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3  1833  01811  9856 


Hon.   ELLERY   BICKNELL  CR  \M  . 

B  >ard  ol   Aldermen   <■■■■•  •     Ri 



OF    THE 












WBtCtfittt,    P»55. 


311     Main     Street. 





Illustrations 4 

Explanation  How  to  Trace  thk  Line  of  Descent 5 

Ersata 6 

Preface 7 

Benjamin  Crane  of  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  and  Descendants  .  9 

John  Crane  of  Coventry,  Conn.,  and  Descendants 241 

Jasper  Crane  of  New  Haven,  Conn.,  and  Newark,  N.  J.,  and 

Descendants 295 

Stephen  Crane  of  Elizabethtown,  N.  J.,  and  Descendants  467 

Addenda ....  557 

Thomas  Crane  of  Richmond,  N.  H.,  and  Descendants  ....  557 

Asa  and  Jesse  Crane  of  Buidport,  Vt.,  and  Descendants  .    .  561 

Moses  Crane  of  Edinburgh,  N.  Y.,  and  Descendants   ....  569 

Moses  Crane  of  N.  Y.  Citt,  Detroit,  Mich.,  and  Descendants  571 

Thomas  G.  Crane  of  Cape  Mat,  N.  J.,  and  Descendants    .    .  572 
Dr.  Joel  Crane  of  Newark,  N.  J.,  and  Sooth  Britain,  Conn., 

and  Descendants 573 

Elijah   Crane    of   N.  Y.    City   and    Adrian,   Mich.,   and   De- 
scendants      573 

John  P.  Crane  of  Newark,  N.  J.,  and  Descendants 574 

Moses  Crane,  who  Married  Lydia  Jones,  and  Descendants  .  574 
Joseph  Crane,   Mifflin    Co.,  Pa.,  who  Married  Mary  Smiley, 

and  Descendants 574 

Capt.  Ambrose  Grain,  Lancaster,  Pa.,  and  Descendants     .    .  577 

John  Craln,  Harrisburg,  Pa.,  and  Descendants 577 

Benjamin  Crain,  Oglethorpe  Co.,  Ga.,  and  Descendants     .   .  578 

Benjamin  Crane,  Harrisburg,  Pa.,  and  Descendants    .    .       .  579 

Andrew  Crain,   Pa.,  and   Descendants 579 

Lewis  Chane,  Newark,  N.  J.,  and  Descendants    .       ...  579 
George  Crane,  who  Married   Catharine    Quiggle,    Pa.,    and 

Descendants 580 

Thomas  Crane,  St.  Mary's  Co.,  Md.,  and  Descendants    ...  582 

Judge  Peter  W.  Crane,  Baltlmore,  Md 583 

Capt.  John  Crain,  Fauquier  Co.,  Va 584 

Lewis  Crain,  Hampshire  Co.,   W.  Va 589 

James  Crain,  Stanton, Va 589 

William  Crane  of  Memphis,  Tenn 590 

Thomas  Crane  of  Va 590 

James  Crane  of  N.  C 590 

Richard  Crane  of   Va 591 

Abel  Crain  and  Orange  Crain  ...        591 

Index  I.  to  Cranes,  Descendants  of  Benjamin        593 

I.  to  Intermarriages  of  Benjamin's  Descendants  .    .    .  601 

II.  to  Cranes,  Descendants  of  John 611 

II.  to  Intermarriages  of  Descendants  of  John   ....  614 

III.  to  Cranes,  Descendants  of  Jasper 616 

III.  to  Intermarriages  of  Jasper's  Descendants  ....  625 

IV.  to  Cranes,  Descendants  of  Stephen 630 

IV.  to  Intermarriages  of  Stephen's  Descendants    .    .    .  636 

V.  to  Cranes  in  Addenda 639 



iBRAM    KlTCHELL   CRANE     .              402 

2  Addison  Muses  Crane         ...          .  206 

3  Anna  s.  Crane ...  226 

4  Azor  Belden  Chine          .           .    .                       198 

5.  Charles  Eugene  Crane      .   .          .             .          22; 

6  Clara  Fidelia     Crane     Wachtkii    .                         ....  397 

7.  David  Orvllle  Crane       ...                                        ...  22il 

Doiiothy  Norton  (Taylor    Law                  .   .              ...  403 

9.  Edna  Crane .                  ....  227 

10.  Edward  Lewis  Crane .    .                  .    .  400 

11.  Ellery  Bicknell  Crane  .   Opposite  Title  Pane. 

12.  Frank  Snow  Crane   ...                             227 

13.  Franklin  Loomis   Crane                       186 

11  Franklin  Loomis  Crank,  3d                                  22t! 

15.  Gabriel  Crane          395 

16.  George  Beldbn  Crane     .   .       .                    203 

17.  George  Woolsky  Crane           •   •  227 

1-  Harrison  Horton  Crane                      .          462 

19.  Harry  J.  Crane 187 

Henry  Jarvts  Crane     .       .                            .          443 

21.  Henry  Lewis  Crane 444 

Homer  Crane  Blake     .    .           151 

23.  Horace  Alonzo  Crane     .    .    .          238 

24.  Ira  Crane  ...           .                   230 

25.  James  Harvey  Crane                            ... 44:! 

26.  James  Madison   Crani             440 

27.  Jesse  Howell  Crane           .   .          187 

28  Joslah  Elmer  Crane         .       .   .    .    ■      .       .          439 

29.  .Iosiah  Leonard  Crane    .    .  ■   •   •       .399 

30.  Lydia  Owen  Crai.n  Tenney 180 

II.  Mary  Elizabeth  Crane 226 

2.  Solomon  Crane .  ■ 446 

33.  Thaddeds  Crane  House 50 

34.  Thomas  Henry   Crane 522 

;'.."..  William  Alfred  Crank   ...                  404 

36.  William  Crane  Hocse         313 

37.  William   Henry  Crane                     439 


Two  Indexes  have  been  prepared  for  descendants  of  each  of  the 
four  progenitors.  One  giving  the  Christian  names  of  Cranes,  the  other, 
names  of  persons  who  have  intermarried  with  them ;  alphabetically 

Also  an  index  of  Christian  names  of  Cranes  found  in  the  Addenda. 
In  looking  for  a  certain  name,  unless  you  know  to  which  line  the 
person  belongs  it  will  be  necessary  to  examine  each  of  the  Ave  indexes. 

The  number  after  the  name  is  the  consecutive  number.  Turn  to  this 
number  in  the  body  of  the  book  and  you  will  find  the  person's  family 
record.  If  the  person  had  no  family  the  number  will  refer  to  the  birth 
under  the  parent's  name.  If  the  Index  does  not  give  the  name  sought, 
And  n;ime  of  the  parent,  and  look  through  the  list  of  the  children. 
Some  names  came  too  late  for  numbering.  Where  there  are  several 
names  alike,  the  year  of  birth  placed  before  the  name  may  help  to 
indicate  the  one  sought. 

The  bracketed  [ — ]  number  after  the  name  of  a  parent  refers  to  the 
number  where  the  person  appears  as   a  child.     After  the  name  of  a 

parent  the  pedigree  is  indicated  in  parentheses  ( )  with  small  figures 

above,  showing  to  what  generation  the  name  helongs,  and  giving  the 
names  back  as  far  as  the  progenitor  of  the  line. 

The  following  abbreviations  have  been  used:  b.  for  born,  m.  for 
married,  unm.  for  unmarried,  (s.  settled),  d.  for  died. 


Page  37,  5th  line,  read  Glastonbury  for  Glassenbury. 
Page  120,  3d  line,  read  Parmele  for  Parnele. 
Page  150,  5th  to  11th  line,  read  without  parentheses. 
Page  189,  1st  line,  read  Mary  for  Maria. 

Page  190,  34th  line,  read  Edward  Martin  for  Edward  Norton. 
Page  302,  last  two  lines,  read  Huntington  after  Samuel  and  Hannah. 
Page  323,  29th  line,  read  Croes  for  Cross. 
Page  333,  last  line,  read  William  for  Hugh. 
Page  345,  after  698,  Hannah  Crane,  read  [265]. 
Page  370,  after  1132-2,  read  Frances  for  Kraucis. 
Page  374,  after  1184,  Timothy  Dwight  Crane,  read  [588]. 
Page  385,  3d  line  from  bottom,  read  3  sons  and  2  daughters. 
Page  386,  in  3d  line,  read  8  children  for  6  children. 
Page  386,  after  1452-8,  read  Davis  for  Davie. 
Page  430,  after  2223,  Stephen,  omit  V. 

Page  465,  after  2741,  Isabel  W.  Crane,  read  [2570]   for  [2624] 
Page  465,  after  2742,  Bessie  K.  Crane,  read  [2571],  for  [2625]. 
Page   486,    6th  line   from   bottom,    read    Erastus    D.    Crosfleld    for 
Erastus  P.  Crosrield.     309-4,  after  Orpha  M.  read  Erastus  D. 
Page  387,  315-10,  after  Samuel,  read  T.  for  F. 
Page  488,  365-6,  omit  in  before  the  word  Boston. 
Page  489,  392-4,  read  Bragaw  for  Brown. 
Page  490,  408-2,  omit  the  words  no  children. 
Page  490,  414-2,  read  Heyt  for  Keyt. 

Page  496,  530,  after  William  Crane,  read  [213]  for  [212]. 
Page  510,  757-6,  omit  all  after  M.  Moore. 
Page  510,  759-8,  omit  all  after  Sarah  Briggs. 
Page  542,  1402,  after  Ann  Maria  Crane,  read  [919]  for  [917] 


VOLUME  I.  of  the  Crane  Family  Genealogy,  published  in  1895, 
contains  an  article  on  Origin  of  the  name  Crane;  copies  of 
five  different  armorials  belonging  to  the  family ;  a  sketch  of  the 
Crane  family  in  England,  with  pedigrees  covering  thirteen  genera- 
tions, and  a  brief  reference  to  the  first  of  the  name  who  came  to 
New  England,  together  with  Henry  Crane  of  Wethersfield  and 
Guilford.  Conn.,  and  his  descendants  of  nine  generations;  a  list 
of  Cranes  who  served  in  Connecticut  as  lawmakers  and  public 
officials  ;  also  a  list  of  members  of  the  family  who  served  in  the 
French  and  Indian,  as  well  as  the  Revolutionary  war,  from 
that  State.  There  has  been  considerable  delay  in  issuing  the 
second  volume,  and  no  doubt  some  interested  persons  have 
become  impatient  to  see  the  work  in  print.  But  the  task 
of  tracing  the  lines  from  live  different  progenitors  has  been 
no  easy  one.  Special  care  has  been  exercised  in  keeping  each 
line  of  descendants  independent  of  the  other,  although  they 
have  in  some  instances  intermarried,  and  in  many  cases  resided 
for  years  in  close  proximity  to  each  other.  Volume  II.  has 
exceeded  in  size  our  most  sanguine  expectations,  for  the 
reason  that  the  descendants  of  Jasper  and  Stephen  Crane  of 
New  Jersey  have  so  willingly  assisted  in  supplying  records 
from  private  sources  that  could  in  no  other  way  be  furnished. 
The  early  public  records  of  New  Jersey,  so  far  as  the  writer's 
experience  extends,  furnish  a  very  unsatisfactory  field  for  the 
genealogist.  During  the  early  settlements  there  seems  to  have 
been  no  fixed  system  for  recording  births,  marriages  and  deaths 
for  preservation.  Probate  Records  have  supplied  the  greater 
portion  of  the  early  records  for  the  descendants  of  Jasper  and 
Stephen  Crane.  Some  of  the  early  church  records,  from  which 
much  was  expected,  were  found  to  have  been  destroyed  by  fire. 
The  lack  of  dates  has  caused  a  vast  amount  of  trouble  in  estab- 
lishing the  identity  of  certain  members  of  the  family.     "Where 

there  seemed  any  doubt  of  the  identification  it  has  been  ex- 
pressed in  the  context  or  by  a  foot-note. 

Although  the  writer  has  given  a  vast  amount  of  time,  and  a 
considerable  sum  from  his  means  in  prosecuting  this  work,  still 
he  is  fully  aware  how  difficult  is  the  task  of  collecting  material 
and  compiling  a  work  of  this  nature,  and  presenting  it  free  from 
inaccuracies.  Every  effort  has  been  made  to  avoid  errors,  and 
wherever  different  dates  or  conflicting  statements  have  been 
received  regarding  the  same  event,  which  has  frequently  been 
the  case,  careful  investigation  has  followed  in  order  to  determine 
if  possible  the  correct  statement  to  be  used  in  the  book.  To 
the  many  friends  who  have  in  any  way  contributed  to  the 
encouragement  of  this  work  the  writer  would  here  express  his 
profound  gratitude.  Among  the  names  of  those  who  have 
given  special  aid  in  its  prosecution  may  be  mentioned  :  Rev. 
Elias  Nettleton  Crane.  Rev.  Oliver  Crane  and  James  Eells 
Crane,  all  deceased;  the  latter  died  Nov.  19,  1893,  in  Phila- 
delphia, Pa.  ;  William  M.  Crane,  Greenville,  Mich.  ;  Stephen  S. 
Crane,  Maple  Hill  Farm,  High  Ridge,  Conn.  ;  Harrison  Horton 
Crane,  Middletown.  N.  Y.  ;  Augustus  S.  Crane,  Elizabeth,  N.  J.  ; 
Miss  A.  J.  Reed,  Carmel,  N.  Y.  ;  Dorothy  N.  Law,  Dixon,  111.  ; 
Anna  Russell  Vance,  Milwaukee,  Wis.  ;  Henry  Harmon  Noble, 
Albany,  N.  Y. ;  Horatio  Grain,  Key  West,  Fla.  :  and  J.  M. 
Crane,  Kingwood,  West  Va. 

Records  of  several  families  needing  further  proof  to  define 
their  position  in  the  body  of  the  book  have  been  placed  in  the 
Addenda  with  the  hope  that  some  of  the  descendants  may  be 
able  to  find  the  connecting  link.  In  some  instances  the  peculiar 
spelling  of  names  has  been  retained,  believing  members  of  the 
families  would  prefer  to  have  them  presented  in  that  way. 


Worcester,  Mass. 
January,  1900. 


Windsor  was  probably  the  first  town  settled  in  Connecticut  by 
the  English,  and  Wethersfield  next.  The  former  made  its 
beginuing  in  the  year  1633  and  the  latter  in  1634.  The  people 
who  planted  these  towns  were  almost  without  exception  from 
Massachusetts.  In  the  year  1621  and  for  many  years  thereafter 
practically  all  settlers  bound  for  New  England  lauded  in  the 
colony  of  New  Plymouth  or  Massachusetts,  and  emigrated  from 
there  to  the  various  settlements  of  their  choice.  For  several 
years  Windsor,  Wethersfield  and  Hartford  proved  the  chief 
attractions  for  settlers  locating  west  of  the  Connecticut  River, 
although  a  few  planted  themselves  at  Saybrook.  Many  of  those 
who  early  settled  at  Wethersfield  came  from  Watertown,  Mass., 
while  the  towns  of  Cambridge  and  Dorchester  furnished  a  con- 
siderable number  of  the  families  for  Windsor,  and  Newtown 
furnished  some  for  Hartford.  The  emigrants  from  Dorchester, 
Mass.,  named  their  town  Dorchester,  now  Windsor.  Wethersfield 
was  called  Watertown,  and  Hartford  was  called  Newtown.  But 
at  the  meeting  of  the  General  Court  of  the  Connecticut  colony 
in  1637  the  present  name  was  decided  upon  and  adopted.  This, 
however,  was  not  the  first  session  of  the  General  Court  of 
this  colony      Their  first  session  was  held  April  26,  1636. 

Rev.  Henry  Smith  was  the  first  settled  minister  in  Wethersfield  ; 
came  there  about  the  year  1636,  but  was  not  installed  until  the 
year  1640  or  1644.  and  died  1648. 

The  early  records  of  Wethersfield  are  exceedingly  interesting 
and  voluminous,  yet  lack  system  and  completeness.  The  records 
of  births,  with  some  deaths,  are  furnished  from  1635  to  about 
1666  ;  and  after  an  interval  of  some  years  the  record  of  deaths 
is  again  taken  up  with  the  year  1670,  and  the  births  and  mar- 
riages about  the  year  1692.  Subsequent  to  the  year  1700  there 
seems  to  have  been  a  more  complete  system  of  entries  through- 
out all  the  departments.  On  the  whole,  however,  the  records  at 
WTethersfield  are  perhaps  in  as  good  condition  in  all  respects  and 


are  as  well  preserved  as  the  average  of  the  early  New  England 
towns.  The  entries  of  dates  of  births  of  children  of  Benjamin 
Crane  senior  were  apparently  made  eight  years  subsequent  to  the 
last  birth,  and  records  of  lands  assigned  to  or  owned  by  Benja- 
min Crane,  senior,  in  one  or  two  instances,  were  also  apparently 
entered  some  years  after  possession  had  been  given ;  a  fact 
which,  to  say  the  least,  shows  a  slack  method  of  making  import- 
ant records  during  the  early  life  of  the  town.  But  the  des- 
cendants of  this  progenitor  may  congratulate  themselves  that  so 
much  has  been  recorded  and  preserved  to  be  used  by  them  in 
rearing  their  genealogical  tree. 


1.  Benjamin  Crane,  was  in  Wethersfleld,  Conn.,  as  early  as 
1655,  and  may  have  been  there  a  few  years  earlier.  According 
to  the  Records  of  the  Particular  Court,  held  at  Hartford,  March, 
1655,  he  is  defendant  in  a  civil  suit  with  John  Sadler,  pltf. ;  also 
in  June,  1656,  he  is  defendant  in  another  suit  with  Richard 
Montague.  He  was  born  about  1630;  was  made  freeman  May 
12,  1658,  at  Wethersfleld.  It  is  not  positively  known  from 
whence  he  came  to  Wethersfleld,  'but  Hinman  in  his  "  History  of 
Connecticut  Settlers  "  seems  to  think  that  he  came  from  Massachu- 
setts, which  statement  all  investigations  thus  far  seem  to  warrant. 
February  24,  1656,  the  town  gave  him  a  home  lot  of  21-  acres, 
more  or  less,  bounded  by  the  Common  N.  W.,  a  brook  and  the 
home  lot  of  John  Graves  N.  E.,  the  Common  S.  E.,  the  high- 
way S.  W.  He  also  bought  John  Dixon's  or  Dickenson's  land  in 
the  West  Field,  Sept.  14,  1664.  The  latter  is  said  to  have 
removed  to  Hadley  1659  or  1660.  It  appears  that  this  last  men- 
tioned tract  of  land  was  that  on  which  the  late  home  of  Sam'l 
Coleman,  deceased,  stands,  on  Mud  Lane.  It  was  there  when  Mr. 
Crane  built  his  dwelling-house  and  tanneries.  The  house  was  one 
of  the  six  houses  fortified  by  vote  of  the  town  in  1704.  The  town 
also  gave  him  three  acres  of  land  on  Beaver,  now  Tando's, 
Brook,  in  1660;  served  as  juror  1664  :  drew  land  in  the  allot- 
ment of  1670,  and  purchased  land  of  Daniel  Rose,  Dec.  8,  1671. 
Jauuary  15,  1673,  he  is  rated  among  inhabitants  of  Wethersfleld 
to  pav  the  town  0-4-5£;  acquires  more  land  next  south  of  Job 
Whiteomb's,  February  22,  1680,  March  25,  1680,  July  13,  1680; 
under  latter  date  the  land  is  located  on  the  Connecticut  River 
on  road  to  Middletown  and  road  to  Rocky  Hill. 

May,  1682,  Benjamin  Crane  with  others  petitioned  the  Gen- 
eral Court  for  liberty  to  "  erect  a  plantation  in  the  Wabaynassit 
country"  (Windham  County).  It  was  proposed  to  have  a 
'•  Town  Grant  "  ten  miles  square. 

He  married  Mary  Backus,  daughter  of  William  and  Sarah 
(Charles)  Backus,  April  23,  1655,  and  carried  on  the  tanning 
business  about  a  mile  below  the  village  on  the  Middletown  road. 
The  spot  for  many  years  has  been  known  as  "Old  Crane's 
Tannery  Place."  At  his  death.  May  31,  1691,  his  son  John 
succeeded  to  the  business.     She  died  July  8,  1717.     Children: 

2—1.     Benjamin,  born  March  1,  1656;  drowned  June  20,  U!93. 
3—2.     Jonathan,  bom  December  1,  1053. 
4—3.     Joseph,  born  April  1,  1661. 


5 — 4.  John,  born  April  30,  1663. 

6—5.  Elijah,  born  1G65. 

7  —  6.  Abraham,  born  1668. 

8 — 7.  Jacob,  born  1670. 

9  — S.  Israel,  born  November  I,  1671. 

10  — a.  Mary,  born  1673. 

August  22,   1689. 

To  al4  Christian  persons  to  -whom  this  present  writing  shall 
come.  Greeting.  Know  ye  that  Benjamin  Crane  senior  of 
Wethersfield  co  Hartford  in  his  magesties  Territory  and  Domin- 
ion of  New  England  in  America,  husbandman,  for  and  in 
consideration  of  the  love  and  affection  that  he  hath  and  beareth 
to  his  beloved  son  John  Crane  of  Wethersfield  aforesaid.  Tanner, 
and  for  and  in  consideration  that  the  said  John  Crane  shall  pay  unto 
the  said  Benjamin  Crane  the  full  and  just  sum  of  three  pounds  in 
good  and  merchantable  corn  or  pork  at  the  current  price  yearly 
every  year  during  the  natural  life  of  said  Benjamin  Crane  and  for 
and  in  consideration  that  if  the  said  Benjamin  Crane  shall  see 
cause  to  build  a  well  on  his  own  land  for  the  conviency  of  his 
new  dwelling  house  at  any  time  before  his  or  his  wife's  decease 
that  the  said  John  Crane  is  to  bear  and  pay  half  the  charges  and 
cost  of  the  same  and  for  divers  other  good  causes  and  considera- 
tions herein  the  said  Benjamin  Crane  hereunto  hath  given, 
granted,  bargained,  assigned  set  over  and  confirmed  and 
doth  by  these  presents  fully  clearly  and  absolutely  give,  grant, 
bargaiu  assign,  set  over  and  confirm  unto  the  said  John 
Crane  and  unto  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever  all  the  estate  right 
title,  interest,  use,  property,  possession,  claim  and  demand  what- 
ever the  said  Benjamin  Crane  hath  or  to  come  might,  ought 
or  should  have  in  or  to  one  piece  of  land  situated  in  the  bounds 
of  Wethersfield. 

Signed  Feby.  28,  168S.  Benjamin   B  C  Crane,   Senior. 

Uis  mark. 

Under  date  of  August  22,  1689,  we  find  the  following: 
To  all  Christian  people  to  whom  this  writing  shall  come, 
Greeting,  Know  ye  that  Benjamin  Crane  senior  of  Wethersfield 
husbandman,  for  and  in  consideration  of  the  love  &c  for  his  sou 
John  Crane  of  Wethersfield  Tanner,  for  and  in  consideration  of 
the  said  John  Crane  shall  pay  to  said  Benjamin  Crane  three 
pounds  in  good  and  merchantable  corn  or  pork  at  the  current  price 
yearly  every  year  during  the  natural  life  of  said  Benjamin  Crane 
and  Mary  the  now  wife  of  said  Benjamin  Crane  I  hereby  give  a 
part  of  the  land  where  I  live  thirteen  and  one  half  rods  in 
length  from  highway  west  to  land  of  said  Benjamin  Crane,  one 
and  one  half  rod  at  east  end  and  seven  and  one  half  rods  wide 
at  west  end  and  joinds  on  land  of  Sgt  John  Kilnborne,  with  all 
workhouses,  tan  vats,  water  courses  &c  orchard  trees  &c 

Benjamin   B  C  Crane. 

Ms  mark. 


About  two  years  later  Benjamin  Crane,  senior,  died,  and  two 
years  and  twenty  days  from  the  date  of  his  death  his  son 
Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  was  drowned. 

February  13,  1692,  an  inventory  of  the  estate  of  Benjamin 
senior,  deceased,  was  returned  by  his  brother  Henry  Crane  of 
Guilford  and  Killingworth,  Conn.,  Jonathan  Deming  and 
Nathaniel  Foot.  Amount  of  the  real,  408  pounds;  personal, 
150  pounds. 

September  7,  1693,  an  account  of  the  estate  was  exhibited  in 
court,  and  the  widow,  with  James  Treat,  appointed  to  administer 
on  the  estate.  March  13,  1693-4  the  division  was  ordered; 
widow  to  have  one-third,  Benjamin,  the  eldest  son,  two  parts, 
each  of  the  other  children  oue  part ;  Mr.  James  Treat,  Lieut. 
Henry  Crane  and  Mr.  Nathaniel  Foot,  or  any  two  of  them,  to 
divide  it. 

An  iuueutory  of  the  Estate  of  Beniamin  Crane  sener  who 
Decesed  May  ye  31  in  the  year  1691.  now  93 

£       s       d 

In  cash  Ss  and  apparell  £8  all  att.  08 08 

the  best  bed  and  bedstad  with  furniture  10 — 00 

One  down  bed  and  bedstead  and  furniture  to  it        05 — 10 

the  bed  and  bedstead  in  the  chamber  and  furniture  02 — 10 

to  one  fether  bed  and  bedstad  with  the  furniture  05 — 10 

11  One  couerlid  and  rugg  and  blankit  01 — 05 

"  6  pilows  bears  12s  and  6  napkins   14s  and  table 

cloaths  12s  01 18 

"  aleaueu  sheets  at  £5  and  2  bras  cetels  at  £4  10s      09—10 
"  One  warming  pan   8s   oue   frying   pan  4s.   Stil- 

yards   12s  01—04 

"  One  great  Iron  pot  18s  one  pot  10s  a  little  pot  5s 

Iron  Kettle  5s  01 ;,s 

"  tramiell  and  tongs  10s  2  tin  pans  4s  2  tables  15s     01—09 

"  puter  £3  15s  one  hechel  5s  earthen  ware  3s  6d         04 — 03 06 

'•  Wooden  dishes  and  bonis  and  treushers  00 08 

"  3  paels  6s  and  chars  and  cushens  £1   04s  01 10 

"  chest  9s  and  Wheals  8s  bareals  in  seler  £1  01—17 

••  one  balel  pork,  one  barel  beefe  05 15 

"  to  barels  in  the  chamber  and  meal  troughs  meal 

sines  01—02 

"  Anns  and  amunishion  £4  one  timber  chain  £1  5s    05 — 05 
••  old  Iron  8s  branding  Iron  Is  one  short  chain  3s 

spaid  3s  ]5 

"  Axes  9s  one  pillion  12s  one  sadle  10s  one  sadle 

one  pannel  10s  smoothing  Iron  and  lamp  5s  and 

01  —  14 

1 ks   £1   20  bushel  wheat  £4    20  bushel 

£-  10s  07—10—00 


to  cart  and  wheals  with  the  Iron   work   yoak    and 

cart  rope  03 — 00 — 00 

"  2  collers  and  2  hors  chans  £1  10s  plow  Irons  03 — 15 

"  2  Oxen  £11  10s  2  three  year  old   steers   £6   one  ' 

steer  £2  19—10 

"  2  cows  £8  and  one  cow  £3  10s  and  one  heifer  £2     13 — 10 
"  One  mare  and  colt  £3  10s  one  hors  £4  one  gray 

hors  £5  12—10 

"  one  brake  4s  one  bell  4s  two  hoghs  and  one  fork 

00s  00—14 

"  to  swine  £2  15s  and  crop  on  the  gronnde  £6  8 — 15 

"  a  hay  knife  and  ^  of   crosecott  saw   ami    pease 

hooks  1 0 

"  3  sheep  £1  10s  01—10 

this  inuentory  was  taken  by  us  febrewery  13-1692. 

Henry  Crane 
The  Widow  Johnathan  Deming 

Benjamin  Nathaniel  Foote 


Jo  the  nous  and  homestad  that  is  with  all  the 

Abram       bouldiugs  the  tan  hous  excepted  that  belongs  to 
Jacob         John  which  he  clame  in  his  own  wright  which 
Isreal         is  recorded  to  hime  with  the  land  he  stands 
Elijah        posit  of  in  his  own  wright 
Mary  the  housing  and  barn  with  three  acors 

of  land  at  the  frunt  of  whome  lott  with 
aportinances  100 

L        s       d 
17  acors  of  plowing  land  in   the  whome  lott  120 — 00 — 00 

from    the  highway  that  cros  the  Wests  lott  upon  or 

near   the  West  swamp   hill  containing  sixteen 

acors  or  theirabouts    at  three  pounds  acor  48 — 00 — 00 

the  remainder  of  the  lott  containing  about  ten  acors     10 — 00 — 00 
the  paustar  ioyning  to  John  Wadons  his  whome  lott 

at  ten  pounds  acor  by  estimation  4  acors  40 — 00 — 00 

one  parsel  called   the  nek.   near  becile  meadow   4 

acors  30—00—00 

one  parsel  of  swamp  containing  3  acors  27 

one  parsel  of  land    lying  at  rocke   hill   containing 

twelve  acors  at  20  shillings  per  acor  12 

one  parsel  of  land  one  the  west  sid  conitocut  riuer 

on  lay  dout  >  01 

the  West  lot  containing  fifty  acors  and  the  adission       20 
apised  by  us 
Nathaniel  Foot         ) 
James  Treat  Sener  ) 

We  add  other  entries    which  may  be  of  interest  in  connection 
with  the  settlement  of  this  estate. 


July  10,  1710.  Whereas  Benjamin  Crane  senior  had  a  piece  of 
land  granted  by  the  town  near  Rocky  Hill,  the  court  gave  half  to 
John  and  half  to  Jacob.  Now  John  was  dead,  and  Jacob 
agreed  with  John  Chester  for  the  estate  of  John  Crane,  and 
James  Steel  guardian  for  Josiah,  son  of  John,  to  divide  it, 
Josiah  to  have  the  north  half  and  Jacob  (his  uncle)  to  have  the 
south  part. 

June  11.  1711.  Mary  Crane  of  Wethersfield,  for  the  love  she 
bore  for  her  grandson,  Benonie  Crane,  son  of  Abraham,  gave 
him  1  H  acres,  being  on  or  near  a  place  in  Wethersfield  known  as 
or  called  Cow  Plain,  being  one-half  of  that  lot  laid  out  to  said 
widow  Crane  free  and  clear. 

June  13,  1713.  An  agreement  between  the  heirs  of  Benjamin 
Crane  senior  and  Benjamin.  Jr.  Jonathan  Crane  owned  three 
and  one-half  acres,  for  which  he  was  to  receive  £20  current. 
The  heirs  of  Abraham  Crane  paid  the  £20.  and  Jonathan  Crane 
signed  a  release  to  all  claims  to  the  estate. 

In  the  year  1693  we  find  the  number  of  acres  land  held  by  the 
family  in  Wethersfield.  as  follows  :  Jacob  Crane,  51  acres  10-i 
rods;  John  Crane.  102  acres  15^  rods;  Widow  Mary  Crane,  106 
acres  23  rods;  Israel  Crane,  109  acres  13  rods;  Abraham  Crane, 
116  acres  9^  rods  ;  Joseph  Crane,  163  acres  24  rods. 


11.  Benjamin  Crane'3  [2],  Benjamin' was  chosen  Rate  Maker 
in  1685.  Married  1st  Mary  Chapman,  May  12.  1(386,  Capt. 
Benjamin  Newbury  performing  the  ceremony.  She  died  April  5. 
1687,  aged  22  years.  He  then  married  Martha  Boardman,  horn 
August  12,  1666.  He  was  drowned  June  20,  169:3,  in  his  38th 
year.  His  widow  married  Samuel  Terry  of  Enfield,  June  5, 
1697-8,  Capt.  John  Chester  performing  the  ceremony.  She  died 
May  29,  1743,  in  her  77th  year,  having  had  five  sons  and  a 
daughter  by  her  last  marriage. 

Martha,  his  widow,  exhibited  Inventory  of  estate  of  Benj. 
Crane,  Jr.,  January  13,  1693;  was  appointed  administratrix 
1693.     November  5,  1693,  his  estate  inventoried  55 — 13 — 10. 

The  widow  drew  land  at  the  allotment  in  Wethersfield  1694. 
She  was  again  after  her  marriage  appointed  administratrix 
April  19,  1698.     Children: 

12—1.     Benjamin,  born  Nov.  7,  1600;  .1.  Mav,  1093. 

13-2.  Isaac,  born  Aug.  19,  1692.  d.  Sept.  Hi,  1712,  and  left  his  will, 
dated  Sept.  15,  1712;  mentions  his  four  brothers  by  his 
mother,  Widow  Martha,  who  married  Samuel  Terry,  quite 
likely  children  by  Mr.  Terry.  After  his  debts  are  paid  he 
wills  that  his  four  brothers  by  his  mother  have  all  his 
estate  and  to  be  equally  divided,  but  if  any  of  them  are 
sickly  or  weakly  they  should  have  more  than  the  rest,  and 
further  said  that  he  counted  that  they  were  the  uearest 
relatives  that  he  had.  He  appeared  before  the  court  and 
made  choice  of  Lt.  Jonathan  Borman  or  Boardman  as  his 
guardian.  This  Jonathan  was  brother  of  his  mother 
Martha,  and  born  February  4,  1660,  at  Wethersfield.  Lt. 
Jonathan  accepted  the  charge,  and  gave  bond  May  1,  1710. 
May  2,  1711,  he  asked  the  court  to  require  Samuel  Terry  of 
Enfield  and  Martha,  his  wife,  administratrix  on  estate 
late  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  to  render  an  account  of  said 
estate.  October  6,  1712,  court  issued  the  order  to  report 
before  first  Monday  of  June  next.  March  2,  1712-13,  they 
exhibited  the  account.  Nearly  the  whole  estate  had  been 
expended  on  Isaac,  the  only  child  of  said  Benjamin.  May 
4,  1713,  Samuel  and  Martha  were  discharged. 

The  life  of  Benjamin  Crane  [2],  although  brief,  was  rather  an 
eventful  one. 

April  3,  1685,  he  purchased  land  of  John  Ryley,  and  his 
brother  John  Crane  was  witness  to  the  transaction. 

April  14,  1686,  he  took  a  deed  from  Nathaniel  Foot  of  land 
situated  iu  Wethersfield  on  the  Connecticut  River. 


April  14,  1690,  Daniel  Sayre  and  his  wife  Sarah  of  Southamp- 
ton, N.  Y.,  deeded  to  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  "  Tanner,"  land  in 

January  3,  1692,  he  took  a  deed  of  land  situated  in  "South 
field,"  Wethersfield,  of  Thomas  Hosmer  of  Northampton,  Mass. 

July  2,  1692,  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  son  and  heir  of  Benjamin, 
late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  quitclaimed  land  to  his  brother 
Joseph  Crane  dated  "April  19,  in  ye  4th  year  of  y'  reign  of  our 
sovereign  Lord  and  Lady,  William  and  Mary"  (1692).  This 
document  was  witnessed  by  his  brother  John  Crane,  and  to  which 
both  signed  their  full  names.  The  reader  will  notice  that 
Benjamin,  Jr.,  was  also  a  tanner;  in  fact  the  family  seemed  to 
adopt  that  occupation  in  connection  with  the  tilling  of  the  soil, 
Benjamin.  Sr.,  with  his  brother  Henry.  Benjamin,  Jr..  and 
brother  John,  all  being  tanners,  and  there  may  have  been  others 
of  the  family  who  followed  that  line  of  business.  According  to 
accessible  records  Benjamin,  Jr.,  seems  to  have  deferred  his 
marriage  rather  beyond  the  average  for  his  time.  Early  mar- 
riages were  the  custom  as  well  as  rule  in  those  days,  and  to  defer 
such  an  important  event  until  the  age  of  thirty  must  have  required 
no  small  degree  of  independence,  fortified  with  a  record  of  good 
moral  character,  for  Mr.  Royal  R.  Hinman,  the  historian,  tells  us 
that  the  general  court  of  the  Connecticut  colony  ordered  that  no 
young  unmarried  man,  unless  a  public  officer,  or  he  keep  a 
servant,  should  keep  house  alone,  except  by  license  of  the  town, 
under  a  penaltv  of  twenty  shillings  per  week ;  and  that  no  head 
of  a  family  should  entertain  such  young  man  under  a  like  penalty 
without  liberty  from  the  town. 

Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  was  enjoying  the  confidence  of  his  fellow 
townsmen  when  Sir  Edmund  Andros  appeared  as  the  willing  tool 
of  King  James  II.  in  the  capacity  of  Governor  of  New  England, 
and  whose  subsequent  actions,  including  the  demand  for  the 
surrender  of  the  charter  of  Connecticut,  were  so  distasteful  to 
the  people  that  more  or  less  criticism  was  expressed,  sometimes 
it  being  uot  altogether  complimentary  to  the  Governor  and  his 
associates,  and  it  came  to  the  ears  of  the  officials  about  Hartford 
that  Benjamin  Crane  had  used  language  reflecting  upon  then- 
good  name  and  character. 

Those  familiar  with  our  colonial  history  will  remember  that  Sir 
Edmund  Andros,  who  had  been  governor  of  New  York,  arrived 
in  Boston.  December  20,  1686*  with  a  commission  from  King- 
James  II.  for  the  government  of  New  England,  apparently  the 
object  being  to  bring  all  the  various  colonies  under  one  govern- 
ment, he  to" be  governor-in-chief,  with  the  seat  of  government  at 

December  22  Andros  wrote  Governor  Robert  Treat  that  he  was 
ready  to  receive  the  surrender  of  the  charter  of  Connecticut  and 

*  History  of  the  Colony  of  Massachusetts  Bay.— Hutchinson. 


assume  control  of  all  New  England.  Governor  Treat  replied 
that  his  people  were  loyal  people  of  his  majesty,  and  wished  to 
continue  as  such,  and  should  submit  to  his  majesty's  royal  com- 
mands, even  if  it  be  to  conjoin  his  colony  with  the  other  colonies 
and  provinces.  A  very  courteous  letter,  but  rather  non-com- 
mittal. June  13,  1687,  Andros  again  wrote,  pressing  his  demand 
a  little  harder. 

October  2"2,  1687,  he  wrote,  demanding  annexation.  October 
31  he  appeared  in  Hartford  at  the  head  of  a  troop  of  soldiers, 
and  formally  took  possession  of  the  colony,  appointed  Governor- 
Robert  Treat  and  Capt.  John  Allen  members  of  his  council,  and 
renewed  his  demand  for  the  charter ;  but  during  the  debate  in 
the  General  Court,  then  assembled  in  Hartford  in  the  evening, 
suddenly  the  lights  were  extinguished  and  the  charter  was  carried 
and  concealed  in  a  hollow  tree  standing  on  the  Willys  estate; 
and  this  tree  was  subsequently  known  as  the  "  Charter  Oak." 

The  people  were  not  willing  to  give  up  their  charter,  upon 
which  all  their  property  rights  and  privileges  as  citizens  were 
based.  They  were  not  pleased  with  the  proposed  changes  in  the 
new  form  of  government.  They  were  willing  to  let  well  enough 
alone.  Dissensions  coutinued,  not  alone  in  Connecticut,  but  in 
Massachusetts  as  well ;  and  after  Andros  had  made  his  tour  on 
through  to  New  York  and  return,  he  reached  Boston  in  October, 
1688,  to  find  that  public  sentiment  had  become  aroused  against 
him  ;  the  revolution  came,  and  he  was  deposed  and  imprisoned. 
Escaping  from  jail  he  fled  to  Rhode  Island,  was  there  re-arrested, 
taken  back  to  Massachusetts,  and  sent  to  England,  and  from 
there  he  went  to  Virginia,  where  he  was  made  governor,  but 
died  in  London,  February  2-i,  1714.  With  the  downfall  of 
Andros,  Where  did  the  power  of  government  rest?  was  the  ques- 
tion that  occupied  the  minds  of  the  people.  Should  the  old 
officers  who  were  in  power  when  Andros  took  possession  be  rein- 
stated, or  new  ones  elected,  and  who  had  authority  to  call  an 
election?  These  were  perplexing  questions  ;  good  people  differed 
as  to  the  proper  course  to  follow.  In  Hartford  there  was  a  sort 
of  public  gathering,  at  which  excitement  ran  high ;  votes  were 
taken  and  doubts  expressed  as  to  the  result,  but  at  last  the  vote 
to  reinstate  old  officers  was  declared  carried,  although  many  per- 
sons doubted  the  correctness  of  that  decision.  Governor  Treat, 
however,  in  October,  1690,  when  challenged  as  to  his  jurisdiction 
in  a  trial  before  the  court  of  assistants,  claimed  the  election  to 
have  been  legal. 

Now  it  seems  that  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr.,  was  among  those  who 
opposed  Andros,  and  his  assistants,  and  therefore  belonged  to 
the  party  for  retaining  the  old  charter.  Andros  was  no  stranger 
to  the  people  of  Connecticut.  For  many  years  while  governor 
of  New  York  he  had  been  harassing  this  colony  with  his  unrea- 
sonable demands,  even  going  to  the  extent  of  appearing  off 
Saybrook.  July  8,  167.3.  with  two  vessels  filled  with  armed    men 


to  press  a  lauding  for  the  purpose  of  taking  possession  of  what 
was  then  one  of  the  chief  ports  of  that  colony,  thus  attempting 
to  rob  the  Connecticut  people  of  valuable  territory,  of  which 
they  had  held  peaceable  possession  for  nearly  forty  years.  This 
bold  action  on  the  part  of  Andros  aroused  the  blood  of  the  Con- 
necticut settlers,  who  were  determined  to  hold  every  foot  of  land 
covered  by  their  charter,  and  so  impressed  the  would-be  usurper 
with  their  firmness  that  he  abandoned  the  scheme  and  went  on 
his  way  for  that  time,  but  to  appear  in  another  i'61e  at  a  later 
date.  Therefore,  in  view  of  the  whole  situation,  it  does  not  at 
this  writing  seem  strange  that  when  Andros  came  again  to  take 
from  them,  as  they  believed,  the  rights  they  enjoyed  under  the  old 
charter  the  people  should  express  their  indignation  and  distrust. 
Many  of  these  gentlemen  were  earnest  and  outspoken,  even 
using  words  of  contempt  for  those  who  were  in  authority  under 
Andros.  Governor  Treat,  who  felt  the  rebuke  most  keenly,  was 
determined  that  the  dignity  of  the  office  should  be  maintained  ; 
therefore,  as  a  warning  to  those  who  would  speak  ill  of  their 
superiors,  an  order  was  issued  for  the  arrest  of  Benjamin  Crane, 
Jr.,  he  perhaps  having  been  the  most  forcible  or  severe  in  his 

Thus  the  persecution  of  Benjamin  Crane  was  instituted,  he 
avoiding  arrest  on  the  ground  of  want  of  jurisdiction.  Those 
claiming  authority  had  received  commissions  from  Andros,  he 
had  been  deposed,  and  they  had  thrown  up  their  commissions  ; 
and  the  question,  whether  or  not  there  had  been  a  legal  election  to 
reinstate  the  present  otticials,  had  not,  in  the  opinion  of  many 
people,  been  fairly  settled. 

A  brief  account  is  given  in  the  following  language  :  "  The  Court 
being  informed  that  Benjamin  Crane  of  Wethersrield  had  spoken 
some  hard  words  of  those  gentlemen  who  had  thrown  up  their 
commissions,  &c,  as  if  they  were  perjured,  &c,  they  thought  there 
was  cause  for  slander  or  defamation,  so  issued  a  warrant  to  bring 
him  into  court.  He  resolved  not  to  fall  into  their  hands, 
absconded,  so  issued  a  special  rit  warrant  as  they  called  it  to  a 
man  that  was  no  officer  to  take  a  file  of  musketeers  (musqueteers) 
and  break  open  his  house  and  serch  for  him  there  and  apreheud 
Benjamin  Crane  and  bring  him  into  court.  The  honest  man 
with  the  warrant  did  not  know  what  to  do.  The  people  were 
enraged,  and  he  was  liable  to  be  imprisoned  if  he  did  not  act. 
So  he  sends  Benjamin  notice  of  it,  and  then  goes  with  soldiers  to 
the  house.  Benjamin's  wife  being  big  with  child  near  her  time, 
and  naturally  afraid  of  guns,  kept  the  door  shut  against  them, 
and  told  them  her  husband  was  not  in  the  house.  But  while 
their  leader  was  at  the  other  end  of  the  house  some  of  the  com- 
pany fetched  a  log  to  break  the  door.  She,  not  thinking  they 
would  break  in  the  door,  sat  where  she  was  near  to  it.  Her 
brother,  seeing  them  bring  the  log,  told  his  sister;  she  no  sooner 
removed  than  the  log  came  violeutlv  against  the  door  and  break 


it,  anrl  in  they  rushed  with  their  arms,  frightening  her  almost  to 
death.  Some  of  the  men  were  ashamed,  others  very  impudent. 
They  found  not  Benjamin.  This  woman,  though  young  and  nat- 
urally robust,  on  account  of  the  fright  had  a  long  and  severe 
delivery,  and  a  long  infirmity  after  it." 

This  attempt  to  apprehend  Mr.  Crane  must  have  been  made  in 
the  autumn  of   1690. 

In  the  court  records  we  find  the  following : 

Cocrt  Hartford,  Nov.  28,  1690. 
Col.  Roet.  Treat,  Esq.,  Governor. 
Whereas  the  court  October  last  had  complaint  made  to  them  of 
Benjamin    Crane  of  his    notorious  obsine  speaking  against  the 
authority's.  The  said  court  ordered  that  as  soon  as  they  may,  call 
him  to  account,  and  punish  him  for  the  same,  which  by  the  court 
was  attended  to,  and  the  court  called  said  Crane  to  appear  before 
them,   and   showed   him   his   charge   which   was    for  saving   the 
authority  was  a  company  of  fore  sworn  wretches,  that  it  was  not 
of  the  King  nor  of  God  but  of  the  Divile,  which  he  aeknowledth 
in  his  passion  he  did  say,  and  also  his  wishing  himself  anethema 
maranatha  and  that  his  soule  may  perish  to  all  eternity  if  he  sub- 
mitted to  this  government  which  was  testified  against  him  which 
he  acknowledged  he  submitted  to  the  testimonie,   and    the    court 
having  considered   the  case   and   the   circumstances    thereof  Do 
judge  him   worthy   of  severe    punishment   as  could  lie  well  laid 
upon  him,  yet  willing  to  be  favorable  as   may   be,    Do  sentance 
the  said  Benjamin  Crane  to  pay  a  fine  of  £15  to  the  treasurer  of 
this  country  and  that  the  said  Crane  be  committed  to  prison  there 
to  continue  till  the  said  15  lbs  is  paid  and  at  his  release  he  is  to 
give  a  £50  bond  with  sufficient  security  or  sureties  for    his  good 
behavior  till  the  court  in  March  next  and  that  then  he  appear  and 
take  up  his  bond.     The  marshall  was  ordered  upon  his  denyal  of 
submitting  to    the  servace  of  the  court  to  convey  said  Crane  to 
the  common  goale  (and  have  his  mittemus  with  him)." 
The  court,  held  Nov.  28,  1690,  was  made  up  as  follows: 
Col.  Robert  Treat,  Esq.,  Governor, 
Samuel  Willys, 
William  Joanes, 
Lt.  Col.  Jno.  Allyn, 
Capt.  Samuel  Talcott, 
William  Pitkin, 
Nathaniel  Stanley. 
Judging  from  the  following  court  record  Benjamin  Crane  paid 
his  tine  of  fifteen  pounds,  but  did  not  appear  before    the    court 
iu  March,   1691,  and  may    not  have  been  strictly    on  his    good 
behavior,  for  his  brother   John  Crane,  who    signed  Benjamin's 
bond,  was  called  upon  to  pay  the  fifty  pounds. 
April  8,  1691. 
The  court  ordered  "  that  the  clerk  of  the  court  do  inform  John 


Crane  that  they  require  that  he  return  Benjamin  Crane  to  prison, 
that  he  do  it  within  two  days,    and   in   failure    thereof  the  court 
resolve  to  take  the  forfeiture  of  his  bond." 
April  25,  1691. 

"John  Crane  being  called  three  times  to  appear  in  court  and  to 
bring  his  brother  Benjamin  according  to  his  bond.  He  appeared 
not.  so  his  bond  of  £50  is  forfeited  to  the  country  treasury." 

It  is  a  fact  worthy  of  notice  that  these  brothers  both  died 
young,  and  soon  after  this  rather  unfortunate  political  entangle- 
ment; Benjamin  was  drowned  June  20,  1603,  and  John  died  Oct. 
21,  1694. 

14.  Liect.  Jonathan  Crane3  [3],  (Benjamin1),  married  Deb- 
orah Griswold,  daughter  of  Francis  Griswold,  Dec.  19,  1678.  She 
was  born  May,  1661,  and  died  about  1704.  Mr.  Griswold  was  in 
Windsor  in  1649.  Went,  from  there  to  Saybrook,  and  from 
thence,  about  1660,  to  Norwich,  where  he  was  among  the  most 
enterprising  of  the  early  settlers.  Was  called  of  Windham,  Nor- 
wich and  Lebanon.  He  died  June  6,  173.5.  He  was  one  of  the 
first  settlers  of  Windham,  Conn.,  erecting  the  first  sawmill  in  the 
town.     Mr.  Weaver  says  he  was  known  as  a  blacksmith  in  1715. 

Dec.  11,  1690,  he  purchased  of  John  Calkins  of  Norwich  1000 
acres  right  in  S.  E.  Quarter  No.  2.  He  was  at  that  time  called 
of  Norwich. 

October,  1606,  he  was  appointed  one  of  the  Overseers  of  the 
estate  of  Robert  Wade.  Appointed  by  the  Assistants  a  Lieu- 
tenant October,  1703.  Was  chosen  Deputy  to  the  General  Court 
from  Windham  1701.  1703,  1705,  1707  to  1714,  1717.  1718,  1721 
and  1722.     Children  : 

15—1.  Sarah,  b.  Nov.  16,  1680.* 

16—2.  Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  2,  1684. 

17—3.  John,  b.  Oct.  1,  1687. 

13—4.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  20,  1689,  m.  Jacob  Simons  April  4,  1710. 

19—5.  Hannah,  b.  March  7,  1692. t 

20—6.  Isaac,  b.  April  6,  1694. 

21—7.  Joseph,  b.  May  17,  1696. 

23-ih     Deborah"'}   b   Feb"  X60S'  both  died  in  1698' 
24-10.     Abigail,  b.   Feb.  15,    1700;   m.   David  Knight  Dec.  24,    1718, 
and  lived  in  Norwich,  Conn. 

At  the  first  public  meeting  of  the  settlers  of  Windham,  Conn., 
held  May  18,  1601,  Jonathan  Craue  was  one  of  the  four  persons 
directed  to  run  the  town  lines,  which  work  had  been  accom- 
plished by  May  28,  at  which  time  another  meeting  was  held,  and 
he  with  Joshua  Kipley  and  Jonathan  Giuniugs  were  chosen  to 
make  division  of  the  meadows  at  four  shillings  per  day  for  their 
services.  During  the  summer  he  built  and  set  in  operation  bis 
grist-mill,  which  was  on  the  site  of  what  is  now  known  as 
Brigham's  Mills. 

♦Norwich  Records  by  Mr.  Weaver.     tWindham  Records  by  Mr.  Weaver. 


Jonathan  Crane  with  ten  others  petitioned  the  General  Court 
sittiug  at  Hartford,  Oct.  6,  i69l,  to  grant  them  a  Town  charter, 
the  town  to  be  called  Windham.  The  petition  was  granted  May 
12,  1692.  At  the  first  public  town  meeting,  held  June  12,  1692, 
Mr.  Crane  was  elected  one  of  the  "Townsmen,"  and  at  the  same 
meeting  he  with  Thomas  Huntington  were  directed  to  take  meas- 
ures for  securing  a  minister.  Their  efforts  were  not  crowned  with 
success  until  September  of  that  year,  when  they  agreed  with  Mr. 
Samuel  Whiting  to  come  and  carry  on  the  ministry  in  that  town. 
He  preached  his  first  sermon  there  January  1,  1693,  and  the  people 
were  so  well  pleased  with  him  that  they  ratified  the  agreement 
and  chose  Samuel  Roberts  and  Jonathan  Crane  '■  to  discourse 
with  him."  He  was  directed  to  go  with  two  others  "to  set  to 
rights  the  lots  at  the  Ponds,"  also  one  of  three  persons  appointed 
"  Collectors"  to  levy  and  gather  rate.  He  resided  on  the  "Hither 
Place,"  now  Windham  Centre.  Was  on  committee  to  provide  a 
convenient  place  for  a  burying  ground  ;  also  to  run  the  town 
lines  with  Mr.  Joshua  Ripley  and  three  others.  In  May,  1695, 
he  was  chosen  Ensign  of  a  military  company,  and  commissioned 
Ensign  by  the  General  Court  in  October  of  that  year.  January 
i,  1695,  Mr.  Crane  exchanged  property  with  Sergt.  Wm.  Backus, 
giving  his  grist-mill  and  receiving  a  new  dwelling-house  in  Wind- 
ham, situated  on  the  house  and  home  lot  of  Mr.  Backus,  four 
acres  of  meadow  lying  on  the  Nochog  path  by  the  brook  to  the 
little  pine  swamp,  and  one  acre  of  meadow  in  the  five-acre 
meadow.  This  house  and  lot  was  on  what  was  called  the  Hither 
Place,  and  April  11,  1695,  Mr.  Crane  sold  it  to  Exercise  Conant, 
who  sold  it  about  one  year  later  to  John  Abbe  of  Wenham  for 
£70  silver.  In  1696  the  town  built  a  house  for  their  minister, 
Mr.  Whitney.  The  work,  except  building  the  chimneys,  was  ac- 
complished by  the  townspeople,  led  in  four  separate  companies 
or  squads,  Ensign  Crane  taking  the  lead  of  one  of  them.  That 
Mr.  Crane  was  one  of  Windham's  most  active  and  influential 
men  there  can  be  little  doubt. 

January  30,  1700,  he  with  Rev.  Samuel  Whiting  purchased  the 
front  portion  of  William  Backus's  home  lot,  it  being  eight  by 
twenty  rods  square,  and  gave  it  to  the  town  for  a  "  meeting-house 
plat  or  common."  This  lot  was  afterwards  called  "  Windham 
Green,"  and  here  the  first  meeting-house  was  erected.  In  1698 
he  with  Mr.  Huntington  purchased  in  behalf  of  the  proprietors 
of  Windham  a  tract  of  land  containing  about  ten  thousand  acres, 
lying  between  Windham  and  Norwich,  and  west  of  the  "Nip- 
muck  Path,"  called  the  "  Mamosyneage  lands."  In  the  year 
1700  this  tract  was  made  over  to  Rev.  Samuel  Whiting  and 
Jonathan  Crane.  They  took  the  whole,  care  of  laying  it  out  into 
lots  and  selling  them  to  settlers.  Lieut.  Daniel  Mason  publicly 
made  claim  to  this  land  on  Training-day  in  Windham,  May  13, 
1701,  he  having  received  a  deed  of  it  from  one  of  the  pretended 
Indian  owners.     But  the  following  September  the  General  Court 


ratified  and  confirmed  the  purchase  of  Crane  and  Whiting,  and 
granted  them  a  patent,  thus  preventing  further  controversy  as  to 
the  rightful  ownership  of  this  tract  of  land.  In  the  year  1700 
Lieut.  Crane  received  permission  from  the  Court  at  Hartford 
"  to  keep  a  public  victualing  house  for  the  entertainment  of  trav- 
elers and  strangers,  and  the  retailiug  of  strong  drink."  Also 
appointed  by  the  General  Court  to  view  Plainfield  and  see  best 
place  to  erect  a  meeting-house  ;  chosen  on  committee  to  see  the 
miller  and  regulate  the  grinding  of  corn,  it  not  being  satisfac- 
tory. October,  1701,  on  committee  to  run  the  town  line; 
October  20,  1702,  on  committee  to  see  to  completing  the  meeting- 
house, and  April  19,  1703,  on  committee  to  arrange  the  seating 
of  the  same.  This  same  year  the  town  agreed  to  have  but  "  one 
ordinary,  Lieut.  Crane  to  keep  it,"  and  the  General  Court  com- 
missioned him  Lieutenant.  In  1704  he  was  on  committee  to  run 
out  the  line  "from  Appaynage  to  the  southeast  corner  of  the 
town  and  c." 

The  Indian  war  broke  out  afresh  in  1704,  and  Windham  reor- 
ganized her  military  company  for  the  protection  of  the  inhabit- 
ants. John  Fitch  was  chosen  Captain.  Jonathan  Crane  Lieu- 
tenant, and  Joseph  Cary  Ensign.  Although  the  people  at  this 
time  became  somewhat  alarmed,  no  serious  inconvenience  was 
experienced.  In  1705  Mr.  Crane  was  one  of  a  committee  to 
have  charge  of  all  town  lands ;  to  call  meetings  to  vote  on  any 
matters  necessary,  and  to  sign  the  acts  to  lay  out  highways,  &c. 
In  1713  the  town  voted  to  enlarge  the  meeting-house,  and  ap- 
propriated £40  to  pay  for  doing  the  work.  The  matter  was, 
however,  reconsidered,  and  the  subject  finally  disposed  of  by 
deciding  to  build  a  new  house  of  worship  to  meet  the  demands 
of  the  rapidly  increasing  population.  Deacons  Cary,  Brigham 
and  Lieut.  Crane  were  chosen  a  committee  to  agree  with  the 
workmen,  Mr.  Crane  to  serve  as  treasurer.  The  work  was  speed- 
ily and  successfully  accomplished,  the  new  building  having  been 
erected  on  the  site  of  the  old  one.  In  the  year  1715  he  served 
on  a  committee  to  settle  the  question  whether  or  not  to  allow  the 
north  parish  (Canada)  to  form  a  separate  religious  society. 
After  careful  consideration  of  the  matter,  the  prayer  of  the 
petition  was  granted.  In  1726  Jonathan  Crane,  Joshua  Riplev 
and  John  Fitch  were  chosen  as  representatives  of  the  breth- 
ren to  act  with  the  newly  appointed  deacons  to  constitute  the 
"  seven  pillars  "  or  councillors  of  the  church.  These  men  were 
recommended  to  the  pastor,  to  be  called  together  by  him  for 
consultation  whenever  occasion  demanded.  Mr.  Crane  was  one 
of  the  first  set  of  jurymen  empaneled  in  the  County  of  Windham 
at  the  first  Court  of  Common  Pleas,  holdeu  June  2(5,  172(5.  It  is 
reasonable  to  suppose  that  more  than  one  occasion  demanded  the 
attention  of  this  constituted  arm  of  the  Church,  the  "seven 
pillars."  But  we  will  quote  but  one,  Xov.  13,  1728:  "Whereas. 
the  work  and  business  of  the  pastor  of  a  Church  is  very  great. 


and  particularly  the  enquiring  iuto  scandal  and  procuring  evi- 
dence, and  whereas,  the  Scripture  informs  us  <that  God  has  set 
some  in  the  Church  to  be  helps  in  the  government,  voted,  That  it 
shall  be  the  work  of  the  Representatives  of  the  Bretheren,  and 
they  are  hereby  desired,  with  all  diligence,  to  attend  upon  it. 
That  when  there  is  a  public  and  common  report  that  any  person 
belonging  to  the  congregation  hath  committed  any  public  scan- 
dalous evil,  to  enquire  into  such  report  and  bring  information 
and  evidence  to  the  pastor,  provided  that  this  be  not  understood 
to  hinder  the  pastor  from  taking  cognizance  of  any  scandal  that 
may  otherwise  clearly  come  to  his  knowledge,  nor  to  hinder  any 
private  brother  from  bringing  a  complaint  whenever  there  be  oc- 
casion for  it." 

The  following  was  taken  from  the  records  of  Wethersfield  : 
••July  3,  1734  :  Jonathan  Crane  of  Lebanon  Windham  Co  for  the 
love  &c.  I  have  for  my  two  grandsons  as  follows  John  Crane  of 
Wethersfield  and  Abiah  Crane  of  Windham,  I  give  in  equal  part 
or  share  all  my  right  or  interest  in  any  lot  or  lotment  of  land 
in  Wethersfield.  Acknowledged  before  Jonathan  Huntington, 

This  John  and  Abiah  were  brothers  and  the  two  eldest  children 
of  Jonathan's  son  John. 

The  inscription  upon  the  headstone  over  his  grave  in  the 
cemetery  at  Lebanon,  Conn.,  reads  as  follows  :  "  Here  lies  Mr 
Jonathan  Crane  husband  of  Mrs  Deborah  Crane  who  lived  a 
pious  and  Godly  life  and  left  y°  earth  for  heaven  March  yc  12"' 
Anoc  1735,  and  in  ye  77th  year  of  his  age." 

25.  Joseph  Crane2  [4],  { Benjamin1),  married  Sarah,  daughter 
of  John  Kilborne.  Dec.  10,  1684.  He  died  Nov.  28,  1707. 
aged  46  years.  At  the  distribution  his  estate  was  given  to 
his  wife  and  children,  as  mentioned,  "Benjamin,  Isaac,  Susan 
Pool,  Hannah  Purple,  and  Ester  Crane."  His  widow  married 
Mr.  Leonard,  and,  Sept.  2,  1718,  Joseph  Talcott,  Esq.,  Judge, 
appointed  this  Mrs.  Leonard  of  Wethersfield  guardian  of  her 
children,  Esther,  about  1*3,  she  desiring  the  same,  and  Isaac,  about 
11,  she  giving  the  necessary  bond  for  £100. 

Had  land  given  him  by  his  father  Jan.  12,  1683,  and  acknowl- 
edged March  5  that  year.  It  was  located  near  south  end  of 
•■  Rocky  Hill."  in  Wethersfield,  on  the  highway  towards  Middle- 

He  purchased  of  his  brother  Jacob  4^  acres  of  land  located  on 
••Bever  Brook,"  receiving  the  deed  Oct.  9,  1696.  Lot  No.  163 
on  Connecticut  River  fell  to  him  in  the  distribution  of  town  lots. 
Aug.  G,  1697,  he  purchased  a  lot  containing  24  acres  of  Michael 
Griswold.  He  also  owned  21  acres  at  or  near  "Tappin's  hill  " 
Sarah,  widow  of  Joseph  Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield,  exhibited  an 
Inventory  of  the  estate  Jan.  5, 1707,  and  was  appointed  adminis- 
tratrix.    Abraham   Kilborne   had    been  appointed  guardian    for 


Joseph's  son  Benjamin.  Kilborne  having  died,  Benjamin,  aged 
about  16,  asked  the  Court,  March  17,  1712-13,  to  appoint  John 
Wright  as  guardian,  which  was  done.  April  16,  1714,  Benjamin 
asked  to  have  Abraham  Morrison  of  Wethersfiekl  appointed 
guardian,  and  that  was  done. 

May  12,  1709,  widow  was  allowed  to  sell  land  to  pay  debts 
against  the  estate,  and  October,  same  year,  again  allowed  to  sell 
laud  to  pay  debts,  and  save  movable  property  so  she  and  the  chil- 
dren could  subsist. 

Feb.  5,  1710-11,  the  Court  granted  further  time  to  Sarah, 
widow  and  administratrix,  to  administer  the  estate.  June  7, 
171-4,  Sarah  Leonard  reported  on  estate  of  Joseph  Crane,  whole 
amount  £233 — 0 — 6.  She  was  to  have  one-third,  and  each  child 
their  part.  June  8,  1714,  this  appears:  "Whereas,  the  adminis- 
tratrix of  the  estate  of  Joseph  Crane,  late  of  Wethersfiekl,  is 
married  and  moved  out  of  this  government,  the  Court  granted 
letters  of  administration  to  Joseph  Kilbourn  of  Wethersfiekl, 
which  he  accepted  and  gave  bonds." 

Jan.  18,  1714-15,  Abraham  Morris  was  added  to  administer 
this  estate.  May  28,  1715,  reported  not  enough  movable  prop- 
erty to  pay  the  debts.  July  5,  1715,  Court  ordered  9 — 6 — 10  of 
land  to  be  sold  to  pay  debts. 

Joseph  Crane,  freeman,  of  Fairfield,  Conn.,  March  18,  1689- 
90,  was  without  doubt  this  Joseph,  and  his  nephew  and  namesake, 
going  there  later,  as  early  as  1715. 

Widow  married  3d  Mr.  Andrews.     Children  : 

26—1.     Sarah,  b.  Dec.  10,  1685;  d.  June  24,  1686.* 

27—2.  Sarah,  b.  March  15,  1687;  m.  Moses  Goff,  Jr.,  July  5,  1711  ; 
bed.  Dec.  5,  1711,  ag.-d  24:  hischild  Jan.  17,  1712-3;  she 
m.  2d  Mr.  Toole. 

28—3.     Hannah,  b.  Aug.  4,  1689;  m.  Mr.  Purple. 

29—4.      Mary,  b.  Aug.  31,  1692;  d.  Sept.  28,  1701. 

30—5.     Benjamin,  b.  May  21,  1694. 

31 — 6.     JoSF.r-H,  b.  Nov.,  1696;  d.  Sept.  28.  1712. 

32—7.     Hestur,  b.  Sept.  7,  1698;  d.  Sept.  6,  1701. 

33—8.     David,  b.  April  27,  1701  ;  d.  Sept.   15,  1701. 

34-9.     Esther,  b.  Aug.  28,  1702. 

35-10.     Susan,  b.  1704  or  5 ;  m.  Mr.  Pool. 

36-11.      Isaac,  b.  Oct.  20,  1707. 

June  8,  1714,  Joseph  Kilbourn  was  appointed  guardian  for 
Isaac  and  Esther. 

37.  John  Crane-  [5],  (Benjamin1),  married  Abigail,  daugh- 
ter of  Nathaniel  Butler,  Oct.  27,  1692.  He  went  with  his  brother 
Jonathan  to  Windham,  and  built  a  house  there  1691-2.  Was  a 
blacksmith  by  trade.  He  returned,  however,  to  Wethersfield, 
and  succeeded  to  his  father's  business  as  tanner.  He  drew  land 
in  Wethersfield,  1694.  He  died  Oct.  21,  1694,  aged  31  years. 
She  then  married  Samuel  Walker  Feb.  23,  1697,  having  one  child 
by  her  first  husband.  May.  1697,  the  Court  granted  full  power 
to  Mr.  Walker  and  Abigail  his  wife  to  sell  such  part  of  estate  of 

*Nov. — Wetherstield  Records. 

$     2b  CRANE    GENEALOGY. 

the  late  John  Crane    as   necessary   to   pay   debts.     By    second 
marriage  she  had  Abigail,  Elizabeth  and  Sarah.     Child  : 

3S—I.     Josiah   b.  March  22,  1694. 

Nov.  2,  1694,  widow  Abigail  was  appointed  administratrix,  with 
John  Chester,  Nathan  Butler  and  John  Wyatt  to  assist  her.  April 
8,  1695,  Inventory  was  exhibited  and  the  estate  divided.  Widow 
had  one-half  and  rest  to  the  son. 

Nov.  4,  1697,  Abigail  Walker,  relict  of  John  Crane,  according 
to  list  of  estates,  1693,  was  granted  lot  102,  containing  15-J-  acres, 
on  Cow  Plain,  Wethersfield.  Inventory  of  his  (John  Crane's) 
estate  was  £417 — 06 — 04.  The  rent  on  the  lanyard  was  due  to 
Widow  Crane,  senior,  from  estate   of  John  Crane,  March,  1695. 

April  3,  1710,  William  Pitkin,  Judge,  ordered  a  writ  to  re- 
quire Samuel  Walker,  late  of  Wethersfield  and  now  residing  in 
Stratford,  with  his  wife,  administrators  on  the  estate  of  John 
Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  to  appear  before  the  Court 
and  render  an  account  of  said  estate  on  the  first  Monday  of  July 
next,  or  sooner  if  they  can. 

June  5.  1710,  Samuel  Walker  and  Abigail  his  wife,  adminis- 
trators on  estate  of  John  Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield,  tanner,  de- 
ceased, report  all  debts  paid,  and  said  Abigail  ^  out  of  movable 
part,  and  there  is  still  remaining  in  hands  of  administrators,  of 
the  movable  part  £23—9—9  and  the  real  part  £262—0 — 0  for 
the  use  of  the  son  and  said  heir  of  said  John  Crane,  deceased. 

May,  1713,  upon  petition  of  John  Wright  of  Wethersfield, 
guardian  to  heirs  of  Joseph  Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield.  deceased  ; 
Jonathan  Belding,  guardian  to  heirs ;  Israel  Crane  of  Wethers- 
field, deceased,  requested  that  they,  together  with  guardian  that 
shall  be  appointed  by  the  Probate  Court  instead  of  James  Steel 
of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  who  was  guardian  to  the  heirs  of  John 
Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  may  be  empowered  to  sell 
such  lands  of  the  minors  above  said  as  are  due  from  the  estate 
of  Isaac  Crane,  son  of  Benjamin,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased. 
It  was  granted. 

Under  date  April  4,  1715,  Samuel  Walker,  administrator  of 
estate  of  John  Crane,  tanner,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  now 
under  bond.  Josiah.  now  of  full  age,  child  of  the  said  John 
Crane.  "  Whereas,  Josiah  received  his  full  share  of  the  estate, 
as  the  Court  assigned,  June  5,  1710,  said  Walker  is  discharged  ; 
also  Isaac  Ryley  is  discharged  as  guardian  of  said  Josiah  Crane." 
The  General  Court  granted  Samuel  Walker  and  Abigail  his  wife 
to  sell  land  from  estate  of  John  Crane  to  pay  debts. 

39.  Elijah  Crane2  [6],  (Benjamin1).  Married  1st  Mary  Sher- 
man, who  was  born  May  8,  1666,  daughter  of  Samuel  Sherman, 
Jr.  Samuel,  senior,  lived  in  Wethersfield.  Conn.  She  was  sister 
of  Theophilus  Sherman  of  Wethersfield.  Samuel,  Jr.,  removed 
to  Stratford,  Conn,  where  Mary  was  born.     Elijah  Crane  owned 


eighteen  acres  of  land  in  Great  Westfield  in  Wethersfield,  his 
brother  Benjamin  signing  a  release  of  the  same,  under  date  of 
July  27,  1692.  This  was  witnessed  by  their-  brother  John  Crane. 
Not  many  years  afterward  he  removed  to  Fairfield ;  for  he  re- 
newed his  covenant  with  the  Church  there  (Stratfield  Parish), 
town  of  Fairfield,  Feb.  8,  1697  ;  and  his  wife  Mary  was  admitted 
to  full  communion  there  Oct.  22,  1699.  Juue  1,  1699,  Mr.  Crane, 
then  of  Fairfield,  took  a  deed  of  18  acres  of  laud  at  "  Toylsome," 
in  Stratford,  of  Samuel  Sherman,  also  of  Fairfield.  Nov.  27, 
1701,  Mr.  Crane  deeded  land  in  Wethersfield  to  his  brother  Jacob 
Crane.  In  the  year  1712  he  made  an  inventory  of  the  estate  of 
Moses  Jackson,  senior,  of  Stratfield,  and  witnessed  his  will.  In 
1716  he  was  appointed  guardian  of  William  and  Benjamin  Castle, 
sons  of  Joseph,  deceased.  His  wife  Mary  died  previous  to  March 
8,  1719-20,  for  on  that  date  he  with  wife  Abigail  Adams  joined 
in  a  deed  with  Daniel,  David  and  John  Adams,  Isaac  Castle 
(for  his  wife  Sarah),  to  sell  the  homestead  of  Abraham  Adams, 
Jr.,  deceased,  they  being  his  heirs.  All  were  of  Fairfield  except 
Isaac  Castle,  who  was  of  Woodbury,  Conn.  Mr.  Crane's  wife 
Abigail  was  daughter  of  Samuel  Adams  and  sister  of  Abraham. 
Mr.  Crane  died  just  prior  to  Feb.  7,  1726-7,  for  on  that  date 
Daniel  Adams  was  appointed  administrator  of  his  estate  and 
guardian  of  his  children  by  second  wife.  Dec.  25,  1734, 
Theophilus  Sherman  of  Wethersfield,  for  the  love  he  bore  for  his 
sister  Mary  Crane,  deceased,  deeded  land  in  Stratfield  to  Elijah, 
Jabez,  Mary  and  Comfort,  her  children.  By  second  wife  Abigail 
he  had  four  children. 

An  inventory  of  his  estate,  dated  Feb.  20,  1726-7,  was  presented 
to  the  Court  by  Samuel  Odell,  Jonathan  Morehouse  and  Daniel 
Adams,  administrators.  In  1730  the  estate  of  Elijah  Crane  was 
declared  insolvent,  and  Mr.  Jonathan  Sturgess  and  Thomas  Han- 
ford  were  appointed  commissioners.  1727,  his  son  Benjamin 
was  made  the  ward  of  Capt.  Samuel  Couch  of  Fairfield  But 
Dec.  31.  1739,  Benjamin  made  choice  of  John  Olmstead  as  his 
guardian.  1727,  his  son  Israel  was  made  the  ward  of  Ralph 
Keeler  of  Norwalk.     Children  : 

Abigail,  bapt.  May  20,  1698;  probably  d.  prior  to  1716. 

Deborah,  bapt.  April  2,  1699;  probably  d.  prior  to  1734. 

Mary,  bapt.  Sept.  15,  1700. 

Israel,  bapt.  March  28,  1703;  probably  d.  prior  to  1724. 

Comfort,  bapt.  June  16,  1706;  in.  Joseph  Goodwin. 

Elijah,  bapt.  Nov.  7,  1708. 

Jabez,  bapt.  May  9,  1714. 

Abigail,  bapt.  June  29,  1716;  probably  died  prior  to  1734. 





52.  Abraham  Crane-  [7],  (Benjamin1).  Married  Hannah, 
and  died  July  5,  1713,  aged  45.  Inventory  of  his  estate  taken 
Nov.  19,  1713,  gave  a  valuation  of  £345—03—07. 






















I  1 




Drew  laud  in  the  allotment  of  169-1.  He  owned  1 7A  acres  in 
Westtield,  8  acres  in  Cedar  Swamp  and  9  acres  in  Field.  Served 
as  fence  viewer  in  1699. 

Hannah,  the  widow,  with  Joseph  Belding,  were  appointed, 
An"',  3,  1713,  to  administer  the  estate.  They  reported  to  the 
Court  Nov.  20,  1713. 

The  Wetherstield  records  show  that  he  purchased  of  his  brother 
Israel  land  located  on  the  Connecticut  River  which  formerly  be- 
longed to  Benjamin,  senior,  Israel  siguiug  the  deed. 

Records  of  the  Probate  Court  show  that  Jan.  25,  1731-2,  Han- 
nah Crane,  administratrix,  reported  amouut  of  estate  of  Abraham 
Craue,  late  of  Wetherstield,  £55 — 9 — 2,  with  debts  due  said  estate 
of  £10—8—6. 

(Jet.  4,  1737,  Hannah, .wife  of  Abraham  Crane,  asked  the  Court 
for  dower.  John,  eldest  son,  had  £5 — 7 — 10,  Benoni,  Abraham, 
Mary,  Hannah  and  Lucy  each  £2 — 13 — 11,  of  the  movable  estate. 
Children  : 

53—1.     Mary,  b.  Feb.  7,  1697. 

5+— 2.     John,  b.  March  U.  1700. 

55—3.  Benoni,  b.  Aug.  20,  1704.  Jan.  14,  1725-6,  sold  laud  inNewing- 
tou  to  Ezra  Beldiug.  Jan.  II,  1754,  gave  land  to  his  brotber 
Abraham,  lot  in  West  Swamp,  2'Jth  tier  late  division.  He 
lived  in  Wetherstield. 

5i5—4.     Hannah,  b.  May  26.  1706. 

57—5.  Lucy,  b.  July  25,  1710;  rn.  Joseph  Forbs  of  Wetherstield, 
Dee.  23,  1732  ;  they  for  £70  quitclaimed  all  their  interest  in 
their  father's  (Abraham  Crane)  estate  to  her  brother  John. 

5S— 6.     Abraham,  b.  Oct.  5,  1713. 

59.  Jacob  Crane'-  [8J,  (Benjamin1).  He  lived  and  died  in 
Wetherstield,  Conn.  He  owned  laud  near  Rocky  Hill,  and  his 
brother  Benjamin  signed  a  release  to  it  Sept.  16,  1692,  which 
was  witnessed  by  Abraham  Crane  and  John  Talcott.  This  Jacob 
Crane  drew  land  in  allotment  in  Wetherstield,  1694,  and  bought 
land  of  his  brother  Elijah.     Deed  dated  Nov.  27,  1701. 

An  inventory  of  his  estate  was  taken  Jan.  2,  1718-19,  in  which 
his  laud  at  Rocky  Hill  was  mentioned  ;  total  amount  £77 — 02 — 04. 
In  "May,  1719,  upon  prayer  of  Jonathan  Crane  of  Windham 
and  William  Warner  of  Wetherstield,  administrators  of  the  estate 
of  Jacob  Crane  of  said  Wetherstield,  who  died  insolvent,  the 
Assistants  granted  permit  to  sell  the  lands  to  highest  bidder  and 
report  to  Probate  Court  so  that  the  debts  or  a  portion  of  them 
can  be  paid." 

Inventory  of  his  estate  taken  Jan.  2,  1718-19  is  as  follows: 
Shock  rye,  half  acre  land  at  Rocky  Hill,  4  acres  in  meadow ; 
total,  £77 — 02 — 04.  He  was  probably  the  Jacob  Crane  who, 
Sept.  27,  1699,  sold  land  iu  Springfield  he  got  of  Simon  Beamon 
of  Deerfield,  March  8,  1694-5,  to  Tiely  Merrick. 

Sept.  16,  1718,  Joseph  Talcott,  Esq.,  Judge.  "  The  Court, 
granted  letters  of  administration  on  the  estate  of  Jacob  Crane 
fate  of  Wetherstield,  deceased,  unto  Jonathan   Crane  of  Wind- 


ham  and  William  Warner  of  Wethersfield,  provided  they  give 
necessary  bond  and  exhibit  true  inventory  of  said  estate  on  or 
before  first  Tuesday  in  November  next,  and  that  they  render  ac- 
count of  their  administration  on  the  estate  on  or  before  the  first 
Tuesday  of  September,  1719."  Bond  was  accordingly  given  and 
letters  of  administration  taken  out. 

60.  Israel  Crane9  [9],  (Benjamin1),  drew  land  in  the  allot- 
ment of  1 694.  Married  Lydia  Wright,  daughter  of  James  Wright, 
Sept  13,  1695,  ceremony  was  performed  by  Rev.  Stephen  Mix. 
He  was  chosen  collector  1700.  He  died  in  Wethersfield  April 
28,  1707,  aged  35,  leaving  a  large  estate,  amounting  to  £-444 — 
18—10.  At  the  division  of  lots  in  1693  he  drew  lot  No.  160, 
containing  11  acres. 

His  homestead  was  valued  £130,  and  he  had  4  acres  pasture  at 
Town  end,  13  acres  at  Cow  Plain,  26  acres  at  Goosberry  Swamp, 
about  72  acres,  besides  homestead. 

His  dwelling-house  lot  joined  the  land  of  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr. 
His  brother  Israel  Crane  at  one  time  owned  north  end  of  the 
great  island  pertaining  to  Wethersfield,  called  "  Wright's  Island," 
in  Connecticut  River. 

May,  1708,  leave  was  granted  wife  Lydia  to  sell  portion  of 
husband's  estate,  late  Israel  Crane  of  Wethersfield. 

May  4,  1713,  Lt.  Jonathan  B.  Twing  of  Wethersfield  was 
asked"  to  be  appointed  guardian  for  children.  May,  1713. 
Jonathan  Beldiug  was  guardian  for  the  children.  One  of  them 
may  have  declined  to  serve. 

Mr.  Crane  bought  land  April  5,  1693,  in  Great  Westfield. 
June  2.  1697,  bought  land  on  the  Connecticut  River  of  Abraham 
Crane,  witnessed  by  Jonathan  Crane  ;  also  bought  land  and  small 
tanyard  joining  and  on  south  of  laud  belonging  to  heirs  of  John 
Crane,  deceased,  and  north  on  land  of  Abraham  Crane,  westerly 
on  highway ;  also  bought  land  of  Jonathan  Crane  of  Windham. 
June  4,  1697,  deed  signed  by  Jonathan  Crane  and  witnessed  by 
Abraham  Crane.  Again,  he  purchased  land  of  Ebeuezer  Cole- 
man Jan.  13,  1702.  Lydia,  his  widow,  made  her  mark  to  a  deed 
to  Abraham  Crane,  July  31.  1710,  which  mentioned  tan-vats, 
buildings,  &c.    Children  : 

61—1.     Lydia,  b.  Aug.  +,  1701. 

