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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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] it is tuesday, april 17, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. we let the boss down. that's what the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is saying about the growing secret service scandal. we'll talk with the former agent. i'm erica hill. apple's stock takes a dive. how it could affect your retirement more than other companies. and i'm gayle king. the pippa middleton controversy, was it just a joke? we'll go to london for calls from the family to help her. and when i see you at 8:00, john cusack is here at studio 57. >> first as we do every morning, we look at today's eye opener.
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your world in 90 seconds. we are embarrassed. we let the boss down. >> top brass takes the heat as the secret service sex scandal grows. >> it now involves more than 20 people, 11 secret service and 10 department of service personnel. >> i've got a code. uh-oh. it came to light after an agent allegedly argued with a prostitute over money. >> not only do we owe $40 million to china, we ovwe $40 t a colombian prostitute. >> they say officials over a lavish spending spree. >> they disregartded wu ee ee e most basic ten its of government service. it's not your fun. the first gallup poll of the
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general campaign shows mitt romney with a slight edge of president obama. >> start packing. >> a sunsational sensation. >> ask how he feels about getting his [ bleep ] kicked. >> all that. >> the denver broncos almost had their first male cheerleader. bless his heart. >> they say no complaints. >> i heard you have a prom pi. >> that slit was a little high. >> and all that matters. >> ooh, that dog went right into the car. >> you stay it started as a failure. >> you don't know what you're talking about. what are you doing? >> i didn't know we were on the air. >> are you blaming me? on "cbs this morning." >> appear on stage thanks to the hologram technology. >> it's the same technology used to make it seem like steven
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tyler's been alive all this time. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." the men in top uniform says he's very disturbed by the sex scab dal involving secret service and members of the military. >> we're now learning that supervisors of the assault team are now under investigation. we have more with bill plante from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it keeps on coming. the fallout with the personnel, partying with prostitutes from colombia prior to the president's visit last week. c bbs news has learned that the number involved has now doubled to at least ten, including one from every branch of the services. the service members were sent back to the u.s. on monday. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey says he's embarrassed by what's occurred even though he's not sure yet
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exactly what it was. >> we let the boss down because nobody's talking about what went on in colombia other than this incident. >> reporter: members of the armed services provide communications, transport, and other services on all presidential trips. their boss, secretary leon panetta did not mince words. >> whether these individuals were in colombia or any country or in the united states, we expect them to abide by the highest standard of behavior, and that's a requirement. >> reporter: in addition to the ten members of the military, there were 11 members of the secret service recalled last week from colombia after u.s. officials learned of a night of heavy drinking and cavorting with prostitutes. according to "the washington post," agents picked up at least two women at a strip club and brought them back to the hotel. one demanded $150 which set off a noisy argument. they looked at video to see how many were involved.
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they have had their security clearances revoked and have been barred from all secret service facilities. two were from the secret service and the others were from the assault team. cbs was told that mark sullivan was outraged and ordered the team out of colombia before the president arrived. sullivan sent this memo to cbs news. he called the indianapolis accident embarrassing and wrote, quote, it is my hope that each of us will be steadfast in our efforts to be sure that our performance and behavior adhere to the oath we have sworn to uphold. of course the white house would have rather have had the focus covered on the latin american leaders but they know that wouldn't have have gotten a lot of attention anyway, and as one official noted philosophically, at any given moment, someone in the government is always doing something stupid. charlie, erica? >> bill plante at the white
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house. thank you. with us, daniel bongino, a former secret service agent. he's now the republican candidate for the united states senate in maryland. welcome. >> thank you. >> so what do former agents and you who know some of these people think about this? what is your assessment? >> where do we start? disgust, embarrassment. this is a very small fraternity of secret service agents, former and active. very small agency. the fbi has 30,000 agents. we have roughly 3,000, 4,000. in 150 years this is probably the most embarrassing episode we've had to suffer through. >> as charlie mentioned, you know some of these people. >> oh, yeah. >> have you spoken to them? >> yeah. >> have they given you any more information as to what they were thinging? >> yeah. unfortunately they weren't thinking. it was an awful decision. the only thing we can take from this is nobody, i mean nobody is trying to paint this with any kind of -- put lipstick on it at
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all. they're saying, embarrassing, disgusting, apologized, we let the boss down as it was termed. >> it's hard to imagine that something like this has taken place, that they got in trouble for this time. do you believe this has not happened before and this was a one-of-a-time situation. >> having done foreign lead advantages where i was in charge, i have never seen it personally. have i seen it before? i'm sure it has. is it endemic to the entire agency? no. this is not the secret service. many have sacrificed their entire live, birthdays, communions. i missed three of my daughters' first six birthdays. i'm not asking for sympathy. it's a shame it's going to affect their image.
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i've been to cartagena. it's an area known for its night life. they probably went down with a couple of guys who said, hey, this is going to be fun. exponential growth and excitement happens. people do stupid things. it's terrible. there's no squaring the circle. it was a series of awful decisions that have really tarnished the president, the secret service, everyone involved. >> everyone agrees with it, as you said. talk to us, though, about the potential for compromising the president's safety and security in general in bringing someone into a secure area. >> it appears it hasn't happened on this trip. but you're accurate. our mission is to protect the president of the united states. i it's our most important position. the fact that someone could have taken a look at paperwork in a hotel room, of course, it's paramou paramount. that's why they're so upset?
