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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i'm audrey barnes in for jc hayward. it is day three of the city gridlock on financial reform. republicans have been unified in their vote against debate but fireworks in the
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subcommittee hearing may change the situation. joel brown has the latest from captiol hill. >> reporter: senate democrats will try to fire up debate on the financial reform bill a third time. and now they think they have the ammunition. >> how much of that [ bleep ] bill did you sell? >> you have less oversight than a pit boss in la las vegas. >> reporter: democrats are hoping public anger over the tongue lashing against goldman sachs will cause one republican to get debate started. republicans blocked debate so far while trying not to look like they are on the side of big business. >> last thing we want is for the little guy to get hurt on a legislation intended to rein in bankers on wall street. >> reporter: republicans handed out 20 pages of their own proposal on tuesday, doing everything they can to make sure at least some of their ideas are included in the product. the gop plan forces creditors
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and shareholders to take responsibility for dismantling large banks instead of taxpayer and shrinking the amount of consumer protection that the white house called for. president obama is using campaign-style rallies in the midwest to get the process moving. >> it's one thing to oppose reform but to oppose talking about reform in front of the american people and having a legitimate debate, that's not right. >> reporter: there are signs that republican resistance maybe weakening. at least one senator says he will vote yes to start debate. it is a closed door meeting with each parties. inspectors shut down three mines owned by massey energy. that's the company that owned the mine where 29 workers were killed earlier this month. investigators moved to close the mines after receiving anonymous complaints about their safety after the april 5th explosion. massey energy admits inspectors town conditions that did not
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meet industry or company standards. those 29 miners were killed in a gas explosion in the west virginia mine. a new bill in the u.s. senate would weaken dc's gun law. if approved the bill would make it easier for city residents to buy gun and ammunition and also do away with the city's registration and firearms storage mandate. the district banned handguns in the city for 32 years before a 2008 ruling overturned it. one man is dead after what's being called a gun battle in a laurel apartment complex. investigators say the shooting started on conte road and ended up in an apartment on finchly lane. police are trying to piece together what happened. the victim's name has not yet been released. a homeless virginia man told police someone set him on fire. police say david mould was sleeping under the fredericksburg bridge on saturday. he was unable to describe a suspect. he is hospitalized in critical
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condition. investigators are looking at the possibility that mould's own cigarettes caused the fire. families in one prince william county neighborhood are on edge. that's because police say a man tried to abduct two brothers monday evening near knot land drive in bristow. officials say the man tried to grab the 5-year-old but his big brother pushed him out of harm's way. >> i can't believe it, you know. we are always on the look out in this day and age. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: neither child was hurt. right now police are looking for a white man in his 40s with a blond goatee and a small silver hoop earring in his right ear. he is believed to be 5'9" inches tall and 170-pounds. some dc council members are working to prevent police from joining a program to check the immigration status of people they arrest. phil mendle son and jim graham
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are sponsoring a bill to keep police out of immigration enforcement. chief lanier supports the program but says she understands the concern. some contend the immigration check could lead to racial profiling. the new illegal immigration law in arizona is leading to protests in california. opponents demand that california cut ties with arizona. the law requires police to ask people for documentation if they suspect they are here illegally. the federal government may challenge the law, as well. attorney general eric holder calls the law unfortunate. >> i am very concerned about the wedge that it could draw between communities that law enforcement is supposed to serve and those of us in law enforcement. >> reporter: california congressman took to the house floor yesterday. he's calling for an economic boycott of arizona. we just learned today that
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a texas state representative is proposing a law similar to arizona's get tough immigration measure. search teams in kentucky have found the wreckage of a plane which took off from maryland. civil air patrol workers spotted the plane in a remote mountainous area. it took hours for rescuers on the ground to get close to that site. it is believed two people on board both died. the plane is registered to island trading. it took off yesterday morning from frederick enroute to mississippi. it would seem like a no drain brainer but september 31st, sailors will no longer be allowed to smoke on submarines. 5200 sailors smoke on the sub. the military banned most indoor smoking but they were exempted because they serve long tours underwater. a swift moving fire destroyed three boats and
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damaged others this morning. responders are using -- to contain the fuel that leaked from the boat. so far marine life is not threatened. still to come on 9 news now, find out why pregnant panda watch is now over. over. plus -- >> and then he jumped. i couldn't get the gun away from his hands. he was able to get my gun. >> reporter: a maryland shop owner goes toe to toe with a pair of robbers. his heroic story is moments away. i don't feel my age.
