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Poster: Javik Date: Dec 16, 2014 2:19pm
Forum: petabox Subject: 2014 ... 1 petabyte in 8U

I think it's time for y'all to change this to the Exabox forums. The petabox is sooo 2004.

SuperMicro SC847D - 90 3.5" drives in 4U space
Uses a special carrier that hold two drives per slot, with slots on the front and back of the chassis for ultra-density.

Let's see, 90 3.5" drive bays equipped with the 6TB WD RED, equals 540 TB.

Two of these rack units is 180 drives in 8U, and 1080 TB.. or 1.05 PB

So in 40U of rack space, that's 5.27 PB per rack.

Currently would need 195 80U racks to hit 1 Exabyte. That's a bit of floor space but... doable..

Oh, and hello to the NSA. :)