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Town of Arlington, MA - Vision 2020 Standing Committee Minutes 12/07/2004 

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Town of Arlington, Massachusetts 
730 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA 02476 
Phone: 781-316-3000 

Vision 2020 Standing Committee Minutes 12/07/2004 


Attendance: Jane Howard, Joey Glushko, Kathleen Kiely Dias, Angelo Dias, Barry Faulkner, Andrew Fischer, Jason Geise, Elizabeth Karpati, 
Leslie Mayer, Sherry Miller. 

• The minutes of the November 17 meeting were accepted as presented. 

Census insert: 

• The Town Clerk gave approval to the Human Rights Commission to add a one-page insert to the census mailing. This will require extra 
postage unless the census survey is printed on thinner paper, which may make it harder to read and to mail back without an envelope. We decided 
to use normal paper for the survey and to pay the extra postage from Vision 2020 funds. 

• The draft was reviewed in detail and many suggestions were made. Leslie will incorporate them into the draft and send it around for a final 
review before printing. One suggestion was to have the precinct for each household printed right on its census form so that survey responses could 
have the correct precinct filled in; but it may be tricky to get this right since precinct boundaries are sometimes redrawn. 

Town Hall update: 

• Next Friday E.A. Fish will submit its application for a special permit and 

• Getting medical uses into the Symmes project is still being worked on. 

• The Redevelopment Board meets on December 13 on the Symmes plans. 

• Banners in Arlington Center must be approved by the Selectmen because 
brought to the Town Manager for submission to the Selectmen. 

EDR review for Symmes. 

The first public hearing will probably be held January 10. 
they hang over a public way. Requests for approval should be