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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now, this morning snow may be gone but some folks may see a fresh coat again this weekend. >> a new discovery in the oj simpson murder case. >> they could have killed my baby. what you going to tell me? >> a dc teen shot in the back just moments after his high school team won a nail biteer at the verizon center. we go inside the courtroom as loved ones come face to face with a former school aid accused of abusing children. thank you for joining us. >> today he pled not guilty to 13 charges. allison barber says what happened in court. >> reporter: when he walked into the courthouse one woman sitting
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started to cry but other than that everything was calm. he was surrounded by marshalls. the hearing finished in less than an hour and the attorneys said that he is pleading not guilty to all 13 charges. as his attorneys left the courthouse they declined to comment on the case a handful of people related to his alleged victims showed up include age woman who said her child is a victim >> this is my first time seeing him i don't know how i will react. i don't know what i want to see. i'm just glad he is locked up and he is not hurting these babies anymore. >> reporter: there were a lot of emotions in the courtroom today but they didn't come from carroway. he look add round at everybody sitting in the crowd but didn't smile or seem upset. he sat down and answer all of the judges questions, usually saying yes, sir when
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him if he understood his rights. reportingreporting in green belt. >> and tonight he remains in state custody for related charges. his next federal court date has not been set. we are following a developing story in dc where tense moments ended with a man in cuffs. park police say an off duty officer saw a man driving strangely. turns out that police had been looking for the car in connection with a homicide. the driver led police on a chase through dc. right as the evening rush got started. driving northbound in the southbound lanes at one time. he hit a couple of car. he crashed into a united states park police cruiser in northeast. he tried to run but officers were able to catch him. no word on charges just yet. an hd basketball player is recovering at home after being shot in the back just steps from his mom's apartment. she said that it
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after a highlight in his basketball career. >> reporter: montgomery was on his way home. his mother said he was just trying to walk away when he was shot in the back >> the boy called my house and said i have been shot. come and get me. i went up the desperate got him. >> reporter: she collected her injured son around 11:30 once she saw the wound and the blood on his back she called the police. an ambulance raised him to the hospital >> they could have killed him. what you going to tell me? >> reporter: the thrilling semi- final game went to double ot. is he a key player who scored eight points in the win. >> they doing something with their life. they aren't robbing nobody, not beating nobody, they trying to do something. >> reporter: this time god spared her baby. >> i'm sick and tired of this. all these people getting killed. something need to stop. it need to end. >> reporter: his mom dreams of him playing in the
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the junior college level next year. >> and that championship game is sunday at george washington smith center with a win woodson would finish the year at a perfect 33-0. at least seven schools in northern virginia got automated phoned in bomb threats. some found them not credible and kept students in class. others evacuated students until the all clear was given. no bombs were found and the threats most likely connected to an organized hoax. similar threat was called into school across new jersey today and the fbi is working to find out who is responsible. the snow is melted but we are not yet ready to dry out. we are tracking more rain and who could see flurries this weekend. >> a little clipper heading our way. we will starta future cast. 2 cast on the way tomorrow. still dry. temperatures 45 downtown. maybe 43 43, 43
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even by ten we are okay. but little shower activity showing up at ten well to the west of town. out toward martin burg and winchester. if you are home early you won't need the umbrella. if you are out saturday you will. to one in the morning, showers and leesburg and culpepper. temperatures upper 30s a couple wet snowflakes north of frederick. north of i-70 and also of course back into oakland where a couple of inches will fall west of the divide. we will hang on to the chance of an early shower. this is 6:00 a.m. still showers. even down to leplata. that will move out quickly. we will come back and talk about a big change next week may be surprised how warm it'll get. here is the top story online today that's trending everywhere >> that's right the latest turn in a surprising turn in the oj simpson case. los angeles police are investigating the find of a knife found
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property that simpson once owned a construction worker allegedly found it during demolition work another at the site and gave it to a police officer that was three years after simpson was found not guilty in that double murder case. the police department learned about the knife just recently. >> with in the last month we became aware of an item that was allegedly recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property, possibly during the demolition of the site. >> police say that it's not clear why the officer waited nearly two decades to hand over the knife. investigators are now testing it of course for dna and other evidence. in 1995oj simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. update today in another major case from the past a judge has agreed to push back the retrial