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>> what should happen to the agents involved? >> the ones directly involved should face termination. the penalties are going to be harsh and you're going to see dramatic changes in the secret service. >> and the way they do business. >> sure. this morning we have a head-to-head matchup between president obama and mitt romney. gallup's first poll shows romney leads 47% to 45%. on monday, meantime, romney backed away from comments at a weekend fundraiser where he was overheard saying he might get rid of housing and urban development and part of the education department. romney said he's not proposing anything like that at this point. up next, we'll somehow yo what friends and family are saying. >> on capitol hill it's day two of a hearing on the extravagant conference in las vegas. >> they wasted money on fancy
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meals and over the top entertainment. >> reporter: what we learned on day one is this was not an isolated case of overspending at the gsa. prior conferences stretching all the way back to 2006 were nearly as expensive. all this at the agency that's supposed to set the standard for the rest of government. in las vegas in 2010, jeff neely bragged about a conference that he bragged as being over the top that cost over $823,000. >> what's done in vegas needs to be shared with everybody. >> reporter: but on capitol hill, the san francisco gsa-based official was anything but forthcoming. e-mails at the hearing show neely planned larish
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after-party. pictures on the internet show him enjoying scouting events in the months behalf the conference. >> why is he still an employee? what does it take to be fired from the gsa? >> it's so easy to spend somebody else's money, especially when you're not held accountable. i think it's absolutely ridiculous that american people have to sit back and watch this. ♪ >> reporter: the overspending was aparentally so rampant that gsa officials made videos mocking it. the official who made that joke apologized at the hearing. >> there were things that seemed over the top, but i believe they were not being paid for with government funds. >> reporter: gsa administrator martha johnson stepped down two weeks ago when the excesses came to light. she said she was trying to impose stricter spending at the
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agency but gave neely a $9,000 bonus last year even we he was being investigated. >> as the head of the agency, i'm responsible. i deeply regret it. i will mourn for the rest of my life the loss of my appointment. >> reporter: the inspector general believes the behavior he uncovered could go beyond impropriety. it could be criminal. he wants the department of justice to investigate possible bribes and kickbacks and the new administrator of the gsa has already canceled 35 upcoming conferences at a savings of nearly a million dollars. tomorrow we'll talk with john boehner. >> looking forward to that. on to a very important terror trial. on monday a prosecutor told jurors that in september 2009 three men were just days away from carrying out suicide attacks in the new york city subways. >> one of the men is on trial and the other two are testifying
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against him. senior correspondent john miller is here. this is being called the most significant plot on u.s. soil since 9/11. >> and i would agree with that because this is the blot that almost happened. we talk about the plots all the time. usually they're undercover sting operation. the fbi has all the control of the features. they make the bach, they record the proceedings. they basically found out 24 hours before hand, he got in his car with explosive components and headed to new york for targets in the new york city's subway system. >> i was going to say i think it's fascinating the way it was all put together. the guy rent as car but books a flight home from new york and that's what triggered the light bulb essentially. >> well, we knew he was in con twakt the al qaeda. i say "we" because i was in the fbi at the time.
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when he booked the flight home, we said what is he bringing in a car that he can't put on a plane and literally followed him with surveillance teams from denver to new york. targets that they looked at was the stock change, landmarks. and they settled on the subway system. ite going to be a very dramatic case. >> what's interesting is we've all wondered why there have not been attacks in subways and things like that. the answer is they would have been tried but thwarted. >> that's correct. and this would have been that. >> thank you. in a norwegian courtroom this morning a man who admitted to killing 77 people has defended the massacre. breivik says he acted out of goodness, not evil, and would have done it again. survivors are also telling their stories. >> reporter: a recorded phone call that was considered too
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hair owing to be played to the public was played aet the trial of anders breivik. a woman hid in the bathroom as she placed an emergency phone call. she whispered, he's coming, he's coming. when she emerged, 12 of her friends were dead, splayed upon the floor. breivik greeted the court with a smile and a closed fisted salute. but he teerd up when the court played the video he posted on youtube hours after the attack. >> to me it was the world's most boring power point image. in court he said he acted out of goodness, not evil, and called his actions the most spectacular political attack by a nationalist since world war ii. breivik's lawyers will try to prove that he is not criminally insane. in norway, the maximum sentence is 21 years.
