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Storm and Screen 


Storm Doors 
Window Ventilators 

Manufactured by 

Ruddy Manufacturing Co, 

Brantford, Canada 

'<^^0 -^ P^^ : The Best Combination Door Made 

Screen Panel 

Stavs on all the year 'round 

Storm Panel 

In Summer 

As a Screen Door 

— keeps out 
serves health. 

Requires only one fit- 
ting, one set of hardware 
— one expense. No more 
trouhle than a single 
Screen Door. 

Door is fitted with our special buttons, 
no screws or other fasteners. Simply turn 
the buttons to change panels. 

Changing panels takes less than half 
a minute. 

Screen panel wired with 14-mesh gal- 
vanized wire cloth. 

Made in regular sizes only. 

Sizes of Doors 
2 ft. 6 in. X 6 ft. 6 in. 
2 ft. 8 in. X 6 ft. 8 in. 
2 ft. 10 in. X 6 ft. 10 in. 
.3 ft. X 7 ft. 
Weight per dozen about 600 lbs. 

No. 15 Combination Storm and Screen 

Storm Panel with 4 lights of 
glass and 2 wood panels sup- 
plied if preferred. 

In Winter 

As a Storm Door 

— keeps out cold, saves 

Panels fit absolutely 
tight, no looseness or 
rattle. Storm and Screen 
panels are easily inter- 
These Doors are well made, heavy 
and substantial — 4-inch stiles, 13^-Jnch 
thick, tenoned and mortised, made of 
clear pine, grained quartered oak, filled 
and varnished. 

We do not supply hardware or glass. 

For special sizes see No. 17 

Sizes of Glass 
9 in. X YZyi in. 

10 in. X 14H in- 

11 in. X 15 in. 

12 in. X \^% in. 
Price per dozen. 

No. 10 
Combination Storm and Screen Door 

Grained, Filled and Varnished. Wired with 14 
mesh galvanized wire cloth and supplied with 
storm panel for glass. 

Price per dozen 

Made in Regular Sizes only. 

Sizes of Doors Sizes of Glass 

2 ft. 6 in. X 6 ft. 6 in. 9}4 in. x 19H in. 

2 ft. Sin. X 6 ft. Sin. lOM in. x 20J^ in. 

2 ft. 10 in. X 6 ft. 10 in. 11 Ji in. x 21 3^ in. 

3 ft. X 7 ft. 12 Ji in. x 223^ in. 

Weight per dozen about 500 lbs. 

No. 17 Combination Door 

No. 17 Combination Door is designed for use 
on the finest residences, stores, offices and pubfic 
buildings where something of better grade than 
the ordinary door is desired. It is built of 
13^-inch clear White Fine, with mortised and 
tenoned joints, and large mouldings around the 
panels. The wire cloth is fastened in with keys 
which are covered by half-round mouldings, 
making a very handsome finish. They may be 
had unfinished if it is desired to paint them over 
to match the building, or else finished natural, 
filled and varnished. 

Please specify, when ordering, if they are to 
be finished as above or unfinished. 

Wired with 14-Mesh Galvanized Wire 

No. 17 has removable screen frame and re- 
movable frame for one large light of glass. 
These frames are held in place by brass buttons, 
so they can be interchanged in a few moments. 

Regular Sizes 
2 ft. 6 in. X 6 ft. 6 in. 
2 ft. 8 in. X 6 ft. 8 in. 

2 ft. 10 in. X 6 ft. 10 in. 

3 ft. X 7 ft. 

Sizes of Glass 

in No. 17 
19 in. X 30 in. 
21 in. X 32 in. 
23 in. X 34 in. 
25 in. X 36 in. 

Regular sizes are carried in stock. Odd sizes 
can be made to order at a slight additional cost. 
See price list for exact prices. 

No. 17 Combination Storm and Screen Door 

Made of Selected White Pine, Ij^-inch thick. 
Screen panel, wired with 14-Mesh Galvan- 
ized Wire Cloth. Storm panel for one large 
light of glass. 

The screen panel and storm panel for glass are both 
removable and can be interchanged in a few seconds. 
No. 17 — Price Per Dozen For Regular Sizes 
Weight per dozen 500 lbs. 

No. 18 


1^' thick, Clear White Pine, Un- 
finished, 14-mesh Galvanized 
Wire Cloth 

Notice the artistic design of this 
beautiful combination door. Made 
of 13^'' clear white pine, finished 
thickness iys'\ All joints mortised 
and tenoned. 43^'' stiles, wide 
bottom rail, as shown in photo- 
graph. The wire cloth is stretched 
taut and keyed into the screen sash 
so that all rough edges are concealed. 
The keying strips are covered with 
neat half round moulding which 
harmonizes with the moulding strips 
forming the margins of the screen 
sash. Please note that the wire 
cloth is 14-mesh galvanized, and 
will not rust. No high grade door 
of this type should be sold with 
l3lack wire cloth. The storm sash 
is built with marginal design, which 
has proven to be the most popular 
design ever shown. 

