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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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police. >> the guards had wheeled the woman out to a bus stop in just a hospital gown and then left her there. >> it's about 30 degrees out here right now. >> are you okay? are you unable to speak? are you okay, ma'am? do you need me to call the police? >> a spokeswoman for the university of maryland said they share the shock. in the end we clearly failed to fulfill our mission with this patient. >> dr. clark. >> a strikingly similar scene outside howard university in washington d.c. led to the firings of three security guards and hospitals in los angeles have paid out millions of dollars for what is called patient dumping. in baltimore
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same hospital. >> go ahead and sit down. [ crying ]. >> troubling video. now that news conference just wrapped up a short time ago. reporters repeatedly asked the hospital ceo who was responsible who made this decision what kind of discipline would they face. he declined to answer any of those questions saying those were hr issues he could not talk about. >> that should never happen to anybody, bruce. and we are waiting to hear back from maryland state health regulators on whether they've launched an investigation into how the hospital treated this woman. a nightmare came true for a d.c. family today as a missing persons case was re-classified as a homicide. today we learned skeletal remains found back
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off of soupland parkway saying it was him. anguish and anger some of it directed at dc police. scott bruin joining us live to talk about that. >> yeah, this video you're about to see from alicia cook is really intense and really upsetting because she thinks her grandson's disappearance was not taken serious enough when it happened 9 months ago. >> i don't want to see nose remains. i want to hug it i don't care. >> a facebook post from a grieving grandma. >> i want to hug his bones. >> cook's family got the word yesterday after months of investigation, maryland's medical examiner determined that skeletal remains found off soupland parkway back in october belonged to 23-year-old marty mcmillen who had been missing since april . he had
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>> cook is angry because she says metropolitan police did not treat his disappearance with urgency. she joined other families in a protest in october. >> i'm devastated that what we got back was remains. >> i believe that if they had done a better job we would have found him long before he ended up being bones. my grandson laid out there for six, seven months. >> mcmillen went missing after contact with a woman on a dating website called plenty of fish. his family not police found him near his car. >> my daughter did all the research. his phone records, his laptop, and the public can think about how much they love their children, their grandchildren. i loved my grandson the same
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it happened to them. you've got to feel it. >> no family, nobody should have to go through this. >> a short time ago mpd made the following statement in a written release quote saying while there are certain details. we took this missing persons case as we do all missing persons cases extremely seriously. in prince george's county wusa. >> we can all understand it. scott thank you. no other suspects have been announced. mcmillen would have been 23 years old today. well it was a pretty chaotic day where two high school students were stabbed. police say it happened around 8:30 this morning when a fight broke out in capital heights. one of them pulled the knife and stabbed the other two concerned nt
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check on their children. >> a couple run-ins with the school. we don't know if it could be a safe school. and we need to address this asap. >> i'm very concerned at this point. my son has had an incident at the school and i'm feeling like it's no longer safe for my son to go here. >> that student with the knife turned himself in. classes kept going. no word on possible charges in the incident. checking the metro now. in the city a proposal that would refund riders whose trains or buses make them late to work. it's called the rush hour promise. you're entire fare would be refunded onto your smart trip card. metro's trying to restore confidence in the system. the rush hour promise goes before the board january 25th. if it passes the program would launch the next day. today is the first day of r
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topper is on the traffic alert tonight. >> you might as well do it today or tomorrow in the 50s and 60s because we're back in the icebox over the weekend. some showers now beginning to move up 95, on the west side of 95, north of charlottesville. some of the activity close to callpepper. if you're east of 95 you will make it home tonight with dry conditions. but yellow weather alert through tomorrow night. why? well showers we have a high risk of that. gusty winds, low risk of that and moderate downpours. a couple of thunderstorms are possible creating those heavy downpours. so what does that mean in terms of impacts. just plan for slow commutes and it will impact date night tomorrow night as well. power winds are low. the dmrooding could be somewhere between low andod
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not going to percolate into the soil. when we get these heavy downpours they will run off. some brief flash flooding is possible. when we come back we'll talk about some flakes on the 7 day and what that means. tonight some mixed signals on immigration. six senators say they have reached a bipartisan agreement. the president has rejected it and key members of the team that work to negotiate a compromise aren't sure what will happen next. border security and protecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. white house press secretary sarah sanders says no deal has been reached but the white house will keep working toward a deal. now to possible changes in who can get medicaid. it will give states more power by allowing them to cut off those benefits to someone unless they have a job or at school or participate in some kind of community engagement. at