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five officers were killed when a suicide bomber rammed his car in to a check point along pakistan's border with afghanistan. eight others were hurt. witnesseses re-- rushed to the scene to pull victims out of rubble. it is believed afghan militants are behind the attack. but so far no one is claiming responsibility. one of the three men convicted of assassinating malcolm x will be soon a free man. the 69-year-old thomas megan will be released from prison today. he was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. the other two men sentenced in the 1965 murder were paroled 20 years ago. those men still maintain their innocence. 11 somali men accused of of piracy go before a judge today. they will enter pleas on charges they attacked two navy ships. all 11 are facing life in prison if convicted. howard sup next with the
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forecast. a lot of wind today. the wind will be with us tomorrow but a treat for you by the end of the week. let's that talk about the allergens we had a complete count and you may not like it. tree polln in the high category. grass weeds and mold are all low. we will have the seven-day forecast and it will warm up and a decent weekend. details are just ahead. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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yoplait, it is so good. indulge in new blueberry pie and new red velvet cake. yoplait light. it is so good. we have breaking news from north carolina where a plane bound for washington has been diverted because of a bomb threat. continental flight 3006 left houston, texas this morning bound for dulles. however, it is sitting on the runway at an airport in greensboro, north carolina right now. an airport spokesperson says the bomb threat was written on a mirror in the plane's bathroom. the plane landed safely and everyone was evacuated from that flight, as well. today, both a private and public remembrance for dorothy height gets underway. the civil rights legend died last week. we have a look at what is happening today. >> after yesterday's packed public viewing, today was a
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chance for family, friends and dignitaries to pay their final respects to dorothy height. nancy pelosi was the first dignitary to arrive followed by mayor fenty and members of the black congressional caucus. >> today we mourn the passing of a great, great, great woman a woman who fought until the end for freedom and a mentor to so many of us. >> those of us in the district of columbia, dorothy involved herself in the life of the city. when she came to the city, she alerted me she was going to be my constituent. she became more than my constituent. she became one of us. >> i had the privilege of presenting to the family a flag that was flown over the capitol. when i did so, i said she lived her life honoring the pledge to the flag, liberty and justice
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for all. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. and you can watch the president deliver dr. height's eulogy tomorrow as it happens on our website at a 77-year-old jewelry store robber -- jewelry store owner is robbed but he fights back. the suspect got away but police think the owner shot them as they fled. it happened along howard avenue in downtown kensington, maryland. while he was still in a hospital gown, that store owner told his story to our very own brittany morehouse. >> he had a showcase in front of him. >> reporter: wearing a hospital bracelet and still bleeding, sandro waits outside of his jewelry store in kensington, where inside his wife is cleaning up the broken glass that remains. >> two black guys came in and put a gun to my head. it was a robbery. >> reporter: but the 77-year- old said he was not going down
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without a fight. >> i always have a gun with me. the safe on the counter, he threw me that on my head and then he jumped me. i took the gun away from his hands and he was able to get my gun. he twisted my arm. >> reporter: he fired two shots most likely wounding one of the men before they ran off. >> i tried to go after them but i couldn't do it. i went to the street and i was bleeding all over. >> reporter: now police are searching every area hospital and store patrons believe the suspect will be found. >> i hope so. if they don't find them, i'm going to find them. >> reporter: but he says he doesn't find much hope for the future of this 21-year-old store. >> i feel i have to close the store. it's time. it's just too much for me. >> reporter: are you proud of your brother? >> very proud. he has seven lives. she should be dead by now. >> we have wonderful customers. >> reporter: wonderful
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customers who keep calling and to ease their concerns his wife is sharing their home phone number. this jeweler wants to say thank you himself. >> appreciate it. >> brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> the robbers drove off in a red toyota camry. investigators are talking to other witnesses who saw them. today is distracted driver awareness day in virginia. it's a day to remind you not to text while driving and to use a hands-free device. that was the message yesterday at union station with students vowing never to text behind the wheel. >> i think it was really encouraging because i'm about to start driving. i get my permit on may 30th and when i start to drive i'm going to put my phone down. >> one of my friends actually, he was texting me and almost got in to the opposite lane. so it was scary. >> reporter: friday is no phone day in the district along with dozens of other states and
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cities nationwide. for more information on the great hangup, go to we have special page set up for that. look under the extras tab. it is now official, mei xiang the panda at the national zoo is not pregnant. officials say they have conducted an ultrasound and hormone analysis to make that determination. however, experts at the zoo say the panda was experiencing a false pregnancy during the past several months she last gave birth to tai shan. a lot of people will be heading out to peek at the panda. the panda has the right coat but we need a jacket. >> i think they need more privacy. a lot of people are watching them. >> hide in the bamboo or something but we want a baby panda. >> we have good snuggling weather. talk about the cold. it has been windy and chilly all day. if there is good news here.