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but if he's found insane, breivik can be held for life as long as he's considered a menace to society. for "cbs this morning" michelle miller, new york. on wall street, something very unusual has been happening. apple's stock price has fallen every day for the past week. >> and that is causing some concern in the markets. rebecca jarvis is here this morning to put this in perspective and why we care too. >> good morning. we absolutely do care. it's important to note that apple is still going gang busters by most standards. it's up 43% so far this year. but the past few days shows how much of an influence investors have on everyone's savings. investors may have found a worm in apple's golden stock. its shares, 41%. the biggest slide. it was the bad news for the
7:17 am
market overall. >> it would have a big impact on the s&p 500. >> that's because apple makes up 5% of the index, more powerful than any other company. take yesterday, eight of the biggest stocks in the index were higher, but with apple down sharply, the s&p as a whole closed nearly flat. in fact, if you subtract apple from the s&p 500, our markets would be half a percent lower for the year. apple's drop is rattling more than just markets. it could be rattling your savings. >> people have substantial suppose tour apple shares. even if they don't own them individually, they're not addressing them. >> case in point, fidelity contra fund has more than 90% of its investments in apple stocks and three of the biggest shareholders are retirement funds. >> rebecca jarvis, welcome. >> thank you. >> so what. >> so what. well, we've seen this happen before, carly, a thnld is why people are so concerned about
7:18 am
apple. we saw it happening with the financials, in the financial crisis. they became more powerful than any component of the market. in good times, times were great for people's portfolios and environment but in bad times we saw that power take out literallitera literally hundreds of millions of dollars. >> i rye pete, so what. do we regulate how much can be held on? >> there is rye blangs. we could see some of that impact apple. some of these mega funds as more and more people pay attention, if apple continues to be weighted so highly, like i said in the package, people probably own apple if they own an index fund that owns stock. as that happens and the market is seen throughout portfolios, the there's going to be calls to pull some of this out of retirement savings.
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>> thank you. rebecca jarvis. time to show you headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" shows that ft. lauderdale work may have affected hundreds of people. it shows examiners at the fbi lab did sloppy work. britain's telegraph has a story of a promising new treatment for prostate cancer. it involves heating tumors with a highly focused camera. nine out of ten patients are cancer-free after that treatment. so far there are no side effects. >> as more of us switch to cell phones, the united states say landlines may no longer be available in some areas. they're passing requirements that land lines have to be required to everyone. "the boston globe" says heat caused some big trouble at monday's boston marathon.
7:20 am
2,100 runners were treated for dehydration and other ailments. and the aniston star reports that national football team trophy was shattered over the weekend. a player's father tripped over it and broke the crystal ball. it's worth thn this national weather report sponsored by citi bank.
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write your story with the citi simplicity card. in paris. the uprising of her friend pointing a gun. is this an issue for the royal family even though she's an-law? we'll ask teri brown. we'll show you where the oldest space shut sl going. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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romney said he's actually considering hosting, which led diane sawyer to ask about his much celebrated sense of humor. >> who's funnier, you or president obama? >> i have no idea how funny he is in real life, and people don't know me terribly well, you know, from the kinds of franks we play and what it's like in a home of five boys. >> there are an awful lot of shenanigans, diane, and indicationally a lot of them turn into town foolery. i bet the pranks are hilarious. oh, you should have seen the look on tag's face when he real leased i put all the left shoes on the right side. >> it's going to be fun. >> it is. there's going to be a lot of
7:31 am
fodder for us from the late night shows. >> i can't wait. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> we have the latest photos of pippa middleton riding with a friend who apparently point add gun at a photographer. she's not in any legal trouble this morning but it appears to have cause add big distraction for the royal family. >> it's in the papers all morning. "will pippa face jail," "pippa's fun shame." you put royal, pippa, and gun in the same sentence and people are going to pay attention. kate's -- can i say this -- luscious sister was in the papers. everything was not quite wait seems. this is what the fuss was all about. a series of pictures taken in paris of pippa middleton kruszing with some funs, one of whom appears to pull a gun and
7:32 am
point it at the chasing photographer. what's more, pippa and her friend seem to find the scene amusing. it would be a serious matter in a country where brandishing a weapon is illegal, it would certainly raise attention to a new level, but in fact, according to the french celebrity magazine "gala," the photographer now the gun was plastic and he was of no harm. pippa is not a royal but being kate's sister and how shall we put it, being photogenic, she's been a star since the wedding where she wore that dress. since then she's become one of the world's prime paparazzi targets. she can't help it if her picture sells magazines. but being connected with the royals is not a joke. >> certainly i should think her sister kate would be saying, this is idiotic and i'm sure mrs. middleton will be very
7:33 am
displeased with her daughter, bringing the royal family in disrepute. >> it causes people to remember other royal gaffes. fergie trying to sell access to her ex-husband prince an draw. it's not good. there's been no indication that the french authorities are contemplating any legal action against pippa. as for reaction from the royals, they're trying to run as farr away from the story as far as they can. pippa's not a royal. just to understood line their point, they even refused to have us report this story from buckingham palace, which wi normally would, which is why i'm -- >> did you just call pippa luscious earlier, mark. >> i call them like i see them. >> and so will tina brown.
