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Files for janis_joplin-89

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Janis Joplin_thumb.jpg 06-Oct-2020 23:29 7.8K
__ia_thumb.jpg 07-Oct-2020 00:20 18.3K
dope sucks.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 38.5K
dope sucks.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:26 4.2M
dope sucks.png 06-Oct-2020 23:29 32.4K
dope sucks_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 233.7K
hold me.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 53.3K
hold me.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:26 5.6M
hold me.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 37.1K
hold me_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 232.8K
janis_joplin-89_archive.torrent 27-Dec-2020 19:14 9.3K
janis_joplin-89_files.xml 27-Dec-2020 19:14 12.9K
janis_joplin-89_meta.sqlite 06-Oct-2020 23:27 26.0K
janis_joplin-89_meta.xml 27-Dec-2020 19:14 520.0B
las vegas.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 34.0K
las vegas.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:26 3.9M
las vegas.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 36.9K
las vegas_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 233.4K
move over.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 56.6K
move over.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:26 6.3M
move over.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 36.3K
move over_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 232.6K
naturtrane.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:30 43.2K
naturtrane.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:27 5.7M
naturtrane.png 06-Oct-2020 23:29 32.2K
naturtrane_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 238.5K
rock and roller.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:30 42.6K
rock and roller.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:27 4.7M
rock and roller.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 37.5K
rock and roller_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 227.6K
roxette.jpg 06-Oct-2020 23:26 126.4K
roxette_thumb.jpg 07-Oct-2020 00:18 7.8K
super freak family.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 51.8K
super freak family.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:27 5.9M
super freak family.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 34.5K
super freak family_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 242.6K
where is the party.afpk 06-Oct-2020 23:31 48.0K
where is the party.mp3 06-Oct-2020 23:27 5.2M
where is the party.png 06-Oct-2020 23:29 35.4K
where is the party_spectrogram.png 06-Oct-2020 23:30 235.4K