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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 20, 2012 8:38am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Blackout Tantrums. Where's the Pacifier?

We both know it won't be the guy with the crooked nose. And the powers that be would never let obama have to stand on a stage and debate newt without a teleprompter. Even the clinton supporters will have a problem with newts personal life.

They will never let Paul win because of the military industrial complex and all the money in perpetuating endless wars.

It will be Romney because its simply romneys turn. Remember, this is the lesser of two evils we are taking about here. The difference between republicans and democrats are the letters used to spell the words. One can stop the bleeding and the other will cut open the wound faster.

If Romney wins, i get 4 more years to prepare, if obama wins the clock starts ticking. First the dollar will fall, then like dominoes all the comforts of modern life will start to fail. Even if we avoid socioeconomic collapse somehow, social unrest of various sorts will increase. Clean water, oil, food, living space, food stamps, welfare checks, and every other modern commodity will be depleted at some point.

When the have nots riot and boil over into the streets of the haves, people will finally understand the 2nd amendment. All the bleeding hearts in their ivory towers will be the first course in the feeding frenzy of the urban meltdown. Hopefully the gated communities and strict gun restrictions wills stop murderous hordes from raping and murdering men women and children...

I am starting to think that complete collapse is the only chance for restoration of the original concept of our founding fathers. If socialism keeps nibbling at the edges of the fabric of this nation, like frogs in slow boiling water we will not jump out. Only if the bubbles are rumbling and we are dropped in do we have a split second chance to jump out with just blisters.

If we do become a socialist country I certainly don't want to live in it. And that brings us back to the new hampshire license plate misquote i made.