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Instruction Manual 


A Special Message From 
Captain Commando 

Thank you for selecting 1943 from the 

1943 is thrilling and dynamic, a game that features 
powerful, high-resolution graphics from CAPCOM, the 
premier worldwide arcade-game designer. 

This high-quality DISK PAK has been manufactured 
to meet CAPCOM’s rigid quality specifications 
for excellence, assuring long-lasting playing 
satisfaction game after game. 



Safety Precautions 

Please take time to read the important instructions in this booklet. 

We recommend that you read it thoroughly, observing and complying 
with the safety precautions before you begin your challenging experience 
with 1943. It’s your personal guarantee to greater satisfaction over a long 
period of time. 

1 . Avoid subjecting the DISK PAK to extreme temperature variances. 
Store at room temperature. 

2 . Avoid touching with fingertips. Re-insert DISK PAK in its protec¬ 
tive jacket to keep clean and avoid scratching. 

3 . Do not bend. 

4 . Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other strong clean¬ 
ing agents can damage the DISK PAK. 

5 . For best results, play the game a distance away from your televi¬ 
sion set. 

6 . Pause for 10 to 20 minutes after two hours or more of continuous 
game playing. This will extend the performance of your DISK PAK. 

7 . Do not place this DISK PAK on or near a television set. Exposure to 
the magnetic fields of the picture tube could result in damage to the 

The 1943 Story 

It’s been two years since the Japanese sneak attack of Pearl Harbor. 
Since then, top U.S. scientists, engineers and aviators have been develop¬ 
ing a high-performance aircraft that could turn the tide in the Pacific 

Now the first P-38X is ready for battle. And you’ve been tapped to 
pilot it. 

You face overwhelming odds. A solo flight deep into jaws of the 
enemy. There’s no wingman to cover for you—only your skill, experience 
and raw nerve. Will it be enough? Here’s your chance to relive and 
remake history, as you encounter incredible firepower from bombers, 
battleships and kamikaze aces. 

Loading Procedures: Atari ST 

Insert disk, turn on the computer and the game will load automati¬ 
cally. To start the game, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 

Loading Procedures: 

Commodore 64 

Type: load, *, 8,1, and the game will automatically load. To start the 
game, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 

Loading Procedures: IBM 

Start in drive A. Type 1943, then return. To start the game, follow 
the instructions that appear on the screen. 

Joystick Controls 

The P-38X is a remarkably easy plane to maneuver, yet the true test 
will involve your skill and timing, as you confront seemingly impossible 
odds. The joystick controls are: 

■ Push up to maneuver plane higher on the screen. 

■ Pull down to maneuver plane lower on the screen. 

■ Push right to move plane right. 

■ Push left to move plane left. 

■ The fire button operates all weapons. 

Game Play 

Increase the firepower of your P-38X by amassing various weapon 
systems during play. Maneuver the plane over these floating weapon sys¬ 
tems to add these new weapons to your arsenal. The P-38X automatically 
implements any newly acquired weapon system. 

1943 consists of several missions. Your ultimate success depends on 
your ability to destroy every last enemy during each mission. 

You’ll need all your skill, and even a little luck. Good flying and good 



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Santa Clara, California 95054 

Atari ST is a registered trademark of Atari, Inc. 

Commodore 64/128 is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd. 
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines, Inc.