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Poster: Brak Date: Mar 24, 2004 1:00am
Forum: petabox Subject: LCD Display Thoughts


Passers by:
- Pretty and interesting
- Glancing at a machine should give some idea of
what it is doing.

HW Tech:
- Needs visually unambigious signal that HW can
be "recycled"
- Needs confirmation of HW identity (position
name, MAC and IP?)

- LCD should be like 3rd cons. (non-interactive)
- Information about temps,network, disk and memory
- Data that can help determine state even if
network and/or console access are not available

Possible states of the machine and LCD display output:
- OK
- Line 1 always displays Position name and
MAC address in case machine dies horribly
without a chance of updating the LCD
- Line 2 cycles between:
- 1MinLoad : Disk tps : %cpu : SysTemp
- NetIn : NetOut : EST tcp conn.
- All four HD temps
- Display is animated
- Backlight flashing?
- Scrolling Display?

- Degraded (LCD still updateable, may/may not be
accessible via console or net)
- Line 2:
- EST tcp conn. : %swap : 1MinLoad
- Backlight is turned off

- Borked (LCD no longer updateable)
- Hopefully it successfully entered degraded
mode and the Line 2 display
from above is still active
- LCD Backlight turned off

LCD Update Daemon Logic:
- Locked in RAM
- Uses a watchdog to determing state (OK,
Degraded, Borked)
- Lack of watchdog updates causes Borked state