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Hazard Records

Hazard Records is an e-label (and former CDR-label), based in Barcelona and running since 1998. That makes it one of the oldest netlabels around. Some of us do not believe in Authorship, others do not believe in Ownership. None of us believe in Intellectual Property.

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Subject Poster Replies Date
The Riviera Suite by Studio 112 / Impressionist Music for Inner Travelers ? Ed End 0
deux mille vains by ardleg / Intemporal noise for digital natives ? Ed End 0
[nws0506] netwaves 16.04: bleinen kapot 0
[nws.bpm0111] un voyage cosmique 0
[nws0505] netwaves 16.03: gruyère digitale 0
[nws0504] netwaves 16.02: time out 0
Tohu Wa Bohu / Unreal Music for Real People or Real Music for Unreal People ? Ed End 0
Visions Mystiques D'Hildegarde De Bingen / Mysterious Music ? Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0110] danse nucléaire 0
Eftos | Kingdom of a thousand eftos 0
[nws.bpm0109] mushroom time 0
extraploration by ardleg / Math Noise ? Ed End 0
earS105 : Nurses With Knives: Just A Fading Memory : The Collected Edition earshelter 0
[nws.bpm0108] se non è zuppa, è pan bagnato 0
Open Source by A Symbiotic Experience / Free Music for Open People Ed End 0
[nws0502] netwaves 15.09: distorted 0
[nws0501] netwaves 15.08: je suis jeans 0
netwaves 16.01: fallin' leaves 0
the 500th! 0
Paroxysmic Rhapsody by rADio eNd / Electronicavantgarde Ed End 0
Two improvised live concerts by PIRATE Tapes Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0107] Leuven-Redu-Leuven 0
[nws.bpm042] not for sale - replay 0
Salvator Salvandus by rADio eNd / Alchemical Music for Sound Shamans ? Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0106] Lockdown Edition #47 - almost there 0

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