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Poster: glenn Date: Mar 9, 2007 11:01am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Shut Down This Site!

Maybe seagulls... that's at least plausible... but don't try to explain it until you can get more info, that's a healthy attitude. There's some diagonally cut steel support columns that I'm pretty sure weren't cut by any kind of birds. That's a kind of funny thing to find if the building just collapsed under its own weight, all at once.

It seems that a pretty unusual sort of very hot fire would be needed to burn through all of the steel supports in the building at once, and leave melted puddles of steel 2 months later. If the supports didn't all fail on every floor, and uniformly around the core of the building, and even the center core itself, all at once and perfectly evenly, the towers would have fallen on their sides.

Imagine the disaster that would have been. I don't know if you believe in God, but something pretty amazing happened that day, something very much like a miracle.

I know, some people say that everything is a miracle, but I generally expect things to behave as the laws of physics would predict them to behave, and I wouldn't have expected both buildings to fall straight down, with no resistance to keep them from free-falling into the massive excavation of the basement and sub-basement levels.

I know strange things can happen, and there sure were a lot of strange things happening that day.

Seems as if there must be some connection between the missing planes, the missing passengers, the collapsed towers and the other impact at the Pentagon, the confusion at NORAD, and some of the subsequent events.

Maybe there's no connection at all, but it sure would be nice to get news reports that were at least plausible, instead internally inconsistent. Wildly unlikely things that the news reported as fact, didn't have sources or evidence, and sometimes the news on one station would use the news on other stations as their sources...

Keep up the healthy skepticism, and keep researching anything you want to know the truth about. If you believe in God, maybe you would want to pray for some true answers, and if you don't believe in God, you might start asking yourself what else can produce seemingly miraculous events.