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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 13, 2018 1:37am-2:06am EST

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♪ brad pitt's dating again. we have the scoop on the surprising twist in his love life. and is angelina ready for love? reese with oprah. fighting back tears. ? i'm very emotional about it. >> why he's reliving her sexual assault. and the new plan with o
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say time's up. >> thank you to the producers for paying niecy and i the same amount of money and mark wahlberg $1 million. >> all the gossip from inside the critic's choice awards. the hot couples. and why nick jonas was turned away from the bar. >> i gained a few extra pounds. >> what is your damage, heather? >> they were the original mean girls. now, a new crew of heathers is back. we're on set for the tv revival with the return of shannen doherty. >> it was like, wow, it's different. this is "entertainment tonight." thanks so much for sxroining us. we have big news. >> let's get started with tonight's top story. >> new details on brad and angie after the breakup. today, we're learning about their dating lives. >> angie. >> angie. >> jolie dazzled last night in all white. in the critic's choice awards. >> angelina jolie is also here. there she is. hi. >> reporter: nominee
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luong un. what about rumors she's dating a cambodian rapper and filmmaker this morning, a sourts said angelina is not dating anyone. she's focused on her children and their needs. as for brad pitt, he's good news if you're single and not a celebrity. a source tell us "e.t." brad has gone on numerous dates and none of the women are hollywood actresses. quote, he's been on casual dates. none of them have evolved into anything serious. and while brad may be easing himself back into the dating world, he's still all about daddy duties. we're told his kids are his life. as for his relationship with angie, our source says they have civil. adding their are co-parenting. they're in a good place. and mutually making it work. they're much more cordial now than they were after they split. >> let's move on to another story making headlines right
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now. reese witherspoon gets emotional with oprah after her big show win at the critic's choice awards. reese is having a moment posing with nicole kidman and in matching black polka dots with e mile ya clarke. it's a new interview with oprah that has her reliving her me too moment. >> i was in the room the first time you shared your story, reese. how has the speaking out of it led to a greater sense of control. >> i don't know if i have gotten to that place yet. i'm very emotional ate. true disgust at the director who assaulted me when i was 16 years old. silence helps the or the meanters. it doesn't help the tormented. there are moments you have to evaluate whether silence is going to be your only option. at certain times, that was our only option. but now is not that time. >> reporter: oprah sat down with a panel of women abouthe
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sunday morning." they met monday after the globes. >> it's a really powerful time for everybody to get woke. not just about sexual harassment, but the way you view somebody who has less power than you do. this is really a question about power. and the misuse and abuse of power. >> it's treating people as fellow humans. it's not because you have a drawer that you respect a woman. it's not because you have a wife or a sister. it's because we're human beings. >> reporter: of course, natalie took a shot at gender inequality while announcing the best director category. >> here are the all-male nominees. >> reporter: last night, host olivia munn's turn with niecy nash to make a dig. >> thank you for the producers for playing niecy and i the same amount of money and mark
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>> what now? >> it was a result of the report that michelle williams got less than 1% of what wahlberg got on the reshoot. >> do not have the money. >> reporter: now, a new report that wahlberg, had approval with co-stars, he refused to accept plummer unless he was guaranteed the money. >> i can't walk away. >> reporter: the outrage on the red carpet. >> it was shocking. shocking how big the difference was. for myself, i have never been paid the same as my male co-stars. >> the awards and the profession are exactly is same. >> reporter: the screen actor's guild is looking into the alleged pay gap. >> i'm fighting an impeer. >> it's hard to talk about this. my daughters believe the world is equal. >> reporter: a no show last
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>> i'll accept it on his behalf. >> reporter: he's been hit with accusations of inappropriate behavior by several women. other big wipers were there. like nicole kidman, who glammed it up without hubby keithing making it a girl's night with reese and laura. lots of stars flew solo. >> hold on. >> hey, nick. what's happening, man? >> reporter: nick jonas made a beeline for the bar. it didn't open until 5:00 p.m., so he was turned away. jessica biel was seen texting throughout the show. and newlywed justin hartley's wife was not there. >> you know chrishell. she always looks good. >> a couple of goal for sure. >> any couple that posts a picture of them eating pizza. people are going to say, couples goals. or relationship goals. no matter wh