7:34 am
thank you, mark. tina has a story in "newsweek." she is also the author of "the diana chronicles," which is about diana. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> what's your take on the story? >> the pipaltons so far have been the most unembarrassing family as you can possibly imagine. when you consider what went on with fergie and diana and harry and the whole thing she's been through, finally the middleton's arrive. they're flawless. kate is flawless. and now pippa is suddenly caught in a little bit of embarrassment. but you have to recognize, she is part of the royal family. they cannot do this thing, which they tend to do in their ostr h ostrichy way of saying she's not part of the family, she's a distanlt relation. she's not. she's there. she's going have to be given protection, tutelage, pr spins. they're going to have to take her in and make them one of her own. >> but kate and her prince are
7:35 am
doing just fine. >> they're incredible. the amazing thing about kate is aside from once when she did a fall in roller-skates and a short skirt, she's unbelievable. she should be running for a gop nomination. she has no history. >> she's flawless. >> flawless. >> what do you think the conversation is at the palace? you say -- your take is they need to take on pippa and recognize the fact that whether or not they like it, she's part of it? are they having that conversation? what will change? >> pippa went from a person to a problem. she's now the pippa problem. there will be many conference because a jubilee is coming up. the big fear is the jubilee that's about to happen is suddenly going to be focused on pippa's derriere and her wildlife. it is unattractive that her friends are quite so rich and silly. that is one issue they're having to deal with it.
7:36 am
and i think one of their greatest desires is to marry her off to the duke. >> is this a time when the royal family is doing happy and they're doing well for the most part? >> it's brought in a fair amount of interest by kate as well as pippa. >> margaret was one long gossip fest all her life. beautiful, rakish, having divorces. harry has been the naughty one compared to william. so in some ways it's kind of a fun distraction to have pippa out there while kate is flawless, as lodge as she doesn't do dumb things like she did in paris. >> is it true that the queen will die the queen and will never give it up. >> she will never give it up. all the days of my life in
7:37 am
westminster abbey when she was crowned the queen believes she's the crown until she dies. >> that's done before god and the church. >> her diamond jubilee is in june and she'll be celebrating the honoring of that vow. >> one quick point, politico and huffi"huffington post" -- you r "the daily beast" -- online won two pulitzer prizes. it says something about online journal i journalism. >> i think it's terrific. so much is done online. on "the daily beast," we have the same kind of style that, frankly, i used to use for the new yorker for judging a piece. i this tlirng's that acknowledge that there's this coming oup age. >> thank you.
7:38 am
come back soon. the shuttle "discovery" is making one last flight. we'll show you how it's getting there to the smithsonian. not a bad way to fly. you're watching "cbs this morning." mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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this is cocoa beach, florida, where people gather at sunrise this morning to watch space shuttle "discovery's" final mission. after 39 trips into space, nasa's oldest surviving shuttle is settling into its retimer home. >> and that retirement home would be the smithsonian's institute outside of dulles airport where we find chip reid this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. for security reasons nasa is not releasing the precise path of "discovery," but sometime after 10:00 a.m. eastern timet will pass over those trees to the dulles airport. it was a very different kind of
7:43 am
lift-off for "discovery." it hitched a ride at the kennedy space center over the top of a 747. it will glide over the river, the reagan national airport, the national mall and ending at dulles airport. >> people get emotionally attached to things like the shuttle. you bet we do. >> reporter: bolton flew two of his important shuttles in "discovery." >> hubble opened a totally new world, understanding of our universe. >> reporter: it's been 27 years of spectacular discoverying and nearly 143 million miles, carrying more crew members into space than any other shuttle. now it will remain grounded at the smithsonian.
7:44 am
becky was teaching when we visited her at walter johnson high school in maryland. she let us quiz the class and they made their interest clear. >> how important are you disappointed that the space shuttle program is ending? despite the end of the shuttle era, students hope space exploration will go on in a new direction. >> i'ming are interested in in the thought of like other galaxies and beyond our solar system. i think that's really cool. >> i think we've answered so many questions by going into space and we can answer so many more. >> so this is no time to stop. >> exactly. >> reporter: the class will be watching today's flyover, trying to get one last glimpse of "discovery" in the sky. and, charlie and erica, as you mentioned, "discovery" did one last fly-over on what is called the space coast in florida on its way to the dulles airport. i can tell you i was down there the last couple of days and the there's a tremendous amount of
7:45 am
sadness that this program is now officially over it's tough to see that. chip, thanks. >> it reminds me, too, because america is great because it's always had a frontier and the space shuttle is what space has meant to us. jim cameron the other day talking about the bottom of the ocean being a frontier. >> what's interesting is among a certain group of really dedicated people, too, there was this hope that somehow maybe something could still change because there was so much more to do. the high
7:46 am
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ah, account the tax man." did you know it was during the civil war people nard first ever income tax. the irs says it loose up to $300 billion a year because people don't report all of their income. good news for you if you're filing today. lots of people are giving away free things some of that's the upside. mitt romney gets criticized for being a little stiff. many democrats criticize that he's too rich to understand the lives of everyday people. >> armen keteyian will have stories and we'll talk with the author of a new book. first it's time for this morning's "healthwatch". here's dr. holly phillips. >> good morning.
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gayle king has a look at what's coming up in ourgayle, p >> i've got it. two authors put a behind-the-scenes look of jerry
7:56 am
sandusky on the penn sex scandal. a black lab in california took friendship to a whole other
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
here's how crazy it is. i've possibly overexcited the republicans got it. >> my career choice was to be a mother and think all of us need to know we need to respect choices that women make. >> are you not entertained? hilary rosen just made the republican party pro-choice. cats and dog, black and white, i don't know what's coming out of my mouth. >> jon stewart also put as unique perspective on things. it's 8:00. i'm gayle king. >> and i'm charlie rose here with erica hill.
