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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we begin with breaking news out of prince georges county this afternoon two students are being treated for stab wounds after some kind of fight broke out in the capital heights school. the police chief describes what happened. >> the situation has stabilized. no one is in danger. the students have returned to their clasms
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>> a lawyer today about an hour ago there was an interpersonal dispute involving at this point three students and in that dispute a fight evolved. during that fight, one of those students was able to produce a small knife and two students during that fight were wounded. >> we are told the students wounds are described as non life threatening. police say the student with the knife turned himself in after the stabbing. classes at the high school have since resumed. today is a yellow weather alert day but is border line as howard described it a short time ago. how are we doing right now? >> we are doing fine right now. it's going to be late afternoon and evening and the better chance west of washington but the yellow weather alert much more valid tonight through the entire day friday into friday night. not much going on
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roanoke certainly to the west and much warmer temperatures already 50 in town, richmond 63 going into the 50s today and 60s tomorrow but there's a price to pay when we get that warm this time of year. we've got rain on the way. >> going to wash the salt off the cars and the roads. isolated showers later on this afternoon and evening mainly northwest of town. tonight the rain showers pick up. temperatures don't drop off much. they may slowly rise to near 60 degrees by day break friday morning. numerous showers around expect a wet commute tomorrow. we may see some heavier rains on friday. this could be our heaviest rain in several months around here. then friday night we wait for the cold front that's going to bring showers possibly even a thunderstorm early saturday morning we are near 50 but look what happens into the 30s by 9 or 10:00 saturday morning. colder air rushes back for the weekend. i'll come back in
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week, some snow in the forecast and get that any time you like on our wusa 9 app. larry? >> howard thank you so much. dramatic video from california a driver is trying to out race a current of flood waters and mud. they are to blame for 18 deaths and another 17 are still missing at this hour. carter evans has more. >> the debris field from the deadly mudslide covers 30 square miles. search dogs are assisting in the on going rescue effort but for responders time is running out. friends and family members are joining in the search as well. >> she's missing. >> desperately trying to find his mom. >> we are going to go down the creek and see what we can find. >> she was swept away clinging to her home's back door. her boyfriend survived. >> he hanged on there and they rescued him in the morning calling out her name all night long. >> her
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upstairs. if she just would have stayed upstairs. >> the mudslide destroyed at least 100 homes, damaged 300 more, mangled cars and downed power lines. even rescue teams are shocked by the magnitude of the destruction. >> we don't see this. this is complete devastation. multiple, multiple homes that are completely destroyed and still we have a lot of people that are unaccounted for. >> oh my god! . >> the cell phone video captures the moment the powerful wave of mud and debris roared down hill. >> i basically ran for my life as fast as i could, made it back to my house within 30 seconds of the front of the flash flood hitting. >> this mudslide will have a long term impact even for people whose homes were not damaged. the water infrastructure here was significantly damaged and there's no timeline for repair on that. the 101 freeway still has mudslides in various locations and
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until next week. carter evans, cbs news, mont seat o. meantime expecting an update on the situation in california within the next few hours and will have updates tonight at 5 and on our free mobile app. closer to home a search under way in the district for a missing i do not-year-old little boy. officers are looking for amir chef yelled. now police say that the father sherrod tweety might be driving an older blue four door acura. anyone with information is asked to contact police. shocking video from baltimore shows a woman being left outside of the hospital wearing only a hospital gown. the university university of maryland medical center say they share the shock and sadness and disappoint of many who viewed the video. we clearly failed to fulfill our mission wi
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the video was shot by a medical student. the hospital is investigating what exactly hammond. >> are you okay ma'am? do you need me to call the police? >> that man did in fact call the police. he called medics for help. they took the woman back to the same hospital that threw her out. this is not a new or isolated incident. in 2007, 60 minutes investigated what's being called and identifying patient dumping in hospitals in the l.a. area. president trump says he does not see why special counsel robert mueller would need to interview him about the russia investigation after he said he would talk with the team if asked. margaret brennan has more. >> it seems unlikely that we'd even have an interview. >> president trump refused to directly answer a question about whether he would participate in an interview with special counsel robert mueller despite having said in june he would 100% give a
