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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 10, 2018 1:37am-2:06am EST

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y2l2xy y16fy ♪ tonight -- >> celine dion's up and close and too personal
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encounter with an aggressive fan. >> are you ready to party with me tonight? >> the singer's reaction will shock you. plus, meghan markle makes a and is oprah running for president? >> getting in touch with my inner diana ross. >> speak of diana. our night out with the diva and her family. >> my mom was having a ball. and begging her not to crown surf. it is the burning oprah question. will she actually run for president? only we're getting answers from her most trusted friend, gayle king. that is just minutes away. >> plus -- we begin with celine dion's encounter with a fan. the video is incredible. and so is the way she handled a potentially dangerous situation. the encounter in las vegas was shocking to see. >> don't touch me. >> the aggressive fan wrapping her leg around celine. then dancing. >> are you ready to party with me tonight? >> reporter: and givg
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big bear hug. >> all the while, celine showing incredible grace under fire. ♪ i love you, you love me >> reporter: celine invited her on stage during her residency performance at caesar's palace on friday. >> i'm glad you came up on stage. thank you. >> reporter: the apparently inebriated woman became way too friendly. when she wouldn't leave and security approached, celine defused the situation. >> good-bye friend. look at me. >> reporter: several facebook fans expressed relief. >> you can leave her hand. stay with her. she'll need it. >> reporter: when the woman was helped offstage. after several minutes. this was celine's reaction. >> she's good. >> celine. >> you're amazing. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: like the pro she is. she got up and continued friday's show. >> and now, are you ready to celebrate? >> reporter: she actually cancelled the next night's
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performance. not because of the encounter but because she was sick. tweeting she was on doctor's orders to rest. >> thank you. >> such a pro. >> she is. she's kind of like that. she has fun with all that. meanwhile, cameron is here with a surprising move from meghan markle. got a few fans angry. not all. she and harry were swarmed by fans. >> she better get used to that. that's for sure. >> it happened during the first engagement of the new year. if you want to follow her on social media, forget about that. she just shut it all down. meghan used to share candid selfies like these. today, her accounts were deleted. from now on, we'll only see the photos the palace posts on their official social media. >> we love you, meghan! >> reporter: today, she waved to a cheering crowd. they visited a radio station. wrapped up in a camel coat and scarf, over black pants and heels, she showed off a new
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hairdo. the casual messy bun style is a break from the more traditional royal sleek look. her coat is already sold out. inside the station, meghan went for basic black and a sweater over her pants. >> it's so good to meet you. >> reporter: she went to represent radio to see how young people are getting trained in broadcasting. harry learned this fist-bump handshake. >> yeah. in other royal news, today is kate middleton's 36th birthday. she's five months younger than her future sister-in-law meghan. and kate's daughter, princess charlotte, is a mini me of the queen in her new nursery school photos. the 2 1/2-year-old looks a lot like her great-grandmother when she was a tot. down to the side-parted hair. charlotte shares a resemblance to her father's mother. here was a young lady diana spencer when she was around charlotte's age. what a cutie. whoever she looks like, we
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to see her play a part in harry and meghan's i-dos. just 130 days away. a lot of people excited about that. >> oh, yeah. and her walking down will be one of my most favorite moments. >> that is heavily anticipated. so is this. oprah possibly running for president. will she do it? if one person knows, it's gayle king. >> oprah has a very nice life. she's doing very well for herself. it's not like -- this is not something she's seeking. but it is a very intriguing idea. i actually liked the sound of president winfrey. now you have to convince her. >> reporter: it was oprah's partner of 32 years who propelled the debate when he told "the los angeles times" sunday, quote, she would absolutely do it. >> a new day is on the horizon! [ cheers and applause ] >> i have people calling me who say, i'll be her campaign manager. i'll quit my job.