02— 2.     Hannah,  b.  Nov.  24,  1702. 

6:1— :i.     Elizabeth,  1).  Sept.  23,  1704. 

0-t— 4.     Martha,  h.  March  19,  1706.     She  probably  never  married,  for 

Aug.  17,  1731,  she  asked  the  Court  to  setoff  k  the  house. 

presumably   to    herself   and    sister  Lydia,   the   other  half 

soing  to  her  mother,  who  had  by  distribution  1719-20  i.  the 

four  daughters  having  j. 

Jan.  5,  1719-20,  "Whereas  administration  was  formerly  granted 
on  estate  of  Israel  Crane,  some  time  of  Wethersfield.  deceased, 
the  estate  remains  unsettled,  no  account  rendered,  the  adminis- 
tratrix being;  unable  to  manage  it.     The  Court  grants  letters  of 


administration  to  Lt.  Jonathan  Belding.  he  giving  bond,"  &c. 
He  gave  the  bond,  &c. 

Feb.  9.  1719-20,  "Lydia  Crane  and  Jonathan  Belding  exhibited 
an  account  of  the  estate  of  Israel  Crane.  £7 — 0 — 0  amount  paid 
out  in  debts.  Whole  estate  £444 — 19 — 6,  the  movable  part 
whereof  is  £42 — 9 — 6,  leaving  £437 — 19 — 6  to  distribution. 
Lydia,  the  widow,  to  have  £11 — 16 — 6,  being  one-third  of  the 
movable  part  and  one-third  of  the  landed  estate,  during  natural 
life.  To  Lydia,  Hannah,  Elizabeth  and  Martha,  daughters  of 
said  deceased,  to  each  £106—10 — 9.  which  is  their  equal  share 
of  said  estate.  David  Goodrich.  Joshua  Robbins  and  Thomas 
Wright,  or  any  two  of  them,  appointed  to  distribute  and  divide 
the  same  before  first  Tuesday  of  April  next."  April  5,  1720,  re- 
port was  made  and  accepted. 

65.  Mary  Crane2  [10],  (Benjamin1),  married  to  William 
Warner,  May  21,  1696,  by  Rev.  Stephen  Mix.  Settled  in 
Wethersfield,  Conn.,  where  they  were  married. 

She  died  March  18,   1714,  about  40  years  of  age.     He  then 

married  2d  Elizabeth ,  by  whom  he  had  William,  born  Dec. 

4.  1717.     Children: 


John  (Warner),  b.  Oct.  24,  1697;  d.  Nov.  11,  1697. 

Mary  (Warner),  b.  Dec.  2,  1698. 

Abigaele  (Warner),  b.  June  14,  1701. 

John  (Warner),  b.  Jan.  5,  1703. 

Hannah  (Warner),  b.  Nov.  17,  1706. 

William  (Warner),  b.  Jan.  27,  1709,  d    March  11,  1714. 

Jonathan  (Warner),  b.  Dec.  11.  1712. 


73.  Sarah  Crane3  [15],  (Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Nathaniel  Hibard,  April  16,  1702.  This  was  the  first  marriage 
recorded  in  Windham,  and  their  eldest  child  was  the  first  birth 
recorded  in  the  records  of  the  town.  They  had  eight  sons  and 
three  daughters.  He  was  son  of  Robert  Hibard,  Jr.,  of  Salem, 
Mass.,  who  removed  to  Windham  about  1700.     Children: 

1.  Nathaniel  (Hibard),  b.  Jan.  3,  1703;  d.  May  16,  1704. 

2.  Samuel  (Hibard),  b.  July  21,  1704,  d.  July  21,  1704. 

3.  Anna  (Hibard),  b.  May  30,  1705;  m.  John  Gray. 

4.  Deborah  (Hibard),  b.  May  28,  1707;  m.  Isaac  Robiuson. 

5.  Nathaniel  (Hibard),  I   b.  Oct.  23,  1709  ;  ra.  Abigail  Couch. 

y  twins. 
G.     Jonathan  (Hibard),    )    b.  Oct.  23,  1709. 

7.  Paul  (Hibard),  b.  March  4,  1712, 

8.  Zebulon  (Hibard),  b.  Feb.  20,  1714;  d.  July,  1788. 

9.  Sarah  (  Hibard),  b.  June  27,  1717. 

10.  Elisha  (Hibard),  b.  Dec.  11,  1719. 

11.  Gideon  (Hibard),  b.  May  2,  1721. 

74.  Jonathan  Crane3  [1(5],  (Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Mary,  daughter  of  Robert  Hibard,  senior,  of  Windham,  July 
31,  1705.  She  was  born  in  Windham,  Aug.  18,1674.  Jonathan 
Crane,  Jr.'s  will  was  dated  Aug.  29,  1748,  and  certified  Sept. 
10,  1757.  Amount  £701 — 2 — 3,  and  names,  "wife  Mary, 
children  Silas,  Zerviah  and  Ann,  children  of  Jouathan,  grandson 
Timothy  Buel,  son  of  my  daughter  Mary,  Sarah,  Anna,  Theoda 
and  Jerusha,  Anna  and  Azaria  Bill,  children  of  my  daughter 

He  was  buried  in  the  cemetery  in  Lebanon,  Conn.  Inscrip- 
tion on  his  headstone  is  as  follows : 

Here  lies  ye  body  of  Jonathan  Crane,  who  was  born  Feby.  2,  A.  D. 
1684,  and  departed  this  life  Aug.  27,  1757,  in  the  74  year  of  his  age. 
His  body  lies  in  shade  of  night 
His  soul  we  trust  is  in  ye  light 
Before  the  throne  in  humble  days 
Singing  his  blessed  Redeemer's  praise. 

Children  : 

75—1.  Sarah,  b.  May  II,  1707.* 

7U— 2.  Mary,  b.  April  13,  1709. 

77—3.  Anna,  b.  May  24,  1711. 

7S_ 4.  Zeuulon,  b.  April  2(1,  1713;   d.  Oct.  6,  1714. 

"Windham  Records,  Mr.  Weaver. 


79-5.     Jonathan,  b.  July  6,  1715. 

80—6.     Elijah,  b.  Feb.  4,  1717-13.* 

81—7.     Theoda,  b.  May  10,  1720;  m.  Elijah  Brigham,  March  S,  1739, 

at  Lebanon,  Conn. 
82— S.     Silas,  b.  April  19,  1723;  m.  Lucy  Waterman,  Sept.  20,  1742, 

at  Norwich. 
S3 — 9.     Jerusha ;  m.  Lemuel  Crane,  May  13,  1757;  family  at  Lebanon. 

84.  John  Crane3  [17].  (Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married 
1st,  Sarah  Spencer,  Sept.  16.  1708,  at  Windham.  She  died 
Sept.  15.  1715  ;  2d,  Prudence  Belding.  April  18,  171(3.  He  lived 
near  a  place  called  Fort  Hill,  where  his  father  gave  him  house 
and  lands  Jan.  18.  1710-11.  April  10.  1728,  he  sold  all  his  tract 
of  land,  dwelling-house,  &c,  to  Joseph  Walden  for  £300.  He 
also  quitclaimed  to  his  brother  Jonathan,  May  16,  1735  ;  at  which 
time  he  was  called  of  Coventry. 

April  9,  1730,  John  Crane  of  Wethersfield,  for  himself  and  as 
attorney  for  Jonathan  Crane  of  Windham,  gave  caution  to 
Wethersfield  town  clerk  not  to  record  any  '•distribution  or  agree- 
ment in  ye  division  of  land  formerly  of  Benjamin  Crane,  senior, 
and  Benjamin,  Jr.,  and  also  of  ye  land  of  Isaac  Crane,  son  of 
Benjamin,  Jr.,  lying  in  Wethersfield."     Children: 

85—1.  John,  b.  Julv  31,  1709;  d.  in  Becket,  Mass.t 

815—2.  ABU.H,  b.  Oct.    12,   1710. 

37—3.  Eunice,  b.  May  13,  1712. 

88 — 1.  Elisham  or  Elisha,  b.  March  13,  1718.* 

89—5.  Sybil,  b.  April  1,  1719. 

90-0.  Hezekiah,  b.  March  31,  1721. 

91—7.  Prudence,  b.  July  24,  1723. 

92—3.  Lemuel,  b.  July  12,  1725. 

93-9.  Hannah,  b.  March  15,  1727. 

94-10.  Rhoda,  b.  March  28,  1729. 

95-11.  Adonijaii,  b.  May  12,  1731. 

96.  Hannah  Crane3  [19],  (Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Caleb  Conant.  Aug.  23,  1714.  Resided  in  Windham  and  Mans- 
field, Conn.  Mr.  Conant  was  a  member  of  the  first  church  at 
Windham,  and  for  a  time  lived  on  Mountain  Meadow  Hill.  April 
29.  1717.  he  sold  his  house  and  land  there  to  Jabez  Huntington. 
She  died  Oct.  11.  1726.     He  died  in  April.  1727.     Children: 

1.  Malachi  (Conant),  b.  June  12,  1715. 

2.  Benajah  (Conant),  b.  Feb.  13,  1710-17. 

3.  Sarah  (Conant),  b.  Dec.  20.  1718;  d.  Sept.  8,  1742. 

4  Kuth  (Conant),  b.  Oct.  28,  1720;  married  Shubail  Conant. 

5.  Mary  (Conant),  b.  Jan.  6,  1722-3;  d.  Nov.  23,  1720. 

(i.  Josiah  (Conant),  b.  Dec.  9,  1724. 

7.  Hannah  (Conantj,  b.  Sept.  25,  1720. 

9  7.  Isaac  Crane3  [20],  (Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Ruth,  daughter  of  Johu  Waldo,  July  12,  1716,  at  Windham  ;  m. 
2d,  Hannah  .     He  was  called  Isaac  senior  of  Windham; 

*  Lebanon  Records,  Mr.  Weaver.  t  Windham  Records. 

{Coventry  Records. 


spelled  ou  records  Crain  and  Crane.  His  will,  dated  June  20.,  certified  Aug.  5,  1751,  proved  Sept.  10,  1751;  inventory 
Sept.  3,  1751,  £3337—7 — 10,  names  wife  Hannah,  children 
Isaac,  Ruth  Webb,  Adrie  Broughton,  Ann  Babeock,  Deborah. 
It  is  related  that  he  gained  the  favor  of  Ruth  Waldo  by  gallantly 
conveying  her  on  his  own  steed  through  the  swollen  waters  of 
Merrick's  Brook,  when  a  sudden  Sunday  freshet  had  made  it 
impassable  for  travelers  on  foot.     Children : 

98.— 1.     Ruth.  b.  April  12,  1718;  ra.  Ebenezer  Webb. 

99.-2.     Adrie,  b   July  25,  1720;  m.  Thomas  Broughton. 
100.  — 3.     Anna,  b.  Feb.  1,  1723-4;  m.  Joseph  Babeock,  Nov.  8,  17-14 
101. — 4.     Isaac,  b.  July  27,  1720;  he  was  of  Hebron. 
102.— 2.     Deborah,    b.    Jan.    28,    1729;  m.   John  Ormsby,  Nov.  14, 
1754.  —  Tolland  Town  Records. 

103.  Joseph  Crane3  [21],  (Jonathan. -Benjamin1).  Born  in 
Windham,  Coun.  When  the  new  meeting-house  was  built 
there,  he,  with  a  few  other  young  men,  in  the  year  1713,  built  a 
pew  for  their  own  use.  Just  the  date  he  left  Windham  does  not 
appear,  but  he  evidently  while  a  young  man  followed  his  uncles 
Joseph  and  Elijah  Crane  to  Fairfield,  where  he  married  ai  out 
the  year  1719  Mary,  daughter  of  Samuel  Couch  of  that  place. 
She  was  born  Dec.  15,  1095.  Mr.  Couch  gave  his  son-in-law 
property  in  Fairfield,  deed  dated  Sept.  8,  1725.  It  will  be  seen 
by  referring  to  the  notice  of  Joseph  Crane's  uncle  Elijah  that 
after  the  death  of  this  uncle,  Benjamin,  his  youngest  son,  was  iu 
1727  made  the  ward  of  Capt.  Samuel  Couch  of  Fairfield.  This 
Joseph  Crane  in  1725  took  an  inventory  of  the  estate  of  John 
Allen  of  Fairfield.  But  later  he  appears  to  have  removed  to 
Norwalk,  and  from  there  to  the  place  now  known  as  South  East. 
Putnam  County,  N.  Y.,  locating  in  the  town  last  mentioned  about 
the  year  1730  on  the  north  side  of  "Joe's  Hill,"  about  one  mile 
and  a  half  east  of  Sodom  Corners,  where  ou  the  east  branch 
of  the  Croton  River  he  built  "  Crane's  Mill."  The  site  of 
this  mill  is  now  covered  by  the  Sodom  Reservoir.  Miss  Kate 
Crane,  a  descendant  in  this  line,  writes  that  recently  an  old  Eng- 
lish clock  has  beeu  found  in  South  East  with  the  following  mark 
inside  the  case  :"  Joseph  Crane,  1(520."  This  clock  may  have 
been  a  wedding  present,  and  ought  ever  to  be  retained  in  the 
possession  of  the  Crane  family.  Counterfeit  money  was  reported 
in  circulation  quite  early  in  the  history  of  this  new  country ;  but 
Joseph  Crane  was  among  those  who  were  completely  exonerated 
from  any  connection  or  knowledge  of  the  matter,  as  will  be  seen 
from  the  following  : 

New  York  Colonial  MSS.  LXXIV.  201  "  Oblong  in  Dutchess 
County  April  y  5  1745  We  The  subscribers  hereinunder  written 
was  brought  before  me  Jacobus  Swartwout  Esq  one  of  his 
majestys  judges  of  the  court  of  common  pleas  for  the  said 
county  and  I  could  find  no  reason  that  these  persons  should  be 
brought  upon  their  oaths  because  they  could  give  me   no  account 


about  Daniel  Hunt  Esq  making  or  passing  any  counterfeit 
money  directly  or  indirectly  or  having  any  concern  about  the 
money  or  Piatt  of  making  the  New  England  that  is  called  coun- 

Jacobus  Swartwout 
&  nine  teen  Jas  Duncan 

names  here  Joseph  Crane  " 

[Literal  transcription.] 

This  seems  to  have  been  first  Joseph  of  Putnam  Co. 

In  the  year  1747  Mr.  Crane  was  chosen  highway  master. 

Mrs.  Crane  died  January  9,  1766,  aged  70  years.  He  died 
August  20,  1781.  The  following  dates  of  births  and  deaths 
were  copied  from  the  family  Bible  by  Mr.  Carso  Crane,  and  by 
him  presented  to  the  compiler.     Children  : 

104—1.  Zebulan,  b.  Jan.  25,  1721 ;  d.  Jan.  24.  1789. 

105—2.  Joseph,  b.  Oct.  2,  1722;  d.  Oct.  14,  1800. 

106—3.  Mary,  b.  May  30,  1726;  d.  March  17,  1805. 

107—4.  Thaddecs,  b.  March  27,  1728;  d.  Sept.  1,  1803. 

108—5.  Abigail,  b.  April  3,  1730;  d.  Sept.  30,  1806. 

109—6.  Anna,  b.  April  12,  1732;  d.  March  28,  1805. 

110—7.  Stephen,  b.  May  19,  1734;  d.  May  10,  1814. 

111—8.  Adah,  b.  Oct.  25,  1736;  d.  April  18,   1810. 

112.  Benjamin  Crane3  [30].  (Joseph,-  Benjamin1).  In  the 
distribution  of  his  father  Joseph  Craue's  estate  Dee.  29,  1717,  he 
was  given  double  portion  thereof,  being  the  eldest  son,  his 
mother  (the  widow,  now  Mrs.  Leonard.)  of  course  receiving  one- 
third  of  the  whole  estate  during  her  natural  life ;  Sarah  Tooley, 
Hannah  Purple,  Esther  Crane  and  Isaac  Crane,  younger  children 
of  Joseph,  deceased,  single  portions.  The  distributers  were 
Edward  Bulkley,  Capt.  Ephraim  Goodrich  and  Jonathan  Smith. 

There  was  a  debt  due  from  this  estate  of  Joseph  Crane  to  his 
brother  Jacob  Crane.  Possibly  the  following  sale  was  for  the 
purpose  of  cancelling  that  debt,  or  a  portion  of  it,  for  Benjamin 
agreed  to  pay  his  uncle  a  debt  which  was  due. 

January  28.  1717-8,  this  Benjamin  Crane  sold  to  his  uncle 
Jacob  Crane  for  £31 — 7 — 0,  44,  acres  of  land  in  what  was  called 
Dry  Swamp,  bounded  on  west  and  south  by  highway  and  Beaver 
Creek  east  and  north. 

113.  Esther  Crane3  [34],  (Joseph,2  Benjamin1),  married 

April  4,  1721,  Esther  Crane  of  Wetherstield  declared  to  the 
court  she  was  satisfied  with  the  management  of  her  guardian, 
Joseph  Kilborn  of  said  town,  and  that  she  had  received  her 
estate,  and  Joseph  Kilborn's  bond  was  discharged. 

Oct.  6,  1730,  Probate  Records  of  Wetherstield,  Conn.,  estate 
of  Joseph  Crane,  deceased.  Joseph  Rigley  and  Stephen  Rigley. 
interested  in  said  estate,  asked  to  have  the  distribution  set  aside, 
because  the  daughter  Esther  Pullers'  part  of  the  lot  on  Toppin's 
hill  was  set  out  to  the  widow  Sarah  Andrews  in  her  dower.     The 



court  set  the  distribution  aside,  and  appointed  Deacon  Jonathan 
Curtis,  Lieut.  Samuel  Woolcot  and  Ensign  Jacob  Williams  of 
Wethersfield,  or  any  two  of  them,  to  set  out  the  widow  Sarah 
Andrews,  formerly  widow  to  Joseph  Crane,  &e. 

114.  Elijah  Crane3  [45],  (Elijah,-  Benjamin1),  married, 
Aug.  3,  1732,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Henry  and  Sarah  (Frost) 
Wakely  of  Fairfield,  Conn.  Mr.  Crane  and  wife  renewed  the 
covenant  with  the  church,  Stratford  Parish,  Fairfield,  July  2'J, 
1733.  She  was  baptized  May  11,  1712.  He  died  Oct.  3,  1710, 
and  his  widow  married  Benajah  Mallery,  Jan.  20,  1742-3. 

Mr.  Crane  lived  in  Stratford  by  the  side  of  his  brother-in-law 
Joseph  Goodwin,  Mr.  Goodwin  having  sold  him  a  lot  March  6, 
1734-5,  in  consideration  of  his  coming  there  to  live.  Oct.  13, 
1740,  Henry  Walkely  or  Walkele  was  appointed  administrator  of 
his  estate.  But  in  1744  Benajah  Mallery  was  appointed  admin- 
istrator.    Children  : 

115—1.     Jabkz,  b.  Feh.  13,  1733-4;  bapt.  Feb.  17,  1733-4. 
116— 2.     Seth,  b.  Nov.  18,  1737. 

117.  Jabez  Crane3  [46],  (Elijah,2  Benjamin1).  He  was  of 
Norwalk,  Conn.,  and  June  20,  1746,  bought  for  £100  all  right, 
title  and  interest  of  James  Rowland  and  Mary  Rowland  in  lands 
located  in  Rocky  Hill  Parish,  Wethersfield,  that  formerly  be- 
longed to  Theophilus  Sherman,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased. 
The  deed  was  acknowledged  in  Fairfield  County  by  T.  Burr, 
Justice,  July  20,  1746.  He  sold  all  right,  title  and  interest  in 
lands  owned  by  his  uncle  Theophilus  Sherman,  late  of  Wethers- 
field, now  deceased,  lying  at  Rocky  Hill  Parish,  to  Theophilus 
Nichols  of  Stratford,  Conn.,  for  £250.  Deed  was  acknowledged 
by  John  Thompson,  Justice. 

118.  Mary  Crane3  [53],  (Abraham,2,  Benjamin1),  married 
James  Treat,  Jr.,  Aug.  11,  1731.  He  died  May  1,  1762,  and 
she  married,  2d,  Nathaniel  Copley,  also  of  Wethersfield,  Conn. 
Nov.  7,  1752,  James  Treat  and  Mary  his  wife  asked  the  Court 
why  the  estate  of  her  father  Abraham  Crane  should  not  be  dis- 
tributed, and  it  was  ordered  distributed,  April  26,  1763,  as  fol- 
lows :  To  John  Crane,  eldest  son,  double  share.  To  Benoni 
and  Abraham  Crane, Mary  Treat,  Hannah  Crane  and  Lucy  Forbs. 
each  a  single  share.  Joseph  Bingham,  Judge.  Hezekiah  May 
and  Joseph  Boardman  reported  distribution  of  the  estate.  John 
Crane  of  Wethersfield  appealed  from  judgment  of  this  Court  to 
the  Superior  Court. 

July  2,  1771,  Nathaniel  Copley,  whose  wife  was  Mary,  daughter 
of  Abraham  Crane,  deceased,  called  attention  of  the  Court  to 
some  unclaimed  common  land  belonging  to  estate,  and  Court  or- 
dered it  distributed.  Sergt.  John  Crane,  two  shares;  heirs  of 
Abraham  ami  Benoni,  by  law,  Mary  Copley,  Lucy,  wife  of  Joseph 


Forbs,  and  Hannah  Crane,  one  share  each.     John  appealed  it  to 
the  Superior  Court.     Children  : 

1.  Mary  (Treat),  b.  Feb.  8,  1732;  d.  Dec.  24,  1751. 

2.  James  (Treat),  b.  June  18,  1733;  d.  Nov.  13,  1758. 

3.  Sarah  (Treat),    \  b.  Oct.  4.  1734. 

4.  John  (Treat),      J    b.  Oct.  4,  1734;  d.  April  17,  1736, 

5.  John  (Treat),  b.  April  1,  1740;  d.  Sept.  24,  1758. 

11!).  Sergt.  John  Crane3  [54],  (Abraham,2  Benjamin'), 
married  Lydia  Curtis,  March  30,  1737.  They  were  married  by 
David  Goodrich,  Justice  of  the  Peace.  She  died  Aug.  1 1,  1790, 
78  years  of  age.  June  2,  1761,  the  Court  granted  administra- 
tion on  the  estate  of  John  Craue  to  Lydia,  widow  of  said 
Crane,  and  she,  with  Samuel  Bement  of  Wethersfield  gave  neces- 
sary bonds.  Settled  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.  His  estate  was  set- 
tled Oct.  22,  1765.  Mrs.  Crane  joined  the  church  at  Wethers- 
field in  1741.  He  was  a  large  land  owner  for  that  period;  for, 
according  to  the  Wethersfield  records,  he  purchased  for  £200  all 
right,  title  and  interest  of  his  brother  Abraham  in  their  father's 
estate,  Feb.  5,  1745-6,  and  gave  Epaphras  Lord  £551 — 5 — 0  for 
another  tract  of  land,  May  14,  1751.  Besides  there  were  several 
other  purchases  made  by  him  from  the  year  1733  to  1754. 

Inventory  Oct.  11,  1790.  Dec.  2,  1790,  the  estate  was  appor- 
tioned and  distributed.  Exhibited  March,  1792,  the  distribution 
was  approved.  John  (probably  the  grandson)  had  two  shares; 
the  other  children  one  share  each.  This  was  the  widow's  share. 
Widow  Lydia  made  will,  exhibited  Sept.  7,  1790.     Children: 

120.  — 1.  Roth,  b.  Feb.  2,  1738. 

121.— 2.  John,  b.  Sept.  10,  1739. 

122.— 3.  Lydia,  b.  May  23.  1741. 

123—4.  Hannah,  b.  Oct.  C,  1744. 

124. — 5.  Curtis,  b.  March  27,  1747. 

125.— 6.  William,  b.  April  7,  1749. 

126.— 7.  Elizabeth,  b.  June  30,  1750. 

127.  Abraham  Crane3  [58],  (Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  mar- 
ried Rebecca,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Rebeecah  (Meekin) 
Hurlburt,  March  15,  1739,  and  died  March  25,  1756,  aged 
43  years.  She  died  Nov.  13,  1794,  aged  82.  United  with 
the  church  at  Wethersfield  in  1739.  He  purchased  land  in 
Wethersfield  of  Epbraim  Williams,  March  31,  1737,  for  £110  in 
bills.  June  21,  1756,  Court  granted  administration  on  estate  of 
Abraham  Crane,  late  of  Wethersfield,  deceased,  to  Rebecca 
Crane  and  Thomas  Hurlburt  of  said  Wethersfield,  and  they  gave 
bonds  £300. 

April  18,  1764,  they  reported  collected  £44 — 18 — 7|  and  paid 
out  £43 — S — 2,  and  the  distribution  was  made,  Rebecca  to  have 
J  of  whole  movable  estate,  after  charges  and  debts  are  paid,  and 
real  estate  during  her  natural  life.  Abraham,  eldest  son,  to  have 
double  share ;  David,  Elijah,  Benjamin,  Hezekiah,  .Joseph  and 
Mary  each  one  part. 


April  28,  174'J.  Abraham  Crane  bought  for  £370  land  in 
Wethersfield  of  Mehitabel  Tracy  of  Deerfield,  Hampshire  Co., 
Mass.  March  18,  1750,  a  lot  of  land  of  Timothy  Bordman  for 
£300.  Aug.  16,  1751,  a  lot  of  Thomas  Hurlburt  for  £90.  Aug. 
8,  1753,  a  lot  on  Connecticut  River  of  Charles  Riley  of  Glassen- 
bury  for  £85.  April  5,  1754,  a  lot  of  land  in  Tier  No.  29,  in 
late  division,  of  Abraham  Nutt  of  Wethersfield,  butting  east 
on  Capt.  .John  Warner  and  south  on  land  of  Benouie  Crane,  for 
£250.      Children  : 

128—1.     Abraham,  b.  Dec.  I K,  1739. 

129—2.  David,  b.  Nov.  29,  1741.  Served  as  a  soldier  during  the 
Revolutionary  War.  Was  corporal  Capt.  Dickinson's  Co., 
Col.  Elmore's  Regt.,  June  24,  1770.  Served  in  New  York 
State  about  Albanv.  Again  enlisted  January,  1777,  from 
Sandisfleld  for  three  years,  and  joined  Capt.  Allen's  Co., 
Col.  Wiggles  worth's  Regt.  Was  also  private  Capt.  Noah 
Allen's  Co.,  Col.  Calvin  Smith's  Regt.  (late  Col.  Wiggles- 
worth's  Regt.).  Served  from  May  28,  1777,  to  Jan.  29,^1781  ; 
then  39  years  old.  Stature  6  feet,  complexion  light,  hair 
and  eyes  light.  Also  served  in  Ebenezer  Smith's  Co.,  6th 
Regt.  Was  at  Valley  Forge  in  March  and  May,  1778;  at 
Providence,  1779;  West  Point,  Jan.  29,  1781.  Died  with- 
out issue  about  1820,  in  Sandistield,  Mass.,  a  pensioner.* 

130—3.     Elijah,  b.  Jan.  9,  1744. 

131-4.     Bkn.ta.min,  b.  July  18,  174(5;  d.  before  Dec.  11,  1776,  it  is  said. t 

132—5.     Hezekiah,  b.  Sept.  28,  1748;  m.  Mary  Dix. 

133—6.     RbbkcCa,  b.  Nov.  22,  1750;   d.  Oct.  4,  1751. 

134—7.     Mary,  b.  Nov.  5,  1752;  m.  John  Adams,  Dec.  6,  1771. 

135-8.     JosErH,  b.  Aug.  13,  1755. 

136.  Hannah  Crane3  [<32],  (Israel,3  Benjamin1)-  married 
Timothy  Bordman  of  Wethersfield.  Dec.  21,  1721.  He  was  son 
of  Daniel  Bordman  and  born  July  20,  1700.  This  Daniel  was 
brother  to  Martha  Bordman,  who  married  Benjamin  Crane,  Jr. 
Hannah  Crane  Bordman  died  in  Dalton,  Mass..  at  the  home  of 
her  sou  Daniel.  "  She  was  a  very  Godly  woman,  and  her  descend- 
ants fondly  cherish  her  memory."      Children  : 

1.  Damaris  (Bordman),  b.  Nov.  11,  1722. 

2.  Charles  (Bordman),  b.  Sept.  4,  1725. 

3.  Timotuy  (Bordman),  b.  Dec.  2.  1727. 

4.  Hannah  (Bordman)i  b.  Dec.  12,  1729. 

5.  Elizabbth  (Bordman),  b.  Oct.  14,  1731;  d.  Nov.  6,  1731. 

6.  Danikl  ^Bordman  i,  b.  Sept.  29.  1732. 

7.  John  (Bordman),  b.  Aug.  6,   1735. 

8.  Elizabeth  (Bordman),  b.  Oct.  5.  1737. 

9.  Seth  (Bordman),  b    April  21,  1742. 
10.  Olive  (Bordman),  b.  Nov.  3,  1745. 

♦Massachusetts  Soldiers  and  Sailors  in  Revolutionary  War. 

tAlthotmh  this  Benjamin  is  reported  as  having  died  before  1776.  there 
was  a  Benjamin  Crane  bought  land  in  Hartford  of  John  Smith,  Jan.  I, 
1795,  of  John  Morgan,  March  25,  1795;  also  a  lot  of  Samuel  Nevins, 
Dec.  1 1  that  year.  Mortgaged  his  place  on  Prison  street,  where  he 
lived,  to  J.  Ramsey.  He  sold  the  place  to  George  Wells,  March  25, 
1797,  for  £2000. 


137.  Elizabeth  Crane3  [63],  (Israel,2  Benjamin1),  married 
John  Russell,  Jr.,  Dec.  1,  1725.  She  died  Nov.  10,  174.5. 
Elizabeth  Crane,  daughter  of  Israel  Crane,  deeded  to  Martha, 
her  sister,  part  of  the  home-lot  of  Israel  Crane,  March  19, 
1727-8.     Children: 

1.  David  (Russell),  b.  Aug.  29,  1726. 

2.  Elizabeth  (Russell),  bT  May  27,  1729. 

3.  John  (Russell),  b.  Sept.  8,  1731. 

4.  Hkzkkiah  (Russell),  b.  Feb.  13,  1739. 

5.  William  (Russell),  b.  Juue  29,  1741. 

6.  Tlmothy  (Russell),  h.  Dec.  31,  1744. 


138.  Sarah  Crane4  [75],  (Jonathan,3  Jonathan,'2  Benja- 
min')- married  Daniel  Abel  of  Lebanon,  Conn.,  Dec.  25,  1727, 
where  he  was  born  Feb.  3,  170G;  settled  in  Lebanon,  Conn. 

Children  : 

1.  Daniel  (Abel)),  b.  Nov.  13,  172S. 

2.  Elifhalet  (Abel),  b.  Sept.  10,   1730. 

3.  Jonathan  (Abel),  b.  April  26,  1733. 

4.  Mary  (Abel),  b.  Feb.  24,  1736. 

5.  Elizabeth  (Abel),  b.  Jan.  19,  1739. 

6.  Sarah  (Abel),  b   Jan.  19,  1711. 

7.  Elijah  (Abel),  b.  Feb.  1,  1744. 

8.  Simon  (Abel)  b.  Sept.  5,  1746;  d.  Sept.  20,  1746. 

9.  Ezekiel  (Abel),  b.  Oct.  12,  1747. 

139.  Mary  Crane4  [76],  (Jonathan.3  Jonathan,2  Benja- 
min1), married  first Buel,  second  James  Bill.     Children: 

1.  Timothy'  (Buel). 

2.  Azariah  (Buel). 

3.  Anna  (Buel). 

140.  Jonatoan  Crane4  [79],  (Jonathan,3  Jonathan.'-  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Sarah  Armstrong  at  Lebanou,  1741-42.  It 
appears  from  Lebanon  records  he  died  previous  to  March  15, 
17(35,  and  that  his  brother  Silas  Crane  was  executor  of  his  will. 

Children  : 

141  —  1.     Zervlih,  b.  Feb.  11,  1742-3. 

142 — 2.     Ann,  m.  Ebunezer  Williams. 

This  Jonathan  Crane  may  have  left  other  children  who  went 
to  New  Hampshire,  where  relatives  of  the  family  did  go,  set- 
tling in  and  about  Surry,  Alstead  and  Gilsum. 

There  was  a  Jonathan  Crain  of  Wilton,  N.  H.,  who  served  in 
the  Revolutionary  war,  engaged  March  20  and  September  17, 
1781,  and  discharged  Nov.  25,  1781  ;  Capt.  John  Mills'  com- 
pany, Col.  Reynolds'  regiment.  Was  he  son  of  the  above? 
Also  a  Daniel  Grain  in  Andover,  N.  H.,  1771,  had  lot  No.  13  in 
third  division,  on  which  he  made  improvements ;  Seth  Crane, 
one  of  the  grantees  of  Maidston,  Oct.  12,  1761  ;  Josiah  Crane  of 
Waterbury,  N.  H.,  June  7,  1763;  also  Jonathan  Crane,  same 
place  ;  Benjamin  Crane,  one  of  the  grantees  of  Middlesex,  N. 
H.,  June  8,  1763. 

These  were  without  much  doubt  from  Connecticut. 

143.  Silas  Crane4  [82],  (Jonathan,3  Jonathan,- Benjamin1), 
married  Lucy  Waterman,  Sept.  20,  1712  (Norwich). 


Whether  Silas  Crane  was  a  soldier  under  Sir  Wm.  Pepperell  of 
Kittery  Point,  Me.,  in  the  expedition  that  captured  Louisbourg  in 
June,  1745,  we  do  not  know  of  a  certainty.  But  certain  we  are 
that  he  was  attracted,  as  were  many  others,  to  that  spot  known 
and  remembered  as  Acadia,  that  region  made  famous  by  the 
muse  of  Longfellow,  and  where  the  broad  acres  and  fertile  fields 
which  those  French  exiles  had  been  forced  to  abandon  were 
ready  to  welcome  the  new  hand  that  should  come  to  toil  within 
their  borders.  Connecticut  furnished  her  quota  of  men  for  that 
expedition,  and  ever  after  that  17th  day  of  June,  when  M. 
Chambon,  governor  of  Louisbourg,  surrendered  to  Commodore 
P.  Warren  and  Sir  Wm.  Pepperell,  some  of  those  undisciplined 
soldiers,  as  they  were  called  by  the  regulars,  turned  their  eyes 
occasionally  in  the  direction  of  that  fair  country  which  had  so 
generously  been  offered  them  by  the  English  government. 

Although  the  right  to  control  these  lands  had  passed  back 
and  forth  at  various  times,  1621  to  1755,  between  France  and 
England,  quite  a  French  population  were  still  residents  there, 
and,  siding  as  they  naturally  did  with  the  Indians  against  the 
English,  became  a  constant  source  of  alarm  and  a  serious 
obstruction  to  progress  among  the  New  England  settlements. 
At  last  a  determination  was  formed  to  get  rid  of  them  if  possi- 
ble. To  that  end  an  expedition  was  planned,  with  Sir  Wm. 
Pepperell  at  its  head.  Lt.-Col.  Wm.  Vaughn  of  Portsmouth, 
N.  H.,  has  the  distinction  of  having  proposed  the  scheme  of 
taking  Cape  Breton  to  Gov.  Wm.  Shirley,  who  immediately  ap- 
proved it.  Mr.  Vaughn  traveled  through  the  several  provinces 
securing  subscriptions  of  money  and  engaging  men  to  enlist  in 
the  enterprise.  Although  a  resolution  was  passed  by  a  majority 
vote  in  the  assembly  of  Massachusetts  Bay  Jan.  25,  1744-51, 
favoring  a  movement,  all  preliminaries  were  worked  quite  secretly. 
Virginia,  Maryland,  Pennsylvania,  Rhode  Island,  Connecticut, 
New  Hampshire  and  Massachusetts  were  called  upou  to  furnish 
men  and  means,  Connecticut  sending  about  500  men  toward  the 
nearly  4000  furnished  by  the  colonies  to  act  in  conjunction  with 
Commodore  Sir  Peter  Warren,  then  commanding  his  majesty's 
fleet,  stationed  along  the  Atlantic  coast,  then  at  West  Indies. 
Enlistments  began  February  2,  and  by  the  latter  part  of  the 
following  month  3000  men  were  on  the  way  to  Canso.  They  were 
followed  by  others,  and  April  30  the  army  was  drawn  up  before 
Louisbourg  demaudiug  its  surrender.  Steady  constant  work  was 
put  in  step  by  step,  the  lines  were  tightened,  until  June  16  the 
stronghold  succumbed,  and  the  following  day  the  French  gov- 
ernor surrendered  to  Commodore  Peter  Warren  and  Sir  Wm. 
Pepperell,  after  a  siege  of  49  days.  It  was  a  great  victory.  It 
gave  to  New  England  a  certain  degree  of  security  which  hitherto 
she  had  not  known,  and  opened  the  way  for  developing  her  out- 
lying settlements.  The  newly  conquered  territory  also  became  a 
prize  for  those  who   were  desirous   of  receiving  a  share  in  the 


spoils  of  war.  Lord  Halifax  formed  a  project  by  which  the 
English  colony  of  Nova  Scotia  might  be  augmented,  and  in  1749, 
after  being  adopted  by  the  government,  was  set  in  motion,  and 
the  Lords  Commissioners  of  Trade  and  Plantations  issued  in 
March  of  that  year  a  proclamation  by  which  50  acres  of  land  was 
offered  to  every  soldier  and  sailor  who  would  settle  in  that  part 
of  America,  free  of  rent  for  10  years,  and  not  more  than  one 
shilling  per  annum  for  the  50  acres  afterwards.  To  every  sol- 
dier and  sailor  who  had  a  wife  and  children  10  acres  more  were 
offered  for  every  individual  in  his  family,  and  for  every  increase 
that  should  afterwards  happen  to  the  family;  to  each  subaltern 
officer  80  acres,  and  15  more  for  each  of  his  family,  200  acres  to 
each  ensigu,  300  to  each  lieutenant,  400  to  captain,  600  to  each 
officer  in  rank  above  captain,  and  30  acres  more  for  each  person 
in  his  household.  The  government  also  engaged  to  transport 
and  maintain  the  new  settlers  one  year  at  its  own  expense,  to 
furnish  them  with  such  arms,  provisions,  utensils,  implements 
and  tools  as  necessary  to  put  them  in  condition  to  clear  and  cul- 
tivate their  lands,  build  habitations,  and  commence  a  fishery. 
Carpenters  and  other  handicraftsmen  were  offered  same  oppor- 
tunities as  soldiers  and  sailors  ;  surgeons  were  to  receive  same  as 
ensigns.  Within  two  months  3750  persons  embarked  and  located 
the  place  called  Halifax,  and  for  several  years  government 
expended  large  sums  of  money  annually  to  assist  settlers  in 
locating  in  Nova  Scotia.  The  increase  in  population  was  so 
rapid  that  in  July,  1755,  the  French  that  had  held  on,  not  being 
willing  to  give  up  all,  saw  that  it  was  of  no  use  to  further  con- 
tend, and  abandoned  their  possessions,  and  left  the  country  quite 
free  to  the  English  settlers,  and  the  people  of  Connecticut  as 
well  as  other  provinces  were  encouraged  to  try  their  fortunes  in 
this  new  country.  About  the  year  1751  the  people  of  Norwich, 
Conn.,  entered  into  the  coastwise  trade,  building  of  ships,  &c, 
which  opened  up  communication  with  Nova  Scotia,  and  many  of 
the  people  about  the  eastern  portion  of  Connecticut  were 
anxious  to  possess  some  of  the  abandoned  farms  left  by  the 
exiled  Acadiaus,  and  Silas  Crane  with  his  family  were  among  the 
number.  In  1760  he  with  his  son  Silas  drew  certain  lots  in  the 
township  of  Horton — one  of  50  acres  marked  A  No.  2,  located 
in  Wolfville,  about  three  miles  from  Grand  Pre;  he  also  drew  a 
town  lot,  one-half  acre  and  three  farm  lots.  Nos.  2S9,  290  and  291. 
Silas.  Jr.,  drew  farm  lot  No.  292.  These  four  lots  contained 
245  acres  each,  and  adjoined  the  river. 

They  also  had  other  lauds  set  off  to  them  in  the  first  division, 
record  of  which  was  made  in  a  book  which  has  since  been 
burned.  Mr.  James  Leard,  government  surveyor  for  Kings 
county,  1891,  writes:  "We  know  that  a  majority  of  the  first 
settlers  came  from  Connecticut ;  240  came  very  soon  after  the 
expulsion  of  the  Acadians.  and  it  is  said  many  of  them  were  with 
Sir  Wm.  Pepperell  at  the  takimr  of  Louisboura:  in  1745."  Another 


company  of  settlers,  including  Col.  Noble  of  Boston,  being 
attracted  thither  in  1755,  were  surprised  by  the  French,  and  the 
colonel,  with  his  two  lieutenants  and  some  70  men,  were  killed. 
Mr.  James  Leard  remembers  when  a  boy  (many  years  ago) 
James  Noble  Crane,  son  of  Jonathan,  who  pointed  out  to  him  the 
spot  on  his  (Leard's)  farm  where  Col.  Noble  and  his  two 
lieutenants  were  buried  between  two  old  French  apple  trees  ;  but 
the  trees  have  now  disappeared,  and  nothing  remains  to  mark  the 
spot  where  they  were  laid  to  rest. 

In  August,  1760,  it  was  claimed  that  6000  people  from  Ameri- 
can settlements,  principally  from  Long  Island  and  Connecticut, 
had  recently  settled  in  Nova  Scotia.  Among  the  names  of  those 
who  settled  with  the  Cranes  there  we  find  those  of  John  Allen, 
John  Allen.  Jr.,  Jas.  Anderson,  John  Atwell,  Benj.  Beckwith, 
Derius,  Elisha  and  Jacob  Brown,  William,  Peter  and  John 
Bishop,  Sr.,  and  John  Bishop,  Jr.,  Obed  Benjamin,  Timothy 
Bishop,  Richard  and  Christopher  Best,  Andrew  Belcher,  John 
Burbidge,  Jeremiah  Calkin,  Sr.  and  Jr.,  Benj.  Cleveland,  Wm. 
Coldwell,  John  and  Jonathan  Davidson,  Nathan,  Jehial  and 
Simeon  DeWolfe,  Daniel  Dodge,  Andrew  and  David  Sherman, 
Robert,  William,  Samuel  Deunison,  and  their  father.  Col.  Robert 
Denuisou,  who  went  from  Norwich.  Conn.,  and  were  at  the  siege 
of  Louisbourg,  John  Eagles,  James,  Jonathan  and  Joseph  Elder- 
kin,  Benjamin  Fitch,  Wm.  Foster,  Col.  Foster,  Noah,  Amos  and 
Nathan,  Sr,  and  Jr.,  Gilbert,  and  Timothy  Forsythe,  Samuel 
Griffin,  David  and  Jonathan  Godfrey,  Ephraim,  Joseph,  Gerrish 
and  Jonathan  Graves,  John,  Daniel  and  Jonathan  Hamilton,  Sr. 
and  Jr.,  Lebbeus,  Thedeus,  Asa,  Daniel,  Alpheus,  Peleg,  Gil- 
bert and  Ephraim  Harris,  Sr.  and  Jr.,  Jedediah  Jordan,  David 
Johnson,  Andrew  Marsters,  Brotherton  Martin,  Sylvanus 
Thomas,  Christopher,  Darius  and  Martha  Miner,  Elisha  Nichols. 
Silas  and  Benj.  Peck.  Sr.  and  Jr.,  Elnathan  Palmeter,  Roland 
Rogers,  William,  Mary,  Samuel  and  James  Reid,  Charles  and 
Ann  Randall,  Amos  Rathburn.  Arthur  and  Nathan  Schotield. 
Johu  Turner.  Jedediar  Wickwire.  Benjamin  and  Joseph  Wood- 
worth,  Samuel  Witter,  six  Dicksons,  four  Fullars,  four  Hardings, 
six  Lathrops,  three  Hoveys,  three  Blackmans,  one  Peabody, 
Amos  and  Samuel  Conover.  The  latter  married  Chloe,  daughter 
of  Silas  Crane,  Sr. 

Of  course  it  will  be  noticed  that  they  were  not  "refugees." 
They  did  not  leave  their  country  to  escape  the  results  of  the 
Revolutionary  war.  as  many  others  did  during  that  eventful 
period  in  American  history,  but  removed  to  Nova  Scotia  many 
years  prior  to  the  Revolution,  and  when  that  event  came  it  found 
them  in  quite  different  circumstances.  Their  environments  were 
of  quite  another  sort.  Many  if  not  all  of  them  were  living 
under  patronage  of  the  mother  country.  They  had  been  given 
special  privileges  under  the  crown  in  the  possession  of  their  lauds, 
and  therefore,  as  honorable  men,  were  under  obligation  to  stand 


by  and  uphold  the  power  that  had   so  recently    and   so    signally 
befriended  them.     Children  : 

144—1.     Silas,  b.  Sept.  4,  17-43. 

145—2.  Chloe,  b.  Sept.  24,  1745.  She  married  James  Noble  Shan- 
non. He  was  born  in  September,  1751,  and  died  Nov. 
7,  1822.  Was  son  of  Cutt  Shannon,  and  adopted  son  of 
Major  James  Noble  of  Boston,  Mass.  He  settled  in  Nova 
Scotia.  Chloe  had  previously  married  Samuel  Conover*, 
but  had  left  no  issue,  although  they  adopted  James  Noble, 
a  son  of  Thomas,  a  brother  of  her  last  husband. 

116— 3.     Jonathan,  b.  1750,  in  Lebanon,  Conn. 

147—4.     Theodorey,  b.  1752  or  1753;  m.  Alpheus  Morse,  Esq. 

148—5.     Elijah. 

149.  John  Crane4  [85],  (John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1), 
married  Rebeckah  Huntington,  born  in  Windham,  Conn.,  Sept.  18, 
1712,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Rebeckah  (Adgate)  Huntington, 
Jan.  24.  1733-4  ;  lived  in  Tolland.  She  died  Jan.  23,  1742.  He 
married  2d,  Sarah  Hutchinson,  Nov.  11,  1742;  3d,  Hannah 
Bissel  of  Middletield.  Mass.,  in  1783.  The  publication  of  this 
marriage  appears  in  the  history  of  Middlefield  under  date  of 
Sept.  10,  1783.  She  was  alive  there  Oct.  16.  17'J8.  He  died  at 
Becket,  Mass.,  March  9,  1793,  aged  84  years.  Was  given  land 
in  Wethersfield,  July  3,  1734,  by  his  grandfather  Jonathan  Crane 
of  Windham.  He  purchased  land  there  of  Jonathan  and  Stephen 
Riley,  Sept.  28.  1736.     Was  assessor  in  Becket  in  1767. 

Child  re  u  : 

150—1.     Sarah,  b.  Nov.  30,  1735,  in  Wethersfield. 

1504-2.  Benjamin,  b  March  29,  1738,  in  Wethersfield  ;  d.  in  infancy. 
-151—3.     Benjamin,  b.  March8,  1740,  in  Wethersfield. 

152—4.     John,  b.  Jan.  12,  1742,  in  Tolland. 

153—5  Amos,  b.  April  8,  1744,  in  Tolland;  killed  in  French  and 
Indian  war  in  New  York.  An  ingeniously  carved  powder- 
horn  bearing  date  1700,  the  property  of  this  Amos  Crane, 
and  carried  by  him,  is  in  the  possession  of  Amos  S.  Crane 
of  Chicago,  111.  Jan.  30,  1772,  court  at  Hartford  granted 
administration  on  estate  of  Amos  Crane  late  of  Tolland, 
deceased,  to  Elijah  Crane  of  Hartwood,  in  Province  of 
Massachusetts  Bay,  who  gave  bond  with  John  Plumb  o 
said  Hartwood  £200. 

154 — 6.     Elijah,  b.  Feb.  22,  1746,  at  Lebanon,  Conn. 

155—7.     Abel,  b.  March  27,  1748. 

156—8.     Rebecca,  b.  May  18,  1750. 

157—9.     Samuel,  b.  May  29,  1752. 

158-10  Rachel,  b.  Jan.  14,  1755;  m.  Deacon  Enos  Kinsley  of 
Becket,  Mass. 

159-11       Lydu,  b.  Aug.  18,  1757. 

160.  Abiah  Crane4  [86],  (John,3  Jonathan-,  Benjamin1),  of 
Tolland,  married  Mary  Tyler,  Feb.  23,  1741-2,  and  died  at 
Alstead,  N.  H..  April  1,  1790.     She  died  March  26,  1789. 

•Samuel  Conover  had  a  brother  Amos,  who  was  among  the   first   set- 
tlers of  Horton. 


Children  : 

161  —  I.  Jonathan,  b.  Nov.  21,  1742.  Probably  was  private  in  Capt. 
John  Mills'  Co.,  Col.  Reynolds'  Regt.,  from  Wilton,  N. 
H.;  enlisted  Sept.  17  and  marched  Sept.  20,  1781;  dis- 
charged Nov.  25,  1781. 

162—2.     Joshua;  b. ;  m.  1st,  Miss  Mary  Brown  ;  2d,  Mrs.  Lackl. 

163— 3.     Isaac,  b.  March  17,  1745,  in  Tolland. 

104—4.     Mary,  b.  Oct.  28,  1747;  m.  Joshua  Wood  of  Alstead,  N.  H. 

165— 5.     Abiai-i,  b.  Feb.  8,  1751  ;  m.  Experience  Smith  of  Surry,  N.  H. 

166—6.     Eleazek,  b. ;  d.  Dec.  27,  1757. 

167—7.  Joseph,  b.  May  19,  1759;  m.  1st,  Eleanor  Buck  of  Williams- 
town,  Vt. ;   2d,  Huth  Wilson. 

168—8.  Eunice,  b.  July  3,  17(52;  m.  Jos.  Kingsbury  of  Alstead.  N.  H. 
She  died  Sept.  10.  1791. 

169—9.     John,  b.  Oct.  10,  1766;  m.  Nabby ;  lived  in  Western. 

170.  Elisham  or  Elisha  Crane4  [88],  (John,3  Jonathan,2, 
Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Bissell,  Dec.  31,  1741.  She  was 
daughter  of  Jeremiah  and  Mehitable  (White)  Bissell.  Mrs.  Bis- 
sell was  sister  to  Capt.  Daniel  White  of  Hartford,  Conn.  Mr. 
Crane  lived  in  East  Windsor.     Children  : 

171—1.    Elisha,  b. . 

172—2.     Anna,  b.  March  12,  1747. 

173 — 3.     Mehitable,  b.  ;  m.  Ephraim  Ely,  East  Windsor,  Conn. 

And  probably  other  children. 

174.  Hezekiah  Crane4  [90],  (John,3  Jonathan-,  Benjamin1), 
married  Rachel  Rockwell,  April  2,  1746.  She  died  Oct.  7,  1809, 
aged  83  years.  He  died  Jan.  3,  1805,  aged  84.  He  was  called 
of  Windsor,  Conn.,  but  purchased  land  in  Bolton,  Conn.,  May  3, 
1750;  also  in  July,  1753,  and  April,  1754.  The  births  of  three 
of  his  children  are  recorded  there.  But  it  would  appear  from 
the  records  that  he  moved  to  Bolton  about  1750,  and  was 
living  there  April  8,  1754.  He  may  have  been  the  Hezekiah 
Crane,  private  in  Capt.  Roswell  Grant's  Co.,  Col.  Johnson's 
Regt.,  in  service  in  Providence,  R.  I.  ;  enlisted  Jan.  7,  1778, 
serving  a  few  months.  It  was  he  or  his  sou.  Feb.  1,  1805,  his 
will  was  admitted  to  probate  in  East  Windsor,  Conn.  It  names 
wife  Rachel,  his  son  David,  daughters  Rachel,  Rhoda  and  Anna, 
sous  Aaron  and  Ruf us ;  also  heirs  of  his  son  Hezekiah,  viz., 
Abner,  his  grandson,  Eunice,  Rhoda  and  Lucretia.  This  will 
was  dated  Oot.  20,  1796,  David  Crane,  Executor.  Distribution 
ordered  Jan.  15,  1810,  widow  beiug  then  deceased.    Children  : 

175 — l.  Hezekiah,  b.  Aug.  7,  1747. 

176—2.  David,  b.  Oct.  1,  174S;  d.  ,  1815. 

177—3.  Rachel,  b.  June  8,  1751. 

178—4.  RHODA,  b.  April  22,  1753. 

179—5.  RUEUS,  b.  ,  1755;   d.  ,  1820. 

180—6.  Aaron,  b.  May  8,  1756. 

181—7.  Anna,  b. . 

182.  Lemuel  Crane4  [92],  (John,3  Jonathan,'- Benjamin1), 
married  Jerusha  Crane,  daughther  of  Jonathan,  as  Lebanon  town 


records  say.  May  13,   1757,  which  no  doubt  should  have  been 
1752.     Settled  in  Lebanon,  Conn.     Children: 

183—1.     Zebulon,  b.  Feb.  21,  1753. 
184—'.'.     Prudence,  b.  Feb.  12,  1755. 
185—3.     Louisa,  b.  Feb.  16,  1757. 

At  this  point  in  the  record  we  find  an  Obediah  Crane,  who 
served  as  corporal  in  Col.  Samuel  Ashley's  regiment  and  7th  com- 
pany (Capt.  Elisha  Mack's  company),  men  from  Gilsum  and 
Surry,  N.  H.  :  they  marched  to  reinforce  the  Continental  army 
at  Ticonderoga  in  June,  1777.  They  marched  50  miles  to  Black 
River,  and  returned  home  again  ;  met  the  retreat,  June  28  ;  dis- 
charged July  3. 

Samuel  Grain,  or  Crane,  of  Gilsum,  N.  H.,  was  drafted  under 
the  order  passed  June  10.  1780.  and  served  from  June  29,  1780, 
to  Dec.  6,  178u,  5  mos.  18  days.  Travelled  to  Worcester,  83 
miles.  Aged  23.  Was  at  West  Point  July.  1780,  there  received 
half  pint  rum  and  one  pound  sugar  from  Joseph  Bass,  Commis- 
sary for  New  Hampshire.  Six  months'  men ;  was  mustered  in 
by  Major  Wm.  Scott;   age  then  23  years. 

Francis  Crane,  of  Chesterfield.  N.  H.,  served  from  June  28, 
1780,  to  Jan.  1.  1781,  travelled  73  miles  to  Worcester.  An 
order  was  passed  June  16,  1780,  for  a  draft  to  raise  six  hundred 
men  to  serve  until  Dec.  31,  1780,  each  one  drafted  was  to  serve 
or  pay  five  hundred  dollars.  Those  who  went  were  to  receive  40 
shillings  per  month  in  money  equal  to  corn  at  4  shillings  per 
bushel,  five  pounds  for  clothing  and  12  shillings  per  mile  for 
travel.  Was  this  the  same  Francis  Crane  that  lived  in  Vermont, 
and  had  a  son  Francis,  who  had  a  son,  N.  P.  Crane,  residing 
Oct.  1.  1881,  in  Eagle  Village,  Wyoming  County,  N.  Y..  then  74 
years  of  age  ? 

186.  Rhoda  Crane-1  [94],  (John,3  Jonathan.2,  Benjamin1) . 
married  Job  Thompson.  July  12,  1750,  and  lived  in  East  Wind- 
sor. Conn.     Children: 

1.  Uhoda  (Thompson),  b.  April  9,  1752. 

2.  Eunice  (Thompsou),  b.  Sept.  21,  1753. 

3.  Elizabeth   (Thompson),   b.  July  10,  1757;  d.  May  23,  1758. 

187.  Adonijah  Crane4  [95],  (John,3  Jonathan,'- Benjamin1), 
rrj. :   had  the  following  and  perhaps  other  children: 

188  —  1.     Lemuel;  settled  in  Hamilton,  N.  Y.,  about  the  year  1800. 
180—2.     Luke;  a   farmer  in  Hamilton,  N.  Y. ;  d.  there  1855,  leaving 

no  male  heirs. 
100—3.     Gkorue;  settled  in  Hamilton,  N.  Y. 

I'll.  Ruth  Crane4  [98],  (Isaac,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Ehenezer  Webb.  He  died  Feb  11,  1803.  aged  84.  She 
died  Feb.  28,  1796,  aged  78.  They  lived  and  died  in  Windham. 
Conn.     Children  : 

1.     Darius  (Webb),  b.  July  28,  1742. 


2.  Jerusha  (Webb),  b.  April  17,  1744. 

3.  Ann  (Webb),  b.  March  13,  1746. 

4  Jonathan  (Webb),  b.  Oct.  2,  1747. 

5.  Alice  (Webb),  b.  Aug.  3,  1749. 

6.  Rctii  (Webb),  b.  Feb.  22,  1751. 

7.  Elizabeth  (Webb),  b.  Feb.  19,  1753. 

8.  Christopher  (Webb),  b.  .lime  14,  1755. 

9.  Ehenezur  (Webb),  b.  May  29,  1757. 
10.  Hannah  (Webb),  b.  Aug.  31,  1759. 

192.  Adrie  Crane4  [99],  (Isaac,3  Jonathan,9  Benjamin1), 
married  Thomas  Broughton  at  Windham,  Nov.  15,  1738. 

Children  : 

1.  Eunice  (Broughton),  b.  1739. 

2.  Joanna  (Broughton),  b.  1741. 

3.  Lydia  (Broughton).  b.  1742. 
i.  Keziah  (Broughton),  b.  1741. 

5.  Delight  (Broughton),  d.  1747. 

6.  Prudence  (Broughton),  b.  1749. 

7.  Jemima  (Broughton),  b.  1751. 

8.  Alice  (Broughton),  b.  1753. 

9.  Ebenezer  (Broughton),  b.  ,  who  went  to  Irisburg,  Vt. 

193.  Anna  Crane4  [100],  (Isaac,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Joseph  Babcock,  Nov.  8,  1744,  and  lived  on  Babcock 
Hill.     She  died  Jan.  10,  1805.     He  died  Dec.  22,  1797. 

Children  : 

1.  Anne  (Babcock),  b.  Nov.  27,  1745;  m.  Amos  Allen,  Jr. 

2.  Abi.iah  (Babcock),  b.  Jan.   18,  1749. 

3.  Elijah  (Babcock;,  b.  April  28,  1750. 

4.  Joseph  (Babcock),  b.  May  20,  1752. 

5.  William  (Babcock),  b.  June  30,  1754;  d.  Sept.  21,  1775. 

6.  Abigail  I  Babcock),  b.  July  18,  1756;  d.  Sept.  7,  1775. 

7.  Nathan  (Babcock),  b.  June  31,  1760. 

8.  Daniel  (Babcock),  b.  April  7,  1762. 

9.  Jerusha  (Babcock),  b.  May  10,  1764;  m.  Jonathan  Wales. 

10.  Sarah  (Babcock),    b.    May   6,    1768:  in.    Coggswell   Kinne   of 

Plainrield,  Conu. 

194.  Isaac  Crane4  [101],  (Isaac,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1), 
married  Eunice  Walcutt,  May  8,  1763.  He  died  Oct.  2,  1777, 
aged  51 ;  his  estate  inventory,  £814 — 13 — 10—1,  April  15,  1778. 
His  residence  was  in  Windham,  Conn.  Administration  granted 
on  his  estate,  March  19,  1778,  to  Eunice  Crane,  and  she  was  ap- 
pointed guardian  over  her  six  children.     Children  : 

195—1.  Sarah,  b.  Jan.  24,  1764. 

196—2.  Eunice,  b.  Oct.  19,  1765. 

197—3.  Adrie,  b.  July  7,  1770. 

198—4.  Isaac  W.,  b.  July  1,  1772. 

199—5.  John,  b.  April  21,  1774. 

200—6.  Anna,  b.  April  3,  1776. 

201.  Zebulon  Crane4  [104],  (Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benja- 
min1), married  Sarah,  daughter  of  William  Belden  of  Wilton, 
Conn.,  who  was  resident  of  Deerfield,   Mass.,  in    fall  of  1696, 


when  the  French  and  Indians  made  a  raid  on  the  town  ;  and  also 
at  the  last  attack,  Feb.  1703-4.  In  the  latter  part  of  the  year 
1760  Mr.  Crane  moved  from  Bedford,  Westchester  Co.,  N.  Y.. 
to  Judeah,  now  Washington,  in  Litchfield  Co.,  Conn.,  where  soon 
after  the  mother  and  five  children  died  within  two  months  of  each 
other.  Mr.  Crane  was  captain  of  a  militia  company  of  West- 
chester Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1758,  from  which  men  were  taken  for 
service  in  the  French  war  for  the  purpose  of  "  ranging  and  scour- 
ing the  frontiers."*     Children : 

202—1.  John,  b.  Nov.  24,  1742. 

203—2.  William,  b.  Oct.,  1744. 

204—3.  ZKBULON,  b.  Aug.  7,  1746;  d.  Dec.  31,  1814. 

205—4.  Elijah,  b.  April  1,  1748. 

206—5.  Sarah,  b.  July  12,  1750. 

207— 6.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  8,  1752;  d.  young. 

208 — 7.  Belden,  b    Nov.  30,  1754;  d.  young. 

209—8.  Samuel,  b.  April  II,  1757. 

210  —  9.  Abigail,  b.  May  26,  1759. 

211-10.  Stephen,  b.  April  11,  1761;  d.  young. 

212-11.  Anna,  b.  Aug.  3,  1763;  d.  young. 

213-12.  Seth,  b.  March  1,  1766;  d.  young. 

214.  Capt.  Joseph  Crane4  [105],  (Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Esther  Belden.  She  was  born  Oct.  31,  1 727, 
and  daughter  of  Samuel  Belden.  He  was  a  resident  of  South 
East,  N.  Y.,  and  lived  and  died  on  the  old  homestead,  and  a 
physician  and  judge  in  Duchess  Co.  16  years.  She  died  Feb. 
27,  1786,  aged  58.  "  He  died  Oct.  14,  1800,  aged  78.  He  owned 
a  large  tract  of  land  situated  in  South  East ;  also  some  adjoining- 
it,  but  over  the  line  in  Connecticut.  It  was  called  "Joe's  Hill." 
At  the  foot  of  this  hill,  located  on  the  Croton  River,  stood 
"Crane's  Mill,"  built  by  his  father.  Dates  of  births  and  deaths 
of  this  family  were  furnished  by  Carso  Crane  from  the  family 

Feb.  24,  1776,  Joseph  Crane  memorialized  the  New  York 
delegates  in  Continental  Congress,  and  the  same  was  received 
Feb.  26,  in  which  attention  was  called  to  his  services  in  the  last 
campaign,  and  praying  the  care  of  an  artillery  company.  After 
the  memorial  had  been  read,  action  on  the  same  was  post- 
poned until  the  appointment  of  artillery  officers  was  resumed. 
March  16  he  was  appointed  Captain  Lieutenant  to  serve  in  the 
Artillery  Company  whereof  .John  Grinnell  is  Captain,  on  his 
(Joseph  Crane)  producing  a  certificate  that  he  has  been  ex- 
amined and  is  duly  qualified.! 

"  Head  Quarters  New  York  April  9  1776  a  certificate  from 
S.  Badlam  Capt  of  Artillery  dated  8th  instant  was  read  and  filed. 
He  hereby  certifies  that  he  has  examined  Joseph  Crane  as  to  his 
knowledge  in  gunnery  and  considering  his  merits  and  experience. 

*N.  Y.  Colonial  MSS.,  Vol.  85. 

fVol.  I.  Archives  State  of  New  York  in  the  Revolution. 


thiuks  him  qualified  for  a  Captain  Lieutenancy.  Therefore  or- 
dered, that  the  said  Joseph  Crane  pursuant  to  the  order  of  the 
provincial  Congress  of  the  16th  of  March  last  be  Capt  Lieutenant 
of  the  Continental  Company  of  Artillery  whereof  Sebastian 
Beauman  Esq  is  Captain." 

Dr.  Crane  was  one  of  the  most  prominent  men  in  the  county 
during  the  Revolutionary  war.  Was  Chairman  of  the  South 
East  Precinct  Committee  in  1775  and  1777;  also  one  of  the 
Supervisors  in  1773,  1787  and  1789.  Was  it  this  Dr.  Crane  or 
his  son  that   was  ordered  by  the  Provincial  Congress,  Sept.  17, 

1776,  with  Mr.  Duane,  Mr.  Duer  and  Mr  Schenck,  to  inquire 
into  the  situation  of  the  Light  Horsemen  and  Lieut.  Onderdonck, 
and  report  thereon? 

From  the  wording  of  the  above  memorial  to  the  Continental 
Congress  by  Joseph  Crane  we  understand  he  had  rendered  his 
country  service  at  some  prior  date,  and  in  New  York  Colonial 
MSS.,  Vol.  LXXXV.,  page  132,  may  be  found  the  following: 

••Muster  Roll  of  a  company  of  Provincials  in  ye  pay  of  ye 
Province  of  New  York  for  Dutchess  County  commanded  by 
Joseph  Crane  Esq."  Also,  same  volume,  page  141,  an  order,  the 
substance  of  which  is  here  given:  "Copy  of  warrant  from  the 
Honorable  James  De  Laneey  Esq,  His  Majesties  Lieutenant 
Governor  and  Commander  in  Chief  May  first  1758  an  order  to 
pay  to  Captain  Joseph  Crane  one  thousand  and  seventeen 
pounds,  being  the  amount  of  bounty  money  and  inlisting  money 
for  Ninety  four  volunteers  iulisted  in  the  pay  of  the  Provinces 
as  part  of  the  quota  for  Dutchess  County  etc  etc. 

'•To  Abraham  De  Peyster  Esq  Treasurer  Colony  of  New  York. 
'•  By  order  of  His  Honour  in  Council." 

Children  : 

215—1.     Jonathan,  b.  April  27,  1747;  died  Aug.  28,  1834. 

21tf— 2.     Joseph,  b.  Feb.  13,  1749;  d.  Nov.  2! ,  1825. 

217—3.     Solomon,  b.  Dec.  26,  1750;  d.  July  4,  1829. 

218—4.     Isaac,  b.  Jan.  26,  1753;  d.  March  6,  1810. 

219—5.     Eunicb,  b.  Nov.  20,  1754;  m.  Comfort  Sears. 

220-8.     Esther,  b.  Dec.  26,  1756;  d.  Aug.  3,  1833. 

221—7.     Josiah,  b.  July  11,  1759;  d.  May  13,  1768. 

222—8.     Ira,  b.  Aug.  10,  1761 ;  d.  Aug.,  1828. 

223—9.     Daniel,  b.  Sept.   17,  1763. 

224-10.     Nathan,  b.  Aug.  1,  1765;  d.  May  21,  1768. 

225-11.     Molly,  b.  May  21,  1767  ;  m. Raymond;  d.  Feb.  25,  1805. 

226-12.     Josiah  Nathan,  b.  June  10,  1770;  d.  July,  1797. 

227-13.     Akzah,  b.  Sept.  29,  1772. 

228.  Col.  Thaddeus  Crane4  [107],  (Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Ben- 
jamin1), married  1st,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Peter  Paddock  of  South 
East,  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  24,  1751.  He  was  a  farmer. 
Died  Sept.  1,  1803,  aged  75,  and  was  buried  in  North  Salem, 
Westchester  County,  N.  Y.      His  first  wife  having  died  Feb.  19, 

1777.  he  married  Lydia.  the  widow  of  John  Baxter,  Jan.  13, 
1779  ;  her  maiden  name  was  Read,  she  having  had  three  children 
by  Mr.  Baxter — Mary  Rell  Baxter,  born  Oct.  6,  1772.  died  June, 


1838  ;  Daniel  R.  Baxter,  born  June  22,  1774,  died  Dec.  16,  1842 ; 
Huldah  Baxter  born  June  22,  177(3,  died  1851.  The  widow 
Lydia  died  April  26,  1832.  Col.  Crane's  home  was  in  North 
Salem,  and  the  house  is  still  standing. 

Col.  Thaddeus  Crane  served  in  the  war  of  the  Revolution.  Was 
2d  major  of  the  2d  Reg.,  Westchester  County,  May  28,  1778 
(also  captain  of  North  Salem  company)  ;  major  Sept.  29,  1780. 
April  26  he  was  shot  through  the  hip  during  the  engagement  at 
Ridgefield,  Conn,  (expedition  to  Danbury),  and  he  asked  the 
Honorable  Council  to  reimburse  him  for  loss  of  time,  costs,   &c. 

"  Kingston  Aug  9.  1777.     To  Egbert  Benson  Esq 

Gentlemen.  It  being  my  misfortune,  in  repulsing  the 
enemy  at  Ridgefield  on  the  26  of  April  last  to  meet  with  a  wound 
from  them,  which  confined  me  to  my  bed  for  a  long  time  :  and  I 
was  at  great  expense  by  loss  of  time  and  cost  of  doctor,  I  desire 
to  know  from  your  Honorable  Council  whether  I  am  to  receive 
any  wages  or  relief  from  the  State,  and  where  to  apply  to  get 
the  same  if  any  is  allowed.  These  from  your  Honor's  humble 

To  Honorable  Council  of  Safety 

State  of  New  York.  Thaddeus  Crane ."* 

Nearly  nine  years  later  the  legislature  of  New  York  passed. 
April  22,  1786,  an  act  making  provisions  for  officers,  soldiers 
and  seamen,  who  had  been  disabled  in  the  service  of  the  United 

The  payment  of  pensions  to  the  soldiers  of  New  York  and 
other  States  began,  according  to  the  '-Ledger  Rev.  Accounts." 
March,  1782.  '•  Crane,  Thaddeus,  major  (Col.  Thomas'  militia), 
shot  through  the  body;   expedition  to  Danbury,  April  27,  1777." 

It  will  be  noticed  that  his  petition  to  the  Honorable  Council  of 
New  York  states  that  he  was  shot  April  26,  while  subsequent 
entries  give  it  as  April  27. 

According  to  published  accounts!  we  learn  that  Danbury, 
Conn.,  was,  in  the  latter  part  of  the  year  1776,  selected  by  the 
commissioners  of  the  American  army  as  a  place  of  deposit  for  mili- 
tary stores,  and  at  this  time,  April,  1777,  large  quantities  of  pork, 
flour,  beef,  grain,  rum,  wine,  rice,  tents,  army  carriages,  besides 
other  valuable  articles,  had  been  collected  here,  and  Gov.  Tryon, 
at  the  head  of  2000  men  from  New  York,  proceeded  by  sailing 
vessel  to  Fairfield,  and  landing  there  Friday,  April  25,  during  the 
afternoon  and  night,  marched  the  next  day,  the  26th.  to  Dan- 
bury, where  they  arrived  at  two  o'clock  in  the  afternoon.  Tryon 
and  his  soldiers  were  met  here  by  a  small  detachment  of  Conti- 
nental troops,  who  were,  owing  to  the  vastly  superior  number  of 
thr  British,  obliged  to  evacuate  the  town  ;  not,  however,  until 
they  had  secured  or  removed  a  considerable  quantity  of  stores 

"Correspondence  of  the  Provincial  Congress,  Vol.  II..  page  4'J9. 
tt'onnecticut  Journal,  British  to  Danbury,  April,  1777. 


and  provisions ;  and  it  would  appear  from  the  reading  of  Col. 
Thaddeus  Crane's  petition  that  it  was  in  the  act  of  holding  the 
enemy  at  bay  and  in  attempting  to  save  some  of  these  stores 
from  destruction  that  he  received  his  wound.  The  next  day, 
April  27th,  early  in  the  morning  Tryon  and  his  men  set  fire  to  the 
buildings,  and  immediately  marched  from  the  town  on  their  way 
back  to  their  vessel,  the  object  of  their  expedition  having  been 
accomplished.  Of  course  a  general  alarm  had  been  givefn  snon 
as  the  enemy  appeared  at  Fairfield,  and  Brigadier-General 
Sillirnan,  with  about  five  hundred  militia,  immediately  started  in 
pursuit  of  the  enemy.  They  were  joined  at  Reading  with  Major- 
General  Wooster  and  Brigadier-General  Arnold,  but  the  wet  con- 
dition of  the  roads  prevented  the  Continentals  from  reaching  the 
enemy  until  Tryon  was  on  his  way  back  to  his  vessel,  about 
eleven  o'clock  in  the  forenoon,  April  27,  when  General  Wooster 
and  his  men  held  a  smart  skirmish  with  the  enemy,  and  Wooster 
was  shot  through  the  groin.  General  Arnold  also  came  up  about 
the  same  time  with  his  command  and  engaged  the  enemy,  and  a 
lively  action  lasting  about  an  hour  occurred.  Arnold's  horse  was 
shot  from  under  him,  but  the  general,  recovering  himself,  drew  his 
pistol  and  shot  the  soldier  who  was  advancing  on  him  with  fixed 
bayonet.  The  Continentals  could  do  no  more  than  fall  back  and 
harass  Tryon  and  his  men  until  they  succeeded  the  next  day, 
April  28th,  in  reaching  their  vessel  and  setting  sail  for  Long 
Island.  Notwithstanding  the  fact  that  the  Continental  troops 
succeeded  in  saving  some  of  the  stores  deposited  at  Danbury, 
there  was  a  large  quantity  destroyed,  a  careful  estimate  placing 
the  loss*  at  3000  barrels  of  pork,  something  over  1000  ban-els 
flour,  several  hundred  barrels  beef,  1(300  tents,  2000  bushels  of 
grain,  besides  quantities  of  rum,  wine,  rice,  army  carriages,  &c. 
Nineteen  dwellings,  a  meeting-house,  twenty-two  stores  and 
barns  were  burned.  The  loss  of  men  on  the  American  side  was 
judged  to  have  been  about  sixty  killed  and  wounded.  The  Brit- 
ish loss  was  more  than  double  that  number ;  also  about  twenty 
prisoners.  Thaddeus  Crane  was  captain  in  the  Westchester 
County  militia  under  Col.  Thomas  Thomas,  receiving  his  com- 
mission in  1775;  afterwards  second  major,  2d  Regt.,  1775,  and 
lieutenant-colonel  Feb.  17,  1780,  4th  Regt.,  Westchester  County. 
He  was  delegate  to  the  New  York  State  Constitutional  Conven- 
tion in  1788,  and  voted  for  adoption  of  the  Constitution.  He 
was  delegate  to  the  New  York  Legislature  1777,  1778,  1779  ; 
member  of  the  New  York  Assembly  (Provincial  Congress)  in 
1777-9,  1788,  1789.  His  sword  is  retained  in  the  hands  of  his 
grandson,  Thaddeus  Crane  of  Somers,  N.  Y.  The  old  Crane 
homestead  is  at  North  Salem,  Westchester  County,  N.  Y.,  where 
Col.  Thaddeus  Crane  lived,  and  where  his  nineteen  children  were 

•Barber's  Conn.  Hist.  Collections. 


North  Salem,  Westchester  ('"..  N    Y. 


From  the  original  manuscript  Revolutionary  Records  in  the 
State  Comptroller's  Office,  Albany,  N.  Y..  in  volume  XV.,  at 
page  80,  appears  the  following : 

"  State  of    New   York  )  oc 

City    of  New   York    |  0B' 

Thaddeus  Crane  of  Upper  Salem  in  the  County  of  Westches- 
ter being  duly  sworn  maketh  oath  that  during  the  late  war  he  was 
Major  of  the  Regiment  of  Westchester  County  commanded  by 
Col.  Thomas  Thomas;  that  in  the  Invasion  of  the  State  of  Con- 
necticut by  the  Enemy  under  the  Command  of  Govt.  Tryon  in 
the  month  of  April  in  the  year  1777  he  was  requested  by  Col. 
Cooke  of  Connecticut  Militia  residing  at  Danbury  to  march  & 
oppose  the  Enemy ;  that  being  in  actual  service  in  opposing  the 
Enemy  aforesaid  &  acting  under  the  immediate  command  of 
Brigadier  General  David  Wooster  on  or  about  the  twenty  seventh 
day  of  April  1777  he  received  a  wound  from  the  Enemy  by  a 
Musket  Ball  thro  his  left  hip  by  means  whereof  he  is  rendered  in 
great  measure  incapable  of  obtaining  his  livelihood  by  Labour ; 
that  on  the  eighth  Day  of  April  last  he  was  fifty  eight  years  of 
age  &  that  he  actually  resides  in  Upper  Salem  as  aforesaid. 
Sworn  this  fifteenth  I 

day  of  November  1786     >      (Signed)        Thaddeus  Crane. 
Before  me  ) 

Richd  Varick  Recorder  " 

As  there  seem  to  be  conflicting  statements  we  print  the  fol- 
lowing : 

14.  82  Thaddeus 

Pay  and  Subsistence 

15.70  ••  8  mos  pay  as  a  wounded  major  in  Col  Thomas  Thomas 
Reg"  April  27.  1777  to  December  27.  1777  according  to  resolu- 
tion of  Senate  and  Assembly  April  23.  1785 

13.173     Feby  15.  1779  Major  "  Now  commanding  4  Reg.  West- 
chester "  on  Court  Martial  duty 

13.220     Promoted  Lt  Col  October  21.  1780 

15.7     June  1.  1786  Major,  wounded  in  left  hip  Annual  pay  £96 
Pension  £806.18.8 

15.80     Wounded  in  Tryons  Raid  (See  copy  of  his  deposition) 
15.27.     C.  3, 

Pension  £80 

Children  : 

229—1.     Daughter,  b.  Jan.  28,  1752;  d.  Feb.  7,  1752. 


230—2.  Thaddeus,  b.  March 2,  1753;  d.  Oct.  19,  1776,  from  exposure 
in  Revolutionary  war  ;  captain  North  Salem  company.  His 
father  was  2d  major  2d  or  middle  regiment. 

231—3.     Mahy,  b.  Sept.  24,  1754;  d.  June  30,  1830. 

232—4.     Sarah,  b.  Sept.  5,  1757;  d.  Oct.  20,  1820. 

233—5.     Jared,  b.  Oct.  23,  1759;  d.  Dec.  8,  177(3. 

234—6.     Peter,  b.  Oct.  28,  1761;  d.  Nov.  12,  1818. 

235—7.     James,  b.  Oct.  11,  1763;  d.  Aug.  17,  1829. 

23ii— 8.  Elizabeth,  b.  Nov.  7,  17(15;  m.  Nathaniel  Smith;  d.  March 
18,  1844. 

237—9.  Ruth,  b.  Oct.  27,  1767;  m.  Jonathan  Smith;  d.  March  18, 

238-10.     Abigail,  b.  April  17,  1770;  d.  April  27,  1848. 

239-11.     Thomas,  b.  Oct.  26,  1772;  d.  Jan.  15,  1777. 

240-12.     THADDEns,  b.  Dec.  31,  1780;  d.  Oct.  16,   1849. 

241-13.     FANNY,  b.  Aug.  11,  1782;  d.  Oct.  26,  1865. 

242-14.     Lydla,  b.  May  19,  1784;  d.  Jan.  4,  1852. 

243-15.     Theda,  b.  May  3,  1786;  d.  May  17,  1842. 

244-16.  Weltham,  b.  Dec.  27,  1788;  d.  Feb.  11,  1872,  in  Somers, 
N.  Y. 

245-17.     Gerard,  b.  Jan.  3,  1791. 

246-18.     Sally,  b.  Sept.  14,  1793. 

247-19.  Thomas,  b.  Feb.  13,  1797  ;  d.  Aug.  27,  1822,  in  North  Carolina, 
while  travelling  there  with  his  brother,  and  was  buried  in 
the  family  lot  of  Mr.  Hill  of  Wayuesville. 

248.  Abigail  Crane4  [108],  (Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benja- 
min1), married  May  16.  1751,  Timothy  Todd,  a  resident  of  East 
Guilford,  Conn.,  son  of  Jonathan  Todd.  He  was  a  graduate  of 
Yale  College,  class  of  1747,  and  merchant  as  well  as  magis- 
trate. She  died  Sept.  30,  1806.  He  was  born  1723,  and  died 
1779.     Children; 

1.  Sarah  (Todd),  b.  March  30,  1752  ;  m.  James   Evarts   of    Sunder- 

land, Vl.,  and  was  the  mother  of  Jeremiah  Evarts,  b.  in  Sun- 
derland, Feb.  3,  1781.  He  was  Corresponding  Secretary  of 
Board  of  Foreign  Missions  from  1821  until  his  death,  and  Treas- 
urer of  that  body  from  1812  to  1820;  graduated  at  Yale  College 
1802;  studied  law,  and  admitted  to  practice  1806  at  New  Haven, 
Conn.;  but  about  1810  became  editor  of  the  Panoplist,  a 
religious  paper  published  in  Boston,  and  in  1820  the  Missionary 
Herald;  d.  in  Charleston,  S.  C,  May  10,  1831.  Sarah  Todd 
Evarts  d.  March  30,  1810.  William  Maxwell  Evarts,  LL.D., 
son  of  Jeremiah,  was  born  in  Boston,  Feb.  6,  1818;  he  also 
graduated  at  Yale,  1837,  and  from  Harvard  Law  School;  be- 
came an  eminent  lawyer,  beginning  practice  in  New  York  city 
1841 ;  was  principal  counsel  for  President  Johnson  at  his  trial, 
April  and  May,  1868,  before  the  senate  of  the  United  States; 
Attorney-General  United  States  July,  1868,  .to  March  4,  1869; 
appointed  by  President  Grant  to  assist  in  defending  interests  of 
citizens  of  United  States  at  Geneva  in  settlement  of  the 
"  Alabama  claims,"  1872.  He  was  styled  one  of  the  most  elo- 
quent advocates  in  the  United  States;  was  Secretary  of  State 
under  President  Hayes. 

