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Poster: zippy Date: Oct 19, 2002 10:36am
Forum: bookmobile Subject: Re: 'Buck a book', $3k-$5k for equipment

Hey Brewster and Archive folks, I recently looked for a duplex laser printer for my own use and couldn't find anything reliable in the $700 range. Do you have a particular make and model in mind?

--Pat /

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Poster: digitaldallas Date: Jul 16, 2007 4:18pm
Forum: bookmobile Subject: Re: 'Buck a book', $3k-$5k for equipment


You kind of get what you pay for on getting a duplex printer for that price range you can find a quality printer but you will still have to back it up manually most likely.

Duplexing accurately and reliably puts you in a whole different price category.

Good Luck to you.

The Odee Company - Digital Printing Provider

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Poster: brewster Date: Oct 19, 2002 11:21am
Forum: bookmobile Subject: B/W duplex printer for $431

I can not speak for reliability, but I searched on "duplex printer" on amazon and found
panasonic Kx-p7110 for $431

toner: KX-P455
for .75 cents/page is a good price for toner

since it is a network printer, we can run a pile of them on the network and up the book throughput.

does anyone have any experience with this printer? it seems too good to be true.