hoyas and terps knew they would hear their names, on the women's side of the ball only one of those schools would be celebrating the selection monday. and maryland is the odd team out. after six straight trips, the terps are going to miss the ncaa. but the georgetown hoyas did have reason to celebrate when they heard their name called. they are heading to berkeley, california, to take on 12th seeded naris saturday. they're making their first ncaa appearance in 17 years. >> california is a great place to go. i think the girls are extremely excited. you heard them cheering loud. >> we knew that four or five
11:26 pm
number was coming up and just to hear it was so exciting. you heard us. we worked so hard. >> congratulations on the men's side. the terps friday. you can go to our website and get the schedule and tip time for the game you can see on our air. and wednesday the terps right before the tournament's very first tip. be sure to join us for the preview special on noon and you can watch endless hours of games right there. we're not saying you should do that. we're just suggesting it. well, we have all been in a job where when the boss says they can't make you do something it means you better take it upon yourself to do it anyway and that's what mike shanahan wants players to understand as they begin those voluntary yet mandatory workouts that started today at redskin's park. it was not open to the media. the nationals still looking for the first spring training win.
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this is getting exhausting. garrett getting the start and getting hit early. he goes deep to left for the solo shot. nats fall again 5-2. they are in compre henceably 0-121. in comprehensively 0-11. this is from the acc championship game. they take out some announcers. he gets the headset knocked off and the equipment is dangerous. again, broadcasting is a tough, tough job. >> oh, baby. >> watch out. >> the nationals, i'm kind of out of things to say. >> incomprehensible is good. >> it doesn't count but, gee whiz, win one. >> it would get us in a good mood. we'll be right back. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker.
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this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. topper, why don't you finish the show strong. >> showers tomorrow. we'll see the sunset and then we're in the 60s wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. >> whoa. >> upper 60s by the weekend. >> what do you usually say? sweet. >> that is 9news now for tonight. don't forget we're always on goodnight. today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs.
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