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collusion between the trump campaign and russian operatives. >> there is no collusion. there has been absolutely no collusion. >> there is absolutely moe collusion. >> he did point to a precedent for a potential interview comparing his situation to the hilary clinton e-mail investigation. >> hilary clinton had an interview where she wasn't sworn in, she wasn't given the oath. they didn't take notes. they didn't record. >> that's only partially true. f.b.i. investigators did take notes during the three and a half hour interview with then candidate clinton in july of 2016. >> for 11 months they've had this phoney cloud over this administration and our government. >> the mother probe is now looking at possible obstruction of justice charges related to mr. trump's firing of f.b.i. director james comey as well as money laundering by trump campaign aids. mueller's team recently added veteran cyber crime experts to suggest the probe is expanding. th
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recent talks between north and south korea. >> we certainly have problems with north korea but a lot of good talks are going on right now. >> after wednesday a call with south korean president mr. trump appeared hopeful for a diplomatic breakthrough. >> the representatives had a great, great meeting and i had very good feed back from that. >> the president did say he would be willing to hold talks with north korea under the right circumstances. we'll let you know when and should that happen. maryland will join the alliance of states supporting the paris climate agreement after the u.s. announced it would pull out. so what did they say about the commander-in-chief. >> i try not to be focused on washington i try to focus on maryland. i was not supportive of the president. i want any president to be successful but i didn't endorse the president and i'm concerned about some of the things, some of the tone and issues that are going on there but
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stay focused here. >> the governor said he'll work with democrats in the statement house to keep changes from triggering a jump in state taxes. the governor seems to be doing pretty well his non approval rating at 67%. congress man steve scalise had a planned follow up surgery and is expected to be back in the hospital for the next seven days and will then recover at home thereafter. the surgery related to the injuries he sustained when he was shot during a congressional baseball practice back in june of last year. talking mote roe this- -metro this hour and scheduled to plan today refunding riders whose trains or buses make them late to work. it's called the rush hour promise and if it took you more than 15 minutes or longer to get to your destination they would refund your
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students know why one of their coaches was fired last fall. he was part of the white nationalist movement and marched last august in charlottesville, virginia he was fired from working as a coach and substitute teacher. the school's president said one of the reasons the school didn't find out sooner is because he used a different last name in his political activities including a position at the alt right national policy institute. >> i just heard first black woman or first black man to do something like obama and that's like holy cow. >> yeah holy cow is right that's the young woman from restin virginia the first african american woman to qualify for the speed skating team. she's back on the ice after a 17-inch blade cut the bottom of her lip and chin. she needed multiple stitches but only took one day to recover. we spoke with her and she
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don't got nothing on her. more on her amazing story from ghana to restin becoming the first african american woman to qualify for the u.s. olympic speed skating team. head over to our facebook page and check out her information there. still to come this hour another close call at one of the country's busiest airports. details straight ahead. so hard to see this. >> plus the superintendant of a louisiana school system where a teacher was dragged from a meeting says he is now receiving death threats. those stories and
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first sasha asked to come up and dance and pulls me up which surprises me because
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always mocks my dancing but i have dad moves, yeah. and i think the key is what we call staying in the pocket. [laughter] right? so you got to stay in the pocket because i think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket and they are trying stuff they can't really pull off and they start doing karate kicks and all kinds of stuff. >> really? karate kicks? >> is that one of the things you do? >> good advice, stay in the pocket. that was barack obama explaining his dad months on the dance floor with david letter man. obama will be letterman's first guest on his new netflix show on friday. it's his first talk show appearance since the white house. we have a follow up of the dramatic arrest of a teacher you see there. she was taken into custody after questioning the superintendant's pay raise at
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school board meeting. david begno spoke to the superintendant and found he was in tears. >> superintendant jerome pio says he and his staff are receiving threats ever since the arrest of the middle school teacher. >> eight years of my life dedicated to the students of this community so hard to see this happen. >> the turmoil began in a school board meeting monday night when hargrave questioned why the superintendant was slated to get a roughly $30,000 raise. >> at the top that's not where kids learn. it's in the classroom. >> the board president ruled hargrave out of order as she tried to speak for a second time a deputy told her to leave. she complied then this happened. she was forceablely arrested outside in the hall. >> i am appalled a
