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Poster: kareneliot Date: Jan 31, 2009 8:31am
Forum: movies Subject: How to stop AUTOPLAY?

It used to be that you could change the autoplay code to FALSE and the video would not start autoplaying when embedded on a blog (I've been doing it 3 years) now all of the sudden changing the code to false does not work and the videos all start autoplaying once embedded.

Can someone please tell me how to make them NOT start playing all by themselves when the blog page is loaded? THANKS!

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Poster: MundoPrimitivo Date: Apr 28, 2019 6:44am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: How to stop AUTOPLAY?

same issue.

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Poster: Quintal Mobile Date: Jun 24, 2014 1:22pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: How to stop AUTOPLAY?

Did you find an answer to your problem? Im encountering the same issue.