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Poster: ska sax Date: Feb 3, 2021 12:18pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: make a playlist from search results

When I do a search of the 78rpm library and get the list of found items, I wish to have a playlist generated (the kind that pops up on the right side of the screen) that will play down the list each of the songs found during the search, one by one, automatically. About a year and a half ago I was able to do this and now I cant figure out how to do so. The only thing that comes close now is by selecting and playing the first item on the list and them going to the very bottom where it offers to let me Play All SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). That doesn't quite give me what I want though because that's just a very short subset list. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Feb 3, 2021 9:11pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: make a playlist from search results

that feature was removed.