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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 17, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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. tonight, the lawyers for the family of a seven-year-old girl shot and killed during a police raid this weekend say video of the event does not match what the officers say happened. police say jones died after the fire happened inside the home during a con frontation. but the lawyers say that it shows that police fire fired in the home earlier. and metro running after a
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problem at the station. trains had to share a single track on the blue and orange lines and that caused some delays. and right now, commuter alert, part of pennsylvania avenue is closed down and crews have part of the water turned off near foggy bottom, trying to fix the broken main. it broke near 19th and 21st street. the main was installed get this back in 1859. crews hope to have the water back open and the road opened again by tomorrow morning. and speaking of the weather? yes, there, on the alternates, it won't be fixed for a while. so if you have to be in pennsylvania and 21st the best way is 19th 22nd and 23rd. moving out there to see how things are looking with the rain out there. it has not been pretty, especially on the west side of the capitol beltway, seeing
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some volume here from wilson bridge all the way to the american legion, but no accidents broking traffic here. looking better approaching duke down south towards the metro bowl. no traffic to block your lanes, everything is moving better than an hour ago, just be careful. and getting to the beach could be less stressful this summer. today, d.c. to new york announces it will offer the bus service from the nation's capitol to the beaches. the bus service will cost 35 bucks each way. the service is meant to begin memorial day weekend. and not quite bt i guess we should say out there. devin has the forecast. >> yes, pan weather out here, and even through tomorrow. and even through a good portion of wednesday, a lot of the rain is moving back in, keeping it cool under us right now. right now we're at 55, moving
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at 62, 64 after midnight was the official high. right where we are right now is where we will stay temperature- wise. the steady rain moving back in. the hit or miss showers, the real round of steady to moderate rain, drizzle, isolated showers, trying to put the two words together. drizzle and isolated showers and cool. overnight tonight with the redevelopment of steady rain towards the morning rush as we go towards tomorrow. then we'll see just a couple of spits and spatters here in the rest of tuesday and wednesday, and finally won't get more sunshine out. i'll let you know more about working on the tan. and the longtime secretary in the anna nicole anne arundel county, she kept great files, answered all calls from staff and reporters to the department. she died in her home, she was
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79. and the music industry remembering the life and career of ronnie james deo tonight. he died yesterday, had stomach cancer and was 67 years old. he replaced osborne as the lead singer in black sabbath, and planned to tour this summer but had to cancel because of his health. and some success fighting the gulf oil spill. the latest on that and a lawsuit aimed at stops another disaster, coming your way. but first? do you want fries with that? why you may want to answer no in just 90 seconds
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. a health alert tonight before you make that next stop for the fast food. a new study finds meals high in fat like burgers and fries actually could lead to stronger asthma attacks. the researchers found that the people who ate that food increased the problems in their air ways and also didn't respond so well to treatment as people who ate meals lower in fat. and fast foods do tend to go up in tougher times and our economy is having an impact on the job market. in fact, one of the fastest growing jobs is nursing and that is why the university is offering separate classes at the foggy bottom and loudoun county campuses. and imagine this, you stop through a drive through, order lunch and when you get the food you find 2000 in the bag. well that is exactly what happened at a taco bell in
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dayton, ohio here, the police say the woman placed her order but instead of getting food she was handed the morning, deposit. a customer just couldn't believe the mistake. >> instead of getting a fast food meal they got way more than what they really needed. it would be hard to bring it back but -- >> indeed, well now apparently that deposit was placed in the taco bell bag. the manager drives through like a customer, gets the cash and then heads to the bank, but on friday the worker grabbed the wrong bag, handed the money to a customer and the person has not come back with the cash. so what would you do in this
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case? and devin will be back with a look at the forecast, when is the rain going to go away? stay with us
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back on 9 news now. while astronauts were doing a space walk, power turn was knocked out. the astronauts were never in danger. two bp refineries account for the agreggous violations. those violations were found in the last three years at the bp texas city refinery and toledo, ohio. secretary of labor says bp has
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a quote systemic problem. and we have an update on that oil rig disaster. the food and water watch filed a lawsuit in u.s. court asking a judge to shut down bp's atlanta. atlantis is operating in the same part of the gulf of mexico as the rig that sank in april. late this afternoon the obama administration announced it will form a commission to investigate the deep water horizon disaster. and megan hughes has the latest in efforts to stopping the spill. >> reporter: bp is celebrating a small victory. a narrow tube was inserted into the broken pipe on the sea floor and so far it's working. >> there's still some oil coming out. but what we hope to do over the next 24 hours is continue to
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raise the rate, increase the rate coming out of that insertion tool and capture more and more of this flow. >> reporter: agents were under scrutiny monday as lawmakers questioned a top bp executive and an official. >> we have a huge problem that i don't believe we are ready to deal with and the company isn't either. which is what do you do when a deep water well blows. and what do you do about the oil under the water. >> reporter: mckay says the company has been committed since day one. but he admits the next plan will take weeks. in the meantime, huge plumes of oil are calling into question earlier estimates of how much is spewing from the well. homeland security secretary janet napolitano outlined plans in case the boon is in the
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gulf. >> immediately dispatching clean up teams when oil, generally in the form of tar balls reaches the shore. >> reporter: tomorrow members of congress will be questioning ken salazar about whether the minerals management service should have done a better job policing offshore drilling. megan hughes, 9 news now. >> the man who overseas the mineral program will retire at the end of the month. i think we got spoiled with all the good weather we had lately. >> sunday afternoon we turn to another great day. the rain here this morning through a good part of it and steady rain through midday. started to let up here in the evening hours.