2.  Elizabeth  (Todd),  b.  Feb.  10,  1754;  m.  Jonathan  Wilcox  of  Madi- 

son, Conn. ;  d.  Sept.  29,  1833. 

3.  Jonathan  (Todd),  b.  May  17,    1756;    settled   in    Madison,    Conn; 

physician;  d.  Feb.  10,  1819;  m.  1st,  May,  1784,  Ruth  Bishop;  2d. 
Aug.  15,  1790,  Chloe  Lee;  3d,  Jan.  II,  1798,  Sally  Fowler;  latter 
d.   Sept.  19,  1858. 


4.  Timothy  (Todd),  b.  May  16,  1758;  physician;  lived  in  Arlington, 

and  Rutland,  Vt.,   and   Clinton,    Conn.;   d.    Dec.    1,    1806;    m. 
Pliebe  Buel,  Nov.  27,  17S3. 

5.  Abigail  (Todd),  b.  July  26,  17C0 ;  m.  Lyman  Graves,  Georgia,  Vt. ; 

d.  Feb.  19,  1810. 
I!       Maliy  (Todd),  b.  Oct.  9,  1763;  in.  Benj.  Wilcox;  d.  Oct.  26,   1847. 
7.     John  (Todd),  b.  Aug.  20,  1766;  d.  Sept.,  1766. 
8      John  (Todd;,  b.  Feb.  18,  1768;  ra.  Esther  Bishop;  removed  to  St 

Albans,  Vt.,  and  Manlius,  N.  Y.;    he  d.   Dec.  28,    1841;    shed. 

Feb.  20,  1859. 
9.     Matilda  (Todd),  b.  May  21,   1773;  m.   John    Hamiltou   of  North 

Killiugvvorth,  Conn. ;  she  d.  June  25,  1849. 

•24'.).  Stephen  Crane4  [110],  (Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benja- 
min1), married  Mary  Chapman,  Jan.  22,  1762.  She  was  born  in 
South  East,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  4,  1745.  It  is  said  her  father  was  a 
clergyman  and  from  Cape  Cod,  and  settled  in  New  Milford, 
Conn.,  but  died  May  10,  1814,  at  the  home  of  his  sou  Joseph  in 
Kent,  Conn.,  and  was  buried  there.  April  10,  1770,  he  pur- 
chased a  house  and  lot,  also  a  blacksmith  shop,  hi  New  Milford, 
11  miles  north  of  the  meeting-house. 

He  was  a  private  in  Thompson's  Co.,  Wessenfel's  Regt.  ;*  also 
Miller's  Co.,  Philips'  Regt.,  State  troops,  and  Col.  Spencer's  Regt. 
Line  L.  B.  T.  14.6.17.;  also  captain  and  commissary  of  artillery 
in  the  war  of  the  Revolution.!  His  widow  married  Peter  Smith  of 
Harperstield,  N.  Y.  She  died  June  24,  1824.  Mr.  Crane  was 
chosen  overseer  of  highways  at  Carrnel,  at  first  town  meeting, 
held  at  the  house  of  John  Crane,  son  of  Zebulon,  April  7,  17'J5, 
and  this  John  Crane  was  chosen  town  clerk. 

Rev.  Ezra  F.,  grandson  of  Stephen  Crane,  writes;  "My 
grandmother  Crane  was  one  of  the  grandest  women  of  her  age,  a 
perfect  heroine  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  My  grandfather  was 
living  at  Danbury,  Conn.,  when  the  British  burned  the  town.  He 
and  all  his  men  from  the  shop  left  for  the  fort  near  by,  but  my 
grandmother  stood  her  ground,  and  stood  in  the  door  of  the  house 
when  the  British  officer  rode  up,  who  had  his  men  search  the 
house  ;  finding  she  was  alone,  no  men  near,  caused  a  guard  to  be 
placed  around  the  house  till  the  army  passed,  and  thus  saved  her 
house."  She  was  daughter  of  Isaac  and  Mary  (Paddock)  Chap- 
man. Her  father  was  born  in  Dennis,  Mass.,  April  7,  1721,  and 
settled  in  South  East,  N.  Y.,  about  the  year  1740.  Her  mother, 
Mary  Paddock,  was  daughter  of  Peter  Paddock,  who  was  born 
June  3,  1724,  aud  died  at  South  East,  Nov.  8,  1776.  Isaac 
Chapman,  father  of  Mrs.  Crane,  was  son  of  Isaac,  who  was 
born  in  Barnstable  county,  Mass.,  Dec.  29,  1602,  and  grandson 
of  Isaac,  born  Aug.  4,  1647,  and  great-grandson  of  Ralph  Chap- 
man Southwark  of  Surrey  county,  England.     Children  : 

2")0— 1      Ezra,  b.  Dec.  22,  1763;  went  west. 
251—2.     Abigail,  b.  Nov.  24,  1765;  d.  1803. 

'Enlisted  April  14,  1777,  for  three  years  in  N.  Y.  line. 
tColomal  History  of  New  York. 


252 — 3.  Isaac  Chapman,  b.  Nov.  17,  1767. 

253—4  Stephen,  b.  Jan.  16,  1769. 

254—5.  Noah,  b.  May  6,  1771. 

255 — 6.  Mary,  b.  June  *,  1773;  m.  Fitch  Welch;  lived  in  Brookfield. 

256—7.  Joseph,  b.  Aug.  24,  1775. 

257—8.  Thalia,  b.  1777. 

258—9.  Jared;  never  married. 

259-10.  David  Baldwin,  b.  June,  1783. 

260-11.  Sally,  m.  Mr.  Carpenter. 

261-12.  Irad;  lived  with  his  brother  David  B. 

262-13.  Anna,  b.  1790;  m.  Philip  Chase  of  South  East. 

263.  Adah  Crane4  [111],  (Joseph. 3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1), 
married  Capt  Joshua  Barnum  of  Danbury,  Conn.,  and  settled  in 
South  East,  Putnam  County.  N.  Y.,  in  1755.  She  died  April  17, 
1810.  Capt.  Barnum  was  born  in  1737,  and  died  Oct.  23,  1822. 
He  was  an  officer  in  the  war  of  the  Revolution,  rendering  valua- 
ble service ;  was  wounded  during  the  engagement  at  "Ward's 
House,"  near  White  Plains.  In  battle  of  White  Plains  he  took 
the  lock  from  the  door  of  the  prison,  thereby  liberating  a  number 
of  federal  soldiers  confined  there;  was  wounded,  taken  prisoner, 
marched  to  New  York,  and  confined  on  board  one  of  the  prison 
ships  at  Wallabout  near  Brooklyn,  which  ships  were  called 
'•Ships  of  Death."  After  a  time  he  was  released,  but  crippled 
with  a  shattered  limb  and  the  loss  of  sight  in  one  eye.  During 
the  war  the  captain  was  necessarily  absent  from  home  much  of 
the  time,  but  the  wife  superintended  the  work  on  the  farm  while 
her  boys  did  the  work.  In  the  meantime  the  son  of  a  neighbor 
(Doty  by  name)  who  had  enlisted  in  the  army  deserted,  which 
fact  so  grieved  his  mother  that  she  went  to  Mrs.  Barnum  in  her 
distress  of  mind,  and  Mrs.  Barnum  sent  her  eldest  son,  1(5  years 
of  age,  who  served  through  one  campaign  as  a  substitute  for  the 
Doty  boy.     Children  : 

1.  Stephen  Crane  (Barnum),  d.  Aug.  11,  1849. 

2.  Joshua  'Barnum V 

3.  Jonathan  (Barnum). 

4.  Martha  (Barnum),  m.  Reuben  Doane 

5.  Adah  (Barnum),  m.  Jeremiah  Gage. 

264.  Seth  Crane4  [116],  (Elijah.3  Elijah.-  Benjamin1),  mar- 
ried Dec.  20,  1762,  Dorcas  Sherwood.  Jan.  17,  1746-7,  Seth 
Crane  and  his  brother  Jabez  Crane  were  given  land  at  Stratford, 
Conn.,  by  their  kinsman,  Theophilus  Nichols  of  said  Stratford. 

Children  : 

265—1,    Elijah  Jabez,  b.  Oct.  18,  1763. 
266—2.     Mary  Sherman,  b.  Aug.  24,  1765. 
267—3.     Dorcas,  b.  Feb.  4,  1767. 

268.  Ruth  Crane4  [120].  (John,3  Abraham,'-  Benjamin1). 
One  Ruth  Crane  married  Solomon  Lattimer.  If  this  was  the  Ruth 
she  married  after  Oct.  7,  1765.  Her  mother  made  her  will  at 
that  time ;  she  was  then  Ruth  Crane ;  settled  in  Wetuersfield  ; 
perhaps  had 

.    1.     Samuel  (Lattimer). 


2.  Leonard  (Lattinier). 

3.  Rhoda  (Lattimer) 

4.  Elizabeth  (Lattimer). 

269.     John  Crane4   [121],   (John,3  Abraham,2    Benjamin1), 

married  Ruth ;  settled  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.  ;  was  private  in 

Capt.  Oliver  Hanehett's  company  of  Suffield  (10th  Co.),  2d  Regt. 
Vol.,  Col.  Joseph  Spencer;  served  in  and  about  Boston.  A  por- 
tion of  this  regiment  was  engaged  in  battle  of  Bunker  Hill ;  en- 
listed May  11  ;  discharged  Dec.  17,  1775.  Mr.  Crane  and  his 
wife  joined  the  church  in  1765.  March  4,  1770,  he  sold  his  home 
place  to  his  brother-in-law  Thomas  Kilbey.  At  the  time  of  the 
baptism  of  the  two  youngest  children  Mrs.  Crane  was  a  widow. 
His  mother  Lydia  Crane  says  he  died  in  camp. 

The  following  shows  how  claims  were  collected  in  the  18th 
century:  "Whereas  Geo.  Olcott  recovered  judgment  against 
Ruth  Crane  first  Tuesday  of  Nov.,  1789,  for  £10—18—11  and 
costs,  0 — 17 — 11,  and  for  want  of  money  the  officer  is  ordered 
to  take  the  body  of  said  Ruth  to  the  Goal  and  put  her  in  care  of 
the  keeper  until  she  pay  the  full  sum  above  mentioned.  The 
officer  levied  on  land  lying  in  Wethersfield  at  lower  end  of  Broad 
Street,  with  one-half  the  dwelling-house. 

Lt.  John  Francis,  Constable." 

She  paid  Geo.  Olcott,  Dec.  3,  1791. 

Children  : 

270  —  1.  Rhoda,  baptized  Aug.  6,  1764. 

271—2.  Rebeckah,    baptized"  June   23,    1765;  perhaps   m.    Solomon 

Lattimer,  June  6,  1782. 

272—3.  Asiibil,  b.  June  30,  1766;  baptized  Nov.  14,  1770. 

273—4.  Charles. 

274 — 5.  John,  baptized  Sept.  21,  1777. 

275—6.  Ruth,  baptized  Sept.  21,  1777. 

276.  Lydia  Crane4  [122],  (John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Simon  Griffin  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  Dec.  12,  1771,  by 
Rev.  Burrage  Meriam  at  Rocky  Hill  Parish  or  Stepney. 

Children  : 

1.  George  (Griffin),  b.  May  10,  1772. 

2.  Anne  (Griffin),  b.  Nov.  11,  1774. 

3.  John  (Griffin),  Feb.  6,  1777. 

277.  Hannah  Crane4  [123],  (John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Thomas  Kilbey,  Aug.  23,  1764,  at  Wethersfield,  and 
settled  there.  She  with  Curtis  Crane  signed  a  deed  to  James 
Blin,  April  15,  1776.  Mr.  Kilbey  purchased  the  home  place  of 
his  wife's  brother,  John  Crane,  March  4,  1770.  Mr.  Crane  died 
before  receiving  full  settlement,  and  Mr.  Kilbey  settled  with  the 
heirs  of  his  brother-in-law,  and  in  the  transaction  deeded  to  them 
certain  laud  he  had  of  their  father.     Children  : 

1.  Salomi  (Kilbey),  b.  March  7,  1765. 

2.  Thomas  (Kilbey),  b.  Jan.  15,  1768. 


3.  Rhoda  (Kilbey),  b.  April  13,  1770. 
4  Hnr-E  (Kilbey),  b.  March  24,  1773. 
5.     Samuel  (Kilbey),  b.  May  6,  1778. 

278.  Curtis  Crane'1  [124],  (John3,  Abraham,'-  Benjamin1), 
enlisted  Feb.  28,  1778,  during  the  war  of  the  Revolution,  as 
private  in  Capt.  Thos.  Wopster's  company,  Col.  Samuel  B. 
Webb's  regiment,  which  was  the  3d  regiment,  and  known  as 
Additional  Infantry  of  Connecticut  Line,  1777-1781.  June  1, 
1781.  he  was  promoted  to  corporal  in  Capt.  Roger  Alden's  com- 
pany, same  regiment  (3d),  Additional  Infantry  of  Connecticut 
Line  of  1781-1783.  Lt.-Col.  Wm.  S.  Livingston  acted  as 
colonel  of  this  regiment  while  Col.  Webb  was  held  as  a  prisoner, 
having  been  captured  by  the  enemy  while  in  command  of  an 
expedition  against  Long  Island  on  Dec.  10.  1777,  and  confined 
till  Jan.  1.  1781.  Col.  Webb's  regiment  after  the  enlistment  of 
Mr.  Crane  was,  during  the  summer  of  1778,  attached  to 
Varnam's  brigade,  and  took  part  in  the  battle  of  Rhode  Island, 
August  29,  and  was  complimented  for  its  conduct  at  that  time. 
The  Regiment  remained  in  Rhode  Island  until  the  fall  of 
1779,  when  it  proceeded  to  Morristown,  N.  J.,  where  it  passed 
the  winter  of  1770-1780.  having  been  assigned  to  Stark's 
brigade.  Lt.-Col.  Ebeuezer  Huntington  being  then  in  com- 
mand. June  23,  1780,  was  present  at  the  battle  of  Spring- 
field, X.  J.,  and  during  the  following  summer  served  with  the 
main  army  on  the  Hudson.  Col.  Webb's  regiment  was  after- 
wards styled  the  9th  Regiment  Additional  Infantry  of  the 
Connecticut  Line,  and  passed  the  wiuter  of  1780  and  1781 
with  the  division  at  camp  "Connecticut  Village,"  above  the 
Robinson  House  on  the  Hudson,  where  it  was  reorganized  Jan. 
1.  1781.  into  the  3d  regiment  of  the  Connecticut  Line  with  the 
2d  and  9th  late  ••  Additional  Infantry"  regiments,  formation  of 
1781-1783.  Col.  Webb's  regiment  continued  in  service  until  the 
close  of  the  war,  Mr.  Crane  serving  with  it  nearly  five  and  one- 
half  years,  from  1778  to  1783.  He  received  an  honorable  dis- 
charge, but  died  prior  to  the  passage  of  the  act  of  congress  grant- 
ing "pensions ;  his  widow,  however,  became  a  pensioner, 
beginning  with  the  year  1837,  and  continued  to  receive  it  up  to 
the  time  of  her  death. 

Mr.  Crane  married  Oct.  6,  1774.  Elizabeth  Palmer.  He  died 
at  Eaton.  N.  Y-,  Oct.  10.  1828.  She  died  at  Milford,  N.  Y., 
June  15,  1848.  He  deeded  laud  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  to  Lieut. 
Elisha  Treat,  Oct.  22,  1768,  and  land  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  to 
John  Robbinsof  Wethersfield.  April  18,  1786;  also  to  Abraham 
Chamberlin,  Nov.  3,  1801,  in  New  Hartford,  Litchfield  county. 
Conn.      Children : 

279—1  William,  b.  .Tuue  27,  1775:  d.  of  yellow  fever  at  Charleston, 
S.  C.  Nov.  25,  1795. 

280—2.     Curtis,  b.  .Time  24,  1777. 

281—3.     Elizabeth,  b.  March  28.  1784. 

282—4.     Henry,  b.  >'ov.  23,  1785. 


28:3—5.     Nancy,  b.  Nov.  4,  1788. 

284—1!.     Charles,  b.  March  4,  1791  ;  it.  at  Eaton,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  15,  182rt. 

285 — 7.     Lydia  Platt,  b.  July  14,  1794;  m.  David  Crowfut,  and  d.  at 

Preble,  N.  Y.,  Dec,  1821. 
28ij— 8.     John  William,  b.  July  3,  1797,  at  New  Hartford,  Conn.  ;  d. 

at  Southwick,  Aug.  29,  1803. 

287.  William  Crane4  [125],  (John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1) . 
Under  date  of  May  27,  1773,  we  find  the  following,  showing  that 
he  then  resided  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.  :  "  We,  Thomas  Kilbey  and 
wife  Hannah,  Curtis  and  William  Crane,  all  of  Wethersfield,  sold 
to  Capt.  Chas.  Churchill  of  Wethersfield  apiece  of  land  in  Weth- 
ersfield, in  the  Parish  of  Newington,  in  tier  No.  19,  thirteen 
acres,  bounded  west  on  land  of  John  Crane,  north  on  land  of  said 
Churchill,  south  on  land  of  Simon  Griffin  and  Lydia,  his  wife. 
All  signed  this  document  on  the  above  date."  He  was  private 
in  Capt.  John  Chester's  company,  lib'  men,  who  volunteered,  in 
response  to  the  Lexington  alarm,  from  Wethersfield  :  discharged 
after  six  days'  service ;  enlisted  May  'Jth  in  Capt.  John  Chester's 
company  ('Jth),  2d  Regt.  Vol.,  Gen.  Joseph  Spencer;  served  in 
and  about  Boston  at  time  of  siege;  reported  deserted  Dec.  1, 
1775  ;  private  in  Capt.  Jonathan  Wells'  company,  Hartford,  Col. 
Erastus  Wolcott's  regiment,  state  militia ;  served  about  Boston, 
January  to  March,  1776. 

It  will  be  noticed  that  this  William  Crane  is  reported  as 
having  deserted  ;  but  it  appears  from  records  in  existence  that 
a  number  of  men  entered  as  deserters  about  December  1, 
explained  in  petitions  to  the  General  Assembly  of  the  Colony  of 
Connecticut  that  they  had  no  intention  of  deserting,  but  believing 
their  time  had  expired  on  that  date  instead  of  December  10. 
The  Assembly  ordered  them  to  be  paid  for  full  time.  This 
William  Crane  was  among  the  number.  His  mother,  Lydia  Crane, 
states  in  a  petition  at  the  May  session  of  the  Assembly,  1776,  that 
she  had  three  sons  in  the  service  in  1775.  (They  were  John,  Curtis 
and  this  William).  '  -The  oldest  died  in  camp,  the  second  returned, 
and  the  third,  William,  who  had  enlisted  in  Capt.  Chester's  com- 
pany, and  fought  at  Bunker's  Hill,  left  his  regiment  about 
November  30th,  supposing  his  time  to  be  out,  but,  being  taken 
down  with  fever  on  the  way,  wandered  in  his  delirium  to  Leicester, 
Mass..  and  died  there."* 

A  careful  examination  of  the  records  at  Leicester,  Mass., 
failed  to  disclose  the  record  of  the  death  of  this  William  Crane; 
and  it  is  quite  probable  that  the  good  mother  was  misinformed  at 
that  time,  and  that  her  son  William  recovered  and  re-enlisted, 
being  in  service  at  the  time  she  prepared  her  petition.  The 
means  of  getting  information  from  any  considerable  distance  in 
those  days  were  such  that  it  would  not  be  strange  if  conflicting 
reports  had  reached  Wethersfield  about  these  supposed  deserters, 
and  that  this  widowed  mother,   who  had  furnished  three  soldiers 

*  Historical  Collections  of  Connecticut  in  war  of  the  Revolution. 


for  the  cause  of  national  freedom,  all  the  sons  she  had,  and  one 
of  those  then  deceased  while  in  the  service,  was  easily  led  to 
believe  that  this  the  youngest  of  her  sons  was  dead  ;  but,  from  the 
best  information  at  hand,  it  appears  that  after  the  close  of 
the  Revolutionary  war  he  settled  in  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 
May  25,  1818,  William  Crane  of  that  place  made  his  will,  in 
which  he  mentions  his  wife  Rebecca,  and  grandchildren  Harriet 
Grain  and  William  Whiting  Crain,  "children  of  my  late  son, 
William  Crain ;  Albert  Lewis  Crain,  Aurelia  Loiza  Crain, 
children  of  my  late  sou,  Whiting  Crain,  deceased ;"  and  daugh- 
ter, Sally  Crain ;  his  wife  Rebecca  to  be  executrix.  She 
presented  the  will  for  probate  June  4,  1818  Dec.  31,  1829, 
Sally  Crain,  the  daughter,  and  then  the  only  child  living,  peti- 
tioned the  court  to  appoint  Timothy  Turner  administrator  for  her 
mother  (Rebecca  Crain's)  estate,  she  then  being  deceased.  The 
appointment  was  made,  and  inventory  filed  Feb.  9,  1830,  the 
total  amount  being  eighty-eight  dollars  and  a  few  cents.  Rebec- 
ca died  Dec.  19,  1829.  Mr.  Crain  was  a  farmer  and  tailor  by 
trade.     Children : 

288—1.  Wlllia.m. 
280—2.  Whitbg. 
200—3.     Sally. 

291.  Capt.  Abraham  Crane4  [128],  (Abraham,3  Abraham,'2 
Beujamin1),  married  Mary,  probably  daughter  of  Joshua  Rob- 
bins  of  Wethersfield,  where  they  resided.  She  died  May  20, 
1813,  aged  G7  years.  He  died  June  29,  1808,  aged  69  years. 
He  united  with  the  church  Feb.  5,  1774.  He  was  one  of  the 
executors  of  Joshua  Robbins'  estate,  and  Mary  Crane  was  one 
of  the  heirs.  May  15,  1808,  his  will  was  exhibited  in  court,  and 
Abraham  and  Benjamiu  Crane,  both  of  Wethersfield,  were  named 
executors.  April  26,  1809,  an  inventory  of  the  estate  was 
filed,  amounting  to  $4,809.57,  including  33  sides  sole-leather. 
Abraham  and  David  Crane  of  Wethersfield  and  Elijah  Crane  of 
Sandisfield,  Berkshire  County,  Mass.,  brothers,  deeded  land  in 
Wethersfield,  Conn.,  to  Silas  Deane  of  Wethersfield,  which  be- 
longed to  the  heirs  of  Joseph  Webb,  deceased,  March  1,  1769. 
March  25,  1771.  Abraham  deeds  land  to  Wm.  Loveland.  Jan. 
26,  1773,  David,  then  of  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  deeded  to  his  brother 
Abraham  land  in  Wethersfield,  being  one-half  of  the  home  lot 
that  belonged  to  his  honored  father  Abraham  Crane,  late 
deceased ;  it  joined  land  of  Jedediah  Sanburn,  with  barn  stand- 
ing partly  on  said  acre,  "  only  reserving  the  right  for  my  mother 
during  her  natural  life."  June  9,  1777,  David  Crane  of  Sandis- 
field, Mass.,  deeded  land  to  Abraham  that  formerly  belonged  to 
his  brother  Benjamin,  deceased,  adjoining  his  mother,  Rebecca's, 
land.     He  willed  his  tannery  to  his  sons  Abraham  and  Benjamin. 

Children  : 

202—1.     Mary,  b.  1767;  d.  Dec,  1773. 
203 — 2.     Abraham,  b.  1770. 


294—3.     Huldah,  b.  1774;   d.  May  25,  1813. 

295  —  4.     Benjamin,  baptized  Feb.  5,  1775. 

296—5.     Mary,  baptized  April  16,  1775;  ra.  Simeon  Hanmer,   May  17, 

1798,  at  Wethersfield. 
297  —  0.     Lucy,  baptized  Sept.  7,  1777;  m.  Samuel  Hanmer,  Jr.,  March 

15,  1798,  at  Wethersfield. 
298—7.     Eunice,  baptized  April  23,  1780;  m.  Samuel  Lockwood,  Sept. 

27,  1809,  at  Wethersfield. 

299.  Elijah  Crane4  [130],  (Abraham,3  Abraham,2,  Benja- 
min1), married  Martha  Bush  of  Colebrook,  Conn. ;  was  a  tanner 
by  trade.  Feb.  25,  1767,  he  was  residing  in  Wethersfield,  for 
on  that  day  he  deeded  land  to  his  brother  Abraham ;  same  lime 
his  mother  Rebecca  released  her  dower  by  her  mark  [X], 
Benjamin  and  David  being  witnesses.  He  removed  from  Weth- 
ersfield to  Sandislield,  Berkshire  County,  Mass.,  prior  to  March 
1,  1769,  where  he  carried  on  farming,  and  where  he  died  Aug. 
30,  1806.  Abiah  Bush  was  appointed  guardian  of  his  five 
youngest  children.  Dec.  11,  1776.  he  deeded  to  his  brother 
Abraham  all  his  right,  title  and  interest  in  24  acres  lying  in  parish 
of  Stepney  in  Wethersfield,  lately  the  property  of  his  brother 
Benjamin,  deceased.  He  was  corporal  in  Capt.  Beardsly's  com- 
pany, 5th  regiment,  Col.  David  Waterbury ;  enlisted  May  5th, 
discharged  (Jet.  8.  1775;  marched  to  New  York,  and  later  served 
in  Northern  Department.  He  again  enlisted  Aug.  12,  1776,  as 
private  in  Capt.  Fuller's  company,  13th  regiment,  Connecticut 
militia;  discharged  Sept.  -i,  1776;  April  22,  1775,  marched  from 
Pittsfield  to  Boston  in  Capt.  David  Noble's  company ;  enlisted 
Aug.  14,  1777;   served  four  days  in  Bennington.     Children: 

300  —  1.  Rebeckah,  b.  Feb.  17,  1771;  m.  Rosseter  Robbius ;  moved  to 
Cincinnati,  Ohio;  he  d.  in  South  Carolina  1830. 

301—2  Martha,  b.  May  24,  1772;  joined  the  Shakers  at  Lebanon, 
N.  Y. 

302 — 3.     Dumaras,  b.  Jan.  1,  1774. 

303—4.     Elijah,  b.  May  25,  1775. 

304—5.     Elias.  b.  May  17,  1780. 

305—6.     Barnabas,  b.  March  17,  1781  ;  m.  Elizabeth  ;  d.  Ang. 

1 1,  1857;  no  family. 

306—7.     Silas,  b    April  18,  1784. 

307 — 8.     Prudence,  b.  Oct.  31,  17*6. 

308—9.     Abraham,  b.  June  21,  1789. 

309-10.     Llxy,  b.  June  6,  1791. 

310-11.     Mary,  b.  Sept.  28,  1793. 

311-12.     Hopeful,  b.  March  16,  1796. 

312.  Hezekiah  Crane4  [132],  (Abraham.3  Abraham,'2 
Benjamin1),  married  Mary  Dix,  Dec.  29,  1771.  She  was  born 
in  1750,  and  died  Jan.  13,  1825.  He  died  March  10,  1800.  He 
was  a  blacksmith  by  trade.  April  9,  1800,  his  will  was  presented 
to  the  court.  March  16,  1801,  some  of  the  real  estate  was 
ordered  to  be  sold  to  pay  debts  to  the  amount  of  -538.12.  He 
deeded  land  in  Wethersfield,  situated  on  the  road  to  Middletown, 
to  Ezekiel  Williams,  adjoining  land  of  Daniel  and  Wm.  Worner 
and    his  mother  Rebecca  Crane ;   also    to    Richard    Robbins    of 



















Wethersfield  land  in  parish  of  Stepney,  Oct.  15.  1773.  It  is  quite 
likely  that  he  was  the  Hezekiah  Crane,  private  in  Connecticut 
militia,  who  marched  under  Gen.  Gates  to  the  northward  In  1777. 
Children  : 

Sarah,  b.  May  7,  1772. 

Mary,  b.  Jan.  17,  1774;  m.  Levi  Hatch;  one  child,  Samuel,  b. 
July  15,  1795;  d.  July  IS.  1798. 

Leonard,  b.  Aug.  15,  1776 ;  d.  1797  or  1799;  lost  at  sea. 

Samuel,  b.  Julv  25.  1779. 

Hezekiah,  b.  Jan.  5,  17S1;  d.  May  19,  1827. 

Thomas,  b.  March  1,  1783;  d.  May  27,  1787. 

Lancelot,  b.  Feb.  12,  1785;  unmarried;  owned  land  on 
highway  to  Middletown,  and  sold  to  Sarah  Williams,  1819. 

Rebecca,  b.  March  14,  1788. 

Emily,  b.  Dec.  19,  1790. 

32-2.  Mary  Crane4  [134],  (Abraham,3  Abraham,'-  Benja- 
min1)- married  John  Adams,  Dec.  6.  1771  ;  resided  in  Wethers- 
field, Conn.     She  died  May  21,  1704.     He    died   Aug.    7.   1795. 

Children  : 

1.  Mary'  (Adams),  m.  Roger  Wolcott,  April  11,  1799. 

2.  Lucy  (Adams),  m.  Curtis  Crane,  Jr. 

3.     (Adams),  d.  Aug.  25,  17S6,  aged  9  months. 

4.  Hannah  (Adams),  b.  1786.     Oct.  15,  1S02,  then  about   16  years 

of  age,  according  to  the  Probate  Records  at  Hartford  she 
made  choice  of  a  guardian;  and  from  a  deed  dated  May  17, 
1810,  it  appears  that  she  may  have  removed  with  her  sister 
(Mary),  Mrs.  Roger  Wolcott,  to  Trenton,  N.  Y. 

323.  Joseph  Crane4  [135],  (Abraham,3  Abraham,2  Benja- 
min1), married  Abigail,  daughter  of  Jacob  Dix,  Dec.  3,  1778, 
and  settled  in  Wethersfield,  Conn.  He  died  June  21,  1811.  She 
died  March  27,  1813.  Oct.  5,  1811,  an  inventory  of  his  estate 
was  exhibited  by  George  Crane  (probably  his  son),  one  of  the 
executors.  May  7,  1819,  the  estate  was  distributed.  June  6, 
1812,  Abigail  and  George  Crane  were  appointed  to  administer  the 
estate.  His  wife  was  to  have  one-third,  and  each  child  a  share, 
and  the  children  of  Joseph.  Jr.,  to  have  a  single  share.  After 
the  death  of  the  mother  the  son  George  settled  the  estate.  Jan. 
17,  1818.  Elisha  Robbins  was  appointed  guardian  for  David,  then 
about  20  years  old.  May  3.  1777.  he  deeded  land  to  Hezekiah 
Crane,  in  which  reference  is  made  to  his  honored  mother  Rebecca. 
This  deed  was  witnessed  by  David  Crane,  his  brother.  He  was 
private  in  Capt.  John  Chester's  company,  Wethersfield.  9th  com- 
pany, Gen.  Spencer's  regiment;  enlisted  May  3d;  discharged 
Dec.  17,  1765;  served  in  and  about  Boston.     Children: 

324 — 1.     Joseph,  b.  1779;  d.  March  10,  1784. 

325—2.     Abigail,  b.  March,  1781  ;  d.  Oct.  2.  1783. 

326—3.     Joseph,  b.  Aug.  17,  1784. 

327 — 1.     Abigail,  b.  Aug.  29.  1786;  d.  Oct.  5.  1819. 

328—5.     George,  b.  Aug.  12,  1788;  d.  Nov.  27,  1824. 

329—6.     Jcstcs,  b.  Nov.  22.  1790. 

330—7.     Sally,  b.  Dec.  29,  1792  :  m.  John  Harris  before  Feb.  16.  1820. 

331 — 8.     John,  b.  Nov.  13,  1794;  d.  Jan.  7,  1795. 

332—9.     David,  b.  May  2s,  1797 

333-10.     William,  b.  July  4,  1800;  d.  Aug.  9,  1820. 


33-4.  Silas  Crane5  [1-U],  (Silas,4  Jonathan,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1)-  went  to  Horton,  Nova  Scotia,  with  his  father  about 
1760  and  drew  farm  lot  -292,  containing  245  acres;  afterwards 
resided  at  Economy.     Said  to  have  had  a  daughter. 

335—1.     Grace,  m.  James  Pineo.     He  was  b.  Aug.  2,  1777. 

33(3.  Col.  Jonathan  Crane5  [146],  (Silas,4  Jonathan,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  went  with  his  father  from  Lebanon, 
Conn.,  where  he  was  born  in  the  year  1750,  to  Horton,  Nova 
Scotia.  Married  at  Horton,  Rebecca  Allison,  a  native  of  Lon- 
donderry, Ireland.  He  was  a  magistrate,  and  also  held  a  colo- 
nel's commission  in  the  militia  of  the  Province,  and  was  a  member 
of  the  Nova  Scotia  Parliament  for  the  township  of  Horton  for 
many  years.  It  is  related  of  him  that  one  day  coming  out  of 
the  Government  House,  John  Howe  asked  him,  "  What  is  going 
on?"  "Oh,"  replied  Crane,  "'tis  all  a  game  of  whist,  the 
honors  are  divided  and  nothing  is  to  be  got  except  by  tricks." 
He  was  on  duty  with  his  regiment  one  year,  while  stationed  at 
Halifax.  Col.  Crane  was  the  first  person  elected  to  represent  his 
township,  and  continued  to  be  re-elected  until  his  death.  He 
represented  Kings  County  in  the  Provincial  Parliament,  and  was 
in  his  day  the  most  prominent  man  in  that  part  of  Nova  Scotia. 
The  house  where  he  lived  is  the  oldest  in  that  part  of  the  county, 
and  was,  in  1882,  occupied  by  his  grandson  William  Crane. 

Col.  Crane  was  a  man  of  more  than  ordinary  ability,  became 
very  popular  and  was  held  in  high  esteem  by  all  who  knew  him. 
Many  stories  are  related  illustrating  his  characteristics.  Among 
them  the  following:  "  On  one  occasion,  while  the  Colonel  was  in 
charge  of  protecting  the  people  against  attacks  from  the  enemy 
to  King  George  III.,  an  American  privateer  ran  in  shore  for  the 
purpose  of  foraging,  when  the  Colonel  hastily  collected  a  number 
of  his  townsmen,  armed  them  from  the  magazine,  manned  the 
Parrsboro  packet,  and  put  off  in  hot  pursuit  after  the  privateer. 
With  their  six-pounder  of  brass  they  felt  confident  they  could 
capture  their  game.  But  their  valor  proved  much  greater  than 
their  discretion,  for  the  well-armed  privateer  soon  induced  them 
to  surrender,  and  putting  a  prize  crew  on  board  the  packet  she 
was  headed  down  the  basin  for  Boston,  much  to  the  dismay  of 
the  crowd  of  people  who  had  collected  on  shore  to  witness  the 
affray.  But  the  Grand  Pre  men  were  not  slow  to  improve  their 
opportunities  :  although  the  greater  portion  of  them  were  fastened 


below  as  prisoners,  several  of  them  were  depended  upon  to  assist 
the  prize  crew  in  navigating  the  packet  to  Boston.  When  night 
came,  William  Bishop  conceived  a  plan,  which,  though  desperate, 
promised  a  chance  for  freedom.  Having  arranged  matters  with 
his  comrades  on  deck,  at  a  given  signal,  when  there  was  but  one 
watch  on  deck,  Bishop  dealt  the  steersman  a  blow  with  a  marline- 
spike  and  threw  his  body  into  the  Lazeretto,  while  other  Grand 
Pre1  men  were  taking  care  of  the  victims  assigned  them,  fastening 
below  the  remaining  privateersmen,  and  liberating  their  Grand 
Prd  associates  below  hatches,  thus  enabling  them  soon  to  regain 
possession  of  the  packet,  which  thev  turned  towards  the  basin, 
soon  arriving  home,  to  the  surprise  of  their  friends  on  shore,  and 
acquiring  no  small  degree  of  notoriety  for  themselves." 

At  another  time  the  Colouel  was  successful  in  outwitting  John 
Thomas  Hill,  sheriff  and  customs  officer.  The  Colonel  imported 
a  cask  of  good  old  Jamaica,  the  flavor  of  which  he  believed 
would  be  very  much  injured  were  the  government's  blighting 
stamp  placed  upon  it.  But  Mr.  Hill,  with  the  usual  persistency 
of  a  customs  officer,  was  determined  that  nothing  should  escape 
his  notice,  and  that  the  King  should  have  his  own.  The  Colonel 
knowing  full  well  the  alertness  with  which  Mr.  Hill  executed  his 
official  duties,  drove  with  great  parade  of  stealth  to  Horton 
Landing,  where  the  schooner  lay.  with  his  oxen  and  cart,  loaded 
a  cask  and  proceeded  on  his  return  home,  when  he  was  met  by 
Officer  Hill,  who  demanded  a  surrender.  The  Colonel  submitted 
with  a  very  bad  grace,  and  the  oxen,  cart,  cask  and  contents 
were  confiscated  in  the  king's  name.  The  officer's  disgust  can 
be  better  imagined  than  described,  when,  upon  inspection  next 
morning,  he  found  the  cask  contained  pure  water  with  the  small- 
est snifter  of  rum. 

Colonel  Crane  had  the  honor  of  "dining  and  wining"  his 
Royal  Highness  the  Duke  of  Kent,  father  of  the  present  Queen 
Victoria,  while  on  a  visit  to  Halifax  as  commander-in-chief  of 
His  Majesty's  forces ;  and  the  report  is  handed  down  that  the 
Colonel's  wife,  a  very  estimable  lady,  who  some  now  living  can 
recall  to  mind,  when  informed  that  the  Duke  had  brought  with 
him  a  French  lady  as  companion  of  his  joys,  that  she  made  it  her 
business  to  make  sundry  calls  on  her  neighbors,  thereby  escaping 
an  introduction  to  His  Royal  Highness  and  Mademoiselle  Ka- 

He  died  at  Grand  Pre.  August,  1820.  She  died  there  in  18-41, 
aged  89  years. 

"I  Jonathan  Crane  of  Horton  in  Kings  County  being  weak  in 
Body  but  of  a  sound  and  perfect  mind  and  memory  blessed  be 
Almighty  God  for  the  same  do  make  and  publish  this  my  last 
Will  and  Testament  in  the  following  maimer, 

First,   I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  beloved  wife   Kebecca  Crane 


the  use  and  improvement  of  one  third  of  my  Real  property  during 
her  natural  life,  also  one  third  part  of  my  Personal  property  after 
all  my  just  debts  are  paid,  to  be  at  her  sole  use  and  disposal. 

Second,  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  eldest  son  James  N.  Crane 
the  one  half  of  the  whole  of  my  property  both  real  and  personal 
after  all  my  lawful  debts  are  paid  which  I  owe  and  the  debts  owed 
by  James  N.  Crane  or  that  he  calls  his  own  is  to  come  into  the 
valuation  the  same  as  my  own  property. 

Thirdly,  I  give  and  bequeath  the  remaining  half  of  my  property 
to  be  divided  into  six  equal  parts  or  shares  (to  say)  to  my  daugh- 
ters Nancy  Denison  oue  and  a  half  share  to  include  about  a 
quarter  of  a  share  I  intended  for  her  Daughter  Rebecca  Boyer, 
To  James  N.  Crane  one  share.  To  William  Crane  one  share,  To 
Silas  H.  Crane  one  share.  To  my  Daughter  Rebecca  Black  one 
share,  To  my  grandson  Jonathan  Black  one  quarter  share,  To 
Jonathan  Crane  son  of  James  N.  Crane  one  quarter  share  deduct- 
ing from  each  one  of  their  shares  what  they  may  have  formerly 
received  from  my  Estate,  And  it  is  to  be  understood  that  it  is 
my  will  and  pleasure  that  the  half  of  my  property  which  I  have 
willed  to  my  several  children,  James,  Nancy,  William,  Silas, 
Rebecca,  Jonathan  Black  and  Jonathan  Crane  Should  remain  in 
the  hands  of  James  N.  Crane  and  not  be  diverted  till  ten  years 
after  my  decease  except  it  should  be  convenient  for  said  James 
N.  Crane  to  pay  some  part  thereof  before  that  period,  and  at  the 
end  of  ten  years  to  be  paid  or  delivered  to  the  above  mentioned 

Fourthly,  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  son  William  Crane,  to  my 
daughter  Nancy  Denison  and  to  Rebecca  Black  Three  quarters  of 
an  acre  of  land  to  each  to  be  set  off  to  them  from  the  lower  part  of 
the  lot  on  which  I  now  live  near  the  crooked  apple  tree  ten  years 
after  my  decease  the  valuation  of  the  same  to  be  deducted  from 
their  several  shares. 

Fifth,  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  beloved  wife  one  horse  and 
chaise  to  be  at  her  disposal. 

Sixth,  Any  property  descending  or  falling  to  me  not  before 
mentioned  to  be  at  the  sole  disposal  of  James  N.  Crane. 

And  Lastly,  I  do  hereby  appoint  my  beloved  wife  Rebecca 
Crane,  James  N.  Crane.  William  Crane.  Silas  H.  Crane,  Sher- 
man Denison  and  Samuel  Black  as  Executrix  and  Executors  to 
this  my  last  will  and  testament  hereby  revoking  and  entirely 
disannulling  all  former  wills  by  me  made. 

Signed  sealed  Published  and  declared       Jonathan  Crane  (L.S) 
by  the  said  Jonathan  Crane  to  be  his  last 
will  and  testament  in  the  presence  of  us  who 
have  hereunto  subscribed  our  names  as  witnesses 
in  the  presence  of  the  Testator.  Horton  Aug  9th  18'20 
Samuel  Avery,  Elihu  Woodworth,  Edward  Boyer." 

•■  Whereas  by  the  foregoing  Will  and  Testament  I  Jonathan 
Crane    have   named  constituted    and    appointed  certain   persons 


therein  mentioned  as  Executors  for  the  due  execution  thereof 
according  to  the  true  meaning  and  intent  of  the  same,  and 
whereas  my  said  Executors  may  find  it  necessary  to  sell  part  of 
my  Real  Estate  for  the  payment  of  my  just  debts,  and  I  having 
considered  it  most  expedient  and  convenient  for  two  of  my  said 
Executors  to  have  power  and  authority  for  that  purpose  do  by 
this  Codicil  annexed  to  my  said  Will  and  Testament  hereby 
nominate  authorize  and  appoint  James  N.  Crane  and  William 
Crane  Two  of  my  Executors  named  as  aforesaid  for  the  purpose 
of  making  sale  of  such  part  of  my  Real  Estate  as  they  may  think 
most  convenient  for  the  payment  of  my  debts  as  aforesaid  and 
execute  conveyances  of  the  same  hereby  confirming  all  that  the 
said  James  N.  Crane  and  William  Crane  may  lawfully  do  or  cause 
to  be  done  touching  and  concerning  the  sale  of  lands  and  premi- 
ses as  aforesaid.  And  I  do  further  authorize  and  appoint  the 
said  James  N.  Crane  and  William  Crane  to  collect  all  debts  due 
to  me  of  whatsoever  nature  or  kind  and  take  every  proper 
measure  for  collection  of  the  same  and  execute  discharges  for  all 
monies  so  collected  which  said  monies  are  to  be  applied  to  the 
payment  of  my  just  debts  as  aforesaid. 

Jonathan  Crane  (L.S) 
Signed  sealed  published  and  declared 
by  the  said  Jonathan  Crane  to  be  a  codicil 
to  his  last  Will  and  Testament  in  the  presence 
of  us  who  have  hereunto  subscribed  our  names 
as  witnesses  in  the  presence  of  the  Testator 
and  of  each  other,  Samuel  Avery  Edward  Boyer 
Elijah  Crane, 

King  County  Court  of  Probate." 

"  Cornwallis  Sept  2,  1820. 

This  day  a  probate  of  the  aforesaid  last  Will  and  Testament 
of  the  late  Jonathan  Crane  of  Horton  in  the  County  aforesaid 
Yeoman  was  granted  to  James  Noble  Crane  William  Crane  Silas 
H.  Crane  sous  of  the  deceased  and  to  Sherman  Denison  and 
Samuel  Black  sonsiulaw  of  the  deceased  they  being  duly  sworn 
to  execute  the  trust  reposed  in  them.  Inventory  to  be  exhibited 
Dec  2,  1820.     Acct  March  2,  1822. 

On  the  same  day  a  warrant  of  apprizement  was  issued  to 
Elihu  Woodworth,  James  Harris  Jur  and  Perry  Borden  all  of 
Horton  in  the  County  aforesaid  yeoniau. 

Wii.  C.  Campbell  Regd." 

Children  of  Jonathan  Crane  : 

337 — 1.     Ann,  b.  Nov.  25,  1772;  d.  previous  to  Aug.  9,  1820. 

338—2.     Joseph,  b.  Jan.  8,  1776;  d.  previous  to  Aug.  9,  1820. 

339—3.     Jonathan,  b.  April  22,  1779;  d.  previous  to  Aug.  9,  1820. 

340—4.     James  Noble,  b.  July  6,  1782. 

341 — 5.     Nancy;  m.  Sherman  Dennison. 

342—6.     William,  b.  Feb.  15,  1785. 

343—7.     Silas  Hibekt,  b.  Oct.  17,  1787. 

344 — 8.     Rebecca,  b.  May  12,  1791 ;  m.  Samuel  Black. 



345.  Elijah  Crane5  [148],  (Silas,4  Jonathan,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1;,  married  Mirriam  Lockhart,  at  Hortou,  Nova  Scotia, 
Dee.  30,  1777.     Children: 

346—1.  LUCT,  b.  Nov.  3,  1778. 

347_2.  Mirriam,  b.  July  30,  1780. 

348—3.  Sakah,  b.  March  15,  1782. 

3+9—4.  Rebecca;  m.  -Fisher. 

350.  Benjamin  Crane3  [151],  (John,4  John,3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1).  Under  date  of  Feb.  6,  17(32,  there  is  a  "purpose 
of  marriage  between  Benjamin  Crane  of  Western,  Mass.,  and 
Sarah  Witherbee  who  has  lately  dwelt  at  Western."  The  entry 
was  made  evidently  by  Simeon  Dwight,  then  Town  Clerk  of  that 
place,  and  that  is  all  we  have  been  able  to  get  from  the  town 
records.  From  the  office  of  Register  of  Deeds  at  Springfield, 
Mass.,  we  learn  that  Benjamin  Grain,  cooper  by  trade,  of  West- 
ern, and  Sarah  his  wife,  sold  land  (110  acres)  in  Shutesbury, 
April  4,  1764.  He  also  sold  land  on  May  4,  1774,  located  in 
Merryfield  (now  Chester),  at  which  time  he  was  called  of  Brook- 
field.  Again  he  sold  land  Jan.  16,  1777.  At  this  time  he  is 
called  "cooper  of  Western."  As  the  family  record  gives  evi- 
dence of  twenty  years  residence  in  this  locality  it  seems  strange 
that  not  one  at  least  of  his  children  are  mentioned  in  the  records 
of  either  Western  (now  Warren)  or  Brookfield.  From  the 
archives  at  the  State  House,  Boston,  we  learn  that  Benjamin 
Crane  of  Western  was  a  private  in  Capt.  Ezekiel  Kuowlton's 
company.  Col.  Dyke's  Regiment,  and  served  from  Dec.  1.  1776, 
to  March  1,  1777;  and  from  Rev.  Horace  Alouzo  Crane,  M.A., 
his  great-grandson,  we  find  he  married  Sarah  Witherbee,  March 
16,  1762."  Children  : 

351—1.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  12,  1762,  at  Western. 

352—2.  John,  b.  Oct.  30,  1763,  at  Western. 

353—3.  Amos,  b.  Nov.  22,  1765,  at  Brookfield. 

354—4.  Rebecca,  b.  Sept.  7,  1767,  at  Brookfield. 

355—5.  Anna,  b.  Aug.  20,  1769,  at  Brookfield. 

356—6.  Abel,  b.  July  23,  1771,  at  Brookfield. 

357 — 7.  Darius,  b.  March  11.  1775,  at  Brookfield;  d.  April  9,  177G. 

358—8.  Roth,  b.  Jan.  16,  1776,  at  Brookfield. 

359—9.  Olive,  b.  April  20,  1780,  at  Western. 

On  the  town  records  of  Tolland,  Conn.,  we  find  Arnos  Crane 
[353],  married  Sarah  Ailing,  June  30,  1785,  at  Abington.  We 
are  unable  to  positively  connect  this  family.     Children  : 

1.  Repty,  b.  Aug.  20,  1786. 

2.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  6,  1789. 

3.  Laura,  b.  April  9,  1792. 

4.  Amos,        1    b    M       15    1794 

5.  ASAHEL,     J  J 

6.  Allen,  b.  Julv  5,  1796. 

7.  Sophronia,  b.   Oct.  21,  1798. 

360.  John  Crane"'  [152],  (John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1).     Dr.    John    Crane  was   born  in   Tolland.    Conn.      His 


mother  was  Rebeckah  Huntington.  His  grandmother  on  the 
maternal  side  was  Rebeckah  Adgate.  This  relationship  doubtless 
brought  him  into  association  with  Eleazer  Wheelock,  A.M., 
D.D.,  sou  of  Deacon  Ralph  and  Ruth  (Huntington)  Wheelock. 
This  Ruth  Huntington's  mother  having  been  Sarah  Adgate,  sister 
to  Dr.  Crane's  grandmother.  Mr.  Wheelock  was  a  graduate  of 
Yale  College  in  1733,  was  ordained  pastor  of  the  Second  Con- 
gregational Church,  Lebanon,  Conn.,  in  March,  1735.  He  was 
very  successful  as  a  preacher  and  pastor.  In  addition  to  his 
ministerial  charge  he  was  greatly  interested  in  the  education  of 
young  men,  especially  the  youth  of  the  Indian  nations.  After 
having  taken  into  his  family  several  of  the  latter  for  the  purpose 
of  educating  and  training  them  to  serve  as  missionaries  among 
their  own  people,  he  conceived  the  idea  of  establishing  and  con- 
ducting a  missionary  school,  where  Indian  boys  might  be  fitted 
to  perform  missionary  work ;  and  a  house  and  two  acres  of  land 
adjoining  his  own  home  place  was  given  him  in  the  year  1754  by 
Joshua  Moore  of  Mansfield  for  the  purpose,  and  the  school 
established.  After  conducting  "Moore's  School,"  as  it  was 
then  called,  for  several  years,  Mr.  Wheelock  thought  the  advan- 
tages might  be  greatly  increased  by  changing  its  location  and 
merging  it  into  a  college.  Accordingly  he  obtained  a  charter 
from  John  Wentworth,  then  Governor  of  New  Hampshire,  and 
set  out  on  a  tour  of  inspection  for  the  purpose  of  selecting  a  site 
on  which  to  locate  his  college.  Dr.  John  Crane  is  said  to  have 
accompanied  Mr.  Wheelock  on  this  trip,  and  assisted  in  selecting 
Hanover,  N.  H.,  as  the  location.  Dr.  Crane  removed  from 
Connecticut  with  Rev.  Eleazer  Wheelock  to  Hanover  in  August, 
1770,  and  in  1773  built  one  of  the  first  houses  erected  there.  It 
stood  on  Main  Street,  first  house  south  of  Dartmouth  Hotel. 
The  house  with  several  others  was  consumed  by  fire  in  Decem- 
ber, 1886.  The  lot,  about  an  acre  of  laud,  on  which  Dr.  Crane 
built  his  house  was  presented  to  him  by  the  College  to  encourage 
him  to  locate  here.  He  was  the  first  resident  physician  and 
apothecary  in  the  place,  and  acquired  considerable  reputation  as 
such.  In  1776  he  joined  the  army  as  surgeon  and  served  until 
Dec.  31,  1783,  serving  in  Col.  Vose's  1st  and  Col.  Smith's  13th 
Regiments, — Continental  Army  pay  accounts  for  service  from 
Oct.  24,  1777,  to  Dec.  31,  1779;  also  service  from  Jan.  1,  1780, 
to  Dec.  31,  1780;  also  Lieut.  Calvin  Smith's  6th  Regiment,  wages 
allowed  from  January,  1781,  to  December,  1782,  24  months.  He 
was  at  the  battle  of  Saratoga,  and  in  winter  quarters  at  Valley 
Forge.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Massachusetts  Society  of  the 
Cincinnati,  and  was  succeeded  in  1809  by  his  son,  John  Hunt- 
ington Crane.  Dr.  Crane  attended  President  Wheelock  in  his 
last  sickness,  when  he  died  April  24,  1779.  Oct.  15,  1784,  he 
signed  a  petition  for  a  road  from  Boscawen  on  Merrimack  River 
to  the  Connecticut  River.  Dr.  Crane  married  Hannah  Brown, 
and  died  in  February,  1786.  His  widow  married  Col.  Aaron 
Kinsman  also  a  Revolutionary  soldier.     She  died  in  1817. 


Child  : 

1  John  Huntinoton,  b.  1779;  graduated  at  Dartmouth  College, 
1799;  read  law  and  began  practice  at  Stafford.  Vt.  But 
removed  his  office  to  Boston,  Mass.,  thence  to  Sandusky. 
Ohio,  and  finally  to  Louisville,  Ky.,  where  he  d.  Sept.  20,  1822, 
aged  43  years.     Never  married. 

361.  Elijah  Crane5  [154],  (John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Sarah  Hill.  She  was  a  native  of  Woburn, 
Mass.  Mr.  Crane  was  one  of  the  first  ten  settlers  of  the  town 
of  Washington,  Mass.,  going  there  in  1760, — from  1762  until 
1777  the  place  was  called  Hartwood, — and  with  the  exception  of 
two  years  spent  his  life  there.  Jan.  30,  1772,  he  was  appointed 
to  settle  his  brother  Amos  Crane's  estate  of  Tolland,  Conn.,  and 
gave  £200  bond  to  the  court  for  faithful  performance  of  the 
trust.  Elijah  was  then  called  of  Hartwood,  Mass.  Amos  is 
said  to  have  been  killed  by  the  Indians.  Shortly  before  his 
death  he  removed  to  Madrid.  N.  Y.,  at  which  place  he  died  Jan. 
1.3,  1818.  His  widow  died  in  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  County, 
N.  Y.,  Sept.  11.  1819,  aged  70  years.     Children: 

3G2— 1.  Elijah,  b.  Dec.  1.5,  1771;  d.  April  9.  1781. 

303—2.  Sarah,  b.  May  20,  1773. 

304—3.  Amos.  b.  Dec.  17.  1774. 

305—4.  Lois,  b.  March  2,  1777. 

306—5.  Joel,  b.  Feb.  17,  1779. 

307—0.  Eunice,  b.  Nov.  23,  1780. 

368—7.  Lucy,  b.-  Ana;.  23,  1782;  d.  July  3,  1783. 

309-8.  Susanna,  b.  April  8,  1784. 

370—9.  Elijah,  b.  Sept.  28,  1785. 

371-10.  Lucy,  b.  Sept.  18,  1787. 

372.  Abel  Crain5  [155],  (John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Elizabeth ,  and  settled  in  Becket,  Mass. 

Abel  Crain  of  Becket  served  as  private  in  Capt.  Ebenezer  Web- 
ber's company.  Lt.-Col.  Saml.  Williams'  Regiment,  Dec.  17, 
1776,  discharged  March  20.  1777.  Marched  to  the  northward, 
probably  in  Major  Clap's  Regiment.  He  again  served  in  Capt. 
Porter's  company,  Col.  Rositer's  Regiment.  From  July  1  to  Dec. 
31,  1779,  he  served  as  private  in  Major's  company,  Col.  Ebenezer 
Sprout's  Regiment,  Continental  army,  for  the  town  of  Becket.  He 
was  a  powerfully  built  man,  "six  feet  two  or  three  inches  tall,  dark 
complexion,  black  hair,  about  thirty  years  of  age."  This  we  learn 
from  the  description  list  of  men  who  served  in  Continental  army. 
A  visit  to  the  office  of  Registrar  of  Probate  at  Pittsfield.  Mass., 
disclosed  the  fact  that  May  31,  1817,  on  petition  of  the  widow 
Elizabeth  Crane,  George  Conant,  Esq.,  was  appointed  by  the 
court  to  settle  the  estate  of  Abel  Crane  of  Becket.  Some  of  the 
children  were  minors,  and  Timothy  Snow  was  appointed  guardian 
for  Edward  and  Saloma.  The  estate  was  settled  Sept.  7,  1819, 
and  after  the  payment  of  all  debts,  the  widow  was  given  her 
portion,  and  the  balance  remaining,  thirty-three  dollars  and  fifty- 



four  cents,  was  equally  divided  between  the  children,  each  receiv- 
ing the  sum  of  four  dollars  and  seventy-nine  cents.     Children  : 


\hi:i  II 

Whether  this  Abel  was  father  to  Abel,  John  and  Orange  Crain, 
the  records  at  Pittsfield  do  not  show.  But  Mr.  Orange  Crane  of 
Fillmore,  Minn.,  stated  in  18H1  that  he  was  a  son  of  Abel  Crain 
of  Massachusetts,  and  that  he  was  a  descendant  of  this  Benja- 
min Crane.  That  he  had  brothers  Abel  and  John,  and  one  son 
Ozias  then  living  in  Colorado. 

380.  SaMUEL  Crane5  [157],  (John,4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Charity  Higley  Nov.  7,  1776.  She  was  born 
Sept.  13,  1756.  He  settled  in  Simsbury,  Conn.,  a  farmer,  but 
subsequently,  in  1802,  removed  to  Onondaga  Hill,  N.  Y.,  where 
he  died  July  28,  1818.  She  died  at  Bennington,  N.  Y.',  Oct.  10, 
1842.  He  enlisted  April  26,  1777,  private  in  Capt.  Peter  Porter's 
company,  Col.  Benjamin  Simons'  Berkshire  County  Regiment. 
Company  marched  to  Saratoga  by  order  of  Gen.  Gates.  He 
was  discharged  May  20,  1777."    Children  : 


Samuel  Higley,  b.  Oct.  9,  1777. 

Charity  Theodosia,  b.  June  19,  1779. 

Anna  Maria,  b.  March  28,  1781. 

Abel,  b.  April  4,  1783. 

Archer,  b.  March  26,  1785. 

Amherst,  \       .        .     .  f  d.  June  10,  1861. 

Ambrose,  j  twlns'  b-  June  -  178' '    \d.  Oct.  15,  1857. 

Daniel  Colton,  b.  May  2,  1789;  d.  May  9,  1872. 

Adonijah,  b.  Sept.  25,  1791;  d.  June  26,  1792. 

Luke,  b.  July  15,  1793;   d.  Sept.  4,  1855. 

Sylvester  Return,  b.  Jan.  6.  1796. 

Lament  Samuel,  b.  Jan.  1,  1799;  d.  Nov.  14,  1799. 

393.  Joshua  Crane5  [162],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  first,  May  4,  1760,  Mary  Brown.  She  was 
bora  in  1745  and  died  March  23,  1791.  Married  second,  Widow 
Ladd.  He  settled  at  Alstead,  N.  H. ;  a  farmer.  His  will  was 
dated  May  25.  1814,  probated  June  12,  1816,  and  mentioned  his 
eight  children  then  living  and  three  grandchildren  belonging  to 
his  son  Joshua.     Children  : 

394—1.  Hezeioah,  b.  April  3,  1770;  d.  Feb.  3,  1792. 

395—2.  Samuel,  b.  Oct.  25,  1771  ;   d.  Oct.  24,  1773. 

396—3.  Isaac,  b.  March  25,  1774. 

397 — I.  Joshua,  h.  May  16,  1776. 

398—5.  Martha,  b.  Sept.  25,  1778;  m.  a  Mr.  Smith  and  went  west. 

309—6.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  0,  1781;   unm.;   d.  at  Alstead,  N.  H. 

400  —  7.  Ruth,  b.  Feb.  16.  1784;  d.  Jan.  25.  1812;  not  married. 

401—8.  Eleazer,  b.  Feb.  22.  17S6. 


402—9.  Samuel,  b.  Feb.  1,  17SS. 
403-10.  Polly,  b.  Sept.  5,  1790. 
404-11.     Eunice,  b.  Sept.  1,  1793,  by  second  wife. 

405.  Isaac  Crane5  [163],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,  - 
Benjamin1)-  Born  at  Coventry,  Tolland  County,  Conn.;  mar- 
ried in  17(38  Thankful  Putnam.  She  was  born  in  Western  (now 
Warren),  Worcester  County,  Mass.,  May  17,  1747  ;  and  the  pur- 
pose of  their  marriage  was  recorded  there  Aug.  20,  1768.  She 
was  a  daughter  of  Josiah  and  Lydia  Wheeler  Putnam,  born  May 
6,  1747,  old  style.  He  was  a  private  in  Capt.  Josiah  Putnam's 
company,  Col.  Jedediah  Foster's  Regiment;  marched  April  21, 
1775,  to  Roxbury  in  response  to  the  alarm  of  April  19,  served  8 
days.  Also  served  in  Capt.  Joseph  Cutter's  company  of  volun- 
teers, marched  from  Western  and  Oakham  to  join  Gen.  Gates 
Sept.  24,  1777;  served  32  days  in  Northern  department.  For 
several  years  the  family  resided  in  Western,  Worcester  County, 
but  subsequently  removed  to  northern  Vermont,  where  Mrs. 
Crane  was  drowned  in  Onion  River.  Mr.  Crane  died  in  New 
York  State.     Children: 

406  —  1.     Josiah,  b.  March  11,  1709. 

407—2.     Eunice,  b.  Jan.  27,  1771. 

408—3.     Rufus,  b.  March  19,  1774. 

409 — 4.     Saisra,  b.  June  28,  1776;  m.  Mr.  Newton,  said  to  have  settled 

in  Massachusetts. 
410—5.     Isaac,  b.   April   10,   177S;    d.  in    Alstead,    N.    H.,   July    15, 

1824,  adm.  granted  Patty  his  widow,  no  other  heirs  named. 
4r  1 1  — <i .     Tirzaii,  b.  May  7,  1780. 
412—7.     Asa,  b.  Nov.  9,  1782. 
413—8.     Lucinda,  b.  Feb.  23,  1785;  d.  young. 
414—9.     Putnam,  b.  May  2,  1787;  d.  young. 
415-10.     Amos,  b.  Sept.  12,  1788. 

416.  Mary  Crane3  [164],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benja- 
min1), married  Joshua  Wood  of  Alstead,  N.  H.  They  both  were 
of  Western,  Mass.,  as  the  records  there  contain  memorandum 
of  a  purpose  of  marriage  "  betwixed  "  them  dated  Jan.  21,  1775. 

417.  Amah  or  Abia  Crane5  [165],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Experience  Smith,  and  settled  in 
Surry,  N.  H.  ;  a  farmer.  He  died  Feb.  6,  1805,  aged  53  years, 
11  months,  13  days.  He  was,  no  doubt,  the  Abiah  Crane,  cor- 
poral in  Capt.  Davis  Howlet's  company,  which  was  raised  out  of 
Col.  Ashley's  regiment  of  militia,  and  marched  from  Keeue,  N. 
H.,  to  reinforce  the  Continental  army  at  Ticonderoga,  May,  1777. 
He  was  probably  the  same  Abiah  who  was  in  John  Houghton's 
company.  Col.  Baldwin's  regiment  of  New  York  ;  paid  Sept.  22, 
1776,  £7—13 — 4.     Children: 

418—1.     Joshua. 

419—2.  Ichabod,  m.  1st,  Feb.  15,  1816,  Fannie  Watts  of  Alstead, 
N.  H  ;  2d,  Clarissa  Anderson  of  Walpole;  he  d.  1866;  will 
dated  Aug.  25.  His  widow  m.  Mr.  Bragg;  lives  in  Wal- 
pole, N.  H. ;  no  children      His  will  was  contested,  with  the 


result  that  the  court  distributed  the  property  among  the 
heirs-at-law,  namely:  John  W.  Crane  of  Saratoga,  a  son 
of  Justus  and  Juliette  C.  Whitney,  Fanny  W.  Godfrey, 
Nelly  Iugalls,  and  ffm.  C.  Thompson,  nephews  and  nieces 
of  Ichabod. 

420—3.     Theodosha,  m.  Mr.  Witherby;  settled  in  Surry,  N.  H. 

421—4.  Zina  or  Eunice,  b.  Aug.  28,  1790;  in.  1810  William  Thomp- 
son, and  removed  to  Ohio. 

422--5.  Justus,  m.  and  removed  to  New  York  State,  settling  in  Sara- 
toga; d.  1860,  leaving  an  only  child,  John  W.  Crane,  now 
(1898)  residing  at  Saratoga  Springs.  He  is  a  judge  and 

423.  Joseph  Crane,5  [167],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'3 
Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Aug.  21,  1783,  Ruth  Wilson,  She  was  in 
the  23d  year  of  her  age.  She  died  about  1791,  and  in  Decem- 
ber, 1792,  he  married  2d,  Eleanor  Buck,  who  was  born  1765,  and 
died  in  VVillamstown.  May  13,  1832.  He  died  March  31,  1819. 
He  was  enrolled  among  the  list  of  Revolutionary  soldiers  in  VVil- 
liamstovvn,  Vt.  He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Williams- 
town,  Vt.  His  wife  was  drawn  in  on  a  hand-sled.  She  was 
given  a  lot  of  land  for  being  the  first  woman  to  settle  in  the 
town.  Here  Mr.  Crane  purchased  300  acres  of  land,  and  with 
his  axe  felled  the  first  tree  cut  in  the  town.  All  his  children  were 
born  here.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Legislature  of  Vermont, 
and  went  from  Tolland,  Conn.  Eleanor  Buck  taught  first  school 
in  Williainstowu,  1703.     Children: 

424  —  1.  JoSEm,  b.  Aug  8,1784;  died  in  Wheelock,  Vt. ;  unmarried; 
over  70  years  of  age.  He  served  in  war  of  1812,  enlisting 
in  navy. 

425—2.     Ruth,  b.  Oct.  31,  1786. 

426—3.     Anna,  b.  Dec.  17,  1788. 

427—4.  Abia,  b.  Feb.  6,  1790;  d.  Nov.  9,  1814,  of  fever  contracted 
while  serving  in  war  of  1812. 

428—5.     Ariel,  b.  Oct.  24,  1793. 

429—6.     Horatio,  b.  Feb.  23,  1795. 

430—7.     Oren,  b.  Jan.  18,  1797. 

431—8.     Arba,  b.  Nov.  5,  1798. 

432—9.     Lucina,  b.  May  8,  1800. 

433-10.  Adaline,  b.  April  10,  1802;  m.  Jacob  S.  Martin,  Williams- 
town,  Vt..  and  d.  March  30,  1878;  no  children. 

434-1 1 .     Porter,  b.  Feb.  27, 1804. 

435-12.     Lucy,  b.  May  9,  1806;  d.  March  7,  1816. 

436-13.     Cn.vuNCY,  b.  March  7,  1810. 

4:17-14.     Charles,  b.  Sept.  29,  1812. 

438-15.  Abia  Wilson,  b.  June  25,  1815;  m.  Emily  Lease  of  Water- 
bury,  Vt.,  and  died  July  14,  1869;  no  children. 

130.  John  Crane5  [160],  (Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Sarah,  daughter  of  Solomon  and  Anna 
Prentice,  born  Jan.  23,  1775,  and  settled  in  Glover,  Vt.  He 
must,  however,  have  lived  for  a  time  in  Williamstown,  for  it  is 
recorded  that  Rev.  Jesse  Olds,  Congregational  minister,  was 
ordained  in  John  Crane's  barn,  Williamstown,  1797. 

Hemingway's  Vermont,  II.,  1141,  1144,  1145. 


Children  : 

440—1.  Eunice,  b.  May  I.  1798. 

441—2.  Sally,  b.  April  27,  1800. 

442—3.  Asa  Prentice,  b.  April  24,  1S03;  d.  March  16,  1806. 

443—4.  John,  b.  Nov.  14,  1805. 

444—5.  Nancy,  b.  June  14,  1808. 

445—6.  Avis.  b.  Oct.  14,  1810;  d.  Jan.  1,  1815. 

44G— 7.  Laura,  b.  Sept.  1,  1812. 

447—8.  Peksis,  b.  March  3,  1815. 

44.-S.  Elisiia  Crane5  [171].  (Elisham,4  John.3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Lydia  Owen,  and  settled  in  Bolton.  Conn., 
where  the  eldest  son  was  born.  He  then  removed  to  Norwich, 
Vt.,  where  Daniel  was  bom.  The  family  then  went  to  Haver- 
hill, N.  H.  Mr.  Crane  subsequently  returned  to  Connecticut, 
and  went  from  there  to  Albany.  N.  Y.,  and  married  again, 
having  a  sou  and  a  daughter  at  that  place,  where  he  died  in  1822. 
He  served  as  clerk  in  the  commissary  department  at  the  time  of 
the  French  and  Indian  war.  He  was  living  in  Albany,  N.  Y., 
April  26,  1785,  where  he  was  a  merchant,  and  then  bought  land 
in  Goshen,  Hampshire  County,  Mass..  recorded  at  Springfield ; 
was  private  in  Capt.  Amos  Rathborne's  company,  Col.  Benj. 
Simons'  detachment,  Berkshire  County  militia,  Jan.  6  to  March 
15,  1777;   at  Ticouderoga,  Feb.  25,  1777.     Children: 

449—1.  William,  b.  17U7. 

450—2.  Daniel  0.,  b.  Sept.  6,  17G9. 

451 — 3.  Elisha,  resided  in  Albany.  NY. 

4.32—4.  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Mead  of  Albany,  N.  Y. 

453.  Anna  Crane-^  [172].  (Elisham.4  John.3  Jonathan, '- 
Benjamin1),  married  Samuel  Bartlett.  Sept.  11.  17t'.7.  at  Wind- 
sor, Conn.  He  was  bora  Jan.  15,  174-4-5,  and  died  in  East 
Windsor,  Nov.  2'j.  1825.  He  was  a  farmer.  She  died  March 
'■I.  1831.     Children: 

1.  Col.  Jonathan  (Bartlett).  b.  July  25.  176:). 

2.  Anna  (Bartlett),  m.  James  Harper  of  Entield. 

3.  Abigail  (Bartlett),  b.  June  25,  1772;   m.  Joshua  Allen. 

4.  Sarah  (Bartlett),  m.  Capt   Clark  Foster  of  Ellington,  Conn. 

5.  Samuel  (Bartlett),  b. 6,  1779. 

454.  Hezekiah  Cranes  [175],  (Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'2 Benjamin1),  married  Sybil  Lamphire.  He  enlisted  Sept. 
7,  and  was  discharged  Nov.  2,  177G,  serving  as  private  in  Capt. 
Isaac  Sergeant's  company,  Major  Backus'  regiment.  Light  Horse; 
served  in  and  about  New  York  city ;  also  may  have  been  private 
in  Capt.  Roswell  Grant's  company.  Col.  Johnson's  regiment  : 
served  in  Rhode  Island  :  enlisted  Jan.  7,  1778.  Distribution  of 
his  estate  was  made  in  Probate  Court  in  East  Windsor.  March 
14.  1796:  one-eighth  part  each  to  Wareham,  Joel.  Abner, 
Hezekiah,  Russell,  Eunice,  Rhoda  and  Lucretia;  widow  Sibbel 
Crane  her  dower.  Joel  was  administrator;  administration 
granted  Jan.  13,  1794.      Children: 

455  —  1.     Wakeham,  b.  1770. 


456—2.  Joel.  b.  Jan.  19.  1772. 

457—3.  Hezekiah,  b.  1773. 

458—4.  Eunice,  ra.  John  Hill. 

450—5.  Abner,  b.  Jan.  3.  1776. 

460—6.  Riioda,  b.  Jan.  8,  1783. 

4i;i—7  Russell  Willis. 

462—8.  Luckbtia. 

463.  David  Crane5  [176.]  (Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Theodocia  Pitkin;  2d,  Jan.  7.  1779. 
Jerusha  Smith  of  Ellington.  Conn.,  daughter  of  David  Smith. 
She  was  born  Dec.  IS,  1759,  and  settled  in  East  Windsor,  one 
mile  south  of  Ketch  mills.  He  was  a  carpenter  and  builder,  as 
well  as  farmer ;  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  and  died  in 
Scantic  parish  in  1841,  about  92  years  of  age.  March  12,  1850. 
administration  was  granted  on  estate  of  Mrs.  Jerusha  Crane  of 
East  Windsor.     Children: 

464  —  1.  David,  b.  Oct.  5,  1774-5. 

465—2.  Samuel  Pitkin,  b.  Jan.  15,  1780. 

466  — 3.  Chacncey,  b.  1782. 

467—4.  Curtis,  b.  Nov.  9,  1781. 

468—5.  Jerusha,  b.  1784. 

469—6.  Charlotte,  b.  1786;  d.  Jan.  14,  1813. 

470 — 7.  Theodocia,  b.  1789:  probably  m.  Josiah  Blodgett,  b.  at 
Ellington,  Conn.,  Jan.  12.  1789;  d.  in  Monroerille,  Ohio, 
Oct.  11,  1847.     She  d.  there  Nov.  11,  1849;  had  12  children. 

471—8.  Lemuel,  b.  1791. 

472—9.  Betsy,  b.  1793. 

473-10.  John  W.,  b.  1796;  d.  Feb.  24.  1799. 

474-11.  John  Washington,  b.  Match  24,  1800. 

475-12.  Warren  S.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1802. 

476.  Rtjfos  Crane5  [179].  (Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  married  Rachel  Grant:  born  in  Ellington  1761  ;  set- 
tled in  East  Windsor.  Conn.  He  died  Nov.  30,  1820,  She  died 
April  1.  1849.  He  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  and  his 
widow  drew  a  pension  for  many  years ;  was  private  in  Capt. 
Roswell  Grant's  company.  Col.  Roger  Enos'  regiment;  served 
along  the  Hudson  River  in  1778;  also  in  2d  regiment  Connecti- 
cut Line,  Col.  Charles  Webb :  served  in  New  York.  New  Jersey 
and  Pennsylvania:  at  battle  of  Monmouth:  enlisted  July  19, 
discharged  Dec.  9,  1780;  served  probably  as  private  in  Capt. 
Joseph  Richards"  company  Aug.  17.  1779.  and  in  Capt.  Samuel 
Fisher's  company  in  Rhode  Island  one  month  and  three  days. 
He  was  a  carpenter  and  joiner  by  trade.     Children  : 

477  —  1.  RrjFtJS,  b.  Sept.  21,  1786.  May  2,  1S26,  administration  was 
granted  to  Rnfus  Crane  on  the  estate  of  his  father  Rufns,  late 
of  East  Windsor.  June  26  dower  was  set  to  widow  Rachel 
Crane.  The  estate  was  insolvent.  Among  the  creditors  of 
the  estate  were  Hosea  Crane.  Rufus  Crane,  Lemuel  Crane 
and  James  Crane.  April  11,  1849,  administration  was 
granted  on  estate  of  Mrs.  Rachel  Crane  to  Rufus  Crane. 
Distribution  was  ordered  June  26,  1850,  to  eight  heirs, 
names  not  siren. 


478  —  2.     Jambs,  id.   Electa ,  and  d.  Jau.  2,   1S43,  aged  48.     Electa 

d.  July  10,  1845,  aged  49. 
479—3.     Prudence. 

480—4.  ACHSAH. 

481—5.  HOBEA,  b.  Feb.  3,  1802. 

482— (3.  Harvey. 

483— 7.  James  Grant. 

484.  Aaron  Chain3  [180],  (Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  June  16,  1778,  Mary,  daughter  of  Thomas 
and  Jane  Barber,  born  Aug.  14,  1754.  April  17,  1817,  he 
married  widow  Dorcas  Munn  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  and  resided  at 
Longmeadow.  Will  dated  May  13,  1826,  and  mentions  his  wife 
Dorcas.  He  died  July  3,  1826,  aged  70  years.  Was  private 
in  Capt.  Jonathan  Johnson's  company,  Middletown,  Col. 
Philip  B.  Bradley's  battalion,  Wadsworth's  brigade;  enlisted 
June  22,  1776;  discharged  Dec.  28  that  year ;  served  at  Paulus 
Hook,  Bergen  Heights  and  Fort  Washington,  where  a  portion  of 
the  regiment  was  captured.  He  is.  we  presume,  the  Aaron  Crane 
who  marched  to  the  northward  under  Gen.  Walcott's  detachment 
to  join  Gen.  Gates,  then  surrounding  Burgoyue's  army.  He  sold 
land  July  7,  1803,  to  Joseph  Brown.     Children  : 

Polly,  b.  May  10,  1779 

Aaron,  b.   March  24,   1781.     There  was  a  Lodice  Crane  of 

Longmeadow,  widow  of  Aaron,  June  16,  1816. 
Timothy,  b.  Jan.  28,  1783. 
Ziba,  b.  April  16,  1785. 
Eli,  b.  Aug.  3,  1787. 
Jane,  b.  Dec.  24,  1789. 
Lucina,  b.  Aug.  19,  1792. 
Elihu,  b.  Nov.  17,  1794. 
Hezekiah,  b.  Feb.  1,  1797. 
Almira,  b.  July  18,  1799;  d.  Sept.  6,  1808. 

49.5.     Zebulon  Crane5   [183],  (Lemuel,4    John,3    Jonathan, '- 

Benjamin1),  married  Rhoda ;   served  in  Capt.  Jason  Wait's 

company,  Col.  Bedel's  regiment ;  paid  for  this  service  February, 
1776;  June  9,  1777,  he  is  reported  as  serving  one  month  and 
three  days  at  Ticonderoga  in  Col.  Benj.  Bellows'  regiment,  New 
Hampshire  militia;  again  from  Sept.  21  to  Oct.  22,  1777,  at 
Saratoga,  same  regiment,  to  reinforce  the  Continental  army  under 
Gen.  Gates ;  was  wounded,  and  lived  for  a  time  in  Williamstown, 
Vt.     Children : 

496 — 1.     TllEDOSIA,  b.  Sept.  21,  1779;   in    Edmund  Wetlierbee. 
497—2.     Ebknezer,  b.  April  1,  1781. 
498—3.     Tryphena,  b.  April  2,  1783;  d.  May  13,  1785. 
499—4.     Ecnick,  b.  July  6,  1785;  m.  Elisha  Williams. 
500—5.     Elijah,  b.  Dec.  4,  1786;  d.  in  Brookfleld,  Vt,  or  Williams- 
towu,  Vt. 

501.     Isaac  W.   Crane5   [198],    (Isaac.4    Isaac,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  went  from  Windham,   Conn.,  to  Hebron,   and  was 






















there  married  Nov.  26,  1797,  to  Coustantia  Young  of  that  place  ; 
chililreu  all  born  there.     Children  : 

502—1.     Lucy  Maria,  b.  July  27,  1798;  d.  March  11,  1822. 

503—2.     George,  b.   April   14,    1801;   m.   Lovina  Blackmail,   Sept.  12, 

504— a.     Erastus,  b.  April  16,  1803. 
505— 1.     Ralph,  b.  June  8,  1805. 
506 — 5.     Charles,  b.  June  23,  IkOT;  never  married. 
507—6.     Ldcy  Maria,  b.  Feb.  18,   1811;  m.  Alfred  Theodore  Lilly,  a 

silk  manufacturer  at  Florence,  Mass.     She  d.  Nov.  2,  1880. 
He  d.  1890. 
508—7.     Harvey,  b.  Sept.  1,  1817. 

509.  John  Grain5  [199],  (Isaac.4  Isaac,3  Jouathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Abigail  Faulkner,  a  native  of  Brooklyn,  Conn. 
Mr.  Crane  was  born  in  Windham  and  spelled  his  name  Crain. 
He  died  in  Windham,  Conn.     Children: 

510 — 1.     John,  b.  July  25,    1800;  never  married;  was  a  merchant  in 

Pawtucket,  R.  I.;  d.  1872. 
511—2.     Lucius,  b.  Nov.  22,  1801. 
512 — 3.     Lucy  Harriet,   b.   ;    m.    Charles  Trescott,   lived   in 

Providence,  R.  I.;  d.  1877. 
513—4.     Mary,  b.  Nov.  2S,  1805. 
514-5.     Harvey  H.,  b.  May  10,  1811. 
515 — 6.     Charles,     "1  twins,  f  m.    Susan   Philips,    lived   in 

b.  !       Sterling,  Ct. 

