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Macintosh LC IE 


Power and speed 

- 25-MHz 68030 microprocessor; 32-hit 
data bus 

* Almost twice as fast as the 
Macintosh LC El 


* 4 MB of RAM, expandable to 36 


* Supports up to 16'inch Apple displays 

* 256 colors, expandable to 32,768 


* Seven built-in ports for peripheral 

* Processor-direct slot for additional 
expansion card 

* Socket for optional math coprocessor 

Features Built Into Every Macintosh 


* Runs thousands of Macintosh 

* Easy to set up, learn, use, and extend 

System software 

* System 7 with multitasking, fife sharing, 
QuickTime, Balloon Help, TrueType, and 


* Built-in AppleTalk networking 

* File sharing without a dedicated server 


* Reads Macintosh, MS-DOS, OS/2, and 
FroDOS floppy disk formats 

The Apple Macintosh LC III is the 
most powerful member of the 
Macintosh LC line of desktop 
personal computers. It delivers the 
out-standing performance and 
versatility you need-all in a slim¬ 
line, modular design and at an 
affordable price. 

The Macintosh LC III is almost 
twice as fast as the Macintosh LC II, 
And the Macintosh LC III can 
support up to % megabytes of RAM, 
so you can work with multiple 
applicadons simultaneously, 
choosing from more than 6,000 
Macintosh applications. 

To increase your display choices, 
the Macintosh LC III provides built- 
in support for a wide range of Apple 
and third-party displays, including 
the Macintosh Color Display (14"), 
the Macintosh Portrait Display (15"), 
and the Macintosh 16-inch Color 
Display. And with 512K of on-board 
video RAM (expandable to 768K), 
you get more colors than ever 

before from your monitor without 
having to purchase an additional 
video card. 

The Macintosh LC III is powerful 
enough to meet your requirements 
today and versatile enough to grow 
as your needs change. Your hard 
drive options include 40-, 80-. and 
160-MB hard disks, so you’ll have 
plenty of storage space. For 
graphics-intensive applications, you 
can add a floating-point coprocessor. 
AppleTalk networking is built in, so 
there’s no need to buy additional 
hardware if you want to access 
printers, or share files with others. 

Multiple ports allow you to expand 
the system with peripheral devices 
such as high-capacity CD-ROM and 
hard drives, scanners, and modems. 
And a processor-direct slot assures 
fast access to expansion cards if you 
need additional capabilities, such as 
Ethernet networking or Apple lie 

Macintosh LC DI 

Ordering Information 

Macintosh LC III 4/BO 

Order No. M1312LL/A 

* Macintosh LC III computer with 4 MB of 
RAM, 512K of VRAM, built-in 1.4-MB 
Apple SuperDrive, and internal 80-MB 
hard disk drive 

* Keyboard 

* Mouse 

* Complete setup, learning, and 
reference documentation 

* System software 

* Training disk 

« Limited warranty statement 

Other Macintosh LC III configurations 

* 8 MB of RAM 

* Internal 40- or 160-MB hard disk 

* Without keyboard 

Macintosh LC ITI expansion cards 

* Apple Ethernet LC Card 

* Apple lie Card 

Macintosh LC Iti Upgrade Kit* 

Order No. M1386LUA 

* Macintosh LC III logic board and 
hardware upgrade 

* System software 

* Complete learning and reference 

* Limited warranty statement 

* Dealer installation recommended 

Technical Specifications 


* MC68030, running a! 25 MHz clock speed; 

32-bif data bus 

* Socket for optional floating-point unit (FPU) 

* integrated Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU) 


* Comes with 4 MB of RAM on the logic board 

* Expandable to 36 MB of RAM by adding one SIMM to 

a single 72-pin slot 

* Includes RAM disk software 

Disk drives 

* One built-in Apple SuperDrive 1,4-MB floppy disk drive 

* One internal 40-, 30-, or 160-MB hard disk 

* Optional external Apple CD-ROM drive 

Video display 

Supports several displays, including: 

* Macintosh 12-inch Monochrome Display 

*■ Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display 

► AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Display (13") 

► Macintosh Color Display (14") 

* Macintosh Portrait Display (15“) 

* Macintosh 16-inch Color Display 

* Third-party monitors 

* VGA monitors 

Video RAM (VRAM) 

* 512K standard supports: 

- 32,768 colors on the Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display 

- 256 odors on the AppleColor High-Resolution RGB' 
Display (13"), Macintosh Color Display (14"), and 
Macintosh 16-inch Color Display 

- 256 shades of gray on the Macintosh 12-inch 
Monochrome Display 

“ 16 shades of gray on the Macintosh Portrait 
Display (15") 

* 768K option supports: 

- 32,763 colors on the Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display, 
AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Display (13 B ), and' 
Macintosh Color Display (14 H ) 

- 256 colors on the Macintosh 16-inch Color Display 

- 256 shades of gray on the Macintosh 12-inch 
Monochrome Display and Macintosh Portrait 
Display (15") 


- [internal expansion slot for one Macintosh LC 
processor-direct expansion card 

* SCSI interface for conceding up to six external 
peripheral devices 

* Two serial (RS-232/RS-422) ports 

* One video port for color and monochrome displays of 
various sizes and resolutions 

* One sound-output port (monaural) for external audio 
amplifier or headphones 

* One sound-input port for monaural sound input 

* One Apple Desktop Bus (ADD) port for a keyboard, 
mouse, and other devices 

Sound generator 

* Monophonic fi-bit digital-analog conversion using 
22-kHz sample rale—capable of driving stereo 
headphones or other stereo equipment through the 
sound Jack 

Keyboard and mouse 

* Several ADB keyboards with numeric keypads available 

* Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II 


* Custom integrated circuit with long-life lithium battery 
Disability access 

* CloseView, Easy Access, and visible-beep soft-ware are 
buiit in. These and third-party op!ions provide 
alternative input and output devices 

Power requirements 

* Line voltage: 100 to 240 V AC, RMS single phase, 
automatically configured 

* Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz 

* Power: 30 W maximum, not including display power 

ADB power requirements 

* Maximum current draw for a If ADB devices: 200 niA 
(three AD3 devices maximum is recommended} 

* Mouse draws 10 mA 

* Keyboard draws 25 to B0 mA [varies with keyboard 
model used) 

Size and weight 
Main unit: 

* Height: 3.2 in. (3.1 cm) 

* Width: 12,2 in, (31.0 cm) 

* Depth: 15.0 in. (38,2 cm) 

■ Weight - : 8.8 lbs (4.0 kg) 


* Height: 1.3 in. (3.3 cm) 

* Width: 2.4 in. [6.2 cm) 

* Depth: 4.2 in. (10.7 cm) 

* Weight: 4.0 oz (0.10 kg) 

* Weight will vary based on Internal devices installed 

Operating environment 

■ Operating temperature: 50-F to 104-F 
(10“C to 4CPC) 

* Storage temperature: -40 s F to 116,B*F 
(-4Q*C to 47*0) 

* Relative humidity: 20% to 30% noncondensing 

* Maximum altitude: 10,000 ft. [3.048 m) 

Apple Computer, Inc. 

20525 Marian! Avenue 
Cupertino, CA 95014 
(408) 996-1010 
TLX 171-576 

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