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we'll see this in the next three days first. this is the last bout, steady to moderate rain this is going to be here. after that we get to tuesday afternoon. we'll be lucky to find a sprinkle or isolated shower. even the first part of wednesday that's what we're going to go through. once baguette into thursday, this system will be long gone. we want to show you where we got our last wave of the steady showers tonight to have moved in. that's going to be montgomery county. columbia to clarksville seeing rain shower activity. it stretches right through the city of washington through the beltway. then we cross to southern virginia. we're seeing steady rain toward warrenton. 52 to 55 for morning temperatures, temperatures not going too far. about where they are right now,
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mid-50s lower 50s. and it's the morning resurgence of those showers redeveloping. the afternoon will be lucky again if we get toward 60 degrees. mainly the rain is going to be done with. it's just a sprinkle here or there, maybe an isolated shower. wide view there. one last little wave, you look south, you look west, that's the more heavier bout of rain. futurecast shows this very, very well. tracking the weekend and overnight and what's happening today. steady rain redevelops, but after we get to that wave, just a sprinkle here or there. maybe an isolated shower. let's go through tuesday, wednesday, thursday, why not. you don't really see much there on the screen. wednesday we have maybe some peaks of sun starting to come through. we still have a lot of cloud cover in place but i think it's finally thursday. the storm system is finally long gone and we can get back
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to trying to get a tan or sunbathing. maybe not quite that warm yet. upper 70s before we get to that friday forecast. friday might be all right, 83 degrees there. not all the pools are open yet as we reach memorial day. it's almost another chance, for scattered thunderstorms right now. i don't think a complete wash out, hit or miss storms. then in the matter of two weeks, the pools will fully be open at that time. but we also have celebrate fairfax. i'll kick it off sunday night. i know a lot of you will be out there during the weekend. let's get to our weird news. a wedding that was not all that romantic unless your name happens to be george jetson. this couple gets married with the first ever robot wedding host. he is called the i ferry. both members of the happy
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couple work for the company who makes this robot. everybody says it has a way to go. but even though it's bolted to its chair, it got through the ceremony. and not once did it say, this does not compute. >>9 news now will be right back. 9 news now is sponsored by the d.c. lottery. lots of people win.
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and a quick reminder, nine news is here for you early in the morning starting at 4:25 a.m. in the mail back tonight, facebook or any social networking site for that matter. last friday i asked you how you handled the combination of your teenager and social networking. something that sounds like you
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young snippersnappers. he says, when i was a kid, i had two toys and i shared them with three of my brothers. adults should learn to block websites from their routers and mode ms and they should learn to discipline their kids. i can't believe you went grumpy old man on us. if there's one phrase, it's something beginning to back in my day. and then there was this. from teresa. whether social networking is for good or not depends on the way people use it. what i don't understand is why given the consensus that parents need to spend time with their kids, parents don't teach them social networking and together they spend the time enjoying the possibilities. i think that's a great idea too teresa. but from what i have learned
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the last thing kids will want is to hang out with their mom or dad on facebook. you will be lucky if they friend you. drop us a line, include your name and where you are writing from. well, that is our report, i'll be right back here tomorrow. we're working on a story about new safety features that can make it harder for rescuers to find you after a crash. don't forget, is always on. we'll see you later.
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new video, sandra bullock and her baby. this is "entertainment tonight." the loving mom cuddling her baby. little louis up close and adorable. the new mother/son outing only we can show you. >> why not us? why not us? >> dancing's final four under pressure. inside their last-minute rehearsal. >> as a fan favorite becomes our new correspondent. >> me, kate gosselin. >> who is the star to beat, and who could pull off an upset? >> the best dancer doesn't always win. >> we know you're watching, so we're sending you love. >> barbara walters' heart surgery. we broke the news. the latest on her recovery. her friends speak out to "e.t." >> i know she'll bounce back. >> new, angelina jolie dangling from a 12-story building. >> a little more, guys. >> only we're on the set of "salt." >> i have always loved to be physical. >> i love you guys.


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