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Poster: glenn Date: Nov 22, 2007 4:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Happy THANKSGIVING

"Good to see you here; just wish you would contribute what you got to offer ...however, I understand."

Well, I work -- for free -- whenever I have a chance, I don't support the U.S. military-industrial complex at all, ever. (stopped paying income tax in 1976, to celebrate the Bicentennial), I teach for free and give away my art for free, I upload anything I think is worthy to, (if it's trade-legal) and I write reviews of at least half of everything I download. I gave away the best idea I ever had and put it in the public domain, quite a few people make a living with it. I've never killed anyone but I've saved lives. I think I contribute as much as I can, but if you have any ideas on how I can do more, I'm happy to hear it.

Ashes Rising: I'm not really understanding your "wish" -- it reads like a jab, but knowing your generosity of spirit, I totally doubt it was meant that way. (reminder: if you still need some video editing done, you have my email)

Hope today has been a good one for all of you. (whenever you read this and whoever you are)

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Poster: AshesRising Date: Nov 22, 2007 4:31pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Happy THANKSGIVING

dr. glenn: ..oh, fuck, I did it again: I meant the exact opposite of how it hit you. Communicating via the digital world is something I should probably quite doin' --- it's amazing how often my thoughts get turned inside-out in the digital world.

I am really sorry that for even a single moment you thought I was taking a "jab" at you. I hate a lot the shit that goes down here -- even though I don't read most of it, I can still feel it -- but the contributions of the high-quality, real people is worth the price of the pain. I consider you a very, very, high-quality, REAL person. I am unaware of where you post; if it is on the arhive, then I can find easily find them. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thank you for the offering regarding the video materials. A little more time and hopefully I'll be able to add some real value.

I hope some part of this post makes sense.
--- AshesRising

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Poster: glenn Date: Nov 22, 2007 5:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Happy THANKSGIVING

I knew it wasn't how it sounded. But thanks for clearing it up anyway.

I don't post to these forums much at all, but I read a lot of what is posted, and chime in when I do have something to say.

Yeah, by the way, I did check out that Robert Hunter link. I wish he'd write a novel that ties together all-those-songs-that-seem-to-be-part-of-one-big-Hunter-opus.

You know the ones. I'd buy a case of those books. There seems to be a "real Robert Hunter world" that is only glimpsed in the lyrics of his songs. I'd love to live there...