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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 19, 2010 12:35am-1:05am EST

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guandique guandique guandique guandiqu. a developing story. a mercedes mange lz a scooter with two teenagers riding it. hear from the victim's family. plus topper has a soggy forecast and the rain may hit during the morning commute. also sextortion. there is a new cyber crime using
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your cell phone against you. this is 9news now. right now a teenager is in critical condition after a car slammed into him and another boy on a scooter drag is the pair 50 yards down the road. >> the driver left the accident but he turned himself into the police hours later and tonight he's a free man and charges have yet to be filed. only on 9. armando trull spoke with the youngest victim's family. armando is live. noo family is devastated. also by the fact that the driver abandoned them leaving their broken bodies like so much garbage by the side of the road. the 16-year-old is near death tonight according to his uncle. >> how is he. >> reporter: . >> he is a coma. >> reporter: he's in a coma?
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>> yes. the drz can't assure you -- doctors can't assure you he will survive. >> reporter: this car rear ended him as he was riding his scooter. >> his head is destroyed. [ speaking foreign language ] ] >> his entire head is destroyed. >> reporter: noel was the passenger. his 19-year-old cousin was the driver. mario was stopped at a light when they were rear ended by the mercedes. >> the motorcycle was dragged for anywhere between 50 and 100 yards. >> reporter: the teenager's relatives are outraged that the driver fled the scene leaving the two hurt boys by the side of the road. >>. [ speaking foreign language. >> wd you tell him? [ speaking foreign language ] >> e should have more responsibility and consciousness
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for the human being. >> reporter: and, derek, that immigrant famiy from honduras is praying tonight that he'll pull through but the chances are not very good. as far as charges are concerned, they have not been filed. police are still wrapping up their investigation and they're waiting to see what the final condition of the victims are before charges are filed. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> thank you, armando. come together a tea party will hit the air. >> i killed two of my babies by abortion. >> we've distorted some of the images for this newscast but the courts have ruled that local tv stations say are required to run the campaign ads. they cannot be changed or buried in overnight time slots where fewer people will see them. they hope they will beat her for her seat. smith says her name is to end
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legalized abortion. >> abortion is murder. until america sees what abortion is, they're not going to ever reject it. i think a lot of people are going to be turning off their television sets, and i feel sorry for the tv stations that are going to lose viewer ship. >> they don't want to be ejected to the tactic of shock and shame used against women in an effort to recriminalize abortion. late this afternoon, an attorney for released the statement only federal candidates and their campaign committees are entitled to demand access to if miss smith or her committee purchases an ad that they are legally required to carry, will comply with its obligation. well, jury selection has finally begun for the trial against the man accused of killing dc intern chandra levy. ingmar guandique attacked her while she was jogging alone back
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in may between. -- may 2001. her murder became publicized. once he was considered a prime suspect but now he is scheduled to testify in the trial. no dna evidence linked to guandique has ever been found. and new tonight, honoring local law enforcement officers. this evening, the anti-deformation league played tribute to the officers who put their lives on the line. one of the officers, stephen johns, was shot and killed in that incident. the alleged shooter died in prison while awaiting trial. a tragic turn of events for a pregnant woman involved in a crash with an ambulance. one of her newborn twins has died. managers and physicians transport a private ambulance company ordered our news crew off their property this afternoon. fairfax county police say it was one of their emt drivers who crashed an ambulance into a pregnant woman's car back on october 7th. we brought you live video of the
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crash moments after it happened. >> she was almost nine months pregnant. and subsequently delivered twin boys. >> now, police say a week later one of those twins has, in fact, died. the ambulance company physicians transport says it is cooperating with the police investigation into the crash. well, you might want it avoid constitution avenue for a few days. crews say a massive water main break right near the national museum of natural history won't be completely cleaned up until wednesday. that pipe actually broke over the weekend. that has now basketball fixed but the roadway down -- been fixed but the roadway down there is now a mess. roadway constitution shut down and 10th street is closed down between pennsylvania and constitution avenues. and more road trouble. lanes shut down for bridge work. this one is happening between river road and the bradley road overpass. crews are trying to repair the concrete. they do plan to reopen all of
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the lanes by 5:00 tomorrow morning, of course just in time for rush hour. as dc prepares to join more than a dozen states that allow the use of medicinal marijuana, some say other laws are going to have to change for this to work. >> take, for example, drug tests. how can an employee deny you a job for taking a drug that is legal. gary nurenberg talked to a woman facing that exact problem. >> it's been keeping me alive for the last 20 years. the medication along with marijuana. >> reporter: we'll call this dc woman marry jane. if mary jane lived in california instead of dc, she would be inundated with television ads seeking her business. >> these are flowers representing some of the finest strings. >> i have been a patient here for 11 months. >> year and a half, two years. >> traditional medicine sometimes not enough. and medical marijuana might be the answer. >> it looks like dc will be on
