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Arlington Historical Commission 
Minutes for the Meeting of 
Tuesday, 5 November 2013 
Whittemore-Robbins House, 7:45 p.m. 

1. Call to Order: Chairman, presiding, JoAnn Robinson and Commissioners Pamela 
Meister, Eric Stange and Dianne Schaefer. 

2. Review of minutes: 

3. Communications Received: 

4. Reports of other Town Boards and Historical Organizations: 

a. Arlington Preservation Fund (Guthrie)- Nothing to report. 

b. Arlington Historical Society (Meister)-Great program coming up. 

c. Old Schwamb Mill- Doing well. 

d. Arlington Historic Districts Commission- JoAnn Robinson will contact Steve 
Makowka regarding joint meeting. 

e. Tourism and Economic Development (Robinson)- Nothing to report. 

5. Historical Commission FY 2013 Budget - Nothing to report. 

6. Projects Proceeding under Hearings and Approvals: 

a. 3-5 Brattle Street (Fertman) 4/02 Stange - Nothing to report. 

b. 821 Massachusetts Avenue (Noyes RT) 10/03; modified 4/08 Duffy- Nothing to 

c. Symmes Hospital (Town of Arlington) 6/04 Duffy - Nothing to report. 

d. 6 Park Street (White) 12/09 Meister- Nothing to report. 

e. 252, 258-260 Massachusetts Avenue (Arlington Affordable Housing) 3/12 Robinson- 

f. 13 Winter Street 8/12 Guthrie- Applying for Tax Credits 

g. Whittemore Robbins House Cottage 6/13 Robinson - Historical Commission in 
Somerville has a restoration specialist pertaining to the window replacement plans. 

h. 30 Franklin Street (Fever) 5/13 Guthrie- No report. 

i. 41 Kensington Road 9/13 Guthrie- Garage Demo 

The property at 85 Beacon Street that held a 1-year demolition delay has been removed from 
the list. It has been demolished. 


7. Continuing Projects 

a. Whittemore Robbins House (and outbuildings): Robinson - 

b. Arlington Civic Block Garden: Robinson - 

c. Inventory Expansion and Review: Duffy, Robinson 

d. Education/Outreach: Duffy/Robinson - 

e. Historic House Markers: Duffy - Vicki Rose will contact Old Colony Artisans 
regarding the requests for Historical Markers for Orvis Road and the Capt. Benjamin 
Locke house.(requested by Don Colosimo 518-266-0082 

f. Town Hall: Duffy - 

g. Web Site: Stange - Website down. Mr. Stange will contact webmaster. 

8. Discussion and Hearing: 

8:00pm Informal Hearing for 15 Whittemore Street. Ed Denning-architect and Ti Wu- 

• Plans presented. 

• Ms. Robinson would prefer to see the porch replicated to match current. The 
design of the posts is important to this structure. 

• Suggestions were made to retain anything that is reusable. This would make the 
plans more appealing to the Commission. Look for an example of a property with 
an enclosed porch with similar features. 

• Commissioners felt that the plans were a drastic change from the existing. The 
plans would be more amenable if the windows were not all different sizes. 

8:47pm Informal Discussion regarding 246 Park Avenue. Derek Moody and Dan 

• Plans presented. Windows are rattling and glass is coming through the sashes. He 
would like to replace 17 windows and would not be changing the appearance of 
the windows. Would be using Marvin windows- sash only with vinyl on the 
inside. 2 over 2 with the same profile and will keep the storms. 

• Also looking into work on gutters and chimney. 

• Commissioner’s reaction: proportions are critical whatever materials you propose 
to use. 

There will be a formal hearing on December 3, 2013 for 246 Park Avenue. 


9. Old Business- 

10. New Business- Vote was taken to turn proceeds from Town Day book sale up to $100.00 
as reimbursement for purchase of awning for Town Day to go to Patrick Guthrie. All 
were in favor of this plan. 

The Arlington Historical Commission meeting adjourned at 9:15pm 
The next Arlington Historical Commission meeting will be December 3, 2013. 
For the Arlington Historical Commission, Victoria Rose, Recording Secretary.