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Meeting was called to order by Council Chairwoman Willa Hill at 10:00 AM with ten 
members present. The minutes of the last meeting held on July 1, 2015 had been 
passed out to Council members prior to this meeting. A motion to approve the minutes 
was made by Dan Lucas and seconded by Sue Cooper. Minutes were approved. 


Activities Committee Report : Activities Chairwoman, Mary Land read the Activity 
Report which follows. 


Theme: Hook. Line and Sinker! The whole month we explored fish in many different 
ways. We went to the Aquarium in Jenks, OK and saw amazing fish. We ate at Fish City 
Grill, which was very tasty and we had a fun time painting wooden fish! Our trip to Bass 
Pro Shops was cancelled due to lack of participants. At the end of the month we had 
our Annual Fishing Tournament. The tournament was a lot of fun for friends and family. 
After the tournament we had a great fish fry and all the best sides. Exercise for Better 
Balance - Chris from Rehab Care started a new exercise class to test our balance. The 
class is at 1:00 pm on Tuesdays. Birthday Celebration - In the month of July, Kendra 
started a celebration time for those who have a birthday that month. It went very well 
and this is a great time to socialize and feel like you really are having a celebration. 


Theme - Your Paradise Awaitsl - The whole month we are vacationing right at home! 
We will have a fun time learning about Luaus. Of course, we have to test our brains so 
we will work on Paradise Awaits Mining. Our paradise may be outside the country, so 
we will have a passport photo booth. We will be able to learn how to hula dance before 
the big day. Saturday, August 29 th , we will have our Luau . Brain Health University - 
Brain Health is starting up again!!!! We will have 15 classes in the month of August and 
15 in September! 


Boat Ride in Bricktown? Your Own Personal Bucket List? 

Food Committee Meeting 

'' V M A ( ■ •, 

07/28/2015 j i 

Committee members present were: Willa Hill — presiding, Joan Ballew - temporary secretary, Betty Barnes, 
Richard Chesley, Flowayne Drew, Cheryl Stratton, and Hazel McDonald. Jean Kirk was absent. 

Staff members present were: Lee Holland — executive director and Roger — chef. 

Related items have been grouped. 

Good or improved 

Needs improvement 

Response or Other issues 

Food Related issues 

Excellent Tortilla soup 

2 days of scorched soup 
Soup often cold. 

Vegetable soups without vegetables 

wants to be sure soup is hot - may 
add to buffet service, with help carrying 
to tables for those that need it. 

Need to be stirred before ladling into 

Vegetables hot some 
of the time. 

Too many carrots, would like beets, 
asparagus, and fried okra more 

Broccoli was all stem pieces. 

&Ar%j will have asparagus more often. 
Lee doesn't like beets. 

Baked potato, and hamburgers not 
always available. 

Shrimp Scampi was a 
big hit... 

Ran out of Shrimp half way through 
12 Noon seating. Servings too large. 
Most people got 6 when 4 or 5 
would be enough. 

The crumb topped fish 
was good. 

Baked tilapia was dried out. 

Gary- could be served seared instead. 

Gravy on Pork Loin. Was the gravy 
left over from breakfast? 

Flour tortillas - tried out 

Could sauces be served on side 

Noodles served dry as a side. Often 
cold. Would prefer some sauce. 
This might help with temperature. 

Food is hot most of 
the time. 

Third seating is still getting cold 
food. Could they have a microwave 
located in their section? 

Lee - they can ask servers to reheat 

Beef Burgundy too salty 

will order low-sodium bouillon 
cubes - used as base for this dish. He 
prefers seasonings that are salt and 
sugar free. 

We miss Taco Tuesdays 

Gary will reinstate. 

5ood or improved 

Needs improvement 

Response or Other issues 

Jreat meal Saturday - 
: ish Fry 

Sides were good complement to the 
fish and chicken strips. 

: ried Chicken had 
jood flavor 

Fried Chicken was over fried - extra 
crispy, too many small bones, little 

They will use a different product in the 

Gobblers and pies are 
»ood. Excellent 
Zarrot Cake 

Blue Berries in Cobbler - not 
chewable. Cake cut too soon and 
left to dry out. 


Residents enjoyed ice 
cream with cobbler 
one day. 

Would it be possible to have a small 
scoop of vanilla ice cream with 
cobblers and fruit pies? 

Sometimes the servings of ice 
cream are too large - especially 
with new bowls. 

wasn't aware of the policy of only 
allowing ice cream or dessert. This will 
be allowed if we have enough ice cream. 

We enjoy the Monthly 
Birthday lunch. 

Some steaks were too tough to cut 
(with steak knife) or chew. Could 
they be marinated or tenderized? 

Birthday people get a cupcake. 
Could we have a sheet cake at the 
birthday lunch - so everyone could 
have a piece? 


yjftrLf - the wrong person cooked the 

No problem having cake. 

Service Related Issues 

Having a saucer under 
water and tea carafes 
is appreciated 

Saucers under carafes is random. 
Needs to be consistently used. 
Tea stained carafes used for ice 
water -looks bad. Are some 
carafes cracked - lots of water in 
saucers or on table. 

Q/ffU intends to have server training for 
old and new servers soon. 

Like the new china 

Plates larger and heavier than the 
old ones - resulting in larger 
portions and more waste. Also 
difficult for some people to carry 
from buffet. 

Lee - these were provided at no cost by 
a vendor. 


Place settings are often incomplete. 
We have to ask for a glass, spoon, 
etc. Wastes time for everyone. 

Lee - we will be ordering additional 

We like having 
crackers baskets on 
the table. 

