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PowerBook 520c 



* Provides Macintosh Quadra 
performance in an all-in-ore notebook 

* Delivers cost-effective, convenient, and 
fast networking capabilities through its 
built-in Ethernet support fatso supports 
LocalTalk networking) 

* Provides a 9,5-inch (diagonal), backlit, 
dual-scan, passive-matrix LCD with 256 
colors for easy viewing, which ean be 
upgraded to an adive-matrix color 
display with optional upgrade kit 

* Conies with System 7 r which provides 
multitasking, fits sharing, and TrueType 

* Runs thousands of Macintosh 


* Includes an integrated Apple trackpad 
pointing device, which gives you precise 
cursor control with just the touch of a 

« Provides 16-bit, CD-quality stereo sound 
output and built-in speakers 

* Uses “intelligent' p baltery technology, 
which combined with the PowerBook 
Control Strip software provides 
extremely accurate measurements of 
battery consumption and remaining life 


* Is upgradable to PowerPC chip 

* Includes slots for an infernal modem 
and additional RAM [up to 35MB) 

* Offers a PDS slot with an optional 
PCMCIA expansion module, which 
allows the instant expansion of flash 
memory, hard disk space, network 
interfaces, wireless communications, and 

* Comes with the PowerBook Mobility 
Bundle^ a combination of 

co m m unications, power- managem ent, 
information-management, and 
compatibility software designed to 
enhance mobile computing 

The Apple PowerBook 520c is 
Apple’s most affordable color 
PowerBook computer. It offers 
exceptional, innovative advances in 
technology, design, performance, 
and expandability—at a surprisingly 
low cost. 

Featuring an advanced 50/25- 
megahertz Motorola 68LC040 
processor, the PowerBook 520c lets 
mobile users experience the true 
power of desktop computing—all in 
a system that weighs just over 6 
pounds. It provides 16-bit, CD- 
quality stereo sound, and its full- 
page-width, back-lit, dual-scan color 
display offers high contrast and 256 
colors. And for moving large 
amounts of data, the PowerBook 
520c comes with built-in support for 
high-speed Ethernet networking. 

The PowerBook 520c also 
includes a number of technology 
and design innovations. It features 
the built-in Apple trackpad, which 
combines ease of use and reliability 
with extremely precise cursor 
control in a durable design with no 
moving parts. 

/ ■ ' .r.Trc-V/arrington, 

C ti;Tani as Park, 

244fr .... AuJsvard, 

Wh4': '.o!\ Wadingtoo, 

®mH 4, WAS 5TN 

The new' PowerBook Intelligent 
Batteries can provide as much as 
3 5 hours of use each and be 
recharged in less than 2 hours 

Designed for easy expansion, 
the PowerBook 520c can be 
upgraded to PowerPC chip 
technology and offers the 
optional PCMCIA Expansion 
Module. And to help make you 
more productive right away, the 
Pow'erBook 520c comes with the 
Pow'erBook Mobility Bundle, 
integrated software that 
lets you access network 
resources remotely, synchronize 
files, optimize battery powder, 
work with Windows and DOS 
files, and more. 

With its advanced features and 
expandability—and its low price 
tag—the Pow'erBook 520c is the 
perfect answer for mobile users 
who want an affordable color 
system now—and w r ho want 
to take advantage of PowerPC 
technology in the future. 

PowerBook 520c 

Technical Specifications 


* 50/25-MHz Motorola 68LC04D with integral memory 
management unit (MMU) 

(The two speeds refer to the internal processor and 
the bus interface, respectively) 

Ordering Information 

PowerBook 520c 4/160 

Order No, M1645LL/A 

* PowerBook 520c computer with 4MB of 
RAM, built-in 1,4MB Apple SuperOrive, 
and internal 160MB hard disk drive 

* PowerBook Intelligent Battery and 
AC adapter 

* System? 

