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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  March 24, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the pediatrician they once trusted. dr. earl bradley pleaded not guilty to a 471 count indictment that drew a small gallery of onlookers in court. >> if they are going to make him serve time, they need to put him in a cell where he can't get to nobody or nobody can get to him. >> i'm peggy fox in woodbridge, where a violent road rage incident happened along i-95 south, putting a young father behind bars. 25-year-old gabriel is charged with attempted homicide and child endangerment after yesterday's rush hour incident. police say he and dump truck driver, james began driving aggressively, hitting his jaguar twice. it escalated until he got out of his jaguar and started firing at the truck. his two-year-old daughter sitting right there in his car. >> the dad in the jaguar must have been an idiot, because you don't do that with kids in your car. >> upwards of 13 rounds of
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traffic in the car, no houses, no vehicles is somewhat crazy. >> police say this is the second homicide in mount vernon in the last week. it happened within a few miles of each other, they are not related, but residents are on edge. police say a woman was shot multiple times in a parked car a around 7:30 this morning in the 8400 block of arindal court. man who does not want to be identified says he was one of the first to try to help the woman, but it was too late. >> at that point, there was little we could do. >> mount vernon's sense of safety shattered by the discovery of three deaths in the last week, two of them murders. police do not suspect foul play. the next day, police say a gang related beating took the life of a teenage boy and now today's fatal shooting. >> i don't feel safe anywhere
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now. we have some breaking news for you connected to that deadly shooting in mount vernon. that's out of arlington where police are investigating the man's death. and officers tell us based on preliminary information, it appears that man shot himself. police are also looking into the possibility that this man was involved in today's mount vernon shooting. the healthcare debate turned into a bit of a street fight in some places. the feds are investigating death threats against several democratic congress members who voted for the reform bill and many of those lawmakers have extra security. one example, tea party activists posted the address of tom's brother and shortly after that, a propane gas line at the house was cut. tea party activists posted the address online, thinking it was the congressman's home, telling their followers to drop by and express their thanks for the vote. the house majority leader says party leaders should stand together and strongly say that this behavior is unacceptable.
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>> when people start talking the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, that if they don't do something, they will have physical harm done to them, that other rhetoric of that type, or they put a target on their faces with cross hairs, that activity aught to be unacceptable in our democracy. >> in virginia, liberty university filed suit, hoping to block the healthcare insurance overhaul. the dean of the university law school says that law would interfere with the private schools operations. the school employs 5100 people and provides healthcare to half of them. the university says they will be penalized because it is self- insured. >> on capitol hill, the senate is working on a companion bill that would make changes to the new law, but the gop would rather see congress start all over. so, republican senators decided to propose amendment after
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amendment after amendment hoping to change the measure and therefore, force the house to vote all over again. for example, one republican proposal would ban insurance coverage for viagra for sex offenders. democratic leadership was in a word, unimpressed. >> how serious could they be, offering an amendment dealing with viagra for rapists? >> democrats will vote down all of those gop amendments and hope to pass the companion bill by the end of the week. this just in, alexandria police say a 16-year-old girl was gang raped. it happened last saturday inside an apartment. the girl was inside with two of her friends when the gang armed with bats broke in. police are not releasing many details, but they have arrested three people. >> now, it's a video shot by sky nine over a bank robbery in lexington park, maryland. two suspects held up the bank of america. one of the men had a gun and tonight they are on the run.
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this is a surveillance shot of one of the suspects who was inside that bank. nobody was hurt. >> hard to believe, but if you are in a crash, deep inside a metro tunnel, it could take firefighters as long as an hour to get to you. >> but perhaps not anymore. firefighters are stationing the first of 26 battery powered trucks like this one you see here at metro tunnels all across the region. a firefighter loaded down with gear is lucky to get up one mile an hour walking down a tunnel to a crash scene. but these carts can go 12 miles per hour and they can get rescuers to the scene in minutes. >> in trauma, so we'll be able to get to them and get out of there quicker. >> the carts were designed after the gas attacks in tokyo 15 years ago. drivers in maryland prepare to take that cell phone off your ear. the state senate approved a bill today banning drivers from hand held cell phone use, but
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you can still use your hands free device. violators will get a $40 ticket. the bill goes to the house of delegates next. and we are on a traffic alert tonight patranya, how is the evening rush holding up? >> we are going to start in the district. we are breaking the hand held cell phone ban, will cost you $100. you don't want to be doing that. traffic looking good here, smoothing into georgetown, actually, all the bridges from virginia into dc looking good right now. just busy around the verison center with the capitals game underway. take a look at this. a parking lot on i-270 due to this accident we see out in the distance. this is approaching montgomery village avenue going northbound. it's going it be slow from 117 up to the scene. take 355 to get around this. and finally, some good news on the capital beltway. no incidents or accidents blocking your travel lanes right now. derek, back to you. >> thanks. let's get to topper for the 9 forecast first and top, certainly an improvement over yesterday. >> yeah, we kind of went from
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march to an april-like day. temperatures in the upper 60s today, derek. here's your forecast first, for tonight if you are headed out. pretty nice. partly cloudy, high clouds. chilly, though. low temperatures in the 40s. winds though will become light after gusting over 25 miles per hour earlier today. satellite picture, radar combined, we have a lot of high clouds headed our way. it's going to stay dry through tonight and most of tomorrow. and temperatures are still pretty mild. 65 downtown. 61 as far north as frederick. we will come back. we'll talk about when these clouds will lead to rain and cooler air on the way. derek. thanks, top. one student's facebook account is hacked and their life is turned upside down. but first, a hit-and-run caught on tape right in front of the cops. stay with us, we are back in less than 2.