510—7.     Caroline,     f        Feb.  10,  ]   m.  Herbert  Parkhurst,  lived 

1813;  [  inWauregan  or  Plaintleld,  Ct. 

517.  John  Crane5  [202],  (Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1),  married  March  1,  1764,  Tamar,  daughter  of  John 
and  Hannah  Carpenter  of  New  Castle,  Westchester  County. 
She  was  born  Dec.  1,  1747.  Rev.  Eliphalet  Ball,  the  first  settled 
minister  of  Ballston,  N.  Y.,  performed  the  marriage  ceremony. 
Served  in  Revolutionary  war  in  3d  company,  New  York  Line, 
private  from  March  2  to  July  15,  1777;  was  Captain  of  4th 
company,  7th  Regiment  ( Luddington's  Regiment),  elected  March 
12,  1776.  He  was  Judge  for  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.  Chosen 
Town  Clerk  of  Carmel  at  first  town  meeting,  April  7,  1795 
(held  at  his  house)  ;  also  Commissioner  of  Highways.  She  died 
at  Carmel,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1323.  He  died  at  same  place  June  9, 

"  My  grandfather  was  living  at  the  commencement  of  the 
Revolutionary  war  that  separated  the  then  thirteen  colonies  from 
the  government  of  Great  Britain.  At  the  commencement  of  that 
war,  the  people  were  divided  into  two  classes, — Whigs  and 
Tories.  The  Whig  party  were  those  who  were  opposed  to  the 
black  arts  of  the  British  Parliament ;  and  the  Tories  took 
sides  with  the  king.  My  grandfather  was  then  about  eighty  years 
old,  very  strong  and  active  for  a  man  of  that  age,  and  a  warm 
Whig ;  and,  what  is  very  remarkable,  his  eight  children  were  all 
living,  and  heads  of  families.  He  had  many  grandchildren  and 
great-grandchildren,  and  not  an  individual,  who  had  arrived  at 


the  years  of  understanding,  failed  to  take  an  active  part  in  the 
American  cause.  I  was  the  eldest  grandchild,  and  had  an 
ensigu's  commission  under  King  George  III.*,  in  the  year  1775. 
I  took  a  captain's  commission  under  the  Provincial  Congress  of 
the  Province  of  New  York,  and  on  the  fourth  of  July  following, 
our  Independence  was  declared,  Clinton  became  our  Gov- 
ernor, then  I  received  a  commission  from  him,  and  held  it 
through  the  war.  Such  was  the  general  conduct  of  the  family, 
which  was  the  cause  of  many  of  them  receiving  both  Civil  and 
Military  commissions ;  not  on  account  of  our  extraordinary 
abilities,  but  as  recognition  of  our  engagedness  in  that  blessed 
cause.  I  hope  whoever  reads  the  foregoing  will  erase  the  incor- 
rectness as  I  want  but  sis  days  of  being  eighty-three  years  of 
age  and  am  almost  blind." 

(Signed)       "John  Crane." 

Judge  John  Crane,  or  Capt.  John  as  he  is  frequently  spoken 
of,  was  the  eldest  of  twelve  children  of  Zebulon  and  Sarah  Bel- 
den  Crane.  On  March  I,  1764.  be  married  Tamar,  daughter  of 
John  and  Hannah  Carpenter  of  New  Castle,  Westchester  Co., 
N.  Y.  Five  years  later,  with  his  wife  and  two  small  children, 
he  came  from  New  Castle  to  a  farm  of  250  acres,  situated  near 
Lake  Mahopac,  where,  in  1772,  he  built  the  first  frame  house 
which  was  erected  in  this  part  of  the  country.  His  house  was  a 
public  inn,  where  the  business  of  the  town  was  transacted,  and 
town  meetings  were  held.  He  held  the  office  of  justice  of  the 
peace,  and  was  associate  judge  of  the  court  of  common  pleas  in 
Dutchess  County,  before  the  county  was  divided,  and  also  of 
Putuam  County  after  it  was  established.  The  military  commis- 
sions are  mentioned  in  his  "  Fragment  of  Family  History."  The 
commission  he  received  from  Clinton  is  now  in  the  posses- 
sion of  Benj.  T.  Crane,  his  youngest  grandson,  who  owns  and 
occupies  the  old  homestead  near  Mahopac. 

During  the  Revolution,  Gen.  Charles  Scott,  with  his  staff,  made 
his  headquarters  for  a  time  at  John  Crane's  inn.  The  troops  in 
going  to  and  from  the  headquarters  at  Salem,  Westchester  Co., 
and  West  Point,  on  the  Hudson,  passed  that  way,  and  often  tar- 
ried over  night  there.  Conspicuous  among  them  was  "Capt. 
Poll,"  a  young  Irish  woman. 

Beside  being  an  unflinching  patriot  and  noted  for  his  integrity 
and  superior  business  capacity  in  the  management  of  public 
affairs,  in  his  private  life  Judge  Crane  was  a  person  of  great 
benevolence  and  kindly  feeling;  a  firm  friend  and  an  indulgent 
parent.  He  was  medium-sized,  well-proportioned,  with  mild  blue 
eyes  and  a  dignity  of  manner  which  commanded  the  respect  of 
all  with  whom  he  came  in  contact. 

In  a  letter  written  by  a  grand-nephew  of  his,  Dr.  Geo.  B. 
Crane  of  St.  Helena,  Cal.,  who  died  recently  at  the  advanced  age 
of  more  than  ninety  years,  he  said:  "Judge  Crane  came  to  our 
house,  dressed  as  usual ;   silk  stockings,  and  breeches,  buckled 


above  his  knees,  and  ending  there  ;  silver  shoe-buckles,  and  a 
large  brimmed  fine  fur  hat.  He  was  a  gentleman  of  the  old 
school,  and  such  fashions  went  out  with  the  old  men  of  his  time." 
Judge  Crane  and  his  family  were  all  active  church  workers, 
going  on  horseback,  from  their  home  near  Mahopac  to  the  old  log 
church,  near  "Tilly  Foster  Mines."  to  attend  service,  and  later, 
aiding  in  the  erection  and  support  of  the  Gilead  Presbyterian 
Church  at  Carmel.  Nor  did  the  good  work  die  with  him;  he 
left  children  and  grandchildren  of  unusual  attainments,  of  ster- 
ling worth,  and  high  personal  character.  His  sons  Joseph  and 
John  were  very  influential  men  in  the  Gilead  Church,  and  his 
grandson  Azor  B.  Crane  was  during  his  whole  life  one  of  the 
most  prominent  citizens  of  Putnam  County.  In  1843,  he  was 
appointed  judge  of  the  court  of  common  pleas,  and  was  the  first 
county  judge  and  surrogate  elected  under  the  new  constitution 
of  1847.     Children: 

.518—1  Joseph,  b.  June  3,  1766. 

519 — 2.  Adah,  b.  June  6,  1768. 

520 — 3.  Stephen,  b.  Nov.  1,  1770. 

521—4.  John,  b.  June  6,  1773. 

522—5.  Ziixah,  b.  Oct.  3,  1775. 

523—6.  Nathaniel,  b.  Feb.  28,  1778. 

524—7.  Sarah,  b.  June  27,  1780. 

525—8.  Arabella,  b.  Dec.  25,  1784. 

526-9.  Clorinda,  b.  Oct.  2.  1787. 

527.  William  Crane5  [203],  (Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,'- Benjamin1),  served  in  Revolutionary  war  as  private  in 
Capt.  Daniel  Williams'  company,  Col.  Albert  Pawling's  Regi- 
ment, for  year  1779  ;  also  private  in  Barnum's  company  or  Capt. 
Joseph  Dyckman's  companv,  Col.  John  Field's  Regiment,  two 
days.  May  11.  1777.  [L.  B.  P..  Vol.8,  65  ;  Vol  3,  156],  Accord- 
ing to  records  at  Albany,  Land  Bounty  Papers,  Vol.  1,  79  and  80, 
was  private  in  4th  Battalion  of  New  York  Line,  Col.  James 
Holmes,  Capt.  David  Palmer's  company.  On  duty  at  Montreal 
Aug.  3,  1775  ;  also  on  rolls  of  Jan.  1.  and  Feb.  13,  1776,  before 
Quebec.  He  is  also  called  1st  Lieutenant  in  the  records  at 
Albany,  and  served  in  Capt.  Andrew  White's  company.  [L.  and 
B.  P.,  21,  98]. 

528.  Zebclon  Crane5  [204],  (Zebulou,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,"2 Benjamin1),  married  first Holmes,  sister  of  David 

Holmes  of  Bedford,  N.  Y.,  by  whom  he  had  six  children;  mar- 
ried second  Mrs.  Elizabeth  (Wood)  Townsend.  He  was  a  sol- 
dier in  the  Revolutionary  war.  The  following  story  is  told  of 
him  :  "  After  a  skirmish  with  the  Indians,  the  next  day  he  with 
a  few  picked  men  were  scouting  and  came  upon  a  lone  Indian 
two  miles  from  camp.  They  took  him  prisoner,  disarmed  him, 
and  Crane  was  left  to  guard  him ;  but  he  let  the  Indian  get  behind 
him,  when  the  Indian  clinched  Crane  by  the  hair  and  tried  to  cut 
his  throat  with  a  knife  he  had  concealed  about  his  person.     Crane 


took  the  knife  away  from  the  Indian,  and  when  the  latter  started 
to  run  away,  Crane  shot  the  Indian  with  his  own  gun.  He 
returned  to  camp  nearly  dead  from  loss  of  blood,  having  re- 
ceived a  severe  gash  across  his  forehead  and  temples  and  his 
hand  half  cut  off  in  getting  away  the  knife."  His  son  Elijah 
gave  this  account  in  1871,  bein£  then  an  old  man.  He  died 
Dec.  31,  181 4.     Children: 

529—1.  Beldkn,  b.  Ana:.  23,  1770. 

530-2.  Seth,  b.  April  16,  1773. 

531 — 3.  Elisha,  b.  Jan.  20.  1775:  d.  young. 

532 — 4  Elisha,  b.  Dec.  18,  1776. 

533  —  5.  Samuel,  b.  Sept.  9,  177S. 

534-6.  David,  b.  Dec.  23,  1782. 

535—7.  ZKBULON,  b.  Dec.  28,  1787. 

53G-8.  Lewis,  b.  Dec.  23,  1789. 

537—9.  Amzi,  b.  Oct.  7,  1791. 

538-10.  Sally,  b.  June  8,  1793. 

539-11.  Jesse,  b.  Oct.  19,  1795. 

540-12.  Polly,  b.  Oct.  18,  1797. 

541-13.  Elijah,  b.  Am;.  23,  1800. 

542.  Elijah  Crane5  [205],  (Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1).  He  lived  for  a  time  on  a  farm  about  a  mile  north 
of  L,ake  Mahopac.  It  is  also  related  that  he  resided  in  Connecti- 
cut not  far  from  New  Haven ;  that  he  married  Miss  Bradley 

and  had  two  daughters,  and  perhaps  other  children.* 

Children  : 

543—1.     Nbkissa. 
544-2.     Sarah 

515.  Nerissa  Crane6  [543].  (Elijah.5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Zerah  Tousey.      Children: 

1.  Sinclair   (Tousey),   b.  Jan.    18,    1815,    in  New   Haven,   Conn. 

2.  Arabella  (Tousey). 

3.  George  (Tousey). 

4.  Mary  Ann  (Tousey.) 

5.  Henry  (Tousey). 

546.  Sinclair  Tousey  [1]  began  his  business  career  very  early  in 
life,  going  to  New  York  city  in  1833 ;  be  engaged  in  carrying 
newspapers.  Three  years  later  went  west  as  agent  for  sale 
of  patent  medicines,  making  Louisville,  Ky.,  his  headquar- 
ters. In  1840  returned  to  New  York  State,  and  for  some 
years  carried  on  farming.  In  1853  he  entered  into  partner- 
ship with  Messrs.  Ross  &  Jones,  wholesale  news  agents  and 
booksellers,  on  Nassau  street,  New  York  city.  Some  years 
later  he  bought  out  his  partners,  and  Feb.  1,  1864,  the  Ameri- 
can News  Company  was  established,  and  Mr.  Tousey  became 
the  first  president,  and  continued  to  hold  that  office  until  his 
death,  June  16.  1887  ;  an  active  anti-slavery  man,  and  one  of  the 
tlrst  to  join  the  republican  party :  a  frequent  writer  for  the 
press;  member  of  the  Union  League  Club,  the  Society  for 
Prevention  of  Cruelty  to  Animals,  and  the  Society  for  Pre- 
vention of  Cruelty  to  Children  ;  vice-president  of  the  Hahne- 

It  is  exceedingly  difficult  to  tlx  this  with  absolute  certainty. 


maun  Hospital  Association,  and  many  years  chairman  of  the 
executive  committee  of  the  New  York  Prison  Association, 
and  devoted  a  large  share  of  his  time  to  the  work  of  the 
latter  institution.     He  married.     Children  : 

1.  Benjamin  (Tousey). 

2.  Charles  (Tonsey). 

3.  John  E.  (Tousey). 

4.  William  (Tous.-yj. 

547.     George  Tousey  [3],  married .     Children: 

1.  George  (Tousey). 

2.  Edward  (Tousey). 

3.  Frank  (Tousey ),  a  publisher,  New  York  city. 

4.  Sinclair  (Tousey). 

5.  Amanda  (Tousey ). 

548.  Sarah    Crane6    [544],     (Elijah,5    Zebulou,4    Joseph,3 
Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married  Joseph  Henderson.     Children  : 

1.  Mary  Ann  (Henderson),  m.  Dr.  Richard  Dennison. 

2.  Caroline  (Henderson). 

3.  Sarah  Jane  (Henderson). 

Caroline  Henderson  [2]  ;  m.  Henry  Miller.     Children  : 

1.  Arabella  (Miller). 

2.  Joseph  ('Miller). 

3.  Henry  (Miller). 

Sarah  Jane  Henderson  [3],  married  John  S.  Park.    Children  : 

1.  R.  H.  (Park),  the  sculptor. 

2.  Sarah  Crane   (Park),   m.    Samuel   I.    Avery;    residence 

New  York  city. 

549.  Sarah  Crane5  [206],  (Zebulon,'1  Joseph,3  Jonathans- 
Benjamin1).  She  was  familiarly  known  as  Sally  Crane.  She 
married  Elisha,  son  of  Asahel  and  Catherine  (Peet)  Noble,  a 
lineal  descendant  of  Thomas  Noble,  who  was  admitted  an  in- 
habitant of  Boston,  January  5,  1653,  settled  in  Springfield, 
Mass.,  the  same  year  and  died  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  January  20, 
1704,  where  his  son  John,  the  first  settler  in  New  Milford,  Conn., 
1707,  was  born.  Subsequently  they  made  New  Milford  their 
home.  Here  Mr.  Noble  was  born,  Oct.  25,  1750,  and  where 
he  identified  himself  with  the  church  and  town  affairs.  About 
1796  he  removed  to  Skeenesborough,  now  Whitehall,  N.  Y., 
where,  about  two  years  later,  his  wife  died.  Mrs.  Noble  was  a 
woman  of  rare  personal  virtues,  greatly  beloved  not  only  by  those 
near  and  dear  to  her,  but  by  all  who  became  associated  with  her 
in  church  and  social  life.  He  subsequently  removed  to  Essex, 
Essex  County,  N.  Y.,  where  he  died  at  the  home  of  his  eldest 
daughter  Annis.     Children  : 

1.  Annis  (Noble)  b.  Nov.  23.  1773;  m.  Daniel  Warner. 

2.  Belden  (Noble),  baptized  March  9,  1777;  m.  Mary  Skinner. 

3.  Ransom  (Noble),  b.  Aug.  lfi,  1778;  m.  Anna  McNeil. 

4.  Asahel. 

5.  Daniel,  b.  Dec  21,  1792. 



Annts  Noble  [1] ;  ro.,  about  1793,  Daniel  Warner,  a  native  of 
New  Milford,  Conn.,  b.  January  7,  17158,  son  of  Orange  and 
Abigail  (Prindle)  Warner.  He  was  a  farmer  and  maker  of 
weaver's  reeds  :  settled  first  in  New  Milford,  but  subsequently 
resided  in  Brookfield  and  New  Fairfield,  Conn.,  Essex.  N.  Y. ; 
again  in  New  Milford,  Conn.,  and  from  there  they  removed 
to  Pike.  Bradford  County,  Pa.,  where  he  d.  Jan.  25,  1841  ;  she 
d.  May  7.  1848.     Children  : 

1.  HARKrET  (Warner),  b.  Dec.  2G,  170.3;  m.  Asa  Fairchild. 

2.  Sally  (Warner),  b.  Sept.  17,  1797;  m.  Jonathan  Nichols. 

3.  Belden  Noble  (Warner),  b.  Dec.  28,  1805;  m.  Polly 
Anna  Pulford. 

Belden  Noble  [2];  m.  Mary  Skinner,  daughter  of  Adonijah 
and  Judith  (Raleigh)  Skinner.  He  d.  in  Essex,  N.  Y.,  Sept. 
8,  1808.  His  widow  m.  2d,  Samuel  Andrews,  and  d.  in 
Easton,  N.  Y.,  April  20,  1838.     Children : 

1.  Sarah  (Noble),  b.  Feb.  7,  1800;  m.  Jacob  V.  Becker. 

2.  Hiram  Raleigh    (Noble),    b.   June    I,   1801;    m.  Lydia 

3.  Marla  (Noble),  b.  May  8,  1804;  m.  Geo.  M.  Skellie. 

4.  Philomela. 

5.  Adonijah  Skinner  Belden  (Noble),  b.  March  20, 1808  ; 
m.  1st,  A.  S.  Loorais;  2d,  A.  E.  Hay. 

Adonijah  Sklnner  Belden  Noble  [5]  ;  m.  1st,  Abigail  Sarah 
Loomis,  b.  September,  1809;  dau.  of  Jeduthan  and  Abigail 
(Adams)  Loomis  of  Cambridge,  N.  Y. ;  shed.  June  17.  1834. 
Married  2d,  Eveline  Eliza  Hay,  b.  April  22,  1811;  dau.  of 
Henry  and  Sarah  (Hay)  Hay  of  Cambridge;  she  d.  there  Aug. 
21,  1377.     Children  : 

1.     Abigail  Sarah  (Noble),  b.  March  9,  1833;  m.  Squier 

W.  Allen. 
2      Henry  (Noble),  b.  Dec.  21,  1836;  m.  Sarah  I.  Barton. 
3.     Charles  (Noble),  b.  Jan.  11,  1840;  d.  Oct.  2ii,  1857. 
4      Ann  Mtiilt  (Noble),  b.  Sept.  20,  1841;  d.  18S6. 
5.     Mary  E.   (Noble),  b.  March  25,   1843;  m.  Chas.  J.  G. 

53  Henry  Noble  [2] ;  b.  in  Cambridge,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  21,  183G;  was 

a  printer,  and  editor  of  the  Washington  County  Post;  d. 
May  21,  1883.  He  m.  Sept.  20,  1859,  Irene  Barton,  b.  Aug.  4, 
1841;   d.  April  28    1873.     Children: 

1.     Charles    Halmer   (Noble),    b.  Aug.  4,   1860;  d.  April 

2^.  1863. 
2       Antoinette  (Noble),  b.  Jan.  16,  1864;  m.  June  16,  1883, 
Albert  Harvey  Green.     They  reside  in  Shushan.  X   Y 
Children  : 

1.  Henry  Noble  Green,  b.  June  8,  1884  ;  d.  June 

8,  1884. 

2.  Lillian  Aghsah  Gueen,  I).  May  13,  1885. 

3.  Howard  Almon  Green,  b.  Jan.  26,  1889. 

4.  Helen,  b.  Dec.  15.  1893. 

5.  Albert  Harvey  Green,  Jr.,  b.  March  26.  181)6. 

54  Mun-  E.  Noble  [5];  b.  in  Cambridge,  N.  Y  ;  d.  Oct.  29,  1885. 

buried  in  Cambridge  Nov.  1.  1885;  m.  Sept.  4.  1872,  <  hartes 
Joseph  Goulding  Hall.     He  practices  law  at  261  Broadway. 


New  York  City;  resides  124  West  73d  Street.     Is  a  member 
of  the  Manhattan  and  Colonial  Clubs.     Children  : 

1.  Harry  Noble  fHall),  b.  May  25,  1873. 

2.  Charles  Waite  (Hall),  b.  April  14,  1880. 

3.  George  Batchelder  (Hall),  b.  Aug.  22,  1881. 

555.  Gen.  Ransom  Noble  [3] ;  ru.  1st,  Oct.  10,  1800,  Anna  McNeil, 
of  Litchfield,  Conn.,  b.  July  25,  17S0,  dau.  of  Capt.  Charles 
and  Thankful  Wooster  McNeil,  and  granddaughter  of  Capt. 
Archibald  McNeil,  of  Litchfield,  who  served  six  years  in  the 
old  French  war;  Charles  McNeil  settled  in  Charlotte,  Vt.,  in 
1786.,  and  d.  in  Three  Rivers.  Canada,  Aug.  13,  1810.  Thank- 
ful McNeil  d.  at  the  house  of  her  sou  Hiram,  Cambria.  N.  Y.. 
May  •"),  1841,  aged  85  yrs.  9  mos.  and  23  days.  Anna  McNeil 
d.  in  Essex,  N.  Y.,  March  29,  1831.  He  m.  2d,  Aug.  21,  1831. 
widow  Eliza  Tobey.  dau.  of  Hon.  Daniel  and  Elizabeth  (Gilli- 
land)  Ross,  of  Essex.  She  perished  at  the  burning  of  the 
steamer  Empire,  on  her  passage  from  New  York  to  Albany. 
May  17.  1849.  She  was  the  widow  of  Capt.  Charles  Edward 
Tobey,  21st  Infantry,  U.  S.  A.  He  was  in  the  war  of  1812. 
Mr.  Noble  removed  from  New  Milford.  Conn.,  Dtc.  22,  1799, 
and  drove  to  Essex  (then  Willsborough).  Essex  County.  N.  Y.. 
arriving  Jan.  3,  1800,  and  opened  a  store  on  a  limited  scale. 
But  soon  became  actively  engaged  in  the  tanning  of  leather, 
and  subsequently  in  the  manufacture  of  lumber  and  later  of 
iron,  and  through  his  skill  and  energy  accumulated  a  hand- 
some property.  As  a  member  of  the  State  militia  and  a  com- 
missioned officer  he  was  several  times  mustered  into  the 
United  States  service,  and  took  part  in  the  war  of  1812  and 
was  present  at  the  battle  of  Plattsburgh.  serving  as  2d  Major 
of  the  Sih  Regiment  Detached  Militia,  1812;  Major  Com- 
mandant. 37th  Regiment,  1813;  Lt.-Col.  Commandant,  same 
Regiment,  40th  Brigade  of  Infantry  (Gen.  Daniel  Wright). 
Clinton  and  Essex  Counties,  N.  Y.  Militia,  3d  Division.  Maj- 
Gen.  Benjamin  Mooers.  While  serving  with  the  8th  Regiment 
he  was  stationed,  a  portion  of  the  time  during  the  year  1812, 
both  at  Chateuagay  and  St.  Regis,  on  the  Canadian  frontier. 
He  commanded  the  Militia  in  an  encounter  with  the  British, 
when  they  were  repulsed,  May  13.  1814,  at  the  mouth  of  the  Bo- 
quet  River.  March  22,  1818,  he  was  commissioned  Brigadier- 
General  and  served  until  1821,  when  he  resigned.  The  business 
capacity  displayed  by  Gen,  Noble  was  quite  remarkable.  Com- 
ing out  from  New  Milford.  Conn.,  into  a  new  and  unreclaimed 
country,  with  but  the  trade  of  a  shoemaker  upon  which  to 
rely  for  the  support  of  his  family,  and  with  no  powerful  con- 
nections, such  as  favored  many  of  the  early  settlers  of  Essex 
County,  the  outlook  at  first  seemed  anything  but  comforting 
But  with  the  keen  perception  of  a  skilful  tradesman  he  saw- 
about  him  priceless  forests  of  timber,  valuable  mines  of  iron, 
nature's  storehouse  of  wealth,  if  he  could  but  unlock  it  with 
the  keys  of  skill  and  personal  unremitting  industry.  This  he 
proceeded  to  do.  and  through  the  means  of  the  little  store, 
he  moved  on  step  by  step,  enlarging,  as  he  went,  until  at  one 
time  he  could  count  a  half-score  of  sawmills  located  on  various 
streams,  cutting  large  quantities  of  lumber,  which  he  brought 
to  Essex  to  be  shipped  to  the  ditt'erent  markets.  This  indus- 
try, together  with  his  tannery  and  iron  business,  thrived  and 
prospered  under  his  management,  showing  a  business  capacity 
of  rare  quality ;  and  what  brought  as  much  satisfaction  to  his 
family  as  all  else,  and  made  the  home  more  fascinating  and 


enjoyable,  was  the  fact  that  he  who  had  been  so  bountifully 
rewarded  for  his  wise  judgment  and  faithful  application  to 
business,  was  allowed  to  live  to  an  advanced  age,  and  thereby 
enjoy  the  fruits  of  his  labors,  and  see  his  sons  all  honorable 
and  thorough-going  business  men,  well  established  on  the  way 
to  success,  in  following  the  footsteps  of  their  father.  Gen. 
Noble  died  at  the  home  of  his  son  Harmon,  in  Essex.  June  5, 
1863.  His  name  will  ever  remain  conspicuous  among  the  an- 
nals of  the  Champlain  Valley.  He  was  always  interested  in 
public  matters,  although  he  had  little  time  to  give  to  political 
life ;  yet  no  worthy  cause  escaped  his  notice,  and  he  was 
always  ready  to  assist  in  furthering  any  good  work.  He 
was  supei  visor  of  the  town  of  Essex  1825-1826.  He  was  a 
liberal  subscriber  toward  the  erection  of  both  the  Congrega- 
tional and  Presbyterian  church  edifices  in  Essex,  and  subse- 
quently united  with  the  latter  church.  Gen.  Noble  was  a 
master  Mason  and  a  member  of  Essex  Lodge,  No.  152,  F.  & 
A.  M..  and  his  first  sign-board,  now  in  the  possession  of  his 
grandson  Henry  Harmon  Noble,  bears  the  square  and  com- 
pass, emblems  of  the  Masonic  fraternity.  He  was  a  Royal 
Arch  Mason,  having  been  exalted  March  28,  1811,  in  Jerusa- 
lem Chapter,  No.  2,  R.  A.  M.,  Vergennes,  Vt.  Iu  politics  he 
was  a  Federalist,  later  a  Whig,  and  eventually  a  Republican, 
and  a  staunch  supporter  of  the  Union  during  the  war,  as 
were  his  sons.  With  a  reputation  for  business  honor  and 
integrity,  which  extended  throughout  the  State,  he  was  fit- 
tingly described  as  the  "  foremost  business  man  of  Northern 
New  York."     Children  by  first  wife: 

1.  Charles  (Noble),  b.  Dec.  25,  1801;  m.  1st,  Sarah  Jane 

Ross;  2d,  Elizabeth  Burritt. 

2.  Harmon  (Noble),  b.  Nov.  1,  1803;  m.  Laura  A.  Welch. 

3.  Henry  Ransom  (Noble),  b.  Dec.  17,  1807;  m.  Cornelia 


4.  Belden  (Noble),  b.  Jan.  11,  1810;  m.  Adeline  M.  Ferris. 

5.  David  (Noble),    b.  Oct.  10,  1813;  d.  Dec.  23,  1813, 

Charles  Noble  [1]  ;  m.  1st,  Oct.  15,  1832,  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  of 
Hon.  Daniel  and  Elizabeth  (Gilliland)  Ross,  a  native  of  Essex, 
N.  Y.,  b.  Feb.  0,  1804.  He  settled  in  Elizabethtown.  Essex 
County,  N.  Y.  He  was  commissioned,  March  17,  1821,  Pay- 
master 37th  Regiment  Infantry,  New  York  State  Militia; 
Feb.  1,  1828,  Major  and  Quartermaster,  40th  Brigade  of  In- 
fantry, resigned  Sept.  30,  182S;  Feb.  14,  1831,  Lt.-Col.  and 
Quartermaster  11th  Division  of  Infantry,  New  York  State 
Militia,  serving  on  the  staff  of  Colonel,  Brigadier-General  and 
Major-General  Henry  H.  Ross.  He  was  a  Master  Mason, 
being  a  member  of  Valley  Lodge.  No  314.  F.  &  A.  M.,  Eliza- 
bethtown. N.  Y.,  and  a  Royal  Arch  Mason,  having  been  ex- 
alted in  Jerusalem  Chapter,  No.  2,  R.  A.  M.,  Vergennes,  Vt., 
May  15,  1825.  He  was  associated  with  his  brother  Henry 
Ransom  Noble  in  the  lumber,  iron  and  general  mercantile 
business.  He  was  supervisor  of  Elizabethtown  1832-34. 
In  1834  he  removed  to  New  York  City  and  engaged  in  the  iron 
trade  under  the  firm  name  of  Smith  &  Noble,  commission  mer- 
chants, at  No.  76  Broad  Street.  At  the  close  of  his  business 
life  he  removed  to  New  Milford,  Conn.,  where  he  d.  Oct.  20, 
1867.  His  first  wife  d.  Nov.  18,  1834,  and  he  m.  2d,  June  10, 
1845,  Elizabeth  Burritt.  of  New  Haven,  Conn.,  daughter  of 
Abel  and  Nancy  (Hotchkiss)  Burritt.     Children: 

1.     Cornelia  (Noble),  b.  Jan.  27,  1S47. 


2.  Julia  Strong  (Noble),  b.  Nov.  6,  1849;  d.  at  Santa  Bar- 

bara, Cal.,  Jan.  13,  1892. 

3.  Henrietta    Burritt  (Noble),  b.  March    24,  1851;    m. 

at   Grand   Rapids,    Keb.    9,    1882,  Charles  A.   Boyn- 
ton ;  resides  (1899)  at  Fargo,  N.  D. 

4.  Ella  (Noble),  b.  May  30,  1853. 

557.  Major  Harmon  Noble  [2]  ;  ra.  Oct.  16,  1855,  Laura  A.,  dan.  of 
Peter  and  Martha  (Frazier)  Welch,  b.  in  Vergenues,  Vt.,  Ang. 
31,  1823,  where  her  grandfather  Paul  Welch,  with  Abigail 
Crane,  his  wife,  settled  in  1808.  It  was  the  purpose  of  Gen. 
Ransom  Noble  to  give  each  of  his  children  a  thorough  English 
and  business  education;  and  from  the  easy  manner  in  which 
he  managed  enterprises  of  considerable  magnitude,  -we  may 
reasonably  infer  that  he  did  not  fail  in  this  undertaking". 
After  Harmon  had  returned  from  seeking  his  education  at 
Lansingburgh  (N.  Y.)  Academy,  preparatory  to  assuming  a 
business  life,  he  was  placed  in  charge  of  the  store  and  office 
at  Essex,  with  the  books  of  the  tirm  his  father  had  estab- 
lished, and  which,  at  this  time,  was  conducting  a  very  large 
business.  The  young  man  at  once  developed  an  unusual 
capacity  for  his  responsible  position,  and  the  prosperity  of 
the  tirm  assumed  yet  larger  proportions  than  it  had  previously 
known.  The  lumbering  interest,  as  well  as  the  tannery  and 
iron  industries,  were  conspicuously  enlarged  under  his  care- 
ful and  wise  guidance,  while  the  financial  success  of  the  busi- 
ness was  of  a  most  flattering  nature.  Mr.  Noble  was  one  of 
those  useful  persons  who  could  turn  his  hands  to  almost  any 
kind  of  an  enterprise,  and  through  skill,  integrity  and  close 
application  make  a  success  of  it.  Whatever  he  undertook 
was  carried  out  with  unflinching  persistence,  while  all  his 
dealings  were  conducted  on  principles  of  thorough  honesty 
and  justice.  Like  his  father,  he  never  sought  office  of  any 
kind,  outside  the  State  Militia.  But  in  that  department  he 
was  prominent,  Governor  DeWitt  Clinton  granting  him  a 
commission  as  Major,  March  9,  1825,  with  rank  from  Dec. 
11,  1824,  and  serving  from  time  to  time  on  the  staff  of  Geu. 
H.  H.  Ross.  The  death  of  Mr.  Noble  caused  a  severe  shock 
among  those  who  enjoyed  the  pleasure  of  his  acquaintance, 
for  he  was  stricken  down,  amid  the  scenes  of  active  business 
life.  Returning  home  from  his  office  on  the  evening  of  May 
23.  18ii4,  after  reading  his  paper  he  retired  for  the  night.  A 
few  moments  later  he  uttered  his  last  words  to  his  heart- 
broken wife.  The  breaking  of  an  abscess  in  the  lungs  caused 
his  death,  which  occurred  early  in  the  morning  of  May  24. 
We  quote  the  following  from  a  sketch  of  Mr.  Noble  written 
at  the  time  of  his  death  by  a  person  who  knew  him  well ; 

"  During  his  long  intercourse  with  his  fellow  citizens  as 
merchant  no  man  ever  had  cause  to  doubt  his  honor  and 
probity.  But  his  worth  did  not  arise  merely  from  his 
capacity  as  a  man  of  husiness.  His  kindly  disposition,  his 
support  of  the  church,  his  tenderness  and  kindness  as  a  son. 
parent,  husband,  relative  and  friend  endeared  him  to  all  his 
relatives,  and  won  the  esteem  of  his  acquaintances.  His 
loss  will  be  deeply  felt  in  the  extensive  concerns  in  which  he 
was  engaged,  and  by  the  community  generally,  and  the 
bereavement  falls  heavily  upon  his  relatives,  and  doubly  so 
on  the  beloved  wife  and  young  children."     Children  ; 

1.     Sarah  Elizabeth  (Noble),  h.  Aug.  29,   1856;  m.  Chas. 
Burritt  Waite;  d.  Nov.  4,  1888.' 


2.  Anna    Laura    (Noble),    b.   Jan.   2G,    1858;    m.    Henry 

Howard  Ross;  d.  July  12,  188G. 

3.  Jenniic  (Noble),  b.  Aug.  29,  1859 ;  m.  Holland  Stratford 


4.  Henry   Harmon   (Noble),    b.   May   9,   1861 ;  m.    Cora 

J.     Martha  Fraser  (Noble),  1  b.  May  5,   1863;   d.  August, 
6.     Mary  McNeil  (Noble),     j  1863. 

Sarah  Elizabeth  Noble  [1];  m.  Oct.  18,  1876,  Charles  Burritt 
Waite,  a  native  of  New  Haven,  Conn.;  b.  March  31,  1851,  and 
son  of  Charles  C.  Waite  of  New  York,  at  onetime  proprietor 
of  the  old  Brevoort  House.  She  d.  in  San  Francisco,  Cal., 
Nov.  4,  1888;  buried  in  Essex.     Child  ; 

1.  Julia  Noble  (Waite),  b.  Aug.  14,  1877;  resides  in 
Albany,  N.  Y.  (1899). 

Anna  Laura  Noble  [2] ;  m.  July  7,  1881,  Henry  Howard  Ross, 
who  was  b.  May  9,  1857,  son  of  James  B.  Ross,  and  grandson 
of  Gen.  Henry  H.  Ross,  a  family  of  considerable  distinction, 
and  among  the  early  settlers  of  Essex,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Ross  was 
forced  to  relinquish  his  studies  just  before  graduation  at 
Hobart  College,  Geneva,  N.  Y.,  on  account  of  failing  health; 
but,  continuing  the  study  of  law,  was  admitted  to  the  bar  of 
Colorado  in  the  summer  of  1881  at  Denver,  where  he  com- 
pleted his  studies  in  the  office  of  Symes  &  Foote.  In  April, 
1882,  he  was  admitted  to  practice  in  the  Supreme  Court  of 
that  State.  After  passing  the  summer  of  1882  in  Essex,  N. 
Y.,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ross  returned  to  Denver,  Col.,  where  he 
engaged  in  practice  with  his  father,  James  B.  Ross,  under 
the  firm  name  of  Ross  &  Ross,  still  hoping  for  health  to  come 
with  the  change  of  climate.  But  the  brilliant  and  talented 
young  lawyer  was  unable  to  throw  off  the  disease  that  had 
now  secured  a  firm  hold,  and  on  the  14th  of  December,  1882, 
he  passed  to  his  eternal  rest,  deeply  lamented  by  a  wide  circle 
of  relatives  and  friends.  His  widow  d.  in  Essex,  Julv  12, 
1886.     Child: 

1.  James  Henry  Howard  (Ross),  b.  Dec.  13,  1882 ;  resides 
(1899)  at  Denver,  Col.,  with  his  grandfather,  James 
B.  Ross. 

Jennie    Noble    [3]  ;  in.    June    20,     1883,    Holland    Stratford 
Whiting;  settled  first   in    New   York  city.     Their  residence, 
1899.  was  Larchmont  Manor,  Westchester  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Children  : 

1.  Jean  Noble  (Whiting),  b.  March  18,  1884. 

2.  Marjoiue  Noble  (Whiting),  b.  Oct.  21,  1885. 

3.  Francis  Holland  Nicoll  (Whiting),  b.  Oct.  29,   1886. 

Henry  Harmon  Noble  [4]  ;  m.  Nov.  15,  1887,  Cora  Sherman, 
clan,  of  Henry  Dow  and  Sally  Maria  (Whitney)  Sherman,  a 
direct  descendant  of  John  and  Elinor  Whitney,  whocame  from 
Isleworth,  England,  1635,  to  Watertown,  Mass.  She  is 
also  a  great-granddaughter  of  Joel  French;  he  was  a 
direct  descendant  of  Lieut.  William  Freuch  and  Corp.  John 
French,  who  served  in  King  Philip's  war.  He  was  b  in 
Billerica,  Mass.,  17S0.  settled  in  Lewis,  N.  Y. ;  was  a  sol- 
dier in  the  war  of  1812  in  Lt.-Col.  Ransom  Noble's  regi- 
ment, and  was  present  at  the  battle  of  Plattsburgh.  She 
was  I).  Aug.  15,  18i.9.  at  Essex,  X.  Y.  Her  grandfather, 
Capt.  Titus   G.  Shermau  of    Westport,    N.  Y  ,   was  son  of 


Humphrey,  from  Danby,  Vt.,  who  served  in  war  of  1812 
as  private  in  Capt.  Trowbridge's  company,  Lt.-Col.  Henry 
Bloom's  regiment,  Brig. -Gen.  William  Wadsworth's  brigade. 
New  York  detached  militia,  from  September  7  to  Dec. 
6,  1813,  at  Fort  Niagara.  Titus  G.  Sherman  was  commis- 
sioned ensign  July  25,  1840,  by  Gov.  William  H.  Seward, 
lieutenant  March  26,  1842;  and  captain  by  Gov.  William 
C.  Bouck,  Aug.  17,  1843.  He  d.  March  22,  1859,  aged  46  years. 
Mr.  Noble  is  a  gentleman  of  tine  culture,  having  been 
educated  at  Selleck  School,  Norwalk,  Conn.,  and  in  England. 
He  is  much  interested  in  historical  subjects;  is  thorough 
and  exhaustive  in  all  his  researches.  He  has  travelled 
quite  extensively  in  Europe,  and  is  at  present  (1899) 
employed  in  the  State  Historian's  office  at  Albany,  N.  Y.  His 
residence  is  still  in  Essex,  Essex  County,  where  he  is  now  the 
only  representative  of  the  family  name.  He  is  a  member  of 
the  "  Society  of  Colonial  Wars  in  the  State  of  New  York  "; 
"Sons  of  the  Revolution";  "Companion  of  the  New  York 
Coramandery  of  the  Military  Order  of  Foreign  Wars"; 
"The  General  Society  of  the  war  of  1812";  an  incorpor- 
ator and  Registrar  of  the  "Society  of  the  War  of  1812  in 
the  State  of  New  York";  a  Master  Mason;  Koyal  Arch 
Mason;  Knight  Templar;  member  Iroquois  Lodge  715, 
Essex;  Cedar  Point  Chapter  269,  Fort  Henry,  N.  Y.  ;  De  Soto 
Commandery  4'J,  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y, ;  one  of  the  original 
organizers  of  the  Lake  Champiain  Yacht  Club,  and  for  sev- 
eral years  member  of  its  Executive  Committee.  He  is  also  a 
member  of  the  Benedict  Club,  Port  Henry,  and  Fort  Orange 
Club  of  Albany,  N.  Y.  He  was  baptized  in  the  Presbyterian 
Church  at  Essex,  Nov.  10,  1861,  by  Rev.  Joseph  T.  Millett, 
but  a  communicant  of  the  Episcopal  Church;  has  always 
been  a  republican  in  politics.     Children  : 

1.  John  Harmon  (Noble),  b.  Sept.  6,  1888. 

2.  Laura  Anne  (Noble),  b.  Oct.  25,  1889. 

3.  Katherine  Ruth  (Noble),  b.  Oct.  2,   1892. 
All  baptized  at  the  Presbyterian  Church. 

562.  Henry  Ransom  Noble  [3]  ;  m.  Cornelia   Gould,    Feb.   fi.    1837, 

dau.  of  Judge  John  and  Theodocia  (Nichols)  Gould.  She 
was  b.  April  9,  1815,  at  Essex,  N.  Y.  Judge  Gould  served  in 
the  war  of  1812  as  major  and  aid-de-camp  to  Brig-Gen.  Daniel 
Wright,  and  was  at  the  battle  of  Plattsburgh.  Shed.  March 
5.  1895. 

Mr.  Noble  settled  in  Flizabethtown,  Essex,  N.  Y.,  about 
the  year  1827.  He  was  an  iron-master  and  lumberman.  He 
was  supervisor  of  Elizabethtown  1840-1841;  d.  Sept.  13, 
1863.     Children: 

1.  Charles  Henry  (Noble),  b.  Jan.  15,   1838;   m.    Lavinia 

Felicia  de  Hass. 

2.  Mary  Elizabeth  (Noble),  b.  Sept.  25,  1841  ;  m.  Richard 

L.  Hand. 

3.  John  Gould  (Noble),  b.  May  25,  1847. 

563.  Charles  Henry  Noble  [I]  ;  m.  August  18,  1868,  Lavinia  Felicia 

de  Hass,  dau.  of  Dr.  Wills  and  Lavinia  (Hoblitzell)  de 
Hass,  residence  Elizabethtown,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Lavinia  de  Hass  (Noble),  b.  Nov.  27,  1871  ;  d.   Dec.  30 


2.  Maria  Marguerite  de  Hass  (Noble),  b.  1876. 


Mary  Elizabeth  Noble  [2J  ;  in.  July  29,  1868,  Richard  Loekhart 
Hand,  son  of  Judge  Augustus  Cincinnatus  and  Marcia  Selye 
(Nortbrup)  Hand.  He  graduated  at  Union  College  1858,  and 
now  (1899J  practices  law  in  Elizabethtown,  N    Y.      Children: 

1  Augustus  Noble  (Hand),  b.  July  26,  1869 ;  graduated 
at  Harvard  University  1890,  Harvard  Law  School 
1S94,  and  now  (1899)  member  of  firm  of  Curtis, 
Mallet-Prevost  &  Colt,  30  Broad  street,  New  York 

2.  Cornelia  Ellen  (Hand),  b.  March  21,    1872;  m.  June 

22.  1897,   Henry  Martin  Baird,  Jr.;    residence   (1899; 
Yonkers,  N.  Y. ;  practices  law  in  New  York  city. 
Child  : 

1.     Armenia  Palmer,   b.  August  4,   1898;  d.  Aug. 
28,  1898. 

3.  Marcia  Elizabeth  (Hand),  b.  Sept.  29,  1875. 

4      Mary  Emily  Theodocia  (Hand),  b.  March  11,  1881. 

John  Gould  Noble  r3],  graduated  at  Union  College  1868; 
studied  at  Carolina  College,  Braunschweig,  Germany;  grad- 
uated at  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons,  New  York  city, 
1875  ;  now  (1899)  practices  medicine  at  222  West  34th  street, 
New  York  city;  m.  Jan.  25,  1888,  Gertrude  Begalow  Pollard. 
Children  ; 

1.  Ransom  Noble,  b.  Feb.  4,  1889. 

2.  Katherine  Noble,  b.  Sept.  4,  1890. 

Belden  Noble  [4];  m.  Aug.  28,  1856,  Adeline  M.,  dau.  of 
Charles  Ferris.  He  resided  in  Essex,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was 
associated  in  business  with  his  father  and  brother  Harmon, 
but  removed  to  Washington,  D.  C.  He  was  supervisor  of  the 
town  of  Essex  1843-1844,  1861-1862.  He  was  an  iron-master 
and  lumberman.  Like  his  father  and  brothers,  he  took  an 
active  interest  in  the  State  militia,  serving  in  various  grades 
as  a  commissioned  officer,  and  was  colonel  of  the  late  37th 
regiment  in  1840-41,  the  same  regiment  of  which  his  father 
had  been  colonel  in  the  war  of  1812.  In  politics  he  was  a 
whig,  then  a  republican,  An  ardent  supporter  of  the  Union 
during  the  Civil  war,  he  served  on  the  Union  Defence  Com- 
mittee of  Essex  County,  and  was  active  in  raising  the  differ- 
ent quotas  of  volunteers  which  were  apportioned  to  that  Coun- 
ty, notably  the  118th  New  York.  The  firm  of  H.  &  B.  Noble 
contributed  liberally  to  the  large  sums  of  money  which  were 
raised  iu  Essex  County  by  voluntary  contribution.  He  was  to 
the  last  an  uncompromising  supporter  of  the  republican 
party.  He  d.  at  Alburgh  Springs,  Vt.,  July  15,  1881;  buried 
at  Essex.     Mrs.  Noble  resides  at  Essex,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1 .  Ransom  Ferris  (Noble),  b.  May  23.  1858;  d.  1859. 

2.  William  Belden  (Noble),  b.  Oct.  17.  1860. 

3.  Clara  Louise  |  Noble),  b.  Feb.  23,  1863  :  d.  1863. 
4  Miry  Maude  (Noble),  b.  June  1.  1867. 

5.     Isabel  Elizabeth  (Noble),  b.  July  10,  1868;  d.   1868. 

William  Belden  Noble  [2]  ;  graduated  at  Harvard  University 
18*5;  m.  Nov.  30,  1889,  dau.  of  Hon.  David  and. — — 
(Wickliff)  Yulee.  He  d.  July  28.  1896,  at  Glenwood  Springs 
Colorado.  His  widow  resides  (1S99)  at  Washington,  D.  C 

1.     Yulee  (Noble),  b.  Nov.  23,  1888. 


568.  Mary    Maude  (Noble)    [4]  j  m.    Nov.   3,    1S97,   at    St.   John's 

Church,  Washington,  D.  C,  James  Shanklin,  son  of  Hon. 
John  M.  Harlan,  justice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  the  United 
States.  He  graduated  at  Princeton  College  and  is  a  lawyer. 
They  reside  (1889)  in  Chicago,  111. 

569.  Asahel   Noble    [4.];    m.    Philomelia    Skinner,    sister   of    his 

brother  Belden's  wife.  He  removed  to  western  New  York, 
where  he  d.  about  1814.  His  widow  m.  Mr.  Hawes  of 
Shaftsbury,  Vt. ;  and  d.  near  Rochester,  N.  Y.     Child  : 

1.     Gaijry  Skinner  (Noble),  b.  Feb.    27,    1807;  m.  1st,  S. 
Fowler;  2d,  E.  Freeman. 

570.  Daniel  Noble  [5]:   m.  Nov.  4,  1817,  Mary  McNeil;   b.  in    Char- 

lotte, Vt.,  Dec.  13,  1792,  dau.  of  Charles  and  Thankful 
(Wooster)  McNeil,  and  sister  to  Anna,  wife  of  Gen.  Ransom 
Noble.  He  resided  in  Whitehall,  Pittsburgh  and  Fort  Cov- 
ington, N.  Y.;  was  a  tanner  and  currier  of  leather;  also 
carried  on  the  boot,  shoe  and  dry  goods  trade.  She  d.  in 
Fort  Covington,  March  8,  1863,  aged  70  years.  He  served 
in  the  war  of  1812  as  sergeant  in  Capt.  Ezra  Parkin's  com- 
pany, Lt.-Col.  Ransom  Noble's  regiment,  in  1813,  and  as  a 
volunteer;  at  the  battle  of  Pittsburgh  he  was  taken 
prisoner  by  the  British,  but  escaped.  He  d.  in  Fort  Coving- 
ton, April  9,  1871.     Children: 

1.  Charlotte   (Noble),  b.  Mav  29,  1819. 

2.  Sarah  (Noble),  b.  May  16,  1823;  d.  1824. 

3.  Sarah  (Noble),  b.  Dec.  14,  1824;  m.  Wm.  C.  Peck. 

4.  Ransom  (Noble),  b.  July  10,  1829;  d.  1848. 

571.  Sarah  Noble  [3]  ;  m.  Sept.  1,  1845,  William  Cary  Peck,  a  native 

of  Lawrence.  N.  Y. ;  b.  May  30.  1823;  son  of  Myron  (iraves 
and  Electa  (Royce)  Peck.  He  was  a  practitioner  of  law 
and  dentistry;  resided  in  Ravenna,  Canal  Dover,  Ohio, 
and  Nicholville,  N.  Y..;  in  1849  removed  to  Fort  Covington; 
and  1864  removed  to  Washington.  D.  C.  He  d.  in  Philadel- 
phia. Pa..  April  20,  1864.  His  widow  subsequently  resided 
in  Washington,  D.  C.     Children  ; 

1.  William  Noble  (Peck),  b.  Nov.  9,  1846,  in  Canal  Dover, 

Ohiu;  m.  Sept.  10,  1867,  Mary  Elizabeth  Greer;  resi- 
dence Washington,  D.  C. ;  has  for  many  years  been 
couuected  with  the  Adjt. -General's  office;  enlisted  in 
United  States  Army  Feb.  25,  1864,  for  three  years; 
is  now  (1899)  Chief  of  Bureau  of  Military  Informa- 
tion    of  Adjt. -General's     office.    War    Department. 

2.  Sarah  Frances  (Peck),  b.  July  30,   1854,  in  Fort  Cov- 

ington,  X.  Y-;  m.  at  Malone,  N.   Y.,  Oct.   4,    1894 
Tom  A.  Klohs.     Child: 
1.     Ethel  Jeanne,  b.  May  11,  1895;  resides  (1899) 
at  Malone,  N.  Y. 

572.  Samuel  Crane5  [209],  (Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  was  a  private  in  Revolutionary  war,  serving  in 
Capt  Joel  Mead's  company.  Col.  Luddington's  Regiment.  [Laud 
Bounty  Papers,  Vol.  22.  page  150].  He  is  said  to  have  married 
his  cousin  Esther  Crane,  daughter  of  Joseph.4  see  page  48. 

573.  Abigail  Crane5  [210],  (Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Paul  Welch,  Jr.,  of  New  Milford,  Conn., 
where  they  settled.     In   1808  the  family  removed  to  Vergennes, 



Vt.     He  was  born  Jan.  10,  1754,  and  died  Sept.  1!),  1815.     She 
died  April  6,  1842. 

Paul  Welch  was  a  lineal  descendant  from  Thomas  Welch, 
Senior,  an  early  settler  at  New  Haven,  Conn.,  who  was  also  one 
of  the  founders  of  Milford,  Nov.  20,  1639  ;  Deputy  to  the  Gen- 
eral Court  of  New  Haven  Colony  for  twelve  sessions,  from  May, 
1654,  to  May,  1664,  inclusive;  also  Deputy  to  the  General  Court 
of  the  Connecticut  Colony  1665,  after  the  union.  The  wife  of 
Thomas  Welch  was  Hannah,  daughter  of  Thomas  Buckingham, 
who  was  also  one  of  the  founders  of  Milford.  She  was  born  in 
England  in  1632.  Thomas  Welch,  Jr.,  had  a  sou  Paul,  born 
1696,  who  removed  when  a  young  man  to  New  Milford,  Litchfield 
County,  Conn.,  and  became  one  of  the  original  proprietors  of 
that  place.  Paul  Welch,  Esquire,  as  he  was  styled,  was  one  of  the 
leading  men  in  New  Milford,  Deputy,  Justice  of  the  Peace, 
Lieutenant  in  the  Militia,  and  it  is  stated  of  him  in  Orcutt's 
"History  of  New  Milford"  that  "probably  there  was  not 
another  man  of  so  much  influence  in  the  town  when  Rev. 
Nathaniel  Taylor  was  settled  here  as  pastor."     His  epitaph  says  : 

••In  memory  of  Paul  Welch.  Esqre.,  one  of  the  first  princi- 
pal settlers  of  the  town,  and  an  original  proprietor  of  the  same. 
Departed  this  life,  August  26,  1778",  in  the  82d  year  of  his  age. 

"In  his  day  he  served  the  town  in  most  offices  of  trust  and 
honor,  gave  good  satisfaction,  and  died  possessed  of  a  large 

Paul  Welch,  Jr.,  was  born  in  New  Milford,  Jan.  9,  1759; 
married  Abigail  Crane,  and  established  a  home  in  his  native 
town.  Here^they  remained  until  the  fall  of  1808,  when  they  re- 
moved to  Vergennes,  Vt.,  whither  two  of  their  children  had 
already  taken  up  their  residence.  Mrs.  Welch  was  one  of  the 
twelve  persons  who  in  April,  1810,  united  with  the  Congre- 
gational Church  of  Vergennes ;  and  at  the  time  of  her  decease, 
was  the  oldest  person  in  the  church,  being  then  86  years  of  age. 
Sept.  15,  1815,  Mr.  Welch  died.  She  died  April  6,  1842.  It  is 
recorded  of  her  (as  also  of  her  sister  Sarah  [Crane]  Noble)  : 
"She  was  a  mother  in  the  broadest,  truest  sense,  with  a  nature 
so  kind  and  true  as  to  command  the  admiration  and  respect  of 
everyone  who  came  in  contact  with  her."     Children  : 

1.  Marvin  (Welch),  b.  Jan.  7.  1780;  d.  March,  1832. 

2.  John  (Welch),  b.  Nov.  7,  1781.     Child: 

1.     William  (Welch),  b.  Sept.  14,  1803;   d.  April  15,  1885. 

3.  Betsey  (Welch),  b.  Oct.  25,  1783;  d.  Aug.  31,  1827;  m.  Samuel 

B.  Graves. 

4.  Sally  (Welch),  b.  Oct.  25,  1785  :  d.  Feb.  3,  178B. 

5      Rachel  (Welch),  b.  Dec.  13,  1780:  d.  May  10,  1810. 
0.     Samuel  (Welch),  b.  May  12,  1780;  cl.  Nov.  9,  1808. 

7.  Peter  (Welch),  b.  Aug.  11,  1702;  d.  Feb.  28,  1805;  m.  Martha 


8.  Sally  (Welch).  2d,  b.  Oct.  25,  1704;  d.  Sept.  20.  1808. 
0.     Abigail  (Welch),  b.  June  10,  1707;  d.  Nov.  15,  1808. 


10.     Laura  (Welch),  b.  Jan-  6,   1800;    d.  May  9,  1879,  at  the  resi- 
dence of  her  niece  Mrs.  Laura  A.  Noble,  Essex,  N.  Y. 

574      Marvin  Welch  fl]     b.  New  Milford,  Conn.;  d.  March,  1850, 

Masouville,  N.  Y. ;  m.  1st,  Castle.     "  They  had  two  sods 

and    one   daughter."     Married   2d,    at   Masonville,  Delaware 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  Susannah,  widow  of  Israel  Kneeland.     Child  : 

1.     Austin  Lee  (Welch),  b.  ;  m.  July  2,  1864.     lias 

resided  at  Bainbridge,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and 
Texas.  He  is  at  present  engaged  in  the  dry  goods 
business  in  Wilson,  Niagara  Co.,  N.  Y.     Children  ; 

1.  Alfred  M.  (Welch),  b.  1865. 

2.  Florence  I.  (Welch),  h. ;  m.  June,  1896, 

W.  G.  Gates;  resides  Niagara  Falls,  N.  Y. 

57.5.  Betsey  Welch  [3];  b.  New  Milford,  Conn.  Oct.  20,  1783;  d 
Aug.  31,  1827.  Married  Samuel  B.  Graves,  b.  Brandon,  Vt.. 
Nov.  22,  1776;  d.  at  Adrian,  Mich.,  April  11,  18(81.     Children: 

1.  Sarah    Ann    (Graves),    b.   Oct.    13,    1823,    Wheatland. 

N.  Y. :  resides  (1899)  San  Diego,  Cal.  Married  Ster- 
ling A.  Hebbard.  b.  New  Milford,  Conn.,  March  25, 
1814;  d.    Wheatland.  N.  Y.,  Feb.  14,  1876.     Child: 

1.  William  Sterling  (Hebbard),  b.  Milford, 
Mich..  April  13,  1863;  graduated  Cornell  Uni- 
versity 1887  ;  is  an  architect ;  resides  (1899) 
San  Diego,  Cal.  Married  Sept.  9,  1893,  Jes- 
sie Miller.     Children ; 

1.  Dorothy  (Hebbard)  b.  July  9,  1894. 

2.  William  Sterling  (Hebbard),  Jr.,  b. 

Nov.  27,  1396. 

2.  Nancy   D.    (Graves),  b.  ;  d.  1378.     She  m.    1826. 

Alvah  Hall.  b.  Sept.  16,  1802,  Windsor,  Mass.;  d. 
Dec.  2,  1888,  Honeoye  Falls,  N.  Y.     Children  ; 

1.  Charles   Franklin  (Hall),    b.  June  15,  1829; 

ra.  June   17.    1868,    Mary  Jane  Kidder,   who 
d.  Feb.  1,  1892. 

2.  Mary  Jane  iHall),  b.  June  29.  1831;  m.  Sept. 

7,  1881,  Asher  Lerov  CoDger,  who  d.  May  25, 

3.  Julia  Justina  (Hall),  b.  July  16,  1833;  d.  March 

4,  1S95. 

4.  Martha  Caroline  (Hall),  b.  June  IS,  1835;  m. 

Addison  Shaw,  Sept.  20,  1865,  who  d.  Feb. 
12,  1895. 

5.  Frances  Abigail  (Hall),  b.  Aug.  2,  1844;  m. 

Luther  Rogers,  Feb.  13,  1867  ;  reside  Honeoye 
Falls,  N.  Y. 

576.  Peter  Welch  [7];  b.  New  Milford,  Conn..  Aug.  11,  1792:  d. 
at  Essex,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  28,  1S65 ;  buried  at  Vergennes,  Vt.  ; 
He  ru.  at  Vergeunes,  Vt.,  March  23.  1S20,  Martha  Frazer. 
She  d.  April  30,  1836.  Peter  Welch  was  initiated  Entered  Ap- 
prentice, Dec.  29,  1817,  passed  to  the  degree  of  Fellow  Craft, 
Jan.  15,  1813,  and  raised  to  the  Sublime  Degree  of  Master 
Mason,  Feb.  19,  1818,  in  Dorchester  Lodge,  Vergennes,  Vt. 
He  took  his  Mark  Master  Degree  Nov.  15,"l819,  his  Past  and 
Most  Excellent  Master  and  Royal  Arch  Degrees,  Jan.  21,  1322. 
in  Jerusalem  Chapter,   Vergennes,  Vt.,  and  he  took  the  de- 


grees  of  Royal  and  Select  Master,  March  11,  1824,  in  Ver- 
gennes Council,  Vergennes,  Vt.  He  was  an  old  time  Mason 
and  was  faithful  and  true  all  through  the  troublous  times  of 
the  Morgan  excitement,  and  kept  up  his  membership  in  the 
Masonic  bodies  at  Vergennes  to  the  last.  After  he  had  gone 
to  make  his  home  with  his  daughter  Mrs.  Noble  in  Essex,  he 
often  visited  Vergennes  to  attend  Masonic  meetings.  His 
grandson  Henry  Harmon  Noble  has  in  his  possession  many 
letters  to  Mr.  Welch  from  brethren  of  that  place.     Children  : 

1.  Marvin  John  (Welch),  b.  Dec.  25,  1821;  d.  in  Boston, 

Mass.,  May  5,  1858;    buried  in    St.  John's  Lot,  Mt. 
Auburn  Cemetery,  Boston,  Mass. 

2.  Laura  Ann  (Welch),  b.  Aug.  31,  1823;  d.  Essex,  N.  Y., 

July  28,  1895.     She  m.  Oct.  18,  1855,  Harmon  Noble 
(which  see). 

3.  William  Homer  (Welch),  b.  Aug.  20,  1825;  d.  at  Gal- 

veston, Texas,  of  yellow  fever,  Sept.  5,  185-1. 
-4.     Frazer  (Welch),  b.  Oct    1,  1826;  d.  Oct.  15,  1856. 

5.  Belden  Fhazer  (Welch),  b.  March  16,  1828;  d.  at  Bos- 

ton, Mass.,  Jan.  27,  1891;  buried  in  Mt.  Hope  Ceme- 
tery, Boston,  Mass. 

6.  Samuel  Loveman  (Welch),  b.  Sept.  24,   1835;  resides 

(1899)  Concord  Junction,  Mass. 

577.  Lt.-Col.  Jonathan  Crane5  [215],  (Joseph,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Feb.  28,  1771,  Bethiah  Baldwin 
of  Mansfield,  Conn.,  born  Jan.  1,  1752,  and  who  came  to  Put- 
nam County,  N.  Y.,  when  a  young  child  with  her  parents.  The 
beginning  of  the  Revolutionary  war  found  Mr.  Crane  ensign  in 
a  company  of  minute-men,  and  he  continued  in  service  through- 
out the  period  of  seven  years.  March  1,  177b',  he  was  ensign  in 
5th  South  East  company,  Capt.  Joshua  Barnum,  Jr.,  Col.  Jacobus 
Swartwout,  2d  regiment.  He  was  at  the  battle  of  Ridgefield, 
April,  1777;  also  the  engagement  at  Ward's  House,  near  White 
Plains.  Mr.  Crane  was  frequently  employed  in  carrying  mes- 
sages to  General  Washington  while  located  at  the  Highlands.  His 
widow  received  a  pension.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  spent  his  life 
on  the  farm  he  purchased  from  the  State,  it  having  been  con- 
fiscated as  the  property  of  a  tory.  It  was  located  in  the  southerly 
portion  of  the  town  of  South  East,  and  known  as  '•  Crane's 
Ridge,"  about  three  miles  southeast  from  Brewster.  He  died 
Aug.  27,  1834.     She  died  May  14,  1839.     Children: 

578 — 1 .  Matilda. 

579—2.  Josiah,  b.  May  21,  1773. 

580 — 3.  Deborah,  b.  June  9,  1775. 

581 — 1.  Isaac. 

582—5.  Anson,  b.  Jan.  25,  1783. 

583—6.  Jonathan,  b.  1785. 

584 — 7.  Esther. 

585—8.  Sally  Betsy. 

586—9.  Orrin  B  ,  lived  and  d.  in  South  East;  unmarried. 

587.  Joseph  Crane5  [216],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  was  a  physician,  judge  and  captain.     He  was  sur- 


geon  3d  regiment,  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.,  active  service*  May 
31  to  June  1 1 ,  1779,  June  26  to  June  30,  1780,  latter  time  on  staff 
of  Col.  John  Field's  regiment,  Dutchess  County  Militia.  In  the 
proceedings  of  Provincial  Congress  we  find  that  Sept.  17,  1776, 
ordered  that  Messrs.  Duane,  Duer,  Schenckand  Doctor  Crane  be  a 
committee  to  inquire  into  the  situation  of  the  Light  Horsemen  and 
Lieut.  Onderdonk  and  report  thereon  A  portion  of  the  time  he 
was  stationed  on  Long  Island,  where  he  married  Kosanna  Cock, 
Aug.  6,  1775.  She  was  born  1756.  He  married  "2d,  Feb.  14, 
1798,  Aner  Leggitt,  daughter  of  Capt.  Hackaliah  Brown  of 
Somers,  Winchester  County,  N.  Y.,  and  settled  at  South  East. 
He  was  Judge  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas  for  Dutchess  and 
Putnam  Counties.  He  inherited  his  father's  library,  the  family 
records  and  coat  of  arms.     He  died  Nov.  21,  1825. 

Dr.  Joseph  Crane,  Jr.,  was  Assistant  Surgeon  militia  and  ad- 
ditional officer  in  New  York  troops.  He  was  Surgeon  in  3d 
regt.  of  Dutchess  County,  which  was  in  active  service  May  31 
to  June  17,  1779,  and  June  26  to  June  30,  1780,  his  brother 
Solomon  being  Adjutant  of  this  regiment  at  the  same  time,  it 
having  been  called  out  on  a  general  alarm  to  repel  the  enemy. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Provincial  Congress  of  the  Province  of 
New  York  in  1776,  and  member  of  the  Assembly  1778,  1779  and 
1796.  His  home  was  about  two  miles  east  of  Brewster,  it  being 
the  place  now  (1898)  owned  by  Mr.  George  Sears.  There  has 
been  more  or  less  confusion  in  reports  from  various  members  of 
the  family  as  to  honors  enjoyed  by  Joseph  Crane,  and  it  has 
been  no  light  task  to  know  just  where  to  place  them.  It  must 
be  remembered  that  there  were  three  Joseph  Cranes,  father,  son 
and  grandson.  No  doubt  all  three  performed  well  their  part 
during  the  trials  connected  with  the  stand  for  national  inde- 
pendence. Joseph,  senior,  died  Aug.  20,  1781  ;  so  it  is  fair  to 
presume  that  his  son  and  grandson  were  most  active  during  the 
war.  They  were  both  doctors,  which  perhaps  adds  to  the  con- 
fusion. It  would  seem  that  possibly  the  eldest  Dr.  Joseph  Crane 
would  have  been  the  one  chosen  to  attend  the  Provincial  Con- 
gress, he  being  then  fifty-four  years  of  age,  while  his  son  Dr. 
Crane,  Jr.,  was  but  twenty-seven.  But  as  descendants  of  the 
family  place  this  honor  to  the  young  Doctor,  there  may  be  no 
good  reason  for  changing  it. 


588—1.     Carso,  b.  June  15,  1800. 

589.  Solomon  Crane5  [217],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1)  wasadjutantt  in  3d  regiment.  Dutchess  County.  May 
31  to  June  11,  1779,  and  June  26  to  June  31,  1780.  This  was 
Col.  John  Field's  regiment,  in  which  his  brother  Joseph  was  sur- 
geon.    He  was    chosen  highway  commissioner  at  the  first  town 

'Archives  of  New  York  iu  Revolution.  Land  Bounty  Papers,  Vol.  8, 
pages  5(i-(>7.      ilbid. 


meeting  of  the  inhabitants  of  Franklin,  held  April  7,  1795.     Mr. 

Crane  lived  and  died  in  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

5'JO — 1.  Charlotte. 

591—2.  Polly. 

592—3.  James. 

5'J3— 4  Oliver. 

594.  Isaac  Crane5  [218],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1 ) .  Served  in  Revolutionary  war,  and  was  a  prisoner  on 
the  ship  Jersey ;  held  a  prisoner  four  months,  then  paroled  in 
New  York,  and  boarded  with  Thomas  Arden  there.  Charles  A. 
Crane  says  he  was  Adjt. -General  of  a  brigade  raised  in  Putnam 
and  Dutchess  Counties.  That  he  was  taken  prisoner  at  the  battle 
of  White  Plains,  Nov.  1(3,  1776,  and  held  four  months.  He  was 
adjutant  in  Col.  John  Field's  regiment,  May  18,  1776,  of 
Dutchess  County,  and  in  Lieut.  Barnum's  company,  Col.  Hum- 
phrey's regiment;  entered  March  3,  1777,  taken  prisoner  in 
Westchester  County,  March  16,  1777,  and  remained  in  prison 
four  years.*  He  married  Anna  Sears  in  1783.  She  was  born 
June  30,  1760,  and  died  in  1858,  aged  98.  He  lived  at  Crane's 
Corners  for  a  time,  but  removed  to  Oswego  County,  N.  Y.  He 
died  March  6,  1810.     Children: 

595  —  1.  Henry,  1).  .Tune  21,  1784. 

596—2.  Sarah,  b.  178(5. 

597-3.  Charles,  b.  1788. 

59S— 4.  Ralph,  b.  1790;  d.  1816. 

599—5.  Hunter,  b.  March  1,  1791. 

600—6.  Della,  b.  1794;  d.  1810. 

601  —  7.  Albert,  b.  1796. 

602-8.  Isaac,  b.  1800;  d.  1834. 

603.  Eunice  Crane5  [219],  (Joseph,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan, 2 
Benjamin1),  married  Comfort  Sears,  Dec.  18,  1777.  He  was 
born  March  20,  1751.  Settled  in  Ridgefield,  Conn.,  where  he 
died  Dec.  21,  1827.  The  house  stood  on  "  Joe's  Hill,"  named 
so  for  her  father,  who  owned  a  large  tract  of  land  there. 
Children  : 

1.  Thirza  (Sears),  b.  March  22,  1779. 

2.  EsTnER  (Sears),  b.  July  29,  17H0. 

3.  Desire  (Sears),  b.  May  24,  1782 

4.  Eunice  (Sears),  b.  Feb.  4,  1784. 

5.  Camilla  (Sears),  b.  April  26.  1786. 

6.  James  (Sears),  b.  Nov.  10,  1788. 

7.  Altiia  (Sears),  b.  Dec.  18,  1790. 

8.  Joseph  Crane  (Sears),  b.  Dec.  18,  1792. 

9.  Lewis  (Sears),  b.  June  26,  1795. 
10.  Polly  M.  (Sears),  b.  July  20,  1800. 

601.  Esther  Crane5  [220],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathans- 
Benjamin1),  married  1st,  a  Mr.  Smith,  and  lived  in  or  near  New 
Haven,  Conn.     He  died,  and  she  married  2d,  Samuel  Crane,  son 

*  Archives  Slate  of  New  York  in  Revolution,  page  350      Land  Bounty 
Papers,  Vol.  14,  pages  91,  93,  110,  112. 


of  Zebulon.  Mrs.  Barnes  says  this  Esther  Crane  married  her 
cousin,  Samuel  Crane,  brother  of  Elijah,  and  was  father  to  Rev. 
Samuel  R.  Crane  of  Milton,  Vt.*  Rev.  Samuel  R.  Crane  was  a 
resident  of  Milton,  Vt.,  perhaps  a  farmer.  In  1833  he  became 
a  candidate  for  holy  orders,  and  was  ordained  deacou  by  Bishop 
Hopkins,  in  Burlington,  Vt.,  May  28,  1834.  He  officiated  at  first 
in  Highgate,  Sheldon  and  Fairfax  to  1835 ;  ordained  priest  May 
27,  1835,  by  Bishop  Hopkins  at  Bellows  Falls.  From  Nov., 
1835,  to  Nov.,  1836,  was  in  charge  of  the  church  at  Middlebury, 
but  was,  on  account  of  ill  health,  obliged  to  resign,  and  dis- 
missed to  the  diocese  of  Ohio.  He  is  said  to  have  died  previous 
to  1840,  and  buried  in  the  village  cemetery  at  Milton  Falls,  Vt. 
He  went  to  Vermont  from  Connecticut,  his  aged  mother  with 
him.  She  was  alive  Jan.  25,  1829;  had  shock  of  paralysis  in 
the  fall  of  1828.  Rev.  S.  R.  Crane  had  a  daughter  10  days  old 
Jan.  25,  1829.  He  travelled  (so  he  wrote  in"  his  letter)  1000 
miles  to  find  a  good  place  to  remove  to  from  Connecticut.  His 
Connecticut  friends  at  that  time  rather  ridiculed  Vermont  as  a 
country  to  live  in;  think  he  went  from  near  New  Haven,  Conn., 
to  Vermont.     Children  : 

1.  Samuel  R. 

2.  A  daughter,  m.  Mr.  Keeler.     Children  : 

1.  Philip  (Keeler). 

2.  Esther  (Keeler),  m.  Mitchell. 

3.  Ann  (Keeler),  m.  Mason. 

605.  Ira  Crane5  [222],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Ben- 
jamin1), married  Elizabeth  Brush,  a  native  of  Long  Island, 
and  for  a  time  resided  in  the  town  of  South  East,  Dutchess 
County.  N.  Y. ;  but  subsequently  removed  to  Herkimer,  Herki- 
mer County,  N.  Y.  Was  drummer  in  Col.  Field's  Dutchess 
County  regiment;  also  private  in  Col.  Jacobus  Swartwout's 
regiment.  He  died  August,  1828.  She  died  at  Portage,  Alle- 
gany County,  N.  Y.,  in  1839,  at  the  home  of  her  eldest  daughter, 
Mrs.  Moses.     Children : 


Maky  Ann,  b.  July  16,  1800 

607  —  2. 


60S— 3. 


609— 4. 









Jane,  b.  Jan.  27,   1810. 





*  There  was  also  Rev.  Silas  A.  Crane,  D.D.,  who  officiated  in  Middle- 
bury,  Vt.,  just  before  Rev.  S.  R.  Crane.  He  afterwards  kept  a  school 
at  Burlington.  Vt.;  last  30  years  of  his  life  was  passed  in  Greenwich, 
R.  I.  He  died  in  1872.  Silas  A.  Crane  was  one  of  the  officiating  clergy 
until  1837  at  Trinity  Church,  Milton,  Vt.,  organized  1832.  Samuel  R 
Crane  was  one  of  the  delegates  to  the  convention.  Do  not  know  that 
there  was  any  relationship  between  this  Silas  and  Samuel. 


61(3.  Daniel  Crane5  [223],  (Joseph.4  Joseph,3  Jonathan.2 
Benjamin1),  m.  Penelope  Hotchkiss.  She  was  born  in  Green 
County,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1772.  and  resided  for  many  years  in 
Durham.  Green  County,  N.  Y.,  where  she  died  Nov.  6,  1330.  He 
died  at  Jefferson,  Schoharie  County,  Sept.   12,    1848.     Children: 

017—1.  Emma,  b.  Oct.  4,  179G. 

018— 2.  Daniel,  b.  June  10,  1798. 

619—3.  Cynthia,  b.  Jan.  12,  1800. 

620—4.  Susan,  b.  July  1,  1802. 

621 — 5.  Hiram,  b:  Sept.  10,  1805. 

022—0.  Joseph  Augustus,  b.  Oct.  20,  1808. 

623.  Josiah  Nathan  Crane5  [226],  (Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  Smith,  sister  to  Wm. 
Smith  of  Litchfield.  Herkimer  Coun+v  N.  Y.  Died  at  sea  July. 
1797.     Children:  J' 

624—1.     Joseph  (with   American  fleet  at  battle  of  Plattsburgh),  d. 

at  sea. 
025 — 2      Amanda  M 

626.  Arzah  Crane5  [227],  (Joseph.4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  at  Burlington,  Vt.,  Dec.  16,  1804, 
Mandana  Holmes,  daughter  of  Peter  Holmes,  and  a  native  of 
Hebron,  Conn.,  born  Oct.  8.  1778,  and  became  one  of  the  early 
settlers  of  Burlington,  Vt.,  where  he  resided  several  years.  June 
5,  1805,  he  with  10  others  petitioned  Geo.  Robinson,  the  town 
clerk,  to  warn  a  town  meeting  of  the  inhabitants  of  Burlington 
for  the  purpose  of  forming  themselves  into  a  society  for  social 
and  public  worship  agreeable  to  the  form  and  effect  of  the  statute 
entitled,  "  An  act  for  the  support  of  the  gospel,  passed  Oct.  26, 
1797."  He  was  justice  of  the  peace  and  held  various  town 
offices.  He  afterwards  removed  to  Chimney  Point,  Addison 
County,  where  he  passed  the  greater  portion  of  his  life.  He  was 
what  might  be  termed  a  model  farmer,  and  among  the  first  to 
introduce  improved  methods  in  farming  as  well  as  stock  breed- 
ing. His  thoroughbred  Durham  cattle  were  anions;  the  first 
kept  in  that  region.  He  died  Feb.  10,  1861,  at  the  home  of  his 
son  Junius,  in  Essex  Countv.  N.  Y..  as  did  also  his  wife, 
July  27,  1864.     Children: 

027—1.  A  son,  b.  Dec.  0,  1805;  d.  Dec.  8,  1805,  at  Burlineton,  Vt. 

628—2.  A  son,  b.  Feb.  29,  1807;  d.  Feb.  29,  1807,   at  Burnnsrton.   Vt. 

029—3.  George  Robinson,  b.  May  25,  1808. 

030 — t.  Charles  Holmes,  b.  May  27,  1810;  d.  April   13.  1832. 

631—5.  Phehe  Belden.    b.    Jan.  22,  1813;  d.  Jan.  17,  1814,   it  Addi- 
son, Vt. 

032—0.  Laura  Belden,  b.  May  10,  1815,  at  Addison,  Vt. 

033—7.  Lucien  Arzah,  b.  June  23,  1817,  at  Addison,  Vt. 

034-8.  A   daughter,   b.  and  d.    Feb.   25,    1819,   at  Addison.  Vt. 

635—9.  Junius  Joseph,  b.  June  24,  1820,  at  Addison.  Vt. 

630-10.  Ellen  Sarah,  b.  Sept.  15,  1822. 


637.  Mary  Crane5  [231],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Nathaniel  Paddock.  He  was  born  Oct.  "25, 
1744.     She  died  June  30,  1830.     Children  : 

Abigail  (Paddock),  b.  Oct.  5,  1774. 

Sarah  (Paddock),  b.  Sept.  2,  177G. 

Eunice  (Paddock),  b.  Oct.  3,  1778. 

Fannie  (Paddock),  b.  Aug.  2<>,  1780;  d.  Dec.   10,  1864. 

Mary  (Paddock),  b.  Aug.  17,  1782. 

Thankful  (Paddock),  b".  Sept.  24,  1784. 

Rehemhamah  (Paddock),  b.  Oct.  29,  178G. 

Elizabeth  (Paddock),  b.  Nov.  15,  1788. 

Silas  (Paddock),  b.  Nov.  15,  1791. 

Margaret  (Paddock),  b.  April  15,  1793. 

Bkthiah  (Paddock),  b.  June  8,  1795. 

Lydia  (Paddock),  b.  June,  1797. 

638.  Sarah  Crane"1  [232],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathans- 
Benjamin1),  married  Abraham  Smith  and  settled  at  North  Salem, 
Westchester  County,  N.  Y.  She  died  Oct.  20,  1829.  Mr. 
Smith  was  a  captain  and  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war;  was 
first  lieutenant  in  Col.  Samuel  Drake's  regiment  in  Revolutionary 
war.     He  and  his  wife  were  buried  at  Bolton.  Vt. 

