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Poster: Emilio de Gogorza Date: Sep 22, 2020 3:25am
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: Asking for better documentation standards with label photos

Here are two examples where the record has a big "mirror" (the place between label and the end of the rim) and the discographical information is given below the label near to the rim. In Example 1 nothing could be submitted if the picture would be cut below the label. In the second example it seems that there are no discographical informations below the label. If you enlarge the photo, you will after all find a tiny engraving of the matrix number, here 1231-F.
These scans were made with 300 dpi, which is sufficient to trace the detail even in Example 2.
So you see it is important to transfer a photo of the WHOLE mirror.

Attachment: Example_2b.jpg
Attachment: Example_2_a.jpg
Attachment: Example_1.jpg