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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Jan 8, 2007 7:10am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If the Thunder don't get you then the lightning will

I think the forum would be better off in more of a "Deadhook" format, I notice that GD own/hog (sorry) this forum, which turns off the rest of the archive folks and would be posters. of course I share that guilt!
If some one from "oldtime radio" or some other forum here posts, their subject is quickly pushed down the line, usually to disappear fast. If I had no interest in the GD, I wouldn't post here-fer sure! As far as flaming, I take all that with a grain of salt. I don't get offended on who reads my posts or replies. But some are more offended than others. Self importance, to me, is relative. I already know that the "reads" when I post are pretty low, but so what?
I learned to lighten up (uh oh) and not to take myself too seriously long ago, Whenever i want a good laugh, I'm only a mirror away. So see ya, orchiddoctor, opinions are like asshole's, we all have them.

Holy toledo Batman! 1 "read" on this in over 40 minutes???
Why you bastards!! :) Must be an email plot!!

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