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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, record breaking temps. we've broken every record on this warm muggy and soggy christmas eve. good evening i'm debra alfarone. for the second day in a row the weather has been one of the main stories all day. yesterday it was rain, today the high temperatures and the mugginess. howard bernstein is in for topper shutt with the first alert weather. >> reporter: hey debra outside late this december, i'm comfortable in the 60s. now the records we were shooting for earlier today, 65 in baltimore, 69 in the district and 66 in dulles all fell as we would get up to degrees. and sitting with the 70s.
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and in the northern neck and the eastern tour. things have quieted down. tomorrow, christmas day in the upper 70s with a few showers. but you may see a little more in the way of showers and the isolated rumble of thunder. spotty showers in the upper 50s. we could have more record warmth sunday up to 74. i will tell you right now though, some cold lurking winter as they may not have begun, but it will begin with colder air on the way. they could be seen walking, running, riding their bikes in t-shirts and shorts. despite the warm temps, it
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still feels like christmas to them. this is great weather for us. >> reporter: it is weird. the family we spoke to visiting from india will be prepared for snow, but they would add it that they were not disappointed by the warmth. and they spawned several tornadoes. 11 people were killed, including a 7-year-old boy in mississippi. and they tossed several cars in to the air, killing the 7-year- old boy. thousands left without power as their governor have declared a state of emergency. >> and some of the neighbors are dealing with snow today and tomorrow. the people as far west as california are picking up two
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to three inches today. in lincoln and omaha, nebraska up to five inches fell. even more rain and snow, both expected to fall. the storms are reeking havoc from the gulf coast to the northeast for the travel -- travelers trying to get home for christmas. hundreds of flights have been canceled nationwide along with thousands of delays. they backed up flights in new york, but as the skies would clear, so did the runways. >> and so far it has been great that they are kind of quiet today, which is nice as we would beat the rush of travelers. >> if it is delayed, it is delayed. >> reporter: and with the good news with the 91 million people driving to the holiday destination. it is just over $2 here in our region to find it for less than that that, the implications for christmas morning across the
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country. and to download the wusa9 news app. that sex trafficking is alive and well in the district. and the growing number of the victims of the sex trafficking in our area. that is an important fundraiser for the past four years. >> and that people are very generous because they would give $200, $500. they know that the money will go straight to support the survivors of sex trafficking right here in the local economy and the state house.
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>> reporter: they help up to 150 girls a year. that their 24-hour hotline would never take the holiday. we've got that number on their wusa9 app. if you haven't shopped yet, you better get moving. they are staying open late tonight for all of you procrastinators. the shoppers will flock here to find deep discounts, some to make memories. >> we're all going to remember this christmas. a real gift of a christmas. >> reporter: a gift because it is the first christmas for an 11-month-old blake. his family waited in this line for an hour to introduce him to santa. >> he's the first grandchild for everybody. it is kind of all about it this year and a fun change of pace back to the kids toys. >> reporter: and also bracing the crowds, the work kids. >> i'm a mama, where they would spoil them now. >> reporter: they would pull
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their money to surprise their mom anita with an array of gift. >> we got her a new pair of boots and the stocking stuff she likes. she is going to cry. >> reporter: they say that their mom never asks for anything. >> and she provides for us all year so it is like our one day where we could say thank you. >> reporter: she means the world to me and them and that we are trying to show her that. >> reporter: i think that they just did. >> reporter: in bethesda, andrea mccarren wusa9. >> i'm going to have to agree, andrea. the holiday season, more headed to the internet then to the actual stores online shopping and up nearly 12% over last year. well two more police departments order say that they will begin using body cameras to try to gain public trust. and last-minute shopping would turn deadly at the popular mall in charlotte, north carolina. this is the best block of all.
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a shooting that dropped the last-minute shooting in north carolina. shots rang out at 2:00. witnesses say they saw people arguing before the shooting. the off-duty officer nearby, they heard the gunshots, responding to the scene. the officer confronted an armed person who pointed a gun in his direction. the officer then fired his service weapon. the shooting suspected died at the scene. activists want the mayor to step down, calling for change on the shooting of mcdonald who was holding a knife. and chicago expanding the use of body cameras. they will wear body cameras in
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six communities in the city. they will help build trust to police. they sign add $2 million contract to equip the city department with body cameras and stun guns. and that man who landed a gyrocopter wants to unseat the representative who also chairs the democratic national committee conference next year. and researchers have discovered a way to reverse heart failures. they found a trial on people
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that could begin in 2017. thanks to the quick thinking teacher at the fairfax county school. a group of teachers saved his life. >> our family are grateful to save christopher's life. there are heros, we will never forget them. >> and all schools have defibrillators. a virginia mother of three is celebrating. savannah martin just finished her last round of chemo therapy. after finding out that she had breast cancer. >> i'm 27 years old, i have three kids, an 8-year-old and 2-
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year-old. we were looking for a job for me. and they interviewed me. >> after the interview process, she was the best that we had. >> i got the call saying that the lump that they had previously told me that wasn't cancer was cancer. and i told them, i said i know i don't have to tell you, but i want full disclosure that this is what you are signing up for. >> i recall letting her know that hey, that's okay, you know, if you're the best individual for the job, we will bring you on board. >> i'm the consult sales coordinator. the go in between once the job is sold, between the customer and the third party installer. >> you don't need to be out there moving boxes or anything? >> no, sometimes i do.