All doors are shipped unfinished 
only. No glass is supplied with 
storm sash, although strips are sent 
for fastening in the glass. 

All in all, this is the finest door 
ever offered to the trade, and we 
recommend it most strongly. 

No. 18. 


Regular Sizes 


2' 6"x6' 6" 


2' 8"x6' 8" 

5" X 5" 

2' 10'' X 6' 10" 


3' 0"x7' 0" 


Combination Storm and Screen Door 

'' thick, Clear White Pine, Unfinished 
14-niesh Galvanized Wire Cloth 

Sizes of Glass 
Top and Bottom Sides Centre 

7H"x5" 20^" X 5" 20^" x ly^" 

9M"x5" 21^" X 5" 21^" X 93^" 

113^" X 5" 22^" X 5" 22^" X 113^" 

133^" X 5" 233^" X 5" 23^" X 133^" 

Storm Doors 

WITH coal so expensive and 
hard to get, people these 
days are eager to adopt any 
good scheme of saving fuel in their 
homes. During the last two or 
three seasons more people than ever 
have been using Brantford Storm 
Doors and Combination Doors. A 
storm door in the winter time is as 
essential as a screen door in the 
summer. By making a cushion of 
air between the house door and the 
storm door, the heat from inside 
does not waste away through the 
cracks around the doors and the 
cold winds and snow can't force 
their way into the house from out- 
side. The saving in fuel alone more 
than pays for a storm door. 

Brantford Storm Doors are neat 
looking and add to the appearance 
of any house. They are strongly 
constructed of best quality lumber, 
joints firmly glued and nailed to- 
gether, finished grained quartered 
oak, and coated with high-grade 
weather-resisting varnish. The best 
built storm door on the market. 

Storm Doors 

No. 5 — Grained only. 

No. 9 — Grained. Filled and Varnished. 

Price per doz. 

Made in Regular Sizes Only. 

Sizes of Doors Sizes of Glass 

2 ft. 6 in. X 6 ft. 6 in. 12 in. x 16 in. 

2 ft. 8 in. X 6 ft. 8 in. 14 in. x 18 in. 

2 ft. 10 in. X 6 ft. 10 in. 16 in. x 20 in. 

3 ft. X 7 ft. 18 in. x 22 in. 

Weight per do?eo ?(bQi|<. 380 lbs. 

This man needs a Ventilator in the window. 

SAVES curtains, floors 
and furniture from de- 
struction by rain or snow, 
and at the same time guards 
your health against danger- 
ous draughts. 

The Brantford Window Ventilator 

During the cold windy nights in the fall and 
winter Brantford Window Ventilators are needed 
in every home. They are made to fit in the 
window like a fly screen, but instead of having 
wire cloth they are covered with strong, buff- 
colored canvas cloth, specially treated. This 
lets the fresh air into the bedrooms but keeps 
out the snow, sleet and rain, and prevents 
dangerc^is cold draughts from blowing through 
the house. 

It is a national habit now for people to sleep 
all year 'round with their windows open, and 
with a ventilator in the window they can let in 
lots of pure fresh air without having their floors, 
curtains and furniture ruined by sleet, snow, 
wind or dust. 

Made in four different sizes so as to fit any 

Height Closed Open 

No. 150 9 in. 20 in. 32 in. 

No. 200 9 in. 26 in. 44 in. 

No. 250 13 in. 20 in. 32 in. 

No. 300 13 in. 26 in. 44 in. 

Crated in dozens and half dozens. 

Weight per dozen about 30 lbs. 

This window has a Ventilator in it 

THERE is no other 
article on the market 
like it. Made solidly of 
strong, bufF-colored canvas 
cloth, it withstands all the 
weather elements, and is 
good for long service. 

Combination Doors 

THE Combination Storm and 
Screen Door is the best and 
most economical solution to 
the problem of keeping out flies in 
summer and snow and cold in winter. 
One set of hinges and hardware to 
hang the door — and the job is done. 
In summer, the screen panel lets in 
air and keeps out flies. When win- 
ter comes, change the screen panel 
for the storm panel — a half-min- 
ute's job — and the glass lets in the 
sunlight but keeps out the cold 
wintry winds and snow. 

There are four sturdy models to 
choose from — numbers 10 and 15 
are 1}/^' thick, finished grained 
quartered oak, filled and varnished. 
Number 17 is IJ/g'^ thick, made of 
cleau*, white pine, finished light, 
filled and varnished, or in the white. 
Number 18 is the finest combination 
door on the market, built l%" thick 
of clear, white pine, unfinished only. 

Read the full descriptions and see 
photographs on the other side of 
this folder. 

2m, 11-27-H.