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some hispanics complained that the portion of the census form is confusing and not the quick and easy process they expected. here is alex with more. >> the race question is not always easy to answer. >> spanish. >> blanca. white. >> maria and her friend are from columbia, and like many who come to dc from spanish speaking countries, filling out the government census form may be a bit baffling.
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when it's time to move through question nine, which asks which race you belong to, the women say none of the choices fit. she says the race question is highly likely to confuse people. >> this section of columbia heights largely hispanic, when it comes to filling out question number nine, some find it unclear and others feel left out. >> henry was born in dc and proud of his hispanic heritage. >> i wouldn't feel comfortable putting white, because both my parents are hispanic and culturally, you feel strong about your culture. >> robert is a director of the u.s. census bureau. 13million forms were mailed out last week. >> can't wait to see how effective that outreach to the hispanic community is. >> he offers an approach through the census form if you become stumped. >> we have a space at the end where you can write in the word that you want to call yourself in racial terms.
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>> latino. >> yes. >> in washington, alex, 9news now. and vice president for the national council, eric rodriguez, says the census will help determine political representation, federal funding, and educational services. >> a hit-and-run is caught on tape. carl floyd was crossing the street. that camera picture you see is from a police car's dash camera. the camera stopped and apologized. she fortunately suffered no broken bones. police are still looking for that driver. and check out this embarrassing moment caught on tape. now this is a newscast in finland and the anchor was in the middle of a report about journalism students being honored when she fell over. >> just sort of laughed her way back into the chair just
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before she threw to the weather man. speaking of which, topper is in the weather center. we are still in our chair, top. >> but first, the local woman struggling to get her life back after a hacker targets her facebook account. stay with us. ah, auto!
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a local woman is trying to get her life back after a hacker targeted her facebook account. now we aren't releasing her name, but according to court records, that hacker broke into the victim's e-mail and canceled her college courses at the northern virginia community college. and that was just the beginning. here's lindsey. >> passports can unlock sensitive and personal information. >> as much as we do on the internet between buying, selling, managing bank accounts, applying for mortgages or loans, those passes are important. >> technology analysts says anyone can try to guess your password and oftentimes the hints are posted on facebook.
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>> phone numbers, birth dates, parents, siblings, maybe their mother's maiden name, things that are often used as passwords or hints on many sites. >> and the other mistake is using the same password for every online account. they can get access to bank accounts and insurance information. every account needs its own complex password. >> ten characters long, letters, numbers, and symbols. capitol letters in addition to letters and symbols. >> that can be hard to remember. the solution -- >> pen and paper. keep that with you. i wouldn't say in your wallet, but maybe at your desk at home. >> he also says passwords should be changed every three months. >> every time there's a new season changes. >> i'm lindsey, 9news now. and lindsey tells us that in this latest case out of fairfax, the suspect allegedly sent nasty e-mails to all the
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victims friends and even changed her facebook status that the victim was pregnant. well national fourth grade reading scores remain the same according to recent testing, which is prompting the education secretary to remark achievement is not growing fast enough. a bright spot, though, right here in dc, where fourth grade reading scores jumped 5%. dc students, however, are still near the bottom of the pack when compared to maryland, virginia, and the other states. but school chancellor, michelle reid said special emphasis and resources at the elementary level are paying off. >> a lot of the reading interventions and strategies that we have been placed with specifically geared toward the elementary level. all of the pieces are specifically elementary interventions. >> students average 220 on the 500 point scale. dc fourth graders scored 202, that's up from 197. maryland and virginia scores
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remained unchanged. yesterday i was complaining, but today i had nothing to complain about. it was a little breezy. >> what do you call it? >> the spring flam spring. >> here's your forecast first now. the next three days right out of the gate. clouds come in tomorrow. we stay warm. we stay breezy, but we stay dry through the daytime hours. high temperatures upper 60s to near 70. rain at least through friday morning. temperatures go back into the mid 50s for highs and, you know, earlier in the week, it looked like it might rain all day friday. we would have held in the 40s. we'll keep it in the mid 50s. still cool on saturday. sunshine, but temperatures will only be in the upper 50s. now tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. high clouds come in, that's about it. low temperatures in the 40s. winds will finally become light. certainly before midnight.
