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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at 7:05, temperatures in the low to mid-80s. it is coming up at 6:00 a.m., time for angie. >> and the traffic alert in montgomery county is one that will stay with us throughout the rush. a live shot here of vi rex smill road and university boulevard in the wheaton area. this is a good example of what we are dealing with outside. early morning tieups involved in intersections that are still completely dark. the lights are out. we have 203 thoughout the county that remain out, and 60 where we have police officers staffing the intersections, directing traffic around it. the rest of them, the majority of them, it's all on you. please exercise extreme caution and courtesy and remember to treat these as a four-way stop and factor in extra minutes for your commute. you are going to need them. move over to 95 in virginia. we are starting to slow down packing in the cars early this morning from the prince william parkway over to route 7. then
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again from 7100, the fairfax county parkway, to backlick. keeping things moving, 66 slow in two spots from 50 to 123 and nutley toward the capital beltway. we are looking at plus 15 minutes for that and that delay started early thanks to earlier construction that stayed with us after the 5:00 hour. let's take you to maryland. 270 southbound, volume is building around germantown road. overall okay to the split. wrapping up with the maps, route 4, 301, route 5, branch avenue, everything is in the clear out here. at the top of the hour we bring you the latest on our deadly summer storm. the cleanup will take a while. pepco is getting help in utility crews from out of town. they are working around the clock to get electricity restored. at last check, 147,000 people without power this morning. the areas most affected rockville, gaithersburg and aspen hill. people in the seven springs apartment complex in college park are out of their homes.
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the storm damaged the roof on one building and residents tell us the management company isn't helping out. >> at last check 200 traffic lights in montgomery couldn't remain dark. crews are trying to restore those. crews from out of he region are heading in to help the power get back on fast. montgomery county fairgrounds is the staging area for those crews. how is it looking? >> pretty quiet but it will pick up shortly. right now we have 3550 power crews from out of town. they rested up overnight and are starting to wake up. they are going to eat breakfast and get a security briefing and get their marching orders, and then, hopefully 7:30 this morning they will roll out in all of these trucks that you see right behind me here. so really the cavry has arrived
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and help is on the way. as i said they will be rolling out 7:30 this morning and joining pepco crews already hard at work. they arrived at the montgomery county fairgrounds yesterday evening and came from as far away as ohio and the next few days they will be instrumental in getting the 120,000 pepco customers in montgomery county that are still without power back on-line. yesterday pepco's president and ceo explained exactly how the power company determines which jobs are a priority and which are going to have to wait. >> we work our way through this focused first on critical facilities, hospitals, customers that may have life issues, health issues. we get to them as fast as we can. and then we work out thinking in terms hoff of -- of how to restore feeders where we can keep up the biggest blocks of numbers if you will and we are in that phase right now. >> reporter: the bottom line
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right now, jessica, is that it will likely be at least thursday, possibly friday before all of pepco's customers are back on-line after this big storm last sunday. but, you know, jessica, the gad news is that it is such a nice sight to see the crews back here getting ready to help out. so for anyone without power help is on the way. it just might take a few more days turnly. back to you. >> some questions for you. do we have a sense of where the outlying areas are, which areas are without power this morning? >> they say it is spotty. heavily concentrated in montgomery county. if you look at the numbers, as you have been showing all morning long, you can see the district, prince georges county, those numbers are not nearly as high as montgomery county, but places along river road in particular. i was driving out here to the montgomery county fairgrounds this morning along river road and nearly every traffic light is still out. so places like that are still
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entirely in the dark but for the most part it is pet pretty scattered throughout the county. >> thank you, kristin fisher. residents of a college park apartment complex are looking for somewhere else to live this morning. it is thanks to the summer storm of 2010. the intense winds ripped the roof off of an apartment building in the seven springs complex and management told tenants they can no longer live there. they were evicted. >> we suggest that you find somewhere to go, a relatives or something like that. just like that. >> he says he and fellow tenants were alied to return to their building yesterday for 15 minutes to retrieve their belongings and then they were forced to leave. now to the district, pepco says it has 7600 customers without power. the biggest number is in upper northwest. crews were on hand all day yesterday, chopping up fallen
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trees, picking up power lines and restoring power. mayor fenty reviewed the damage and he said problems aren't limited to the land. >> 12 boats on the river that were capsized due to the winds from the storm and between the police department and the fire department the say assistance from the coast guard and bolling air force base, 14 people were rescued. >> reporter: the city is reminding people not to run backup generators inside of their homes. 9 news now will be on the story all day long and while you are at work you can follow our coverage on-line. go to and get the latest on the power situation and traffic and upload your pictures of the storm damage. you can do that on our weather page. the final report on last june's metro accident will be released today. the national transportation safety board will hold a day long hearing on the crash and then conduct a vote on the probable cause. nine people were killed when two trains collided on the red