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track to have a well working medical marijuana law sometime next year. >> half the battle is won. >> reporter: but for her not all of the battle. >> we have been hiv positive for 20 years. i have been denied employment over numerous times due to drug testing and i just refuse to tell an employer that i'm hiv positive. this is the reason i can't pass the drug test. >> reporter: and that's not the only problem she sees. what about patients who have convictions for using marijuana before it becomes legal for them to do so? should that be held against them by employers or potential employers once medicinal marijuana becomes legal? some interesting questions. >> one interesting question, maryland and virginia have not legalized it, right, so what happens there. >> reporter: maryland last year the state senate actually did but it didn't get to the house in time for adjournment. they're going to try again. virginia, the people from the marijuana policy project say it's not on their list. >> i can only imagine. thank you, gary. i appreciate that.
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>> okay. today the american heart association put out new glide lines on how to do -- guidelines on how to do cpr to have the best chance of saving the life of somebody in cardiac arrest. cpr should start with hard, fast chest compressions, about 100 a minute. then move on to clearing the airway and mouth-to-mouth breathing. in many cases, the chest compressions alone can be life saving. joining me now to talk about this, mike forest with dc fire and ems. you are one of the cpr instructors. >> the coordinator. >> the coordinator. show us what we mean by hard and fast. how hard should people do this? >> well, basically on average adult patients you want to go down at least two inches and you put your hand in between the nipple. you don't have to measure or anything like that. you go like this. >> that hard? >> yep. >> hard and fast. >> and how long? >> basically if the person who is helping someone else if they don't want to do mouth-to-mouth, continue to do compressions until 911 shows up. >> but if you are going to do
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30, you do the mouth-to-mouth if you're trained in cpr? >> that's right. and ultimately it would take you two minutes to two five cycles of 30 and two. >> okay. >>. >> the reason they started this basically is so that bystanders will help other people out instead of walking away if they don't want to do mouth-to-mouth. >> why is it so important to be doing that. >> because basically when somebody goes into cardiac arrest their heart is fib ering. you keep the blood circulating to the lungs and the brain and once the defibrillator arrives on the scene you can shock the patient and ultimately they go back to a normal rhythm. >> show us what you do. you call 911 and start this. >> always make sure the scene is safe. once you determine they're unconscious. shake them. are you okay. put your hand in between the nipple line and hard and fast. >> until help arrives. >> until help arrives. >> all right.
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thank you so much. we really appreciate it. derek. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a nice day but clouds are in. we'll take you out with your wake up weather and some areas could be a little wet for your morning commute. the earlier you go, the better off you're going to be. 55 with clouds at 5:00. some showers at 7:00. and a few showers at 9:00. we'll tell you where most of the showers are going to line up and just how warm it's going to get by afternoon. still ahead tonight, sextortion, we've heard about it sending racy messages or even nude pictures over a cell phone. >> but now there is a new sieber crime, using -- cyber
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in our nation's all-volunteer armed forces have made a commitment to protect us and our freedoms. many of them will return from the war on terror with missing limbs, severe burns, or traumatic brain injuries. back home, these soldiers will begin a new battle, the often difficult journey to get their lives back on track. the wounded warrior project was created to help and support these injured heroes
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through programs that deliver needed supplies to their hospital bedsides, and through services that bring together veterans who have faced similar injuries and issues, to support each other during their recovery. the wounded warrior project's motto is, "the greatest casualty is being forgotten." regardless of your position on the war, these brave men and women deserve our support. please consider the many ways that you could get involved. to learn more, call... or visit imagine you're living in fear every time you log on to the internet you're worried that your friends and co-workers and family might discover something really terrible and embarrassing about you. >> tonight andrea roane introduces us. >> reporter: jean scours the
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internet to make sure nude pictures from her ex-boyfriend are not there. >> he threatened to submit them to my company as well as post them on facebook. >> reporter: scared, jean actually went back to him for a short time. >> i was devastated. i was thinking that a million people could see my nude photos and i had absolutely no control over it. >> reporter: internet privacy expert says while sextortion can happen to anyone, teens are especially vulnerable and predators know it. >> when teens take and share sexual images, they don't want their parents, their principal or the police to get ahold of them. that means that when a predator wants them to do things, take more images or actually engage in sex, that they say they will make them public or send them to their parents to get them to comply. >> reporter: an alabama man was sentenced to 18 years in prison after sending threatening e-mails to 50 women he had acquired naked photos of in.