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i think it's something she would have to feel and sense within herself. and only she can answer that question. >> reporter: gayle explains stedman misheard the reporter's question. "e.t." has uncovered this vintage interview. >> he says to me all the time, look, i want you to be president. you want to be president. run for president. i'll work on the campaign. i don't know what will happen. >> reporter: for now, gayle is campaigning as editor at large at "o" magazine. february's cover asks, what defines you? as oprah expresses herself in three bold hairdos. >> i'm getting in touch with my inner diana ross. >> who doesn't want a diana ross moment? there's one cover that is an homage to nicki minaj. >> along with oprah's speech, another golden globes highlight was sterling k. brown's historic win as the first black actor to win the lead actor drama
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his show, "this is us" is back tonight. the clan is suffering another blow as justin hartley's character, kevin, hits rock bottom. >> kevin. i let kevin get sent to rehab. >> typically, the judge at his hearing let him get sent to rehab. >> that's a serious thing. you can't get in a car and drive around. it turns into something huge and out of control. >> kevin is facing off with everyone in the family. i think he's hit rock bottom. and now we're trying to see if he can climb back out of that where he was. >> it's not good, right? i mean, that can't be good. and randall is like, he's like a
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big dude. let's move on and talk mariah carey. she didn't win golden globe. she may have won for the best moment you didn't see. >> mariah brings the moments. this time having a musical moment with none other than meryl streep. meryl revealing she had
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>> so my -- >> meryl came clean joking about the scene stealing fiasco. >> came over. there she was next to spielberg sucking up. >> she said my god they made me sit there. >> five, four, three, two, one. wherever you are every bed has to drop. >> play musical chairs. >> no, no. stay there. i will sit on your lap. because -- you know? >> yes, i know. >> different a bit. mariah tweeted apologized to meryl. streep said you can take my seat anytime. earlier, mimi was having lots of fun. she and so many stars, joined up for the moet toast for a cause. official champagne, $1,000 to each celebrity cause of choice. >> what is the cause you will toast to? >> time's up. time's up. >> i will drink for you. >> double drink. >> to time
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>> time's up it is. >> time's up it is. >> the legal defense fund. >> ricky martin foundation. fighting human trafficking. >> it is my honor to drink to the youth mentoring connection. >> cheers. so many great moet moments. >> champagne for a cause. my kind of night. >> coming up. >> i'm halfway through -- no, this is what i look like. >> jlaw bailed on. the reason we didn't see her at the golden globes. >> who was that famous friend who canceled on her last minute. >> plus woman, gal gadot gives us makeup secrets. >> keeps it real about the not so glamorous part. >> there is no room to become diva. have to change dirty diapers.
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>> and the after party. i was halfway through glam when you told me that you, that you -- didn't want to go. you just wanted to come over to my house. so i sent my hair makeup people home. now this is what i look like. ha-ha. >> she is so cute. okay. there it is, the reason we didn't see jennifer lawrence partying after the golden globes because her gal pal emma stone flaked on her. >> jl
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>> should have embraced it. she shares her top beauty tips. >> all right. what is your beauty secret? >> i mix moisturizer with color stay foundation. and i literally -- apply it like this. it looks like you are not wearing anything. but at the same time you are seeing something beautiful and perfect. >> one product you must have, you can't leave home without. >> when do you feel most beautiful? >> i don't know. when, when i am rested. and, when i am with my family. >> 32 years old. 5'10", stunning with zero makeup on or in full glam mode. yeah, perfect for revlon's live boldly campaign. her daughter. 6-year-old
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wonder woman grounded. >> there is no room to get lost or become diva or whatever. need to change dirty diapers. >> what kind of conversation do's you have with your daughter? what do you tell her about becoming strong, beautiful? >> try to mack sure -- that she would love herself. because, i think that once you hear that, then everything is fos possible for you. >> does she play with mom's makeup? >> she does. she hats ts the blond situation. >> israeli army. can't believe she would never raise a daughter that is a strong female. >> coming up. >> we are behind the scenes for tyra's big return to america's next top model. how she changes the game again in a way that only tyra can. >> then from ricky martin to penelope cruz. the star-studded cast of american crime story,
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the famous family speaking out against their show. and. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> diana ross, still. and a night out with the dif@va and her family. >> ain't no mountain high enough for her. >> closed-captioning provided by --
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♪ yes >> that is music legend, icon, diana ross. killing it at the american music awards. back in november, diana sang a medley of her hits, including i'm coming out.