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line between the fort totten and tacoma stations. the ntsb will provide an update in to three other metro accidents it is investigating. president obama wants the federal government to lead the way in the hiring of people with disabilities. he marked the a 20th anniversary of the american with disabilities act on monday in a ceremony. >> it became a massive wave of bottom up change that swept across the country as you refused to accept the world as it was and when you were told you can't you ponded with that age-old american creed, yes we can. >> reporter: the executive order signed by mr. obama pledges to boost recruitment, training and retention of employees with disabilities and he wants them to set a national example -- he wants the feds to set a national example. and citizens fight back in one california town.
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>> bloated salaries at the city council in one california city has citizens enraged. i will have the story coming up. temperatures are in the 60s in many areas and we are expecting a good deal of sunshine. here's the maryland forecast to get you going. enjoy it. if you are outside you need the sunscreen, that's for sure. temperatures in the 70s by 9:00. 78 camp springs. 75 gaithersburg. head to noon and looking at 83 hagerstown. a couple of cloud unless the mountains, annapolis 82 and 85 cambridge and this afternoon high in the upper 80s to near 90. all sorts of problems in maryland. here's angie with more. >> you can say that again. and look at sky 9. the situation out here where police are on the scene of intersections left in the dark throughout montgomery county. this is live from 29 and fairland road. you can see that the cars are trying to navigate around it.
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taking it slow, which is what we like. move it over to another live shot here at university boulevard where it meets viers mill. this is one of the 203 lights that remain out and river road. we heard from kristin fisher the stretch between wisconsin avenue and the beltway they are out and if police aren't present treat it as a four-way stop. we'll be right back after these messages. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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b.p.'s ceo is out. he will be preceded by robert dudley an american. sources say he will be assigned to a job in russia. also new this morning people in he suburban california town are taking on city hall and so far they are winning. it's happening in bell, california just outside of los angeles. city leaders and their exextremely bloated salaries are under attack. sandra hughs has the latest. >> reporter: an angry mob gathered outside of city hall ready to face off with city officials. >> this meeting is packed because four out of five of pell city council members, including this mayor make $100,000 a year for their part- time jobs. the bell city manager, who made almost $800,000 a year and his assistant resigned last week. so did bell's police chief who took home an annual salary of
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$450,000. this crowd wanted more resignations. >> you failed to do your job. you failed to listen to us with our taxes and you guys do not deserve to be running the city. >> reporter: the council unanimously voted to take a 90% pay cut. >> yes, and i am willing to give away my pay to zero. >> i will resign to my salary but i will not resign to my position. we don't want you hear and we are not your people. >> reporter: california attorney general is investigating how a community with 16% unemployment could legally give such salaries. >> we want to find out exactly how they ever came to the conclusion that city officials should make so much money. in one case, in two cases, more than the president of the united states. >> reporter: over the weekend residents marched in town to the council member's homes demanding action. they didn't get it. so they showed up here at the meeting where bell city council
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members had said they would discuss the future of the city, instead they ended up deciding their own. sandra hughs, cbs news, bell, california. it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now, the pentagon is assessing damage in leak documents posted on the web. the 91,000 documents involve the war in afghanistan, the u.s. relations with pakistan. the white house calls the leak alarming. starting today, property managers in the district can ban smoking within 25 feet of buildings. it impacts both commercial and residential properties. signs must be clearly posted. wyclef jean is considering running to become the president of haiti. he was born there and became an activist following the earthquake. the current president renee perval cannot seek re-election. the weather is looking good already. >> it is looking good already. we have a chance of
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thunderstorms the middle of the week. not expecting anything like what we had, we get one of those every decade or so. get you going with the forecast. start in the low 70s in to be. a lot of 60s. very few in the 70s right now. noontime temperature in the low to mid-80s. topping off in the upper 80s to near 90. slight chance of a shower south and west but not too humid. this morning, sunny and pleasant. 60s and 70s with light winds. this afternoon, going to be a warm day with a stray shower south and west of town. not too humid. highs in the upper 80s to near 90. tonight, partly cloudy, milder. south winds at 5:00. -- 5. up in pennsylvania a lot of 50s. york is 59. 70s at richmond and on the bay in annapolis. salisbury 68 and ocean city last check was 63 degrees.