Children  : 

1.  John  Keyzar  (Smith),  b.  Nov.  29,  1785. 

2.  Polly  (Smith). 

3.  Lydia  (Smith). 

4.  Sarah  (Smith). 

5.  Betsy  (Smith). 

6.  Thaddeus  (Smith) 

7.  Gerard  (Smith). 

8.  George  (Smith). 

9.  Abram  (Smith;. 

G39.  John  Keyzar  Smith  {1];  m.  Katharine  McDonald  at  Plain- 
tield,  Mich.,  December,  1818.  When  quite  young  went  to 
Bolton,  Vt. ;  studied  law,  and  practiced  the  legal  profession 
at  Pottsdam,  N.  Y.,  until  the  war  of  1812,  when  he  entered 
the  army,  and  took  part  in  the  battle  at  Plattsburg.  Soon 
after  the  close  of  hostilities  he  removed  to  Michigan;  held 
the  position  of  custom  house  officer,  postmaster,  justice  of 
the  peace,  and  judge  of  probate  at  various  times  while  a  resi- 
dent of  Algonac,  St.  Clair  County,  Mich.,  and  here  he  d.  in 
1855.  His  wife  was  b.  in  Glasgow,  Scotland,  Oct.  31,  1795; 
d.  at  Algonac,  Aug.  22,  1881.  Katharine,  wife  of  John 
Keyzar  Smith,  was  dan.  of  Angus  and  Jean  (Johnston) 
McDonald;  he  was  a  native  of  Aberdeen,  and  she  of 
Stirling,  Scotland.  They  were  m.  at  Glasgow,  and  came 
to  America  with  their  fumily  as  members  of  Lord  Thomas 
Douglas  ("Earl  of  Selkirk's")  colony,  in  I80U,  and  set- 
tled in  Beldoon,  Canada.  He  was  printer  for  the  colony 
In  1812  he  purchased  a  farm  on  Stroinnesse  Island,  near 
Algonac,  Mich.;  was  a  soldier  in  the  British  army,  and  after 
the  battle  of  Miami,  1814-1815,  was  taken  prisoner  and  con- 
fined at  Detroit.     Children  : 

1.  Abram  (Smith). 

2.  Sarah  Crane  (Smith),  b.  Dec.  25,  1820. 

3.  Jane  (Smith). 


4.  Angus  (Smith). 

5.  Anna  (Smith). 

6.  Samuel  Latta  (Smith). 

7.  Lydia  Reed  (Smith). 

8.  Katharine  (Smith). 

9.  Francis  Gray  (Smith). 

10.     Mary  Baxter  (Smith),  m.  Charles  J.  Johnston. 

Abram  Smith  [1];  m.  Fidelia  Burt,  of  Algonac,  St.  Clair 
County,  Mich.     Children  : 

1      Burt  (Smith),  m.  Elizabeth  Harris,  of  Houghton,  Mich. 

2.  Cornelia  Delay  (Smith),  m.  E.   C.  Seaman,  of  New 


3.  John  Abram  (Smith),  m.  Alvina  Schnoor,  of  Baltimore. 

4.  Ella     Maria    (Smith),    m.    W.   K.    Moore,    M.D.,  of 


5.  Angus  McDonald  (Smith),  m.  Elizabeth  Craddock,  of 


Sarah  Crane  Smith  [2]  ;  rn.  Samuel  Russell,  at  Algonac,  Mich., 
Jan.  13,  1841,  and  d.  there  Sept.  1,  1887.  S.  Russell  b.  in 
Ireland,  1813  ;  d.  Dec.  31,  1879,  at  Algonac.     Children  : 

1.  JohnKeyzar  (Russell),  b.  Feb.  10,  1842. 

2.  Mary  Frances  (Russell),  b.  Aug.  30,  1844. 

3.  Jane  Elizabeth  (Russell),  b.  June  8,  184fi. 

4.  Katharine  Maria  (Russell),  b.  Sept.  21,  1847. 

5.  Anna  Lydia  (Russell),      1  .    .        .     T        „„    ,0.0 

6.  Samuel  Latta  (Russell),  |  tw,ns'  b'  June  2' '  18°8- 

Angus  Smith  [4] ;  ra.  1st,  Maria  Peck;  2d,  Catherine  E.  Peck. 
Children  : 

1.     Jesse  Hoyt  (Smith). 
Samuel  Latta  Smith  [G]  ;  m.  Eliza  Cordelia  Seager.     Children  : 

1.  Donald  (Smith). 

2.  Katharine  (Smith). 

3.  Fred  Latta  (Smith). 

4.  Angus  (Smith). 

5.  Margaret  (Smith). 

Lydia  Reed  Smith  [7]  ;  m.  1st,  Columbus  Colon  Douglass  in 
1856 ;  2d,  Judge  E.  B.  Hinsdale,  New  York  city.     Children  : 

1 .  Jesse  ( Douglass) . 

2.  Phcebe  Jean  (Douglass). 

3.  Katharine  (Douglass). 

4.  Courtney  Columbus  (Douglass). 

Katharine  Smith  [8]  ;  m.  William  Rainey.     Child  : 
1.     William  J.  (Rainey). 

Mary  Frances  Russell  [2];  m.  Horace  Brewster  Rogers,  at 
Algonac,  Mich.,  Aug.  16,  1871.     Children: 

1.  Horace  Brewster  (Rogers). 

2.  Katharine  Smith  (Rogers)  b.  Oct.  4.  1873. 

3.  Ben  Russell  (Rogers). 

4.  Laura  Seager  (Roaers),  b.  Sept.  10,  1880. 

5.  Don  Angus  (Rogers). 

l>.     Wilson  Parker  (Rogers) 

7.  Frank  Turner  (Rogers). 


G47.     Jane  Elizabeth  Russell  [3]  ;  m.  Dr.  Alfred  David,  at  Alsonac, 
Mich.,  Dec.  25,   1876.     Child: 

1.     Sarah  Atlanta  (David),  b.  Dec.  4.  1882. 

648.  Katharine  Maria  Russell  [4] ;  m.  Shepard  Harrison  Currie,  at 

Port  Huron,  Mich.,  Aug.  5,  1866.     Children  : 

1.  Harrison  Samuel  (Currie). 

2.  William  Russell  (Currie). 

3.  Carlos  (Currie). 

4.  Margaret  Crane  (Currie),  b.  1877. 

5.  Arthur  (Currie). 

6..    Stephen  Grummond  (Currie). 

649.  Anna    Lydia    Russell  [5] ;    m.   June    1,    1385,    Frank   Leslie 

Vance,  at  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  at  the  residence  of  her  uncle,  Mr. 
Angus  Smith.  F.  Vance  is  son  of  David  and  Jane  Vance ;  b. 
at  Sackett's  Harbor,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  9,  1847.  The  senior  Mr. 
Vance  m.  Jane  Wilson  at  Bangor,  a  suburb  of  Belfast, 
Ireland;    Mr.  Vance  was  born  in  1804.     Children  : 

1.  David  (Vance). 

2.  William  (Vance). 

3.  Charles  (Vance). 

4.  Wilson  (Vance). 

5.  Jane  (Vance). 
fi.  Louis  (Vance). 

7.  Hattie  (Vance). 

8.  Frank  Leslie  (Vance). 

650.  Katharine  Smith  Rogers  [2]  ;   m.  William  A.   Rublee,  Oct.    7, 

1896,  at  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  at  the  residence  of  Mr.  Angus 
Smith.  He  was  son  of  Horace  and  Katharine  Hopkins 
Rublee;  was  United  States  consul  to  Prague  about  1890, 
under  the  Harrison  administration.  Horace  Rublee  was  min- 
ister to  Switzerland  under  the  Grant  administration. 

651.  Peter  Crane5  [234].  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  served  in  Revolutionary  war ;  was  private  in  Capt. 
Truesdell's  company,  also  in  Capt.  Lawrence's  company ;  cor- 
poral in  Capt.  Moses  St.  John's  company  in  Col.  Thomas'  and 
Thaddeus  Crane's  2d  regiment.  1779-80-81.  He  died  Nov.  12, 
1818.     Children: 








Loch  a;  went  west 


Theda  ;  went  west 



G^S.  James  Crane5  [235],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Sallv  Hallock.  She  was  born  April  17, 
1768,  and  died  March  12,  1802;  2d,  June  22,  1803,  Clarinda  Hal- 
lock.  She  was  born  Aug.  12,  1781.  He  removed  from  North 
Salem,  N.  Y.,  to  Richmond,  Vt.  Two  children  were  the  result  of 
first  marriage,  and  eleven  by  the  second.  He  was  a  private  in 
the  Revolutionary  war ;  served  in  Telford's,  Hunter's,  Drake's 
and  Truesdell's  companies,  Col.  Albert  Pauling's  regiment,  1779  ; 
also  in  Col.  Thaddeus  Crane's   regiment,  1779-80-81  ;   and  Col. 


William  Malcolm's  regiment.  He  died  Aug.  17,  1828,  at  Rich- 
mond, Vt.  His  wife  Clarinda  died  Jan.  20,  1859,  at  Fort  Atkin- 
son. Wis.     Children : 

659—1.  Laura,  b.  Dec.  15,  1703. 

600—2.  Thaddeus,  b.  July  29,  1795 

661—3.  Sally,  b.  April  26,  1805. 

662—4.  Clarinda,  b.  Feb.  11,  1807. 

663—5.  Betsey,  b.  March  14,  1809;  d.  July  28,  1842. 

664—6.  Fanny,  b.  March  9,  1811. 

665—7.  James,  b.  April  13,  1813. 

666—8.  Gerard,  b.  March  11,  1815. 

667—9.  Loretta,  b.  Aug.  7,  1817. 

668-10.  Alexis,  b.  April  27,  1820. 

669-11.  Thomas,  b.  May  12,  1822. 

670-12.  Jane  Baxter,  b.  Aug.  1,  1824;  d.  March  30,  1852. 

671-13.  Martha  T.,  b.  May  29,  1828. 

672.  Thaddeus  Crane5  [240],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,- Benjamin^),  married  Dec.  1,  1806,  Charlotte  Titus,  daugh- 
ter of  John  Titus,  of  North  Salem,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  Feb. 
24,  1781,  and  died  Nov.  16,  1825.  He  then  married  Martha 
Titus,  sister  of  his  first  wife.  She  died  March  25,  1872.  He 
died  Oct.  16,  1849.     Children: 

1.  A  son,  b.  May  17,  1810;  d.  May  17,  1810. 

673—2.  Lydia,  1  twins,  /  d.  Mav  4,  1891. 

674—3.  Sally,   J    b.  Jan.  9.  1813;  \  d.  Jan.  8,  1879. 

675—4.  Mary.  b.  Sept.  5,  1814;  d.  March  1,  1883. 

676—5.  Clarissa,  b.  Nov.  4,  1816;  d.  Sept.  16,  1888. 

677.  Fanxt  Crane5  [241],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Eli  Gaming.     She  died  Jan.  4,  1852. 

Children  : 

1.  Theron  (Ganung) ;  d.  unmarried. 

2.  Theda  (Ganung) ;  m.  Charles  Strang      Children: 

1.  Elizabeth  (Strang). 

2.  Eli  (Strang). 

3.  Gerard  (Strang). 

4.  Thaddeus  (Strang). 

678.  Lydia  Crane5  [242],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1),  married  July  31,  1802.  Samuel  Banks,  M.D.  She 
died  Jan.  4,  1852.     Children  : 

1.  William  Henry'  (Banks),  b.  Nov.  19,  1803,  at  North  Salem;  d. 

Aug.  11,  1855. 

2.  Samuel  E.  (Banks),  b.  Dec.  3,  1805,  at  Stamford;   d.  March  14, 


3.  Eli  Crane  (Banks),  b.  Oct.  23,  1807,  at  Stamford. 

4.  Mary  Ann  (Banks),  b.  Sept.  11,  1809,  at  New  Canaan:  d.  Dec. 

23,  1848. 

5.  Sarah  Elizabeth  (Banks),  b.  Nov.  4,  1811,  at  Danbury  ;  d.  Feb. 

11,  1882. 

6.  Nemiah    (Banks),    b.    Nov.   8,    1813,    at   Danbury:     resided   at 

Wallingford,  Conn. 

7.  Read  (Ranks),  I)    Feb    25,   1816,  at  Danbury,  d.  Aug. 

II,  1851. 


8.  Rebecca  (Banks),  h.  March  21 ,  1818,  at  Danbury ;  m.  Henry  A. 


9.  Thomas  Crane  (Banks),  b.  March  10,  1820,  at  Danbury;   lived 

in  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

10.  Lydia  Mariah  (Banks),  b.    March  30,  1822,  at   Danbury,   m. 

Chas.  Caffray. 

11.  George  (Banks),  b.  Feb.  20,  1824,  at  Danbury;   lived  in  San 

Francisco,  Cal. 

12.  Samuel  Albert  (Banks),  b.  May  9,  1820.  at  Danbury;  d.  April 

20,  1881. 

13.  Thaddeds  Crane  (Banks),  b.  at  Danbury;  d.  Dec.  14,  1881. 

679.  Hon.  Thaddeus  Crane  Banks    [13J  ;    m.    Margaret    Augustus 

Allen,  Nov.  13,  18+9.  He  settled  in  New  York,  where  he  re- 
sided for  about  eighteen  years,  but  previous  to  1866  removed 
to  Wallingford,  Conn.  He  was  business  manager  of  the 
N.  Y.  Forest  and  Stream.  He  d.  in  Brooklyn  December,  1882, 
aged  52.     Children  : 

1.  John  Allen  (Banks),  b.  Feb.  13,  1851. 

2.  Rachel  Wells  (Banks),  b.  May  18,  1855. 

3.  Margaret  Visgar  Allen  (Banks),  b.  June  10.  1857. 

4.  Anna  Thomson  (Banks),  b.  March  22,  1360. 

5.  Thaddeus  Crane  (Banks),  b.  Jan.  8,  1863. 

6.  Harkness  Whay  (Banks),  b.  April  16,  1866. 

7.  Harry  Nemiah  (Banks),  1    .     .        .      .         ,D    .„,,„ 

8.  Lizzie  Allen  (Banks),       \  tw,ns'  b'  Au-  ,8'  18h9' 

9.  Alfred  Visgar  (Banks),  b.  Dec.  29,  1872. 

680.  John  Allen  Banks  [1] ;  m.  Ellen  Julia  Hall,  dau.  of  William 

Cook  Hall,  of  Wallingford,  Conn.,  Feb.  3,  1876.     Children  : 

1.  Claire  Allen  (Banks),  b.  Nov.  8,  1876,  in  New  York. 

2.  Anna  Hall  (Banks),  b.  Sept.  17,  1881,  in  Brooklyn. 

681.  Theda  Crane5  [243],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin'),  married  Truman  Smith.     She  died  May  17.  1842. 

Child  : 
1.     Harriet  (Smith). 

682.  Gerard  Crane5  [245],  (Thaddeus.4  Joseph.3  Jona- 
than.- Benjamin1),  a  farmer.  Canton  Falls,  N.  Y.  :  married  Octo- 
ber. 1823,  Rosana,  daughter  of  Isaac  Purdy,  North  Salem.  N.  Y. 
She  was  born  June  21,  1805.  and  died  Jan.  24.  1867.  Her 
mother  was  a  daughter  of  Lemuel  Clift,  of  Putnam  County,  N.  Y. 
His  home  was  styled  '-Granite  Hall."     He  died  Feb.  11,  1872. 

Children  : 

683—1.     Thaddeus,  b.  Sept.  29,  1824. 

684-2.     Lydia,  b.  April  10,  1820;  d.  July  28,  1844. 

685—3.     Harriet,  b.  March  29.  1829. 

686 — I.     Ellen,  b.  Dec.  25.  1832. 

687—5.  Thomas,  b.  March  3,  1S35:  m.  Mary  E.  Harris,  of  Parkers- 
burg,  W.  Va.,  Dec.  13,  1882. 

688—6.     MaUY,  b    Oct.  II,  1840. 

689 — 7.  Gerard,  b.  Dec.  7.  1845;  m.  Mary  E.  Dawes,  of  Allegheny, 
Pa.,  April  4,  1893. 


690.  Sally  Crane5  [246],  (Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  John  D.  Lounsbury,  and  is  said  to  have 
lived  in  Norwalk,  Conn.     Children  : 

1.  Caroline  (Lounsbury),  m.  Geo.  H.  Ranelle. 

2.  Sarah  (Lounsbury). 

691.  Abigail  Crane5  [251],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Joseph  Giddings,  of  Sherman,  Conn.  They 
settled  in  Cooperstown,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Mary  (Giddings);  d.  February,  1802. 

2.  Sally  (Giddings). 

3.  Isaac  (Giddings) ;  lost  at  sea. 

4.  Stephen  (Giddings)  ;   lived  and  d.  in  Rochester. 

5.  Amanda  (Giddings);  lived  in  Washington;  d.  October,  1881. 

6.  Marilla  (Giddings)  ;  d.  young. 

692.  Isaac  Chapman  Crane5  [252],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Rowena  Vaughn,  and  resided  in 
the  south  part  of  New  Milford,  Conn.,  where  they  both  died  of 
fever  in  1S0O.  They  were  buried  in  the  same  grave.  Their  two 
children  were  cared  for  by  relatives.  After  some  years  the 
brother  and  sister  went  to  Ohio,  where  the  daughter  married  Mr. 
Elisha  Blake.     Children  : 

693—1.     Harman. 
694-2.     Marilla. 

695.  Stephen  Crane5  [253],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan. '- 
Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Hannah  Baldwin,  Jan.  1,  1792.  She 
died  Sept.  3,  1807,  and  he  married  2d,  Chloe  Averill,  at  New 
Preston,  Aug.  6,  1808,  and  resided  in  New  Milford,  Conn. ;  a 
farmer.  He  was  a  justice  of  the  peace  for  more  than  thirty 
years,  deciding  many  important  cases.  His  wife  Chloe  died  Oct. 
15,  1856.     He  died  March  21,  1844.     Children: 

09()— 1.     Susan,  b.  Dec.  8,  1793. 

697 — 2.     Anna  Baldwin,  b.  May  22,  1795;  d.  young. 

698—3.     David,  b.  July  10,  1797;  d.  young. 

699—4.     Laura,  b.  Aug.  31,  1799. 

700-5.     Anna,  b.  July  7,  1802. 

701—6.     Horace  Baldwin,  b.  Aug.  8,  1805;  d.  Jan.  26,  1825. 

Children  by  2d  wife  : 
702—7.     Heman  Averill,  b.  Oct.  1,  1809. 
703—8.     Henry  Stephen,  b.  June  16,  1811. 
704—9.     Hannah  Mariah,  b.  April  16,  181:1 ;  d.  April  12,  1841,  at  New 

Milford,  Conn. 
705-10.     George  Elliot,  b.  June  27,  1815. 
706-11.     Mary  Julia,  b.  July  11,  1818;  m.  Solomon  B.  Warner,  April 

10,    1850;    a   farmer;    resided   at   Brooktield,    Conn.;    no 

707-12.     Caroline  Matilda,  b.  Oct.  21,  1820. 
708-13.     Jennette,  b.  March  24,  1823. 

709.  Noah  Crane5  [254],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2 
Beujamiu1),  married  in  Litchlield  Co.,  Conn.,  Rebecca  Benjamin, 


a  native  of  Windham,  Conn.     They  settled  at  Elmira,  N.  T.,  also 
lived  in  Cooperstown,   N.   Y.     He   was  a  blacksmith  by  trade. 
He  served  in  the  war  of  1812.     She  died  in  1840.     He  died  in 
1846.     Child: 
710—1.     Ezra  F. 

711.  Joseph  Crane5  [256],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  married,  1805,  Betsey  Winegar,  of  Ameuia,  N.  Y., 
afterwards  settled  in  Kent,  Conn.,  where  he  died  Sept.  12,  1851. 
He  was  a  farmer.     She  died  Sept.  25,  1827.     Children : 

712  —  1.     Nelson,  b.  Sept.  7,  180(5,  in  Araenia. 
713—2.     Leonard,  b.  1808,  in  Amenia. 

714.  Thalia  Crane5  [257],  (Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1),  married  James  Eggleston,  of  South  East.  N.  Y., 
and  settled  in  Catskill.  He  died  October,  1812.  She  married 
2d,  Stephen  Frost,  in  1815,  and  lived  in  Bath,  where  he  died. 

Children  : 

1.  Almon  (Eggleston).  b.  1798. 

2.  Roanna  (Eggleston),  b.  1800. 

3.  Esther  (Eggleston),  b.  1802. 

4.  Thalia  (Eggleston),  b.  1804. 

5.  Mary  (Eggleston),  b.  1807. 

6.  Kezia  (Eggleston),  b.  1809. 

7.  Eliza  (Eggleston),  b.  1811. 

715.  David  Baldwin  Crane5  [259].  (Stephen,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  born  at  South  East.  N.  Y.  He  was  a 
Baptist  minister  and  a  blacksmith,  and  preached  for  a  time  at 
Harpersfield,  N.  Y.  He  married  Dorcas  Haskius,  a  native  of 
Massachusetts,  who  died  at  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  in  October,  1861. 
Mr.  Crane  died  at  Sidney.  Delaware  County,  N.  Y..  July  20. 
1852.     Children: 

716—1.     Osmond  Noah,  b.  July  22,  1807. 
717—2.     Orson  J.,  b.  1809. 

718.     Ashbil    Crane5     [272],      (John,4    John,3    Abraham, - 

Benjamin1),  married  .     First  after  marriage  settled  in 

Worcester,  Otsego  County,  N.  Y. :   about  the  year  1796  removed 
to  Cobleskill,  Schoharie  County.  N.  Y.     Children: 

719—1.  John,  b.  March  4,  1793. 

720—2.  Betsy,  b.  Sept.  29,  1795. 

721—3.  Charles,  b.  March  14,  1797. 

722—4.  Lydia,  b.  March  24,  1799. 

723 — 5.  Hannah,  b.  June  17,  1801. 

724—6.  Ashibel,  b.  April  10,  1S03. 

725—7.  Rebecca,  b.  Oct.  3,  1805. 

726—8.  Abigail,  b.  April  16.  1808. 

727—9.  ROTH,  b.  Oct.  27,  1811. 

728.  Curtis  Crane5  [280].  (Curtis,4  John.3  Abraham.2 
Benjamin1),  married,  Aug.  28.  1800,  Lucy  Adams,  of  Wethers- 
field.  Conn.,  daughter  of  John  and  Mary  (Crane)  Adams.     She 


was  bom  Nov.  25,  1777,  and  died  in  Angelica,  N.  Y..  May  3, 
1867.  Their  residence  was  at  Wethersfield  for  a  few  years,  for 
their  daughter  Mary  was  baptized  there  Oct.  11,  L807.  He  died 
at  sea  Sept.  16,  1810,  on  the  wreck  of  the  schooner  Sally,  which 
was  capsized  ou  Barnegat  shoals  while  bound  for  the  Bermuda 
Islands,  of  which  he  was  first  mate  and  supercargo.  Child  : 
729— I .     Mary,  b.  July  25,  1801. 

730.  Henry  Crane5  [282],  (Curtis.4  John,3  Abraham,4 
Benjamin1),  married  Elizabeth  Cassety,  and  settled  in  Eaton, 
N.  Y.     Children  : 

731  —  1.  Cordelia  Elizabeth,  b.  July  4,   1823. 

732  -2.  Charles  Curtis,  b.  Nov.  29,  1820. 
733 — 3.  Lydia  Augusta,  b.  May  29,  1829. 
731—4  Nancy  Cassety,  b.  July  14,  1831. 
735—5.  Mary  Gardiner,  b.  May  19,  1835. 

736.      William  Crain5  [288],   (William,4  John,3  Abraham,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Sally  Pierson,  of  Alford,  Dec.  31,  1802. 
Children  : 

737 — 1.     Harriet. 

738—2.     William  Whiting;  is  reported  to  have  gone  to  Michigan, 
and  that  he  was  a  Methodist  minister. 

730.  Whiting  Crain5  [280],  (William,4  John,3  Abraham,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Anna  Peltou,  of  Gt.  Barriugton,  Mass., 
Aug.  8,  1804.     He  was  a  wagon-maker.     He  died  about  1800. 

Children  : 

740 — i.     Albert  Lewis,  b.  Jan.  9,  1806. 
741 — 2.     Aurelia  LOIZA,  b.  Oct.  17,  1807. 

742.  Capt.  Abraham  Crane5  [203],  (Abraham,4  Abra- 
ham,3 Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Huldah  Hanmer. 
Feb.  0,  1797,  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  where  they  settled,  and 
where  their  seven  children  were  baptized  Oct.  6,  1811.  Mr. 
Crane  was  married  2d,  to  Prudence  Wright  Treat,  March  9,  1834, 
by  Rev.  C.  J.  Tenney.  His  wife  Prudence  died  Jan.  17,  18b  1, 
aged  74.  He  died  Dee.  20,  1842,  aged  72.  He,  with  his  brother 
Benjamin,  succeeded  to  his  father's  tannery  business. 

743—1.  Mary,  b.  Jan.  27,  1798. 

744—2.  William  Hanmer,  b.  Oct.  25,  1799. 

745_3.  Abraham,   b.  Nov.   13,   1801;  m.  Elizabeth  Plumer,  July  24, 

1S33,  by  Rev.  Tertius  S.  Clark. 

746-4.  Matia,  b.  1803. 

747_5.  Ralph,  b.  June  8,  1805. 

748—6.  Edmund,  b.  March  8,  1807. 

749—7.  Eliza,  b.  1811. 

750.  Benjamin  Crank.5  [205].  (Abraham.4  Abraham.3  Abra- 
ham.2 Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  or  Sally  Lockwood,  Sept.  7, 
1794.  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  by  pastor  of  First  Church,  where 


they  settled.  He,  with  his  brother  Abraham,  succeeded  to  the 
tannery  business  left  by  his  father  He  died  previous  to  May  7, 
1817,  and  the  estate  was  administered  by  his  son  Benjamin,  Jr., 
who  was  appointed  Jan.  12,  1818.  Richard  Bruce  appointed 
guardian  for  John  Crane  May  7,  1817,     Children  : 

751—1.     John,  bapt.  Aug.  18,  1708. 

752 — 2.     Benjamin,  bapt.  Nov.  4,  1708. 

753—3.     Sarah,  bapt.  Nov.  t,  1708. 

754 — i.     Samuel  Lockwood,  bapt.  Sept.  7,  1800;  lived  in  Pittstleld, 

111.     May  8,  1823,  appointed  guardian  of  his  brothers  Ira 

and  Henry. 
755 — 5.     James. 

756  — 6.     Ika  R.,  bapt.  Jan.  17,  1805. 
757 — 7.     Henry,  bapt.  about  1807. 

758.  Elijah  Crane5  [303],  (Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abraham, - 
Benjamin1),  a  farmer;  married  Honor  Adams,  May  "20,  1798,  at 
Wethersfield,  Conn.  She  was  born  there  June  13,  1776.  He 
was  then  of  Sandisiield,  whither  his  father  had  gone.  She  died 
in  Sheffield,  April  22,  183b'.  He  died  in  Sheffield,  March  13, 
18(33.     Children : 


7111— 3 
764  —  6 

Sarah,  b.  May  1,  1800. 

Harriet,  b.  Aug.  6,  1802. 

Calvin  Camp,  b.  Oct.  28,  1805. 

Sarah  Adams,  b.  June,  1807. 

George,  b.  Feb.  26,  1810;  d.  April  18,  1850. 

Royal,  b.  May  23,  1812. 

Elizabeth  C,  bapt.  May  19,  1816. 

Martha  Bush,  b.  Nov.  22,  1820;  bapt.  July  I,  1821  ;  d.  Aua 

15,  1850,  at  Sheffield. 
Children  all  baptized  at  Wethersfield,  Conn. 

767.  Elias  Crane5  [304],  (Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abraham,2 
Benjamin1),  married  at  Bethlehem,  Conn.,  Sept.  17,  1810,  Esther 
Raymond.  She  was  born  in  Norwalk,  Conn.,  Oct.  19,  1780. 
He  was  a  farmer,  and  settled  in  Sandisiield,  Mass.,  where  he 
died  Jan.  22,  1853       She  died  there  April  18,  1849.     Child  : 

768 — i.     Milo  Raymond,  b.  April  27,  1811  ;  lived  in  Berlin,  Conn. 

76'J.  Silas  Crane3  [306],  (Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abraham,2 
Benjamin1),  married  Clarrissa  ,  and  lived  in  West  Stock- 
bridge,  Mass.  He  died  previous  to  July  6,  1825.  Isaac  Rees 
was  appointed  guardian  for  Hiram  G.,  son  of  Silas,  deceased,  in 
1832.  He  made  a  will  May  29,  1824,  in  which  he  names  his  wife 
Clarrissa  and  children  as  given  below.  He  also  named  his  son 
Abraham  executor;  but  Abraham  declined  to  accept  the  trust, 
and  the  court  appointed,  by  consent  of  the  heirs,  Isaac  Rees 
executor.     The  estate  amounted  to  $906.12.     Children  : 


John  R. 


STErllF.N   D. 


Nelson  H. 




Caroline  (Thomas) 


775 — fi.     Lucinda   (Castle). 
776—7.     Oliver. 
777—8.     HlKAM  G. 

778.  Abraham  Crane3  [308],  (Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abra- 
ham,'- Benjamin1),  married  Betsey  Twining,  daughter  of  William 
and  Tabitha  (Sparrows)  Twining,  of  Tolland,  Conn.  Mr.  Crane 
died  in  Canton,  Conn.,  March  12,  1864.     Children: 

779 — 1.     Wllliam. 

780 — 2.     Alexander  Nelson,  I).   1812;  Bloomtiekl,  Conn. 

781.  Benjamin  Robbins  Crane6  [752],  (Benjamin,5  Abra- 
ham,4 Abraham,3  Abraham,3  Benjamin1).  He  is  recorded  of 
Berlin,  Conn.,  Oct.  22,  1821,  for  at  that  date  he  sold  laud  in 
Wethersfield  to  Abraham  Crane  of  the  latter  place.  It  was, 
perhaps,  land  he  purchased  of  his  mother  Sarah  (Lockwood) 
Crane,  Dec.  28,  1819. 

782.  Samuel  Lockwood  Crane1'  [754],  (Benjamin,5  Abra- 
ham,4 Abraham,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1).  He  went  to  New 
Haven,  Conn.,  and  while  there  sold,  Nov.  6,  1821,  to  James  H. 
Hickox  and  wife,  of  New  Haven,  land  at  Rocky  Hill,  in  Weth- 
ersfield, and  about  six  miles  from  center  of  said  town,  bounded 
east  on  Abraham  Crane's  lot.  The  deed  was  acknowledged  in 
New  Haven. 

783.  Sarah  Crane5  [313],  (Hezekiah.4  Abraham,3  Abra- 
ham,'- Benjamin1),  married  Thomas  Harris,  at  Wethersfield, 
Conn.,  Jan.  8,  1707.  Mr.  Harris  died  Feb.  2,  1829,  aged  58. 
She  died  Feb.  7,  1820,  aged  56.     Children; 

1.  Sally  (Harris),  b.  Dec.  25,  1707;  m.  Sylvester  Woodhouse ;  d. 
November,  1828.     Children  ; 

1.  Elmira  (Woodhouse);  m.  Z.  Brockway,  Supt.  of  the 


2.  Daughter  (Woodhouse);  in  Callifornia. 
Thomas  (Harris),  b.  Aug  21,   1799;  d.  September,  1857. 
Mary  (Harris),  b.  Feb.  21,  1801;  d.  April  1,  1872. 
Abigail  (Harris),  b.  Nov.  28,   1802;  d.  March  8,   187(3. 
Hezekiah  C.   (Harris),  b.  Juno  18,   1804;  d.  June  12,   1812. 
Eliza  H.  (Harris),  b.  April  10,   1800;  m.  William  Talcott;  d. 

March  31,   1883.     Children: 

1.  William  H.   (Talcott);  at  Hartford. 

2.  Marshall  (Talcott);  at  Chicago. 

3.  Thomas  H.  (Talcott);  at  New  York  City. 

4.  Elizabeth  (Talcott) ;  m.  J.  T.  Smith. 

5.  Celia  (Talcott) ;  m.  George  Smith. 

6.  Ella  (Talcott) ;  at  Wetherstlekl. 

7.  Emily   (Harris).   1).   March  29.   1808;  d.  Jan.    15     1809 

8.  Jane  (Harris),  b.  Oct.  3,  1810;  living  January,   1890. 

9.  Hezekiah  (Harris),  b.  July  7.   1814:  d.  Aug.  9,   1894. 

10.  Chauncey  (Harris),  b.  Sept.  28,  1810;  m.  Emeline  Welles,  and 
had  two  sons  and  three  daughters,  living  in  Wethersfield, 
Conn.,  January,  1896. 

784.  Samuel  Crane5  [316],  (Hezekiah.4  Abraham,3  Abra- 
ham,-  Benjamin1),    married    Dorothy    Benton,  at  Wethersfield. 


Conn..   March  9,  1799.     She  died  April  29.  1842.     He  was  lost 
at  sea.  April  24,  1852.     Children  : 

785—1.  Nancy,  b.  Jan.  15,  1800;  d.  Au<r.  10.  1831. 

786—2.  Leonard,  b.  Sept.  10,  1801  ;  d.June  20,  1801. 

787  —  3.  Harriet,  b.  June  15,  1803. 

788—4.  Emily,  b.  Nov.  17,   1805. 

789—5.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  19,  1S07;  d.  July  15.  1811. 

790  —  6.  Leonard,  b.  July  5,  1809;  lost  at  sea  in  1828. 

701—7.  Samuel,  b.  July  23,  1813;  d.  April  24,  1852. 

792-8.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  3,   1815;  d.  May  25,   1819. 

793— 0.  Horace,  b.  July  23,  1817;  d.  young. 

704-10.  Jane,  b.  Oct,  10,   1SI0. 

795.  Hezekiah  Crane5  [317].  (Hezekiah.4  Abraham,3  Abra- 
ham.- Benjamin1),  married  widow  Dosha  Morley  Church;  her 
first  husband  was  Jonathan  Church.  He  died  May  19.  1827. 
She  died  Nov.  10,  1848.  aged  80.     Children: 

796—1      Jane  Grey,  b.  April  10.   1810. 

707—2.     James;  lost  at  sea  when  a  young  man. 

798.  Rebecca  Crane5  [320].  (Hezekiah.4  Abraham.3  Abra- 
ham.'- Benjamin1)-  married  William  Robbios.     Children: 

1.  Nancy  (Robbins).  b.  Dec.  20,   1808;  d.  April  26,   1871. 

2.  William  (Kobbins),  b.  Feb.  6,   1811;  d.  March  15,   1868. 

3.  Frances  (Robbins),  b.  Oct.  15,  1812;  living  Dec.  26,  1895. 

4.  Mary  (Robbins),  b.  Sept.  8,  1816. 

5.  Julia  (Robbins),  b.  June  20,  1819:  d.  1843. 

6.  Rebecca  (Robbins),  b.  Jan.  0,  1821;  d.  February,  1888. 

7.  Celia  (Robbins),  b.  Oct.  2(5,  1825. 

8.  Lawrence  (Robbins),  b.  Feb.  20,  1826. 

0      Luther  (Robbins),   b.   Sept.   13,    1827;  m.   Eliza  Merriman :  4 
children.     He  was  living  Dec.  26,  1805. 

799.  Emily  Crane5  [321].  (Hezekiah.'1  Abraham.3  Abra- 
ham,2 Benjamin1),  married  March  24,  1815.  Ashbel  Robertson, 
of  Coventry.  Conn.  He  was  a  physician,  and  died  Feb.  18, 
1S47.  at  Wetherstield.  Conn.     She  died  May  13.  1860. 

Children  : 

1.  Jane  Elizabeth  (Robertson),   b.  Jan.    13,   1816;  m.   Cornelius 

Stillman,  Nov.  10,  1811  ;   2  sons  and  3  daughters. 

2.  Julia  (Robertson),  b.  Sept.  3,   1817. 

:j.     John  (Robertson),  b.  May  18,  1810;  m.  Clarissa  Higley ;  5  sous. 
4      Susan  Emlly  (Robertson),  b.  Jan.  20,  1821  ;  m.  Win.  H.  Haw- 
ley  ;  2  sons  and  2  daughters. 

5.  Harriet  Baldwin  (Robertson;,  b.  Dec.  4,  1822. 

6.  Charles  Lafayette  (Robertson),  b.  Dec.  4,  1824;  m.  Elizabeth 

Hedden  ;  2  sons  and  4  daughters. 

7.  Austin  Janes  (Robertson),  b.  Nov.  14,  1826. 

8.  Henry  Clay,  (Robertson),  b.  Dec.  23,    1828;   m.  Sophia  Bel- 

lows;  1  daughter.     He  d.  Jan.  25,  1864. 

800.  Joseph  Crane5  [326],  (Joseph.4  Abraham.3  Abraham. - 
Benjamin1),  married  Mary  May.  at  Wetherstield.  Conn..  Nov. 
17.  1803,  where  they  settled.     His  children  had  one  share  in  the 


distribution  of  their  grandfather's  estate.  May  7,  1819.     He  died 
Oct.  17,  1805,  aged  22.     Children: 

801  — I.     Joseph,  b.  March  7,  1804. 
802-2.     Mary  A.,  bapt.  May  4,  1806. 

803.  George  Crane5  [328J,  (Joseph,4  Abraham,3  Abra- 
ham,2 Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Kelsey,  April  19,  1818.  He 
was  a  sea  captain.  He  died  Nov.  28.  1824,  at  Bridgeport, 
Conn.     She  died  Dee.  13,  1856,  at  Fairfield,  N.  Y.     Children: 

804—1.  Sarah  Susan  b.  May  20,  1819;  d.  Dec.  4,  1820. 

805—2.  EMELINE,  b.  Jan.  1,  If  21  ;  d.  Aug.  18,  1888. 

80G— 3.  Louisa  Maria,  b.  Nov.  4.  1822;  d.  May  15,  1825. 

807—4.  George,  b.  Oct.  1,  1824;  d.  March  28,  1825. 

808.  Justus  Crane5  [329],  (Joseph,4  Abraham,3  Abraham, - 
Benjamin1),  married  Annah  Fordiek,  of  Wetherstield,  Conn., 
March  5,  1812.     Child: 

809—1.     Abbt,  b.  March,  10,  1817 

810.  David  Crane5  [332],  (Joseph,4  Abraham,3  Abraham,2 
Benjamin1)  married  by  Rev.  Augustus  Bolles,  pastor  of  Baptist 
Church,  Wintonbury,  Sept.  25,  1822,  Pamelia,  daughter  of  Levi 
and  Sarah  Grant  Denning.  She  died  Dec.  28,  1872.  Resided 
at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  and  at  time  of  marriage  both  were  of 
that  place.     Children  : 

811—1.  Maria,  b.  Sept.  24,  1823;  d.  July  20,  1887. 

812—2.  David,  b.  March  13,  1826. 

813—3.  Sarah,  b.  Oct.  29,  1829. 

814—4.  Juliette,  b.  July,  1833. 

815—5.  Levi  D.,  b.  June  26,  1835;  d.  December,  1847. 

816—6.  Abigail,  b.  July  21,    183m  ;  m.  Rev.  S.  D.  Jones,  who  was 
preaching  in  Hackeusack,  N.  J.,  in  1896. 


817.  Jonathan  Crane6  [339],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4  Jona- 
than,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  Morse.  They 
settled  in  Aylesford  County,  Nova  Scotia.  He  died  previous  to 
Aug.  9,  1820,  leaving  nine  children,  five  of  them  daughters, 
whose  names  were  not  given.     Children  : 

818 — 1 .  George  C. ;  d.  in  Bogota,  South  America,  Jan.  10,  1878. 

819—2.  William  J. ;  d.  in  Collin  County,  Texas.  March  1,  1879. 

820—3.  Jonathan;  living  in  1879  in  New  York  State. 

821—4.  Charles  Amer,  b.  1818. 

822.  Major  James  Noble  Crane6  [340],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4 
Jonathan,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  was  born  at  Grand  Pre,  Nova 
Scotia.  He  married  Louisa  Charlotte  Avery,  at  that  place,  Oct. 
IT,  1815,  where  he  resided.  He  was  a  fanner,  and  a  prominent 
gentleman  in  the  Province,  holding  a  commission  as  major  in  the 
militia.  He  died  at  Grand  Pre,  Aug.  12,  1868.  She  died  at 
Halifax,  N.  S..  Oct.  3,  1876.     Children: 

823—1.     Mary  Avert,  b.  Oct.  10.  1816;  made  her  home  in  Halifax. 

824  —  2.  Rebecca  Allison,  b.  Dec.  16,  1817;  m.  Sept.  8,  1855.  Geo 
H.  Starr,  President  People's  Bank,  Halifax. 

S2.3—  3.     William,  b.  April  30,  1824. 

826 — 4.     James  A.     Settled  in  Melbourne.  Australia. 

1*27—5.     Charlotte  L.     Settled  in  Halifax. 

828—6.  Samuel  Leonard,  b.  1830.  Surgeon-General  for  British 
West  Indies.  Trinidad  from  1871  A.M.G.M.D.,  Penn- 
sylvania; M.K.C.S.,  England. 

820 — 7.     Thomas  A.     Settled  in  Montreal ;  a  merchant,  Crane  &  Baird 

830—8.     Elizabth.     Settled  in  Halifax. 

831.  Nancy  Crane6  [341],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4  Jonathan,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sherman  Dennison,  and  lived  in 
Lower  Horton,  Nova  Scotia.  Names  of  their  children  as  near 
as  could  be  ascertained  : 

1.  Lavlnia  (Dennison). 

2.  Nancy  (Dennison). 

3.  Sophia  (Dennison). 

4.  Mary-  (Dennison). 

5.  Louisa  (Dennison). 

6.  Sherman  (Dennison). 

7.  William  (Dennison). 

8.  Joseph  vDennison). 

832.  William  Crane6  [342],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4  Jonathan,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Susan  Dixon  Roach,  at  Fort 
Lawrence,  Nova  Scotia,  Feb.  2,   1813.     She  was  born  Oct.  13, 


179.5.  They  settled  iu  Sackville,  New  Brunswick,  where  for 
many  years  Mr.  Craue  was  a  merchant,  and  of  the  firm  of  Crane 
and  Allison.  Mr.  Crane  was  a  successful  business  man,  and 
acquired  a  handsome  property.  He  was  active  in  public  affairs, 
represented  Westmoreland  County  in  the  Provincial  Parliament 
for  many  years,  and  was  twice  sent  as  a  delegate  to  England  on 
public  business.  He  was  twice  Speaker  of  the  House  of 
Assembly,  holding  that  office  at  the  time  of  his  death.  For 
many  years  he  was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council.  His 
first  wife  died  Feb.  22,  1830,  leaving  one  child.  He  married 
2d,  in  London,  England,  in  1838,  Eliza  Wood,  by  whom  he  had 
eight  children.  He  died  while  attending  to  legislative  duties, 
March  31,  1853,  at  Fredericton,  N.  B. 
Children  : 

833—1.     Ruth,  b.  Dec.  7,  1813;  m.  Edward  Cogswell,  Jan.  24,  1850. 
834:— 2.     Mary  Susan,  b.  ;  m.  Capt.  C.  K.  Faquharson,  late  of 

H.  M    15th  Kegiraeut. 
835—3.     Laura,  b.  ;  m.  Robert  James  Sisson,  Esq.,  of  North 

836 — 4.     Eliza  Emma.  b.  ;  m.  Surgeon-General  Samuel  Leonard 

Crane,  C.M.G. 

8137—5.     Marian,  b.  ;  m.  Rear-Admiral  Jackson,  R.  N. 

838 — 6.     William  Hknry,  b.  ;  residence  (1899)  London,  Eug. 

Three  other  children  died  in  infancy. 

839.  Silas  Hibert  Crane6  [343],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4  Jona- 
than,3 Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Ann  Chandler.  He  was 
for  many  years  a  merchant,  and  resided  at  Economy,  Colchester 
County,  Nova  Scotia,  where  he  died.     Children  : 

840—1.  Joseph  Allison,  b   July  17,  1824. 

841—2.  Maria  Louisa,   b.  Jan.  12,  18215. 

842—3.  T.  Chandler,  b.  July  19,  1829;  a  physician  in  Halifax. 

843 — i.  Jonathan  Willard,  b.  Nov.  12,  1830. 

844 — 5.  Susan  Haliburton,  b.  Aug.  12,  1833. 

845 — 6.  Robert  Grant,  b.  ;  d.  in  childhood. 

846—7.  Eliza  Mary  Blatchford,  b.  Feb.  27,  1837. 

847—8.  Helen  Grant,  b.  Nov.  22,  1840. 

848.  Rebecca  Crane6  [344],  (Jonathan,5  Silas,4  Jonathan,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Samuel  Black,  and  lived  in 
Halifax,  Nova  Scotia.     Children  : 

1.  Jonathan  (Black) 

2.  William  (Black). 

3.  Rebecca  (Black) 

849.  John  Crane6  [352],  (Benjamin,"'  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'-  Benjamin1),  married    at  Bethel,   Vt.,  Catherine  . 

May  16,  1792.  She  was  born  in  Sutton,  Mass.,  Dec.  10,  1772. 
He  died  at  Lisbon,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  31,  182(5.  She  died  at  Bristol, 
Vt.,  Feb.  23,  1830.     Children: 

850  —  1.     Benjamin  F.,  b.  Feb   21,  1793;  d.   April  (',,  1796. 

851—2.     Levi,  b.  Jan.  29.  1795. 

852—3.     Sylvia,  b.  Aug.  13,  179(5;  d.  Jan.  19,  1842,  at  Bristol,  Vt. 


853—4.  Benjajiin,   b.   July  23,   1798;   d.   Oct.  25,   1823,  in   Morgan 

County,  Ga. 

854— 5.  Elijah,  b.  Nov.  2,  1800. 

855—6.  John,  b.  Dec.  11,  1802. 

856—7.  Tkiman  L.,  b.  May  14,  1805. 

857—8.  Sarah  H.,  b.  April  26,  1808. 

85S-9.  Permelia  F.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1811  ;  d.  Oct.  17,  1816. 

859.  Amos  Crane6  [364],  (Elijah,-5  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'3 Benjamin1),  married  Martha  Remington,  of  Suffleld, 
Conn..  Oct.  30.  1799,  and  settled  in  Washington,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.,  where  with  the  exception  of  two  years'  he  passed 
his  entire  life.  For  thirty-two  years  he  was  connected  with  the 
M.  E.  Church  there,  lie  died  July  25,  1863,  aged  89  years,  at 
that  time  being  the  oldest  inhabitant  of  the  town,  His  wife  died 
Nov.  16,  1841,  in  the  65th  year  of  her  age;  a  devoted  Christian 
woman.     Children : 


Martha  R.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1801. 
Amos  S.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1802. 
Samuel  R.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1804. 
Polly,  b.  Oct.  15,  1806. 
George,  b.  April  17,  1808. 
Lucy,  b.  Sept.  30,  1810. 
John  M.,  b.  March  21.  1813. 
William  H.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1816. 

868.  Joel  Crane6  [366],  (Elijah,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan, '- 
Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  14,  1802,  Harriet  Sedgwick,  of  Lenox, 
Mass.,  and  settled  in  Washington,  Mass.  ;  a  farmer.  In  the  year 
1830  he  removed  to  Lysander,  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.,  where 
he  died  Dec.  20,  1843.     Children  all  born  in  Washington,  Mass. 

Children  : 

869—1.  Harriet,  b.  Dec.  3,  1803. 

870—2.  Nancy,  b.  Feb.  3,  1806. 

«71_3.  Joel  S.,  b.  March  9,  1809. 

872-4.  Emily,  b.  July  15,  1811;  d.  Feb.  4,  1826. 

873—5.  Edwin  O.,  b.  March  1,  1814;  d.  Oct.  5,  1835. 

874.  Elijah  Crane'5  [370],  (Elijah,3  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Polly  Lindsley  about  the  year  1812, 
at  Madrid,  N.  Y.,  where  he  settled;  a  farmer.  They  lived  for  a 
time  in  Cauton.  She  died  Jan.  20,  1875.  He  died  June  20, 
1878.     Children: 

875—1.  Elijah  C,  b.  June  12,  1815. 

876—2.  OLVTSON  W.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1817. 

877—3.  Orson  N.,  b.  May  16,  1821. 

878—4.  Lester,  b.  July  10,  1823. 

879—5.  Amos  L.,  b.  Sept.  30,  1825. 

880.  Abel  Crane6  [384],  (Samuel,5  John,4  John.3  Jona- 
than."2 Benjamin1),   married   Jane    .     She  died  June  26, 

1844.      Children  : 

8Sl  — 1.     Samuel;  d.  in  Chicago. 

SSL'— 2.     James;  d.  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  leaving  a  son  and  two  daughters. 



883 — 3.     William  H.     Went  to  Virginia  and  d.  there,  leaving  two  and 

perhaps  more  daughters. 
884—4.     Daughter. 

885.  Archer  Crane6  [385],  (Samuel,5  John.4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'3 Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  12,  1809,  Vilitia  Cornish,  of 
Onondaga.  N.  Y.  He  was  born  in  Simsbury,  Conn.  He  was  a 
farmer.  He  removed  from  New  York  State  to  Michigan  in  1835. 
settling  in  Fredonia,  Washtenaw  County.  She  died  Dec.  1,  1855. 
He  died  Dec.  17,  1855.     Both  died  at  Blissfield,  Mich. 

Children  : 

886—1.     Edwin  D.,  b.  May  14,  1812. 

887—2      Charles  T.,  b.  Sept.  21,  1814. 

888—3.     Joel  C,  b.  June  6,  1817. 

889—4.     Charity   M.,    b.  July  26,  1819;  m. Judah  McLean.     She  d. 

March  7,  1853,  and  a  few  years  later  her  husband  and  four 

children  died. 
890—5.     Archer  H.,  b.  March  30,  1821. 
891—6.     Celestia  E.,  b.  June  25,  1824;  d.  May  24,  1825. 

892.  Amherst  Crane6  [386].  (Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Beujamin1),  married  Polly  Brooks,  June  1,  1810.  They 
settled  in  Genesee  County,  N.  Y.,  and  built  a  log  house  in  the 
then  wilderness.  She  was  born  Dec.  24,  1789,  and  died  March 
19,  1834.     He  died  June  10,  1861.     Children  : 

893—1.  Ambrose,  b.  July  17,  1811. 

894—2.  Jane  Polly,  b.  Nov.  14,  1812. 

895—3.  Leora  Theodosh,  b.  Oct.  7,  1814. 

890—4.  Charity  Maria,  b.  Nov.  28,  1816. 

897—5.  Clara  Fidelia,  b.  Dec.  3,  1818. 

898-6.  Edmond  D.,  b.  Dec.  23,  1820. 

899—7.  Thirza,  b.  Nov.  11,  1822. 

900—8.  Lucretia  L.,  b.  June  30,  1825. 

901—9.  DlANTHA  T.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1827. 

902-10.  Asa  Brooks,  b.  June  21,  1830;  d.  May  21,  1858;   unmarried. 

903.  Ambrose  Crane6  [387],  (Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Maria  Waldron  in  New  York, 
and  went  to  Florida,  where  she  died,  leaving  two  children.  He 
was  engaged  in  Government  business  in  Tallahassee.  After  the 
death  of  his  first  wife  he  went  to  Galveston,  Texas,  and  married 
2d .     He  died  Oct.  15,  1857.     Childreu  : 






Ambrose  Byron. 




Benjamin  Eaton. 





911.  Daniel  Colton  Crane6  [388],  (Samuel.5  John.4 
John,3  Jouathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Thirza  Griffin,  Jan. 
24,  1811.  She  was  born  Oct.  21,  17*7;  died  Nov.  26,  1855. 
He  married  2d,  Jerusha  M.  Cott,  of  Greenfield,  Indiana,  to  which 


place  he  removed  at  quite  an  early  day  in  the  settlement  of  that 
country,  where  he  carried  on  farming.  He  removed  to  Blissfleld, 
Mich.,  in  1859.  He  died  in  Deerfield,  Mich.,  May  5,  1872.  In 
1818  he  was  Captain  in  170th  Regiment,  New  York  Infantry,  and 
had  been  called  for  active  duty  in  wars  of  1812  and  1814. 
Children  : 

912-1.  Thirza  ST.,  b.  March  26,  1812. 

913—2.  Olando,  b.  Dec.  9,  1813. 

914-3.  JonN  A.,  b.  Feb.  1,  1816. 

915-4.  Hannah  A.,  b.  April  21,  1818. 

916—5.  Sylvester  F.,  b.  Sept.  4,  1820;  d.  Nov.  14,  1821. 

917—6.  Charity  L.,  b.  Aug.  11,  1822. 

918—7.  Theodotia  L.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1825. 

919—8.  George  C,  b.  Oct.  16,  1827;  d.  April  1,  1S55. 

920—9.  Charlotte  C,  b.  Nov.  30,  1831  ;  d.  April  6,  1847. 

921-10.  Daniel  Colton,  b.  Sept.  29,  1857. 

922-11.  Edwin  S.,  b.  Aug.  15,  1859. 

923-12.  Thirza  M.,  b.  April  14,  1862. 

924-13.  C.  Spencer,  b.  March  27,  1864. 

925.  Luke  Crane6  [390],  (Samuel,  3Johu,4  John,3  Jonathan, - 
Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y. ;  married 
Cynthia  Griffin  there  Dec.  29,  1814,  and  removed  to  Genesee 
County,  and  later  removed  to  Lansing,  Mich.,  where  he  died 
Sept.  4,  1856 ;  by  occupation  a  farmer.  She  then  married  2d,  a 
Mr.  Butterfield.     She  died  May  30,  1881.     Children: 

926—1.  Cynthia,  b.  Feb.  24,  1816;  d.  June  17,  1834. 

927—2.  Hiram  H.,  b.  Aug.  20,  1817. 

928—3.  Stephen  G.,  b.  Jan.  29,  1819. 

929—4.  George  W.,  b.  April  30,  1821. 

930—5.  Morris  M.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1822;  d.  Aug.  17,  1846. 

931—6.  Lafayette,  b.  June  12,  1824. 

932—7.  Cyrenus  C,  b.  Jan.  27,  1827;  d.  Dec.  15,  1887. 

933—8.  B.  Franklin,  b.  Dec.  18,  1827. 

934—9.  Albert  T.,  b.  Sept.  :',  1828. 

935-10.  Caroline,  b.  April  19,  1831 ;  d.  June  20,  1852. 

936.  Sylvester  Return  Crane6  [391],  (Samuel,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Abigail  P.  Austin,  at 
Bennington,  Genesee  County,  N.  Y.,  in  the  year  1824.  She  was 
born  in  Tyriugham,  Mass.,  July  1,  1803.  For  over  forty  years 
he  was  a  resident  of  Bennington,  where  he  was  held  in  high 
esteem,  having  been  honored  with  nearly  every  public  office 
within  the  gift  of  his  townsmen.  He  died  there  Oct.  26,  1878. 
Children  : 

937—1.  Helen  Mar. 

938 — 2.  Irene  Elizabeth. 

939—3.  Hannah  Maria. 

940 — 4.  Sylvester  Edgar. 

941  —  5.  Orin. 

942.  Isaac  Crane6  [396],  (Joshua,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,3 Benjamin1),  married  Polly  Brown  of  Mason,  N.  H.,  Nov. 
29,  1802.  She  was  born  Nov.  18,  1784.  Nearly  all  of  the 
family  name  in  New  Hampshire  spell  it  Crain.     His   youngest 


child,  Harriet  N.,  had  a  guardian  appointed  by  Judge  of  Probate 
in  1842.  She  with  the  three  next  older  children  had  a  guardian 
appointed  March  16,  1825.     Children: 

943—1.  Jonas  B.,  b.  Dec.  30,  1803. 

944_2.  Ora,  b.  Oct.  2,  1805;  d.  June  15,  1812. 

945—3.  Maria,  b.  June  0,  1807;  d.  Feb.  2,  1809. 

946—4.  Maria,  b.  Oct.  30,  1809. 

947—5.  Ri-th  Emeline,  b.  Jan.  3,  1812;  d.  Jan.  26,  1814. 

948_6.  Ora  Kimball,  b.  March  14,  1814;  d.  Jan.  11,  1815. 

949—7.  Ruth  Emeline,  1  twins,  >  d.  July  3,  1818. 

950—8.  Patty  Adeline,  J  b.  Feb.  4,  1816 ;  5 

951—9.  Chloe  Juliana,  b.   Aug.  15,  1820;  d.  May.  1839. 

952-10.  Samuel  Oswald,  b.  Oct.  30,  1822;  d.  March,  1832. 

953-11.  Harriett  Newell,  b.  May  7,  1824. 

954.  Dr.  Joshua  Crain6  [397],  (Joshua.5  Abiah,4  John.3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Giddings.  a  native  of 
Lunenburg,  Mass.  ;  born  August,  1777.  Mr.  Crain  was  reared 
in  Alstead,  N.  H.,  but  studied  medicine  with  the  celebrated  Dr. 
Kittridge  of  Walpole,  N.  H.,  and  became  a  very  successful  prac- 
titioner. He  is  said  to  have  been  a  man  of  high  personal 
character,  and  that  he  gained  great  popularity  in  his  profession. 
Three  students  were  studying  medicine  under  his  direction  at  his 
home  at  the  time  of  his  death  in  Hillsboro,  where  he  located  and 
practiced  his  profession.  He  died  Feb.  1,  1811.  She  died  in 
Washington.  Oct.  29,  1859.  The  record  of  the  administration  of 
his  estate  may  be  found  in  Nashua,  N.  H.  Widow  Sarah  and 
Elijah  Beard  were  appointed  Feb.  19.  1811,  to  settle  it.  The 
widow  Sarah  was  also  appointed  guardian  of  her  three  children 
June  18,  1811.     Children: 

955—1.     Juliana,  b.  Oct.  14,  1803. 

956—2.     Louisa  R.,  b.  March  24,  1806. 

957—3.     Joshua  Darling,  b.  Oct.  30,  1809,  in  Hillsboro. 

958.     Dr.    Eleazer  Crain6  [401],    (Joshua,5  Abiah,4  John,3 

Jonathan,-    Benjamin1),   married    Elizabeth   .     He  studied 

medicine,  and  afterwards  settled  in  Springfield,  Vt.,  where  he 
practiced  his  profession,  and  died  there.     Children  : 

959—1 . 



Dr.    Henry   F.,  m.  Helen  A.   ; 

lived    in   Springfield 

Vt. ;  a  son,  Noble  J.,  lived  in  Everett, 

Mass. ;  druggist. 


Mary  Anne. 





964      6. 




966— 8. 








970.     Dr.   Samuel  Crain6   [402],    (Joshua.5   Abiah,4   John,3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  and  settled  first  in  Alstead,  N. 


H.,  but  removed  to  New  Jersey,  and  afterwards  to  the  State  of 
Pennsylvania.     Children : 

was  a  physician,  and  went  to  Pennsylvania  before 












976— 6. 










981.  Polly  Crain6  [403],  (Joshua,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Jedediah  Bacon;  settled  in  Williams- 
town,  Vt.     Child: 

1.     Daniel  (Bacon)  ;  residence,  Northfleld,  Vt. 

982.  Eunice  Crain6  [404],  (Joshua,5  Abiah.4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  June  14,  1812,  Amos  Goodale  of 
Alstead,  N.  H.     He  was  bom  March  12,  1789. 

983.  Josiah  Crane13  [406],  (Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  the  widow  Ruth  Adams,  and  settled 
in  Cambria,  Niagara  County,  N.  Y.     Children: 

984—1.  Barney  A 

985 — 2.  MaEIAH. 

986—3.  Rhumah. 

987—4.  Grath. 

988—5.  Lucinda  A. 

989—6.  Philothita. 

990.  Eunice  Crane6  [407],  (Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Metcalf,  and  settled  in  Massa- 
chusetts.    One  report  says  she  died  in  Brattleboro,  Vt.    Children  : 

1.  William  (Metcalf). 

2.  George  P.  (Metcalf). 

991.  Dr.  Rufus  Crain6  [408],  (Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  in  1796  Philotheta  Marshall.  She 
was  born  in  Colchester,  Conn.,  April  20,  1778.  The  marriage 
tool?  place  in  Warren,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y,,  where  the  Doctor 
settled,  and  remained  until  his  death,  Sept.  18,  1846.  He  studied 
medicine  with  Dr.  Samuel  Ross  of  Colchester,  who  gave  him  a 
certificate,  dated  in  1794,  attesting  his  thorough  qualification  to 
practice  as  a  physician.  Dr.  Crain  (for  he  spelled  his  name  with 
an  i)  at  once  removed  to  Warren,  and  began  the  practice  of  his 
profession,  acquiring  the  confidence  and  esteem  of  the  community. 
For  about  twenty  years,  under  the  administration  of  various 
governors,  he  held  the  commission  of  Judge  of  the  Court  of 
Common  Pleas  for  Herkimer  County,  and  in  1828  was  presiden- 



tial  elector  for  that  congressional  district,  and  voted  for  Andrew 
Jackson.     Children : 

992  —  1.     William  Culllen,  b.  Aug.  31,  1798. 

993—2.     Viancy. 

904.  Tirzah  Chain6  [411],  (Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John.3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1 ),  married  Augustus  Sharp,  and  settled  at  Lock- 
port,  N.  Y.      Children  : 

1.  Pitt  (Sharp);  went  south. 

2.  DeWitt  (Sharp)  ;  settled  in  Buffalo,  N.  T. 

3.  Phipps  (Sharp)  ;  settled  in  New  York  city. 

4.  Adaline  (Sharp)  ;  m.  Mr.  Alderman  and  went  to  Illinois. 

5.  Levancha  (Sharp)  ;  m.  Mr.  Stannard  and  settled  in  Buffalo. 

6.  Maryette  (Sharp)  ;  m.  and  went  west. 

995.  Asa  Crane6  [412],  (Isaac, 5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan. - 
Benjamin1),  married  Catharine  Lyon,  and  settled  in  Hartland. 
Niagara  County,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

99(5—1.  William  D. 

997—2.  Catharine;  m.  a  Mr.  Webster  ;  no  children. 

998—3.  Eliza. 

999 4.  Walter;  m.,  and  was  living  in  Lockport,  N.  Y. 

1000 — 5.  Moses,  d.  young. 

1001—6.  Moses  L. 

1002—7.  Jane  Ann,  d.  young. 

1003—8.  Viancy. 

1004—9.  Helen;  m.  July  2,   1827. 

1005-10.  Frances;  m.  Jonathan  Morris. 

1006.  Amos  Crane6  [415],  (Isaac.5  Abiah.4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Phebe  Filer  of  Warren,  Herki- 
mer County,  N.  Y..  by  whom  he  had  two  sons;  married  2d, 
Mahala  Cooper,  Nov.  7.  1819.  Mr.  Crane  served  in  the  war  of 
1812,  and  was  present  at  the  burning  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  during 
that  period ;  was  a  pensioner  of  that  war.  Their  first  child  was 
born  at  Columbia,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y. :  the  second  and 
third  at  Buffalo.  In  1821  the  family  removed  to  Lockport.  where 
they  remained  until  1836,  when  they  settled  in  Rose,  Oakland 
County,  Mich.,  and  from  there,  in  1850,  they  removed  to  Green- 
ville. Montcalm  County,  where  Mr.  Crane  died  Dec.  24,  1872. 
She  died  Aus.  25.  1857.  He  was  a  mechanic,  and  also  a  farmer, 
and  was  born  in  Halifax.  Windham  County,  Vt.     Children  : 

1007—1.  Isaac  Newton,  b.  July  14,  1814. 

1008—2.  Josiah,  b.  Nov.  7,  1810. 

1009—3.  William  M.,  b.  Sept.  7,  1S20. 

1010—4.  Gleason  P.,  b.  Oct.  17,  1821;  d.  in  infancy. 

101 1—5.  Rcfus  C,  b.  Jan.  9.  1823. 

1012-6.  Lccinda,  b.  Dec.  25,  1825;  d.  aged  7  years. 

1013— 7.  George  F.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1826;  d.  in  infancy. 

1014—  8.  Ephraim,  b.  Oct.  16,  1827:  d.  young. 

1015—9.  Eunice  Amelia,  b.  Dec.  17,  1828;  d.  young. 

1016-10  Maryette  Augusta,  b.  Dec.  28,1830. 

1017-11.  Juliette  Amelia,  b.  Feb.  22,  1832. 

1018-12.  George  Andrew,!).  Oct.  15.  1*34. 

1019-13.  Cynthia  Genette,  b.  Feb.  12,  1836. 


1020-14.     Charles  Edwin,  b.  April  17,  1838;  d.  young. 
1021-15.     Antonette  Paolesta,  b.  April  12,  1842;   m.  Willie  Strott; 
settled  in  Greenville;  uo  children. 

1022.  Eunice  Crane15  [421],  (Abiah,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than.2 Benjamin1),  married  in  1810,  William  Thompson,  son  of 
William,  Jr.,  and  Patty  (Hale)  Thompson,  who  was  born  in 
Alstead,  N.  H.,  March  12,  1789.  She  was  born  at  Surrey,  N.  EL, 
Aug.  28,  1790,  and  died  at  Shalersville,  Ohio,  Aug'.  26,  1853. 

Children  ; 

1.  William    (Thompson),    b.  Feb.    21,    1813,  Alstead,  N.  H. ;  m. 

Fanny  Peirce. 

2.  Lucina    (Thompson),   b.    Aug.   30,    1815,   Alstead,    N.    H.;  m. 

Myron   Crane,  son  of  Asa   and   Theodosia   Crane,   Feb.   14, 
1842.     She  d.  Oct.  10,  1351.     Child: 

1.     Charles  H.,  b.  June  8,  1843;  d.  June  11,  1849. 

3.  Nancy  Maria  (Thompson),  b.  Jan.  10,  1818,  Shalersville,  Ohio. 

4.  Juliaettr  (Thompson),  b.  March  3,  1823. 

5.  H.  Hale  (Thompson),  b.  Dec.  21,  1831 ;  d.  March  21,  1848. 

1023.  Ruth  Crane6  [425],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Welcome  Hartlett.  They  settled  in 
Glover,  Vt.,  where  their  children  were  born.  Later  the  family 
removed  to  Western,  N.  Y.,  where  she  died.     Children: 

1.  Francis  (Bartlett). 

2.  Aldis  (Bartlett). 

2.  El vxra  (Bartlett) ;  m.  Flemming. 

3.  Adaline  (Bartlett)  ;  d.  at  Glover,  Vt. 

1024.  Anna  Crane*5  [426],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Paul  Cook,  of  Glover,  Vt.,  and  died 
there.     Children : 

1.     (Cook);  m.    Miss   Simons,  of  Williamstown,  and  settled 

in  Glover,  Vt. 

2.  Elsina  (Cook);  m.  William  Drew,  of  Glover,  Vt. 

3.  Lucy  (Cook) ;  m.  Jennis  ;  lived  in  Glover,  Vt. 

4.  Laura  (Cook) ;  d    unmarried. 

1025.  Ariel  Crane6  [428],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  22,  1820,  Mary  Herrick,  of 
Randolph,  Vt.  She  was  born  April  21,  1797.  He  was  a  farmer, 
and  spent  his  days  on  the  farm  where  he  was  born.  He  died 
Nov.  17,  1876,  aged  83.     Children: 

10215— 1 

Joseph,  b.  Oct.  24,  1821. 

Mary,  b.  Feb.  18,  1823. 

Eleanor,  b.  June  31,  1825;  d.  Oct.  6,  1827. 

Ariel  Denison,  b.  April  28,  1826;  d.  Oct.  13,  182 

Ellen  E.,  b.  March  5,  1828. 

Caroline  E.,  b.  June  24,  1831. 

Charles,  b.  Nov.  20,  1834. 

George,  b.  Dec.  12,  1837. 

1034.     Horatio  Crane6  [429], (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),   married  Sophia  Edsou.     He  was  a  farmer, 


and  settled  in  Williamstown,  Vt.,  .where  his  children  were  born. 
About  the  year  1827  he  sold  his  farm  in  Williamstown  and  pur- 
chased another  in  Jericho,  Vt.,  where  he  was  killed,  March  10, 
1828,  while  clearing  a  piece  of  land.     Children: 

1035—1.     George  H.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1823. 
1036—2.     Sophia,  b.  January,  1827. 

1037.  Oren  Crane6  [430],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  born  at  Williamstown,  Vt.  He  married 
Lydia  Grover,  of  Brookfjeld,  Vt.,  April  20,  1820.  They  settled 
in  Jericho,  Vt.,  where  their  children  were  born,  and  where  he  died 
March  26,  1873.     She  died  Jan.  20,  1871.     Children: 

1038—1.     Lhcy,  b.  Jan.  9,  1821. 

1039—2.     Edwin,  b.  Feb.  25,  1822. 

1040—3.     Francis,  b.  Aug.  30,  1823;  d.  March  14,  1882;  unmarried. 

1D41—4.     Oren,  b.  Feb.  1,  1826;  m.  Martha  J.  Abbott,  March  21,  1852. 

He  d.  Feb.  3,  1860;  wife  also  dead. 
1042 — 5.  Horatio  Dennison,  h.  Sept.  1,  1831. 
1043—6.     Lydia,  b.  Aug.  16,  1838;  m.  Wm.  G.  McPherson,  Sept.  30, 

1880;  resides  McPherson,  Cal. ;  no  children. 
1044—7.     Charles,  b.  Jan.  24,  1841. 

1045.  Area  Crane6  [431],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,3 Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Mary  Shipman,  of  Northfield, 
Vt.  They  had  three  sons  and  two  daughters,  all  born  in  North- 
field,  Vt.  The  family  in  1835  removed  to  the  State  of  In- 
diana, where  his  first  wife  and  four  of  her  children  died.  He 
married  2d,  widow  Mary  Scott;  3d,  Julia  Lamphere.  He  worked 
in  a  fulling-mill  as  a  dresser  of  cloth.     He  died  in  1880. 

Children  : 

1046 — I.  Mary;  d.  young  in  Indiana. 

1047 — 2.  Saixie;  d.  young  in  Indiana. 

1048 — 3.  Julius;  d.  young  in  Indiana. 

1049—4.  AbbaD.,  b.  1826. 

1050—5.  Cornelius;  d.  young  in  Indiana. 

1051—6.  Samuel  D.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1843. 

1052—7.  Benjamin  F.,  b.  Dec.  19,  1846. 

1053—8.  Ella  J.,  b.  April  11,  1852. 

9.  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

1054.  Lccina  Crane6  [432],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  20,  1826,  Samuel  Bates, 
of  Brookfield,  Vt.,  who  was  born  May  9,  1799,  and  died  Sept.  6, 
1861.     She  died  Nov.  5,  1877.     Children: 

1.  Lucina  (Bates),  b.  Oct.  13,  1828;  d.  June  5,  1850. 

2.  Thomas  (Bates),  b.  July  18,  1830;  d.  Sept.  16,  1830. 

3.  Samuel  Lysander  (Bates),  b.  Nov.  11,  1831. 

4.  Ellen  Efkigena  (Bates),  b.  Feb.  18,  1834;  d.  July  15,  1841. 

1055.  Rev.  Samuel  Lysander  Bates  [3];  studied  for  the  ministry; 

graduated  at  Andover,  Mass.;  a  Congregationalism     He  m. 
Marion  Elizabeth  Walker,  of  Vermont,  b.  Jan.  29,  1843.     He 


has   preached  at  Newbury,  Vt.,  and   was,   December,   1896, 
preaching  in  Burlington,  Vt.     Children  : 

1.  Mary  Russell  (Bates),  b.  Sept.  9,  1872. 

2.  Samuel  Walker  (Bates),  b.  Sept.  9,  1880;  d.  April  27. 


1056.  Porter  Crane6  [434],  (Joseph,3  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than.2 Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Parkhurst  Nelson,  of  Crafts- 
bury,  Vt.,  born  Aug.  30,  1810.  They  settled  in  Wolcott,  where 
he  was  a  manufacturer  and  dresser  of  cloth.  She  died  there 
Dec.  6,  1871.     He  died  there  Oct.  23,  1880.     Children  : 

1057 — 1.     Arba  Nklson,  b.  Jan.  11,  1834;  lawyer;  residence  St.  Louis, 

Mo.;  unmarried. 
1058—2.     Franklin,   b.    Dec.  27,  1835;    m.  Ella  Whitney;  residence 

Kirkhaven.  Minn. 
1059—3.     Edward  Payson,  b.  Dec.  14,  1837. 
1060—4.     Porter,  b.  Dec.  9,  1839. 
1061—5.     Sarah  E.,  b.  April  17,  1S42. 
1062—6.     Fred  E.,  b.  Sept.  12,  1846;  d.  April  28,  1877. 

1063.  Chauncy  Crane6  [436],  (Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than.'- Benjamin1),  married  September,  1840,  at  Edgartown. 
Dukes  County.  Mass.,  Clarissa  P.  Smith,  a  native  of  that  place. 
There  he  settled,  on  the  island  of  Martha's  Vineyard.  A  farmer. 
She  died  Aug.  22.  1890.  He  died  Aug.  16,  1891.  Mr.  Crane 
was  deeply  interested  in  the  genealogy  of  his  branch  of  the 
family  and  rendered  valuable  assistance  in  the  collection  of 
material  for  this  work.     Children  : 

1064—1.  Ellen  B.,  b.  April  7,  1842 ;  m.  Leander  Mayhew,  a  native  of 
Chilmark  ;  residence,  Edgartown  ;  no  children. 

106.5.  Charles  Crane6  [437].  (Joseph.5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  in  Rochester,  Mass.,  Nov.  25. 
1841,  Miribah  Crapo,  daughter  of  Philip  and  Sally  H.  Crapo,  of 
Rochester,  Mass. ;  born  March  2,  1820.  They  settled  in  Fair- 
haven,  now  Acushnet.  Mass.     Child: 

1066—1.  Charles  F  ,  b.  Oct.  19,  1843.  He  enlisted  as  a  soldier  and 
went  with  the  3d  Massachusetts  Regiment  under  com- 
mand of  General  Foster,  and  died  at  Newberne,  N.  C 
Jan.  29,  1863. 

1067.  Eunice  Crane6  [440],  (John,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,- Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Laban  Miles,  of  Dover,  N.  H., 
April  5.  1819  ;  2d.  Abner  Cobleigh,  of  Sutton,  Vt.  All  children 
by  first  husband.      Children  : 

1.  Lydia  (Miles),  b.  July,  1820;  m.  Albert  Dwinell,  of  Glover.  Vt. 

2.  Rubin  (Miles),  b.  ;  d.  in  childhood. 

3.  Sarah  (Miles),  b.  October,  1826;  m.  Lyman  Darling;  2  children. 

4.  Mary T.  (Miles),  b.  February,  1828;  m.  Lyman  Darling  ;  2d  wife; 

9  children. 
5      Martha  (Miles),  b.  1830;  m.  Win.  Blodgett;   5  children. 

1068.  Sally  Crane6  [441],  (John.5  Abiah,4  John.3  Jona- 
than,'- Benjamin'),   married  June,    1830,   Lyndon   Robinson,  of 


Barton,  Vt.,  where  she  died  April  23,  1872.      He  died  at  Newark, 
Vt.,  Aug.  2,  1891,  aged  90  years.     Children: 

1.  John  Prentice  (Robinson),  b.  July  26,  1834;  resides  at  Caui- 

bridgeport,  Mass. 

2.  J.  Owen  (Robinson),  b.  Feb.  6,  1836;  resides  at  Barton,  Vt. 

3.     (Robinson),   )    .     .  .    .     .    . 

4.     (Robinson),   }  twns'  d    lu  1Qfancy- 

1069.  John  Crane6  [443],  (John,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathans- 
Benjamin1 ),  married  1st,  Nancy  Martin,  of  Williamstown,  Vt.  ; 
2d,  Laura  Martin.     Child  : 

1070—1.     Aaron  Martin;  m.  Alida  Flint,  of  Boston,  Mass. 

1071.  Nancy  Crane6  [444].  (John,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'3 Benjamin1),  married  Hezekiah  Stellman  Bickford ;  settled 
at  Glover,  Vt.     Children  : 

1.  Laura  Ann  (Bickford) ;  d.  at  Glover,  Vt. 

2.  H.  Prentice  (Bickford)  ;  m.  and  resides  at  Monterey,  Cal. 

3.  Sarah  C.  (Bickford)  ;  m.  1st,  Chas.  C.  Hardy,  of  Glover,  Vt.  ; 

2d,  Elbridge  K.  Barker,  of  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

4.  Emily  (Bickford);  m.  Amos  L.  Gale,  of  Swiftwater,  N.  H. 

5.  Henry  (Bickford);  m.  Annie  Maria  Dickinson;  is  a  physician, 

and  resides  in  Hartford,  Conn. 

6.  Laura    Ann   (Bickford)  ;    m.   George  Goldsmith,    of    Jamaica 

Plain,  Mass. 

1072.  Laura  Crane6  [446],  (John,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
thans-Benjamin1), married  Clifton  Williams  in  1836,  and  died 
Oct.  10,  1850.  Mr.  Williams  died  Oct.  22,  1894,  aged  8.5.  He 
was  a  farmer,  and  resided  in  Glover,  Vt.     Children  : 

1.  Azro  A.  (Williams),  b.  June,  183S. 

2.  Charles  C.  (Williams),  b.  September,  1848;  d.  January,  1864. 

1073.  Azro  A.  Williams  [1]  ;  in  1861  went  to  the  State  of  Massachu- 

setts ;  in  1875  m.  Adelade  M.  Paterson,  of  Milford.  Mass.,  and 
returned  to  the  old  farm  at  Glover,  Vt.,  in  1877,  and  has  since 
that  time  resided  on  the  old  homestead.     Children  : 

1.  Percy  Paterson  (Williams),  b.  April,  1877;  d.  Octo- 

ber, 1891. 

2.  Edwin  Gray  (Williams),  b.  June,  1880. 

3.  Jesse  Clifton  (Williams),  b.  18.83. 

4.  Charles   Azro   (Williams),  b.  May,  1890;  d.  August, 


1074.  Peksis  Crane6  [447],  (John,5  Abiah,4  John.3  Jona- 
than,'2 Benjamin1),  married  Oliu  L.  Gray.  July  3,  183(5.  She 
died  April  10,  1861.  He  died  July  22,  1895,  aged  82  years  and 
7  mouths.     Children  : 

1.  Edwin  S.  (Gray),  b.    May  22.  1838;  d.  Sept.   19,  1864,  at    Win- 

chester, W.  Va. ;    soldier   in   late   war;  m.    Elvira  Sanborn, 
May,  1861. 

2.  Ervin  0.  (Gray),  b.  Aug.  17,  1845;  d.  Dec.  6.  1S53. 

3.  Chancey  C.  (Gray),  b.  Oct.  9,  1848;  d.  Feb.  17,  1851. 

4.  Laura  Villa  (Gray),  b.  May  7,  1856. 


1075.  Laura  Villa  Gray  [4];   m.   Albert   E.    Rich,    May  25,  1882; 

resides  at  Glover,  Vt.     Child  : 

1.     Arthdr  (Rich),  b.  Oct.  12,  1884. 

1076.  William  Crane1''  [440],  (Elisha,5  Elisham.4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  born  in  Bolton,  Conn.;  married  March 
14,  1801,  Hannah  Hamilton,  and  settled  in  Ellington,  Conn., 
where  he  died  in  1838.     She  died  there  in  1861.     Children  : 

1077—1.  Rebecca,  b.  Aug.  28,  1802;  d.  1853. 

1078—2.  Hannah,  b.  Nov.  2,  1803;  d.  in  infancy. 

1079—3.  Hannah,  b.  1806;  m.  Reuben  Pease,  of  Wilbraham,  Mass.  ; 

d.  Nov.  14,  1864. 

1080-4.  Betsey,  b.  1809;  d.  Jan.  17,  1857. 

1081-5.  William,  b.  1811 ;  d.  March  2,  1829. 

1082—6.  Darius,  b.  1816. 

108.3.  Daniel  O.  Crane15  [450]  (Elisha,5  Elisham,4  John.3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  April  20,  1793,  at  Norwich, 
Vt.,  Sarah  Reed.  She  was  born  in  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  July  30, 
1776.  They  settled  first  in  the  town  where  they  were  married, 
which  was  Mr.  Crane's  birthplace.  They  removed  to  Haver- 
hill, N.  H.,  after  their  children  were  born,  and  subsequently 
lived  in  Bradford,  Newbury  and  Corinth,  Vt.  He  was  a  farmer, 
and  died  Jan.  21,  1813,  of  what  they  called  "spotted  fever." 
Mrs.  Crane  died  at  Concord,  N.  H..  Dee.  15,  1851.     Children: 

10*4—1.     Betsey  Pickering,  b.  Aug.  4.  1794;  m.  Mr.  Thompson. 

10.S5— 2.     Lydia  Owen,  b.  Dec.  8,  1795. 

1086—3.     Abigail  Smith,  b.  July  10,  1797;  d.  July  11,  1815. 

1087—4.     Andrew  Marsh,  b.  Feb.  2,  1799. 

1088—5.     Sarah  Jenkins,  b.  Dec.  17,  1800. 

1089 — 3.     Margaret  Dickey,  b.  Nov.  8,  1802. 

1090 — 7.     Hezekiah  Charles  Pinckney,  b.  Aug.  27,  1804. 

1091—8.     William  Reed,  b.  July  30,  1806;  d.  July  19,  1819. 

1(192—9.     Nancy  P.,  b    April  20,  1808. 

1093-10.      MAHALA,  b.  Aug.  7,  1810. 

1094-11.     Daniel  Owen,  b.  June  18,  1812;  d.  Sept.  17,  1813. 

1095.  Wakeham  Crane6  [455],  ( Hezekiah, 5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Eunice  Barber  at  East 
Windsor,  Conn.,  1792,  and  settled  in  that  place  ;  a  farmer.  He 
died  there  Jan  21,  1835,  aged  65  years.  She  died  there  Oct.  23, 
1854,  in  the  83d  year  of  her  age.     Children: 

1096—1.  Clarissa,  b.  July  15,  1792;  in.  April  19,  1832,  Parley  Green, 
and  d.  April  26,  1867;   no  children. 

1097—2.     Sibyl,  b.  Jan.  2,  1794. 

1098—3.     Eunice,  b.  Jan.  3,  1796. 

1099-4.     Wareham  Barber,  b.  Jan.  27,  1798;  d.  May  6,  1842. 