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of killing chandra levi. his lawyer wants the delay. was supposed to start may. now it'll start in october instead. the judge granted the new trial after his lawyers argued that a key witness gave false or misleading testimony. a campaign trail is swinging through tonight. conservatives have gathered at the national harbor for cpac. ted cruz and rubio are there asking for the votes of grass roots conservatives. garret is there and will have a wrap up tonight at 11. someone who is not there tonight is donald trump. here is a live look at his rally just now getting started in new orleans. the republican front runner will spend tomorrow in kansas and florida. trump said he looks forward to returning to the cpac next year, hopefully as president of the united states. a eagle is
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life after being hit by a car. it's at a wildlife rehabilitation center right now where its being treated. photographs posted on facebook show montgomery county animal services officer jennifer gill holding the bird after rescuing from woods yesterday . she decided to name the bird trust. >> i decided to name her trust after what this country was founded on. the statement in god we trust. >> the eagle goes for xrays tomorrow wildlife rehabilitation may have to train her to fly again before its released back into the wild encouraging news. two police officer who were shot and wounded while responding to a domestic dispute are said to be doing well the police department sent out a wyatt today that said the officers are recovering well and that their families have asked for privacy but appreciate the support. fellow officer was shot and killed
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chris cal hamilton. her husband ronald hamilton is facing murder charges. is he being held without bond. he survived being shot four times. after the break a dc police officer tells us why he showed up to the gunman's sentencing and it's a story you will only see here. >> and how wow like to buy furniture from the maryland governor's house? after the break why taxpayers could get first crack at that furniture in an auction.
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residents in southeast washington say an excon who moved back home is terrorizing neighbors who now fear for their lives. sources say that a 40-year-old registered section observation fender is running the block in congress heights many they
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>> how much do you take? i have had the glares, the feces put on the back steps again and again and again. i don't want to be your threat but you are not going to be my nightmare. >> reporter: nobody has been charged but neighbors will have a private meeting with their police commander the chief monday evening. we will stay on top of this story and tell you how it turns out that a man is starting a sentence for shooting at two police officers and hitting one of them. romeo hayes took a deal. he had a mix of alcohol, and molly's in his system. three of those bullets still in his body including one near his heart. the detective was there for the sentencing. he spoke to wusa9 saying he was there for all those who helped him survive that night. >> great support system
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and my family. that was one of the reasons that -- like i said in the courtroom. god first and -- my family and the -- i knew if i could stay in the fight that the troops would be there for me. his younger brother also took a plea deal and received 16 months for taking hiding the gun. is he in jail serving sometime for a crash that killed two people. today the house of delegates voted to inquire furniture from the governor's mansion to be put up for a public auction. it's to prevent a departing governor in the future from buying state owned property at a steep discount without allowing taxpayers a chance. it was filed after the former governor spent $10,000 for 54 pieces of furniture that initially cost taxpayers 610 grand. helping student was their homework. after the break how some kids are breaking down the common core confusion so many are facing.
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high temperature, 47 downtown. only about 44, 45 -- about 45 also in fairfax we will come back and talk about when the clouds roll in and when they lead.
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after that snow i think we all need this reminder. spring just 16 day away. this photograph is by far the most liked post on facebook today. even a standing ovati, n. >> a sitting one. >> some 4,000 are just as excited about warmer weather as me and bruce. our sitting ovation. when do we spring forward? >> not this weekend, next weekend. >> keep reminding me >> it was a pretty snow. >> it was. >> yes. >> i have to show a picture. >> the trees. >> on the road. that's why it was pretty. this caplets from helen. beautiful. we talked about southern maryland being the bulls eye. a history now. typical march. sun in the afternoon. three
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i thought it was an easy forecast. we went for a high of 45. you can down load the app. the free app and track us that way. still 40 downtown. winds out of the north at 40. that store is still off shore. would have been quite the storm if it moved up the coast. i'm sorry. i -- i can't let it go. i will kick that dead horse. weekend okay. it'll be chilly to cool. into early sunday. may see an early shower on tuned and then next week 60s and 70s. we aren't even rounding up. we are talking 70s. the grass will grow next week ten tonight. just cold. want to walk the dog after dinner. 38 downtown. 35 sterling. by seven. just a few clouds coming
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still a lot of sun to start. then by ten, a few more high clouds, up to 39 in -- fredricksburg. then by two, can still do a bike ride or jog. it'll be dry, just chilly with clouts. by seven we see rain or snow up toward romney. we will stop it here at 2:30. if you are out really late tomorrow night. you will need the umbrella and probably uber as well. north of 70, a couple of snowflake also be possible. temperatures still above freezing. not a huge huge deal. for tonight partly cloudy, cold, 28 to 34. on the day planner, clouds start rolling in. up to 45 by one but we are dry during the day tomorrow sunday that early shower. then 50 and then nice.