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that's the same as reston this morning. very comfortable. sterling an gaitersburg 63. columbia and college park 66. same with brandywine and springfield and arlington are checking in at 68. national is 73. sunny skies, calm wind and a humidity at 71%. while it seems high it is comfortable. a few clouds may cross the region, but for the most part we are seeing the moisture to the south, close to this frontal boundary across the carolinas, tennessee and kentucky. as we go throughout the day on 9 future cast some of that will try to come up i-81. can't rule out a stray shower or isolated thundershower south and west. things will quiet down overnight tonight and then tomorrow with the daytime heating a couple of sprinkles will try to pop up in the afternoon and evening. here's a front for thursday. it will be up to utica, new york and syracuse, back to pittsburgh by thursday morning. this will help to fire up more
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showers and storms. so thursday should be more active. and then after that front, that path, it turns nice again for friday and saturday. our seven-day forecast, upper 80s today. low 90s tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower. few storms on thursday, 91. there's the cooldown. nye drying out for friday and saturday and temperatures in the 80s. angie, still very busy. >> very, very busy and we have new problems to tell you about. this tuesday -- good tuesday morning, everybody. in virginia we have an alert heading southbound on the fairfax county parkway. we have a pedestrian accident and it is currently blocking all lanes of traffic. drivers are being forced to turn on to huntsman. moving to 395 northbound, no incidents or accidents here. you are delayed from the beltway to seminary. plus ten minutes to make it through that. speak hog the beltway, things are filling out between braddock a road and gallows no incidents or accidents to report there. the beltway in maryland we move
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it up and looks like volume is building between university and georgia but moving a good speed and take a live shot near the wheaton area. viersmill road an university, you can see some of the tape has been dropped. this is one of the intersections where the lights are out. one of the 203 throughout montgomery county and we are learning the westbound traffic can once again move across university. so good news there. jessica, back to you. it is 6:17. as you have heard angie say this morning does didn'ts of traffic signals are out across montgomery county this morning. police are directing traffic and some of them, we are joined on the phone by captain paul starks with the montgomery county police department. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, jessica. how are you? >> absolutely fine, thank you. how long to you think it will be until all of these intersections are back to normal? >> we don't have a time line right now. i want everyone who's listening
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to know, workers worked throughout the night. the number of intersections that are dark now number approximately 150. i know that's less than half of what we started with on sunday but i also know it can be a frustrating experience for commuters. >> captain, we heard reports that drivers are a little confused about how to go through those instructions. as a result have we had any reports of accidents of fender benders as a result of the intersections being dark? >> you know, often times, in times like these with the weather-related challenges, the collisions actually decrease because folks are more aware of what they are doing. if a motorist does come across an intersection that is dark where the signals are there but they are out, we are asking everyone to exercise patience and treat it as a four-way stop. >> good recommendation for staying safe. now, you have officers in place to cover some of these critical
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intersections. the question is, though, do you have enough officers to cover all of the very critical intersections that are still dark? >> right now we have called in officers who normally are off today and also who don't normally wear a uniform. they will be directing traffic at intersections specifically assigned to them for their duties. we have also extended hours for officers working day work. they have been told they may not get off at their normal time when they are done with their shift. >> captain paul starks, we thank you for joining us. montgomery county police department carpet paul starks. see what happens in tampa bay and the terrapins are picked to finish last in acc football. in three minutes rehave reaction from the coach. ?vw