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i try to help. i had surgery, a double mastectomy. after i was hired with lows, i had my surgery, then i started chemo doing 22 weeks. >> not many. >> so she stayed right on? >> yes, yes. she would go to get a treatment or checkup, be right back for a couple of hours. >> i fishier today -- i finished today. >> merry christmas to you guys too. what a nice story. >> we wish you a merry christmas, savannah. some of us are wishing for a new coat. some are wishing for time with family, but the redskins fans, they have just one simple wish. just win baby, one win and the skins are in, howard.
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we are building a wall of wishes for you to share what you wish for. here are a couple of those wishes, as we hope that the sweet baby enjoys their first christmas and knows how much she is loved. >> reporter: the next one here on the wall of wishes for people to love one another. i am on board of both of those by tweeting or instagraming with the wall of wishes or post it on their facebook page. we want to do that later on after the show. they would go to check it out on the wishes, i'm always wishing for this kind of weather. things will change, but we still have january to get
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through it all, they were unbelievably warm about 25 degrees above average. making debra a happy camper. right now we have cooled to the upper 50s. but a lot of 50s are still out there with the humidity, feeling like a mid to late spring out there. the south winds are at 7, but should they be calm to break up the clouds with a chance for some fog late tonight. you may not like this. 45 below in the arctic village in northeastern alaska, with very cold air. north central canada. this is really bottled up for a good portion of the early winter up north. and remember all the rain and snow. the jet now is coming down here, coming in to the central
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rockies spread east where we would have southwesterly flows to show you how they are moving off to the northeast. very warm and humid air. giving us the record yesterday, all going to break down early next week. for tonight an isolated spotty shower. tomorrow a mostly cloudy day. later on in the afternoon in to the evening, a chance for some thunder. we'll be stuck in the clouds with spotty showers, winds out of the northeast in the upper 50s. still way above average. then sunday that front will push through once again with a little sun on sunday, we'll be warm. there is the next front that will come to cool us down. you'll feel it on monday with highs in the 40s on sunday. the lower 50s on the cool spot and in town tonight and
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isolated shower and the patchy fog. tomorrow morning, a shower, mild, 60s for the most part. in the afternoon with a chance for some showers and a rumble of thunder with a couple of spots in to the lower 70s. cooler with the spotty showers, 68. on sunday potentially another record setter at 74 with the late shower. monday, a few afternoon showers, 47. monday night and tuesday morning with the 30s north and west. we could have a wintery mix believe it or not. more cold rain. we'll be back, drying out in the 50s on wednesday. they will continue to prepare for their saturday night game against the eagles in a game that could determine the nfc east champs. frank hanrahan goes one on one
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with will compton. happy holidays. >> yeah, happy holidays to you too. >> it will be nice to get a win on saturday. they will be ready to face you. >> yes, absolutely, they will get our best shot. >> not overlooking anybody, but what is discussed in the locker room? >> there is a lot of excitement, you know, we are very excited and ready to go. we are able to get a win. >> and then saying do you like that? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, it is a common thing in the locker room, not meaning to say it
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like that, but you don't want to say it anymore. and we've got a game on saturday night special. before they take on the eagles, appearing the nationals have met the second baseman murphy leaving for a three-year deal in the nation's cap fall. the deal will be official when murphy passes a physical. coming up later on tonight on wusa9 news at 7:00, we have a story about sacrificing, giving back to help remind us
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but the countless refugees from syria are simply trying to find a place to call home.
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one woman is using their hobbiesen a new life. and she makes presents for families now to help strangers in need. >> being able to do something, that it was important to me. >> they have made almost 1,000 hats, scarves, knitted in germany. the project is drawing to a close. niters are involved, coordinating closer to home. actor robert downey jr. received a full pardon. he was one of 91 people in california, convicted of felony drug possession after being arrested with heroin, cocaine, and a pistol in his car. he served a year in prison.
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since the relief, his life has rebounded significantly. >> he's a talent. >> absolutely, turning it around. have a great holiday. >> absolutely. thank you, that's our news at 7:00. adam
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the new fe more. >> mariah carey's new holiday project. >> plus, inside how hollywood is celebrating the holidays. it's what's coming up right now on -- >> "entertainment tonight." >> he basically took -- >> t cookie, the traveling, see how the do it all, too. >> we like to kill our ow holiday dinner. then -- on s with mariah. the christmas movie director talking love andkids. >> i think they're causing a little bit ofhavoc, they have no filter. plus, le ann rimes' new cd. also -- ourni ght with gloria and emilio estefan taking onbroadway. and -- >> here comes another favorite


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