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Poster: glenn Date: Feb 15, 2007 1:40pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Problem with Virgil's AENEID

'That strange noise' ... is it possible what you are hearing is 'electronic music'?

I think this is a series of electronic music compositions inspired by the Aeneid... rather than an 'audiobook' type recording of the text of Virgil's epic poem.

Too bad, I'd love to have a copy of the Aeneid (the poem).

The first part of this sounds to me like wind... is that what you are hearing?

As music, it's not entirely bad, but it would disappoint me if I were hoping to download Virgil's poem and got this 'strange noise', which description is not an unfair description of the first part at least of Phrozenlight's composition.

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Poster: Phrozenlight Date: Feb 16, 2007 7:43am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Problem with Virgil's AENEID

Nice Story ;)

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Poster: glenn Date: Feb 16, 2007 1:04pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Problem with Virgil's AENEID

Phrozenlight, I hope I gave no offense with my explanation and review of your music.

If I did it was not intended, and I apologise. I was only trying to help 'E-Librarian'. I think he may not have actually had trouble with the download. I had no trouble streaming or downloading the file, and personally would not call it 'noise', but as I said, that would not be an unfair description.

Perhaps you could amend your item description to better describe the item, and to clarify that this is a musical piece rather than a poetic reading? I believe that the uploader is able to edit the description through the 'edit item' link.

Do you feel it entirely appropriate to include a Paypal link within the item? I feel that it would be better to include a link to your website, and to perform your business there rather than here in the library.

Again, sorry if I have offended you, that was not my intent.