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Poster: Emilio de Gogorza Date: Sep 13, 2020 2:37pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Asking for better documentation standards with label photos

I have posted this at the George Blood Forum in October and got no answer. As the last upload of the Druedahl collection bears the same (pictural) faults, I try it here again. Maybe this is the right place for it. Nevertheless - Thank you for your great work!
My text:

On discovering the Leif Druedahl collection I again see that there are different standards of documentation at George Blood. The main thing are the matrix numbers !
As I do research on late acoustic matrix series there COULD be much material for me in the uploaded discs from Denmark in the Leif Druedahl collection, which are not easy to find for me in Germany. BUT: sometimes there are no matrix numbers given, sometimes only the number and not the suffix (which is worthless). As I think that not every digitizing worker is also a shellack collector and is familiar with matrix numbers, there would be a simple measure to overcome this problem:
Just upload a high resolution photo not only of the label, but of the WHOLE mirror up to the end of the rim. That’s the place where the discographical informations of the matrix numbers are engraved in the record. Preferably it is engraved BELOW the label, and that is what your photos often exclude. The place above the label can be seen, but the photo is cut at the bottom of the label so that no matrix number can be read on the mirror. You could change this with a little effort for the coming uploads, and it would be a great help to really identify recordings and give a true estimation for the connaisseur and researcher of when a record was recorded.
As an example you can see and study at every record from my uploaded collection the whole mirror of the record with the complete given information. I think this should become a standard also for you!
Shellack records are a dying species, and in the further generations it can only be understood, if every available information is documented – if not as a correct digital keyword then at least as an analogue photo where you can pick all the special informations.
Thank you! This post was modified by Emilio de Gogorza on 2020-09-13 21:37:37

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Poster: BNRToast Date: Sep 13, 2020 4:42pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: Asking for better documentation standards with label photos

The label suggestion is a good one.
Would you post an image of a correct label photo? Visuals help some people
And did you see the posting below?

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Poster: Emilio de Gogorza Date: Sep 22, 2020 3:25am
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: Asking for better documentation standards with label photos

Here are two examples where the record has a big "mirror" (the place between label and the end of the rim) and the discographical information is given below the label near to the rim. In Example 1 nothing could be submitted if the picture would be cut below the label. In the second example it seems that there are no discographical informations below the label. If you enlarge the photo, you will after all find a tiny engraving of the matrix number, here 1231-F.
These scans were made with 300 dpi, which is sufficient to trace the detail even in Example 2.
So you see it is important to transfer a photo of the WHOLE mirror.

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