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Poster: brewster Date: Dec 14, 2014 10:22pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: New music analysis files

There are 4 new files for the audio files-- we hope they will be useful.

"Columbia Peaks" .afpk are audio fingerprint files created by running the audfprint package by Prof Daniel Ellis from Columbia University. These can be downloaded en mass and then loaded into a database that allows matching clips and whole songs. We have not tried this at scale. if you are interested, please let us know-- we want this to happen.

"Essentia Low" _esslow.json.gz these are low level datasets that are used to create:
"Essentia High" _esshigh.json.gz by UPF that are a series of analyses of the nature of the music. They will be refining this as they expand their dataset from this project and others.

"Spectrogram" _spectrogram.png these are spectrograms of the files that have been useful to find if the file has ever been compressed. Maybe other interesting things can be determined.

Hope you find these both fun and useful. We would like to help the wonderful netlabels collections to become more navigable.