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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 9, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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it's valid for two years. to learn more about this program, check out our app where we've provided a link. he's gone from fighting fires to fighting for his life. how you can help later. a little bit of fog is possible overnight. in fact, already visibility down to a quarter mile. we'll come back and talk about
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the prospect of fog for your morning commute. we'll also come back and talk about the prospect of record highs over the weekend. >> a heated protest leads to a
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a protest against uber in toronto got out of control today when a cabdriver was pulled from the car. the cabbie tried to open the door of an uber driver's car. the uber live left and the cabbie was dragged along. he didn't appear to be hurt. he was just trying to get a point across. a couple updates tonight on the boston college students who said they got sick after eating
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at a chipotle. there are now 120 cases, but their illness is probably not because of a burrito. their symptoms are consistent with norovirus. chipotle closed the location close to campus but has said the illnesses are likely not linked to the e. coli outbreak reported in other states. back in 2003, the supreme court said yes as long as there were no quotas. but the high court heard a case involving a white woman who says she was denied admission to the university of texas in favor of a less qualified minority student. president obama spoke today commemorating the anniversary of the amendment banning
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slavery. he said the scars are still with america today. he's pressing for americans to push back against bigotry in all forms. >> no matter how divided or dispairing we may appear, no matter what ugliness may bubble up, progress so long as we're willing to push for it. >> congress passed the 13th amendment. it was ratified by the states the same year december 6th. apples tip for app of the year is after the break. >> they'll keep to climbing
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prince george's county firefighters are rallying behind one of their own tonight who is fighting brain cancer. firefighter chris hill tells us he developed it by being exposed to [ indiscernible ] while on the job. his best friend and fellow firefighter created an online donation page hoping to help hill so he can focus on making memories with his family. >> he's risked his life on a
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day-in, day-out basis. i just feel it's important that we can come together now and give back to chris in his time of need and his family's time of need. >> to have a guy come and do that, it's pretty awesome. >> he hopes his story will help bring awareness on the issue of firefighting and cancer. if you'd like to donate, we're putting the link on our free app. solo drivers will soon be able to legally drive on i-66 legally but they'll have to pay. it will encourage people to use public transportation or car pool. beginning in 2017, the tolling will cost 5 or $6. critics worry about how the money will be used because v d.o.t. doesn't have to use it on
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improving or widening the highway. periscope is the app of the year. the app launched in march. periscope has been download more than 10 million times by iphone and android users. apple call today a game changer that made watching live video an instant obsession. always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather, dc's most accurate. >> periscope is a game changer. >> to think about broadcasting live video with just your phone is mind boggling 20 years ago. okay. we're going to skip the three degree guarantee. let's start with a live look outside. it's 46 right now. winds are calm. little more concerned about fog as we go through the evening hours.
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looks like the winds are going to stay calm. clouds will break up tonight and there's plenty of humidity in the air. bus stop temperature not too bad. 38 to 50. 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for what is almost mid- december. 60s to low 70s friday, saturday and sunday. we're going 72 on sunday. the record high is 71. 10:00 tonight, breaks already in the clouds. when we get breaks in the clouds, that will help fog develop. 44 in gaithersburg. and by dawn, pre-dawn, 6:00, temps still only in the 40s. at 6:00 a.m., if we're sitting at 46, that's topsy turvy, it
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really is. maybe 40 in frederick. by 9:00 on future cast, almost 50 in laplata. then by lunchtime, 59 in lees burg, 60 in laplata and 58 in gaithersburg. by 6:00 tomorrow, we're still in the 50s and by 9:00 tomorrow, we fall back in the 40s, but this is still pretty nice. 51 downtown, maybe 47 in laplata. and that's by about 9:00 tomorrow night. most of us hold in the 40s tomorrow night. so on the day planner, looks like this: 40s to start. 55 at 11:00 and 59, almost 60 by 1:00 p.m. so temps keep going up. warmer on friday, 63 with sunshine. warmer still on saturday. 67 with sunshine. next 7 days, sunday may be
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record setting. 71. record high is 71. the day will be dry, maybe even a thunderstorm on monday. in the wake of the cold front, kind of a misnomer. still 60 on today and 59 on wednesday. the final push of the season. how is the mood news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed. genetically altered by scientists. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants to label gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label.
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is right for you. now, wusa 9, game on sports with kristin. brought to you by xfinity. >> next up, a tough road game in the windy city. the latest from redskins park. >> reporter: the redskins are going to try to put that loss to dallas behind them. and they have to. this is a short week. they face the bears on sunday on the road. the mood is still very positive. redskins, 4 games left and stip atop the nca east. >> we're 5 and 7. eagles are 5
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and 7. so the importance of this game is big for all teams involved in this race. >> we've been here before off a tough loss, just regrouping and now we got a job to do and a lot of games that are still important. >> reporter: some points of emphasis: scoring off of turn overs, they forced three in the dallas game and only come off with three points. redskins park, frank, wusa 9 sports. you can join frank and i every sunday morning as we preview the games and the news. we have a lost fun on sunday mornings. fog tonight. we'll talk more about that, if it's going to be an issue tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. 72 on sunday. maybe a thunderstorm on monday and even behind the cold front
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we're still talking 60 on tuesday. >> that's awesome, whatever it is. crazy talk. >> back at 11:00. >> have a grea
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we've only known them a few days. >> we have kris jenner's first interview on kim's baby boy. >> plus new protests as kelly and michael get attacked for having the donald on today. >> that's ws hat'coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." donald trump. >> live tv cheers as the hosts face a backlash. >> they're getting a ton of flak. >> he's on any show that will have him. >> they probably could have held his feet to the fire a little >> we stars taking sides. >> very popular, dangerous and hate filled. >> then hollywood's brand-new divorce drama. they battle for picassos. >> they have an enormous number of pets. >> why kim's mom tells us today about her grandson saint west. >> also we're on set with the hot new tarzan.


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