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they eat pizza. we're like any normal relationship. >> this is a date day for you guys. getting out yet again. >> anytime we get to focus on being husband and wife and not mom and dad is always a good time. >> reporter: also giving us relationship goals, we said it. kaley cuoco and karl cook. >> does this sount as a date night? >> no. >> a terrible date. >> it's a good date. >> most of the time. yeah. >> reporter: but the biggest solo act of the night, mary j. blige. >> it's a big day. star on the walk of fame. >> yes. >> it's your birthday. >> yes. >> nominated. are you taking it all in? >> so much positivity. it's overwhelming. >> reporter: the now 47-year-old "mudbound" star who has overcome so much from insecurity to past abuse and drug addiction got emotional earlier in the day. >> i'm so sorry. this is the next chapter of my
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i'm not going give up singing. this is another chapter. i'm going to continue to do it the best that i can. i love it. >> well it's just nine more days until the next big awards show. the actors will honor each other at the screen actor's guild awards on january 21st. >> double s.a.g. award nominee julia louis-dreyfus can win a record award this year. there's plenty to celebrate. she ended chemotherapy. her sons, henry and charlie did a video. ♪ so beat it just beat it >> reporter: here's julia, husband brad, and her boys, at the emmys in 2013. she's been posting photos throughout her treermt, draw on a mustache as part of a campaign for cancer awareness. the soon to be 57-year-old announced she was battingl
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breast cancer in september. she'll return to her "veep" role for one last year. sometime this year. up next, did britney spears secretly get engaged. what we just learned. plus -- ♪ i want to be your end game >> the hidden messages in taylor swift's new video. another kim kachlt dig. two was left out? then, queen elizabeth's first ever tv sitdown. what she doesn't like about being the queen? >> not very comfortable. but first -- >> heady is in trouble. we intend to help her. >> reporter: the search is on for "n.c.i.s. l.a.'s" linda hunt. >> we're trying to get to vietnam. >> reporter: it takes them to vietnam and a famous co-star. >> it's a cool tiger. i guess it's the tiger from
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>> reporter: tanned, toned, and wearing a ring on that finger. she flashed the ring while on vacation. prompting rumors she may be ready to say i do for a third time. ♪ oops, i did it again >> reporter: a source tells "e.t." they wouldn't be surprised if an engagement is revealed soon. he's 23. she's 36. the source says, sam is really good with the boys. that makes britney really happy. the couple met just over a year ago on the set of her slumber party music video. meanwhile, taylor swift is celebrating her romance with joe alwyny her new video, "end game." the "a" for joe's last name. >> ♪ big reputation, big reputation ♪ >> reporter: if you were hoping she would take a swipe at katy perry again. ♪ oh, i got big enemies ♪ >> reporter: not so
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lookalike and thought swift was going for another mean girl moment. the doppelganger is just a backup dancer. taylor is taking aim at harts. like kim kardashian west who referred to taylor as a snake. she's rocking a snake skin suit. plays a snake game on her phone. speaking of kim, he's the flash mob surprise. while the sisters filmed their reality show at an l.a. mall yesterday, kourtney and a 6 month's pregnant clowe wi surprised kim with this. a source tells "e.t." kim and kanye's third child via surrogate is due any day now. still ahead, mama june outed for gaining weight, just after moozing 300 pounds from gastric surgery. is there you went through hell and back to try to get skinny. then, "heathers" nearly 30 years to later. we're behind the scenes of the tv remake. howhe
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a whole new twist. plus, the queen's quip. elizabeth gets real in her first televised sitdown ever. why she's not as serious as you might thing. >> your nec would break. it would fall off. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ that is mama june arriving in los angeles, just in time for the season two premier of her reality show, "from not to hot." it starts tonight on we tv. >> last season, all about her big transformation. she dropped over 300 pounds after weight loss surgery. the big question is she keeping the
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>> i don't think it's a problem. >> it's not a problem. you went through hell and back to try to get skinny and you're going back. >> i only went to a 5 from a 4. >> she can't eat as much. the other day in the airport, she ate a chicken wing. not a full biscuit. she was full. >> probably like in an hour, you're not right back hungry. but you feel a little bit hungry. >> reporter: mama june sleeps until 1:00 p.m. to skip breakfa breakfast. the healthier she eats, the more she gaines weight, weird, right? she's 170 pounds. she's got a new goal. she has a new boyfriend. >> you didn't just brush your hair. you crimped it. >> what sit like to have a new body and have a new relationship? >> you have a big grin on your face zmp he doesn't care if i'm big or small. he just loves my smile. >> reporter: from pumpkin's
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custody battle with ex, sugar bear. including a medical emergency than landed her in the hospital. >> every day is worse and worse and worse and worse. >> why did you choose to go through all this, film it all, put it on the tv. for the world. >> a lot of fans relate. whatever happens happens. >> hold on. we're not fancy. please hold up your hands? she got a bling blng on every finger. >> it's fake. >> you're not supposed to tell people that. she was in and out of the hospital for the last three months. honey boo boo said she liked the hospital. she doesn't like eating there. she feels like they're getting germs all over her food. you killed my best friend. >> and your worst enemy. >> same difference. >> there has never been another movie quite like "heathers."
