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Town of Arlington, MA- Selectmen's Minutes 11/08/2010 

Town of Arlington, Massachusetts 
730 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA 02476 
Phone: 781-316-3000 

Selectmen's Minutes 11/08/2010 


Meeting Minutes 
Monday, November 8, 2010 

7:15 p.m. 

Present: Mrs. Mahon, Chair, Ms. LaCourt, Vice Chair, Mr. Greeley, Mr. Hurd, and Ms. Rowe. 

Also present: Mr. Sullivan, Ms. Rice, and Mrs. Sullivan 

The meeting started at 7:30 PM. 


1. CONSENT AGENDA(one vote required forapproval of all items) 
a. New Election Workers 

Bertha Demerjian, 69 Harlow Street, Pet. 1 
Ernest Roy Els nor, 4 Winslow St., Pet. 7 
Kathleen Hogan, 11 Hiawatha Lane, Pet. 13 
Martha Schaeffer, 37 Drake Rd., Pet. 3 
Gretchen Sommerfeld, 11 Tanager Street, Pet. 20 
Kathleen White, 6 Grove Street Place, Pet. 7 
Mr. Greeley moved approval. SO VOTED (5-0) 

2. Approval: Arlington Recycles Week, 11/7/10 through 11/13/10 

Gordon Jamieson 

Mr. Greeley read the proclamation declaring the period of November 7th through November 13th Arlington Recycles 
Week. Mr. Jamieson notified everyone of the Community Collection Day to be held on November 13 from 9 a.m. -1 
p.m. atthe DPW Yard, 51 Grove Street, rain orshine. 


This matter was presented for consideration of the Board. 

Ms. Juliana Brazile, 56 Coolidge Rd., stated her support of the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program for multiple 
reasons and would like this to be a full discussion by the Board. 


4. Vote: Recommendations for Brackett School Crosswalk Safety Improvements 
Jeff Maxtutis and Ed Starr, Co-Chairs, TAC 

Mr. Hurd moved approval. SO VOTED (5-0) tonMA_SelectMin/2010/11_08_2010?texlPage=1 



Town of Arlington, MA- Selectmen's Minutes 11/08/2010 

Mr. Greeley left the meeting at this time. 

5. For Approval: Execution of Lease for Crosby School Building (Dearborn Academy) 

Annie LaCourt, Selectman, Vice Chair 

Clarissa Rowe, Selectman 
(tabled from 10/04/10 meeting) 

Ms. Rowe moved approval to renew the lease as recommended by the Town Manager. 

SO VOTED (4-0) 

There was discussion fora warrant article regarding the sale of the Crosby Building with 
possible right of first refusal for Dearborn Academy. 

6. Vote: Stanton Foundation Grant Acceptance 

Leslie Mayer, Chair, Park and Recreation Commission 

Ms. Mayer reported that the grant is a gift paying 90% of costs including 3-years of maintenance, along with a 
commitment from the A-Dog Group to fundraise to offset future costs. She stated thattheyare planning the fenced 
area for Thorndike Field and that off-leash privileges will be stopped. 

Ms. Rowe moved approval to accept/approve the grant. SO VOTED (4-0) 

The Selectmen discussed that there are still complaints and challenges with off-leash dogs at Robbins Farm Park. 
It was determined thata variety of solutions are needed such as: increasing enforcement, dog owners reminding 
other dog owners, and all complaints should be reported to Joe Connelly, Recreation Department Director. 

Ms. Mayer was requested to make a formal report in December to the Selectmen. 

7. Review: School Deficit Audit Reports 
This agenda item was taken out of order. 

Mr. Sullivan stated that the Town and Schools had received the audit reports and multiple recommendations were 

Mr. Curro, School Committee Chair, spoke stating that the reports were to be discussed for the first time at the next 
night's School Committee Meeting. The School Committee budget sub-committee was in process of reviewing the 
audits and recommendations. Mr. Curro said a written response to each recommendation would be published 
prior to the Special Town Meeting. Mr. Curro reported that the School Committee's dutyand objective is to stabilize 
the deficitand institute a solid process and procedures. The Selectmen expressed interest in discussing the audit 
report response by the School Committee. 

Ms. Lewis, Comptroller, talked about the following reports that would be useful in managing the school finances for 
future fiscal years: 

-monthly budget to actual 

-thought process behind the numbers 

-year-end projection of revenues and expenses 

-salary numbers (including summer teachers' payatyearend) 

-payroll encumbrances 

-any new hires or changes in pay (funds available) 

-monthly budget meetings with the School CFO 

Ms. Lewis reported that Munis could produce necessary reports, but that the chart of accounts needs to be set up 
properly in order to get the reports. 

Mr. Greeley moved receipt of reports. SO VOTED (5-0) 


This agenda item was taken out of order. 

Article 3 Contingent Transfer of Real Estate/Thompson School and North Union Street Playground 

(tabled from 10/25/10 meeting) 

Several residents spoke at this hearing in favor of supporting the Thompson land swap as 
a viable option for the rebuild. Acouple of the residents speaking felt it was too early to 
determine if it was the best option, but it should be at least offered as an option. 

Mr. Foskett, Capital Planning Chair, stated he firmly supports the rebuild of Thompson, 
butasked the Selectmen to vote againstthe land swap due to economicand other reasons. 

Mr. Thielman, School Committee, reported there would be multiple meetings for input 
from the public. Board of Selectmen, and committees. He outlined future dates for this 
project: tonMA_SelectMin/2010/11_08_2010?texlPage=1 



Town of Arlington, MA- Selectmen's Minutes 11/08/2010 

-November 17th: Thompson community to vote on preferred option 

-November 23rd: School Committee to vote on preferred option 

-May 1st: need to show community support for project funding agreement 

The Selectmen fullysupportthe Thompson rebuild, but expressed concern with the land 

swap option as being the preferred option. 

Mr. Greeley moved approval to put forward to Town Meeting the land swap as an option 
for the Thompson School rebuild. SO VOTED (5-0) 

Correspondence Received 

Adam Glick Off-Leash Dog Recreation Be Rec'd 

42 Robbins Road 

William Rich Stanton Foundation Grantand Dogs Off-Leash Be Rec'd 

Julianna Kremer 
14 Lantern Lane 

Gayle Namchuk Off-Leash Dog Program Be Rec'd 

65 Wright Street 

Laurie Burt Sustainable Materials Recovery Program Be Rec'd 

MassDEP Municipal Grant Award 

ChristopherTonkin, Chair Community Education on Safe Be Rec'd 

Arlington Bicycle Traffic Interaction 

Advisory Committee 

Mr. Hurd moved receipt of correspondence. SO VOTED (4-0) 


Mrs. Sullivan explained that the residents voted yes to Question #4 (The approval by the Board of Selectmen to 
authorize granting up to 3 licenses for the sale ofall alcoholic beverages notto be drunkon the premises in 
replacement of up to 3 existing licenses for the sale of wine & malt beverages notto be drunk on the premises. 

To proceed with this change the current package store owners need to go to the ABCC website: 
www.mass.qov/abcc . then fill out the paperwork fora new license, print it out, and then submit it to the Selectmen's 
Office. From this point it will be handled similar to all other licenses. 

Ms. Rowe moved to adjourn at 9:25 PM. SO VOTED (4-0) 

Atrue record: Attest 

Mary Ann Sullivan 
Selectmen's Office 

Next meeting of BoS Monday, November 22, 2010. tonMA_SelectMin/2010/11_08_2010?texlPage=1