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Full text of "10252019 Minutes Clean Energy Future Committee"

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Clean Energy Future Committee 

October 25, 2019 
8:00 - 9:00 a.m. 

Arlington Town Hall, Lyons Hearing Room 

These minutes were approved at the November 22, 2019 meeting 

Members present: Jim DiTullio (by phone), Shelly Dein, Pasi Miettinen, Ken 
Pruitt, Dave Levy, Marc Breslow, Emily Sullivan, Adam Chapdelaine, Dan 
Amstutz, Coralie Cooper. 

Members not present: Nellie Aikenhead, Ryan Katofsky, Dan Dunn. 

The Meeting Convened at 8:04 a.m. 

Minutes: The minutes from 9/27/2019 were unanimously approved. 

Mr. Pruitt shared a timeline for research from other municipalities for the CEFC 
to evaluate in its effort to produce a Net Zero Plan. 

Miettinen Presentation on High-Impact GHG Mitigation Measures 

Mr. Miettinen presented a framework for how to think about the impact of 
greenhouse gas mitigation measures. Mr. Miettinen noted that in Belmont, 
which is similar to Arlington, approximately 40% of emissions come from 
homes, 40% come from vehicles, and 20% from other (including non-residential 
buildings). He calculated that, to reach net zero emissions by 2050, Arlington 
would need to retrofit 1 building a day to become net zero, and to replace 
approximately 4 gasoline vehicles a day with electric vehicles. However, Mr. 
Miettinen stated only approximately 60 residential buildings get weatherized a 
year. Based on current rates, only 3.6% of carbon emissions from buildings will 
be reduced over the next 30 years, which Mr. Miettinen noted would not be 
much of an impact. 

There was a discussion about how to account for solar production in town. How 
should the town think about solar from a net zero perspective given that 
Eversource retains the renewable energy certificates (RECs)? Solar has a 
benefit, but we need to make sure it is accounted for correctly in the town’s 
greenhouse gas inventory. 

There are other options that could explored, Mr. Miettinen stated. For example 
a net zero energy home would deliver a significant result. 

Adding electrification, weatherization, and solar, it is possible to get to zero 
emissions buildings. However, Mr. Miettinen stated there are catches. 

One catch is that it is impossible to change building foundations in non- 
conforming lots. Without the ability to replace foundations, it is much harder to 
make a home net zero energy, because so much heat is lost through older 
foundation technologies. 

In addition, pricing for heat pumps is also very expensive. This is a big barrier 
from going from gas and oil to an electrified house. 

The discussion then turned to a question of priorities: What should be our 

Mr. Amstutz noted that the Committee should think about mobility and vehicles 
and noted that scooters, bikes and other technology should be examined as 
future green mobility solutions. 

Mr. Pruitt questioned how much precision the Town should have over 30 
years? For example, should the Town have specific goals for the next three 
years as well as overarching policy goals for the remaining 27? 

There was consensus that the discussion in the Committee was very 
productive, and that more discussion about how to set carbon mitigation 
priorities was needed. The Committee asked Mr. Pruitt to explore dates for a 3- 
4 hour Committee retreat for this discussion, either in November or in 

The Next Meeting is on November 22, 2019 
The Meeting adjourned at 9:07 a.m. 

Submitted by Dave Levy.