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it is not going to last much longer. one day tomorrow with breeze and then we will be rewarded nicely by the end of the week and the weekend as temperatures climb from the low 60s today, maybe only upper a 0s to around 60. tomorrow breezy and warm. shooting in the low to mid-80s on friday and will be 80s on saturday and sunday. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. windy and cool. i know a lot of places have bright sun now but some clouds will blow in later. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. i'm hedging my bets. tonight, a freeze watch in far western maryland and west virginia. 35 to 45. as long as the winds stay up we shouldn't have too many frost problems but if the winds go calm in a couple of spots that will help temperatures even more. 70 with a west wind. 10 to 20 miles an hour. sunset, by the way, this evening, two minutes before
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8:00. got the clouds and showers in pennsylvania. see how this is rotating south. in to western maryland, parts of west virginia. some of this will come down. areas north of town have a better chance of showers and might even see an isolated sprinkle. for the most part it is the winds that will be the factor this afternoon. we are gusting to 31 in winchester. 24 cumberland. to our south and east we have gusts near 30 in easton. mid-30s in pax river and andrews. washington gusting to 25 and keeping the temperature down to 54 degrees. this is four above the average low. we have 70 and 50 for the average low and high and we are in the middle 50s here. the air has dried out. northwest winds at 18 and the humidity is only 37%. the ground is a little moist but tomorrow watch out. if you burn anything outside, be careful. we will probably have a red flag warning for you on thursday afternoon. the storm system in the northwest bringing snow above 4,000 feet. some showers this morning
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across the carolinas. that is out of here and the storm system in the northeast, 20 inches of snow right here east of burlington. 15 to 20 miles. they are up 1500 feet. this is an elevation storm as you get early and late in the season. we are watching the storm system. it is really driving winds down from the north and northwest. that's going to pull out of here this evening and tomorrow. high pressure will build in, at least to our south. once this thing passes our winds are more interestly as we head in to thursday afternoon and friday with a warm front to the north. we will see temperatures respond nicely as we head to the end of the week and the weekend. the seven-day forecast, 62 if we are lucky. today will be windy and cold. breezy tomorrow. nice warmup to 70, 71. and an isolated storm on saturday. better chance on sunday afternoon and evening for a few storms before the next front cools us down on monday and tuesday. audrey is going in the kitchen when 9 news now
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate soothing fragrance free lotion. soothes red, irritated skin. fragrance free gold bond ultimate soothing. (together) this stuff really works! with want to remind you we are getting started now even earlier than ever. join andrea, howard and angie for 9 news now beginning every day at 4:25 a.m. elegant, delicious, and healthy. those are the ingredients of jeff nichols cooking. he's become a key player in the fight against childhood obesity and he is here to share a couple of secrets with us. >> absolutely. >> thank you for having me back
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again. appreciate it. >> you are going to do a pan sered salmon. sounds healthy. >> very healthy. it has omega-3 in there. it is brain food when you talk about fish. you want to stay away from a lot of fat so this is a good fat for you. put a little oil on there and lemon juice right on there. >> when you talk about healthy eating you have to make it taste good. >> garlic. and that's the key. healthy food is great but it has to taste well and if it tastes great kids will eat it. put a little oil in the pan, a little bit. it is a non-stick pan. >> olive oil that is definitely olive oil. so we let that get heathed up a bit. basically saute it off a little bit. normally this will take you two minutes, flip it to the other side, putt it in the oven and we will be good. actually with that, too, i have some pasta and basically with
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the pasta you want to get whole wheat pasta. stay away from white grain pasta. this is healthier for you, as well. with pasta and tomato sauce together. and that's what i'm doing. with this pan i will do a little olive oil and mini mushrooms in there. >> throw mushrooms in there. so some green spinach, fresh green spinach. this is the dumping method. diced tomatoes to season it up. a little salt, fresh ground pepper. >> now, is this -- have you found that kids will eat all of these vegetables? >> a lot of times with tomato sauce i sneak it in on them. but tomato sauce i would grind it up in there so you see the color but definitely get the flavor. so saute it down a little bit.
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>> and basically the salmon we put it in the oven and the salmon will take about another three minutes in there. >> we're not going to get a chance to dish it up but it looks delicious. that does it for 9 news now. we're on the web at have a great afternoon, everybody. trouble finding the perfect taco seasoning? ♪ ¿por que no probamos esto? ♪ old el paso. a special blend of seasoning... for especially delicious tacos. feed your fiesta! kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. people know a lot about dad.
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