8:01 am
there's still a lot of questions about who mitt romney is. >> his supporters are trying to flush out who his image is. armen keteyian is looking into that. good morning. >> good morning. on monday mitt romney said he was having the time of his life running for president but as he marches ever closer to running for president, the question of who is the real mitt romney has begun, shall we say, to take root. to his detractors, mitt romney is seen as a plastic man, the perfectly starched symbol of the 1%. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> on the campaign trail he's often portrayed into that. >> ann drives a couple of cad lakes. >> opening the doors. >> i think governor romney is a little out of touch. >> in response, the campaign is working hard to highlight a more personal sign. just yesterday it released this video. >> life is all about the people you love. >> and now independent of the campaign, the author of a new
8:02 am
chapter in this book adds fresh color, featuring rare interviews with former business partners and a story based on the stump of a tree. that story begins in the aftermath of the wildfires that engulfed san diego in the fall of 2007, consuming dozens of homes in reid fisher's neighborhood and nearly his own. >> the fire did burn across this fence here. >> while the house was being prepared, fisher got a call from a fellow mormon, one of his son's friends asking if they needed help, matt romney. >> what is he saying to you? >> he said we'd like to do something. i said there was nothing do. he said anything. i said there's a tree stump in the yard. he insisted we'd like to bring a couple of guys and do service at your house. >> on that day reid went out to
8:03 am
get breakfast for the volunteers. he came home and here's what he discovered. >> there were men and among them, a man running for the united states president of america. >> when mitt romney heard about it he asked if he could help. >> he had dirt underhis fingernails. he's the first one down in the hole with the power saw. he's doing the hardest work of any of us. >> as fisher made clear, not a single reporter was in sight. >> this wasn't a publicity event. in fact, when they grew up as boys, there were occasions when their dad would get them up and go do a service project for someone. >> he has a very good heart, a very understanding, very loving hard. >> dave is a leader of the mormon church. he's known him since the 19850s. he e said romney's reluctance to
8:04 am
tout his good works comes from the teachings of the church. >> he hasn't spoken about it because it then comes across as trying to create an advantage for yourself and nothing could be further from the truth. >> more revealing from the center of the book centers around the collapse of bain & company in 1991. >> his ego was not so large that he thought he had all the answers. he was very careful to enlist those around him, to enlist their help, and then to make them part of the solution. >> another powerful story deals with the time in 1996 when the 14-year-old daughter of bain partner disappeared after a party. when romney found out, h shut down the boston office, set up a command center in new york city, mobilized wall street and enlisted the hope of local tv stations, leading to the discovery of the girl. it's a story he's only recently
8:05 am
begun to talk about on the campaign book. >> his book, "the mormon way of doing business. "good morning. there are a lot of aspected and good stories about mitt romney that have not yet come out. this is a man who's been on the campaign trail since he ran in 2008. >> it's amazing that these st y stories haven't come out. the big question is who is he, what's behind the front. and these stories show case what mitt romney's really about. a guy who takes six hours off on a campaign trail to dig out a man's tree stump who he doesn't know and will probably never see again and gets dirty and there are no reporters there. >> what's important about this is the critical comment about mitt romney is that he doesn't seem authentic and he's not comfortable with his own story. so this goes right to the heart of his own story. >> i think he is real
8:06 am
comfortable. the thing is he doesn't tell that story very often. these incidents are really good portals of what this guy is about when he's not in front of a camry. thing you learn a lot about a man when you see what he's doing when no one's looking. what he's doing is serving orr people. he's been doing that long before he was a candidate. >> that's what i think is missing. i met mitt romney years ago when susan st. james and dick loft their son. and mitt romney was there and he was so kind. i said do you remember that. she said why don't people get to see that side, he's there to help his friends, who doesn't ask for a lot of fanfare. and it's interesting, armen, in your report you say that he thinks of talking about it is a way of bragging but maybe we need to brag a little bit. >> that's part of mormonism. >> not to toot your own horn?
8:07 am
>> you're taught from boyhood you perform acts of service and you're given a lot of opportunities in the mormon church do it. at the same time you're told not to go out and toot your own horn. you're not doing it for publicity or to get pats on your back. mitt's been doing this his whole life. there's been a little bit of attention there on all the things he's done his whole life. do you want to stand up and do this. he does it. >> how well do you know him? >> how well do i know the family? i grew up with them. i've been friends with one of his sons. pretty close. it's not often you know someone you know for president. they're different on the campaign trail. >> are you supporting him? >> i am. >> in talking with dave are speaking on behalf of mitt.