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if weed to you maryland football was ranked sixth in the poll if it were of the teams in the nation, fortunately it was the atlantic division and there are on the six in the division total. the acc preseason poll was released yesterday and the terps and uva picked to finish last. virginia tech and florida state are the picks to win the conference but fridge says don't write off the terps yet. >> i'm trying to get the monkey off of our back. we have lost eight in a row and if we can get that going again i think this team will grow very rapidly. >> reporter: baseball last night in tampa, for the fifth time this season we have a no hitter. the rays matt garza faced a minimum 27 batters allowed one walk in the game but that guy
6:24 am
got doubled out. first no no in rays history. the five this season are the most in the the majors in one year since ' 91. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. don't forget strasburg pitches for the nationals tonight. have a great tuesday, everybody. still to come, the latest on the effort to restore power across our region. a maryland community coming together to fight hate after vandals strike a synagogue. hear from those affected. after a gorgeous summer day on monday, what can we expect today? howard's forecast is four minutes look inside a more than
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at we are back at 6:28. here's a live look at the montgomery county fairgrounds in gaithersburg. this is a staging area for out of town utility crews here to help get the lights on. a live report coming up in two minutes. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is off this week. meteorologist howard bernstein is on our weather terrace with a piece of the forecast. hey there, howard. >> good morning. it is great outside this morning, maybe not as dry as it was yesterday morning in spots north and west but we are comfortable. temperatures here in washington around 70 to the lower 70s.
6:29 am
north and west we have a lot of 60s we show you that on the weather computer. low 60s. martinsburg 60. 61 frederick. we have 67 in the south in fredericksburg. manassas currently 64. and 67 prince georges county. slight chance of a shower out to our west and southwest later on as high temperatures climb in the upper 80s to near 90. a traffic update. big problems this morning. >> but i have a better update in the virginia area. i want to start with that. southbound 67100 the accident we had at huntsman boulevard. it is now clear. all lanes are back open. no incidents or accidents to tell you about. we have a traffic alert as we take you live to sky 9. this is the situation on windgate drive and old georgetown road. we have power lines that are smoking. it appears we have the fire trucks on the scene trying to treat the fire. meanwhile, you want to use caution if you are heading this way. and obviously expect lane
6:30 am
closures. look like drivers are squeezing by to the left. let's move along and take you to the next stop. a slow ride on 270 is setting in between germantown road down to montross. and over to 66 you go where it looks like the congestion we were experiencing early is starting to clear a bit. you are below speed between route 50 and 123. bring the sun shades. back to you. we bring you the latest on our summer storm. it is 6:30. two days they have rain and winds rolled through and thousands are without power this morning. here's the latest numbers from the local power company -- governor o'malley vowed power will be restored quickly. monday he tried to put things in perspective. >> this was an unprecedented storm. if you look at the damage that was done, just as you measure
6:31 am
it by the power outages, i think we have seen about three times the am of power outages at its peak that we saw during the snowstorm snowstorm. utility crews from outside of the region are hear here -- are here helping to bring the juice on. the trucks are getting ready to roll? this is the staging ground for pepco's restoration efforts for all of montgomery county. in a half hour, these out of town crews from the northeast and midwest will be rolling out and joining the pope coe crews that are already out and hard at work. now, this convoy of power crews really aryed here last night at montgomery county fairground and they are coming from a as far away as ohio and the next few days they will be working nonto stop to 1 get the 120,000 pepco customers in montgomery
6:32 am
county without power. they are working to get them on- line. even with this inflict of additional crews, pep cosco's president and ceo says it will be two days before all of their customers are back in service. >> we now think we will have the vast majority of our customers restored sometime on thursday. , afternoon in to the evening. i want to be very frank with you. there will be some pockets of customers, based on the circumstances, that the restoration may not take place until friday. we will do everything we can to pull the restoration times in. >> reporter: right now all of these out of town crews are waking up. they spent the night here and are walking to the cafeteria, which is a great big tent. and they are going to be eating breakfast. getting a security briefing and getting briefing on what they will be doing for the next few days. this is a massive operation. we are talking 350 crews here. hundreds of trucks. they will begin to roll out at
6:33 am