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require work requirements. president trump wants to bring back earmarks. you know those little items slipped into government spending bills. that could be a big win for us. and comments from singer kelly clarkson about spanking her children. lighting up our wusa 9 facebook page. >> a superintendent responding af z2i1zz z16fz
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new information tonight after this emotional video of a teacher being taken down and arrested. it happened after that louisiana educator spoke out at a school board meeting. spoke out against her superintendent who was getting a raise
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he and his staff are receiving threats ever since the arrest. the board president ruled diasha hardgrave out of order. when the marshal told her to leave. she complied and was arrested anyway. >> i'm a superintendent, i'm to blame. >> what did you do wrong? >> i should have stood up. okay. that's what you want to hear and it's the truth i should have stood up. >> and done what? >> let her speak. >> i was always taught what's right is right and when you see something you should say it's wrong. >> school system on damage control now boy. that was the video she released yesterday. bumps his yearly salary from $110,000 to $140,000 a year. teachers in in the district also make less than the state average and they haven't had a raise in a decade. the house has voted to renew a controversial surveillance program that may collect our
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this vote extends the foreign intelligence surveillance act for another six years. it's meant to spy on foreign citizens living outside the u.s. critics worry the data of innocent americans could be collected. rain tonight, rain tomorrow. topper's back with the latest on wur wet weather and what that means for the morning commute. >> if we can get him down off the ladder. plus why this year's flu season is hitting us especially hard. >> and more on those deadly mud slides in southern california.
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a maryland bridge that was badly damaged after being struck by a garbage truck was opened back up. the maryland 355 bridge also known as the urbana pike bridge. the crash happened back in early december. repairs were supposed to be take as long as two months. >> hundreds of emergency workers continue to search through homes, cars and streets filled with mud and debris. in southern california. santa barbara county officials say tuesday's deadly mudli
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killed 17 people, 8 are still missing. chris martinez with the latest from montecito. >> reporter: crews are working to move mountains of mud in downtown montecito. search and rescue teams are still combing through neighborhoods checking damaged homes for any signs of life. >> i have a few friends that they're missing their parents, brothers, stuff like that and they don't know where they are. >> only about 9,000 people live in this part of santa barbara county. montecito is home to many celebrities including ellen degenerous and oprah winfrey. >> it's filled with a lot of different types of people from all backgrounds. there are people who are missing family members. they're finding people and bodies. >> among those confirmed today rebecca ris
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agent. and josie gower. >> the neighborhood is small. every single name that shows up is someone's dad, someone's cousin. >> and in los angeles county new video shows the intensity of the floods. this prius was carried off when a nearby debris basin gave way. los angeles and santa barbara remains buried under several feet of dirt. chris martinez cbs news montecito, california. got some updated information for you. it's actually seven people missing instead of eight. the 1 01 is expected to re-open monday. that tends to hit younger people harder than older. >> a lot of folks got together
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with all those folks getting together they're able to transmit the flu and send it on to other folks. so because of those things we can see a lot of affluenza that gets transmitted. >> well, the flu has killed more than 100 people so far this year. 13 of them were children. it's still too soon to know how bad this season is going to be but the centers for disease control believes it could reach near epidemic levels. >> of course they're saying every year go ahead and get your flu shot. on the other hand the flu vaccine is ineffective. it's 10% effective but they still say you should get it. >> because you can still get that one strain you've been immuneized for. and you know the temperature swing we're going to have a really crazy temperature swing which i think gets people. i don't know if there's a correlation between tha
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people getting sick. we'll see. get ready for it. we'll take a look at the 3-degree guarantee. this is not looking good. it's not looking good. no. thank you captain obvious. thank you. we will add everything up tonight at 11:00. you didn't hear that. >> that's good. >> spoiler alert. >> how warm. 58. you've already blown it. come on in mckey. upper 40s for the dew point. we're looking at probably lows in the 50s tonight. our average high is only 42. we'll widen the radar way out. this is what's left of that california storm. not particularly well organized. some showers in the ohio river valley. some showers approaching some of our western and other viewers. so you folks going up 95 and 50 should make it home late tonight to drive. so for tonight, rain and
