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Poster: glenn Date: Sep 14, 2007 12:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: SPAM

The only way to make these 'spam' reviews (the ones where the same old regulars spout their personal feelings and DON'T REVIEW the content) is to write real reviews when you download something.

See, if you just download you are dragging down the community:
If you liked the file, maybe others will, write about what qualities you appreciated, and your review could help someone who's looking for the same thing you are... if you met these people, you might be friends, at least you have some common ground with them. Help your friends.

If you DIDN'T LIKE the file, maybe others will appreciated your review -- it could help someone who doesn't want to view the same content YOU didn't like. Thesepeople also might be friends.

Help your friends.

Nuke the spammers, if everyone reviewed everything they could, their spam would gradually disappear. Spammers enjoy having their spam at the top of the list.

Don't engage with a spammer, since they are losers who for some reason can't or won't go and find people to talk with directly, too lazy or inept to create a blog on their own space, where only people who want to read their stuff have to cope with it.

Same with forum spam! Don't engage with a spammer.

Help your friends and community fight this scourge and review what you download.

Think of it as a way to pay back the community for this important treasure.

If everyone reviews everything they download, we could all waste less time downloading stuff we won't appreciate.