7 a.m. and it is going to be a rollout that lasts for a few hours once they are out, they will stay out and they will likely be working nonstop until all of montgomery county's pepco customers without power are back on-line. jessica? >> thank you, kristin. with so many folks in the dark, a lot of people are stocking up on emergency supplies. while many of their neighbors are without power. one hardware store in potomac, maryland was up and running on a generator. they are getting a shipment of more supplies this morning. our coverage continues at get the latest on pepco's efforts to restore power. check out our slide show of damage from the area and be sure to share your pictures, too. it is all at in a few hours, the national transportation safety board begins a major hearing on last year's deadly metro
6:34 am
collision. a panel will vote on the probable cause of the crash. nine people died when two red line trains collided. dozens of people were injured, as well. the ntsb will also make safety recommendations. metro is putting aside $30 million to follow through on those. two people are under arrest for the murder of a fairfax county man in oakland. 45-year-old chang went to the bay area for a job interview with google. however, he was shot to death on july 18th during a robbery. two people from oakland, a 24- year-old man and 33-year-old woman are now jailed on murder and robbery charges. police say the couple are also can suspects in another robbery and shooting that happened last month. montgomery county police are investigating an anti- semitic crime in olney. someone targeted a synagogue and two homes with graffiti. andrea mccarren shows how the community is already coming together. >> reporter: by dusk, a montgomery county police car parked in front of the
6:35 am
synagogue. an army of 200 volunteers had already volunteered the swastikas and other anti- semitic graffiti off the walls, but the impact of what transpired overnight at the synagogue was unmistakably raw. >> when i got here and saw it was the entire building, like my stomach just -- it was horrible. >> reporter: children coming to the preschool program where among the first to see swastikas on the building and sidewalk and other messages of hate throughout the lot. >> it is upsetting because here in olney it is a quiet community. you know this goes on around but not in your backyard. >> it is powerful and it's just -- i can't describe it. you just can't imagine. >> reporter: as devastating as it was for the synagogue to find the hate graffiti, it was equally overwhelming to learn the community support. >> other synagogues in the general vicinity from nonjewish groups from the community at large ♪ [ music ]
6:36 am
>> reporter: and over 250 people packed the synagogue to attend an evening prayer service. with the support of the community and a newly installed security camera, the congregants now hope that police will find whom ever tarnished their building but not their faith. in olney, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> it is 6:36. you know you shouldn't drive distracted. that doesn't mean you don't do it. in six minutes new technologies to help you stay focused behind the wheel and this is part of the great hang up campaign. right now we focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. a beautiful morning across virginia. a really nice afternoon. maybe in virginia one or two showers south and west of washington, culpeper, shenandoah valley. looking a things this morning, sunshine and a couple of high clouds. temperatures in the 60s to around 70 as we head to 9:00. in the mid-70s. culpeper 76. leesburg 77 and fredericksburg
6:37 am
74. by lunchtime, manassas 85 and shenandoah airport there 82. and charlottesville 84 h. topping off in the upper 80s near 90s with a stray shower is possible. a virginia alert. a report of an accident on the bell we. this is near the capital beltway here at 267. the inner loop after the beltway at 267 is the scene of the crash. and then some slow goes start around the 67 exit. move over to route 50 and 29 in fairfax. a couple of poles in the way but no major issues for drivers. all lanes are open and vre alert for you. we are seeing major delays because the fredericksburg line. all trains south of fredericksburg are held because of a fire near the tracks. as a result of that you can expect major delays this morning. we will keep you posted. actually, we'll be right back after these messages. wcwcwcwc
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we are going to the top of the charts this morning. the hot topic on google, we are starting with the biggest search. that's for tony hayward. b.p. announced he will step down on october 1st. number two is the hit show mad men and iphone jailbreak. a judge ruled people can hack their at&t phones to use other providers. admit it, every now and again we drive distracted but there is great technology out there to help you stop this distracted driving an we have steve who is with the consumer electronic association in arlington and some fantastic products. >> a lot of cool stuff for you. >> you will start with blue tooth. what do we have here. >> 90% of us own a cell phone and 50% of us use it every day in the car. easest way to drive hands free is with blue tooth.
