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Poster: Ed End Date: Sep 29, 2021 5:26am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Two improvised live concerts by PIRATE Tapes

The Necrophile Hummingbird presents "Performance d'extraction d'un artefact sonore ex nihilo in extremis" by PIRATE Tapes. In free download here
First of 2 concerts recorded before and after the first lockdown. A way to show how the spontaneous music that we call "improvisation" is slightly closer of Karlheinz Stockhausen's intuitive music than of the jazz improvisation. Indeed it's mostly a live session as we use to do when we records one of our album before split it in several parts and title them as tracks... but with public.
Merely nothing prepared, we plug and play that's all : total improvisation.

And "A Live Au Sanctuaire" in free download here
We performed this live front of an audience of people with disabilities not use to experimental music, so we glide from very chill ambient to our kindapostpunkraut...