1100—5.     Anna,  b.  (let.  30,  1799;  d  ,  aged  87  years. 

1101—6.     Russell  Willis,  b.  Jan.  31,  1802. 

1102—7.     SopnRONiA,  b.  Feb.  14,  1804. 

1103—8.     Oliver  Root,  b.  Dec.  6,  1806. 

1101—  0.     Electa  B.,  b.  Aug.  25,  1809. 

1105-10.     Hezekiah  Backus,  b.  Sept.  12,  1811. 

1106-11.  Charles  Reynolds,  b.  Feb.  26,  1817;  m.  Mary  West,  Oct.  5, 
1842 ;  no  children. 

1107-12.     Lorenzo  Bliss,  b.  Nov.  21,  1818. 


1108.  Joel  Crane6  [-456],  (Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  horn  in  East  Windsor,  Conn.;  married 
Sally  Graves  in  1706  at  Weathersfield.  Vt.,  where  they  settled;  a 
farmer  and  a  house  joiner.  Here  their  children  were  born.  He  died 
Jan.  11,  1835,  at  Pharsalia,  Chenango  County,  N.  Y.  She  also 
died  there  Oct.  '23,  1852,  Mr.  Crane  having  removed  to  that  town 
in  1796.     Children: 

1109 — 1.     Hendrick,  h.  May  1,  1797. 
1110—2.     Luther,  b.  Sept.  10,  1803. 

1111.  Hezekiah  Crane11  [457],  (Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,3  Benjamin'),  married  Feb.  10,  17'J7,  Prudence  Lake, 
of  Rindge,  N.  H.  Their  first  three  children  were  born  in  Weath- 
ersrield, Vt.,  but  in  1803  they  removed  to  Eden,  Vt.     Children: 

1112—1.  Prudenck.  b.  Jan.  16.  1798. 

1113—2.  Hezekiah,  b.  Aug.  25,  1799;  d.  March  18,  1800. 

1114— 3.  Oilman,  b.  June  30,  1801. 

1115 — 1.'  Harriet,  b.  July  31,  1803. 

1116—5.  SewallL.,  b.  April  13,  1805. 

1117—6.  Oberia,  b.  April  16,  1807;  d.  May  16-,  1807. 

1118—7.  Oberia  Hill,  b.  June  26,  1808. 

1119.  Abner  Crane6  [459],  (Hezekiah.5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jouathau,2  Benjamin1),  married  Roxana  Belknap;  lived  in 
Springfield,  Mass.  He  was  born  in  East  Windsor,  March  15, 
179-1 ;  guardian  was  appointed  for  him  by  the  court,  he  then  being 
18  years  old;  also  one  for  his  brother  Russell,  then  15,  at  same 
time ;  their  father  being  then  deceased.  He  died  Nov.  28,  1846. 
He  lived  perhaps  some  years  in  Ware;  was,  April  7.  1828,  called 
of  Ware,  and  an  armorer;  was  also  of  Ware  in  1831.  March  24, 
1817,  he  was  of  Springfield,  and  called  a  yeoman.     Children  : 

1120—1.     Abner  Belknap,  b.  April  15,  1809. 

1121 — 2.     Amaziah  Bkitto,  b.  Dec.  20,  1813,  in  Springfield,  Mass 

1122.  Rhoda  Crane6  [460],  (Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  at  East  Wiudsor,  Conn.,  Feb. 
2,  1802,  Israel  Allen,  Jr.  ;  born  July  6,  1779.  He  was  a  farmer, 
and  died  at  East  Wiudsor,  Nov.  16,  1848  or  1849.  She  died 
there  Jan.  18,  1856.     Children  : 

1.  Israel  Edward  (Allen),  b.  April  29,  1803. 

2.  Rhoda  (Allen),  b.  July  20,  1805;  d.  Feb.  29,  1808. 

3.  Rhoda  Emily  (Allen),  b.  Feb.  16.  1808;  m.  Sampson  Dunn. 

-t.     Sophia  Amelia  (Allen), b.  May24,  1810;  m.  Ephraim  D.  Hodges. 

5.  Elvira    Lccretia    (Allen),    b.    Aug.   20,   1812;  m.   Rev.  John 


6.  Emeret  Angeline  (Allen),   b.   Nov.    10,    1815;  m.   1st,  Marvin 

Kibbie  ;  2d,  Oscar  Kibbie. 

7.  Martha  Cornelia  (Allen),  b.  April  3,  1819;  m.  Titus  Alcott. 

8.  Delina  Julietta  (Allen),  b.  May  7,  1822;  m.   Rev.   David  K. 


9.  Rosana  Elizabeth  (Allen),  b.  Sept.  6,    1825;  in.    Nathaniel  C. 



1123.  Russell  Willis  Crane6  [461],  (Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,5  Benjamin1),  born  in  1779;  married  Lydia 
Parnele,  of  Sutiield.  Conn.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  resided  in 
South  Windsor.  He  died  in  East  Windsor.  She  died  in  Illinois, 
Nov.  1.  1833.     Children: 

1124—  I.  George  R. 
1125—2.  Caroline. 
1126— 3.     William  Willis,  b.  Jan.  31, 1832. 

1 127.  Lucretia  Crane6  [462],  (Hezekiah.5  Hezekiah,4  John.3 
Jonathan,'- Benjamin1),    married  Elnathan  Munsell   or    Murrill. 

Children  : 

1.  Austin  C.  (Munsell  or  Murrill). 

2.  Alonzo  (Munsell  or  Murrill). 

3.  Ortensia  (Munsell  or  Murrill  . 

4.  Louisa  (Munsell  or  Murrill). 

1128.  David  Crane6  [464].  (David.5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,-Benjamin1 ) .  born  in  the  town  of  East  Windsor,  Conn., 
Seantie  Parish;  married  Chloe  Loomis.  She  was  born  July  1, 
1780,  and  died  Nov.  24.  1820.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  died  at 
Oneida  Castle.  N.  Y..  Sept.  7.  1851.  Their  two  eldest  children 
were  born  in  East  Windsor.  Conn. ;  but  after  the  birth  of  Frank- 
lin L.  the  family  removed  to  near  Ketch  Mills,  where  the  other 
children  were  born.  Franklin  Loomis  writes  that  he  believes  his 
father  was  a  drummer  in  the  war  of  1812.     Children: 

1120—1.     David  Orville,  b.  Oct.  10,  1804. 
1130—2.     Franklin  Loomis,  b.  Jan.  10,  1808. 
1131 — 3.     Chloe  Pitkin,  b.  Aug.  21,  1816. 

1132 — 4.     Cecilia     A.,     b.    Jan.    20,    1823;    d.  at  McGregor,    Iowa. 
Aug.  27.  1870. 

1133.  Samuel  Pitkin  Crane6  [465],  (David.5  Hezekiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan.-  Benjamin';,  married  1st.  Ann  Gustin,  of 
Colchester,  in  1807.  She  was  born  Oct.  17.  1783;  died  July  15. 
1833.     He  married  2d.  Polly  Phelps.     She  was  born  Nov.   25. 

;    died  April   16.    1848.     He  married  3d.    Lois  Hitchcock. 

She  was  born  Nov.  4.  1798:  died  Oct.  24,  1876.  He  was  a 
farmer.  Settled  in  East  Windsor,  Conn.  He  served  in  the  war 
of  1812  at  New  Loudon.  Mr.  Crane  died  in  Springfield,  Mass., 
in  1882.     Children: 

1134—1.     Samuel  Gustin,  b.  June  12,  1809. 
1133—2.     Saeah  Ann,  b.  April  10,  1811. 

Jane  C.  b.  Oct.  4.  1813. 

Elizabeth,  b.  April  9,  1816. 

Daniel  Gilbert,  b.  Oct.  31,  1818. 

Susan  F  ,  b.  May  3,  1821 ;  d.  Oct.  11,  1822. 



1140.  Chauncey  Crane6  [466].  (David,5  Hezekiah,4  John.3 
Jonathan.'2  Benjamin1),  married  Phcebe  Gustin,  Oct.  18,  1809. 
She  died  Feb.  25,  1849.     He  died  Jan.  24,  1864.     Children: 

1141  —  1.     Mary  S.,  b.  Aug.  4,  1810. 
1142—2.     Amanda,  b.  May  20,  1812. 


1143—3.  ChaunceyG.,  b.  March  14,  1814. 

1144 — I.  George  C,  b.  Nov.  9,  181(3. 

1145—5.  Alfred,  b.  Dec.  19,  1818;  d.  Feb.  10,  1819. 

1146—6.  Pursis  A.,  b.  March  19,  1822. 

1147—7.  Julia  A.,  b.  March  18,  1827. 

1148—8.  Walter  G.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1829;  d.  Nov.  17,  18(52;  unmarried. 

1149.  Curtis  Crane6  [467],  (David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  a  carpenter  by  trade  and  married 
Nancy  Chapman,  at  Vernon,  Conn.,  Dec.  25,  1807.  She  was 
born  May  31,  1789.  Oct.  18,  1820,  he  bought  the  Silas  Holton 
farm  in  Springfield.  He  owned  other  laud  there.  For  a  time 
the  family  resided  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  or  North  Wilbraham, 
from  which  place  he  removed  to  New  Albany,  Ind.,  about  1840. 
He  died  Feb.  25,  1862.  She  died  Feb.  21,  1874,  at  New  Albany, 
Ind.     Children : 

1150—1.  Rosannah,  b.  July  30,  1808. 

1151—2.  Henry,  b.  May  19,  1810. 

1152—3.  Charlotte,  b.  July  4,  1812. 

1 153—4.  Harriette,  h.  Dec.  9,  1814. 

1154—5.  Electa,  b.  Feb.  24,  1817;  ra.  Capt.  E.  G.  Barry;  d.  May  22, 


1155 — 6.  Leicester  Fuller,  b.  April  25,  1819. 

1156—7.  Martin  Hale,  b.  Sept.  27,  1821. 

1157—8.  Julia  Ann,  b.  Dec.  6,  1823. 

1158—9.  William  Curtis,  b.  June  19,  1826. 

1159-10.  Nancy  Maria,  b.  Dec.  3,  1828. 

1160-11.  John  Eugene,  b.  Nov.  16,  1832. 

1161.  Lemuel  Crane6  [471],  (David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan, '-  Benjamin1),  married  in  October,  1826,  Eliza  Bull. 
She  was  born  in  1804,  and  died  May  28,  1857.  He  died  Oct.  20, 
1853.     Children: 

1162—1.  Maria  S.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1827. 

1163—2.  Charlotte  E.,  b.  December,  1828. 

1164-3.  Anna  B.,  b.  April  8,  1831. 

1165—4.  Hattie,  b.  June  3,  1833. 

1166-5.  John  W.,  b.  Sept.  12,  1835. 

1167—6.  Julia  M.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1837. 

1168-7.  Ellen  L.,  b.  February,  1840. 

1169—8.  Charles  F.,  b.  Aug.  12,  1842. 

1170—9  Warren  S.,  b.  Jan.  30,  1844. 

1171.  Betsey  Crane6  [472],  (David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Justus  Orlonzo  Reed,  a  farmer. 
They  settled  in  East  Windsor,  where  he  died  Sept.  21,  1850, 
aged  58  years.     Children  : 

1.  Lemuel  (Reed),  b.  Aug.  27,  1817;  d.  1879. 

2.  Charlotte  C.  (Reed)  ;  b.  April  9,  1818 ;  d.  Aug.  10,  1844  or  1846. 

3.  John  H.  (Reed),  b.  July  15,  1820. 

4.  Maro  S.  (Reed),  b.  May  14,  1822. 

5.  Celina  (Reed),  b.  March  22,  1825;  d.   Nov.  20,  1849. 

6.  Waldo  R.  (Reed),  b.  Oct  22,  1S27. 

1172.  John  Washington  Crane6  [474],  (David,5  Heze- 
kiah,1   John,3   Jonathan,-    Benjamin1),    married    1st,   Harriette 



Crane,  born  Dec.  9,  1814.  She  died  Sept.  8,  1834.  He  married 
2d,  Fanny  Keown.     He  married  3d,  Mary  Pitkin  in  July,  1840. 

She  was  born   April  25,  1817,  and  died .     He  married  4th, 

Ida  Benedict,  Oct.  11,  1864.  She  was  born  Nov.  10,  1840. 
Mr.  Crane  first  took  a  medical  course,  but  immediately  turned 
his  attention  to  dentistry,  which  latter  profession  he  practiced  in 
Hartford,  Conn.     Children: 

1173—1.  Harriett-is  Stella,  b.  Aug.  31,  1831;  d.  Oct.  11,  1850. 

1171—2.  Frances  I.,  b.  1830;  d.  1836. 

1175—3.  John  Washington,  b.  Aug.  19,  1837. 

1176—4.  Mary  Emma,  b.  1841;  d.  1847. 

1177—5.  Adele  Plum,  b.  1842. 

1178—6.  Annette  Decost,  b.  1843. 

1179—7.  Henry  V.,  b.  1844;  d.  1845. 

1180—8.  Gertrude,  b.  1846. 

1181—9.  Otto  F.,  b.  1848. 

1182-10.  Frank,  b.  1851. 

1183.  Warren  Smith  Crane'3  [475],  (David,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  in  New  York  City, 
Mary  Kirtland  Crampton,  in  1830.  She  was  a  native  of  Madi- 
son, Conn.,  and  died  July  17,  1835.  He  then  married  Julia  Bull, 
who  was  born  June  16,  1811,  in  Burlington,  Conn.  He  was  a 
dentist  and  practiced  that  profession  in  Hartford,  Conn.  He 
died  March  11,  1860,  at  West  Hartford.     Children: 

1184  —  1.  Samuel  L.  G.,  b.  Nov.  12,  1831,  in  New  York  City. 

1185—2.  Bubdette,  b.  1833;  d.  1861. 

1186—3.  Mary,  b.  1835. 

1187 — 4.  Frederick. 

1188—5.  Julia. 

1189—6.  Lizzie. 

1190—7.  Ida. 

1191 — 8.  Willie;  d.  in  infancy. 

1192—9.  Willie. 

1193.  Rufus  Crane6  [477],  (Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4  John^ 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  June  24,  1811,  Wealthy,  daugh- 
ter of  Daniel  and  Submit  (Bancroft)  Allen,  born  Sept.  7,  1793. 
He  died  Feb.  7,  1851.  She  died  May  22,  1882.  His  will  ad- 
mitted to  probate  Feb.  17,  1851,  all  property  given  to  his  wife 
Wealthy.  Wealthy  Crane's  will  probated  Juue  19,  1882.  It  was 
dated  Nov.  24,  1875,  names  son  Lucius  and  daughter  Frances 
Nesmuth,  balance  given  to  her  children  and  their  legal  represen- 
tatives.    Children  : 


Betsy  Ann,  b.  Aug.  28,  1811. 

Rufus  Allen,  b.  Oct.  22,  1813. 

Henrietta,  b.  Nov.  5,  1815. 

Henry,  b.  Aug.  23,  1818. 

Eldridge  Burt,  b.  Dec.  22,  1820. 

Hosea  Burge.  b.  July  25,  1823. 

Frances  A.,  b.  May  10,  1826. 

Almira  Rachel,  b.  Jan.  29,  1829;  d.  April  14,  1840. 

Lucius  H.,  b.  Dec.  26,  1831. 

Achsaii  Maria,  b.  Sept.  2,  1834. 


1204-11.     Lcman  Griswold,  b.  June  2,  1837. 

1205-12.     Jerome,  b.  Sept.  30,  1839;  d.  April  14,  1859. 

1206.  Hon.  Hosea  Crane6  [481],  (Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Nov.  28,  1827,  Laura  Ann 
Hubbard,  and  lived  for  a  time  one-half  mile  south  of  Kitch 
Mills,  Scantic  Parish,  Conn.  In  the  year  1849  he  removed  to 
Millbury,  Mass.,  and  established  the  business  of  manufacturing 
knit  goods.  At  first  it  was  conducted  on  a  small  scale.  But 
with  steadily  increasing  business  he  in  1857  took  as  a  partner 
Mr.  Samuel  Waters,  the  style  of  the  firm  being  Crane  &  Waters. 
One  year  later  Mr.  Horace  Waters  succeeded  to  the  interest  of 
Samuel  Waters,  and  a  large  and  prosperous  business  was  carried 
on  for  many  years.  It  was  practically  the  introduction  of  the 
manufacture  of  knit  underwear  in  this  part  of  the  country.  Mr. 
Crane  was  chosen  a  director  of  the  Millbury  Bank  in  1856,  and 
president  in  1863,  which  position  he  long  held.  He  was  also 
first  vice-president  of  the  Millbury  Savings  Bank.  Mr.  Crane 
was  a  man  of  strict  integrity ;  and  the  confidence  in  which  he  was 
held  by  his  fellow-townsmen  is  shown  by  the  numerous  offices  of 
trust  and  responsibility  to  which  he  was  called.  He  was  once 
elected  State  senator,  twice  a  representative,  several  times  a 
member  of  the  board  of  selectmen,  and  often  chosen  to  other 
offices  of  trust  and  responsibility.  He  died  April  5,  1879.  She 
died  April  10,  1883,  aged  78  years,  7  months,  25  days. 

Children  : 






Henry  H 


Helen  E. 




Anna  R. 


Rutos  R. 

1214.  Polly  Chain*  [4.85],  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John.3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Ebenezer  MeGregory,  of  Long- 
meadow,  Mass.     He  died  Oct.  12,  1826.  aged  48  years. 

Children  : 

1.  Polly  (MeGregory),  b.  Oct.  3,  1802. 

2.  Ebenezer  (MeGregory),  b.  July  13,  1804. 

3.  Jabez  (MeGregory",  b.  Oct.  17,  1806. 

4.  Emeline  (MeGregory),  b.  Nov.  17.  1808. 

1215.  Timothy  Crane6  [487].  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,'3  Beujamiu1),  married  March  10,  1813,  at  Stafford, 
Conn.,  Matilda  Needham.  She  was  born  in  that  place  Nov.  20, 
1790,  and  died  at  Windsor  Locks.  Conn.,  Dec.  11,  1863.  May 
5,  1814,  purchased  land  on  which  stood  a  carding  mill  of  Jesse 
Bliss,  and  was  in  company  with  his  brother  Eli  as  clothiers.  He 
was  a  clothier  by  trade.  He  died  in  Russell,  Mass.,  Nov.  27, 
183i).     Reuben  Bradley  appointed  administrator  Dec.  17,  1830. 


Children : 

1216—1.     Matilda  Amelia,  b.  Aug.  22,  1814. 

1217—2.     Edwin  T. ;  d.  Sept.  1,  1852. 

1218  —  3.  Ltman  Waibbidge  ;  m.  Harriet  S.  Grant.  He  was  a  mer- 
chant at  Stafford  Springs,  Conn.  He  d.  Nov.  10,  1890. 
His  widow  d.  May  31,  1895. 

1219—4.     Mary  Jane  F. ;  d.  Oct.  6,  1846. 

1220 — 5.  Catharine  C. ;  living  at  40  Beach  St.,  Springfield,  Mass.,  in 
March,  1897. 

1221.  Ziba  Crane6  [488],  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,'- Benjamin1),  married  Mercy  Kibbee,  a  native  of  Stafford, 
ConD.,  born  September,  1787.  They  settled  in  Longmeadow, 
Mass.,  where  he  died  in  1846.  She  died  there  in  1877.  He 
bought  land  of  Aaron  Crain,  his  father,  in  Longmeadow.  He 
was  a  farmer.     Children  : 

1222 — 1.     Sylvester,  b.  1813. 

1223—2.  Almira;  twice  married;  d.  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber, 1883,  leaving  a  daughter  Emily. 

1224.  Eli  Crane6  [489],  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1).  He  was  a  clothier,  and  carried  on  business 
with  his  brother  Timothv.  He  was  called  of  Longmeadow,  April 
13,  1811,  and  of  Wilbraham,  April  25,  1812."  At  this  latter 
date  was  in  company  with  his  brother  Timothy.     He  probably 

married  Sarah  ,  for  Timothy  Crane  and  Sarah  Crane  were 

administrators  of  his  estate. 

1225.  Elihc  Crain6  [492],  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan.2  Benjamin1).  He  lived  in  Longmeadow,  Mass.,  and 
sold  land  there  to  Aaron  Crain.  Aug.  22,  1817.  Nov.  5,  1816, 
he  was  witness  to  a  mortgage  made  by  Timothy  his  brother. 

1226.  Hezekiah  Crane6  [493],  (Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  Heath,  Feb.  14,  1817. 
They  lived  for  a  time  at  Longmeadow,  Mass.  He  died  at 
Albion,  Oswego  County,  N.  Y.     Children : 

1227—1.     Hezekiah  Acgl'Stcs,  b.  Jan.  14,  1818. 

1228—2.     Mary  Abigail,  b.  Oct.  8,  1819;  m.  Brown.     Children: 

1.  Uriah  (Brown). 

2.  Amanda  (Brown). 

1229 — 3.  Jane  M.,  b.  Oct.  24,  1821;  m.  John  S.  Prince;  no  children 
Lived  at  Salmon  River,  Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y.  She  d.  April 
13,  1893. 

1230—4.     Eli  Barber,  b.  Sept.  10,  1823. 

1231 — 5.     Antinett  M.,  b.  May  20,  1825;  m.  and  had  two  sons. 

1232—6.     Mercy  Kibba,  b.  May  20,  1827. 

1233-7.     Eunice  S.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1830. 

1234—8.     Adaline  L.,  b.  April  26,  1832;  m.  Brown.     Children: 

1.  Ella  (Brown). 

2.  Emma  (Brown). 

3.  Dorcas  (Brown). 

1235 — 9.  George,  b.  Jan.  31,  1834.  He  went  to  Minnesota.  Had  a 
large  family  of  daughters. 


1236.  Ebenezer  Chain6  [497],  (Zebulon,5  Lemuel,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Hannah  Rice,  Feb.  5,  1807. 
At  time  of  marriage  she  was  of  Walpole,  N.  H.,  born  August, 
1779.  He  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revolutionary  war.  She  died 
in  1844.     He  died  in  1863.     Children: 

1237  —  1.  Rhoda,    b.    Aug.  27,  1807;  m.  David  Cushing,  Jr.     He  d. 

March  19,  1872.     She  d.  June  30,  1879.     One  daughter. 

1238—2.  Leander,  b.  April,  1809. 

1239—3.  Albert,  b.  June,  1811. 

1240— 1.  Gilbert,  b.  Aug.  27,  1813. 

1241 — 5.  Elisha,  b.  February,  1815. 

1242—6.  Ebenezer,  b.  Sept.  5,  1819. 

1243.  Ralph  Crane6  [505],  (Isaac  W.,5  Isaac,4  Isaac,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Nov.  15,  1826,  Clerinda  Mat- 
son,  of  South  Glastonbury.  Conn.,  born  March  31,  1808.  Here 
they  resided.  He  died  there  April  18,  1872.  She  died  Aug.  11, 
1896.     Children: 

1244-1.     Son,  b.  Aug.  13,  1827;  d.  Aug.  14,  1827. 

1245—2.     Son,  b.  Oct.  12,  1828;  d.  Oct.  20,  1828. 

1246—3.     Louisa  Maria,  b.  Sept.  12,  1830. 

1247—4.     Leroy  Deloss,  b.  May  9,  1833. 

1248—5.     Clement  Wesley,  b.  April  21,  1837;  d.  Dec.  22,  1840. 

1249—6.     Laora  Jane,  b.  March  13,  1839. 

1250 — 7.     Eltrude  Algevine,  b.  July  19,  1842. 

1251—8.     Adelbert  Wadsworth,  b.  Oct.  15,  1846. 

1252—9.     Daughter,  b.  and  d.  May  19,  1851. 

1253-10.  Monroe  Washburn,  b.  Aug.  23.  1853;  m.  1st,  Alice  Rosabel 
Risley,  who  d.  April  15,  1894;  m.  2d,  Jennie  Maria  Dun- 
ham, May  22,  1395;  live  at  Rocky  Hill,  Conn. 

1254.  Harvey  Crane6  [508],  (Isaac  W.,5  Isaac,4  Isaac,3 
Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Matilda  Burnham.  at  Hebron, 
Conn.,  May  9,  1839.     His  estate  was  probated  in  1889. 

Children  : 

1255—1.     Son;  living  in  Hebron,  1881. 

1256—2.     Julia  Maria,  b.  March  28,  1842;  d.  Dec.  29,  1392;  unm. 
1257—3.     Susan  Violette,  I).  May  25,  1843;  m.  George  Porter  Bliss, 
of  Hebron,  Conn.,  and  resides  in  Florence,  Mass. 

1258.  Lucius  Crain6  [511],  (John,3  Isaac,4  Isaac,3  Jona- 
than,9 Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Mrs.  Parmelia  J.  Cook  (her 
maiden  name  was  Parmelia  J.  Smith),  February,  1827.  She 
died  June  29,  1870,  aged  78  years.  He  married  2d,  April  4, 
1872,  Mary  Bailey,  of  Springfield.  He  died  in  Hadley.  Mass.. 
June  3,  1887,  aged  85  years  and  6  months.     Children: 

1259—1.  Mary,  b.  ;  d.  in  infancy,  Sept.  1,  1827. 

1260—2.  John  Lucius,  b.  April  29.  1829;  d.  Dec.  25.  1888. 

1261—3.  Dennis,  b.  1831 ;  d.  at  the  age  of  17. 

1262—4.  Maria,  b.  1834;   d.  May  29,  1857. 

1263—5.  Abigail,  b.  1836;  d.  Jan.  15,  1843. 

1264.  Mary  Grain6  [513],  (John,5  Isaac,4  Isaac,3  Jona- 
than,'- Benjamin1),    married   Anthony   Budlong.   a  carpenter  by 


trade.      Thev  resided  in    Providence,   R.   I.     She  was  living  in 
October,  1880.     Children: 

1       Mart  Locisa  (Budlong),  b.  1834. 
2.     Ellen  Anthony  (Budlong),  b.  1837. 

They  both  died  of  typhoid  fever  in  1855.  . 

1265.  Harvey  H.  Crajn6  [514],  (John,5  Isaac.4  Isaac.3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  born  in  Abington.  Conn.;  married 
(1838)  in  Pomfret.  Dianna  Buck,  a  native  of  Killiugly.  born  in 
1817.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  resided  in  Pomfret  some  years. 
He  was  living  in  Thompson  when  his  youngest  child  was  born. 
Later  the  family  removed  to  Geneseo.  111.,  where  thev  resided  in 
1879.     Children: 

1268—1.     William  Henry,  b.  April  5.  18+0. 
1267—2.     Charles  H.,  b.  Nov.  21.  1842. 
1268—3.     George,  b.  May  27,  1851. 

1269.  Joseph  Crane6  [518],  (John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Chloe,  daughter  of  William 
Hill.  She  was  born  in  1767.  They  settled  in  Putnam  County, 
N.  Y.,  on  the  farm  which  was  formerly  the  home  of  Deacon 
Eleazer  Hamlin,  who  settled  there  in  1740.  Mr.  Hamlin  trans- 
ferred it  to  John  Carpenter,  father  of  Tamar,  wife  of  Judge  John 
Crane,  and  Joseph  Crane  purchased  it  from  the  heirs  of  John 
Carpenter.  Joseph  Crane  died  Dec.  25,  1835,  and  his  wife  Chloe 
died  March  12,  1836.  The  property  passed  to  their  son  Azor  B. 
Crane,  and  in  1898  was  owned  and  occupied  by  his  son  Ira 
Crane.  This  estate  has  been  in  the  possession  of  the  Crane 
family  four  generations,  and  is  consequently  one  of  the  oldest 
homesteads  in  this  section  of  the  country.  Mr.  Joseph  Crane 
was  a  most  successful  farmer,  an  intelligent,  Christian  man, 
public  spirited,  giving  liberally  of  his  time  and  means  to  the 
welfare  of  both  church  and  State.     Children  : 

1270—1.     Noah  Hill.  b.  November.  1786:  physician;  m.  Mrs.  Susan 
Warrins;  no  children:  d.  Mav  24.  1836. 
Ira  A.,  b.  Oct.  6.  1788. 
Adah,  b.  April  15.  1791. 
Cornelia,  b.  Oct.  1.  1793. 
Zillah,  b.  .Tan.  29,  1796. 
Betsey,  b.  May  10,  1798. 
Azor  Belden,  b.  May  25,  1801. 
Charles,  b.  1806;  d.  April  26,  1808. 

Emelinr.  b.  May,  1807;  m.  Reynolds  Piatt;  no  children;  d. 
April  1.  1889. 

1279.  Adah  Crane6  [519],  (John.5  Zebulon.4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Moses  Fowler.  Oct.  18.  1787. 
She  was  born  April  12,  1765.  Thev  settled  in  Kent,  Putnam 
Countv.  N..  Y.      She  died  Dec.  10,  1854.     Children: 

















1.  Rosalinda  (Fowler  i.  b.  1791. 

2.  James  Harvey  (Fowler)  ;  d.  young. 


3.     John  Addison  (Fowler);  m.  Deborah  Brown,  of  South  East, 
N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Edwin  (Fowler)  ;  m.  Martha  Marvin. 

2.  Rosalinda  (Fowler) ;  m.  Harry  Bailey. 

1280.  Edwin  Fowler  [1]  ;  m.  Martha  Marvin.     Children: 

1.  J.  Addison  (Fowler)  ;  m.  Clara  Peck,  of  Patterson, 

N.  T. ;  d.  May  26,  1893. 

2.  Emma  (Fowler)  ;  m.  Chester  Crosby,  of  South  East, 

N.  Y.  ;  has  children  ;  resides  in  California. 

3.  Thomas  B.   (Fowler);  m.  Frances  Howes;  had  one 

dau.,  who  m. Voorhis.    Thomas  B.  d.  Sept.  24, 

1886,  and  his  wid.  m.  Edward  C.  Taylor,  of  New 
York  City. 

4.  Henry  M.  (Fowler);  official  at  the  Boston  "  Keeley 


1281.  Rosalinda  Fowler  [1];  m.  Feb.    23.  1808,  Samuel   Lyon,  of 

Bedford.  He  was  b.  1780,  and  settled  in  North  Castle.  He 
d.  July  26,  1864.     She  d.  Dec.  19,  1844.     Children  : 

1.  Floraette  (Lyon),  b.  May  24,  1810. 

2.  Osmond  C.  (Lyon),  b.  April  28,  1812;  d.  Jan.  3,  1891. 

3.  John  A.  (Lyon),  b.  Juue  29,  1814,  d.  Aug.  28,  1823. 

4.  Mary  N.  (Lyon),  b.  July  29,  1816;  d.  May  17,  1884. 

5.  Frederick  W.  (Lyon),  b.  April  4,   1818;  d.  April  5, 


6.  Rosalinda  C.  (Lyon),  b.  Feb.  28,  1819;  d.  Dec.   13, 


7.  Samuel  A.  (Lyon),  b.  April  24,  1821  ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1895. 

8.  Ann  A.  (Lyon),  b.  Feb.  17,  1823. 

9.  Henrietta  C.   (Lyon),  b.  April  13,   1825;  d.  Feb.  7, 

10.     John  N.  (Lyon),  b.  June  19,  1828;  d.  April  11,  1885. 

1282.  Floraette  Lyon    [1];  m.    J.    Jacob  Denicke,   and  settled    in 

Courtland,  Westchester  Co.,  N.  Y.  She  d.  Dec.  31,  1880. 
He  d.  Sept.  22,  1887.     Children  : 

1.  Caroline  (Denicke),  b.  Feb.  14,  1829. 

2.  Antoinette  (Denicke),  b.  Aug  1,  1836;  in.  Stephen 


3.  Sarah  (Denicke),  b.  July  25,  1835;  m.  Paul  Wessells. 

4.  Emma  (Denicke),  b.  Jan.  5,  1838;  m.  Elihu  Richey. 

5.  Mary  Ellen  (Denicke),  b.  March  21,  1840;  d.  Oct.  6, 


6.  Cornelia  (Denicke),  b.  July  12,  1843;  m.  Theo.  Lent. 

7.  Rosalinda  (Denicke),  b.   March    1,    1845;  m.   Amos 

Nelson;  d.  Nov.  6,  1896. 

8.  George  W.  (Denicke),  b.  Jan.  3,  1847. 

9.  John  J.  (Denicke),  b.  Oct.  25,  1851  ;  nv.-ida  Halstead ; 

d.  Dec.  6,  1896. 
10.     Mary  Ellen  (Denicke),  b.  March  25,  1854;  d.  1856. 

1283.  Caroline  Denicke  [1]  ;  m.  James  H.  Lent,  Jan.  18,  1848.     He 

was  born  March  14,  1824,  and  is  an  auctioneer,  while  she 
carries  on  the  millinery  business,  beinir  at  the  head  of  an 
old  established  house.     Children  : 

1.  Edwin  B.  (Lent),  b.  Dec.  13,  1848. 

2.  Ella  L.  (Lent),  b.  April  24.  1856 

3.  Laura  N.  (Lent),  b.  Nov.  5,  1858. 


4.  Frank  (Lent),  b.  March  7,  1862. 

5.  Cora  H.  (Lent),  b.  Sept.  14,  1866. 

6.  James  H.  (Lent),  b.  Nov.  20,  1868. 

1284.  Gk.orge  W.  Denicke  [8]  ;  m.  Mary  Louisa  Hart,  Oct.  21,  1868 
He  d.  Nov.  li,  1896.  He  was  a  prosperous  dry  goods  mer- 
chant in  Peekskill,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  held  in  much  es- 
teem.    Children: 

1.  Harry  Hart  (Denicke),  b    June  4,   1870;  m.   Grace 


2.  Louis  F.  (Denicke),  b.  April  2,  1872;  m.  Lillian  May- 


3.  Lilly  Bklle  (Denicke),  b.  July  5,  1874;  m.  John  J. 


4.  George  Clifford  (Denicke),  b.  Aug.  27,  1886. 

1285.  Stephen  Crane6  [520],  (John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Hadden.  She  was  born 
Sept.  10,  1769.  He  settled  in  New  York  City,  where  he  died 
Sept.  9,  1826.  He  married  2d,  Mrs.  Lydia  (Hendrickson) 
Brower,  who  was  mother  of  his  youngest  son.     Children  : 

1286—1.  Anna,  b.  Jan.  6,  1795. 

1287—2.  Tamer,  b.  March  8,  1798. 

1288—3.  George  Lane,  b.  July  13,  1800. 

1289—4.  Andrews  Jay,  b.  July  29,  1803. 

1290—5.  Ward,  b.  Aug.  2,  1808. 

1291—6.  John,  b.  March  31,  1824. 

1292.  John  Crane6  [521],  (John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  married  Hannah  Gregory,  Oct.  29,  1795. 
She  was  born  Aug.  10,  1777.  Their  residence  was  in  Putnam 
County,  N.  Y.     He  died  June  1,  1825.     She  died  Aug.  1,  1853. 

Children  : 

1293—1.     Samuel  Harvey,  b.  Dec.  30,  1796. 

1294—2.     Eliza,  b.  June  10,  1798. 

1295—3.     Sally  Betsey,  b.  Dec.  30,  1799. 

1296—4.     Elijah,  b.  Oct.  25,  1801  ;  d.  April  25,  1856;  unm. 

1297-5.     Clorinda,  b.  June  16,  1803. 

1298—6.     Nancy,  b.  May  9,  1805. 

1299—7.  Mary  Ann,  b.  Feb.  19,  1807;  m.  William  Monk.  Shed. 
April  20,  1871.     He  d.  March  28,  1888. 

1300—8.     Harriett,  b.  Dec.  4,  1808. 

1301—9.  AlsonBelden,  b.  Dec.  30,  1810;  m.  Jerusha  Shaler  ;  no  chil- 
dren; d.  Nov,  7,  1888. 

1302-10.     Adah,  b.  April  30,  1813. 

1303-11.  Annis  Noble,  b.  May  2,  1816;  m.  John  Monk;  d.  March  17, 
1843 ;  no  children. 

1304-12.     Rosalinda  Lyon,  b.  May  12,  1818. 

1305-13.     Susan  Amelia,  b.  April  9,  1820. 

1306.  Zillah  Crane6  [522],  (John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jouathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Nov.  29,  1792,  Abraham  Knox. 
He  was  born  March  4,  1761,  and  died  Dec.  3,  1813.  She  died 
May  31,  1869.  Their  residence  was  Red  Hook,  Dutchess  County, 
N.  Y.,  and  all  their  children,  except  the  youngest,  died  there. 


Children : 

1.     Lewis  (Knox),  b.  March  2,  1795;   m.  Patience  Bailey;  no  chil- 
dren; d.  Feb.  15,  1831. 
John  Crane  (Knox),  b.  Dec.  31,  1796;  d.  Aug.  29,  1805. 
Pasco  (Knox),  b.  March  2,  1799;  d.  Aug.  27,  1805. 
Platt  (Knox,  b.  Aug.  22,  1801  ;  d.  Aug.  31,  1805. 
Arabella  (Knox),  b.  Oct.  13,  1803;  m.  Andreivs  Joy  Crane 
Andrew  Pasco  (Knox),  b.  July  12.  1805 ;  d.  Dec.  27,  1869  ;  unm. 
John  Crane  (Knox),  b.  April  4,  1808;  d.  unm. 
Platt  (Knox),  b.  May  9,  1810;  d.  Feb.  2,  1886;  unm. 
Abraham  Philip  (Knox),  b.  Sept.  27,   1812;  m.  Elizabeth  Choi- 
well;  d.  at  Niles,  Mich. 

1307.  Nathaniel  Crane6  [523],  (John,3  Zebulon.4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1)  married  Martha  Ann  Townsend,  Oct.  3, 
1799.  She  was  born  Nov.  12,  1783,  daughter  of  Benjamin 
Townsend,  of  Mahopac,  and  died  May  1,  1825.  He  died  Sept. 
27,  1855.     Their  home  was  in  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.     Children  ; 

1308—1.  John  Arthur,  b.  July  4,  1800 ;  d.  Sept.  9,  1804. 

1309—2.  Tamar  Ann,  b.  Jan.  4,  1802;  d.  Dec.  17,  1825. 

1310—3.  J.ames  Townsend,  b.  May  3,  1804;  d.  Dec.  14,  1826. 

1311—4.  Caroline  Eliza,  b.  June  20,  1806. 

1312—5.  Frederick  Augustus,  b.  Oct.  17,  1808;  d.  Dec.  11,  1826. 

1313 — 6.  Charlotte  Louisa,  b.  Dec.  27,  1810. 

13H_7.  Joseph  Hatfield,  b.  Sept.  11,  1813;  m.  Ann  Eliza  Brown, 

Nov.  1839  ;  d.  Feb.  17,  1864. 

1315—8.  Nathaniel  Morton,  b.  Feb.  23,  1816;  m.  Amelia  P.  Tabor, 

May  4,  1844;  d.  Dec.  25,  1891. 

1316—9.  Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  July  29,  1818. 

1317-10.  Augusta  Sophta,  b.  Sept.  12,  1821. 

1318rll-  Benjamin  Townsend,  b.  Jan.  24,  1824. 

1319.  Sarah  Crane6  [524],  (John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Alvah  Trowbridge  at  Carmel, 
Putnam  County,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  30,  1797.  She  died  of  measles 
April  6,  1833.  He  was  born  Sept.  4,  1779,  and  died  at  South 
East,  N.  Y.,  where  he  resided,  June  10,  1856.     Children  : 

1      Phineas  Beardsley  (Trowbridge),  b.   Dec.  4,   1798;  m.   Sally 

B.  Raymond. 
2-     Adah  Zillah  (Trowbridge),  b.  Oct.  18,  1800;  m.  Levi  Knox. 

3.  Allerton  Montgomery  (Trowbridge),  b.   Feb.   24,    1303;  m. 

Selina  Coe. 

4.  Aralinda  (Trowbridge),  b.  Feb.  26,  1805;  m.  Orrin  Richards. 

5.  Wllllam  Crane  (Trowbridge),  b.  April  15,  1807 ;  m.  Mary  E.  A. 


6.  Cornelia  Ann  (Trowbridge),  b.    Nov.   8,   1809;    m.  Reynolds 

Platt  for  his  2d  wife. 

7.  Arabella    Caroline    (Trowbridge),     b.    June    28,    1812;    m. 

Reynolds  Platt  for  his  1st  wife. 

8.  Sarah  Belden  (Trowbridge),  b.  March  21,  1821;  m.   David  B. 


1320.  Phineas    Beardsley    Trowbridge   [1];  m.    Sally   Raymond. 

Children  ; 

1.  Edwin  M.,  b.,  Nov.  1,  1824;  m.  Sarah  Marsh,  and  d. 
Aug.  29,  1854,  leaving  a  daughter.  His  widow  then 
m. Judd. 


2.  Amanda,  b.  Dec.  5,  1826;  d.  Aug.  8,  1885. 

3.  Johs  C,  b.  Sept.  24,   1828;   resides  at  Wing  Station, 

Dutchess  Countv,  N.  Y. 

4.  Cornelia,  b.  April"  1,  1831;  d.  Aug.  26,  1848. 

5.  William  R.,  b.  May  6.  1833. 

6.  George  Platt,  b.  July  19,  1840;  d.  April  15.  1845. 

K321  William  R.  Trowbridge  [5]  j  m.  Maria  W.  Shelden.  Chil- 
dren : 

1      Cora   B.    (Trowbridge'i,  b.  Sept.  20,  1858;  m    June 

11.   1873.  Arthur  Dorn. 
2.     George    a.    (Trowbridge),    b.   Sept.   20.    1861;    m. 
March  la,  1889,  Eva  Dutcher;  reside  at  Wing  Sta- 
3      Ada  (Trowbridge),  b.  Dec.  27,  1863. 
4.     Eliza  (Trowbridge),  b.  April  17,  1866. 

1322.  Arabella  Crane"  [525].  (John.5  Zebulon.4  Joseph. J 
Jonathan.3  Benjamin1)  married  1st.  Eleazer  Watrous;  2d. 
Townsend  Winters.  They  settled  near  York,  Pa.  She  died  July 
4,  1854.     Children : 

1.  William  (Watrous);  went  to  Baltimore,  Md. 

2.  Caroline  (Winters'). 

3.  Emily  (Winters:. 

1323.  Clorinda  Crane6  [526].  (John.5  Zebulon,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  born  in  Fredericksburg.  Dutchess 
County,  N.  Y.*  Married  James  Reed,  Sept.  23.  1802.  He  was 
a  farmer,  and  resided  at  South  East.  Putnam  County.  N.  Y.  He 
was  born  in  Norwalk.  Conn..  March  19,  1780,  and  died  May  23. 
1825.     She  died  March  26.  1868.     Children: 

1.  Henry  Crane  (Reed),  b.  Nov.  21,  1803;  m.  Abby  J.  Young. 

2.  James  Harvey  (Reed),  b.  Aug.  7.  1805. 

3.  Lewis  Augustus  (Reed),  b.  April  23,  1S07. 

1324  Henry  Crane  Rked  [1] ;  m.  Abby  J.  Young,  Jan.  15,  1834. 
She  was  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Catherine  (Carpenter) 
Young.     Children : 

1.  Henry  Carpenter  (Reed),  b.  Feb.  14,  1835,   in  New 

York  city  ;  m.  Maria  J.  Wright ;  two  children  ;  both 

2.  Catherine  Ann  (Heed),   b.    Dec.  26,   1844,  in    New 

York  city;  m.  C.  Ward  Varian,  Feb.  26,  1868.     He 
served  in  the  civil  war. 

1325.  James  Harvey  Reed  [2]  ;  m.  Emily  Hazen.  April  2, 1826.  She 
was  a  native  of  Carmel.  N.Y.;  b.  March  28,  1811,  dau.  of 
Thomas  and  Anna  (Smith)  Hazen.  He  was  a  farmer,  and 
settled  in  same  town.     He  died  Dec.  25,  18S8.     Children  ; 

1.  Thomas  Hazen  (Reed\  b.  Dec.  27.  1826. 

2.  Henry  Augustus  (Reed'i.  b.  Feb.  11,  1829. 

3.  James  Harvey  (Reed\  b.  Feb.  6,  1832. 

4.  John  Addison  (Keed).  b.  Nov.  23,  1834. 

5.  William  Belden  (Reed'i,  b.  Feb.  23,  1838. 

6.  AnBY  Julia  (Reed),  b.  Dec.  15,  1840. 

7.  Adeline  Augusta  (Reed),  b.  Sept.  18,  1843. 

'  In  1812  it  was  changed  to  Carmel,  Putnam  County. 


8.  Francis  Edgar  (Reed),  b.  May  8,  1846. 

9.  Ansel  Hazen  (Reed),  b.  July  12,  1848. 

10.  Charles  Adrian  (Reed),  b.  July  7,  1851. 

11.  George  Edward  (Reed),b.    Feb.    25,   1854;  m.   1st, 

May  29,  1877,  Mary  E.  Hopkins,  dau.  of  Arvah 
Hopkins.  Shed.  Feb.  19,  1885;  2d,  Oct.  14,  1891, 
Bessie  Crane  Foster,  granddaughter  of  Betsey, 
daughter  of  Joseph,  son  of  John. 

Thomas  Hazen  Reed  [1];  m.  1st,  April  5,  1862,  Nancy 
J.  Tillott.  She  d.  Feb.  6,  1855;  2d,  Ann  Augusta 
Crosby,  Jan.  25,  1860.  He  was  the  first  representative 
from  Putnam  County  to  the  State  Normal  School 
at  Albany.  After  graduating  from  there  he  taught  in 
public  and  private  schools  for  a  time;  then  opened  a  private 
institution  at  Carmel,  known  as  the  Arcadian  High  School, 
erecting  a  building  for  that  purpose,  and  employing  several 
assistant  teachers.  He  left  the  school  to  establish  the 
Croton  River  Bank  at  Brewster  in  1855,  and  was  its  cashier 
for  a  number  of  years.  He  was  the  first  Republican  Repre- 
sentative to  the  State  Legislature  from  Putnam  County, 
having  been  elected  in  1862.  He  served  two  terms  as 
School  Commissioner.  He  is  at  present  in  the  employ  of 
the  Bishop  Gutta  Percha  Company  of  New  York,  and  a 
resident  of  that  city.     Children: 

1.  Emma  Pauline  (Reed),  b.  March  9,   1861,  at  Brews- 

ter, N.  Y.;  d.  June  9,  1876. 

2.  Byron  Crosby  (Reed),  b.  March  8,  1863. 

3.  Edward  Radcliffe  (Reed),  b.  May  19,  1866;  d.  Oct. 

25,  1894. 

4.  Carrie  Louise  (Reed),  b.  July  17,  1868. 

5.  Belle   Crosby   (Reed),    b.    Aug.   31,    1871;  d.  Nov. 

11,  1889. 

6.  Julla  Augusta  (Reed),  b.  Sept.  10,  1872. 

7.  Pauline  Crosby  (Reed),  b.  Aug.   20,    1878;  d.    Dec. 

25,  1878. 

Henry  Augustus  Reed  [2] ;  m.  May  14,  1859,  Alice 
Amelia  Boardman ;  secretary  and  manager  of  Bishop 
Gutta  Percha  Company,  New  York  city.  He  learned  teleg- 
raphy when  a  young  man.  In  1849  opened  at  Croton 
Falls  the  first  telegraph  office  on  the  line  of  the  Harlem 
Railroad.  In  1851  had  charge  of  the  office  at  Hudson,  N. 
Y.  In  1852  took  charge  of  the  telegraph  office  at  Pough- 
keepsie,  where  he  assisted  Prof.  S.  F.  B.  Morse  in  experi- 
ments relating  to  long  distance  telegraphy.  He  had  a  book- 
store in  Poughkeepsie  for  twenty  years.  Having  disposed  of 
his  business  there,  he  went  in  1879  to  New  York  with  the 
Bishop  Gutta  Percha  Company,  and  is  at  present  secretary 
and  treasurer  of  that  establishment.  He  is  reliable  author- 
ity on  all  kinds  of  electric  cables,  and  planned  the  first 
cables  which  were  successful  in  carrying  high  currents 
under  ground  in  New  York,  and  all  cables  used  by  the 
government  in  electric  buoy  work.     Children  : 

1.  William  Boardman  (Reed),  b.  May  27,   1860 ;  grad- 

uate Union  College  1882. 

2.  Alice  Augusta  (Reed),  b.  June  22,  1862. 

3.  Henry  Douglass  (Reed),  b.  Feb.  11,  1869 ;  graduate 

Stevens  Institute  Technology.  1872. 


4.  Louis  Francis  (Reed),  b.  June  21,  1871;  graduate 
Law  School,  New  York  city,  1892 ;  lawyer  New 
York  city. 

1328.  Jambs  Harvey  Reed  [3]  ;  ra.  twice;  to  second  wife,  Sarah  F. 
Griffin.  Jan.  25,  1871,  at  Yorktown,  Winchester  County, 
N.  Y. ;  lived  in  New  York  city  1851  to  1885  ;  since  that  date 
in  Peekskill.     Child  : 

1.  CarolynS.  (Reed),  b.  Oct.  24,  1874,  in  New  York 

1329  John  Addison  Reed  [4];  m.  Deborah  Hendrickson  of  New 
York  city.     Children  : 

1.  Arthur  (Reed),  b.  April  6,    1865;   business  in  New 

York  city. 

2.  Henry  Foreman    (Reed),  b.  Jan.  6,   1867;  business 

in  New  York  city. 

3.  Charles  Edgar  (Reed),  b.  Jan.  18,  1869 ;  m.  Edith  M. 

Robinson,  of  Battle  Creek,  Mich.  He  graduated 
from  Jefferson  Medical  College,  Philadelphia,  1895, 
and  Oct.  17,  1896,  sailed  for  Canton,  China,  as 
medical  missionary. 

4.  Eleanor  Elizabeth    (Reed),  b.  Oct.  4,  1870;  killed 

in  railroad  accident  near  Towner's,  N.  Y.  C.  & 
H.  li.  R.  R.,    Aug.  26,  1893. 

5.  Susan  Hendrickson  (Reed),  b.  Jan.  14,  1873. 

6.  Louise  Althea  (Reed),  b.  Sept.  18,  1874. 

1330.  William  Belden  Reed  [5]  ;  m.  Nov.  12,  1868,  Arietta,  dau.  of 

Oliver  and  Maria  (Snow)  Crane,  of  Brewster.     Children: 

1.  William  Belden  (Reed),  b.  Jan.  29,  1876;  graduate 

Princeton  College,  June,  1896;  civil  engineer, 
employed  by  Metropolitan  Traction  Co.,  New 
York  city. 

2.  Harry  Crane  (Reed),  b.  March  2,  1885  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

1331.  Francis  Bdgak  Reed  [8];  m.  Estella  J.  Sloat,  of  Carmel,  N. 

Y.     He   d.    Dec.  19,   1881;    was  a  carpenter  and    builder 
Children  ; 

1.  Samuel  James  (Reed),  b.  Oct.  6,  1872. 

2.  Erastus  Dahwln  (Reed),  b.  Feb.   1,    1874;    graduate 

New  York  Dental  College,  June,  1896  ;  practicing 
in  New  York  city. 

1332.  Ansel  Hazen  Reed    [9];  m.    Margaretta   Carson;   was  head 

of  book  and  stationery  department  at  Wanamaker's,  Phila- 
delphia, for  eight  years;  one  of  the  foreign  purchasers  for 
that  establishment.     He  d.  Feb.  7,  1888.     Children  : 

1.  Edith   Adeline     (Reed),    b.    March     10,     1875,    at 


2.  Harvey  Ansel  (Reed),  b.   June   12,  1883,    at  Phila- 


1333.  Charles  Adrian  Reed  [10]  ;  m.  Nov.  26   1882,  Ida  E.  Halstead, 

of  New  York  city.  He  graduated  from  the  Law  School, 
New  York  City  University,  1880.     Children  ; 

1.  Emily  Hazen  (Reed),  b.  April  13,  1884. 

2.  Guernsey  Sackett  (Heed),  b.  Feb.  4,  1886;  d.    Aug. 

4,  1887 


1334.  Lewis  Augustus   Reed   [3];  m.    1832,    Lydia  J.   Jessup,   of 

Greenwich,  Conn.  She  d.  and  he  m.  2d,  Ann  Augusta 
Jessup;  m.  3d,  Ann  M  Waring,  by  whom  he  had  Thomas 
Henry.     Children  : 

1.  Emily  Augusta  (Reed),  b.  April  8,  1833. 

2.  Joseph  Crane  (Reed),  b.  Dec.  30,  1835. 

3.  Lewis  Augustus  (Reed),  b.  Sept.  11,  1838. 

4.  Aurelia  J.  (Reed),  b.  Aug.  9,  1842;  d.  Jan.  6,  1847. 

5.  Samuel  J.  (Reed),  b.  Nov.  20,  1844;  d.  Sept.  18,  1863. 

6.  Thomas  Henry  (Reed),  b.  Sept.  30,  1859;  drowned 

Aug.  10,  1881,  at  Ridgefleld,  Conn. 

1335.  Belden  Crane6  [529],  (Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  9,  1791,  Esther  Paddock. 
She  was  born  April  7,  1771.  They  settled  in  South  East,  Put- 
nam County,  N.  Y.,  but  about  the  year  1832  removed  to  Tomp- 
kins County,  whither  two  of  their  eldest  children  had  already 
located.     He  died  Dec.  2,  1848.     She  died  April  23,  1859. 

Children  : 

1336—1.     Ci.arinda,  b.  Nov.  1,  1791. 

1337—2.  Charles,  b.  March  16,  1793;  m.  ,  1814;  no  chil- 
dren ;  d.  May,  1877. 

1338—3.  Arminda,  b.  Feb.  18,  1795;  m.  Isaac  Pearce ;  lived  in  South 
East;  no  children;  d.  June  7,  1883. 

1339—4.     Amanda,  b.  Aug.  31,  1797;  d.  Aug.  26,  1798. 

1340—5.     Elisha,  b.  Oct.  15,  1799. 

1341 — 6.  Mary,  b.  Nov.  26,  1803;  m.  John  Smith;  no  children;  d. 
Oct.  17,  1871. 

1342—7      George  Belden,  b.  July  21,  1806. 

1343.  Samuel  Crane6  [533],  (Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Mary  Haines;  2d,  widow 
of  Samuel  Merrick,  whose  maiden  name  was  Letitia  Weeks. 

Children  : 

1344_1.  Violetta,  b.  1805;  d.  1875. 

1345 — 2.  Ruth;  d.  aged  18  years. 

1346 — 3.  Jesse;  d.  aged  22  years. 

1347—4.  Abby  Jane;   m.  Dilazon  Thompkins;  d.  aged  22  years. 

1348 — 5.  Norman;  m.  and  had  eight  children;  removed  to  Missouri. 

1349—6.  John  Weeks,  b   April  10,  1819. 

1350—7.  Emily,  b.  May  27,  1822. 

Children  of  Samuel  and  Letitia  (Weeks)  Merrick: 

1.  Nancy  (Merrick). 

2.  Orrin  (Merrick). 

3.  Eliza  (Merrick). 

4.  Samuel  (Merrick). 

1351.  Zebulon  Crane6  [535],  (Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Welthan  Crane,  daughter  of 
Col.  Thaddeus  and  Lydia  (Read)  (Baxter)  Crane  (see  page  48). 
Rev.  Samuel  M.  Phelps,  A.M.,  performing  the  ceremony.  He 
died  Aug.  17,  1848.     She  died  Sept.  6,  1860.     Children: 

1352—1.     Sarah  Maria,  b.  Jan.  28,  1810;  d.  Dec.  12,  1866;  unm. 
1353—2.     Harrison,  b.  April  10,  1817. 



1354 — 3.     Charlotte,  b.  July  -1,  1826. 

1355 — 4.     Roxanna,  b.  April  22,  1831  ;  d.  Dec.  9,  1880;  unm. 

1356.  Lewis  Crane6  [536],  (Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  was  twice  married.  By  first  wife  he  bad 
a  son  Nelson.     His  second  wife  was  Martha  Haines. 

Children  : 




Leonard  Belden 


Martha  Jane. 




Raciiaei  . 



1363.  Amzi  Crane6  [537],  (Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Adilla  Hopkins.  The}7  removed 
to  Ohio  in  1831.     Children: 

136+  -1. 

Mary  Ann. 


Alson  Belden 









1370.  Matilda  Crane6  [578],  (Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Isaac  Reed,  of  South  East,  Put- 
nam County,  N.  Y.,  where  they  resided,  and  where  she  died. 

Child : 
1.     Orville  (Reed),  who  married  and  resided  in  New  York  City. 

1371.  Josiah  Crane6  [579],  (Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Keziah  Hall,  Nov.  27,  1794. 
She  was  born  in  South  East,  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.,  July  26, 
1775.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  settled  at  that  place.  He  died 
Nov.  28,  1842.     She  died  April  20,  1849.     Children: 

Betsy  C,  b.  Jan.  15,  1796:  d.  Nov.  14,  1819. 

Philander,  b.  April  5.  1797. 

John,  b.  March  28,  1799. 

Oliver,  b.  Aug.  3,  1800. 

Stella,  b.  March  24,  1802;  d.  Feb.  17,  1827. 

Susan,  b.  Nov.  23,  1803;  d.   April  26,  1814. 

Walter  B.,  b.  Dec.  14,  1807;  m.  Nov.   19,  1833;  d.  Sept.  5, 

Deborah  A.,  b.  Dec.  9,  1809. 
Clarrissa,  b.  Feb.  12,  1812;  d.  June  27.  1853. 
Daniel  T.,  b.  July  2,  1813;  d.  May  31,  1865. 
Darius  P.,  b.  Dec.  2S.  IS  16. 
Sarah    (or   Sally)    Betsy,  b.  Oct.   23,  1818;  m.  James  O. 

Wood,  of  Danbury,  Conn.;  d.  Oct.  23,  1893;  no  children. 

1384.  Deborah  Crane6  [580].  (Jonathan.5  Joseph,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Isaac  Meeker,  of  Read- 
ing, Conn.,  in  1806.  He  was  born  March  8,  1768,  and  died 
Sept.  14,  1850.  Deborah  Crane  was  his  second  wife.  By  a 
former  marriase  he  had  two  children.     Deborah  had  one. 


























Child  : 

1.  George  Crane  (Meeker),  b.  May  24,  ISO";  d.  May  14,  1872;  m. 
April  3,  1831 ,  Mary  Ana  Dobbs,  of  Danbury,  Conn.  She  was 
b.  Aug.  23,  1807;  d.  Jan.  11,  1890.     Children  : 

1.  Isabella  (Meeker),  b.  April  15,  1832;  cl.  Feb.  19,  1886. 

2.  Augusta  (Meeker),  b.  Dec.  7,  1833. 

3.  Helen  (Meeker),  b.  Aug.  2,  1835;  resides  at  Danbury, 

Conn.  ;  regent  Mary  Wooster  Chapter,  D.  A.  R. 

1385.  Isabella  Meeker  [1]  ;  m.  Sept.  16,  1856,  Hon.  William  F.  Tay- 
lor, of  Danburv,  Conn.  He  was  b.  Oct.  4,  1824,  and  d.  Oct. 
3,  1889.     Children  ; 

1.  Howard  Whedon  (Taylor),  b.  Aug.  11,  1858. 

2.  Helen  Meeker  (Taylor),  b.  Feb.  13,  1860. 

3.  Mary  Belle  (Taylor),  b.  June  20,  1863. 

1386  Mary  Belle  Taylor  [3]  ;  m.  Dec.  7,  1886,  William  H.  Daniels, 
of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Carrie  Belle  (Daniels),  b.  Sept.  25,  1890. 

2.  Winthrop  Taylor  (Daniels),  b.  Aug.  12,  1892. 

3.  Richard  Gilbert  (Daniels),  b.  Dec.  7,  1896. 

1387.  Augusta  Meeker  [2]  ;  m.  June  12,  1858,  Amos  N.  Stebbins,  of 

Danbury,  Conn.     He  was  b.  April  16,  1833,  and  d.  Feb.  5. 
1870.     Children: 

1.  George  Meeker  (Stebbins),  b.  Dec.  11,  1861. 

2.  Fanny  Belle  (Stebbins),  b.  Oct.  12,  1863. 

3.  Julu  Lacey  (Stebbins),  b.  Aug.  28,  1865. 

4.  Amos  Nehemiah  (Stebbins),  b.  June  24,  1870. 

1388.  George  Meeker  Stebbins   [1];  m.  April  14,   1888,  Mary  E. 

Hamilton,  of  Danbury,  Conn.     Child: 
1.     Samuel  (Stebbins),  b.  Jan.  15,  1895. 

1389.  Isaac  Crane6  [581].  (Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  Ketchum,  of  South  East, 
Putnam  County,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1390—1.  Ruhama:  m.  1st.  Reuben  Tucker;  2d,  Charles  Avery;  lived 
at  St.  Augustine,  Fla. ;  she  d.  at  South  East,  N.  Y. 

1391  —  2.  Matilda;  m.  Charles  Sawyer,  of  Colebrook,  Conn.;  d  in 
Derby,  Conn. 

1392—3.  Bertha;  m.  Richard  E.  Arthur,  of  Sing  Sing,  N.  Y. ;  d.  in 
Passaic,  N.  J. ;  had  1  son  and  2  daughters. 

1393—4.  Charlotte;  m.  Dr.  Albert  Roberts,  of  Sharon,  Conn.;  had 
a  daughter  Charlotte  Elethea,  who  m.  Abiram  Chamber- 
lain, of  Meriden,  Conn. 

1394.  Anson  Crane6  [582],  (Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  23,  180(3,  Experience 
Brush,  a  native  of  Huutington,  Long  Island,  b.  March  13,  1 786. 
He  succeeded  to  his  father's  farm  in  South  East,  Putnam  County, 
N.  Y.,  and  here  he  spent  his  life.  The  place  is  now  (1898) 
owned  by  Charles  C.  Fitzhugh,  and  is  known  as  "Fail-view 
Manor."  The  coat  of  arms  used  as  a  frontispiece  in  Vol.  I.  of 
the  Crane  Genealogy  was  preserved  in  this  family,  and  a  sketch 
procured  from  his  daughter  Miss  Kate  Eliza  Crane.  Children  ; 
1395  —  1.     Garritt  Brush,  b.  Sept.  3,  1807;  d.  Nov.  17,  1892. 


1396—2.     Esther  Ann,  b.  Feb.  1,  1809;  d.  March  2,  1884;  m.  Chester 

Crosby;  no  children. 
13'J7— 3.     John  Platt,  b.  Dec.  21,  1811. 
1398—4.     James  Lewis,  b.  Oct.  26,  1813. 
1399 — 5.     Rufcs  Erastcs,  b.  June  3,  1815. 
1400—6.     Isaac  Augustus,  b.  Feb.  20,  1817. 
1401 — 7.     Mauy  Louise,  b.  Nov.  26,  1819;  d.  in  Morrisania,  Sept.  8, 

1402—8.     Anson  Belding,  b.  Nov.  6,  1821  ;  d.  June  5,  1865,  at  Brat- 

tleboro,  Vt. 
1403—9.     Virginia  Experience,  b.  May  3,  1824;  d.  March  24,  1884. 
1404-10.     Kate  Eliza,  b.  May  26,  1832 ;  resides  (1896)  Plainfleld,  N.  J. 

1405.  Esther  Crane6  [584],  '■Jonathan,5  Joseph.4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'2 Benjamin1),  married  Platt  Brush,  of  South  East,  N.  Y. 
She  lived  and  died  there.     Children  ; 

1.  Albert  (Brush)  ;  married;  lived  andd.  in  South  East. 

2  Emily  (Brush)  ;  married;  lived  in  New  York  City ;  d.  young. 

3.  Jacob  (Brush)  ;  d.  young. 

4.  Susan  (Brush)  ;  d.  young. 

5.  Matilda  (Brush)  ;  married;  lived  and  d.  in  South  East. 

6.  Sarah  (Brush);  married;  lived  in  Reading,  Conn.;  d. 

7.  Alonzo  (Brush)  ;  married;  lived  and  d.  in  South  East. 

1406.  Carso  Crane6  [588],  (Joseph,3  Joseph.4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  at  South  East,  N.  Y.,  1st,  Dec. 
1-2,  1821,  Emily  Young;  2d.  March  22,  1848,  Mary  Ann  Crosby. 
He  settled  in  Phelps.  N.  Y.     Children  : 


Aner  B. 


Jane  A. 









1413.  Charlotte    Crane6    [590],    (Solomon,5   Joseph,4   Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,-    Benjamin1),   married   Samuel  Field,  Jan.   1, 

1817.     Children: 

1.  Caroline  (Field),  b.  Dec.  29,  1817. 

2.  Samuel  Augustus  (Field),  b.  Aug.  13,  1820;  ra.  Clara  Lewis; 

d.  Oct.  27,  1866;  no  children  ; 

1414.  Caroline   Field    [1];    m.    William    Taber   Rumsey;  Oct.   20, 

1842.     Children: 

1.  William  Hkrbert  (Rumsey),  b.  Oct.  10,  1843. 

2.  Ann  Augusta  (Rumsey),  b.  April  6,  1845;  d.  Oct.  24, 


3.  Frances  Amelia  (Rumsey),  b.  Aug.  23,  1846. 

4.  Hannah  Taber  (Rumsey),  b.  Feb.  14,  1848. 

5.  Samuel  Pierson  (Rumsey),  b.  Dec.  18,  1850. 

6.  Charlotte  Irene  ( Rumsey),  b.  March  21,  1854. 

1415.     Polly  Crane6    [591],    (Solomon.5    Joseph.4    Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Comfort  Field,  Jan.  8,  1823. 


Child  : 
1.     Charlotte  (Field),  b.  Jan.  16,  1826. 

1416.  Charlotte  Field  [1];  in.  George  Kirby  Taber,  Oct.  13,  1845. 

Children  : 

1.  Gilbert  Field  (Taber),  b.  Sept.  16,  1846. 

2.  Hannah  Kirby  (Taber),  b.  Jan.  2,  1850;  d.  Oct.  16, 


3.  Martha  Anna  (Taber),  b.  Feb.  15,  1857. 

4.  Alicia  Hopkins  (Taber),  b.  April  6,  1859. 

5.  Charlotte  Field  (Taber),  b    July  5,  1361;  d.  Feb. 

23,  1880. 

1417.  Gilbert  Field  Taber  [1]  ;  m.  Mary  Burr  Allen,  May  13,  1868. 

Children  : 

1.  Harriet  Allen  (Taber),  b.  June  10,  1872. 

2.  Hannah  Kirby  (Taber),  b.  Nov.  26,  1873. 

3.  George  Kirby  (Taber),  b.  Sept.  1,  1875;  d.  Jan.  17, 


4.  Charlotte  Field  (Taber),  b.  July  26,  1880;  d   March 

27,  1882. 
5      Mary  Allen  (Taber),  b.  Jan.  3,  1883. 

1418.  Oliver  Crane6  [593],  (Solomon,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Laura  M.  Leach.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  resided  in  Patterson.  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.,  on  the 
homestead  left  by  his  father,  and  where  their  children  were  born. 
He  died  about  1835.     Children: 

1419  —  1.     Robert,  b   June,  1830;  d.  October,  1859;  unm. 
1420—2.     Charlotte,  b.  Jan.  23,  1832;  lives  in  Patterson,  N.  Y. 
1421—3.     Mary,  b.  Nov.  21,  183). 

14-2:.'.  Henry  Crane6  [505],  (Isaac,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  15,  1805,  Amarilla  H. 
Moses,  sister  of  Dr.  Elisha  D.  Moses,  who  married  Mary  Ann 
Crane,  and  daughter  of  Elisha  and  Hannah  Merrill  Moses.  She 
was  born  Aug.  1,  1789,  and  died  April  17,  1866.  They  resided 
at  Crane's  Corners,  Litchfield,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y.  He  died 
March,   1876.     Children: 

1423-1.  Moses,  b.  Mayl,  1809;  d.  Dec.  23,  1810. 

1424  —  2.  Sherburne  Henry,  b.  May  7,  1812. 

1425—3.  Addison  Moses,  b.  July  2,  1814. 

1426—4.  Syrene  Hannah,  b.  Aug.  26.  1810. 

1427—5.  Danford  Elisha,  b.  July  22,  1818. 

1428—6.  Ira  Merrill,  b.  Sept.  20,  1820;  d.  Sept.  17,  1837. 

1429—7.  Emerson  Timothy,  b.  Oct.  5,  1822. 

1430—8.  Amelia  Phusbe,  b.  Sept.  14,  1824. 

1431 — 9.  Albert  Edmund,  b.  Oct.  27.  1826. 

1432-10.  Charles  Arden,  b.  Jan.  20,  1829. 

1433.  Sarah  Crane6  [596],  married  William  Plumb.  She 
died  1854. 

1434.  Charles  Crane1'  [597],  (Isaac,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamiu1),  married  by  Rev.  Ezekiel  Chapman,  of 
Lima,    Oct.   10,    1811,  at    Bloomfield,    Ontario  Countv,  N.  Y., 



Huldah.  daughter  of  Amos  and  Lucy  Bronson.  She  was  born 
in  Massachusetts,  April  30,  1702.  He  died  at  East  Bloomfield. 
N.  Y..  June  2.  1841.  She  died  at  Le  Roy,  N.  Y..  Feb.  5,  185-1. 
He  was  a  merchant  in  Weedsport  for  a  time.     Children  : 

1435—1.     Albert,  b.  June  22,  1820. 

14313 — 2.  Walter,  b.  July  13,  1827;  for  some  years  was  engaged  in 
dry  goods  trade  and  as  a  dealer  in  real  estate  in  Detroit, 
Mich.  He  was  commissioned  as  major  and  paymaster 
by  Abraham  Lincoln,  March  11,  1863;  and  as  brevet 
lieutenant-colonel  by  A.  Johnson,  Nov.  15,  1865.  Mr. 
Crane  removed  from  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  to  Detroit,  in  the 
year  1845.  Here  he  died  aged  71  years.  At  the  time  of 
his  death  (,1898)  his  estate  was  valued  at  one  million 
dollars.  A  considerable  portion  of  this  wealth  it  is  said 
came  to  him  through  a  claim  or  title  he  purchased  to  tbe 
Joe  Harvey  farm  (so  called),  consisting  of  about  two 
hundred  acres  of  land,  fronting  on  the  river,  between 
Fort  Wayne  and  the  copper  works,  and  extending  back 
from  the  river  a  mile  or  more.  For  many  years  this 
claim  was  in  litigation,  Mr.  Crane  Anally  in  1S7S  securing 
a  compromise  with  other  claimants  and  thus  acquiring 
the  bulk  of  this  very  valuable  estate.     He  left  a  widow. 

1437.  Hunter  Crane6  [599].  (Isaac,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Maria  McMullen,  and  settled  at 
Sackett's  Harbor.  Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  He  served  in  the 
war  of  1812  at  Sackett's  Harbor;  was  a  merchant,  and  died  at 
Oswego,  April.  1S59.     Children  : 

1438_1.  William  Hcnter,  b.  June  14,  1817. 

1439—2.  Albert  Sears. 

1440— 3.  Frank  Gregory. 

1441—4.  Richard  Rankin. 

1442—5.  Mary  A. 

1443 — 6.  Charlotte. 

1444—7.  Jane  E. 

1445—8.  Cassandra  B. 

1446—9.  Clarinda  P. 

1447-10.  Fanny  C. 

1448-11.  Sarah  M. 

1449.  Albert  Crane6  [601].  (Isaac.5  Joseph,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Margaret  M.  Oliver,  Feb. 
22.  1824.  She  was  born  April  29,  1806.  in  Seneca  County,  N. 
Y.,  and  died  Dec.  3.  1837,  in  Auburn,  N.  Y.  He  theu  married 
Abigail  Mayuard  ;  was  a  merchant  in  Oswego,  N.  Y..  and  died 
Aug.  29.  1^47.  at  Lancaster,  Mass.     Children: 

1450—1.  Francis,  b.  Aug.  29,  1825;  d.  Sept.  7.   1825. 

1451—2.  DbWitt  Clinton,  b.  Nov.  10,  1826;  d.  Sept.  23,  1880. 

1452-3.  Arza,  b.  Dec.  5.  1828. 

1453 — 1.  Ann  Eliza,  b.  July  4,  1831 ;  m.  Frank  P.  Fisher  ;  no  children. 

1454—5.  Alvira,  b.  Jan.  27,  1834. 

1455—6.  Margaret  Evelyn,  b.July  15.  1837;  d.  July  28,  1838. 

1456.  Mary  Ann  Crane6  [606].  (Ira,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan, -  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  18,  1821,  in  Herkimer,  N. 
Y.,  Dr.  Elisha   D.   Moses,  of  Rochester,  N.  Y.     He  was  born 


Feb.  12,  1790,  in  Canton,  Hartford  County,  Conn.,  and  after  his 
marriage  he  settled  iu  Portage,  Allegany  County,  N.  Y.,  and 
afterwards  removed  to  Rochester,  where  he  died  Oct.  19,  1871. 
She  died  there  Feb.  28,   1873.     Children  : 

1.  Eliza  Ann  (Moses),  b.  Nov.  19,  1821. 

2.  America  (Moses),  b.  Sept.  13,  1823. 

1457.  John  Crane1'  [607].  (Ira.5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,-Benjamin1 ) ,  was  twice  married.  Married  his  2d  wife  in 
Belfast,  Canada ;  was  living  with  one  of  his  daughters  at  time 
of  his  death.     Children  : 

1158—1.     Betsey. 
1459—2.     Rcth. 

1460.  Fanny  Crane11  [612],  (Ira,3  Joseph,'1  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,'2 IJenjainin  ),  married  2d,  Henry  Harriugtou,  of  Camillus, 
Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.  By  a  former  marriage  to  a  Mr.  Wilson 
she  had  a  son,  who  is  supposed  to  have  died  in  California. 
Childi'en  : 

1.  Mary  Ann  (Harrington). 

2.  Clarrisa  (Harrington). 

3.  Frances  (Harrington). 

4.  Bradford  (Harrington). 

1461.  Jane  Crane6  [613],  (Ira,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than.2 Benjamin' ) ,  married  Simon  Trask,  June  14,  1831.  He 
was  born  April  5.  1808.  She  was  born  Jan.  27,  1810.  They 
removed  to  the  State  of  Illinois.  He  died  Oct  31,  1865.  She 
died  in  Galesburg,  March  29,  1886.     Children: 

1.  Delos  R.  (Trask),  b.  Sept.  12,  1832. 

2.  Gilbert  C.  (Trask),  b.  July  14,  1834. 

3.  Ozell  (Trask),  b.  March  10,  1836. 

4.  Edwin  W.  (Trask).  b.  July  31,   1838. 

5.  Riverus  H.  (Trask),  b.  Sept.  30,  1841. 

6.  Clarrisa  J.  (Trask),  b.  Nov.  30,  1844. 

1462.  Delos  R.  Trask  [1]  ;  ra.  Mary  A.  Shafer,  Dec.  23,   1862.     She 

was  b.  March  31,  1842.  They  reside  (18'J8)  at  Karoma, 
Oklahoma.     Children  : 

1.  Luklla    Jane  (Trask),  b.    Aug     10,    1865;  m.  Sept. 

3,  1884,  Rollo  Constant. 

2.  Riverus  Edwin  (Trask),  b.  Oct.  16,  1870. 

1463.  Ozell    Trask    [3];  m.    Cortena     A     Forbes,    Feb     11,    1863 

Children  : 

1.  Giluert  Forhes  (Trask),  b.  May  22,  1865. 

2.  Belle  Little  (Trask),  b.  June  10,  1369. 

3.  Guacie  Jane  (Trask),  b.  Oct.  22,  1875. 

4.  Isaac  Ozell  (Trask),  b.  May  4,  1877. 

1464.  Edwin  W.  Trask  [4]  ;  m.  1st,  Adela  C.  Hawkins,  Oct.  26,  1864  ; 

2d.  Emma  C.  Rapp,  June  15,  1881.  She  was  b.  Jan.  20, 
1861.  His  first  wife  d.  April  30,  1877,  leaving  one  child. 
Child  : 

1.     Lillian  L.   (Trask);  b.  Jan.  24,   1870;  residence    at 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  327  State  street- 


1465.  Rr\"ERCS  H.  Trask  [5]  ;  m.  Helen  E.  Bates.  Aug.  22,  1878.  She 
was  b.  Dec.  10,  1853.     Resides  at  Ottawa,  111.     Children  : 

1.  Julia  Estella  (Trask),  b.  March  25,  1S78. 

2.  Helen  Bates  (Trask),  b.Jan.  6,  1887. 

3.  Odessa  Crank  (Trask),  b.  Oct.  5,  1889. 

1486.  Clarrisa  J.  Trask  [6];  m.  1st,  Henry  Casner,  Jan.  31,  18(15; 
2d,  Tilghman  H.  Gentry,  Oct.  16,  1871.  He  was  b.  Oct.  26, 
1841.     Residence  at  Galesburg,  111.     Children: 

1.  Cora    Abbie   (Casner),  b.    Oct.   3,  1865;  m.   Henrv 

Baker,  June  24,  1891. 

2.  Addie  May  (Gentry),  b.  Sept.  27.  1874. 

1467.  Luella  Jane  Trask  [1J  ;  m.   Rollo  Constant,    Sept.    3,    1884. 

Children  ; 

1.  Gilbert  Clinton  (Constant),  b.  Aug.  28,  1885. 

2.  Joseph  William  (Constant),  b.  OctT  27,  1887. 

3.  Mary  Aneta  (Constant),  b.  May  16,  1893. 

1468.  Gilbert  Crane13  [615],  (Ira,5  Joseph.4  Joseph,3  Jona- 
than,'- Benjamin1),  married  Helen  Crowner,  of  Portage,  Allegany 
County,  N.  Y.,  and  settled  in  New  York  city.  After  a  residence 
there  of  four  years  they  removed  to  Albany,  where  for  twenty 
years  their  home  was  on  Troy  Road.  From  there  the  family 
went  to  Lansingburg  for  five  years.  Then  Mr.  Crane  purchased 
a  large  property  in  the  city  of  Rochester,  where  he  remained 
until  his  death,  which  occurred  in  the  year  1887.  She  was  born 
1812,  and  died  in  Rochester  in  1880.     Children  : 

1469 — 1.  Charlotte  Augusta,  b.  ;  d.  at  Portage,  1839. 

1470—2.  Helen  E.,  b. . 

1471 — 3.  Charlotte,  b.  ;  m.  Win.  M.  Stewart,  Rochester. 

1472 — 4.  Elizabeth,  b.  ;  d.  Sept.  25,  1861. 

1473 — 5.  Gilbert,  b.  ;  d.  on  Troy  Road,  1846. 

1474.  Daniel  Crane6  [618],  (Daniel,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1!,  married  Jan.  6.  1824,  Elsie  Ann 
Demarest  at  Catskill.  Greene  County,  N.  Y..  where  she  was 
born  July  24,  1801.  and  where  for  many  years  they  made  their 
home.  About  1835  they  removed  to  Albany.  N.  Y.,  where  their 
three  youngest  children  were  born.  Mrs.  Crane  died  in  New 
York  city  March  18.  1874.     Children  : 

1475—1.  Henry  Demarest,  b.  Feb.  27.  1825. 

1476-2.  Emma,  b.  Aug.  31,  1826;  d.  Nov.  19,  1826. 

1477—3.  Charles  Stuart,  b.  Dec.  14,  1827;  d.  Feb.  5,  1835. 

1478—4.  Hiram  Augustus,  b.  Ang.  26,  1829. 

1479—5.  Edward  Payson,  b.  March  6,  1832. 

1480—6.  Thomas  Smith,  b.  Dec.  13,  1833. 

1481—7  William  Nevins.  b.  May  19,  1836. 

1482—8.  Emmeline  Matilda,  b.  July  29,  1838. 

1483-9.  Sarah  Ellen,  b.  Nov.  14,  1840. 

1484.     Cynthia  Crane6    [619],    (Daniel,5  Joseph.4  Joseph.3 

Jonathan,"-    Benjamin1),    married    Whittlesey.     She  died 

Nov.  3.  1825.     Children: 

1-     Edward  N.  (Whittlesey),  b.  May  16.  1823 


2.     Gilbert  B.  (Whittlesey),  b.  Aug.  9,  1825. 
The  widow  of  the  latter,  Annie  Whittlesey,  resides  at  No.  2  Summer 
Place,  Newark,  N.  J 

1485.  Susan  Crane*5  [620],  (Daniel,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Henry  Pratt,  of  Stamford,  N. 
Y.     Child : 

1.     Emily  (Pratt),    m.  Henry  Gilbert.     Children: 
■  1.     Frank  (Gilbert). 

2.  Emily  (Gilbert),  m.  Henry  Cook. 

3.  Sarah  (Gilbert). 

1486.  Hiram  Crane6  [621],  (Daniel,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Enieline  Demarest,  Nov.  25, 
1830,  at  Catskill,  N.  Y.,  of  which  place  she  was  a  native.  She 
was  born  Aug.  27,  1809,  and  died  in  Claverack,  N.  Y.,  May  6, 
1832.     He  died  in  Elmira,  May  25,  1853.     Child  : 

1487—1.  Theodore  W,  b.  Sept.  26,  1331,  at  Havana,  N.  Y.  He  is  a 
coal  dealer;  resides  in  Elmira,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dec.  7,  1858, 
Susan  Langdon,  a  native  of  Spencer;  born  Feb    18,  1836. 