6:43 am
one of the nice things is you can receive your text messages audibly. you keep your hands on the wheel. >> are you going to want to reach out and text back. we don't want to do that. >> we have some products that enable you to do that. we will skip ahead to the drive and talk and what is nice about this. you can make calls and you can audibly talk back and text message back without reaching for them phone. so if you sent me a text and i want to respond to you something urgent i can physically speak and you will get the text message. >> that's great technology. a lot of people have these fancy super duper entertainment systems in their car. can be incredibly distracted especially if you want to reach for your ipad. something we don't want tokes to do. >> this is for the passengers in the car. if you have kids they can be a huge distraction, if they are interrupted you in the back, your eyes are off the road.
6:44 am
here we have flo tv from audiovo, x and it goes on the head rest and you can watch satellite tv and everyone knows about the ipad. a lot of great a pps you can down load there. road trip bingo, i spy. >> these are great ideas. thank you so much for coming in. we will keep the ipad, if that is okay. i'm kidding. we you know to join our campaign as well the great hangup and how to do that is head to and take the pledge not to be a distracted driver. and you can share your tales of distracted driving on our website or by calling 202-895- 5960. right now, though, we will throw it over to howard who has an update on the forecast. >> i just want the head rest. let's talk about the weather
6:45 am
headlines, they went out and did a survey and found no tornadoes just intense straight line winds that did the damage with widespread gusts 60 to 75 miles an hour some gusts to 90 miles an hour in montgomery county was particularly hard hit from this, more so than the surrounding areas but we know it started around winchester and moved across loudoun county, fairfax, and the district and northern portion and anne arundel county and across the bay. right now we are 73. 76 at 9:00. 84 at noon and 9 for the high today. 90 in spots. slim chance of a shower south and west. we start sunny and pleasant with 60s and 70s. 40 minutes ago the sunrise and sunny and warm this afternoon. a stray shower southwest of town to the shenandoah valley. charlottesville and culpeper may see a sprinkle. upper 80s today. south winds at five to ten and milder tonight, partly cloudy, upper 60s, low to mid-70s. the muggies will be coming
6:46 am
back. certainly by tomorrow. the dry air is in place. you can see it up here in williamsport over to new york and philly. dew points in the 50s. we are in the low 60s so it is comfortable. the sticky stuff is in the yellow areas in the carolinas and to the tennessee valley. that's going to return. temperature-wise, though, we have 73 here. 50s an 60s this many suburbs this morning. cool spots are at reston and sterling and gaithersburg at 63. 66 in howard county and columbia. college park is also 66. they are doing cleanup there, as well. 64 for ft. belvoir and reagan national, thanks to the warmer waters of the potomac 73. the bay right now, the bay temperatures in the mid-80s if you life on the bay you know what i am talking about. the winds are calm and the barometer is rising at 30.12. showers to the south. although this morning moisture in southern virginia will eke its way north as the dry drifts to the east and allows the
6:47 am
moisture to return toward us. the nine future cast tracking the storms this afternoon, projected up and down portions of i-81, west virginia, virginia state line dying off on the and we may see something pop in the heat on wednesday. but really it is a front up here that we will be waiting for that will give us a better chance of storm on wednesday and thursday. the seven-day forecast, 89 today. 93 tomorrow. again an outside chance of a shower west today around here tomorrow but thursday the better day 91 for storms. friday and saturday cooling it down in the mid to upper 80s and storms are possible on sunday and monday. it is 6:47. good morning. we have a traffic alert for you out in bethesda. this is live from the scene. old georgetown road and wingate drive. looks like the power line fire we saw earlier with the billowing smoke looks like it is contained somewhat but response crews are on the scene and we know one lane of traffic
6:48 am
is getting by heading northbound. single file, folks. expect delays in the area. move to the biggie of the morning. police are on the scene directing traffic. this is the situation at 150 intersection throughout montgomery county where we don't have police officers directing traffic. remember to use caution. use courtesy and treat it as a four-way stop. moving to the outer loop, we are jammed 95 to georgia avenue. drivers are dealing with some sun glare this morning. plus ten minutes for that stretch of the commute. 495 in virginia. one steady slow go from braddock road up to 267 and then we have a report of an accident between 123 and the dulles toll road to watch for. finally we will wrap it up with 395 northbound, bumper-to- bumper jammed from the beltway to king street and okay approaching the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. now, back to you. while you slept a new poll came out showing the tight race for governor in maryland.