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in wisconsin an 18-year-old spent 18 months in prison and in california they arrested a man they say extorted over 200 women. >> it is disgusting and they have to be stopped. >> reporter: ross ellis is the founder of the advocacy group love our children usa. she stresses parents need to get involved to protect their children before it's too late. >> they need to sit down with their teens and have a very important conversation. nothing hysterical but this is what can happen. this is happening. >> reporter: and if your child is a victim of sextortion, get authorities involved as soon as possible. >> what you need to do is make sure your children come to you early enough that you can do something to help them. >> reporter: jean finally broke it off with their boyfriend but she knows the pictures remain on his computer. >> they're out there, and there is nothing i can do about it. >> reporter: experts say they could be convicted of child
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pornography even if they don't send the pictures out. in addition to jail time, you can be listed as a registered sex offender. >> here are some other tips to protect your children. don't let your child have a computer or web cam in their bedroom. this includes a cell phone that takes pictures or videos. warn them about the dangers of taking and sending explicit images. warn them about friending just anyone on their social networking pages. and take it a step further. demand that you, the parent, be a friend on those pages. with some further comments and insight we turn to derek over in the let's be real corner. >> that is right. i have one other tip for you and everybody else because this is not just kids. don't take any naked pictures of yourself. and if you do, whatever you do, never send them to anybody's phone or computer. that all sounds very obvious. and we may think only teenagers would be naove enough to get caught up in such foolishness.
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ya. obviously that is not true. and besides, listen to these numbers, one-third, 33% of adults said in an online survey they have sent or posted such images online. and while those numbers are less than scientific, still everybody who responded was old enough to know better. people, let's be real, you have to treat those private pictures, if you take them, like keys to your home. except that if a copy of those gets into the wrong hands, then murphy's law said they will out on the internet there is no way to change the locks. >> thanks, derek. traffic crashes are the leading cause for death for teenagers in america. this week is national teen drivers safety week. and in conjunction with that, a program called i drive smart is taking its message to a local high school. tonight it was in maryland. the program talks about common causes of teen crashes, such as talking or texting on a phone
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and it offers advice to avoiding an accident. we would like to remind you about a campaign that is very important to us here at and we call it the great hang up. an effort to get everyone to stop using their cell phones illegally while they're driving, adult or teenager. if you've been affected by a distracted driver talking on a cell phone or texting, we want to share your story on the air. you can tell us about it by going to the great hang up page on or you can call that number there on your screen 202-895-5960. first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes your mother-in-law advising you on everything. well, according to an online survey from ivillage, 28% of people polled says they would rather get a root canal than spend any time with the mom-in-law. 30% would rather have jury duty. donna rainy posted on our own facebook page my mother-in-law hates me. would rather play in a pit of
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snakes. but it seems loree brown has a much better relationship and says my mother-in-law is an awesome, wonderful lady. i love her dearly. >> no complaints here. >> i'm pretty lucky. pretty happy about that. >> i know. >> i can't imagine 25%. we have showers in the forecast, and some of which will affect the morning commute, marley if you're north of -- particularly in you're north of town. temperatures tomorrow not bad despite the clouds and showers. 64. on wednesday will be reverse with showers. a wee bit cooler, more showers to the south. more than showers on thursday and temperatures in the -- morning showers on thursday and temperatures in the low 60s. we'll break down tomorrow. cool to start. 54 at 7:00. showers by noon. i think we'll see sunshine by evening. by evening it may be pretty nice. the showers that go through the metro area around noon until 1:00 are going to be pretty light and more numerous off to the north. so for tonight, overnight mostly
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cloudy, showers possible. lows to the north. let me show you live doppler 9000. you can access this on our website at you can go to our 9.two channel or hopefully you've downloaded our weather app. couple of showers. most of the showers are going to hug the pa, maryland border. but there are a couple of showers pushing through. now they're going through springfield and old town and pushing across 295. where are they going to go in the next hour? pretty much due east. nothing terribly heavy crossing andrews and clinton and crossing 5 and 301. let's go back to the computer. we'll talk about the satellite picture. this really kind of tells the story because you can see this little skinny line of showers and rain almost moving from due west to due east. and consequently the heavy activity will stay to the north of us. a few showers get in here. not that many. not a big system by any means. and despite the clouds and showers, we're still talking about temperatures tomorrow in the mid 60s. to start, though, 40s and 50s.