1488.  Joseph  Augustus  Ceane6  [622],  (Daniel,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  at  Davenport, 
Delaware  County,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1834,  Mary  Esther  Goodrich. 
She  was  a  native  of  that  place;  born  Nov.  5,  1812,  and  died 
there  Jan.  26,  1840;  2d,  Sept.  16,  1856,  Mary  Fisher,  daughter 
of  Nahum  and  Betsy  Harrington  Fisher,  of  Westborough,  Mass., 
where  she  was  born  Feb.  22,  1825.  He  was  a  lumber  merchant, 
having  been  engaged  in  that  business  in  Albany,  N.  Y.  and  Fall 
River,  Mass.     He  died  at  Albany,  April  16,  1877.     Children  : 

14S9 — 1.     Theodork  Dwight,  b.  June  9,  1835;  d.  Aug.  31,  1836. 

1490— 2.     Ellen  Cornelia,  b.  May  26,  1837. 

1491—3.     Henry  Martyn,  b.  Feb.  24,  1859;  d.  Oct.  4,    1859,  at  Fali 

1492-4.     Mary  Fisheu,  b.  Feb.  22,  1861. 

1493.  Amanda  M.  Crane6  [625],  (Josiah  N.5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William  Mervine  in 
1815.  He  was  rear  admiral  in  the  United  States  navy.  Died  at 
Utica.  N.  Y.,  in  1868,  in  the  78th  year  of  his  age.  She  died  in 
May,  1874,  aged  78  years.     Children  : 

1 .  William  C  (Mervine),  m.  Martha  Sawyer. 

2.  Charles  H.  (Mervine),  m.  Helen  McDonald. 
3      Emily  M.  (Mervine),  m.  Leander  M.  Drury 

4.  Henry  G.  (Mervine),  m.  Eliza  Fair  man. 

5.  Mary  A.  (Mervine),  m.  Fdward  Sturgis. 

6.  Cassarinus  B.  (Mervine),  captain  in  Union  army;  d.    at  City 

Point  Hospital,  Aug.  17,  1864. 

1494.  George  Robinson  Crane6  [629],  (Arzah,3  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin'),  married  1st,  Lily  Sweet,  of 
Troy,  N.  Y.  She  died  leaving  no  issue.  Married  2d,  Mary 
Louisa,  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Sarah  Margaret  (Prout)  Taylor; 
settled  in  Troy;   but  about  1851  removed  to  Addison,  Vt.,  where 


he  remained  a  few  years.     Jauuary,  1856,  found  the  family  again 
in  Troy.  N.  Y.     Children  : 


Junius,  d.  in  infancy. 

Albert,  d.  in  infancy. 

Lillkis  Aliiertink,  b.  Aug.  8,  1849. 

Sarah  Ellkn,  b.  Oct.  10,  1851. 

Ida,  b.  March  6,  1852. 

Charlks  Edgar,  b.  Dec.  20,  1854. 

Frances  A_nn,  b.  Jan.  29,  1856. 

1502.  Laura  Belden  Crane6  [632],  (Arzah,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Nov.  15,  1841,  in  St. 
Stephen's  Church,  Middlebury,  Vt.  Rev.  Henry  More  Davis, 
Rev.  J.  W.  Diller  performing  the  ceremony.  She  died  Jan.  4, 
1845,  in  the  house  where  she  was  born.     Child : 

1.  Laura  Elizabeth  (Davis),  b.  Sept.  10,  1842,  at  Vergennes,  Vt. ; 
m.  June  18,  1866,  Albert  Kendall  Broughton  in  St.  Paul's 
Church,  Salem,  Washington  County,  N.  T.,  her  father 
officiating.     Children : 

1.  Laura  Elizabeth  (Broughtou),    b.  June   12,    1867,  at 


2.  Alice    Harriet    (Broughton),    b.     Dec.    17,    1868,  at 


3.  Henrietta  (Broughton),  b.  Oct.  3,  1870,  at  Salem. 

4.  Albert  Davis  (Broughton),  b.  July  14,  1872,  at  Salem. 

5.  Charles  DuBois    (Broughton),   b.    Oct.  17,   1874,    at 


6.  Lydia  (Broughton),  b.  Sept.  14,  1883;  d.  Sept.  17,  1883. 

7.  Anna  B.  (Broughton),  b.  Sept.  9,  1885,  at  Salem. 

1503  Laura  Elizabeth  Broughton  [1]  ;  m.  Harry  Evans  Cole  in 
St.  Paul's  Church,  Salem,  Oct.  2,  1889,  by  Rev.  John  Henry 
Houghton.     Children: 

1.  Margaret  Broughton  (Cole),  b.   Oct.    14,  1892,  at 

Greenbush,  N.  Y. 

2.  Hugh  Broughton  (Cole),  b.   May  29,  1896,  at  New 

York  city. 

1504.  Alice  Harriet  Broughton    [2];  m.  June   25,  1891,  Clarence 

Houghton  in  St.  Paul's  Church,  Salem,  N.  Y. ,  Rev.  John 
Henry  Houghton  officiating.     Children  : 

1.  Laura  Elizabeth  (Houghton),  1  twins,    b.   Jan.    17, 

V     1895,     at     Grcen- 

2.  Frances  Mildred  (Houghton),  j      bush,  N.  Y. 

1505.  Henrietta  Broughton  [3]  ;  married  Walter  Graham  Murphy, 

June  30,  1892,  in  St.  Paul's  Church,  Salem,  N.  Y.,  by  Rev. 
John  Henry  Houghton,  rector  of  St.  Paul's  School,  Salem, 
and  Rev.  Harris  Cox  Rush,  rector  of  St.  Paul's  Church,  and 
settled  at  East  Hartford,  Conn.     Children  : 

1.  Elinor  Davis  (Murphy),  b.  Sept.  3,  1893. 

2.  Frances  Broughton  (Murphy),  b.  March  30,  1895. 

1506.  Ellen  Sarah  Crane6  [636],  (Arzah,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Asahel  Barnes,  Jr., 
at  Addison,  Vt.,  Nov  15,  1849.  He  was  a  native  of  Bristol, 
Conn.  ;   born  Jan.  18,  1810;   by  occupation  a  farmer,  but  called 


to  fill  various  public  offices  ;  was  justice  of  the  peace,  and  for 
about  forty  years  held  the  office  of  postmaster.  He  died  in 
Addison,  Oct.  28,  1886.     Children: 

1.  Alice  Adelaide  (Barnes),  b.  Feb.  I,  1851;  d.  Nov.  11,  1853. 

2.  Albert  Crane  (Barnes),  b.   June  28,   1853;  m.   1st,    Carrie   E. 

Smith,  Feb.  24,  1885;  she  d.  Aug.  30,  1891;    m.    2d,   Jessie 
Griswold,  May  25,  1895.     He  is  a  lawyer  in  Chicago,  111. 

3.  Ella  Salina  (Barnes),  b.  Sept.  19,  1854. 

4.  Millard  Fillmore  (Barnes),  b.  Aug.  21,  185*5. 

1507.  Ella  Salina  Babnes  [3]  ;  m.  Sept.  23,  1879,  Hon.  Winslow  C. 

Watson,  a  native  of  Pittsburgh.  Clinton  County,  N.  Y.; 
b.  Jan.  19,  1832;  a  lawyer  by  profession;  graduate  of  Uni- 
versity of  Vermont,  1854.  He  was  school  commissioner 
for  Essex  County  in  1857-1860;  county  judge  and  surrogate 
for  Clinton  County,  N.  Y.,  1876-1882.  Residence  in  Platts- 
burgh. She  is  a  graduate  of  Mount  Holyoke  Seminary. 
Children  : 

1.  Winslow  Barnes  (Watson),  b.  Aug.  28,  1880. 

2.  Richard  Pierrepolnt  (Watson),  b.  April  12,  1883. 

3.  Mark  Skinner  (Watson),  b.  June  24,  1887. 

4.  Ellen  Frances  (Watson),  b.  Nov.  12,  1893. 

1508.  Millard  Fillmore  Barnes  [4]  ;  was  elected  in  1896  to  repre- 

sent the  town  of  Addison  in  the  Vermont  legislature.  He 
is  also  one  of  the  judges  of  the  Addison  County  court  In 
whatever  station  he  has  been  called  to  act,  the  public  have 
not  been  disappointed  in  his  ability  to  meet  all  questions, 
whether  of  a  public  or  private  nature,  in  an  intelligent, 
broad  and  manly  way. 

1509.  Alfred  Crane6  [(352],  (Peter5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1) ,  married  Phena  Robbins.     Children: 

1510—1.     Peter. 

1511—2.     Wyram.  b.  April  17,  1828. 

1512—3.     Jackson,  m.  Ruth  Croft. 

1513.  Peter  Crane6  [653],  (Peter,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan.'3  Benjamin1),  married  Phena  Bennett.  Settled  in 
Richmond,  Vt.     Children: 

1514 — 1.     Alfred,  went  west. 

1515—2.     Sarah  Ann. 

1516 — 3.     Edwin,  m.  Lauraette  Chatfleld. 

1517.  Nancy  Crane6  [65-4].  (Peter.5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Charles  Steveus.  and  lived  in 
Richmond,  Vt.      Children  : 

1.  Rufus  (Stevens). 

2.  Alexis  (Stevens). 

3.  Almhia  (Stevens). 

4.  Clamana  (Stevens). 

5.  Fannie  (Stevens). 

1518.  Rufus  Stevens  [1]  ;  m.  Anna  Jones.     Children: 

1.  Charles  C.  (Steveus). 

2.  Edward  J.  (Stevens). 

3.  Ezra  (Stevens). 


,  4.     Euretta  (Stevens). 

5.     Milton  (Stevens). 
G.     Charlotte  (Stevens),  m.  D.  E.  Slater. 

1519.  Charles  C.  Stevens  [1]  ;  m   Hannah  Towne.     Children: 

1.     Florence  M.  (Stevens). 
a,     Edward  M.  (Stevens). 
3.     Albert  T    (Stevens). 

1520.  Edward  J.  Stevens  [2] ;  m.  Calista  Welch.     Children: 

1 .  Laura  (Stevens). 

2.  Mennie  (Stevens). 

1521.  Ezra  Stevens  [3];  m.  Susan  L.    Wheeler.     He  d.  November, 

1897.     Children: 

1.  Charles  E.  (Stevens). 

2.  Thad  L.  (Stevens) . 

3.  Carrie  M.  (Stevens). 

4.  John  M.  (Stevens). 

5.  Fannie  J.  (Stevens). 

1522.  Eitreta  Stevens  [4];  m.  A.  C.  Robinson.     Children: 

1.  George  C.  (Stevens). 

2.  Mortimer C.  (Stevens). 

3.  Adella  (Stevens). 

4.  Minnie  (Stevens). 

5.  Bernie  (Stevens). 

(J.     Bertha  (Stevens).  ' 

1523.  Milton  Stevens  [5]  j  in.  Marion  Shedd.     Child: 

1.     Ina  (Stevens). 

1524.  Abbie    Crane6    [657],    (Peter,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Thomas  Cutler.     Children: 

Oliver  (Cutler). 

Alexis  (Cutler),  went  west;  m.  and  d.,  leaving  a  son,  Alexis. 
Samuel  (Cutler),  m.  Emily  Barber;  had  a  son,  Elber;  d.  young. 
Horace  (Cutler). 

Lucy  (Cutler),  m.  Samuel  Wyman ;  both  d. 
6.     Jane  (Cutler). 

1525.  Oliver  Cutler  [1] ;  m.  1st,  Jane  Barber;  2d,  Rhoda  Hildreth. 

Children  : 

1.  Minnie  (Cutler),  d.  aged  16. 

2.  Thomas  (Cutler). 

3.  Abbie  (Cutler). 

4.  Hyman  (Cutler),  d.  when  a  young  man. 

15215.     Thomas  Cutler  [2];  m.  L.  Fitzsimmonds.     He  d.     Children: 

1.  Minnie  (Cutler)). 

2.  Freddie  (Cutler). 

3.  Hyman  (Cutler). 

1527.     Abbie  Cutler  [3]  ;  m    Ransom  Conant,  and  d.     Children  : 

1.  Fay  (Conant),  d.  in  infancy. 

2.  Levy  Cutler  (Couant),  b.  1886. 

1523.     Horace  Cutler  [4] ;  m.  Cordelia  Ross.     Children: 

1.  Dora  (Cutler). 

2.  Chester  (Cutler). 


1529.  Dora  Cutler  [1]  ;  m.   Ed.  Olrastead.     Children: 

1.  Minnie  (Olrastead),  d.  young. 

2.  Millissa  (Olmstead). 

1530.  Jane  Cutler  [6] ;  m.  E.  M.  Irish.     Child: 

1      Addie  (Irish),  m.  Will  Harlowe.     Shed.     Child: 
1.     Helen  (Harlowe). 

1531.  Laura  Crane6  [659],  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.- Benjamin1),  married  Charles  Brewster.  He  was  born 
March  18,  1794,  and  died  Dec.  30,  1867.     Children: 

1.  Henry  (Brewster),  b.   Oct.  16,  1824;  m.   Mary   Eddy,   b.    July 

22,  1827. 

2.  Byron  (Brewster),  b.  March  15,  1829;  m.  Annette  Mix,  b.  May 

12,  1845. 

3.  Fanny  (Brewster),  b.  Feb.  12,  1831. 

1532.  Fanny   Brewster    [3];    m.    George    H.    Lewis,    who    was  b. 

March  17,  1825.     Children: 

1.  Ida  B.  (Lewis),  b.  April  24,  1S53. 

2.  Charlie  (Lewis),  b.  Aug.  23,  1855. 

3.  Annarel  (Lewis),  b.  Sept.  10,  1859. 

1533.  Ida  Lewis  [1];  m.  Benona  Sprague,  b.  May   15,   1852.     He  d. 

Dec.  13,  1895.     Children: 

1.     Willie  (Sprasue),  b.  June  14,  1874;  ra.  Effie  Phillips, 
b.  March  31,  1880.     Child: 

1.     Benoni  (Sprague),  b.  July  15.  1897. 

1534.  Annabel  Lewis    [3];   m.   Smilie  Kenyon,   b.   Aug.  15,  1853. 


1.     Daisey  M.  (Kenyon),  b.  May  22,  1883. 

1535.  Thaddecs Crane6  [660],  (James, 5Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Ruth  Seely,  Dec.  13,  1825.  She 
was  born  June  24,  1800.  Settled  in  Richmond,  Vt.  ;  was  an  active 
business  man  and  a  prominent  citizen.  He  died  Nov.  28,  1842. 
She  died  March  21,  1868.     Children  : 

1536—1.  Anson  J.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1826. 

1537—2.  Mary  Maria,  b.  Sept.  15,  1828;  d.  April  17,  1829. 

1538—3.  Mary  Maria,  b.  July  8,  1831. 

1539_4  James  Gerard,  b.  Nov.  2,  1840;  d.  Aug.  27,  1856. 

1540.  Sally  Crane6  [661],  (James.5  Thaddeus.4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,- Benjamin1),  married  Miles  Jones,  April  4,  1832;  set- 
tled at  Fort  Atkinson.  Wis.  She  died  June  28,  1871.  He  died 
Nov.  17,  1893,  at  Fort  Atkinson.  He  was  government  surveyor 
in  Wisconsin  in  1835.     Children  : 

1.     Newton  (Jones),  b.  Dec.  15,  1833. 

2  Amelia  Maria  (Jones),  b.  Jan.  16,  1835;  m.  Edward  Rankin 

3  Fanny  Caroline  (Jones),  b.  Nov   2,  1840;  ra.  William  Talcott, 

Sept.  25,  1862. 

4.  Edward  Milton  (Jones),  h.  Aug.  3,  1842;  d.  Nov.  14,  1863. 

5.  Anson  (Jones),  b.  Feb.  15,  1844;  d.  Jan.  17,  1845. 

«.     George  Washington  (Jones),  b.  Feb.  9,  1847;  d.  May  23,  1849. 
Milo   Cornelius   (Jones),    (      twius,       ] 

Melvin  Augustus  (Jones)  A    b.  Feb.  14,  \  m       Mary     Francis 
1849;         J      Cole,  Oct.  26.  1870. 


1541.  Newton  Jones   [I];  m.  Oct  2,  1865,  Phedora   Turner.     Chil- 

dren : 

1.  Lillian  Powell  (Jones),  b.  April  20,  1871. 

2.  Franklin  Turner  (Jones),  b.  Nov.  13,  1874. 

1542.  Amelia  Maria  Jones  [2];  m.  Edward    Rankin,  Oct.  16,  1856. 

Child  : 

1.  Warner  H.  (Rankin),  b.  May  19,  1858,  at  Jefferson, 
Wis.,  who  m.  Nellie  Peirce,  b.  April  10,  1859,  at 
Kenosha.     Child : 

1.     Edward  Ira  (Rankin),   b.    Oct.    6,   1886,  at 
Fort  Atkinson,  Wis. 

1543.  Fannie  Caroline  Jones  [3];  m.  at  Fort  Atkinson,  Wis.,  Sept. 

25,  1862,  William  A.  Talcott,  of  Rockford,  111.,  where  they 
reside.     Children: 

1.  Amella  (Talcott),  b.  Nov.  28,  1863:  d.  Aug    1,  1866. 

2.  Wait  (Talcott),  b.  May  6,  1866. 

3.  Frederick  (Talcott),  b.  Nov.  10,  1868;  d.   Sept.  20, 


4.  William  A.   (Talcott),  b.  Feb.  25,  1870;  graduate  of  ' 

Amherst  College,  ]c93,  and  Harvard  Law  School, 
1896,  and  soon  began  the  practice  of  law  in  New 
York  city.  At  the  call  for  soldiers  to  serve  in  the  war 
with  Spain  he  enlisted  as  private  in  company  M, 
71st  New  York  Volunteers,  and  was  promoted  to 
corporal  for  gallant  conduct  in  the  charge  before 
Santiago,  Cuba,  having  received  favorable  mention 
by  his  superior  officers.  Ou  his  return  from  Cuba 
he  arrived  at  Camp  Wikoff,  Aug.  23,  1898,  sick  with 
malarial  fever.  Three  days'  later  he  was  removed 
to  the  Larkin  House,  Watch  Hill,  R.  I.,  and  for  a 
few  days  gave  signs  of  improvement,  but  d.  Ang. 
1 ;  buried  at  Rockford,  111. 

5.  Elizabeth  (Talcott),  b.   Sept.    10,  1872;  d.   Aug.   20, 


6.  Fanny  (Talcott),  b.  April  13,  1878;  d.  Jan.  24,  18»5. 

1544.  Clarinda  Crane6  [662].  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph.3 
Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Hiram  Brewster  in  1828,  and 
lived  in  Huntington,  Vt.     Children: 

Mah.ala  (Brewster),  b.  1831;  d.  1832. 
Marilla  (Brewster),  b.  1832. 
Wyram  (Brewster),  b.  1835. 
Wesley  (Brewster),  b.  1838. 
Harrison  (Brewster),  b.  1840. 
George  (Brewster),  b.  1845. 
Ellen  (Brewster),  b.  1848. 

1545.  Marilla  Brewster  [2]  ;  m.  Alfred  Bates  in  1860. 

1546.  Wyram  Brewster  [3]  ;  m.  Annette  Remington.     Children: 

1       Hiuam  (Brewster). 

2.  Henry  (Brewster). 

3.  Laura  (Brewster). 


1547.  Wesley  Brewster  [4] ;  m.  Emma  Sherman.     Children  : 

1.  Frank  (Brewster). 

2.  Carlos  (Brewster). 

3.  Lena  (Brewster). 

4.  Clinton  (Brewster). 

1548.  Harrison  Brewster  [5] ;  m.  Ella  Eddy.     Child  : 

1.     Morton  (Brewster). 
1519.     George  Brewster  [6] ;  m.  Alma  Sweet.     Children: 

1.  Clarinda  (Brewster). 

2.  Georgie  (Brewster). 

1550.     Ellen  Brewster  [7] ;  m.  Amos  Small.     Children: 

1.  Melvtn  (Small). 

2.  Herbert  (Small). 

3.  Fay  (Small). 

1551.  Fanny  Crane6  [664],  (Jame9,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1 ),  married  Horace  Bailey,  Esq.,  Oct.  12, 
18:31,  at  Somers.  N.  Y.,  and  settled  there.  He  was  born  June  8, 
1790,  and  died  July  29,  1874.     She  died  May  1,  1886.     Child  : 

1.     Clarinda  (Bailey),  b.  Feb.  4,  1833;  d. Jan.  22,  1896. 

1552.  James  Crane6  [665],  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  (Joseph,11 
Jonathan,9  Benjamin1)  married  Lydia  Barber,  and  lived  at  Fort 
Atkinson,  Wis.,  where  their  two  eldest  children  were  born.  Ada 
M.  was  born  in  Oakland,  Wis.,  but  George  A.  was  born  at  Fort 
Atkinson.  He  afterwards  went  to  Kansas,  and  settled  at  Neosho 
Falls,  where  he  died  March  30,  1897.*     Children  : 

1553—1.     Laura,  b.  Oct.  6,  1842;  d.  at  Neosho  Falls,  July  29,  1858. 
1554—2.     Thaddeus,  b.  Feb.  2(3,  1845. 
1555-3.     Ada  Mary,  b.  July  10,  1849. 

155G — 4.     George  Allen,  b.  May  4,  1850;  lived  (1897)   at  St.   Louis, 

1557.  Gerard  Crane6  [666],  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Ellen  Roberts.  June  14, 
1840.     He  died  Dec.  1(3,  1880.     Children: 

1558—1.     Roxana  Ellen,  b.  Sept.  6,  1841. 
1559—2.     Laura  Cylena,  b.  Jan.  13,  1843;   d.  March  8,  IS43. 
1500—3.     MaryKeturah,  b.  Sept.  19,  1844;  d.  Feb.  5,  1845. 
15Ci_4.     Sarah  Janet,  b.  July  29,  1855;  d.  June  5,  1865. 
1562—5.     Mabel,  b.  Jan.  13,  1866;  m.  Mason  D.  Pratt,  March,  1889; 
reside  at  Steelton,  Pa. 

1563.  Loretta  Crane6  [667],  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1 ),   married  Charles    Farnsworth,   May    19, 

•James  Crane,  Neosho  Falls,  enlisted  Oct.  26,  1861.  Promoted  2d 
Lieutenant  of  Company  H,  May  28,  1862;  1st  Lieutenant,  March  17, 
1863.  Mustered  out  Jan.  16,  1865,  at  Devall's  Blufl",  Ark.  Also  Thaddeus 
Crane,  residence  Neosho  Falls,  enlisted  Oct.  26,  1861.  Mustered  out  at 
same  place  in  Arkansas,  Jan.  16,  1865.  Probably  the  above  were  father 
and  sou. 


1840.     They  had  two  children;  only  one  of  them  lived  to  grow 
up.     She  died  Sept.  20,  1845.     Child: 
1.     Louisa  (Farnsworth). 

1564.  At.exis  Crane8  [MS],  (James,5  Thaddeus.4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,9  Benjamin1)-  married  Jane  A.  Gilbert.  He  died. 
Children  : 

1565—1.  Judson  G.  b.  1857. 

1506—2.  Alexis. 

1567—3.  Clara. 

1568— 4.  Emily 

1569.  Thomas  Crane6  [669],  (James,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Olive  Ives,  Nov.  24,  1845. 
She  was  born  June  18,  1822,  and  died  Sept.  11,  1846.  He  then 
married  2d,  Deborah  Eliza  Colton,  April  20,  1848.  She  was 
born  in  Waitsfleld,  Vt.,  and  died  Feb.  23,  1881.  He  then  went 
to  Fort  Atkinson,  Wis.,  and  now  (1897)  resides  there.    Children  : 


Bessie  Evilyn,  b.  April  7,  1849. 
Olive  Ives,  b.  Nov.  21,  1850. 
Alice  Frances,  b.  July  13,  1852. 
Matilda  Abbie,  b.  July  12,  1854. 
Jennie  Maria,  b.  Dec.  18,  1858. 
Clara  Amelia,  b   Feb.  22,  1861. 

1576.  Jane  Baxter  Crane6  [670],  (James,5  Thaddeus.4 
Joseph,3  Jouathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Alexander  Hart,  Nov. 
22,  1843,  and  removed  to  Fort  Atkinson,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Loretta    (Hart),    m.    Rev.    Albert  B.    Irwin,   and    settled    at 

Beatrice,  Neb.;  now  (1897)  residing  in  Highland,  Kan. 

2.  Alexis  (Hart),  d. 

3  Wyman  Alexander  (Hart),  b.  March  13,  1852.  The  mother 
d.  April  17,  1852,  and  he  was  placed  with  her  brother  Gerard 
and  Sarah  E.  (Roberts)  Crane  to  bring  up,  and  when  he 
became  of  age  changed  his  name  to  Wynam  Alex.  Crane,  and 
he  is  now  ( 1897)  living  in  Portland,  Chautauqua  County. 
N.  Y.     He  m.  Annie  Taylor,  Sept.  4,  1878. 

1577.  Martha  T.  Crane6  [671],  (James, 5Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Martin  Luther  Bates,  April  20, 
1848,  and  removed  to  Fort  Atkinson,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Clara  (Bates). 

2.  Milo  (Bates). 

1578.  Lydia  Crane6  [673],  (Thaddeus,5  Thaddeus,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Oliver  Field,  who 
was  born  Sept.  28,  1808,  and  died  in  1840,  leaving  three  chil- 
dren. She  married  2d,  John  Dickenson,  a  farmer.  He  was 
born  Aug.  24,  1811,  and  died  April  12,  1893.  She  died  May  4, 
1891.     Children: 

1.  Thaddeus  (Field)  ;  a  merchant;  resides  in  St.  Paul,  Minn.  ;  m. 

Julia  Ingersol. 

2.  Elbert  (Field)  ;  a  farmer;  m.  Lydia  Howe. 


3.  Sibylla  (Field). 

4.  John  W.  (Dickenson),  b.  May  21,  1857;  d.  Aug.  28,  1859. 

1579.  Sally  Crane6  [674],  (Tkaddeus,5  Tkaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  at  Somers,  N.  Y.,  Jabez  Jones, 
a  farmer,  and  a  native  of  Richmond,  Vt.  He  was  born  Nov.  15, 
1811,  and  died  May  26,  1883.  She  died  Jan.  8,  1879.  Their 
residence  was  Somers,  N,  Y.     Children  : 

1  Edward  (Jones),  born  July  1(5,  1839;  was  major  in  late  war  in 
15th  New  York  Heavy  Artillery;  d.  Oct.  30.  186-1,  from  wounds 
received  at  the  battle  of  Cedar  Creek,  Oct.  19. 

2.  Oliver  F.  (Joues),  b.  May  19,  1841;  m.  Henrietta  Griffin,  Oct. 

15,  1863;   d.  July  13,  1894. 

3.  Charlotte  C.  (Joues),  b.  Aug.  14,  1812;  d.  May  5,  1867. 

4.  Thaddicus  C.  (Jones),  b.  July  31,  1845;  m.  Carrie  V.  Kounlz, 

Nov.  6,  1873;  residence  St.  Paul. 

5.  Thomas  (Jones),  b.  May  13,  1849. 

6.  Mary  C.  (Jones),  b.  Oct.  1,  1852;  m.  Isaac  C.  Wight;  residence 

Somers,  N.  Y. 

1580.  Oliver  F.  Jones  [2]  ;  m.  Henrietta  Griffin.     Children: 

1.  Edward    (Jones),    b.    Jan.    15,    1865;     residence    St. 

Paul,   Minn. 

2.  Fred  J.  (Jones),  b.  Aug.  30,  1866;  residence  Peekskill, 

N.  Y. 

3.  Charlotte  VV.   (Jones),  b.   Oct.   28,   1867;  residence 

Peekskill,  N.  Y. 

4.  Fannie  G.  (Jones),  b.  Aug.  11,  1870;  residence  Peeks- 

kill,  N.  Y. 

5      Sally  (Jones),  b.  May  28.  1877;  d.  Feb.  11,  1882. 

7.     John  R.  (Jones),  b.  Nov.  27,  1878;  residence  Peeks- 
kill.  N.  Y. 

1581.  Charlotte  C.  Jones  [3]  ;  m.  Dec.  18,  1861,  Isaac  C.  Wright. 

Child  : 

1.     Charles  (Wright),  b.  Nov.  21,  1862,  at  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

1582.  Thomas  Jones  [5];  m.   M.    Louise   Mead,    May    19,    1871,   at 

Somers,  N.  Y.     A  farmer.     Children  : 

1.  Clara  S.  (Jones),  b.  Nov.  3,  1871. 

2.  M.   Louise  (Jones),  b.  June  23,    1873;    m.   Oscar   E. 

.  McBride,  Dec.  7.  1892. 

3.  Ella  L.  (Jones),  b.  Dec.  25,  1879. 

1533.     Clara  S.  Jones  [1];  m.  John  W.   Palmer,  March  li,  1894,  at 
Somers,  N.  Y.     Child: 

1.     John  Wktherill  (Palmer),  b.  Jan.  1,  1895. 

1584.  Clarissa  (or  Clara)  Crane6  [676],  (Tkaddeus,5 
Tkaddeus4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Morgan 
Smith,  a  farmer.  He  was  born  in  1808,  and  died  March  18, 
1892.     Children: 

1.  Anna  (Smith). 

2.  Clara  (Smith). 

1585.  Tiiaddei-s  Crane"  [WS],  (Gerard,5  Thaddeus,4  Jo- 
seph.3   Jonathan.-    Benjamin1),    married    Clarinda    Bailey,    of 


Somers,  N.  Y.,  June  8,  1854.  She  was  born  Feb.  4,  1833,  and 
died  Jan.  22,  1896.  He  was  a  graduate  of  Trinity  College  1845. 
A  farmer.     Children : 

1586—1.  Gerard,  b.  March  15,  1855;  d.  Sept,  23,  1856. 

1587—2.  William  (Bailey),  b.  March  27,  1858;  d.  June  7,  1873. 

1588-3.  Fanny  (Bailey),  b.  Feb.  12.  1860;  d.  Dec.  24,  1861. 

1589—4.  Thaddkcs  (Bailey),  b.  Sept.  29,  1862. 

1590—5.  Ellen  (Bailey),  b.  Oct.  6,  IK64. 

1.591—6.  Clarlnda  (Bailey),  b.  Dec.  25,  1869;  d.  Nov.  11,  1873. 

1592—7.  James  B.  (Bailey),  b.  Aug.  17,  1871. 

1593—8.  Charles  S.  Bailey),  b.  Jan.  29,  1876. 

1594.  Harriet  Crane6  [685],  (Gerard,3  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  William  Coffin,  at  Somers,  N.  Y., 
June.  1854.     She  died  Dec.  9,  1857.     Children: 

1.  Lydia  (Coffin),  b.  May  4,  1855;  d.  April  22,  1858. 

2.  William  H.  (Coffin),  b.  June  29,  1857;  d.  Dec.  13,  1858. 

1595.  Ellen  Crane6  [686],  (Gerard,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Andrew  C.  Scott,  at  Somers, 
N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Gerard  C.  (Scott),  b.  July  14,  1860. 

2.  William  H.  (Scott),  b.  Aug.  29,  1862. 

3.  Lillian  C.  (Scott),  b.  June  14,  1865. 
i.  Hobart  (Scott),  b.  Aug.  22,  1873. 

1596.  Mary  Crane6  [688],  (Gerard,5  Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  in  1866  Dr.  Charles  E.  Lee.  at 
Somers.  N.Y.,  where  for  a  few  years  they  resided,  then  removed 
to  St.  Paul,  Minn  ,  where  he  is.  practicing  his  profession.  Dr. 
Lee  is  a  graduate  of  Lafayette  College,  Easton,  Pa.     Children  : 

1.  Mary  Rankin  (Lee),  b.  May  1,  1867. 

2.  Bessie  Stcart  (Lee),  b.  Dec.  18,  1868. 

3.  Margaret  Guion  (Lee),  b.  Feb.  13,  1871. 

4.  Henry  Thomas  (Lee),  b.  July  29,  1872;  student  January,  1897, 

at  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons,  New  York  city. 

1597.     Bessie  Stcart  (Lee)  [2]  ;  m.  Thomas  T.  Fauntleroy,  a  lawyer. 
They  reside  at  St.  Louis,  Mo.     Child  : 

1      Mary  Lee  (Fauntleroy),  b.  March  16,  1892. 

1598.  Marilla  Crane6  [694],  (Isaac  Chapman,5  Stephen.4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  in  1811  Elisha  Blake, 
son  of  Samuel  and  Margaret  (Johnson)  Blake.  Samuel  was 
born  July  22,  1747,  and  married  Margaret  Johnson  in  1785. 
Stephen  Blake,  father  of  Samuel,  was  born  in  Middletown, 
Conn.,  July  16,  1687,  and  married  1st,  Hannah  Cole;  2d,  Abi- 
gail Hubbard;  and  3d,  Anna  Lucas.  The  latter  was  mother  of 
the  above  Samuel.     Children: 

1.  William   Isaac   (Blake),  b.  Sept.   12,  1812;  m.  Mary,  dan.  of 

Major  Butler,  of  Pittsburg,  in  1835;  no  children ;  d.  1837. 

2.  Erastus  Harman  (Blake),  b.  Nov.  25,  1814;  d.  1815. 

3.  Malissa  Rowena  (Blake),  b.  Oct.   16,  1816;  m.  Timothy  New- 

ton; had  sou  and  daughter;  d.  1877. 

Commodore  HOMER  CRANE  BLAKE. 


Harriet  Amanda  (Blake),  b.  June,  1820;  d.  1829. 
FIomkr  Crank  (Blake),  b.  Feb.  1,  1822. 
Henry  Samuel  (Blake),  b.  June  25,  1823;  d.  1820. 
Charles  Vaughn  (Blake),  b.  April  10,  1828;  d.  1846. 

Commodore  Homicr  Crane  Blake  [5J,  was  born  in  Dutchess 
County,  N.  Y.  When  about  a  year  old  his  parents  removed 
to  Ohio,  and  settled  on  what  was  called  the  Western  Reserve, 
where  Homer  passed  his  boyhood  days.  At  the  age  of 
eighteen  he  entered  the  United  States  Navy  as  a  midship- 
man Date  of  the  appointment  being  March  2,  1840.  He 
was  soon  assigned  to  duty  on  board  the  Constellation  frigate, 
which  set  sail  for  a  voyage  lasting  over  three  years,  and  en- 
circling the  globe.  During  this  trip,  while  the  Constellation 
was  anchored  off  Canton,  China,  Blake  was  assigned  the 
hazardous  task  of  maintaining  communication  between  the 
vessel  and  Canton,  which  he  successfully  accomplished  in  an 
open  boat  with  but  twelve  men,  at  a  time,  too,  when  in  China 
an  Englishman's  head  was  worth  one  thousand  dollars,  and  it 
was  not  an  easy  matter  to  distinguish  between  the  head  of  an 
American  and  an  Englishman.  After  reaching  home  in  1844 
and  spending  a  short  furlough  visiting  relatives  and  friends, 
he  was  ordered  to  join  the  sloop-of-war  Preble  and  served  a 
year  on  the  coast  of  Africa  suppressing  the  slave  trade.  Re- 
turning to  the  United  States  he  entered  the  Naval  Academy, 
at  Annapolis.  From  here  he  graduated  in  1846  as  passed  mid- 
shipman. As  war  with  Mexico  seemed  inevitable,  Blake  ap- 
plied for  active  service  and  was  attached  to  his  old  vessel,  the 
sloop-of-war  Preble,  and  sent  to  the  coast  of  California.  In 
1848  the  Preble  was  ordered  to  the  East  Indies.  On  reaching 
Canton,  China,  Blake  was  so  ill  as  to  be  unlit  for  duty,  and 
permitted  to  return  home  for  the  purpose  of  recovering  his 
health.  For  a  short  period  he  was  engaged  on  shore  in  the 
coast  survey.  In  1850,  he  again  appears  bound  for  the 
Pacific  on  board  the  frigate  Raritan,  but  was  transferred 
from  this  vessel  lo  the  sloop-of-war  St.  Mary's  and  proceeded 
to  the  China  Seas  and  home  by  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  thus 
making  in  about  nine  years  three  voyages  around  the  world. 
In  1856,  he  again  joined  the  Raritan  frigate  and  repaired  to 
the  coast  of  Brazil.  Returning  to  the  United  States  in  1857, 
he  was  employed  for  a  time  on  shore,  and  again  sent  to  the 
coast  of  Africa  to  return  the  following  year.  With  the 
breaking  out  of  our  Civil  War,  Blake  applied  for  active  duty, 
for  the  purpose  of  defending  the  flag  that  had  been  his  pro- 
tection in  almost  every  prominent  harbor  of  the  world. 
He  was  ordered  to  the  Sabine  and  employed  on  the  coast  of 
South  Carolina,  but  when  this  vessel  was  assigned  to  recruit- 
ing duty  he  asked  to  be  detached  from  her  and  given  a  place 
nearer  the  post  of  danger.  He  was  then  assigned  to  com- 
mand the  R.  R.  Cwjler ;  soon,  however,  transferred  to  the 
command  of  the  Hatteras.  She  was  originally  built  as  a  pas- 
senger boat  to  run  between  New  Orleans  aud  Galveston,  but 
suddenly  transformed  into  a  substitute  man-of-war  by  the 
help  of  a  few  pine  plank  to  strengthen  her  decks,  that  they 
might  support  the  few  small  guns  she  was  chosen  to  carry, 
and  removing  her  after  cabin.  Thus  equipped  she  was  of 
suitable  strength  to  perform  ordinary  blockading  duty,  to 
which  service  she  was  assigned  off  Galveston,  Texas,  Com- 
mander Blake  having  been  sent  there  from  New  Orleans 
with  the  Hatteras  aud  a  few  other  vessels  to  attempt  the  re- 
taking of  that  place,  arriving  Jan.  10,  1863. 


About  3  P.  M.  the  following  day  a  strange  vessel  appeared 
off  the  port.  Supposing  it  to  be  a  blockade-runner  the  Hat- 
teras was  signaled  to  give  chase,  and  Commander  Blake  was 
soon  in  pursuit.  The  stranger  proved  to  be  no  less  than  the 
Confederate  steamer  Alabama,  Capt.  Semmes  in  command. 
The  Hatteras  was  no  even  match  for  the  Alabama,  not  being 
able  to  hurl  in  a  single  broadside  one-quarter  the  weight  in 
metal  that  the  latter  could,  and  Blake  found  himself  in  a  posi- 
tionwhere  he  must  either  attempt  to  run  awav  or  tight.  He 
chose  the  latter,  and  gave  the  order  to  clear  the  Hatteras  for 
action,  resolving  at  the  same  moment  to  bring  the  vessels 
into  close  quarter,  if  possible,  and  attempt  to  carry  his  foe 
by  boarding.  As  the  Hatteras  steamed  on  for  the  encounter, 
the  Alabama  was  lying  to,  broadside  on,  waiting  for  the 
struggle  soon  to  come.  With  the  discharge  of  a  broadside 
from  the  Alabama  the  battle  was  begun.  Every  nerve  on 
both  vessels  was  strained  to  the  utmost  tensiou.  The 
superior  speed  of  the  Alabama  enabled  Semmes  to  thwart  all 
attempts  made  for  boarding  by  Commodore  Blake,  although 
the  vessels  were  within  thirty  yards  of  each  other.  For 
twenty  minutes  the  frail  Hatteras  was  exposed  to  the  tre- 
mendous pounding  of  shot  and  shell,  the  latter  starting  a 
lire,  which  was  raging  fiercely  and  rapidly  working  towards 
the  magazine,  which  was  composed  above  the  water  line  of 
light  pine  plank.  The  men  at  the  magazine  remained  at 
their  post  as  long  as  powder  could  be  passed  up  without  ex- 
ploding. The  flames  had  reached  the  two-inch  plank  parti- 
tion separating  it  from  the  magazine  and  the  vessel  was  fast 
sinking,  but  not  a  man  flinched  nor  left  hisgun.  The  Hatteras 
was  so  torn  and  disabled  that  not  one  of  her  guns  could  now 
be  brought  to  bear  on  the  Alabama,  and  Blake  feeling  he  had 
no  right  to  sacrifice  uselessly  the  brave  men  under  his  com- 
mand, reluctantly  gave  orders  to  fire  a  lee-gun  in  token  of 
surrender.  With  the  aid  of  the  boats  from  both  vessels  the 
men  of  the  Hatteras  were  soon  placed  on  board  the  Alabama, 
and  within  ten  minutes  the  Hatteras  went  to  the  bottom  of 
the  ocean  with  her  pennant  still  flying  at  the  masthead, 
Semmes  gaining  a  fruitless  victory.  The  Alabama  was 
severely  damaged  by  the  encounter  and  at  once  proceeded  to 
Kingston,  in  Jamaica,  where  she  remained  thirteen  days  for 
repairs,  which  cost  eighty-six  thousand  dollars  in  gold. 
Commander  Blake  and  his  crew  in  due  time  reached  New 
York  via  Key  West.  These  men,  who  fought  under  Blake, 
held  him  in  such  high  esteem  that  they  petitioned  the  Navy 
Department  to  give  their  commander  the  steamer  Eutaic. 
and  that  they  might  be  allowed  to  join  him  in  a  cruise  for 
the  Alabama,  believing  they  could  either  sink  or  capture  that 
formidable  enemy.  The  Eutaw  was  given  Blake,  but  he  was 
stationed  at  the  James  River,  where  he  rendered  valuable 
service.  In  the  latter  part  of  1803  a  desperate  movement 
was  announced  soon  to  take  place  on  the  side  of  the  Con- 
federates. Jan.  24,  18G4,  the  attempt  was  made,  and  had  not 
the  two  rebel  rams  got  aground  the  result  might  have  been 
much  more  disastrous,  for  the  Union  Naval  Commander  in- 
stead of  protecting  his  defences  from  the  attack  of  the  Con- 
federate fleet  under  command  of  Semmes,  who  had  been 
working  down  the  James  River,  retired  and  thus  allowed  the 
channel  to  be  opened.  The  night  following,  at  high  water, 
the  second  attempt  was  to  be  made.  Commander  Blake  had 
been  stationed  on  the  east  side,  at  Deep  Bottom,  to  protect 


the  right  of  the  Army  of  the  James.  On  the  morning  of 
the  twenty-flflh,  the  commander  of  the  naval  division  having 
been  removed  for  his  conduct  the  previous  day,  Blake  was 
placed  in  command  of  the  ironclad  fleet,  torpedo  and  picket 
boats.  On  going  on  board  the  Onondaga  he  found  her  port 
propeller  disabled;  yet,  with  her  in  this  condition  and  only  a 
few  small  gunboats,  he  was  able  to  contend  with  the  Con- 
federate fleet  and  caused  it  to  retreat  back  to  Richmond. 
A  false  step  or  a  moment's  hesitation  at  that  time  would  have 
endangered  the  safety  of  the  Union  armies.  Against  the 
advice  of  nearly  all  the  officers,  he  got  the  Onondaga,  with 
the  assistance  of  tugs,  close  to  the  obstructions,  and  direct- 
ly under  the  tire  of  the  Confederate  batteries,  and  in  such  a 
position  that  if  she  was  sunk,  either  by  the  rams  or  torpedo 
boats,  as  he  expected,  she  would  take  the  place  of  the  re- 
moved obstructions.  This  action  prevented  a  second  at- 
tempt, as  he  was  afterward  informed  by  one  of  the  oflicers 
who  was  then  attached  to  the  Confederate  fleet.  Admiral 
Porter  wrote  Blake,  "  Had  your  predecessor  done  as  well, 
we  should  now  be  in  possession  of  the  entire  rebel  navy  and 
on  our  way  to  Richmond." 

Blake  was  coutinued  in  command  of  the  ironclads  and 
naval  picket  line,  and  took  part  in  the  engagement  which 
caused  the  fall  of  Richmond.  In  1867  he  was  head  of  the 
Bureau  of  Navigation,  at  Portsmouth.  N.  H.  But  the  order 
soon  came  to  proceed  again  to  the  Chinese  waters.  This 
time  under  the  fighting  Admiral  John  Rogers.  Capt.  Blake 
was  sent  up  the  Han  River,  in  Korea,  in  command  of  an  ex- 
pedition to  punish  the  Koreans  for  a  treacherous  attack 
upon  an  American  force  sent  to  inquire  into  the  loss  of  the 
crew  of  the  schooner  General  Sherman  in  August,  1800,  and 
to  arrange  for  a  treaty  between  the  United  States  and  Korea. 
Although  this  sudden  attack  was  planned  by  the  Koreans  with 
the  iuteniion  of  annihilating  the  Americans,  it  resulted  in 
comparatively  little  damage.  Admiral  Rogers  gave  them  ten 
clays  in  which  to  make  an  apology.  None  came,  and  the  expedi- 
tion, with  759  men  in  all,  under  Capt.  Blake,  was  dispatched 
to  punish  the  treacherous  Koreans.  June  10,  1(568,  the  men 
landed  and  with  the  help  of  the  gunboats  Monocacy  and  Col- 
orado captured  the  first  fort.  The  following  day  the  men  pro- 
ceeded on  up  the  heights  capturing  the  second  line  of  fortili- 
cations.  But  the  third  and  main  fortification,  located  on  a 
high  rocky  hill,  garrisoned  by  a  vastly  superior  force  in  num- 
bers, was  yet  to  be  taken.  It  was  a  severe  and  hazardous 
undertaking.  Many  of  the  Americans  were  overcome  with 
heat.  But  the  word  was  given,  and  up  our  men  climbed  the 
steep  hill  in  the  face  of  deadly  missiles,  and  made  a  desperate 
hand-to-band  encounter,  with  this  result :  about  350  Koreans 
were  killed  and  20  taken  prisoners.  The  Americans  had 
three  men  killed  and  ten  wounded.  Five  forts,  with  fifty 
flags,  and  a  considerable  number  of  large  and  small  guns 
were  captured  during  the  two  days. 

His  extended  service  along  the  coast  of  China  and  ex- 
posure to  the  malaria  of  that  region  completely  shattered 
his  constitution,  and  for  some  years  after  his  return  home 
he  suffered  severely  in  bodily  health.  He  died  at  his  home 
in  New  York  City,  Jan.  27,  1.880,  at  the  age  of  5fi  years,  just 
after  receiving  his  well-earned  commission  as  Commodore 
in  the  United  States  Navy.  He  was  a  warm-hearted,  cour- 
teous, considerate,  Christiau  gentleman.     When  he  was  on 

1  I 


his  way  to  Galveston,  Texas,  just  prior  to  the  engagement 
with  the  Alabama,  in  a  private  letter,  written  to  a  friend,  he 
said  :  "  I  have  much  to  live  for,  but  I  could  not  be  happy  to 
purchase  my  life  with  any  neglect  of  the  duty  I  owe  to  my 
country.  I  shall  not  seek  danger  ;  but  if  it  comes  I  shall  take 
it  in  the  line  of  my  duty,  and  endeavor  to  do  credit  to  myself, 
family  and  State."  Several  officers  of  the  United  States 
Navy,  who  have  rendered  signal  service  to  their  country 
during  the  late  war  with  Spain,  served  under  Blake  in  that 
memorable  Korean  expedition.  Among  them,  Commodores 
J.  C.  Watson,  W.  S.  Schley,  Rear- Admiral  L.  A.  Kimberly, 
Captain  C.  M.  Chester,  and  Commander  Albion  V.  Wadhams, 
all  of  whom  speak  in  the  highest  terms  that  he  was  an  officer 
of  great  ability,  ceaseless  energy,  indomitable  courage  and 
an  excellent  seaman. 

He  married  Mary,  daughter   of   Judge  James   Flanagan. 
Children  : 

1.  Homer  K.  F.  (Blake),  b.  1854;  d.  1877. 

2.  Mary  E.  M.  (Blake),  b.  1855. 

1600.  Susan  Crane6  [696],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Oct.  21,  1811,  Homer  Dakiu,  of 
North  East,  N.  Y.,  who  was  born  Jan.  10,  1785.  He  was  a 
carpenter  by  trade,  and  removed  to  Ohio.  He  died  Feb.  14, 
1855.     She  died  March  26,  1863.     Children: 

Mary  Stoddard  (Dakin),   b.   Aug.  25,   1812;  m.    1st,  Andrew 

Dickson;  2d,  Asa  Baldwin,  March  1,  1876. 
Phebe  (Dakin),  b.  Oct.  31,  1814;  m.   1st,  Jan.  2,  1834,  Aliram 

Squiers,  d.  Oct.  19,  1855;  2d,  June  10,  1856,  Rueben  Howes. 
Harriet  Ann  (Dakin),  b.  Sept.  10,  1816;  m.  Moses  Spaulding, 

Oct.  8,  1834. 
Caroline  (Dakin).  b.  Dec.  25,  1818;  m.  John  K.  Stout,  June  8, 

1853.     She  d.  March  26,  1873. 
Charlotte  Baldwin  (Dakin)  b.  Oct.  13,  1S20;  d.  Aug.  16,  1840. 
Albert  (Dakin),  b.  Oct.  22,  1822;  m.   1st,  Jerusha  Wells,  Nov. 

13,  1850,  d.  March  4,  1860;  2d,  Amelia  Tow,  May  2,  1861. 

7.  Stephen  Crane  (Dakin),  b.  Sept.  3,  1824;  m.  Oct.  8,  1855,  Adda 

J.  Porlious.     He  d.  Aug.  28,  1865. 

8.  Laura  Sherman  (Dakin)  b.  Sept.  6,  1826;  m.  Fowler  Bryant, 

Nov.  29,  1850.     She  d.  Aug.  9,  1860. 
9      Susan  Amelia  (Dakin),  b.  Feb.  4,  1829;  d.  March  16,  1846. 

10.  Horace  Edwin  (Dakin),  b.  Jan.  1,  1831  ;  m.  Elizabeth  Tibbots, 

April  23,  1857. 

11 .  James  Ruthvan  (Dakin),  b.  and  d.  March  5,  1834. 

12.  Henry  Martin  (Dakin),  b.  Sept.  6,  1835;  m.  Harriet  Stevens, 

Aug.  17,  1861  ;  lived  in  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

1601.  Ladra  Crane6  [699],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  December,  1818,  Homer  B. 
Sherman,  of  New  Milford,  Conn.     She  died  July  2,  1826. 

Children  : 

1.  Frederick  (Sherman),  b.  Nov.  18,  1819. 

2.  Mary  J.  (Sherman),  b.  Nov.  10,  1821;  m.  Stephen  Wills ;  have 

2  daughters;  live  in  New  Milford,  Conn. 

3.  George  F.  (Sherman),  b.  Feb.   10,   1824;  m.  Mary  Robbins,  of 

Cold  Spring,  N.  Y. ;  have  a  daughter. 

4.  Laura  C.  (Sherman),  b.  June  15,  1826;  unm. 


1602  Frederick  Sherman  [!.]  ;  was  in  active  service  during  the  late 
war,  distinguishing  himself  in  various  positions.  He  mar- 
ried Lydia  Bishop,  of  Washington,  Conn.,  Nov.  16,  1S43. 
Children  : 

1      Homer  W.   (Sherman),  b.  June  17,  1846;  d.  April  20, 

2.     Horace  M.  (Sherman),  b.  July  6,  1847;  lived  in  New 

York  City. 

1603.  Anna  Crane6  [700],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Joseph  Sanford.  She  died  Aug. 
6,  18-25.     Child: 

1.     Harriet  Eliza  (Sanford)  ;  d.  at  24  years  of  age. 

1604.  Heman  Averill  Crane6  [702],  (Stephen,5  Stephen.' 
Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  left  home  when  quite  young  to 
learn  the  mercantile  business,  first  finding  a  place  in  his  native 
town,  New  Milford,  Conn.  Later  he  went  to  Hartford  or  New 
Haven.  In  1830  he  went  to  Darien,  Georgia,  where  he  engaged 
in  business  under  the  firm  name  of  Rogers,  Crane  &  Shackelford, 
merchants,  and  agents  for  a  line  of  steamers  between  Savannah 
and  that  port.  Nov.  18,  1835,  he  married  Julia  R.  Underwood, 
a  native  of  St.  Mary's,  Ga.  In  1843,  he  removed  to  Savannah 
and  entered  the  firm  of  O.  G.  Sparks  &  Co.,  wholesale  grocers 
and  commission  merchants.  They  were  succeeded  by  H.  A. 
Crane  &  Co.,  and  later  by  Crane  &  Holcombe,  Crane,  Johnson 
&  Co.,  and  Crane  &  Graybill.  In  1870,  he  entered  into  partner- 
ship with  his  sou  Horace  A.  Crane.  After  an  experience  of  three 
years,  the  son  retired  for  the  purpose  of  engaging  in  the  banking 
business,  leaving  the  father  to  continue  the  commission  trade. 
Mr.  Crane  was  of  a  retiring  disposition,  devoting  his  time  chiefly 
to  his  domestic  and  private  business.  He,  however,  served  one 
term  as  alderman  in  his  city  with  great  acceptability.  He  was 
also  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Commissioners  of  Pilotage  and  of 
the  Savannah  Benevolent  Association. 

Mr.  Crane  was  an  active  member  of  the  First  Presbyterian 
Church,  in  which  he  held  the  office  of  elder,  and  was  also  super- 
intendent of  the  Sunday-school.  A  man  of  strict  integrity  and 
purity  of  life.  At  the  time  of  his  death  he  was  the  oldest  mem- 
ber of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church,  having  joined  it  March  15, 
1844.  He  died  May  26,  1879.  greatly  lamented  by  all  who  knew 
him.     Children: 

1605—1.     Julia  Catherine,  b.  July  25,  1837. 

1606—2.     William  Henry,  b.  Oct.  31,  1S39 ;  killed  at  Manassas.  July 

21,  1861,  while  serving  his  State. 
1607—3.     Horace  Averill,  b.  Sept.  25,  1841. 

1608.  Henry  Stephen  Crane6  [70S],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Oct.  14,  1833.  Betsey 
J.   ,  at  New  Milford.   Conn.,  where  she  was  born  July  19, 


1810.     He  was  a  farmer,  and  later  resided  in  Woodbury,  Conn., 
where  he  died  April  23,  1858.     Children: 

1609  —  ].     Horace  B.,b.  Aug.  5,  1834;  d.  April  13,  1855,  at  Woodbury. 
1610— a.     George  P.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1837. 
1611—3.     Stephen  H.,  b.  Sept.  6,  1843. 

1612.  George  Elliot  Crane6  [705],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  25,  1839,  Emily 
A.  Clark,  at  North  East,  N.  Y.,  where  she  was  born  June  25, 
1816.     He  was  a  farmer;  residence  Millerton,  N.  Y. 

Children  : 

1613—1.  Hattie  M.,  b.  Jan.  29,  1842. 

1614—2.  Moses  C,  b.  Feb.  24,  1843. 

1615—3.  Mary  E.,  b.  March  30,  1844. 

1616—4.  Julia  E.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1846. 

1617—5.  George  H.,  b.  Oct.  15,  1852. 

1618—6.  Blanche  A.,  b.  Dec.  21,  1861 . 

1(519.  Caroline  Matilda  Crane"  [707],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  at  New  Milford,  Conn., 
in  1845,  Hiram  R.  Snyder.  He  was  a  native  of  Bridgeport,  and 
born  in  1814.  He  was  an  artist.  They  resided  at  Hoosick,  N.  Y. 
She  was  divorced  from  him  in  1851,  and  married  second,  Capt. 
Barlow  Russell,  in  1862,  a  native  of  Southbury,  born  in  1799. 
He  was  a  farmer,  and  resided  in  Woodbury,  Conn.,  where  he 
died  Sept.  28,  1870.     Children : 

1.  Augusta  Caroline  (Snyder),  b.  1845;  m.  at  Woodbury,  Conn., 
in  1865,  George  Morse  Allen,  a  native  of  that  place,  b.  in 
1845.     He  is  a  merchant  there.     Children: 

1.  Catharine  Maria  (Allen),  b.  Jan.  8,  1866. 

2.  George  Human  (Allen),  b.  Nov.  5,  1868. 

3.  William  Henry  (Allen),  b.  Sept.  11,  1870. 

4.  Gideon  Morse  (Allen),    )    t.„ ,   .    XT„  ,    .„    ,„.., 
„        ,  .  \  ,,,    y,     >   twins,  b.  Nov.  lb,   18(3. 

5.  Altha  Averill  (Allen),    ) 

6.  Frank  Morris  (Allen),  b.  May  19,  1877. 

7.  Howard  Sherwood  (Allen),  l   .,  .   ,  ,     T  ,„    ,.    ,„„,, 
o  tt,„   „„  n.    „„  ,  in    \  r  twins,  b.  June  lo,  I.18O. 

8.  Horace  Crane  (Allen),  J 

1620.  Jennette  Crane6  [708],  (Stephen,5  Stephen,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  George  Miner  Allen,  at 
New  Milford,  Conn.  He  was  born  there  Nov  27,  1824.  His 
occupation  a  builder.  He  died  in  New  Milford,  Conn.,  Aug.  28, 
1870.     She  died  there  May  8,  1878.     Children: 

1.  William  Mygatt  (Allen),  b.  Oct.  13,  1851 . 

2.  Henry  Perry  (Allen),  b.  April  17,  1855. 

3.  Sarah  Elizabeth  (Allen),  b.  May  7,  1858. 

4.  Horace  Averill  (Allen),  b.  Feb.  12,  1863. 

1621  William  Mygatt  Allen  [1J;  m.  Caroline  Elmer  Weaver,  at 
Washington,  Conn.,  Oct.  10,  1878.  He  is  a  farmer  and 
resides  at  New  Milford,  Coun.     Child  : 

1.     George  Henry  (Allen),  b.  August,  1879. 


1622.  Rev.  Ezra  F.  Crane15  [710],  (Noah,5  Stephen,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  in  Burlington,  N.  Y.,  in 
1830,  Sallie  Fairman,  a  native  of  Richfield,  N.  T.  She  died 
April,  1870,  and  he  married  2d,  Elvira  Babcock.  She  was  born 
in  Massachusetts.  Mr.  Crane  graduated  from  the  Fairfield  Col- 
lege of  Physicians.  He  enlisted  May,  1861,  in  the  23d  New 
York  Vols.,  serving  as  chaplain.  He  served  as  postmaster  under 
President  Polk.  Residence  at  Corry,  Pa.  ;  occupation  a  clergy- 
man.    Children: 


A    D.  W. 


Amanda  M 


Sarah  W. 

1626 — t. 

E.  C. 








Fannie  L. 

1631.  Nelson  Crane6  [712],  (Joseph,5  Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,9  Benjamin1),  married  June  3,  1830,  at  Kent,  Catharine 
Hall,  a  native  of  Greenfield,  Conn.,  and  born  April  3,  1808. 
For  a  time  they  resided  in  Kent,  but  of  late  they  have  lived  in 
Danbury,  Conn.      Children  : 

1632—1.     Betsey,  b.  June  23,  1831 ;  d.  in  Kent  Nov.  5,  1843. 
1633—2.     Lois  B.,  b.  July  25,  1833. 

1634.  Leonard  Crane"  [713],  (Joseph,5  Stephen,4  Joseph,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Lucy  Jane  Hatch,  a  native  of 
Kent,  born  in  1814.  She  died  Oct.  1,  1839.  He  died  Oct.  11, 
1842.     Both  died  in  Kent.     Child: 

1635—1.     Joseph  Willard    b.  April  25,  1839  ;  enlisted  in  the  late  war 
and  d.  in  a  southern  hospital. 

1636.  Osmond  Noah  Crane6  [716],  (David  B.,5  Stephen,4 
Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  at  North  East. 
Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  farmer.  He  was  married  at 
Monroe,  Fairfield  County,  Conn.,  Jan.  3,  1832,  to  Mary  Hubbell, 
and  for  a  time  resided  there,  but  removed  to  Unadilla,  N.  Y. 

Children  : 

1637—1.  Sarah  Ann,  b.  April  6,  1834. 

1638-2.  Mary  Ann.  b.  July  15.  1837. 

11539—3.  William  Huiusell,  b.  Au<i.  20,  1839. 

1640 — 4.  Susan  Emily,  h.  June  30,"l842. 

1641—5.  Cornelia  Maria,  b.  April  6,  1845. 

1642—6.  Laura  Sherman,  b.  July  1,  1846;  tl.  Oct.  18,  1861. 

1643.  Orson  J.  Crane6  [717],  (David  B.,5  Stephen,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Sarah  Ann  Wright, 
Feb.  5,  1837,  at  Hartwick,  Otsego  County,  N.  Y. ;  2d,  Ann  Van 
Inwegeu,  Oct.  24,  1848,  in  Sullivan  County.  Educated  at  West- 
ford,  Otsego  County.  An  eclectic  physician  ;  residence  Newtown, 
Ind.     He  bad  three  children  by  first  marriage,  all  died  voung. 


By  second  marriage  eight  children,  five  living,  three  daughters 
and  two  sons.     One  daughter : 
1644 — 1.     Frances  Jewell;  m. Stephens. 

1645.  Charles  Crane6  [721],  (Ashbil,5  John,4  John,3 
Abraham,-  Benjamin1),  married  Lydia  Fuller.  Their  first  seven 
children  were  born  in  Cobbleskill,  Schoharie  County,  N.  Y.  The 
last  three  in  La  Grange,  Lorain  County,  Ohio,  whither  he 
removed  with  his  family  in  1835.     Children: 

1646—1.  Emily,  b.  July  3,  1820. 

1647—2.  Lyman,  b.  May  27,  1822. 

1648— 3.  Ashbil,  b.  Aug.  1,  1824. 

11549—4.  Lewis,  b.  Aug.  14,  1826. 

1650—5.  Elmira,  b.  Aug.  9,  1829. 

1651—6.  Hannah,  b.  March  12,  1831. 

1652—7.  Walter  C,  h.  Dec.  10,  1832. 

1653-8.  Abigail,  b.  March  17,  1836. 

1654 — 9.  John,  b.  Sept.   18,  1838;  wounded  in  the  face  at  battle  of 

Stone  River,  Feb.  11,  1863;  d.  at  Nashville,  Tenn. 

1655-10.  Sarah  J.,  b.  Dec.  21,  1842. 

1656.  Mary  Crane6  [729],  (Curtis,5  Curtis,4  John,3  Abra- 
ham,2 Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  22,  1822,  Lyman  Gardiner,  son 
of  David  D.  and  Eunice  (Otis)  Gardiner,  at  Eaton,  N.  Y.  He 
was  born  in  Colchester,  Conn.,  July  25,  1798,  and  died  in  Nun- 
da,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  7,  18-49.     She  died  at  Angelica,  April  29,  1844. 

Children  : 

1.  Curtis  Crane  (Gardiner},  b.  Dec.  1,  1822.     Served  in  the  late 

war  and  is  (1881)  a  prominent  lawyer  in  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  and 
the  author  of  the  "  Gardiner  Family  History,"  which  gives 
eight  generations  of  the  descendants  of  Lion  Gardiner,  the 
first  European  resident  proprietor  of  Gardiner's  Island,  N.  Y. 
Besides  containing  a  genealogy  of  the  family  the  book  is  tilled 
with  considerable  valuable  historical  matter. 

2.  Daniel  Denison  (Gardiner). 

3.  Emily  Foote  (Gardiner). 

4.  Lyman  (Gardiner). 

5.  Mary  Jane  (Gardiner). 

6.  Harriet  Morse  (Gardiner). 

7.  Hiram  Tyrian  (Gardiner). 

8.  DeWitt  Clinton  (Gardiner). 

9.  Belinda  Atkllne  (Gardiner) 

10.  Frank  Hamilton  (Gardiner). 

11.  Eunice  Atkllne  (Gardiner). 

12.  Cornelia  Raymond  (Gardiner). 

13.  Lucy  Elizabeth  (Gardiner). 

1657.  Albert  Lewis  Crain6  [740].  (Whiting,5  William,4 
John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  in  Great  Barrington, 
Mass.,  Margaret  L.  Hogg,  born  July  15,  1815,  in  the  parish  of 
Ettreck,  Scotland,  and  settled  in  East  Maine,  Broome  County,  N. 
Y.  ;  a  fanner.     He  died  there  Jan.  7,  1870.     Children: 

1658—1.     Robert  W.,  b.  Aug.  25,  1840. 

1659—2.     William  H.,  b.  June  14,  1842;  served  in  United  States  army 
18  months,  andd.  1865. 


1660—3.  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  2,  1844. 

1661—4.  Wallace  S.,  b.  Aug.  10,  1847;  lived  at  BinghamtoD,  N.    Y. 

1662—5.  Georgia  A.,  b.  May  12,  1850. 

1663—6.  Mabel  I.,  b.  May  13,  1856. 

1664—7.  Sarah  A.,  b.  April  20,  1859. 

1665.  Aurelia  Loiza  Chain6  [741],  (Whiting,5  William,4 
John,3  Abraham,'-  Benjamin1),  married  .July  22,  1832,  Russell 
L.  Chauneey.  He  was  born  Nov.  18,  1810.  She  died  Oct.  26, 
1873.     Settled  in  East  Maine,  Broome  County,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  JosEr-H  W.  (Chauneey),  b.  May  16,  1833. 

2.  Jank  S.  (Chauneey),  b.  Oct.  1,  1836. 

3.  Bessie  A.  (Chauneey),  b.   July  16,1839;  m.   Benj     R.    Russell, 

Oct.  II,  1865. 

4.  Emilissa  (Chauneey),  b.  Aug.  22,  1841. 

5.  Russell  F.  (Chauneey),  b.  Feb.  14,  1844. 

6.  Aurelia  L.  (Chauneey),  b.  Feb.  22,  1846. 

7.  Rosepha  C.  (Chauneey),  b.  Jan.  23,  1848. 

8.  Willia  D.  (Chauneey).  b.  Sept.  19,  1850;  d.  Nov.  21,  1850. 

1666.  Joseph  W.  Chauncey[1]  ;  m.  Oct.  28,  1856,  Olive  West.    He  d. 

Feb.  22,  1872.     Child  : 

1.     Mimmie  (Chauneey),  b.  May  27,  1S62. 

1667.  Jane  S.  Chauncey  [2]  ;  m.  Feb.  21,  1856,  Franklin  Updegrave. 

Child  : 

1.     Hattie  E.  (Updegrave),  b.  July  1,  1860. 

1668.  Emilissa   Chauncey  [4];    m.   Oct.    15,   1861,   Albert   Greene. 

Children : 

1.  Fernando  (Greene),  b.  Dec.  17,  1862. 

2.  Melain  (Greene),  b.  Nov.  16,  1867. 

3.  Ella  B.  (Greene),  b.  Jan.  17,  1879. 

1669.  Russell  F.  Chauncey  [5]  ;  m.  Louisa  Russell,  Oct.   12,    1865. 

Children : 

1.  James  R.  (Chauncey),  b.  Aug.  5,  1866. 

2.  Fannie  (Chauncey),  b.  July'~13,  1868. 

3.  Linda  (Chauncey),  b.  Feb.  19,  1872. 

4.  Charles  L.  (Chauncey),  b.  Aug.  19,  1874. 

5.  Israel  C.  (Chauncey),  b.  March  17,  1879. 

1670.  Aurelia  L.  Chauncey  [6]  ;  m.  Sept.  29,  1874,  Joseph  Johnson. 

1.     Ernest  (Johnson),  b.  June  26,  1875. 

1671.  Rosepha  C  Chauncey  [7]  ;  m.  May  8,  1873,  James  McGregor 


1.     Rob  Roy  (McGregor),  b.  Feb.  22,  1878. 

1672.  Edmund  Crane6  [748], (Abraham,5  Abraham,4  Abra- 
ham,3 Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Amelia  Johnson,  Oct.  8, 
1849.  She  was  born  in  Middletown,  Conn.,  April  11,  1808.  He 
was  a  farmer.  She  died  in  Manchester,  Conn.,  Feb.  12,  1865. 
Child  : 

1673—1.     Edmund  .T.,  b.  April  30,  1851  ;  prison  officer,  Hartford,  Conn. 
1674.      Ira  R.  Crane6  [756],    (Benjamin.5  Abraham,4  Abra- 
ham.3   Abraham.-    Benjamin1),  married    Lucy    B.    Rawdon.  of 


Tolland,  Conn.  He  was  a  shoe  dealer  in  West  Farmington, 
Ohio,  although  he  had  resided  in  both  Warren  and  Bristol  in  that 
State.     Children : 

1675—1      James,  b.  Aug.  6,  1830. 
1676—2.     Henrietta,  d    in  Bristol. 
1677 — 3      Horace. 

1678.  Harriet  Crane6  [760],  (Elijah,5  Elijah4,  Abraham.3 
Abraham.-  Benjamin1),  married  Josiah  Robbins,  Feb.  "24,  1826, 
at  Wethersfield,  Conn.     Children  : 

1.  Rossiter  (Robbins),  b.  Dec.  14,  1827. 

2.  Gurdon  (Robbins),  b.  Oct.  26,  1829. 

3.  Lucy  Ann  S.  (Robbins),  b.  April  22,  1832. 

4.  Frances  Cornelia  (Robbins).  b.  July  11,  1835. 

1679.  Calvin  Camp  Crane6  [761],  (Elijah,5  Elijah,4  Abra- 
ham,3 Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Sandistield,  Mass., 
and  married  Lucretia  Wolf  at  New  Marlboro,  Mass.,  Jan.  31, 1828. 
She  was  a  native  of  New  York,  born  1803.  and  died  Nov.  26 
(another  report  says  d.  March  28),  1874.  He  died  April  21, 
1881.  He  was  a  carpenter  by  trade,  and  was  deputy  sheriff  for 
Berkshire  County  1842  to  1850.     Residence  at  Great  Barrington. 

Children  : 

1680—1.     Charlotte  Jane,  b.   Feb.  3,   1829,    in    Sheffield,  Mass. ;  m. 

Martin  Isaac  Lee. 
1681—2.     Carollne    M.,   b.   Feb.    11,    1830,  in    Sheffield,    Mass.;  m. 

Albert  Winchell. 
1682—3.     Emily,  b.  Juue  15,  1831,  in  Sheffield,  Mass.;  d.  Oct.  15    1835. 
1683—4.     Henry  James,  b.  June  II,  1833,  in  Sheffield,  Mass. 

1684.  Rotal  Crane6  [764],  (Elijah,5  Elijah,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  A.  Beach,  of  Springfield, 
Mass.,  at  Sheffield.  Dec.  27,  1843;  a  farmer;  residence  at  Man- 
torville,  Dodge  County,  Minn.  Was  a  member  of  the  legislature 
1864  and  1865.      He  died  about  1890.     Children  : 

1685—1.     Royal,  served  in  Co.   I,  10th   Rest.   Minn.    Vol.    Infantry; 

lives  in  Mantor ville ;  no  children. 
1686—2.     George  E. 
1687—3.     Clara  L. 
1688—4.     Martha  J. 
1689—5.     Mary  A. 

1690.  Milo  R.  Crane6  [768].  (Elias.5  Elijah,4  Abraham.3 
Abraham.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Cordelia  S.  Vaugh.  in  Torring- 
ton,  Conn.,  Oct.  8.  1839.  She  was  a  native  of  Morris,  Conn., 
born  Sept.  11,  1815;  a  farmer;  resilience  at  Berlin,  Conn. 
Children  : 

1691—1.  Charles  W.,  b.  July  26,  1845;  m.  Eva  S.  Moore,  July  1, 
1875;  is  superintendent  of  Union  Chair  Co.  Works,  Rob- 
ertsville.  Conn. 

1692 — 2.     Frederick  H.,  b.  April  13,  1847  ;  a  merchant. 

1693.  Alexander  Nelson  Crane6  [780],  (Abraham.5 
Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abraham.'-  Benjamin1),  married   1st.   Sarah 


Ann  Shepard,  of  Hartford,  Conn.,  Oct.  14,  1835.  She  died  Jan. 
30,  1866,  aged  49  ;  2d.  widow  Sarah  Marshall,  of  Collinsville, 
Conn.  He  was  a  farmer ;  residence  at  BloomfJeld,  Conn.  Chil- 
dren : 

1694—1.  Nelson  Alexander,  b.  July  16,  1843. 

1695—2.  Sarah  Maria,  b.  June  16,  1850;  d.  April  25,  1851. 

1696—3.  Ella  Rissa,  b.  June  3,  1853;  d.  Sept.  15,  1853. 

1697—4.  Nelson  W.,  b.  1868. 

1698.  Nancy  Crane6  [785],  (Samuel,5  Hezekiah,4  Abra- 
ham,3 Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Royal  Treat,  March  6, 
1828.     She  died  Aug.  19,  1831.     Child: 

1      Nancy  Emily  (Treat),  b.  Jan.  5,  1829. 

1699.  Harriet  Crane6  [787],  (Samuel,5  Hezfkiah,4  Abra- 
ham,3   Abraham,'-    Benjamin1),     married    1st,    Vail;   '2d, 


1700.  Emily  Crane6  [788],  (Samuel,5  Hezekiah,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sylvester  Woodhouse  for  his 
second  wife.     She  died  Jan.  15,  1890.     Children  : 

1.  Nancy  Emily  (Woodhouse), 

2.  Sylvester  (Woodhouse). 

1701.  Jane  Crane6  [794],  (Samuel,5  Hezekiah,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Dr.  John  Charles  Austin,  of 
Fenton,  England,  May  4,  1840,  and  for  a  few  years  resided  in 
Jersey  City.  They  then  removed  to  Albany,  N.  Y..  where  Dr. 
Austin  practiced  his  profession  until  his  death.  He  died  Oct. 
23,  1881.     She  died  Nov.  6,  1895.     Children  : 

1.  Charles  Samuel  (Austin),  b.  Aug.  C,  1841  ;  d.  Feb.  7,  1842. 

2.  Josephine  Amelia  (Austin),  b.  Nov.  1,  1842. 

3.  John  Samuel  (Austin),  b.  June  23,  1845;  d.  March  19,  1848. 

4.  Elizabeth  Jane  (Austin),  b.  Nov.  27,  1847;  d.  July  31,  1849. 

5.  Thomas  A.  (Austin),  b.  Dec.  20,  1848. 

6.  Emma  Jane  (Austin),  b.  Sept.  23,  1856. 

7.  Florence  (Austin),  b.  June  27,  1863. 

1702.  Josephine  Amelia   Austin    [2)  ;  m.  John    A.  Baker,    Feb    7, 

1865.     She  d.  Dec.  19,  1894.     Child: 

1.     Charles  Albert  (Baker),  b.  Nov.  18,  18G8. 

1703.  Thomas  A.    Austin   [5];  m.    Anna  Lansing  Lemon,    Nov,    17. 

1870.     Children: 

1.  William  Lacy  (Austin),  b.  Sept.  1,  1872. 

2.  Blanche  Crane  (Austin),  b.  Aug.  15,  1875. 

1704.  Emma  Jane  Austin  [6];  m.  James   Hilton  Manning,    Oct.  22, 

1879;  residence,  January,  1897,  Albany,  N.  Y.     Child: 

1.     Beatrice  Austin  (Manning),  b.  Aug.  15,  1880. 

ence  Austin  [7J  ;  m   Charles  M.  Adams,    March  17 
hild  : 

1.     Harold  Manning  (Adams),  b.  Nov.  10.  1892. 


1706.  Jane  Grey  Crane6  [796],  (Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4 
Abraham,3  Abraham,-  Benjamin1),  married  Martin  Porter,  Alio-. 
14,  18:37.     Children : 

I      Edward   Romanta  (Porter),   b.    Oct.    22,     1838;  residence   at 

2.  Cauissa  Jane  (Porter),  b.  Dec,  1848;  d.  young. 

3.  Nellie   Webster    (Porter),    b.   Aug.   22,    1852;  residence    at 


1707.  Joseph  Crane6  [801],  (Joseph,5  Joseph,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,'2  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Bushnell,  of  Saybrook, 
Conn.,  in  1828,  and  settled  in  Norway,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was 
killed  while  sliding  down  hill,  Feb.  21,  1859.  His  father  died 
when  he  was  less  than  two  years  of  age,  and  March  10,  1813, 
Benj.  S.  Kelsey,  of  Fairfield,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y.,  was 
appointed  by  the  court  in  Connecticut  guardian  of  Chauncey,  as 
he  was  then  called  in  the  record,  and  his  sister  Mary.  He  was 
then  about  nine  years  old,  and  Mary  about  seven  years.  Benj. 
S.  Kelsey  appeared  and  gave  bonds.     Children : 

1708—1.     Frances  E.,  b.  May  17,  1829. 

170!)— 2.     Sarah,  b.  Feb.  8,  1832;  d.  Feb.  24,  1832. 

1710—3.     Joseph,  b.  Aug.  10,  1837;  d.  Aug.  28,  1837. 

1711.  Mary  A.  Crane6  [802],  (Joseph,5  Joseph,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  James  Wright,  and  removed  to 
Indiana  about  1850.     Children  : 

1.  Martha  A.  (Wright). 

2.  Russell  (Wright). 

3.  Joseph  C.  (Wright). 

4.  Hamilton  (Wright). 

1712.  Emeline  Crane6  [805],  (George,5  Joseph,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,'2  Benjamin1),  married  James  L.  Morehouse,  Dec.  26, 
1844,  at  Fairfield,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y.  She  died  Aug.  18, 
1888.  Both  were  teachers.  He  died  near  Minetto,  Oswego 
County,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  30,  1860.     Children: 

1.  Almira  U.  (Morehouse),  b.  and  d.  1845. 

2.  George  Crane  (Morehouse),  b.  May  14,  1846. 

3.  James  L.,  Jr.  (Morehouse),  b.  Jan.  16,  1853;  d.  Feb.  9,  1854. 

4.  Edward  L.  (Morehouse),  b.  June  2,  1855. 

1712A.  George  Crane  Morehouse  [2];  m.  Eugenia  M.  Miller  at 
Trenton,  Oneida  County,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  25,  1877.  She  d.  Nov. 
19,  1879,  leaving  one  child.  Hem.  2d,  Mary  Breen  at  Trenton, 
N.  Y.,  July  2,  1888,  and  had  three  children  by  her. 
He  is  a  graduate  of  Cornell  University,  class  of  ^73; 
LL.B.  Hamilton  College,  class  of  1875;  a  lawyer;  and  city 
judge  of  Utica,  N.  Y.,  1892  to  1896.     Children  : 

1.  Florence  (Morehouse),  b.  Sept.  22,  1878;  d.  Dec.  7, 


2.  Lawrence  (Morehouse),  b.  Feb.  24,  1889. 

3.  Merwin  (Morehouse),  b.  April  20,  1890. 

4.  Russel  (Morehouse),  b.  Nov.  6,  1891. 


1713.  Abby  Crane6  [809],  (Justus,5  Joseph,4  Abraham,3 
Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Oct.  12,  183-4,  William  Bradford 
Douglas.     Children : 

1.  Anna  Louisa  (Douglas),  b.  May  18,  1837;  d.  1889. 

2.  Horace  Bbdfoud  (Douglas),  b.  April  22,  1840. 

3.  William  Crane  (Douglas),  b.  July  21,  1843. 

4.  Theodore  Whitfield  (Douglas),  b.  June  18,  1847: 

5.  Emma  Caroline  (Douglas),  b.  Sept.  5,  1850. 

1714.  David  Crane6  [812],  (David,5  Joseph,4  Abraham.3 
Abraham.2  Benjamin1)  married  Katharine  Callahan,  Feb.  13, 
1861.  Residence  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.  She  died  February. 
1875.     Children : 

1715—1.     George,  b.  Sept.  8,  1863. 

17115— 2.     Edith  A.,  b.  April  14,  1800. 

1717—3.     Harry  W.,  b.  Dec.  11,  1868;  lives  in  Wethersfield,  Conn . 


1718.  Charles  Amer  Crane7  [821],  (Jonathan,6  Jonathan.5 
Silas,4  Jonathan,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Aylesford 
County.  Nova  Scotia.  He  served  three  and  a  half  years  in  the 
confederate  army ;  was  at  Vicksburg  and  other  places  in  the 
States  of  Mississippi  and  Louisiana.  He  married  Julia  B.  Wills, 
a  native  of  Jackson,  La.,  Jan.  7,  1873,  at  that  place;  and  in 
1879  was  keeper  of  a  livery  stable  at  Clinton,  La.     Children  : 

1719  —  1.     Katie  Amelia. 
1720—2.     Charles  David. 