6:49 am
here's the numbers from gonzalez research. it shows 45% of voters back o'malley, of course the democrat democrat. 42% support former republican governor ehrlich. that's within the margin of error. 5% want another candidate and 8% remain undecided. the problems at arlington national cemetery are growing. a senator leading an investigation says it may not be hundreds but thousands of graves which are mislabeled. we have told you about the wrong coffins and tombstones at the cemetery. a senate committee finds part of the problem is a failure to make the records digital. claire mccat skill says $5 million invested in a computer system was wasted. >> what did they do with this money? it is not complicated. this is not a complex software assign. it is a simple scheduling and keeping track of where someone is buried. >> reporter: the committee's
6:50 am
review found lax management at the cemetery and found they relied on paper records for burial sites. in sports the nationals began three-game series with the braves tonight. strasburg takes the mound for the nats he is going for his sixth win. the orioles dropped to three in a row. the o's fall to the blue jays last night 9-5. long walk. a fly ball to right. he's going to get it. makes the catch and this game is over. >> reporter: that is the final of matt garza's no hitter the rays pitcher blanked the tigers 5, the fifth no hitter in baseball this season. we have 73 degrees here in northwest washington. thousands of people still without power in our region this morning. we check the numbers in three minutes. keep it here.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
here's what is in the news now, nearly 150,000 power customers in our region are without electricity right now. most of them are pepco customers in montgomery county. crews are out of the area are here to help restore the power. tony hayward will step down as b.p.'s ceo. he was widely criticized for his handling of the gulf oil spill and will be replaced by american robert dudley. the northern virginia man accused of trying to join a somali terror group will stay behind bars. the judge rejected bond for chesser. chesser. a face morning out there. 76 by 9:00. 84 by noon. topping off near 90. still not too humid. angie will have another look at traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when we return.
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act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now. some people are having fun with public art work. someone took a statue of a surfer and built a paper ma shea shark around it. it is a 15-foot shark. the city wanted to take it down immediately but you know what happened it became such a hit they are going to leaf it up a week if not longer. >> pretty creative. let's talk about the traffic. looks like the power line fire is out but crews are on the road an we know that a lane of traffic was getting by. looks like only one lane is getting by. 495 update. delays are clearing on the
6:59 am
inner loop. and vre alert, fredericksburg line, all trains are held south of fredericksburg because of a fire near the track. we know particular train 2306 is 30 minutes late and will be like this throughout the rush. weather wise a nice start to the day. sunshine and a couple of clouds west. hot tomorrow. 93 an storms on thursday. nice again by friday and saturday. highs in the 80s. >> we will take it the "early show" is next. they have more on the oust other of tony hayward and heck risk when it comes to reusable grocery bags. >> the next news is at noon. until then get your news, weather and traffic at >> hope you join us tomorrow morning at 4:25. until then make it a great way and remember at the dark intersections treat it as a four-way


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