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Files for kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2018-12-12


Files marked with lock are not available for download.

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20181212-Wed0000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:42 1.2M lock
20181212-Wed0000.mp3 12-Jan-2019 14:48 82.3M lock
20181212-Wed0000.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:16 66.0M lock
20181212-Wed0000.png 13-Jan-2019 09:18 8.1K lock
20181212-Wed0000_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:20 234.8K lock
20181212-Wed0130.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:37 2.5M lock
20181212-Wed0130.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:04 192.3M lock
20181212-Wed0130.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:29 138.8M lock
20181212-Wed0130.png 13-Jan-2019 09:47 8.0K lock
20181212-Wed0130_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:19 256.8K lock
20181212-Wed0500.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:38 692.2K lock
20181212-Wed0500.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:08 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed0500.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:32 40.7M lock
20181212-Wed0500.png 13-Jan-2019 09:06 7.0K lock
20181212-Wed0500_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:24 252.4K lock
20181212-Wed0600.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:40 660.0K lock
20181212-Wed0600.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:13 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed0600.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:41 38.7M lock
20181212-Wed0600.png 13-Jan-2019 08:59 7.9K lock
20181212-Wed0600_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:23 245.4K lock
20181212-Wed0700.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:44 1.4M lock
20181212-Wed0700.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:30 109.9M lock
20181212-Wed0700.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:44 90.2M lock
20181212-Wed0700.png 13-Jan-2019 09:24 7.6K lock
20181212-Wed0700_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:22 238.9K lock
20181212-Wed0900.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:29 735.8K lock
20181212-Wed0900.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:38 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed0900.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:48 38.3M lock
20181212-Wed0900.png 13-Jan-2019 09:02 7.9K lock
20181212-Wed0900_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:26 248.1K lock
20181212-Wed1000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:48 701.8K lock
20181212-Wed1000.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:43 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1000.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:53 42.5M lock
20181212-Wed1000.png 13-Jan-2019 09:12 7.2K lock
20181212-Wed1000_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:24 225.7K lock
20181212-Wed1100.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:46 645.9K lock
20181212-Wed1100.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:48 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1100.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:52 40.8M lock
20181212-Wed1100.png 13-Jan-2019 09:35 7.3K lock
20181212-Wed1100_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:26 242.9K lock
20181212-Wed1200.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:48 743.6K lock
20181212-Wed1200.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:54 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1200.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:34 40.9M lock
20181212-Wed1200.png 13-Jan-2019 09:57 6.9K lock
20181212-Wed1200_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:21 235.6K lock
20181212-Wed1300.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:47 694.8K lock
20181212-Wed1300.mp3 12-Jan-2019 15:59 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1300.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:55 43.1M lock
20181212-Wed1300.png 13-Jan-2019 10:10 7.4K lock
20181212-Wed1300_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:24 229.8K lock
20181212-Wed1400.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:45 759.7K lock
20181212-Wed1400.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:05 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1400.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:50 42.2M lock
20181212-Wed1400.png 13-Jan-2019 10:14 8.4K lock
20181212-Wed1400_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:26 257.0K lock
20181212-Wed1500.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:45 681.1K lock
20181212-Wed1500.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:13 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1500.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:46 42.0M lock
20181212-Wed1500.png 13-Jan-2019 10:17 6.8K lock
20181212-Wed1500_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:25 237.5K lock
20181212-Wed1600.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:30 622.0K lock
20181212-Wed1600.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:20 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1600.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:17 39.1M lock
20181212-Wed1600.png 13-Jan-2019 09:09 7.2K lock
20181212-Wed1600_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:25 254.4K lock
20181212-Wed1700.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:39 648.1K lock
20181212-Wed1700.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:26 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1700.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:36 42.2M lock
20181212-Wed1700.png 13-Jan-2019 10:08 7.6K lock
20181212-Wed1700_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:22 237.1K lock
20181212-Wed1800.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:38 761.7K lock
20181212-Wed1800.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:34 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1800.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:31 44.1M lock
20181212-Wed1800.png 13-Jan-2019 10:04 7.2K lock
20181212-Wed1800_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:18 252.5K lock
20181212-Wed1900.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:33 752.0K lock
20181212-Wed1900.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:42 54.9M lock
20181212-Wed1900.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:23 44.7M lock
20181212-Wed1900.png 13-Jan-2019 10:00 7.0K lock
20181212-Wed1900_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:23 234.3K lock
20181212-Wed2000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:32 1.3M lock
20181212-Wed2000.mp3 12-Jan-2019 16:55 109.8M lock
20181212-Wed2000.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:21 83.5M lock
20181212-Wed2000.png 13-Jan-2019 09:53 7.7K lock
20181212-Wed2000_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:21 241.0K lock
20181212-Wed2200.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:29 1.3M lock
20181212-Wed2200.mp3 12-Jan-2019 17:08 109.8M lock
20181212-Wed2200.ogg 13-Jan-2019 08:39 88.1M lock
20181212-Wed2200.png 13-Jan-2019 09:31 8.4K lock
20181212-Wed2200_spectrogram.png 13-Jan-2019 10:20 260.2K lock
_HOUR_00_20181212-Wed0000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:41 880.1K lock
_HOUR_00_20181212-Wed0130.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:34 730.6K lock
_HOUR_00_20181212-Wed0700.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:43 688.2K lock
_HOUR_00_20181212-Wed2000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:31 668.6K lock
_HOUR_00_20181212-Wed2200.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:27 660.8K lock
_HOUR_01_20181212-Wed0000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:41 397.6K lock
_HOUR_01_20181212-Wed0130.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:35 778.5K lock
_HOUR_01_20181212-Wed0700.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:43 712.8K lock
_HOUR_01_20181212-Wed2000.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:31 693.0K lock
_HOUR_01_20181212-Wed2200.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:28 672.9K lock
_HOUR_02_20181212-Wed0130.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:35 764.8K lock
_HOUR_03_20181212-Wed0130.afpk 13-Jan-2019 10:35 303.9K lock
__ia_thumb.jpg 13-Jan-2019 10:48 2.2K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2018-12-12_archive.torrent 12-Jan-2019 17:09 30.5K lock
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2018-12-12_files.xml 04-Jul-2020 00:45 45.3K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2018-12-12_meta.sqlite 12-Jan-2019 17:09 26.0K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2018-12-12_meta.xml 04-Jul-2020 00:45 887.0B