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near 70 on tuesday. low 70s wednesday. >> keeping up with the common rcore has been a challenge. >> some have come one a solution to make the change a little easier for parents district ride. the mobile masterpiece in this week's stem is cool in school. railroad they were supposed to solve a problem that drives parents crazy. how do you help my child keep one common core? >> when you open up -- it's just a start screen to get you going. >> reporter: these juniors call themselves the code whisperers. they built an app for all parents to use. one touch and you can find out what your student is doing in any class at any point in the year >> you have to like lay out spread sheet, you have to putting xnl files, script coding, it was a lot we had to do. >> you try to learn about
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examples of the work so parent dear sir help their kids practice at home. the students learn to use a program called mit app inventor. >> they are good friends, they came together. they are still working on new versions of the app >> icon that relists out the name of the subject and it was tacky almost and we thought we can put the budget in and when you click it the name shows up. it's much cleaner . >> reporter: cleaner easier for parents. not something often said about common core. it's available on the google play store. now they are working on the ios version for apple. stem is cool in school. >> and if you have a cool stem story you can send mike a message on facebook. the madness is here in northeast dc at catholic university. coming newspaper sports, we get
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you set for the cardinals taking on endicot in the opening round of the tournament. >> president underwood is back. today is the day house of card fans have been waiting for. season 4 now ready for you to binge watch on netflix and talk about on ittwter where its been trending all day in dc. no spoilers yet. we are back after this. only local news at seven. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by dfinity. >> we are at catholic university opening round of the ncaa division 3 championship. tonight the cart naturals of catholic taking on endicot. it's a good thing they get a home game in the first round. if they win here they will play a second round game at home tomorrow night. first things first. let's bring in the head man. coach, this is what you guys play for. i know you always talk about cliches but this is where you want to be. >> it's a thrill to see your name in the bracketts it's a thrill to play
7:27 pm
a chance to advance to the sweet 16. we have to play well tonight. we have to did he fend the ball but to do it in dc and represent the dmv, first team of the tournament for the dmv this year is really great. >> reporter: maryland women in the big ten tournament as they are the regular season champs looking for their second straight big 10 title taking on iowa. iowa a pesky bun . . the terripins getting their usual suspects going. both with 23 points as maryland takes care of warehouse sale wal-mart 75-55 in the quarterfinals of the big 10 women's tournament. >> they didn't want to go home. i think it showed they came out with a -- they came out aggressive. they came out playing very hard. i don't -- i think we kind of start off slow and i think we showed how hard we came out in the second half that we didn't want to go home either. >> reporter: here at catholic, 7:30. we will have highlights coming up
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that's the latest here in northeast dc back to you. they are always strong. always. >> yeah. >> well coached. that is it for seven. leslie and adam back at 11. >> have a great weekend everybody. thank you for joining us
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tonight an "e.t." exclusive, marcia clark on the new knife allegedly discovered at o.j.'s estate. >> remarkable development. >> but is it the murder weapon? >> it's possible if there is dna to be discovered, it may have been found. >> what marcia told us what may have been found here at brentwood and clues from this exclusive just uncovered o.j. interview. >> a lot of people got rich. ryevebody except me. >> what he said just after the trial. then, whitney houston's daughter we kdbreaown bobbi kristina's autopspoy rert. just released today. 28 scars, four drugs, what else does the report reveal. also tonight, paltrow on co-parenting with her ex, chris martin. >> i know we've done it in kind of an unorthodox way jennifer's interview. >> i've gohr


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