8:08 am
the tide nights to turn. he knows everybody. he said to me yesterday that mitt romney is one of the five smartest people he's ever seen in his life. >> that's saying something with all the people dave check iks note. what's wrong with the narrative, yes, i'm wealthy, i'm successful, i've worked really hard, i've made smart business decisions. i don't know why that's not embraced in some way. why can't you display that without being known as arrogant, out of touch guy. >> we want a leader who's been successful. right now the economy is a big issue and this is somebody who's been at the top of the world for a long time. i don't think it's a negative. >> but it's painted as a negative for him. >> i think it's his ability to be able to have a tear aive to explain it, what you just said. many of us admire it but he hasn't been comfortable being
8:09 am
able to express it. >> jeff, you and i are friends and we even do've done a lot of mitt has help add lot of mormons and to the cynic they'd say he's just helping the mormon faith. you say what? >> he's helped a lot of mormons over the years, but a lot of the people he's worked with, most of the people he's worked with are not more mobs. he's done that throughout his whole career. >> now people are
8:10 am
a loyal dog is the star of a new viral video. the labrador retrieve eric charlie. >> i love this story. >> i think may be charlie rose's favorite story. he's guarding another dog, which is not a good part of the story. we'll go inside to find the dog a home. >> 50 shades of gray. we're going to make that a long story short today. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:11 am
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as we looked around the web this morning, we found a few reasons to make a long story short. britain's daily mail has a story of an expensive parking accident at a miami hotel. you're looking at a $400,000 crash. somehow a jeep landed on top of a maserati and then hit a vintage porch and the mini cooper was involved too. there are conflicting reports behind the wheel. if a valet is behind the wheel, a tip is out of the question and he might be looking for a job. the daily news reporting senator dave adams wants toorm
8:15 am
new york city workers with tasers. it lu allow workers to protect themselves. transit workers were assaulted 94 times last year. "l.a. times" reports that 50 shades of gray -- we talked about that book on this show. the racy novel by e.l. james is boosting sales at sex shops too. they say new customers are coming in and they're asking for some of the products described in the book. air character like what? >> i don't know, gayle. i didn't read that book. ask lee woodruff. she wrote the story. these chips have caffeine that give you an energy buzz. 290 calories for a serving or chips and is suppreespresso has
8:16 am
>> they can't do better than bausch becue lays. now, this video's become a hit because of the huge response. we all know tupac shakur died a few years ago, so to see him on stage is a bit eerie. and the huffing on the post says a cincinnati woman has her voice back for the first time in 35 years. jan christian lost her voice in a car accident, but using theories from aerospace, doctors were able to rebuild her windpipe and voice box. it's been a big change for her family. my husband proudly thought he had it made, a woman who couldn't talk. those days are over. >> i can't imagine any husband who would want a wife who doesn't talk. >> i can't either. millions of hearts melted
8:17 am
when we first saw this video, especially charlie rose's, a dog keeping vigil over another that got hit by a car, and we have a new twist in this story, a good one. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. solving financial challenges for 150 years. prue den chachl bring you challenges. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪ is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief.
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8:20 am
you may have seen a video that came out in california last week of a dog protecting another dog along a busy street. it was an incredible and moving display of affection. >> it really was. that video quickly spread around the world and now, though, as bill whitaker reports, the story has taken, well, an unexpected turn. >> there's friendship, there's loyalty, and then there's this. this black labrador, watching
8:21 am
over the body of her friend, killed as they crossed as be street outside of l.a. refusing to leave his side even as cars whizzed by. moved by the site, eric called animal control and put up cones to divert traffic. >> knowing that one of the dogs was still alive really got to me. it with as tear jerker. >> he shot this video. friends posted it on youtube where this somber individual jill went viral, drawing hundreds of thousands of hits. the loyal dog was taken to the animal shelter. she had no name, no tags so the animal shelter called her grace. >> we all want to be like that. if we don't want to be like that, we want a dog like that because that is the coolest dog ever. >> we'll have an update on that loyal labrador. >> l.a. media thought so. grace led local news. eric reynaga asked to adopt grace, after the five-day weight
8:22 am
period and she was spayed and given shots. he took her home, only to learn her name is maggie. her owners came to claim her. >> right after surgery, she's under anesthesia and she's coming out of it and shay called her maggie. she lifted her head up, she tried to stand and her tail went 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: eric reynaga is heartbroken. >> i don't want the dog in the same situation. >> reporter: the owners will face fines. they've learned a lesson about caring for their dog. perhaps we've all learned a lesson about loyalty. for "cbs this morning," bill whitaker in los angeles. >> as barkley's dad, owner of a black lab, you would say those dogs are very special. and i heard this morning, guys, as of this morning no one has come forward to claim the golden who had died. very sad. >> what do we know about the couple who owned the dog.
8:23 am
>> how did maggie get out? i don't know. >> questions
8:24 am
8:25 am
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8:30 am
these are some amazing new pictures of the sun as we play the song "walking on sunshine" showing a solar flare erupting on friday. this is actually described as a moderate eruption. very pretty. speaking of eruptions, nothing pretty about this. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm talking about the penn state
8:31 am
sex scandal case. it was a complete shock to most fans. >> but warning signs were ignored for years according to a book called "game over:jerry sandusky and the culture of silence." bill moushey and bob dvorchak joining us now. welcome. >> glad to be here. >> where is the case now? >> the trial is scheduled for mid-june, but there was a preliminary hearing says in december and that didn't come off too. so mr. sandusky is at home under house arrest, awaiting the trial. >> and the conspiracy of silence you suggest is what? >> one thing you take away from "game over" is how isolated penn state is in the middle of the valley, in the middle of the state, in the middle of nowhere, and there was this culture that kept everything inside that just could not put its hands around something of this magnitude happening at penn state. >> because joe paterno was god
8:32 am
and joe paterno had created great fame for penn state and his football team? >> absolutely. everything that penn state has is at the base, joe paterno brought it there. he helped develop the entire program and he basically ran the institution and had pretty much say over everything including when he decided he might leave and who was doing be hired after him. >> that's why it's so hard, bill and bob, that joe pateryn know, also known as joe pa, didn't know, as much as he says he didn't know -- i had a nephew that went to penn state. i said, cameron, he had to know. he said, no, aunt gayle. he didn't know. he didn't know. he knew when one of his plaerers got a ticket out of state and what the light bill is. it's inconceivable he didn't know. what do you think after the research you did?