Please be sure they are filled, along 
with other condiments. We often 
find silverware in cracker basket, 
and other condiments mixed up. 

Lee - these are supposed to be checked 
and refilled at the end of each day. 

- 3 - 

Good or improved 

Needs improvement 

Response or Other issues 

Soup spilled over side of bowl. 
Should be cleaned off before 

Soup is sometimes served with 
dessert or with entree. 

Committee asked if Soup and 
Salad/fruit could be brought into 
dining room on trays and served as 
people sit down - even during 
buffet service. 

Often out of milk, ice, coffee, cocoa, 
cappuccino. Who is responsible for 
checking these items? 

Lee - Dillon has been working as server 
until more are hired. 

New Residents need help finding a 
table with empty spaces. 

I've seen Marketing staff, Kendra, 
etc doing this. People just need to 

Again - this would be Dillon if he weren't 
so busy. 

The orders that are taken first are at 
the bottom of the stack when taken 
to the kitchen. 

Too many orders are taken before 
they are turned in - resulting in 
cooks being overwhelmed. 

Ideally orders would be taken from 1 or 
2 tables before being turned in. 
TRAINING issue. 

Please train servers to NOT put 
unused dishes etc, on empty chair 
when clearing and resetting tables. 

Please don't put dirty dishes on 
same tray with food being served. 

Lee - would we like to have servers use 

Only if they change gloves between 
clearing dirty dishes and serving food. 
Lee - could have different people doing 
clearing, and switching responsibilities at 
different meals. 

Teach servers to serve beverages 
without putting fingers inside or 
around the tops of cups and glasses. 

Are hair nets required? 

Hairnets are only required in the kitchen. 
Servers are encouraged to tie long hair 

Servers help each 
other out sometimes 

This needs to be consistant. No one 
should be standing around doing 

Slow service at noon - means the 
last seating may not finish until 1:30 
or 2 pm. This is too late for some 

- q.- 

Good or improved 

Needs improvement 

Response or Other issues 

Floors are not cleaned often 
enough. We see the same cracker 
wrapper for 2 — 3 meals. 

Sticky spills in beverage service 
area. Dirty rags laying on floor or 
buffet table. Storage closet has 
overflowing garbage can. 

We would like to go back to two 
seatings for lunch and dinner. 

Lee - We will consider this once we are 
fully staffed. 

LIBRARY COMMITTEE - Lillian Williams 

Library continues to have good usage. The puzzles have been moved to the shelves 
under the front window for better accessibility and neater appearance. We are still 
having problems with missing pieces of puzzles currently being put together. This is 
very discouraging to try and complete a puzzle with missing pieces. OKC Library will 
soon return to replace the books they have here. Please complete any you are reading 
and return to library. 

LAWN & GROUNDS COMMITTEE - Dan Lucas, Chairman 

Maintenance - The last 30 days the focus has been on air conditioning repair and 
maintenance. New laundry equipment for 2 nd floor waiting approval from District. Mike 
is calling to follow up. A service to remove ducks and geese has been contacted and we 
are waiting for final credit approval. Removal of limbs has been completed for the 
present time. One of the fountains in the lake is still inoperable . The problem is the 
pump and it was discovered that the pump for the lake is linked to the swimming pool 
pump so this will need to be resolved. Dan wanted to give a big 'Thanks" to thp 
re s i dents who helped water and care for the plants. He has had many compliments on 
the back yard and patio and appreciates everyone who helps. Maintenance also 
requested help from the Resident Committee on a survey of Intemet/Wi-fi. etc. to aid 
them in getting one system that works for everyone and this info is needed to 
accomplish that. Sue Cooper and Mary Lanie will cover 1 st floor, Willa Hill and Mary 
Land will cover 2 nd floor and Jean Kirk and Dan Lucas will cover 3 rd floor. All surveys 
should be turned into Dan and completed as soon as possible. 


The name put forth to Kendra for Person of the Month is Nila Denney Swimming nonl- 
there are still problems with the pool. We have been unable to use all season with the 

- 5 - 

exception of three times. Can this pool NOT be fixed so it can be used each day? 

All Ambassador's have been having repeated questions about the information being 
given to new prospective Residents that when they sign up and move in they find is not 
true. Such as: They have been told that Copper Lakes provides Cable TV and Wi-fi, also 
that housekeepers launder sheets and towels and this is not true. A check was made of 
all three housekeepers and they charge $5.75 per load for sheets and towels or any 
laundry done for residents. For anything other than basic cable there is a charge to the 
resident. Barbara in 333 moved here specifically because they could get TV and 
internet. To date, no internet. 

Willa Hill has talked with both Andrea and Laura about the above. If the above has 
changed we need to be notified and the Employee Handbook needs updating and if not 
they should not be telling this to prospective residents. Deanie & Wayne Johnson (325) 
were one of the couples who were so upset about both items being untrue. They have 
had a few other problems since move in and have had trouble getting them fixed. They 
were telling other residents that they were sorry they moved in and would not 
recommend this place to anyone! Willa went and talked to them and they are not quite 
as upset as at first but this situation causes a lot of unnecessary problems. 


Still no fire/tornado drill!!!!! What is the problem now? If it is "no written plan", 
contact a sister community and get a copy of theirs. The Fire Department said they 
would "make" time to come and help us. Are we going to wait until we have a fire or 
tornado and have utter chaos? This is unacceptable! ! I Management still not eating in 
Dining Room! 

A motion was made by Dan Lucas for adjournment, seconded by Mary Land. Meeting 
was adjourned at 10:50 am. 

Respectively submitted, 

Mary Lanie, Secretary 

- 6 -