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that actually has her back on the dance floor and only we got the exclusive invite. >> imagine being in the club. when the iconic miss ross just happens to drop by when they're playing her song. >> ain't no mountain high enough. >> 73 years old and hitting the charts with evan, diana dropped by the famous west hollywood bar, the abby to celebrate the dance remix of ain't no mountain high enough. reaching number two on the billboard dance chart. >> my mother was having a ball. my brother was begging her to not crowd surf. >> the original version was leeked in 1970, 48 years ago. she sang it at american music award with her grandchildren on stage. >> ain't no mountain high enough. ain't no valley high enough. the diva didn't perform the song. she did jump up on the dj platform. because she couldn't help herself. >> ain't no mountain high enough. >> she has the
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>> ain't no mountain high enough for her. >> at 73 years old. for my mom to have a song number two on the dance charts. and for my mom to enjoy -- the deliciousness of movement and musing at the abbey is thrilling. >> yes it is, by the way. that remeix of ain't no mountai high enough. miss ross', diamond diana, legacy collection in stores friday. class ek muic music. back with us now. with another woman, a diva and mogul. tyra banks. >> she's on a mission after taking a season off from hosting "america's next top model." she's back. looking to rewrite the rule book on beauty. >> how does it feel to be back? >> mama's back. and happy to be back. i tend to like to retire and walk away in the sunset and go, i'm done. you know, with victoria's secret, i had the scepter in my hand and i said, bye. i tried to do that here.
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>> no. >> no, it didn't work. social media was like, [ bleep ]. you can say that on tv, right? >> reporter: her return means big changes. expect a more diverse group of models. and contestants over the age of 27. >> we have girls in their 30s. girls in their 40s. >> more curvy girls. >> more than ever. we have a girl that has alopecia. no hair on her head. >> reporter: another change, having nearly 2-year-old son york on set with her. >> have a nursery down the hall that has pictures on the walls. york comes all the time. >> reporter: the show is not totally revamped. those tyra-isms, yes, they're still there. >> only using the booty for movement. and smizing. smize. smize. smize. and the new one.
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#nlf. next level fierce, honey. >> that is fabulous. and talk about next level fierce, don't forget that since launching the show nearly 15 years ago, she's also served as executive producer. that is a boss. >> power girl. >> power girl. sticking to the subject of fashion, keltie, you were at last night's "american crime story versace" premier. >> i'm obsessed already. it starts january 17th. i was with the all-star cast still riding high off the big golden globes reunion. yesterday you got to debut the cast and get everyone in the room excited. what was that like? >> it was very special. a magical evening. >> you're very risque in this. could you say shake your bonbon a little in the show? ♪ shake your bonbon >> i don't shake it. but i show it. >> sexy as ever. ricky martin plays versace's lover in the new series. just hours after the cast hit th
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released a statement voicing disapproval of the project calling it quote a work of fiction. it was a puzzling surprise for penelope cruz, who plays donatella. she gave her her blessing. >> she said, if somebody is going to do this, if somebody is going to play me, i'm glad it's you. >> darren criss plays the killer, andrew cunanan. >> the story is from a book. we're going off the extensive work on the book. >> it is a way too adult topic for ricky's 9-year-old twins. do they realize you're famous? >> it's incredible how they have grown. they do love music. they also love martial arts. something very special is happening. it's exciting. it's very beautiful to see. >> and everyone, this show is so opulent. so suspenseful. i predict they're going to have many emmy nominations. >> wow. i'll tell you this. at the golden globes, ricky smelled really good. he wouldn't tell me what fragrance he was wearing
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pass her own oscar quiz? the hilarious results are next.
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>> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> meghan, selfie, one, two three. >> on instagram, facebook, and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." promo considerations provided by --
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before we go. one more moment between meryl streep and jimmy kimmel. >> how many oscar-nominated films of hers could she name in 60 seconds? >> "the french lieutenant's woman." >> yes. >> "kramer versus kramer." >> yes. >>"silkwood." >> yes. >> "sophie's choice." >> yes. >> um -- oh, god. >> no. that was george burns. >> "out of africa." >> yes. >> um, um -- oh, "cry in the dark" ma
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cheering section, and performing arts group. south korea even wants the two countries to march together in the opening ceremonies. the south is also hoping to resume reunions of families separated during the korean war. the talks went on for nearly four hours. with both kim jong-un and south korean president able to listen. but the biggester to of all, the north's nuclear arsenal was not discussed. however the two side did decide to reopen a military hot line used to avoid accidental conflicts. john delaurie is an expert on north korean affairs. does the north participating in the olympics really matter? >> in and of itself the olympics is not going to solve anything. but if the olympics is a starting point, then it can really open up the channel between north and south. and that's the goal here is to make the olympics, the steppingstone to something else. >> reporter: the north koreans are showing no willingness to put th


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