* Complete setup, learning, and 
reference documentation 

* Training software 

* Limited warranty 

* PowerBook Mobility Bundle 

PowerBook Active-Matrix 

Color Display Upgrade 

Order No, M3063LL/A 


* 4MB of RAM, expandable to 36MB using too 
PowerBook 8MB Expansion Kit or larger-capacity, 
third-party memory expansion card (70 ns, low power, 


* Buill-in Apple SuperOrive 1.4MB floppy disk drive, which 
uses high-density floppy disks and reads, writes, and 
formats Macintosh, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and 
ProDOS disks 

* internal 160MB hard disk drive 


* 9,5-in. (diagonal), backlit, dual-scan, passive-matrix 

* Resolution: 640 by 480 pixels with 256 colors 

* Energy conservation: Steeps on close 

* User-confiurable energy-conservation software via the 
control panel 

PowerBook 8MB Memory Expansion Kit 

Order No. M1913LL/A 

PowerBook Intelligent Battery 

Order No. M1908LL/A 

PowerBook AC Adapter 

Order No. M1910LUA 

PowerBook PCMCIA Expansion Moduie 

Order No. M2995LL/A 

Apple HDi-30 SCSI Disk Adapter 

Order No. M2539LUA 

Apple HDI-30 SCSI System Cable 

Order No. M2538LL7A 


* Nickel-metal-hydride PowerBook Intelligent Batteries 
each provide up to four hours of use before recharge 
(has bays for two; ships with one) 

* EverWatch battery-saver technology 

* Batteries recharge in two hours while computer is shut 
down or in sleep mode; four hours while running 

* PowerBook Control Strip allows user to monitor lime 
remaining, charge lime, and battery usage 

* Backup rechargeable lithium battery maintains RAM in 
sleep mode while main batteries are removed for up to 
three minutes 


* One Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port 

* One Serial/LocaiTalk (RS-422) port 

* One high-speed Ethernet port 

* One SCSI port tor connecting as many as six external 
devices (HDI-30) 

* One power adapter port 

* One 90-pin processor-direct slot (PDS) for connecting 
PDS devices or optional PowerBook PCMCIA Adapter 
(optional PowerBook PCMCIA Expansion Module allows 
use of twoType II or one Type IN PCMCIA-type card) 

* One slot for optional internal modem 

* Stereo sound input/output 

* One RAM slot 


• Slot for security cable 


• Seriai/LocalTalk port for AppleTalk 

• High-speed Ethernet network interface with Apple 
AUI connector 

Built-in stereo sound 

• CD-quality, 16-bit stereo sound capable of driving 
headphones or other stereo equipment 

•Two built-in stereo speakers 

• Digital-ta-analog and analog-to-digital conversion 
sampled at 11.035, 22.050, or 44.100 kHz 

Video output 

• Vrdeo-out port compatible with most Apple 
monitors, VGA monitors, and SVGA monitors; cable 
with standard DB-15 connector provided 

• Selectable video modes: dual mode allows 
separate images on the built-in display and external 
video monitor; mirror mode displays Ihe same image 
on built-in and external displays 

Keyboard and Apple trackpad 

• Solid-state trackpad provides precise cursor control 
in response to the movement of the user's fingertip 
over its surface; sensing of movement and 
acceleration is easily adjustable through a control 

• Built-in, standard-size keyboard with 76 (U.S,) or 
77 (ISO) keys, including 12 function keys 

• Two-level tilt adjustment 

• Power on key located on the keyboard 

Disability access 

• Easy Access and ability lo substitute visual cue for 
beep included with system software. These built-in 
solutions and third-party options provide alternative 
input and output solutions for people with disabilities. 

Electrical requirements 

• Line voltage: 100 to 240 vote AC 

• Frequency: 50 lo 60 Hz 

ADB power requirements 

• Maximum current draw for all ADB devices: 200 mA 

Environmental requirements 

• Operating temperature; 50° to 104° F (10° to 40° 

• Storage temperature: -13° to 140° F (-25° to 
60° C) 

• Relative humidity: 20% to 807* noncondensing 

• Operating attitude: 1 to 10,000 ft. (0 to 3,048 m) 

• Maximum storage altitude: 15,000 ft. (4,722 m) 

Size and weight 

• Height: 2.3 in. (5.7 cm) 

• Width: 11.5 In. (29.2 cm) 

• Depth: 9,7 in. (24.5 cm) 

• Weight: 6.4 fb, (2,9 kg) 

Apt ^Centre Warrington. 
Gemini Cuslneso Park, 



Apple Computer, Inc. 
20525 Marian! Avenue 
Cupertino. CA 95014 

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