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To: Crossland, Ronnie[Crossland.]; Talton, Anthony[] 

From: Ragon, Derek 

Sent: Sun 8/9/2015 5:37:15 AM 

Subject: FW: Drammeh, Joan has invited you to 'Gold King Mine Spill' 

Ok, just saw this. So make the folder labels : A6xx Gold King Mine Spill. 



Sent from my Windows Phone 

From: Drammeh, Joan 

Sent: 8/8/2015 3:51 PM 

To: Petersen, Chris ; Turner, Philip ; Webster, Susan ; Foster, Althea ; Loesel, Matthew ; Martin. 
John ; Restivo, Angela ; Crossland, Ronnie ; Drammeh, Joan ; Rauscher, Jon ; Brown. Cindy ; 
Acevedo, Janie ; Assunto, Carmen ; McCasland, Mark ; Manheimer, Jenna ; Ragon, Derek ; 
Haves, Mark ; Rinehart, Jon ; Edlund, Carl ; Phillips, Pam ; Gray, David ; Delgado, Eric 
Cc: Drammeh, Joan 

Subject: Drammeh, Joan has invited you to 'Gold King Mine Spill' 

Here's the site that Drammeh, Joan shared with you. 

Go to Gold King Mine Spill 

Follow this site to get updates in your newsfeed. 


ED 000552D 00003110-00001