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more to the north by afternoon. temperatures in the mid 60s with showers but then returning partly sunny and mild. we're going to salvage a pretty nice late afternoon. here is a look at the future cast. we'll stop at 12:30 tomorrow. most of the showers are gone. we still have left overclouds. that -- left over clouds. that is where we're going to be in the afternoon. next seven days, 64 tomorrow. some showers. and then 63 on wednesday. more showers. again, more numerous to the south. and then early showers on thursday, but not a bad day there eerp. 62. -- either. 62. nice on friday. but brisk for high school football friday night. warmer on saturday and then we're looking at more showers and rain sunday into monday. >> saturday is the better day it looks like. >> yes. better of the two. >> okay. thanks. the redskins are earning their last place in defense last night. >> well, you know, what don't you like? they can't catch an interception. and they can't tackle anybody. other than that, mrs. lincoln how did you enjoy the show? they can't do much of anything.
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peyton manning is good but the redskins have made him way better. what has happened to the redskins defense? the players searching for answers. plus is albert haynesworth 12
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> if it was just peyton manning who torched the redskins defense you could live with that. but it's been peyton manning and sam bradford and if you ask the csi detective what that's called, he would say a pattern. manning's running was 108 but the colts rushed for 170 yards against the redskins 32nd ranked defense and it comes down to a skill that seems to elude the redskins, tackling. >> bottom line is give the guy a dime. i think that is one of the
2:02 am
disciplined things. we missed a ton of tackles. >> the guys try to make a play and knock a guy out. when you do that, you tend to lack on your techniques. so sometimes knowing where you're at and sometimes maybe going up there and making the short tackle versus a blowup shot. >> amen. and it was hard not to notice one albert haynesworth lounging comfortably in a luxury suite and with the trade deadline at 4:00 tomorrow you have to wonder if he's about to be dealt. albert missed much of practice as you know as he tended to his family following the death of his brother. but even though he returned to the team on thursday, mike shanahan still made him inactive for the third time in year. so we ask shanahan today if albert is on the way out, and as sick as we are of asking that question, apparently mike is just as sick of answering it. >> i'll be so glad when that's over with when we don't have to talk about it anymore. we've been answering this question for six months. there is a pretty good chance he
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won't be traded. >> meanwhile kris cooley will see a specialist after last night's concussion. he continued to play after concurring the injury which is a big no-no according to the nfl's new concussion guidelines. the american league championship series shifted to yankees stadium tonight tied at a game apiece. when we say they had the worst record, we mean ever. the yankees are losing in the 8th inning. bruce harper is taking his first swing in the arizona fall league. the 18-year-old will play the first game for the scottsdale scorpions on wednesday. magic johnson has sold his stake in the los angeles lake er. the three time nba mvp has -- finally tonight following a week
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in which brett favre's groin area made way too much news, how is this for poetic justice. this is favre. watch the football coming at him right here. as it bounces right in the old text message there. [ laughing ] >> favre goes down. i doubt he'll be snapping any photos of that. i'm just saying. i'm just saying give him the news about brett favre the last couple weeks. don't you think that was a devine football? >> yes, it is. >> from somewhere. >> some kind of pay back. >> you know what they say karma is? we can't say it here. [ laughing ] >> you know. >> yes. >> i think it's karma. >> we'll be right back.


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