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Mckenzie Corp: Precision Boiler 
And Precision Boiler Parts 

Take a close look at the Precision's COMPAC Electric Hot Water 
Boiler . This electric boiler has been designed to solve a number of 
problems. It is physically small enough to fit through most 
existing doorways, a feature that is most convenient for the 
replacement market. 

This small footprint can be deceiving; look closely. Although 
compac in dimension, this unit is large in performance producing 
up to 720KW (2,457,269 btu/hr). Look again, small footprint, 
environmentally friendly and super efficient. 

Standard Features and Equipment 

• Available Ratings: 15 KW to 720 KW 

• ASME National Board Registered Pressure Vessel (150 PSI / 
250 F) 

• Heavy Duty Steel Boiler Vessel Housing 

• Four Inch Fiberglass Insulation 

• Three Inch NPT Inlet and Outlet 

• ASME Safety Relief Valve 

• Pressure Gauge w/ Cock 

• Drain Valve 

• Incoloy-Sheathed Elements 

• Construction per NEC & UL, with UL Label 

• Electronic Digital Temperature Readout (except 1 & 2 Step 

• Integral Electric Control Panel with Key- Locked Door 

• Internal Branch Circuit Fusing 

• Magnetic Contactors Rated 500,000 Cycles 

• Main Supply Circuit Lugs 

• 120 Volt Fused Control Transformer 

• On/Off Switch with Pilot Light 

• Preheat Switch (above 240 KW) with Pilot Light 

• Status Pilot Light for each Stage/ Step 

• Probe-type Low Water Cut-Off Note: Manual Reset, Test & 
Pilot Light Provided on Models > 117 KW 

• Two Adjustable High Limit Cutouts: (1) Auto Reset(i) 
Manual Reset Note: Manual Reset Provided Only on Models 
> 2 Stages. 

• Automatic Temperature Control via: 

• On-Off Temperature Switches (1 & 2 Step Models) 

• Electronic Multi-Stage Control (3 & 4 Step Models) 

• Proportional Progressive Se