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Poster: Hydriz Date: Feb 14, 2013 1:34am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: a couple S3-like API questions

Note that the folks will not answer any questions related to the S3-like API interface, not sure why they are maintaining such secrecy, but anyway...

1. No, as I said above, there isn't going to be any forum for the S3-like API interface.

2. You can use --header 'x-amz-auto-make-bucket:1' to create a new bucket. You can, of course, do an --upload-file while sending that header to upload a file to the newly created item.

3. Not that I know of. Only one file at a time.

4. I never tried uploading zero-length files to an item before, but I believe that it is not possible (someone please correct me if I am wrong in saying this).

5. No, you can't edit the metadata of an item from S3. I have followed the examples that was given in the docs but it doesn't work. Quite irritating if you do all uploading and stuff in the command line.

The abouts3.txt file is very short, there is a more comprehensive version at Hope all these help!

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