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and we're going to call it warm. bus stop temps 50s and 60s and then we get into yellow weather alert to and from work and also date night and colder on saturday and move flurries to saturday instead of sunday. could see a couple flakes on saturday and sunday. arctic air returns over the weekend. 68 tomorrow. 39 on saturday. i'll put 39 on but tomorrow i'll have to put 57. and mid 30s on sunday. mid 30s for martin luther king day and low 30s on tuesday. so we stay cold for awhile. tonight 8:00 showers off to the west. 10:00 showers off to the west as well. 56 in fredrick, 55 downtown. that's crazy warm. by morning everybody has at least light showers but who cares. upper 50s low 60s. look what happens by mid morning the heaviest activity wille
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now you see flex of dark green and also some yellow with temperatures in the low 60s. 53 downtown, 64 in buoy, 52 in bethezda and by 1:00 now we're seeing orange. this is where we could hear the rumble of thunder not out of the question. the atmosphere is just unstable enough to produce that. that then leaves us behind. we have a little bit of a respite for the evening commute. and the front itself has to roll through friday night and another round of showers and a late thunderstorm possible. temps are still 60. notice now 30s in oakland. then that rolls through and by 3:30 in the morning we're still in the 50s, showers east and then we begin to clear out and temps begin to fall. light rain and showers tonight. 50s under mostly cloudy skies. 60s across the board. 5
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39 and just cold on sunday. 35 the next seven days we stay cold. snoursz or light snow possible tuesday and wednesday we will watch that. a florida man is telling his story after surviving a bear attack. >> in florida, it happened late tuesday night in naples. andy nino was letting his dog out when he saw a 4' bear chilling right next to him. >> i can't believe i just got hit by a bear. i came outside and he was right there. and i tried to run and wasn't fast enough. i tried to go like this to get back in and it just did one of these and i kind of flew that way and got myself together and somehow got in the door like somebody punched you. i didn't feel any cuts or anything but it wasn't until i got back inside looked down at my hand and saw blood allve
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it could have been a totally different story. >> this was the first bear attack in all of south florida since 1970. he says even though he's not thrilled to be the first victim in decades he says he's lucky to be alive. usually they don't attack. >> like you said, florida, you don't necessarily think bears in florida. >> just like he surprised this one. you remember that elderly couple they said their truck was full of marijuana because they were going to deliver it for christmas presents. >> christmas cheer. >> three weeks later police pulled this california couple over again on this same stretch of highway in nebraska and guess what they found? $18,000 and a duffel bag with marijuana residue on it. there were also notes that spelled out pot transactions on them. police say the couple had about $300,000 worth of
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them. 80-year-old patrick jeron and his wife both bonded out of jail. today we're honoring an american hero. paving the way for women she became the very first pale general in american history. hayes died this week from clikss of a heart attack. she was 97. our deepest condolences to her family and friends. hayes a true trail blazer. still ahead frufrp says he wants to bring back earmarks. >> they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. people taking action against bandits. swiping packages from their front porches. >> and wal-mart. boots. i can't even say that. wal-mart gives more money to its employees while closing dozens of its sam's club locations. >> and a big day on wall strt
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let's talk consumer news now. it is going to give you more money. $11 an hour. it's a gift thanks to president trump's corporate tax cut. walmart is also handing out cash bonuses up to $1000 based on employee's y
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and it's extending its family planning benefits. but this comes at the same time walmart owned sam's club is closing or converting 53 stores. this all starts today and will continue over the next few weeks. ford is so worried about to a kaun takata air bags in its vehicles. this comes after a second person was killed in a reck involving an air bag exploding in a ranger. it's the 21st death we know of worldwide. the company will make repairs at your home or tow your truck to the dealer. earlier this week we told you the news that credit card dead debt in the united states has reached an all time high. >> american's outstanding credit cardt
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of over a trillion dollars. that's trillion with a t. forgive me if i'm still singing from the morning prices but americans simply cannot be trusted. maybe we should go back to the barter system. folks would be less likely to charge things they can't afford if they had to do chores they can't owe. imagine having to cut a lawn with a push mower. i'd put that mink coat back on the rack if i knew i had to wash rurpt's dishes. >> uncle sam has got a money borrowing problem himself. >> not exactly the best example for how to not borrow too much money. reese does have a point there. >> the fun continues tomorrow morning. >> join reese, mary, jan right here from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.. the news
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remember all the outrage about ridiculous earmarks. think about the bridge to nowhere in alaska or the teapot museum. you been there? >> nope. >> me neither. president trump says he wants earmarks back and if that happens maryland and virginia could win big. >> if there's a constant on capitol hill it's grid locked. >> it's laid upon the table. >> the president has an idea to get things going. >> maybe all of you should start thinking about going back to a form of earmarks. >> his logic, let the money and deals flow. so members get rewards if they vote for tough bills. but earmarks were banned back in 2011 because they're often wasteful. think peanut research or tattoo removal. but in an analysis of earmarks by wusa 9 and the database ledge


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