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Poster: Joseph Astry Date: May 22, 2021 12:54am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: VHS Tape - 2000.05.23 - WBNX - Buffy

@cosmicwheelz Thank you for these! Love finding these nostalgic goldmines.
I've just got my new set up for VHSrips and would love being able to work some magic on more original recordings like this. I am finishing up some Charmed episodes from the first season and have various more. I am able to run them straight from the VCR through composite to 4k signal upscale (which alone looks amazing with the right settings) then record through capture to a 1080 passthrough. I have a few different software methods of upscaling the digital video after recording as well. Anyone that has any original WB tapes especially please contact me! I have an array of old tv broadcasts I've been collecting recently too I'd e open to sharing... Hope to hear something!