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>> hargrave released a video yesterday saying she hopes people aren't afraid to speak out after seeing what happened to her. >> i was always taught that what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and when you see something you should say it's wrong. >> his new contract his salary from $110,000 to $140,000 less than the average for superintendants in louisiana. teachers in the district also make less than the state average and haven't had a raise in a decade. >> anything going to happen going forward? >> yes within the next few months we are going to bring to the board a plan where we can bring a raise. >> while emotional over the back lash, he doesn't blame that deputy marshall who arrested hargrave. >> i am the superintendant i'm to blame. >> what did you do wrong? >> i should have stood up. you want to hear and it's the truth i should have stood up. >> and done what? >> let her speak. >> we tried
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deputy but he did not want to do an interview. he's a beloved employee who works as the school resource officer at one of the elementary schools. they do not intend to fire him but they don't plan to have him back at the school board meetings either. by the way the teacher will not be prosecuted. david begno, cbs news, avidville louisiana. >> look at the end of the day people just want to be heard right? fellow teachers showing support for hargrave. the f.a.a. looking into another close call in a busy airport. the pilots of an amer mexico approached the wrong runway at san francisco international airport on tuesday. the plane was hundreds of feet from landing on top of another airliner before receiving a warning from air traffic controllers and then started to pull up. >> go around. >> going
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its second approach when an air canada jet attempted to land on a taxi way flying as low as 59 feet four airliners were waiting on the taxi way to take off. >> man you got to be careful out there. >> apparently he was supposed to land on the right runway as opposed to the left and they were right next to each other so it does appear to be a case of human error. weather wise we are going to have a big warm up but it's not going to last. we'll be in the 60s today. 60s area wide tomorrow and back into the deep freeze into the weekend. let's show you what's happening with the clouds because we do have some breaks out there especially as we look off towards the south and east right now and across parts of west virginia. a lot of cloudiness over the district here but west virginia into the panhandle out towards areas west of 79 there. del mar have in and out of clouds for the afton
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up into the 50s, mid 50s in town, southeast winds at 6. we've got a cold river that the wind is coming off of or else it would be even warmer today. many see a shower this evening here in town better chances west and northwest until we get to later tonight overnight tomorrow yellow weather alert up to that because we have our first really decent rain coming in a while. right now 50, dew point 39. humidity at 66% and south wind at 5 continuing to bring in warmer and moist air. up to 59 at joint base andrews away from the colder waters of the bottom yack. look what the river is doing. they are only 46 46 but you go to 61. some areas are enjoying a comfortable afternoon. i showed you this the last couple days and there are temperatures now in northwestern canada approaching 60 below so the arctic air is reloading in a big way up there and some of it has come down into the u.s. and the dakotas now
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these are sub zero readings and bismarck at 6 below. look at this from kansas city to st. louis over 40-degree difference on the backside of the arctic air we've got snow from kansas city in towards iowa, minneapolis and wisconsin. on the mild side we've got the rain and may even get thunder out of this believe it or not. january thunder we tend to get a thunderstorm here or there in january maybe every other year or so and this could be the day tomorrow. this afternoon isolated showers mainly west of town but the heavier stuff towards pittsburgh by 7:30. tonight the rain showers are going to pick up so expect a wet slow friday morning commute. it will be warm with temperatures near 60 by morning and then by afternoon periods of showers here and there with that front coming through tomorrow night. by the way next week looks like there could be some snow showers and light snow tuesday into
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like anything big right now. late day showers 55. 52 tonight and not going to drop off much. 66 tomorrow. showers around. maybe even a thunderstorm. very early shower and falling temperatures saturday. 44 the morning temperature will be in the 30s much of the day on saturday. on sunday a stray flurry and 33. increasing clouds on the holiday on monday and then snow showers tuesday and maybe some light snow come wednesday. i'm going to be back
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i don't know. >> about 5,000 bags have been separated from their owners leaving unclaimed bags everywhere some with salt stains as if been left on the tarmac. many passengers are growing frustrated saying they might not get their bags back for weeks. former obama secretary leading the investigation into the recent problems at jfk. one final look at the forecast
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we are looking at mild temperatures 55 in town some spots near 60. showers mainly friday and a rumble of thunder tomorrow. cold ai
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morning 44 an early high into the 30s for much of the day and a deep freeze coming back. snow showers tuesday and watch for the chance for snow wednesday and that's way later. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you back
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