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Pueblo Nuevo

Pueblo Nuevo it's a electronic music netlabel, locate in Santiago de Chile and founded by Mika Martini & Djef. Pueblo Nuevo: Resistir y Permanecer / Resist and Remain.

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Subject Poster Replies Date
deux mille vains by ardleg / Intemporal noise for digital natives ? Ed End 0
[nws0506] netwaves 16.04: bleinen kapot 0
[nws.bpm0111] un voyage cosmique 0
[nws0505] netwaves 16.03: gruyère digitale 0
[nws0504] netwaves 16.02: time out 0
Tohu Wa Bohu / Unreal Music for Real People or Real Music for Unreal People ? Ed End 0
Visions Mystiques D'Hildegarde De Bingen / Mysterious Music ? Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0110] danse nucléaire 0
Eftos | Kingdom of a thousand eftos 0
[nws.bpm0109] mushroom time 0
extraploration by ardleg / Math Noise ? Ed End 0
earS105 : Nurses With Knives: Just A Fading Memory : The Collected Edition earshelter 0
[nws.bpm0108] se non è zuppa, è pan bagnato 0
Open Source by A Symbiotic Experience / Free Music for Open People Ed End 0
[nws0502] netwaves 15.09: distorted 0
[nws0501] netwaves 15.08: je suis jeans 0
netwaves 16.01: fallin' leaves 0
the 500th! 0
Paroxysmic Rhapsody by rADio eNd / Electronicavantgarde Ed End 0
Two improvised live concerts by PIRATE Tapes Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0107] Leuven-Redu-Leuven 0
[nws.bpm042] not for sale - replay 0
Salvator Salvandus by rADio eNd / Alchemical Music for Sound Shamans ? Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0106] Lockdown Edition #47 - almost there 0
[nws.bpm041] how long is now? - replay 0

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