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right now, we are looking at temperatures in the 60s. very mild, 65 downtown and 64 over in davidsonville and looking at temperatures in the low 60s in bethesda. mid 60s in great fall. even leesburg at this hour is 63 degrees. that's pretty nice. now lows tonight, primarily in the 40s. some of you will be flirting with the upper 30s. 40 in gaithersburg, as you come down 270 and looking at 41 in college park. low 40s for bowie. low 40s in fairfax and reston and sterling and yes, leesburg, you will be on that fence of 39 or 40 degrees. tomorrow morning, clouds on the increase. breezy and cool to start. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds increase out of the south at 10 to 15. that's a warm wind. that's not so bad. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. we stay dry. high 65 to 70 and winds increase southwesterly at 10 to 20, but that's a warm wind. that's not so bad.
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satellite picture radar combined, some snow in denver earlier this morning. this is the storm that is pulling eastward that will give us our rain tomorrow night and friday morning. in the meantime, good thunderstorms now from almost oklahoma city through dallas. we have a lot of high clouds with this system pushing in now. we'll have that tonight and the clouds will roll in tomorrow and thicken up. we stay dry through tomorrow. zone forecast, 65 in winchester. martinsburg, 71 tomorrow. 68 in warrenton, and also 68 in manassas. downtown, we are talking upper 60s. even up to frederick in the upper 60s despite the clouds. near 70 in andrews. and also down in toward the river and st. mary city. 66 for annapolis. winds come back, so does the small craft advisory. next seven days, 68 tomorrow. there's your rain tomorrow night and friday morning. we are in the 50s for a time. saturday with sunshine, 57. another system comes at us on sunday. showers probably before the day is out on sunday.
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lingering showers on monday, but we spring back rapidly. 65 on tuesday and 70 on wednesday. >> spring not looking all that flam flamery. let's get to our weird news file with stuff you wish they had when you were a kid. it's not exactly what you think. it's a representation of how can i say this? pee and poo. believe it or not, that's more realistic. been around for almost two years. the dolls are now becoming collectors items. they have been sold out on amazon, all jokes aside, the toys are intended to help kids be more comfortable with their potty training. the chinese manufacture says they are so popular in europe, they are selling them in a duo pack. and what if they come to america? probably super size them. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's
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mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, no sympathy at all for washington wizard, gilbert arenas that will be locked up at least for three months on gun charges. arenas is a repeat offender. mr. arenas has already had a bite at the apple of leniency and he blew past that gift and continued to conduct himself as the rules of society apply to him. he denied his crime and he joked about his crime. yes, mr. arenas should get jail time. then again, maybe he should get out of jail time because of his money and who he is, like others have. arenas should get the three months in jail. it's obvious he attempted to cover the whole thing up, and as an athlete and or celebrity,
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he certainly isn't entitled. and then there was this from nancy in virginia, reacting to vice president joe biden's comment yesterday. she says she wrote us after she wrote the white house. i have suggested the white house had better get a reign on the vp. the vp has done this before and to be quiet honest, too often. i personally am tired of hearing he has made yet another crude mistake with his mouth, enough is enough. first of all, i would ask how the white house could get a reign on something that the vice president himself obviously has trouble controlling, but secondly, the most interesting thing about this story to me was that the white house obviously doesn't seem to think biden's curse word was a gasp and remember when the vice president dick cheney used the same word, but aimed it as a u.s. senator? not many people cared then either. sure, there used to be words you would use, but now tell me,
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exactly where is that polite society? send your answers to that question to mcginty's mail bag. the address is that is our report. i'll be back here tonight. we'll see you monday at 7:00. as for later tonight, i'll be right back here with anita brikman at 11:00. don't forget, log on any time you like at i'll see you later. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. we're not playing helicopter now. ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions.
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ready when you are.
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sandra's cheating nightmare. how she found out. this is "entertainment tonight." who reportedly broke the news to sandra that jesse was having an affair. and did he have more than one mistress? >> other women are attempting to come forward now. is sandra back in l.a.? what will happen to her reported $100 million fortune if they split? plus -- >> there are so many different ways to cheat. >> sandra's rare "e.t." interview on infidelity. >> if you respect the person enough you respect the person to walk. the latest news as katherine heigl makes it official. >> please don't go. >> why she's out of "grey's anatomy." plus, how oprah just got out of going to court. and why is this "dancing" front-runner back on the ice with mark ballas. >> welcome to our super exclusive skating rehearsal. >> only on "e.t.." if you really want to get to know me, come to a stand-up show. >> o


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