8:33 am
>> no coach has ever been exalted more than coach paterno but no coach has ever fallen so far, so fast. if you look at what he said he didn't know and what happened, that sandusky was gone a year after that '98 investigation without a news release, without the grand farewell befitting an icon on his staff and everything that transpired afterward. >> was he told it was a little horseplay in the shower or was he told it was something really speflk and graphic and sexual in nature? >> exactly. that's one of the things that's just so perplexing about it. it's a tragedy of shakespearean proportions in that joe was told something but the assistant made sure he knew exactly what he was talking about and he knew, so it
8:34 am
boggles the mind on how deep it goes. >> what's interesting to me is whether you make knowledge on one incident or should he have known about jerry sandusky and it's believable that he did not and that no one in that community had ever said anything to him about a coach that worked under him? >> yeah. it's almost impossible to believe that he did not know. that he did not know there was an investigation in 1998 and jerry sandusky was gone a year later. a tlnld was another incident in 2000 2002 he was told about at his kitchen table. if you don't connect the dots, you're trying to avoid the situation. >> what does it say about joe, if he knew? >> joe will always be remembered as a great coach, a leader of men, that football players loved him. there will always be that one lapse, judgment that will define
8:35 am
his life's legacy. >> he said it as so. i wish i would have done more. >> you pointed out -- number one, you did this book in record speed. ten weeks. i'm imagining you didn't have a lot with the cone of silence. >> we had. we had more people hang the phone up on us, nobody returning calls. nonetheless, we find a hundred people who told us stories about what was going on and i this inch we got the story straight. >> let's talk about jerry sandusky for a second. they say he was a popular coach, didn't swear, didn't curse, didn't smoke, that he was a pretender, that he loved children and he would never hurt them, and they believed that about him. some people did. >> if you were to draup on the blackboard, the ultimate pedophile, you start with a sports icon who founds a charity. he's known as the male mother
8:36 am
teresa of central pennsylvania. his children is known. it's a per, perfect disguise snanld you used the word pedophile, sexual pretty tore. >> there are ten young men who have made damning allegations against jerry sandusky, and, of cours course. i've never seen a case that was as expansive as this that didn't come -- end up with some kind of conviction. >> what's going to hack to mike mcqueary? he's the graduate assistant who made the discovery. i know he's suspended with pay. >> correct. he was penn state born and bread. grew up there, played football, always wanted to be on joe pa
8:37 am
t per noe's staff and he talked about it. >> where is he now? >> he's still on staff but his house is on sale. >> many have put the bad label on mike mcqueary because of actually knowing about it in 2002 but not coming forward. he was very certain, very emphatic, and was not beat up at all. >> very believable as a witness. >> according to some. >> even if he waited eight years to report. the name of the book, "game over." john cusack is here. say u him in the green room. he said edgar allan poe is a role of a lifetime. he plays a 19th century righter
8:38 am
in a movie called "the raven." john c i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
8:39 am
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only at denny's. >> we must assume miss hamilton is still alive. >> why? because it's more convenient to do so. >> why am i to blame? where were these officers last night? where were you? he told me he was coming. >> mr. poe, listen to me. this killer is methodical. he's coming. he'll keep you alive to keep him alive. >> it's creepy. this is called "the ravenen." he's played many memorable roles to risky roles. >> john cusack is here in the studio. welcome. >> hi, how are you.
8:41 am
nice to see you. >> what's the attraction of poe? >> oh, i think to play a literary giant and an icon like that would be any -- he's such a complicated person. >> i was going to say, he's a coom employ indicated dude. scary. >> we take the genre to some of the super natural stories. he influenced vern. he's the godfather of gothic horror. >> you got my atemg when you said it's the role of a lifetime. did it scare you a little bit to play him? >> he was also somebody very attracted to the abyss. he was one of these guys who was a pioneer, so he thought whatever your nightmare is, run twartd. those kind of people are fascinating to think about. they're such odd people. i wouldn't personally walk around graveyards at night.