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anniversary of the cult classic starring christian slart and wynonna rider. >> the things in the movie are so dark but so hilarious. >> veronica, heather chandler is looking for you. >> high schooler grace victoria goes up against a clique of snobby mean kids. all named heather. >> there will be a loft thing that people will be familiar with and excited to see. but a lot of new stuff, too. i'm excited to see what everybody thinks. >> reporter: she plays the role originated by winona ryder. >> what is your damage, heather? >> in hertz i did a little bit of this jack nicholl son thing where i lost my mind, basically. greetings and salutations. >> reporter: in the tv version, james takes on christian's role. >>
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the iconic role by christian slater. >> i don't want to watch it too much. i don't want to steal his performance. it's so good. i didn't want to be doing a kris sla christian slater impersonation. >> i was like, wow, it's different. >> grace victoria admits she was a bit spooked by the original. >> i saw it when i was like, 11. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's very young to see it. it scared me. i remember thinking, i never want to think about that again. now i'm on the show, so, but it's great. it's amazing. >> "heathers" debuts march 7th on the parahount network. it's incredible. a to be able to meet her through his lens. she's an incredible woman. >> that was meghan markle talking about the first time she met the queen and her future grandmother-in-law. this year marx the 65th
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coronation. now the monarch is sharing her memories. >> there are some disadvantages to crowns. otherwise, they're quite important things. >> the queen in her first sitdown shows a quippy side. >> it's much smaller, isn't it? >> the queen is never sbrired. we had the film of the coronation. we watched it together. and made comments. it was lovely to hear her spontaneously remember. >> reporter: like her color commentary about this spectacle. her gold coach was led by eight gray horses. her imagine the si stays it was a bumpy ride. >> horrible. >> yeah. >> the horses couldn't possibly go any faster. >> were you in it for a long time? >> halfway around london. >> reporter: her unprecedented tv appearance seems to fit in. >> the queen has been queen
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inevitably, there are huge changes. and society mousse constantly change. >> reporter: the special shows a closeup look at the priceless crown juls. the queen shows her cheeky side. >> you can't look down to read the speech. you have to take the speech up. because if you did, your neck would break. it would fall off. >> reporter: the royal scepter is topped by the star of africa diamond. it's the large nest the world. >> what is to be considered is that the crown juls are real. they're not a makeup disneyland idea. >> reporter: the leftovers from the scepter diamond were turned into the brooch. >> 'tis nonas granny's chips. go to our website for more. and still ahead, olivia munn's hilarious spoof
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kerrigan. but, what does nancy think about it? that is next.
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>> on instagram, facebook, and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." promo consideration provided by -- we have run out of me
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>> have a great weekend, everybody. bye bye. >> margot robbie, "i tonya." >> turg the show, a best delivery of a spoof video. >> she was a world class fugier skater at the top of her game, nearly had her leg broken by hollywood goons. only the find out the story was different than she remembered. >> seriously? what the [ bleep ]? olivia munn in i nancy. [ bleep ]. >> what does the real nancy kerrigan think? she gave olivia all 10s. she tweeted, loved twast twast olivia munn. people take action against housing discrimination? my co-worker was pressured by her landlord to pay her rent with sexual favors.
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even though he's an assistance animal. housing discrimination is illegal. if you think you've been a victim, report it to hud. like we did. narrator: they all reported discrimination and were able to secure their fair housing rights under the law. visit or call the hud hotline. fair housing is your right. use it.
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