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Envision Arlington Standing Committee 


Meeting ID: 

Monday, August 10, 2020 
7:30 -9:00 PM 
Online, via Zoom 
963 4641 4648 

Attendees: Greg Christiana, Kelly Lynema, Scott Lever, Elisabeth Carr-Jones, Michael 
Brown stein 

Guests: Michaiah Healey, Lenard Diggins, Elizabeth Dray 

1. Introductions 

Kelly opened with an explanation of Gov. Baker's suspension of normal rules around 
open meetings and allowance of remote meetings, such as the current meeting by 
Zoom. The meeting is not being recorded as Greg is taking notes. 

Michael Brownstein has been approved for membership on the Standing Committee. 

Elizabeth Dray considering submitting an application for joining the Standing 

Kelly to send EA Standing Committee material for Michael to review as a new 
Standing Committee member, e.g. material and will pass along to the entire 
Standing Committee. 

2. Approve June minutes 

Approved by unanimous vote. 

Greg to send June minutes to EA mailing list. 

3. Update: Task Group outreach by Stand Committee Members 

Elisabeth sat in on the Spy Pond Committee. They're working with state agencies 
on projects. Lots of activity within this committee. 

Sue and Len attended the June meeting of Sustainable Arlington Committee. Len 
spoke with Brucie who explained that they're dealing with pollinators, and the 
idea of community gardens. Looking to do a class for winter. 

4. Update: Task Groups 

Michaiah spoke with Juli Brazile about the Diversity Task Group (DTG). Discussion 
involved mobilizing people and how various groups could work together better, 
including HRC and community groups such as Arlington Fights Racism. Also 
discussed if EA Governance group could be involved to expand inclusiveness of 
voice not traditionally represented. 

Scott asked Greg about community conversations he's starting. Greg explained that 
he's working on a series of letters with Barbara Thornton related to policing in 
Arlington and the aftermath of Lt. Pedrini's writings. But this effort is not affiliated with 
or coordinating with EA Standing Committee. 

Greg and Michaiah discussed how EA Standing Committee could shift focus to 
connecting various groups in town. 

Len suggested that DTG help with raising awareness among diverse constituencies 
in town, e.g. outreach for the survey. 

Kelly explained that the Town struggles with outreach. 

Michael asked about EA's charter, i.e. the Town Goals. Elisabeth explained that they 
are posted on the Envision Arlington website ( ). 

Len spoke about Governance. First, get more people involved in Town government, 
e.g. running for Town Meeting. Second, touch members of the community. 

Michael reached out to the Superintendent to set up a time to meet. 

Scott reached out to Arlington Education Foundation (AEF). 

5. Update: Budget 

CDGB has been approved and requires a signature, which Scott as acting co-chair 
as agreed to sign. The grant was approved by Town Meeting in the summer. 

6. Discussion: Recruiting 

7. Discussion: Standing Cmte role and leadership needs 

Kelly reached out to Town Manager's office and Planning Department about filling 
vacancies on the EA Standing Committee. 

Scott to share with the committee a list of the current appointments and vacancies. 

8. New Business 

a. Scott appointed to Parks & Rec committee. 

b. Scott suggested discussion at the September agenda about the Town 
Survey, addressing inclusion and access. Survey usually open from first week 
of January to first week of March. 

Elizabeth (Dray) emphasized the need for outreach to be considered early, 
especially outreach to stakeholder groups in town, and suggested two groups: 
content group and outreach group. Scott mentioned also the role of collation 
and reporting, which maybe is handled by technology. 

Greg asked about metrics to correlate demographics of survey respondents 
with demographics of the town. Kelly explained that the survey asks 
demographic questions, but they're optional. In general there are fewer 
responses from renters than homeowners. 

Elisabeth discussed Open Space Community entering new phase of Open 
Space and Recreation plan. Received funding and hiring a consultant this fall. 

Elizabeth gave an update about the BLM at the UU Church and Calvary 
Church being defaced, as well as personal yard signs with KKK stickers. 

Greg moved to draft a statement tonight to condemn the vandalism of signs. 
Kelly explained that the Town would be releasing a statement early tomorrow. 
There was no second to the motion, so the motion failed. 

Scott moved to schedule an emergency meeting on Thursday at 7:30pm to 
discuss the vandalism and how EA Standing Committee should respond. 

Greg seconded. Motion passed. Kelly to post the meeting publicly.