8:42 am
>> good to know. >> that was quite a space to work in. did it get crazy. >> it was in serbia. to give him a little credit, he did have a lot of tragedy in husband light. he lost his mother and then he lost his -- then he lost his stepmother and then he lost his wife all to tuberculosis. he used to say tuberculosis was the family disease. so he sort of had a lot of sorrow and pain that turned into these horrors and he was very adept at knowing what everybody's never oh cease and fears were like a lot of the greats. >> it sounds like you've gotten a lot it into. >> the good news is nobody had phones back then so they all wrote letters so a lot of the letters are still there. you can read the letters to his
8:43 am
father and his wife. and there's great buy graeiogrb >> you know what's so cool about you? >> i don't know what's so cool about me, but i'm glad. >> i'll tell you. i have a list right here. what's so cool about john cusack. number one, you're from chicago. i love all things, chicago. but when you say john cusack has been doing this for 30 years. i still think of you as a really young guy. >> well, i feel kind of old. >> how old are you? >> 35. >> i've been doing this for 30 years. >> i go, listens you're not old. do you get a kick out of your career and go, i've had a really good life. >> i try to remember i'm a ridiculously lucky person. a lot of the heres i had growing up in film and theater, i've had a chance to work with.
8:44 am
i had a chance to work with paul newman or gene hackman and morgan freeman. >> did you learn something every time? >> oh, yeah, just the way they carry themselves. i'm really lucky. >> and your sister. >> yeah. i got to work with my sister. >> your sister, joan. >> yeah. >> did you enjoy that experience working with your sister? i often one wonder what that's like. i love them but i can't imagine working with them. >> what makes it difficult? >> i don't know. they say i'm bossy, charlie. imagine that. >> a lot of times i just give into the fact if i'm on screen with her she's going to run me over, so you just sort of give it to her because she's the one with all the talent in the family. >> it's important to know your place, especially with your
8:45 am
sister. >> i heard you do cullty well. "say anything" always comes back. >> do you like that movie? >> i do. if people remember something you did 25 years ago, i won't argue with them. >> longevity has its rewards. >> the fact that people bring it up 20 years later, it's pretty nice. >> following the political race this year. >> yeah. >> what are you thinking? >> i don't know. i feel like there's some kind of rubicon line issues that i hope are addressed that don't have to do with left and right and some of those issues. some of the issues that the obama administration has with due process and the assassination of american citizens. i think it's deeply troubling.
8:46 am
it's beyond left and right from a civil libertarian point of view. the excesses of the bush administration, i think he had a constitutional obligation to correct that and i don't think they have, and i think that's deeply troubling for my nephews and for my future. >> meaning you expected more from the president and the attorney general. >> yeah. i don't think the executive branch, i don't think they've continued the empirical impression. i thought that speech about the assassination of american citizens in the name of terrorism is very, very troubling. >> great to soo you. >> great to see you. >> you too. >> john cusack. "the raven" opens in theater, next friday. old fishing gear floats on the ocean and it is killing wailing anddolphins. one man is doing his best to stop it. we'll show you how.
8:47 am
you're watching "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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so, where to next? ed to know today, and your phone company won't charge you for the text messages. sign up now, just text the word baby to 511411 deep sea fishermen aren't usually looking to land a whale, but the fishing line and nets they leave behind are often to blame for a huge loss of ocean life. according to one estimate, abandoned fishing gear kill more than 300,000 whales and dolphins every year. john blackstone looks at one man trying to turn that around. >> reporter: on captain dave anderson's whale-watching boat, the mission goes beyond giving
8:50 am
tourists an adventure. anderson is also on the lookout for whales that are in trouble. ha tan gelled in old fishing gear. though almost invisible, fishing gear can injury or kill a 40-ton whale. photographs of humpback whales analyzed for government reports found half had signs of injuries from fishing gear. anderson says other studies indicate the problem is even g bigg bigger. >> we have a thousand whales and dolphins dying every day and this is not sustainable. >> reporter: so anderson rescues whales and dolphins wrapped in fishing gear. do that he has permission to get close to them to do that. >> he's heading toward you. >> it's a big safety issue you
8:51 am
have to take into account. it's definitely not for the light-hearted. >> reporter: the recent rescue at dana point shows what a tough job it can be. the whale had fishing gear all around his tail. >> every time he's moving around with his tail flukes the netting is chafing against his skin, you can see deep grooves. >> reporter: the first task for anderson's team is to attack markers to it. a two-day high-speed chase followed. finally the rescuers got close enough to start cutting the net away. >> right there. >> she stopped. >> we haven't heard that before. >> reporter: the fishing gear had cotta lot more than the great whale. >> there was a sea lion, two leopard sharks, an angel shark, a bunch of crab, squid eggs. the whole ecosystem in that netting. >> reporter: but the rescue
8:52 am
don't always have a happy ending. anderson wrote a book about trying to save a gray whale named willy. >> i know i cried. >> so far, no problems. i'm not seeing anything. now i can get a good look. his body's nice and smooth. no sign of any injuries. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone in los angeles. good for the captain. >> really good for the captain. what's so upsetting is that doesn't have to happen. if somebody was being more diligent in cleaning up their grab, that wouldn't have to happen. i'm not a big fishing person as you might have gathered but i think that's so sad. >> it's awful. and the one net that had the entire ecosystem. it's incredit tobl think of all of that and that's one example. >> are you a fisherman, charlie? >> i occasionally go deep sea fishing. if you cash fish, it's a very good and exciting thing to do.
8:53 am
>> do you
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