1721.  William  Crane7  [825],  (James  N.,6  Jonathan,5  Silas,4 
Jonathan,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  a  farmer,  and  resided  at 
Grand  Pre,  his  residence  being  near  where  the  old  French  chapel 
stood  described  in  Longfellow's  poem,  •'  Evangeline."  He  took 
considerable  interest  in  the  history  of  the  family;  owned  the 
coat  of  arms  used  by  his  grandfather,  Jonathan  Crane,  and  sent 
it  to  the  compiler  of  this  family  history  that  he  might  copy  it. 
He  married  at  Louisburg,  Cape  Breton,  July  12,  1*49,  Catherine 
M.  MeAlpine,  born  Dec.  4,  1827.  The  last  few  years  of  his  life 
he  was  not  in  robust  health,  and  visited  Florida  to  avoid  severe 
weather,  iledied  Nov.  11,  1884.  The  estate  was  settled  by 
his  widow  as  administratrix,  and  his  son,  James  Noble,  admin- 
istrator.    Children  : 


Charles  L. 


Henrietta  L. 


James  Noble. 


Laura  A. 


William  A. 


Edith  M. 


Frederick  H 

1729.  Truman  L.  Crane"  [856],  (John.6  Benjamin,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Lucy  Rathburn,  Oct.  23, 
1828,  at  Bristol,  Vt.  He  died  there  Feb.  22,  1876.  She  died 
there  Oct.  9,  1891.     Children,  all  born  at  Bristol : 

1730—1.     Horace  Alonzo,  b.  Feb.  16,  1830. 

1731 — 2.     Rosina  L.,  b.  Sept.  12,  1831  ;  ra.  Judson  L.  Scott;  residence 

Hisrhii-ite  Springs,  Vt. 
1732—3.     Calista  R.,  b.  July  4,  1833;  m.  Nnble  Varney. 
1733 — 4.     Cylena  D  ,  b.  June  19,  1836;   m.  Joshua  RocUwood. 
1734—5.     Julia  M.,  b.  July  22,  1842;  m.  Reuben  Parker. 

1735.  Martha  R.  Crane7  [860],  (Amos,6  Elijah,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan-,  Benjamin1),  was  bom  in  Washington,  Mass.  ; 


married  Daniel  Sibley,  of  that  town,  Oct.  20,  1818,  and  resided 
there  until  the  year  1870,  when  they  removed  to  Minneapolis, 
Minn.     She  died  there  June  14,  1882,  aged  81  years. 
Children  : 

1.  Martha  A.  (Sibley),  b.  Oct.  26,  1819;  m.  Hiram  Merriam,  Jan. 

1,  1839;  d.  June  30,  1839. 

2.  Mary  (Sibley),  b.  April  8,  1821;  m.  1st,  Henry  Deary,  Aug.  7, 

1845;  2d,  Peter  Mabies.  Sept.  2,  1875. 

3.  Phicuic  M.  (Sibley),  b.  Dec.  5,   1822;  m.  William  Fowler,  April 

28,  1840;  d.  March  2,  1868. 

4.  Amanda  (Sibley),  b.  Sept.  II,  1824;  d.  Sept.  26,  1826. 

5.  Cornklia  A.  (Sibley),  b.  Sept.  6.   1826;  m.  Absalom  Mallisou, 

June  29,  1848. 

6.  Louisa  A.  (Sibley),  b.  Oct.  5,  1828;  m.  Horace  L.  Savery,  Feb. 

6,  1851. 

7.  Nancy  A.  (Sibley),  b.  Dec.  2,  1830;  m.  Jonathan  Peirce,  Sept. 

1,  1847;  d.  July  10,  1883,  at  Derby,  Conn. 

8.  Lucy  (Sibley),  b.  March  31,  1833;  m.  Solomon  Wring.  June  8, 


9.  Daniel  M.  (Sibley),  b.  June  19,  1835;  m.  Maria  A.  Buck,  July 

3,  1856. 

10.  Infant  son  (Sibley),  b.  Aug.  1,  1837,  d.  Aug   27,  1837. 

11.  Infant  son  (Sibley),  b.  Aug.  7,  and  d.  Nov.  21,  1838. 

12.  Harriet  P.  (Sibley),  b.  Sept.  18,  1840. 

13.  William  V.  (Sibley),  b.  March  6,  1843;  m.  Mary  E.  Morgan, 

Aug.  22,  1872. 

1736.  Amos  S.  Crane7  [861],  (Amos,6  Elijah,5  John,4 
John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Washington,  Mass.  ; 
married  Fanny  Lewis,  of  Suflield,  Conn.,  Sept.  26,  1828,  and 
settled  in  Washington,  a  farmer,  where  he  remained  until  1847, 
when  he  removed  to  Suffield,  Conn.,  continuing  his  vocation 
as  a  farmer.  He  was  an  influential  citizen  ;  a  member  of  the 
Massachusetts  Legislature  in  1842,  and  also  a  member  of  the 
Connecticut  Legislature  in  1853.     Children: 

1737—1.  John  L.,  b.  Sept.  9,  1829;  m.  Mary  A.  Hill,  of  North  Brook- 
field,  Mass.,  Sept.  15,  1858.  He  went  to  Kansas  and  was 
actively  engaged  with  John  Brown  in  excluding  slave- 
holders from  that  State.  He  was  killed  during  the  mas- 
sacre at  Lawrence,  by  Quantrell's  bands  of  raiders,  on  the 
morning  of  Aug.  21,  1863,  when  they  called  him  from  his 
bed  to  the  door  and  shot  him  down  on  his  own  doorstep. 
His  widow  died  Oct.  16,  1880,  aged  74  years. 

1738—2.     George  S.,  b.  Aug.  27,  1831. 

1739—3.     Ellen  M.,  b.  Jan.  3,  1833. 

1740—4.     Luther  K.,  b.  March  31,  1835. 

1741—5.     James  P.,  b.  July  22.  1840. 

1742.  Samuel  R.  Crane7  [862],  (Amos.15  Elijah.5  John,-1 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Washington.  .Mass.  ; 
married  Mary  W.  Butler,  of  Pittstield,  Mass..  May  11.  1836. 
He  spent  most  of  his  married  life  in  Springfield,  where  he  was 
employed  in  the  United  States  Armory,  ami  at  time  of  his  death 
was  one  of  the  employes  who  had  given  the  longest  service  in 
that  institution.      He  died  in   Springfield,  Oct.  5,  1879.      He  was 


admitted  a  member  of  Hampden  Lodge  of  Odd  Fellows,  Feb.  6, 
1846,  and  into  Agawam  Encampment,  Oct.  22,  1847.  After  fill- 
ing nearly  all  the  minor  offices  he  was  advanced  to  the  highest 
offices  in  the  gift  of  the  two  bodies.  All  of  these  positions  he 
filled  with  great  credit  to  himself  and  the  order,  to  which  he  was 
most  devotedly  attached.  Mr.  Crane's  funeral  was  largely 
attended  by  the  fraternity.  His  remains  were  carried  to  the 
grave  by  his  three  sons  (Samuel  H.,  Merritt  B.  and  Frank  S.) 
and  his  son-in-law,  Charles  E.  Brown,  of  West,  Stone  &  Co., 
this  being  the  father's  request.  The  late  Mr.  Crane  was  a  mem- 
ber of  Class  A  of  the  Odd  Fellows'  Mutual  Relief  Association. 

The  following  notice  of  his  death  appeared  in  the  New  England 
Homestead,  a  newspaper  published  in  that  city  : 

"  It  is  with  sadness  that  we  record  the  death  of  that  good  man, 
Past  Grand  and  Past  Chief  Patriarch  Samuel  R.  Crane,  which 
occurred  at  his  residence  on  Walnut  Street  last  Sunday.  His 
health  has  been  failing  for  more  than  a  year,  but  he  was  confined 
to  his  bed  only  a  few  days.  He  had  reached  the  good  old  age  of 
74  years  and  11  months.  Mr.  Crane  leaves  a  wife,  one  daugh- 
ter and  three  sons,  who  deeply  mourn  their  loss,  for  he  was  loved 
and  respected  by  all  who  knew  him  as  a  considerate  neighbor, 
kind  husband  and  affectionate  parent.  He  had  resided  in  Spring- 
field 43  years,  having  been  employed  most  of  the  time  in  the 
armory,  so  that  he  was  one  of  the  oldest  armorers  in  the  city." 

Children : 

1743—1.     Samuel  H.,  b.  Nov.  9,  1839. 

1744—2.     Mary  E.,  b.  Oct,  6,  1841. 

1745-3.     John  R.,  b.  May  12,  1844;  d.  June  15,  1862. 

1746—4.     Martha  W.,  b.  April  15,  1845;  d.  Aug.  17,  1845. 

1747 — 5.  Merritt  B  ,  b.  Jan.  14,  1847,  m.  Mary  E.  Davis,  of  Spring- 
Held,  Nov.  25,  1868. 

1748—6.  Frank  S.,  b.  Jan.  II,  1850;  m.  Emma  Mills,  of  Springfield, 
Oct.  22,  1873. 

174'J.  Polly  Crane7  [863],  (Amos,6  Elijah,5  John,4  John.3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Washington,  Mass.;  mar- 
ried William  Hamilton,  of  Chester,  Mass.,  Oct.  11,  1832.  She 
died  in  Southwick,  April  7,  1859.     Children  : 

1.  George  W.  (Hamilton),  b.  March  12,  1834,  in  Chester. 

2.  Martha  (Hamilton),  b.  April  17,  1839,  in  Middletleld,  Mass. 

1750.  George  W.  Hamilton  [1]  ;  ra.  Mary  E.  Gillette,  of  Southwick, 

Oct.  6,  1857,  where   they  settled.     Children: 

1.  William  A.  (Hamilton),  b.  Oct.  18,  1858. 

2.  Jessie  S.   (Hamilton),  b.  Oct.  15,  1860. 

3.  Frank  S.  (Hamilton),  b.  July  24,  1864. 

1751.  Martha  Hamilton  [2];  m.  Frank  G.  Fox,  of  Bethel,  Conn., 

April  6,  1864.  He  died  before  July,  1882,  and  she  m.  2d, 
Andrew  Bryson,  of  Spriugtield,  Mass.,  and  removed  to 
Worcester.     Child : 

1.     Frank  G.  (Fox),  b.  Jan.  15,  1865,  at  Suffield,  Conn. 


1752.  George  Crane7  [864],  (Amos,15  Elijah,5  John,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  bom  in  Washington,  Mass.;  mar- 
ried Amanda  Pease,  of  Middlefield,  Mass.,  Oct.  20,  1841,  and 
settled  in  Washington  as  a  farmer.  About  the  year  18.50  he 
removed  to  Chester.  After  the  death  of  his  first  wife  he  married 
Lucy  M.  Tucker,  of  Chicopee,  Dec.  11,  1855.     Children: 

1753—1.     George  P.,  b.  Dec.  16,  18+2;  d.  Aug.  7,  1851. 

1754—2.  E.,  b.  Jan.  28,  1845. 

1755—3.     Amos  S.,  b.  Nov.  12,  184(5. 

175i> -4.     Myron  L.,  b.  Sept.  26,  1850. 

1757—5.     William  G.,  b.  Aug.  7,  1852. 

1758 — 6.  Isabella  A.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1857;  m.  Amos  Belcher,  of  Chester, 
Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1877. 

1759—7.     James  E.,  b.  July  3,  1858. 

1760—8.     Jenny  L.,  b.  Nov.  9,  1862. 

17G1.  John  M.  Crane7  [866],  (Amos,6  Elijah,3  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Washington,  Mass. ; 
married  1st,  Sarah  M.  Joy;  2d,  Mary  C.  Wright,  of  Middlefield, 
May  20,  1846.  He  settled  in  Washington;  a  farmer,  tilling  a 
portion  of  the  ancestral  farm,  and  the  last  of  the  name  of  this 
large  family  to  retain  a  residence  in  the  old  home  of  their  birth. 
His  wife  Mary  C.  died  Feb.  5,  1880.     Children  : 

1762-1.     John  W,  b.  May  23,  1847. 

1763—2.     Delia  M.,  b.  May  I,  1849. 

1764—3.     Myra  C,  b.  Oct.  15,  1850. 

1765—4.     Lester  M.,  b.  Dec.  31,  1852. 

1766.  Nancy  Crane7  [870],  (Joel,6  Elijah,5  John,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Daniel  Kelly,  of  Lysander, 
Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  25,  1830,  and  that  place  became 
their  home.     She  died  there  Feb.  4,  1864.     Children: 

1.  Albert  O.  (Kelly),  b.  Aug.  27,  1831. 

2.  Edwin  O.  (Kelly),  b.  Nov.  4,  1833. 

3.  Emily  J.  (Kelly),  b.  Sept.  5,  1835. 

4.  Joel  F.  (Kelly),  b.  July  23,  1837. 

5.  Henry  T.  (Kelly),  b.  April  25,  1839. 

6.  Celestia  (Kelly),  b.  May  15,   1842. 

7.  Marion  (Kelly),  b.  March  7,  1844. 

8.  Harriet  (Kelly),  b.  Nov.  6,  1845. 

9.  Theron  D.  (Kelly),  b.  Aug.  7,  1848. 

1767.  Joel  S.  Crane7  [871],  (Joel,6  Elijah,5  John.4  John.3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin1).  In  the  year  1826,  when  but  seventeen 
years  of  age,  he  removed  to  the  State  of  New  York,  where  he 
married  Dec.  30,  1833,  Polly  McCabe,  and  settled  in  the  town  of 
Lysander,  Onondaga  County.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  with  the 
exception  of  three  years  his  subsequent  life  was  passed  on  the 
farm  where  he  first  located.  He  died  March  20,  1868,  after  a 
long  illness.     Children  : 

1768—1.     Alfred  E..  b.  April  21,  1835. 

17(59 — 2.     Lucy  A.,  b.  May  I,  1840;  m.  Charles  E.  Crane. 

"Our  deceased  brother,  Mr.  Joel  S.  Crane,  in  1832,  experi- 
enced   religion,    we    believe,    under   the    ministration   of  Father 


Young,  of  blessed  memory,  and  soon  after  joined  the  Methodist 
Episcopal  Church,  in  which  communion  he  remained  until  his 
death.  He  held  the  office  of  Class  Leader  from  the  period  of 
his  first  introduction  into  the  Church  until  his  infirmities  pre- 
vented him  from  farther  engaging  in  the  active  duties  of  the 
position.  He  also  acted  as  Superintendent  of  the  Sabbath 
School  for  a  great  portion  of  the  time ;  and  all  that  appertained 
to  his  official  position  was  always  well  and  faithfully  done.  In 
all  the  relations  of  life,  Mr.  Crane  was  ever  respected  and 
esteemed.  As  a  neighbor  he  was  kind  and  obliging;  as  a  friend 
true  as  the  needle  to  the  pole;  as  a  citizen  loval  and  patriotic. 
But  it  was  in  his  own  family  and  in  the  Church  of  Christ 
where  his  many  excellent  qualities  shone  forth  most  conspicu- 
ously. To  the  loving,  devoted  husband  and  the  watchful  ami 
affectionate  father,  he  joined  the  character  of  the  humble,  self- 
denying,  earnest,  working  Christian.  To  toil  in  the  vineyard  of 
his  Master  was  to  him  a  labor  of  love.  In  this  regard  he  seemed 
to  count  all  else  but  loss  so  that  '  he  might  attain  unto  the  excel- 
lency of  the  knowledge  which  is  in  Christ  Jesus  our  Lord.' 
Brother  Crane  not  only  adorned  his  profession  in  the  way  we  have 
just  indicated,  but  he  was  likewise  equally  ready  to  contribute  of 
his  money,  generously  too,  to  support  the  good  cause  he  loved  so 
well.  His  house  was  always  open,  and  no  man  ever  came  to  it 
hungry,  but  that  he  fed  him ;  thirsty,  but  that  he  gave  him  drink ; 
naked,  and  he  clothed  him  ;  sick,  and  he  ministered  unto  him. 
Thus  in  his  charities  he  seemed  to  be  actuated  by  the  principle, 
that  '  inasmuch  as  ye  have  done  it  unto  one  of  the  least  of  these, 
my  brethren,  ye  have  done  it  unto  me.'  Mr.  Crane,  too,  was  a 
man  of  more  than  ordinary  intellect,  well  posted  on  all  the  prom- 
inent topics  of  the  day,  and  his  opinions  in  relation  to  them 
were  always  characterized  with  intelligence  and  good  sense.  He 
was  likewise  one  of  the  most  genial  and  pleasant  companions  with 
whom  to  converse  that  can  be  found  in  any  community,  and  this 
particular  element  in  his  constitutional  make-up  caused  his  society 
to  be  eagerly  sought  both  by  young  and  old.  Mr.  Crane  was 
also  a  very  successful  farmer  and  left  a  fine  estate  to  be  inherited 
by  his  widow  and  children.  One  other  thing  we  must  not  forget 
to  mention,  and  that  is  the  fortitude,  resignation  and  cheerful- 
ness, which  he  exhibited  all  through  his  protracted  and  painful 
illness.  No  words  of  complaint  or  murmuring  ever  escaped 
him.  In  fact,  he  would  not  unfrequently  raise  the  spirits  of  his 
own  family  and  friends  by  perpetrating  some  little  pleasantry,  or 
by  throwing  into  the  conversation  a  spicy  remark,  which  would 
serve  to  drive  away  all  gloom  and  melancholy.  Indeed,  it  is  our 
opinion  that  this  cheerfulness  and  the  stir  and  ambition  with 
which  he  was  naturally  endowed,  added  months  if  not  vears  to 
his  life." 

1770.     Elijah    C.    Crane7   [875],   (Elijah,6    Elijah,3    John,4 
John,3  Jonathan.'2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Madrid.  N,  Y. ;  mar- 















ried   at  Potsdam,  N.  Y.,  in    1837,  Julia   Bird.      She  was  bum    in 
Potsdam  in  1819.     For  many  years  their  residence  was  Canton, 
N.  Y.      He  was  a  carpenter  by  trade.      In  1860,  be  was  living  in 
Sterling,  Wis.,  but  later  removed  to  Burlington,  Iowa. 
Children  : 

Rhoda,  b.  at  Canton. 

Mary,  b.  at  Canton. 

Rosin  a,  b.  at  Canton. 

Wright  S.,  b.  1850,  at  Canton. 

George  V.,  b.  Sept.  2.  1853,  at  Canton. 

Theron  E.,  b.  at  Canton;  d.  March,  1868. 

Carlos  0.,  b.  Nov.  12,  1860,  at  Sterling,  Wis. 

1778.  Olvison  W.  Crane7  [876],  (Elijah,11  Elijah,5  John,4 
John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Madrid,  N.  Y.  ;  mar- 
ried at  Canton,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  7,  1847,  Emily  R.  Emerson,  a  native 
of  Colebrook,  Vt.  She  was  born  Sept  26,  1826.  He  is  a 
farmer,  and  resided  in  Canton,  N.  Y.,  for  many  years,  but  late 
in  life  removed  to  Minnesota.     Children: 

1779—1.  Cyrus  M.,  b.  Sept.  6,  1848;  unm. 

1780—2.  Matilda  A.,  b.  Jan.  19,  1850;  d.  Mcb.  5,  1861. 

17H1— 3.  George  W.,  b.  Aug.  4,  IS54. 

1782—4.  Rali>h  E„  b.  April  22,  1858;    school  teacher,  Canton,  N.  Y  , 

but  late  residence  at  Austin,  Minn. 

1783—5.  Fidelia  R.,  b.  June  2,  1860;  d.  Dec.  7,  1861. 

1784—6.  Wade  O.,  b.  June  13,  1862. 

1785—7.  Lucy  A.,  b.  Sept.  25,  1864. 

1786—8.  Emma  M.,  b.  Dec.  22,  1866;  d.  Feb.  9,  1867. 

1787—9.  Mina  L..  b.  Feb.  14,  1871. 

1788.  Orson  N.  Crane7  [877],  (Elijah.15  Elijah.5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  at  Madrid,  N.  Y.  ;  mar- 
ried there  April  5,  1847,  to  Lavina  L.  Chamberlain.  He  was 
a  farmer,  and  resided  in  his  native  town,  She  was  born  in 
Madrid,  Feb.  5,  1826.  He  died  Oct.  16,  1893.  She  died  Jan. 
28,  1897.     Child  : 

1789-1.     Walter  O.,  b.  July  16,  1860;  a  farmer  at  Madrid,  N.  Y. 

1790.  Lester  Crane7  [878],  (Elijah,6  Elijah,5  John,'  John,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  was  a  native  of  Madrid,  N.  Y.  ;  married 
in  Canton,  about  1848.  Ann  Cole.  He  removed  to  Lansing, 
Iowa,  where  he  is  engaged  in  fruit  raising.     Children  : 

1791  —  1.  •  GILBERT  E.,  b.  Mcb.  24,  1854,  at  Canton;  d.  Sept.  24,  1868. 
1792—2.     Stella  E.,  b.  June  3,  1858,  at  Canton. 
1793—3.     Sumner  L.,  b.  Mch.  28,  1861,  at  Canton. 
1794—4.     Clinton  L.,  b.  Nov.  26,  1869,  at  Sterling,  Wis. 
1795—5.     Arthur  L.,  b.  Mch.  21,  1875,  at  Lansing,  Iowa. 

1796.  Amos  L.  Crane7  [879],  (Elijah,11  Elijah.5  John.'1 
John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  was  a  native  of  Madrid,  N.  Y .  ; 
married  at  Canton,  May  9,  1853,  Laura  P.  Fish.  She  was  born 
Sept.  24,  1828.     His  children  were  born  in  Canton.     Children  ; 

1797—1       Edgar  A.,  b.  July  6,  1856. 
1798—2.     Carrie  A.,  b.  July  14.  I860. 


1799.  Edwin  D.  Crane7  [886],  (Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  June,  1831,  Sarah  B. 
Keyes,  of  Sodus,  N.  Y.,  In  August,  1837,  he  removed  to  Mich- 
igan, and  settled  in  Blissfield  in  1842;  a  farmer.  He  died  Feb. 
14,  1867.     She  died  June  20,  1884.     Children : 

1800  —  1.  Mahlon  D.,  b.  April  6,  1832. 

1801—2.  James  K.,  b.  March  8,  1834. 

1802—3.  Charles  E..  b.  Feb.  14,  183(5. 

1803—4.  Helen  M.,  b.  July  14,  1845. 

1804.  Charles  T.  Crane7  [887],  (Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Amyrillis  Judd,  Nov. 
22,  1837.     He  died  March  20,  1886.     Children: 

1805—1.  Celestia  C.,b.  Aug.  5,  1842. 

1806-2.  Edith  A.,  b.  May  f5,  1849. 

1807—3.  Clarence  O.,  b.  March  27,  1853. 

1808—4.  Ida  M.,  b.  March  10,  1856;  m.  Elroy  Zimmerman,  Nov.  23, 


1809—5.  Archer  G.,  b.  Dec.  3,  1858. 

1810—6.  C.  Lyle,  b.  September,  1864. 

1811.     Joel    C.    Crane7    [888],    (Archer,6    Samuel,5    John,4 
John,3    Jonathan,2    Benjamin1),    married    Catharine    Lawrence, 
Oct.  16,  1845.     He  died  in  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  about  1866. 
Child : 

1812—1.     Marie. 

1813.  Archer  H.  Crane7  [890],  (Archer,6  Samuel.5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  married  four  times.  1st, 
Helen  M.  Wood,  March  8,  1846;  2d,  Helen  F.  Rowe ;  3d,  Sally 
A.  Barrett;  4th,  Julia  E.  Robinson.  For  many  years  he  was 
a  supervisor  of  his  township.     Also  a  member  of  the  Legislature. 

Children  : 

1811—1.     Clara  A.,  b.  July  25,  1854. 

1815—2.     Myrtie  M.,  b.  Sept.  21,  1857;  d.  July  23,  1870. 

1816—3.     Helen,  b.  May,  1883. 

1817.  Daniel  Colton  Crane7  [921],  (Daniel  C,6  Samuel,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  born  in  Greenfield,  Ind.  ; 
married  Dee.  24.  1891,  in  Deerfield,  Mich.,  Alice  C.Baker.  She 
was  a  native  of  Canada,  and  born  July  27,  1870.  He  is  a 
farmer,  and  lives  in  Deerfield,  Mich.  ;    have  an  adopted   child. 

Child  : 

1818—1.     Leslie  J.,  b.  March  4,  1893. 

1819.  Edwin  S.  Crane7  [922],  (Daniel  C.,B  Samuel,5  John,4 
John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Arvilla  E.  Burton,  Nov. 
27,1881.     She  was  born  Oct.  5,  1862.     Children: 

1820—1.  Ethel  J.,  b.  Aug.  30,  1882. 

1821—2.  EarlE.,   b.  Oct.  25,  1883. 

IS.'2— 3.  D.  Carlton,  b.  March  5.  1886. 

1823—4.  Robert  R.,  b.  June  30,  1889. 


1824—5.     Lloyd  M.,  b.  May  13,  1892. 

1825— ti.     Frank,  b.  Sept.  21,  1896;  d.  March  11,  1897. 

1826.  Thirza  M.  Crane7  [023],  (Daniel  C,6  Samuel,5  John," 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William  Thompson, 
Aug.  18,  1886.     She  died  March  10,  1893.     Children: 

1.  Violet  (Thompson),  b.  March  9,  1888. 

2.  Russel  (Thompson),  b.  Dec.  18,  1890;  d.  May  28,  1894. 

3.  Leslie  J.   (Thompson),  b.  March  4,  1893.     (See  Daniel  Colton 


1827.  Lafayette  Crane7  [931],  (Luke,6  Samuel,5  John,4 
Johu,3  Jonathan,'- Benjamin1),  born  in  Genesee  County,  N.  Y. ; 
married  in- ,  Mich.,  Sept.  10,  1850,  Mary  A.  Van  Nest;  set- 
tled in  La  Porte,  Ind.  ;   a  hardware  merchant.     Child  : 

1828—1.     Katharlne,  b.  April  30,  1870. 

1829.  B.  Franklin  Crane7  [933],  (Luke,6  Samuel,5  John,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Dec.  24,  1857, 
Amanda  E.  Bryant;  2d,  Margaret  Ann  Richards.  Both  wives 
were  of  La  Porte,  Ind.      He  died  September,  1898.     Children:* 

1830—1.  Addie  May. 

1831—2.  Clara  Maude. 

1832—3.  Amanda  E. 

1833—4.  Clara  E. 

1834.  Dr.  Jonas  B.  Crane7  [943],  (Isaac,6  Joshua,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  in  1834  Mary  Chandler ; 
settled  in  Halifax,  Pa.  He  died  May  8,  1849,  in  Plain  Grove, 
Mercer  County,  Pa.  Was  tall  and  of  slim  build,  of  light  com- 
plexion, and  had  the  reputation  of  being  a  good  physician. 

Children : 

1835—1.     Emily,  b.  Nov.  8,  1835;  d.  1840. 

18315  —  2.     Son;  d.  in  infancy. 

1837—3.     Frances  Maria,  b.  March  8,  1839;  m.  Wm.  Maybnry. 

1838—4.     Julia  Ejlma,  b.  April  22,  1842;  m.  Wm.  McCarnes 

1839.  Maria  Crane7  [946],  (Isaac,6  Joshua,5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  13, 1831,  Elisha  Kingsbury. 

Children  : 

1.  Cyrus  Aswei.l  (Kingsbury),  b.  Jan.  1,  1832. 

2.  Martha  Adeline  (Kingsbury),  b.  June,  1844. 

3.  Milton  (Kingsbury),  1        {        h    mg      I   d.  1872 

4.  Mary      (Kingsbury),    j  '     (  d.  1849. 

5      Harriett  (Kingsbury),  b.  1851;  m.  James  Wilson,  and  resides 
at  Slippery  Rock  township,  Butler  County,  Fa. 

1840.  Patty  Adeline  Crane7  [950],  (Isaac,6  Joshua,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  March  20,  1838.  William 
Marvin,  Jr.  He  was  born  in  Springfield,  Vt..  May.  1811,  and 
died  September,  1861  ;  she  died  September,  1871.     Children  ; 

1.     Osrow  (Marvin),  b.  July  30,  1841. 

*  Records  very  couf using;  not  sure  of  this  family. 


Byron  (Marvin),  b.  Sept.  13,  1843. 
Ella  (Marvin),  b.  May  13,  18-15. 
Ora  (Marvin),  b.   May  17,  1849. 
Norman  (Marvin),  b.  June  26,  1851. 
Noble  (Marvin),  b.  July  30,  1854. 

1841.  Harriett  Newell  Crane7  [953],  (Isaac.6  Joshua,5 
Abiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Jacksou  Marvin, 
of  Alstead,  N.  H.,  son  of  William  and  Mercy  Marvin.  Resi 
deuce  at  Alstead,  where  their  eldest  son  is  town  clerk.     Children  : 

1.  Fred  T.  (Marvin),  b.  Dec.  4,  1854. 

2.  Belle  H.  (Marvin),  b.  Dec.  25,  1856. 

1842.  Juliana  Chain7  [955],  (Joshua,6  Joshua,3  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Hon.  Hirain  Monroe, 
Nov.  "29  (Thanksgiving  day),  1827.     Children: 

1.  Sarah  Crain  (Monroe),  b.  Feb.  5,  1829;  d.  Nov.  27,  1854. 

2.  Lavina  (Monroe),  b.  June  15,  1830. 

3.  Harvey  H.  (Monroe),  b.  Feb.  27,  1832. 

1843.  Lavina    Monroe    [2]  ;    m.    Charles    Morgan,    May    9,    1854. 

Child  : 

1.     Charles  H.  (Morgan),  b.  April  8,  1855. 

1844.  Harvey  H.  Monroe  [3]  :  m.  September,  18S0,  Anna  Gritfin,  of 

Gloucester,  Mass.  He  graduated  at  Dartmouth  in  1858. 
and  from  the  Medical  School  the  year  following,  and  com- 
menced the  practice  of  medicine  at  East  Washington,  X. 
H.,  in  May.  I860,  and  d.  May  2,  1863.  His  widow  practiced 
medicine  after  the  death  of  her  husband,  and  d.  some  years 
later  in  Boston.  Mass.     Children  : 

1.  Lizzie  (Monroe),  b.  Sept.  15,  1861;  d.  June  20.  1863. 

2.  Anna  Harvey  (Monroe),  b.  May  1,  1863;  d.    Aug.  9, 


1845.  Louisa  R.  Chain7  [956],  (Joshua.6  Joshua,5  Abiah,4 
Johu,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  James  Dwinels,  Feb.  22, 
1832,  and  settled  in  Canaan,  N.  H.,  where  she  died  Oct.  18, 
1851.     Children: 

Juliana  Crain  (Dwinels),  b.  Feb.  23,  1833. 

Charles  (Dwinels),  b.  Aug.  25,  1834. 

George  (Dwinels),  b.  Dec.  18,  1835;  d.  Feb.  25,  1840. 

Sarah  C.  (Dwinels),  b.  March  29,   1837;  d.  June  28,  1S68. 

Catharine  M.  (Dwinels),  b.  June  10,  1843;  d.  June  18,  1843. 

1846.  Juliana  Crain  Dwinels  [1];  m.  Moses  Withington,  April  21, 

1859.     Child: 

1.     J.  Frank  (Withington),  b.  Jan.  8,  1861. 

1847.  Charles  Dwinels  [2]  ;  m.  1st,  Albina  L.  Richardson,  Jan.   16, 

1861  :  she  d.  Nov.  25,  1874;  m.  2d,  Mrs.  Julia  A.  Richard- 
sou,  April  3,  1876.     Children  : 

1.  Cora  B.  (Dwinels),  b.  Nov.    20,    1S66;  d.    April  25, 


2.  Daisy  D.  (Dwinels),  b.  Jan.  30,  1872. 

1848.  Joshua  D.  Ckain7  [957].  (Joshua,6  Joshua,5  Abiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  born  in  Hillsboro,  N.  H. ;  married 


Elizabeth  Minott,  Feb.  21,  1837.  She  was  a  native  of  that 
place,  and  born  Jan.  26,  1815.  They  settled  in  Washington,  N. 
H.,  where  he  carried  on  farming,  and  where  he  died  Aug.  4, 
1870.      She  died  April  5.  1*84.     Children: 

184:i  —  l.     Sylvancs  Orlando,  b.  May  2,  18-10;  d.  Feb.  16,  1841. 
1850 — 2.     Sarah  Eglentine,   b.  June  20,  1842. 

1852.  Samuel  Crain7  [971],  (Samuel,6  Joshua, r>  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Alstead,  N.  H.  ; 
married  Nancy  Richardson,  of  New  Hampshire,  and  removed 
to  New  Jersey  about  the  year  1817,  where  he  taught  school  many 
vears.  His  home  was  for  a  time  in  Newark,  but  he  died  in 
Elizabeth,  N.  J.,  in  1847.     His  widow  died  May  20,  1879. 

Children  : 

1853—1.  Samuel  O.,  b.  about  1814. 

1854—2.  Oscar  V.,  b.  July,  1810. 

1855—3.  Ozro  A.,  1    ,    .        .     1H9. 

1850-4.  Amanda  Esther,   /  LWUlb'  °-  l0*L- 

1857.  William  Cullen  Grain7  [992],  (Rufus,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah, J  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Warren, 
Herkimer  County,  N.  Y.  :  married  June,  1826,  Perses  Narina 
Tuunicliff,  a  native  of  Warren,  born  in  1808.  He  was  a  member 
of  the  Legislature  of  New  York,  in  1831,  1845  and  1846,  the  lat- 
ter year  being  Speaker  of  the  House.     He  died  March  16,  1865. 

Children  : 

1868 — 1.     Piiilotheta  M.,  b.  March  3,  1327. 

1859 — 2.     Kcfus  Wllliam,  I).  Jan.  14,  1829;  d.  May  7,  1SC3. 

1300—  3.     Dunham  Jones,  b.  Feb.  28,  1831. 

1801  -4  Richard  T.,  b.  April  30,  1833,  at  Cullenwood;  d.  Oct.  20, 
1395.  From  1878  to  1894  he  resided  at  Port-au-Prince, 
Hayti,  where  he  had  business  interests.  He  was  on  most 
friendly  terras  with  Presidents  Solomon,  Legitime  and 
Hippolite,  and  was  conspicuous  for  his  generous  hospi- 
tality to  Americans  visiting  Hayti. 

1802—5.     Charlotte  R.,  b.  July  4,  1835. 

1S03 — 0.  William  Baker,  b.  April  20,  1838.  This  well-known  physi- 
cian was  born  at  Cullenwood,  the  family  homestead. 
Having  graduated  at  the  Medical  University  of  Pennsyl- 
vania just  as  the  War  of  the  Rebellion  was  opening,  he 
was  soon  placed  in  charge  of  the  United  States  Military 
Hospital  at  Washington,  D.  C.  Subsequently  he  was  as- 
signed to  the  charge  of  the  United  States  Hospital,  at 
New  Creek,  Va.  He  was  also  commissioned  as  Surgeon, 
with  the  rank  of  Major,  in  a  regiment  of  Maryland 
Cavalry.  He  was  present  at  Antietam  and  other  battles. 
At  the  close  of  the  war  he  began  the  practire  of  medicine 
at  Richfield  Springs.  N.  Y.,  where  he  still  resides. 

1804— 7       Bianca  Louisa,  b.  March  10.  1841  ;  d.  July  10,  1846. 

1865.     Viancy  Crain7   [993],  (Rufus,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3 

Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William  Baker.      Child: 
1.     Rufus  (Baker)  ;  settled  iu  Utica.  N.  V. 


186(3.     William    D.  Crane7    [996],    (Asa,15    Isaac,5   Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Louisa  E.  Dunning. 
Children  : 

1867—1.     James  D.,  b.  Jan.  19,  1835. 

1868—2.     Ann  M.,  b.  June  29,  1837;  m.  E.  N.  White;  d.  Dec.  1,  1884; 

no  children. 
1869-3.     Albert,  b.  Nov.  1,  1839;  d.  Nov.  14,  1867. 
1870—4.     MahyL.,  b.  Oct.  22,  1841;  m.  Orris  Pratt;  residence  Spring 

Prairie,  Wis.;  no  children. 
1871—5.     Frances  D.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1843;  m.  Wilson  R.  Law;  d.  May  6, 

1872—6.     Walter  L.,  b.  July  25,  1845;  d.  April,  1870. 
1873—7.     William  Henry,  b.  Dec.  2,  1847. 
1874—8.     Amaryllis  D.,  b.  June  23,  1850;  m.  Walter  J.  Thompson; 

residence  Palo  Alto,  Cal. 
1875 — 9.     Aphia  M.,  b.  Dec.  10,  1852  ;  residence  Colorado  Springs,  Col. 

1876.  Eliza  Crane7  [098],  (Asa,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Ichabod  Marshall. 

Children  : 

1.  Helen  (Marshall). 

2.  Richard  (Marshall). 

1877.  Moses  L.  Crane7  [1001],  (Asa,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  5.  1849,  Susan  P. 
Chase.     She  was  born  Dec.  2,  1824.     Children: 

1878—1.     Charles  D.,  b.  July  6,  1850. 

1879—2.     Willis  E.,  b.  July  22,  1855;  Wilmette,  111. 

1880.  Helen  M.  Crane7  [1004],  (Asa,6  Isaac.5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan.'3  Benjamin1),  married  Feb.  2,  1848,  Cantine 
Garrison.     He  was  born  Aug.  26,  1822.     Children: 

1.  Marshall  (Garrison),  b.  July  24,  1849;  residence  Evanston.  111. 

2.  Catharine  (Garrison),  b.  Oct.  22,  1851  ;  m.  C.  W.  Wood;  Madi- 

son, So.  Dakota. 

3.  Florence  (Garrison),  b.  Nov.  7,  1854;  d.  Oct.  22,  1855. 
4      Clarence  (Garrison),  b.  April  8,  1855;  d.  Aug.  2,  1857. 

5.  Bernice  (Garrison),  b.  Dec.  29,  1857;    m.  J.  D.  Frazer ;   Lock- 

port,  111. 

6.  Blanche  (Garrison),  b.  Oct.  10,  1860;  d.  April  24,  1885. 
7      Hanserd  K.  (Garrison),  b.  March  9,  1863. 

8.     Gladys  E.  (Garrison),  b.  Aug.  19,  1865;  m.  Chas.  W.  Williams; 
lives  at  Sioux  City,  la. 

1881.  Isaac  Newton  Crain7  [1007J,  (Amos,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married  June  31,  1842,  Synthia 
Amanda  Holmes.  At  the  age  of  fourteen  he  weut  to  learn  the 
tailor's  trade  at  Lockport,  N.  Y.  He  settled  in  Michigan,  first 
living  in  Niles  about  five  years ;  then  in  Caro,  where  he  was 
engaged  in  farming  about  six  years.  From  there  he  removed  to 
Saginaw,  where  he  manufactured  shingles  for  nine  years.  He 
was  engaged  sixteen  years  as  sextou  of  St.  Paul's  Episcopal 
church  there.     Now  (December,  1896),  83  years  old. 


Children  : 

1882—1.     De  Witt  W.,  b.  April  6,   1843;   d.  Nov.   2.    18G4,  in   East 

1883—2.     Phebe  E.,  b.  May  24,  1846. 
1884—3.     Charles  J.,  b.  Oct.  31,   1850;  d.  March  29,   1882,  in   East 

1885—4.     Mary  E.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1853. 
1886—5.     Lewis  C,  b.  April  3,  1855. 
1887—6.     Silvea  D.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1860. 

1888.  William  M.  Crane7  [1009],  (Amos,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  in  Niles,  Mich.,  Sept. 
18,  1849,  Sarah  Elizabeth  Griffith.  She  was  born  at  Cedar 
Creek,  Sussex  County,  Delaware,  Aug.  21,  1830.  He  was  edu- 
cated at  Albion  Seminary,  Michigan,  graduating  in  class  of 
1846-7.  He  resided  for  many  years  in  Greenville,  Montcalm 
County,  Mich.,  engaged  in  the  real  estate  and  insurance  business. 
Their  eldest  child  was  born  in  Niles,  the  other  children  in  Green- 
ville.     Children  : 

188'J— 1.  Mortimer  E.,  b.  July  10,  1850;  m.  June  II,  1874,  Mary 
Louise  Smith,  at  Marion,  Iowa,  where  they  reside. 

1890—2.  Emma  G.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1853;  m.  Chas.  G.  Godfrey,  Dec.  18, 
1877.  She  is  a  graduate  of  Ladies'  Seminary,  Glens 
Falls,  N.  Y. 

1891—3.     Lillie,  F.,  b.  June  6.  1857. 

1892.  Rufus  C.  Crane7  [1011],  (Amos,6  Isaac,5  Abiah,4 
John.3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Minerva  Hiekey, 
September,  1849 ;  2d,  Mary  A.  Lathrop,  of  Lansing,  Mich. 
He  is  a  Methodist  minister,  and  for  many  years  resided  at 
Greenville,  Mich.     Children  : 

1893  —  1.  Menervia  Ann,  b.  Oct.  30,  1853. 

1894—2.  Amos  Ames,  b.  Sept.  26,  1856. 

1895—3.  Ida  E.,  b.  July  7,  1860. 

1896-4.  Mary  Viola,  b.  Jan.  31,  1863;  d.  in  infancy. 

1897—5.  Henry. 

1898.  Martette  Augusta  Crane7   [1016],   (Amos,6  Isaac,5 

Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,9  Benjamin1),  married Hart,  and 

removed  to  Illinois.   '  Children  : 

1.  Warren  (Hart). 

2.  Andrkw  (Hart). 

3.  Metcalf  (Hart). 

1899.  Juliette  Amelia  Crane7  [1017],  (Amos,6  Isaac.5 
Abiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Orlando  Loncks, 
and  settled  in  Marshall  County.  Iowa.     Children  : 

1.  Dolly  (Loncks). 

2.  Emma  (Loncks). 

3.  Frank  (Loncks). 

4.  Eva  (Loncks). 


1900.  George  Andrew  Crane7  [1018],  (Amos,6  Isaac.5 
Abiah,4  John.3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Sylvia 
Pierce.  She  died  about  1*71  and  he  married  2d,  Mrs.  Maggie 
.     Children  : 










d.  2  years  old 



J-  twins. 



1907.  Cynthia  Genette  Crane7  [1019],  (Amos,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Rev.  Henry 
Carlton,  a  Methodist  minister.  He  enlisted  in  the  late  war  in  an 
Iowa  regiment,  and  was  killed  while  serving  as  captain.  His 
widow  resides  in  Iowa  City,  Iowa.     Children  : 

1 .  Ella  (Carlton). 

2.  Hattie  M.  (Carlton). 

3.  Henry  (Carlton) ;  d.  in  infancy. 

1908.  Joseph  Crane7  [1026],  (Ariel,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  April  20,  1848,  Mary 
Ann  Smith,  of  VVilliamstown,'  Vt.,  where  he  resided.  She  was 
born  Sept  23,  1*2.3.  He  was  a  farmer.  He  died  April  18, 
1863,  aged  42  years.     Children  : 

1909  —  1.     Edward  Ariel,  b.  March  14,  1849. 

1910—2.  William  Smith,  b.  Oct,  14,  1852;  vice-consul  to  U.  S.  Co- 
lombia, S.  A.,  1880  to  1884;  m.  Mercy  Joy,  dan.  of  Capt. 
Joy,  president  of  the  steamship  company  there.  Their 
home  is  in  IT.  S.  Colombia,  S.  A. 

1911—3.  Mary  Isabella,  b.  Sept.  21,  1854;  m.  Dec.  27,  1883,  A.  B. 

1912  —  4.     Katiierine  Helen,  b.  June  II.  1857. 

1913.  Mary  Crane7  [1027].  (Ariel,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  John  Lamson,  of  Brookfield, 
Vt.  She  died,  and  he  married  widow  Lyman,  sister  of  his  first 
wife.     He  was  a  farmer.     Children  ; 

1.  Caroline  (Lamson),  b.  1844. 

2.  Mary  Elizabeth  (Lamson). 

3.  Annette  (Lamson). 

4.  Adeline  ( Lamson). 

5      Franklin  P.  (LamsonL 
C      George  ( Lamson). 
7.     William  (Lamson) . 

1914.  Ellen  E.  Crane7  [1030],  (Ariel,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Julius  Lyman,  of 
Brookfield,  Vt.  He  died,  and  she  became  second  wife  of  John 
Lamson,  of  Brookfield,  Vt.     Children  : 

1.  Lucia  (Lyman). 

2.  Louisa  (Lyman). 

3.  Charles  (Lyman),  d.  in  infancy. 

4.  Arthur  (Lyman). 

5.  Julius  B.  (Lyman). 


1915.  Caroline  E.  Crane7  [1031],  (Ariel.6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Zenas  Upliam,  of  Brook- 
field,  Vt.      Children: 

1 .  Lucy  (Upliam). 

2.  Mary  (Upliam). 

1916.  Charles  Crane?  [1032].  (Ariel,6  Joseph,5  Abiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Dee.  25,  1860, 
Susan  M.  Blair,  of  Goliad,  Texas.  She  was  born  Nov.  24,  1834, 
and  died  Nov.  13,  1874.  April  6,  1876,  he  married  2d,  Achsah 
A.  Marshall,  of  Blufftown,  Ohio.  She  was  born  June  15,  1839. 
Mr.  Crane  is  a  graduate  of  the  University  at  Burlington,  Vt., 
and  became  a  teacher,  first  settling  in  Texas,  but  later  removed 
to  Iowa.     Children  : 

1917—1.     .Mary  P.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1861,  in  Goliad,  Texas. 

1918— 2.     Ellen  D.  M.,  b.  Jan.   12,  1864,  in  Goliad,  Texas;  m.   Prof. 

Homer  R.  Miller,  July  5,  1894. 
1919—3.     Charles  Blair,  b.  Sept.  2,  18G7,  in  Kossuth,  Iowa. 
192i)— 4.     George  Ariel,  b.  Sept.  12,  1870,  in  Dexter,  Iowa;  m.  Mabel 

Dean,  Dec.  24,  1894. 
1921—5.     Ralph  M.,  b.  April  2,  1877,  in  Dexter,  Iowa. 
1922-6.     Carrie  L.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1878,  in  Dexter.  Iowa;    d.    Dec.  27, 

1923—7.     Carroll  F.,  b.  Jan.   1,  1880;  d.  Nov.  3,  1880. 
1924-8.     Ernest  B.,  b.  March  15,  1882. 

1925.  George  Crane7  [1033],  (Ariel,6  Joseph,5  Abiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan,9  Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  25,  1860.  Ann 
Simons,  of  Williamstown,  Vt.,  born  March  18,  1838,  and  resides 
on  the  old  homestead  ;  a  farmer.  She  is  the  daughter  of  Porter 
and  Eliza  (Smith)  Simons.  Mr.  Crane  served  as  a  member  of 
the  Vermont  legislature  in  1876  and  1877.  Post-Office  address. 
Brookfield,  Vt.     Children  : 

1926 — I.     Leslie,  b.  May  11,  1866. 
1927—2.     Charles  Carrol,  b.  May  3,  1871. 

1928.  George  Henry  Crane7  [1035],  (Horatio,6  Joseph,5 
Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Dennv, 
of  Northfield,  Vt.,  Feb.  1,  1847.  She  was  daughter  of  Adolphus 
Denny,  born  June  25,  1827..  Mr.  Crane  was  a  merchant  at 
Northfield.     He  died  Jan.  26,  1890.     Children  : 

1929  —  1.     EMMA  Tamar.   b.   Jan.    19,    1848. 

1930—2.     Lucia  S.,  b.  Feb.  13,  1850. 

1931 — 3.     Sarah  Elizabeth,   b.  Feb.  22,   1852;   m.  Edward  Stephen 

Rice,  Sept.  12,  1894. 
1932-4.     Alice  Eliza,  b.  June  1,  1855. 

1933.     Sophia  Crane7   [1036],    (Horatio.'5  Joseph,5    Abiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  John  Reed,  of  Brookfield, 
Vt.,  a  farmer,  and  had  two  daughters.     One  : 
1.     Mary'  (Reedj.  m.  John  McDermot. 


1934.  Lccy  Crane7  [1038],  (Oren,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3 
Jonathan,2  Benjamin'),  married  John  Johnson,  of  Jericho, 
Vt.,  Oct.  14,  1849.     Settled  in  Williston,  Vt.     Children  : 

1.  Lucia  Bates  (Johnson),  b.  July  4,  1852. 

2.  Charles  Francis  (Johnson),  b.  Sept.  4,  1859. 

3.  Byron  Crane  (Johnson),  h.  Aug.  14,  1861. 

1935.  Lucia  Johnson  [1]  ;  m.  M.  W.  Chapman,  and  d.  Oct.  31,  1885. 

Child  : 

1.     Paul  L.  (Chapman),  b.  Oct.  31,  1885. 

1936.  Charles  Francis  Johnson  [2] ;  m.  1st,  Obi  M.  Walston  ;    2d, 

Ella  A.  Patten  ;  3d,  Katherine  L.  Patten.     Resides   at   Wil- 
liston. Vt. ;  a  farmer.     Children  : 

1.  Seth  Patten  (Johnson),  b.  Jan.  24,  1892,  by  2d  wife. 

2.  Ella  (Johnson),  b.  April  28,  1896,  by  3d  wife. 

1937.  Byron  Crane  Johnson  [3J  ;  m.  Mary  A.  Courtney.     Child  : 

1.     Jessie  (Johnson),  b.  June  1,  1892. 

1938.  Edwin  Crane7  [1039],  (Oren,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4, 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Minora  Smith,  of  Wil- 
liamstown,  Vt.     Children  : 

1939—1.  Edwin 

1940—2.  Josie,    1 

1941 — 3.  Jessie,  ( 

1942 — 4.  Josie. 

twins;  d. 

1943 — 5.     Clara;  m.  Curtis  Kent,  Oct.  15,   1896;  lives  at  Baltimore, 


1944.  Horatio  Dennison  Crane7  [1042],  (Oren,6  Joseph,5 
Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Feb.  9,  1854, 
Mary  A.  Brown,  a  native  of  Williston,  Vt.  ;  born  July  4,  1832. 
For  a  few  years  they  lived  in  Jericho.  August,  1861,  found  them 
residing  in  Williston.  She  died  April  17,  1887.  He  died  Oct. 
14,  1889.     Children: 

1945—1.     Carl  H.,  b.  Aug.    25,    1855;  m.    Mattie  Christian,   of  San 

Francisco,  Cal.,  and  reside  there. 
1946 — 2.     Frank  L.,  b.  Nov.  6,  1868;  m.  Laura  Estey,  of  Pasadena, 

Cal.,  his  home. 
1947—3.     Josie,  b.  Sept.  6,  1860;  d.  Oct.  22,  1860. 
1948—4.     Elmer  E.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1861. 

1949—5.     Angie  M.,  b.  April  15,  1863;  d.  March  5,  1865. 
1950— C.     W.  Grant,  b.  April  10,  1866;  m.  and  d.  May  30,    1896,    at 

Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
1951—7.     Vernon  E,  b.  July  31,  1868;  m.  Carrie  Wooley.     Reside  in 

Whitesboro,  N.  Y. 

1952.  Charles  Crane7  [1044],  (Oren,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Ellen  Van  Vlirt,  June  13, 
1877.  He  died  Feb.  17,  1883.  His  widow  and  children  reside 
(1897)  in  Orange,  Cal.     Children: 

1953—1.     Fred,  b.  July  4,  1880. 
1954—2.     Walter  V.,  b.  Sept.  13,  1881. 


1055.  Arba  D.  Crane7  [1049],  (Arba,6  Joseph.5  Abiah.4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Melinda  Van  Alstine. 
The  family  removed  to  Oregon  in  1885,  and  located  at  Spring 
Water,  Clackamas  County,  where  she  died  Dec.  5,  1891.  The 
daughters  are  married  and  reside  in  Michigan.     Children  : 

1956—1.  Ot-rVE,  b    Nov.  16,  lt<52. 

1957—2.  Wilter,  b.  Jan.  17,  1856. 

1958—3.  William,  b.  Aug.  1,  1860. 

1959—4.  Ida,  b.  Sept.  25,  1863. 

1960 — 5.  Deloss,  b.  June  15,  1-372. 

1961.  Samuel  D.  Crane7  [1051],  (Arba,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  graduated  from  Hillsdale  College 
in  1873,  and  has  been  for  many  years  a  teacher  and  superintend- 
ent of  schools.  For  the  past  six  years  he  has  been  connected 
with  a  Business  College  at  Conway  Springs,  Kas. ;  at  present 
(February,  1897)  one  of  the  clerks  in  the  Tegislature  at  Guthrie, 
Oklahoma.  Married  1st,  Imogene  Nichols  in  1869;  2d,  Asenath 
Grimes,  a  teacher,  from  Fredonia.  N.  Y.  His  first  wife  died  at 
Lagrange,  Ind.,  March  12,  1876.     Children: 

1962—1.     Clair,  b.  June  5,  1870;  a  printer. 

1963—2.     Charles,  b.  May  10,    1873;  stenographer   at   Land  Office, 

Oklahoma  City. 
1964 — 3.     Robert,  b.  Oct.'lO,  1875;  a  teacher. 
1965—4.     Carrie,  b.  Oct.  10,  1890. 

1966.  Benjamin  F.  Crane7  [1052],  (Arba,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Ann  Dunn:  a 
farmer  at  Fawn  River,  Mich.     She  was  a  teacher.     Children  : 

1967—1.  Jennie  Mat,  b.  Sept.  9,  1873;  a  teacher. 

1968—2.  Rolln,  b.  Dec.  21,  1875. 

1969—3.  Ella,  b.  Nov.  10,  1880. 

1970—4.  Glen,  b.  March  28,  1882. 

1971—5.  Mabel,  b.  May  6,  1885. 

1972.  Ella  J.  Crane7  [1053],  (Arba,6  Joseph,5  Abiah,4 
John.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  May  8.  1879,  Jacob 
Yeagla,  a  hardware  merchant.  They  reside  in  Lima.  Ind. 
Enlisted  Sept.  15,  1861,  in  Company  C,  111th  Pennsylvania 
Infantry ;  wounded  May,  1864,  at  Dallas,  Ga.  ;  honorably  dis- 
charged Feb.  8,  1865.   "Child: 

1.     May  Ethel  (Yeagla),  b.  May  17,  1883. 

1973.  Edward  Payson  Crane7  [1059],  (Porter.6  Joseph,5 
Abiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  29,  1861, 
at  St.  Anthony,  Ellen  M.  Stiles,  of  Minneapolis,  Minn., 
daughter  of  Martin  and  Margaret  (Scott)  Stiles.  Mr.  Crane 
went  to  Minnesota  in  1858,  and  settled  there.  Residence  al 
Minneapolis.     Children : 

1974  —  1.     EMORY  ParkhUUST,  b.  Aug.  2,  186:1;   d.  April  7,  1866. 
1975—2.     Edith  May,  b.  March  7,  IS66;  m.    May  24,   1888,  Joseph  S. 
Bailey,  at  Wolcott,  V't.     He  d.  Oct.  25,  1893. 


1976—3.     Edward  Martin,  b.  July  30.  1868. 
] 'J 7 7 — 4.     Sarah  Agnes.  I).  Aug.  19.  187:'. 
1978—5.     Fred  Benson,  b.  Sept.  6,  1875. 

1979.  Capt.  Porter  Crane7  [1060].  (Porter.15  Joseph.3 
Abiah,4  John.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Louise  Bundy. 
daughter  of  Rev.  Horace  Bundy.  of  Lake  Milage  (now  Lake- 
port).  N.  H..  Jan.  11.  1864.  She  was  born  Feb.  10,  1845.  He 
enlisted  in  August,  1861,  and  was  mustered  into  service  in  Octo- 
ber following,  in  Company  H.  6th  Vermont  Volunteers,  as  5th 
sergeant.  In  December  he  was  promoted  to  1st  sergeant;  Feb- 
ruary. 1862.  to  2d  lieutenant;  July  to  1st  lieutenant;  and  May, 
1863,  to  captain.  He  was  severely  wounded  at  Fredericksburg. 
May  4,  1863;  mustered  out  Oct.  15.1864.  Resides  at  Concord. 
N.  H.     Children  : 

1980—1.  Cresst,  b.  Dec.  9,  1866;  d.  Dec.  14,  1866. 

1981—2.  Bertram  H..  b.  May  6,  1868;  d.  Sept.  29,  1868. 

1982—3.  Edna  L.,  b.  March  13,  1871;  d.  May  29,  1871 . 

1983—4.  Stella  B  ,  b.  Feb.  6,  1879. 

1984.  Sarah  E.  Crane7  [1061],  (Porter,8  Joseph,5,  Abiah.4 
John.3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  in  1863  Miltimore 
Conant,  of  Hard  wick,  Vt.,  and  reside  on  the  homestead  at  Wol- 
COtt,  Vt.      Child  : 

1.     Mabel   (Conant),    b.    Dec.   5,    1873;    m.    TV".    L.    Tillotson,    of 
Wolcott.     They  reside  in  Morrisville,  Vt. 

1985.  Hon.  Darius  Crane7  [1082],  (William.6  Elisha.5 
Elisham.4  John.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  born  in  Ellingtou. 
Conn.  Married  in  1845  Permelia  Phillips,  a  native  of  Somers. 
Conn.,  born  1822.  He  was  a  farmer,  justice  of  the  peace,  select- 
man, represenative.  and  Senator,  spending  his  life  in  the  town 
where  he  was  born.     Children  ; 

1986—1.  William,  b.  November,  1847. 

1987—2.  Ellen  B..  b.  November.  1849. 

1988—3.  Josephine,  b.  Feb.  8,  1850. 

1989 — t.  Charles,  b.  Feb.  23,  1861;  d.  May  19.  1879. 

1990.  Lydia  Owen  Chain7  [1085],  (Daniel  O.,6  Elisha,5 
Elisham.4  John.3  Jonathan.'- Benjamin1 ).  born  in  Bradford.  Vt. 
Married  Jonathan  Teuney,  a  native  of  Corinth,  Vt.,  Nov.  21, 
1816  ;  a  farmer.  The  family  have  resided  in  Corinth.  Bradford. 
Marshfield  and  Newbury.  Mr.  Tenney  died  at  Boscawen,  N. 
H..  June  19,  1865.  Mrs.  Tenney  enjoyed  her  centennial  birth- 
day Dec.  8,  1896,  at  the  home  of  her  son,  Daniel  C.  Teuney. 
whose  farmhouse  stands  near  the  shore  of  Penacook  Lake,  West 
Concord.  N.  H.  She  was  then  in  comparatively  good  health, 
having  enjoyed  that  comfort  throughout  her  long  and  busy  life, 
very  little  sickness  having  fallen  to  her  lot.  She  was  then  able  to 
use  her  needle  and  attend  to  work  about  the  house,  and  continued 
remarkably  well  and  active  for  a  person  of  her  years  up  to  the 
very  moment  of  her  death,  which  occurred  Dec.  18.  1898.  at  the 


taken  January  10,  1890.    She  was  then  100  years,  1  montli 
ami  2  days  old. 


ripe  old  age  of  103  years  and  10  days.  She  was  sitting  in  her 
chair  conversing  with  her  son's  wife,  when  suddenly  she  paused, 
and  in  a  moment  life  was  gone;  she  passed  away  so  peacefully 
that  it  was  some  moments  before  the  family  realized  she  had 
fallen  into  that  deep  sleep  that  knows  no  waking.  She  was  what 
might  be  termed  an  observing  woman,  and  was  always  equipped 
with  a  good  supply  of  general  information,  and  greatly  beloved 
by  her  family.     Children  : 

1.  Jonathan  (Tenney),  b.  Sept.  14,  1817,  at  Corinth,  Vt. 

2.  Daniel  C.  (Tenney),  b.  Nov.  9,  1819,  at  Corinth,  Vt. ;  d.  Jan.  6, 


3.  Asa  P.  vTenney),  b.  Dec.  4,  1821,  at  Bradford,  Vt. 

4.  John  Ellis  (Tenney),  b.  April  22,  1824,  at  Marshtleld,  Vt. 

5.  James  Gregg  (Tenney),  b.  Feb.  25,  1827,  at  Marshrteld,  Vt. 
II.     James  Gregg  (Tenney),  b.    July  2,  1829,  at  Bradford.  Vt. 

7.  Lydia  Ann  (Tenney),  b.  Feb.  8,  1832,  at  Bradford,  Vt. 

8.  Andrew  P.  F.  (Tenney),  b.  March  12,  1334,  at  Newbury,  Vt. 

9.  Judith  Ann  (Tenney),  b.  July  12,  18.'3ij,  at  Newbury,  Vt. 

1991.  Andrew  M.  Crane7  [1087],  (Daniel  O.,6  Elisha,5 
Elisham,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Bradford, 
Orange  County,  Vt.  ;  married  in  Grafton,  Mass.,  April  15,  183], 
Eliza  Kelly.  She  was  born  in  Grafton  Aug.  6,  1811.  He  was 
by  trade  a  shoemaker  and  settled  in  Bradford,  Vt.  He  served  in 
the  late  war.  She  died  Oct.  3.  1874.  He  died  Jan.  29,  1893, 
aged  93  years,  11  months,  29  days.     Children: 

1992  —  1.  Ellen  M 

1993—2.  Lydia  A.  T. 

1904—3.  Maria  T..  b.  1342,  in  Bradford,  Vt. 

1995—4.  Andrew  J. 

1996—5.  Sarah  M.  A. 

1997— (3.  Daniel  F.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1840. 

1998.  Sibyl  Crane7  [1097],  (Wareham.H  Hezekiah,5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  James  Rockwell, 
March  26,  1816,  and  removed  with  several  of  her  brothers  and 
sisters  to  the  Western  country.  They  bad  a  son  who  became  a 
minister.     Mrs.  Rockwell  died  in  Michigan  some  years  ago. 

1999.  Eunice  Crane7  [1098],  (Wareham,6  Hezekiah.5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1 ) ,  married  Joshua  Wells,  of 
East  Windsor,  Conn.,  Oct.  2,  1814.     She  died  October.  1854. 

Children  : 

1.  Henry  (Wells). 

2.  David  (Wells). 

3.  Huldah  (Wells). 

4.  Julia  (Wells). 

5.  Newton  (Wells). 

6.  Julia  Ann  ( Wells j. 

7.  Horace  (Wells). 

8.  John  (Wells). 


2000.  Julia  Ann  Wells  [6];  m.  Roger  Griswold,  of  Lyme,  Conn., 

Jan.  1,  1856.     Childreu  : 

1.  Henry  (Griswold),  b.  Jan.  27,  1858. 

2.  Edward  (Griswold),  b.  April  7,  1861. 

3.  Lilian  (Griswold),  b.  Oct.  28,  1865. 

2001.  Russell  Willis  Crane7  [1101],  (Wareham,6  Heze- 
kiah,5 Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Lydia 
Parmle,  of  Suffleld,  at  East  Windsor,  Conn.,  July  3,  1825.  He 
was  a  farmer.  He  died  in  East  Windsor,  Deo.  13,  1842.  She 
died  Nov.  1,  1833,  in  Illinois.     Children  : 

2002—1.     George  R. 

2003—2.     Caroline  E. ;  m. Ayres. 

2iA)l— 3.     Wllliam  Willis,  b.  Jan.  31,  1832. 

2005.  Sophronia  Crane7  [1102],  (Wareham,8  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,''  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Hiram  VVol- 
cott,  of  East  Windsor,  Coun.,  Sept.  23,  1824.  She  died  Nov. 
20.  1878.     Children: 

Sophronia  Maria  (Wolcott),  b.  March  7,  1826;  d.  Feb.  14,  1880. 

Hiram  Henry  (Wolcott),  b.  Jan.  1,  1829. 

Emily  Locinda  (Wolcott),  b.  Nov.  5,  1830. 

James  Munroe(  Wolcott),  )  twins  ("  m.  Nancy  Ward; 

(  m.  Nancy  Ward  ; 
;a„,  \  d.Sept.  12,1878. 
IS,OJ'  (d.  Dec.  16,  1891. 
,  (m.  Beni.  Parker  ; 


Jane  (Wolcott),   J    b'  0ct' 

Julia  Makanda  (Wolcott),  1        |w)n«   h        fin.  Benj.  Parker; 

Julius  Maro  (Wolcott) 

Francis  Newton  (Wolcott),  b.  Dec.  10,  1843. 

2006.  Sophronia  Maria  Wolcott  [1];  ra.  Lewis  T.  Skinner,  Nov. 

27,  1845.     Shed.  Feb.  14,  1881.     Children: 

1.  Charles  Albert  (Skinner),  b.  Aprils,  1848;  d.  Sept. 

19,  1848. 

2.  Calvin  Lewis  (Skinner),  b.  Oct.  21.  1849. 

3.  Ellen  Maria  (Skinner),  b.  April  28,  1854. 

4.  George  Nelson  (Skinner),  b.  Dec.  10,  1858. 

2007.  Hiram  Henry  Wolcott  [2]  ;  ra.  Dolly  Kibbe.  March  17,  1852. 

She  d.  Sept.  21,  1885,  aged  57  years.     Children  : 

1.  Alice  G.  (Wolcott),  b.  March  19,  1853;  d.  March  28, 


2.  Ada  J.  (Wolcott),  b.  July  15,  1855. 

3.  Etta  L.  (Wolcott),  b.  Nov.  2,  1857. 

4.  Jennie  E.  (Wolcott),  b.  Oct.  1,  1860. 

5.  Warren  H.  (Wolcott),  b.  Aug.   13,   1863;  d.  Sept.  5, 


6.  Angie  S.  (Wolcott).  b.  Aug.  20.  1868. 

7.  Hattie  S.  (Wolcott),  b.  Sept.  24,  1872. 

2008.  Emily  Lucinda  Wolcott  [3]  ;  m.  William  C.  Covill,  Nov.  26, 

1S57.  Mr.  Covill  enlisted  for  the  war  Aug.  9,  1862,  and  left 
Hartford  Aug.  2S ;  discharged  June  1,  1865.  He  d.  Dec.  25, 
1896.     Children: 

1.  Ella  M.  (Covill),  b.  Sept.  11,  1862. 

2.  Willie  C.  (Covill),  b.  July  28,  1866;  d.  Nov.  8,  1866. 

3.  Charles  W.  (Covill).  b.  Sept.  26,  1867. 


2009.  Jane  Marilla  Wolcott  [5];  m.  1st,  Geo.  H.  Fielding,  July  5, 

1871.  He  d.  Oct.  5,  1872.  She  then  m.  2d.  Wilson  C.  Shaw, 
April  29,  1875.  He  d.  June  3,  1878,  and  she  m.  3d,  William 
J.  Ladd,  April,  1879.     She  d.  Dec.  16,  1891. 

2010.  Julius  M.  Wolcott  [7]  ;  m.  Eunice  M.  Spencer,  Nov.  II,  1872. 

Children  : 

1.  Francis  Eugene  (Wolcott),  b.  Nov.  26,  1875. 

2.  Julia  Mabel  (Wolcott),  b.  March  26,  1877. 

2011.  Francis  Newton  Wolcott  [8];  m.  Anna  Maria  Bishop,  May 

12,  1877.     Children  : 

1.  Bertie  Edson  (Wolcott),  b.  Oct.  29,  1878. 

2.  Edna  Adele  (Wolcott),  b.  Sept.  17,  1880;  d.  in  infancy. 

2012.  Oliver  Root  Crane7  [1103],  (Wareham,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Annie  Re- 
becca Lewis,  March  14,  18-10;  died  at  Waterford,  Conn.,  Nov. 
17,  1870.     Children: 



George  Oliver,  b.  Oct.  26,  1842;  d.  April  26,  1892. 

David  Lewis,  b.  Nov.  13,  1844. 

William  Simeon  b.  April  14,  1847;  d.  April  1,  1851. 

Annie  Rebecca,  b.  Aug.  30,  1850. 

Abby  Eleanor,  b.  June  22,  1856. 

Herbert  Wallace,  b.  June  27,  1860;  d.  March  1,  If 

Mary  Emma,   \  twins,  (   d.  Dec.  3,  1865. 

Mary  Ellen,  {  b.  May  27,  1864;  {   d.  May  7,  1885. 

2021.  Electa  B.  Crane7  [1104],  (Wareham,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Elisha  W. 
Hickerson,  July  17,  1834.  Resides  in  Detroit,  Illinois.  March 
5,  1897,  she  was  in  her  88th  year  and  in  comfortable  health. 

Children  : 

1.  Sarah  Eunice  (Hickerson).  b.  April  21,  1835. 

2.  Oscar  Monroe  (Hickerson),  b.  Nov.  21,  1836. 

3.  Elizabeth  Ann  (Hickerson),  b.  Dec.  21,  1837. 

4.  Mary  Jane  (Hickerson),  b.  March  I,  1840. 

5.  Josephine  Maria  (Hickerson),  b.  Jan.  26,  1842. 

6.  Huldah  Crane  (Hickerson),  b.  March  12,  1851. 

2022.  Hezekiah  Backus  Crane7  [1105],  (Wareham,1'  Heze- 
kiah,5 Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Amje- 
line  Gowdy,  May,  1838.     Child  : 

2023—1.     Roman  A.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1842. 

2024.  Lorenzo  Bliss  Crane7  [1107],  (Wareham.6  Heze- 
kiah.5 Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  April 
5,  1843,  Emeline  Gowdy,  a  native  of  Somers,  born  Dec.  7,  1820. 
He  was  a  farmer,  and  resided  at  South  Windsor,  Conn.  He 
died  at  Manchester,  Conn.,  Nov.  6,  1892.     Children: 

2025  —  1.     Curtis  L.,  b.  March  22,  1845. 
2026-2.     Orson  W.,  b.  Sept.  24,  1849. 

2027.  Hendrick  Chain7  [1109],  (Joel,6  Hezekiah,5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Wethersfield, 


Vt.  ;  married  at  Pharsalia,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  25,  1832,  Mary  Dye. 
She  was  a  native  of  Pitcher,  N.  Y.  ;  born  Aug.  11,  1811.  Mr. 
Crane  was  a  brigadier-general  of  infantry,  and  a  prominent  busi- 
ness man,  being  a  merchant  in  Pharsalia,  N.  Y.,  where  he  passed 
a  long  and  active  life.      He  died  April  16,  1881.      Children: 

2028—1.     USTACIA,  b.  Dec.  21,  1832. 

202'J— 2.     Ann  Eliza,  b.  Feb.  21,  1834;  d.  April  9,  1834. 

2030-3.     Van  Buren,  b.  May  6,  1835. 

2031—4.     JonN   Randolph,    b.   Jan.    27,    1337;    d.    Sept.  6,    18.">5,  in 

Norwich,  N.  Y. 
2032  —  5.     Marquis  De  Lafayettic,  b.  April  1,  1841. 
2033 — 15.     George   Hendrick,    b.  March   20,   1846;     ra.    Heleu    Mary 

Wood,  Dec.  25,  18G6;  residence  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

2034.  Luther  Crane7  [1110],  (Joel,15  Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  30,  1834,  at  Utica, 
N.  Y.,  Harriet  Brown.  She  was  born  in  Pharsalia,  N.  Y.,  Sept. 
24,  1812.  He  was  an  innkeeper  at  Pharsalia  and  died  there  Feb. 
11.  1850.     Child: 

2035  —  1.     CURTIS,  b.  March  23,  1842. 

2036.  Prudence  Crane7  [1112],  (Hezekiah,6  Hezekiah.5 
Hezekiah,4  John,1'  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Thomas 
Davis.     She  was  born  May  27,  170.").  and  died  Jan.  8,  1853. 

Children  : 

1.  Aiiby  L.  (Davis). 

2.  William  E.  (Davis). 

3.  Edward  E.  (Davis). 

4.  Sarah  (Davis). 

2037.  Oilman  Crane"  [1114],  (Hezekiah,6  Hezekiah,5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Aug.  15, 
1824,  Roselinda  Ginn.  of  Orlaud,  Me.  She  was  born  April  1, 
1803,  and  died  Feb.  16,  1864.  He  then  married  2d,  Mrs.  Eliza 
A.  Dix,  of  Salem,  Mass.,  Aug'.  23,  1807.  He  died  in  Orland, 
Me.,  July  21,  1888.     Children: 

2038—1.     Hezekiah,  b.  July  15,  1825,  at  Prospect,  Me.;  d.  Sept.   18, 

1827,  at  Bucksport. 
2039—2.     Harriet,  b.  Jan.  22,  1827,  at  Bncksport. 
2010  —  3.     Hezekiah,  1).  Jan.  13,  1829,  at  Bucksport;  d.  June  20,  1850. 
2041 — 4.     Prudence  Jane,  b.  May  15,  1831,  at  Orlaud. 
2042—5.     Roselinda,  b.  Nov.  17,  1833,  at  Orland. 
2043—15.     Oilman  Charles,  b.  Oct.  2,  1835,  at  Orland. 
2044 — 7.     Catherine  Joilnston,  b.  Dec.  7,  1837,  at  Orland. 
2045—8.     ALrHEUS  Augustine,  b.  June  (1,  1842,  at  Orland;  d.  Feb.  21, 

2046— 9.     Laura  Ellen,  b.  Dec.  15,  1844,  at  Orland. 

2047.  Harriet  Crane7  [1115],  (Hezekiah,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Eden, 
Vt.  ;  married  Benjamin  C  Choate,  who  was  born  Julv  29,  1800, 
and  died  Aug.  28,  1858.     Children  : 

1.     Harriet  Jane  (Choate),  b.  Aug.  13,  1828;  d.  1834. 


2.  Edward  H.  (Choate),  b.  July  6,  1830. 

3.  M.  Maria  (Choate),  b.  Oct.  22,  1832. 

•4       Harriett  J.  (Choate),  b.  July  30,  183-4;  d.  May  26,  1851. 
5.     Sarah  F.  (Choate),  b.  Sept.  17,  1837. 

20-48.  Sewall  L.  Crane7  [1116].  (Hezekiah.6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  April  6, 
1827.  Eliza  L.  Hows,  who  was  born  June  15,  1805. 

Children  : 

2040—1.  Parker  C,  b.  Nov.  10,  1329. 

2050—2.  Charles  L.,  b.  May  27,  1832;  m.  Nov.  25,  1852,  Phebe  A. 


2051—3.  Joshua  It.,  b.  June  14,  1834;  m.  Elizabeth  Marlow. 

2052—4.  Sarah  J.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1836;  m.  Gilman  Campbell. 

2053—5.  Sewall  H.,  b.  Jan.  (or  June)  18,  1838. 

2054  —  6.  Caroline  E.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1840;  m.  Thomas  Heuston. 

2055—7.  Albert  A.,  b.  Jan.  2,  1843. 

2056—8.  Marcia  L.,  b.  May  9,  1845  ;  m.  Willard  Dillaway.  May,  1364. 

2057—9.  George  D.,  b.  Aug.  19,  1848. 

2058-10.  Ellen  R.,  b.  March  19,  1850;  d.  March  22,  1864. 

2059.  Oberia  Hill  Crane7  [1118],  (Hezekiah,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  in  1835  Calvin 
L.  Saulsbury.     She  died  Sept.  1,  1854,  in  South  Reading,  Mass. 

Children  : 

1 .  Francis  (Saulsbury),  b.  Jan.  24,  1842. 

2.  Laura  (Saulsbury),  b.  June  23,  1345. 

2060.  Abner  Belknap  Crane7  [1120],  (Abner,6  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1 ) .  His  intention  to  marry 
Almira  Holmes,  both  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  was  published  there 
Nov.  1.  1832.  He  died  May  13,  18-12.  June,  1843,  his  estate 
was  probated,  at  which  time  the  widow  Almira  and  one  child, 
then  live  years  old,  were  reported  in  feeble  health. 

2061.  Ajiaziah  Britto  Crane7  [1121],  (Abner,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah.4    John.3    Jonathan.2.  Benjamin1).     He  married  Aug. 

20,  1837,  Elizabeth  Sanderson,  of  Springfield,  Mass.,   and  Dec. 

21,  1843,  m.  2d.  Mary  S.  Masters,  of  Chester.  Mr.  Crane  was 
born  in  Springfield,  and  after  marriage  settled  there.  He  sub- 
sequently removed  to  Leicester,  Worcester  and  Boston,  and  died 
at  Auburndale,  April  18,  1880.     Children  : 

2062—1.     Frank  E..  b.  July  9,  1840.  in  Springfield;  d.  March  29,  1896. 

2063 — 2.  William  Henry,  b.  April  30,  1845,  in  Leicester.  He  is  the 
popular  comedian  who  has  charmed  audiences  in  nearly 
every  city  of  considerable  size  in  the  United  States,  by 
his  linlliant  acting,  achieving  remarkable  success  in  his 
well  known  play  "The  Senator,"  as  well  as  other  plays 
that  have  been  written  at  his  solicitation,  all  of  which  are 
of  high  order. 

2U64— 3.     Mary  Jane,  b.  May  25,  1847,  in  Worcester. 

2065 — 4.     Helen  Maria,  b.  April  7,  1851,  in  Newton. 

2066.     David    Orvili.e    Crane7    [1129],     (David,6     David.5 
Hezekiah.4     John.3    Jonathan.-     Benjamin1),     married    Clarissa 


Cooley  in  Springfield,  Mass.  He  learned  to  make  joiners'  tools 
of  Leonard  Kennedy  in  Hartford.  Conn.,  and  after  his  marriage 
removed  to  New  Hartford,  south  of  Utica,  N.  Y. ;  studied  dental 
surgery,  and  practiced  it  in  Geneva,  N.  Y.  After  some  years  he 
removed  to  Kochester,  and  there  practiced  dentistry.  She  died 
in  St.  Louis.  Mo..  January,  1879.     Children: 

2067 — 1.     Edwaud  A.,  practiced  dentistry  in  St.  Louis,  Mo.;  d.  Aug. 

26,  1874,  at  Topeka,  Kan. 
2068-2.     Helen  M. 
2069—3.     Franklin*  Orvllle,  residence  in  Shawnee  County,  Kan. 

2070.     Franklin    Loomis    Crane7    [1130],   David,6  David.5 

Hezekiah.4  John.3  Jonathan, 2  Benjamin1),  married  Oct.  16, 
1838,  at  Easton,  Pa.,  Mary  Elizabeth  Howell.  She  was  born 
there  Sept.  18,  1820,  and  there  they  established  their  home.  She 
died  May  20.  1845.  He  was  born  at  East  Windsor,  Hartford 
County,  Conn.,  on  an  old  manor  that  had  been  handed  down 
from  father  to  son  for  generations  before  the  Revolution.  In 
that  dark  and  desperate  struggle  his  grandfather,  David  Crane, 
did  good  service  under  the  immediate  command  of  Gen. 

The  home  training  of  young  Crane  was  in  the  strict  Puritan 
style.  His  school  days  did  not  differ  materially  from  those  of 
other  boys  similarly  situated  :  attended  the  common  school,  where 
he  paid  his  own  way.  Receiving  a  certificate  of  qualification 
to  teach  the  common  English  branches,  he  soon  began  teaching 
in  Vernon,  Conn.  ;  in  a  short  time  however  he  accepted  an 
invitation  from  his  uncle,  Dr.  John  W.  Crane,  a  practicing  physi- 
cian of  Hartford,  to  commence  the  study  of  medicine  and  dental 
surgery  in  his  office.  After  thoroughly  preparing  himself,  he 
opened  an  office  in  Easton.  Pa.,  where  he  conducted  a  successful 
business  for  22  years. 

In  October,  1854,  he  emigrated  to  Kansas,  and  settled  on  the 
present  site  of  Topeka.  As  a  member  of  the  town  company  he 
took  an  active  part  in  everything  that  pertained  to  the  upbuilding 
of  the  city.  Town  lots  were  donated  to  all  who  would  erect 
houses  and  live  on  the  town  site,  and  also  to  churches  and  socie- 
ties of  all  kinds  that  were  ready  to  take  advantage  of  the  generous 
offer.  Dr.  Crane  was  appointed  to  the  difficult  task  of  making 
selections  for  incomers,  societies  and  churches.  Many  persons 
are  still  living  in  Topeka  who  remember  with  what  zeal  he  pointed 
out  the  advantages  of  this  or  that  particular  locality.  His  lan- 
guage on  such  occasions  proved  prophetic  in  many  instances. 

He  was  active  in  the  formation  of  the  Kansas  Free  State  party. 
In  1857  the  St.  Joseph  &  Topeka  Railroad  Company  was 
organized,  and  he  was  chosen  treasurer.  Little  actual  work  was 
ever  done  on  this  route,  although  he  expended  much  time  and 
money  in  making  it  a  living  institution  by  securing  the  payment 
of   10  per  cent,  of  capital  stock.     This  planning  and  managing 


Born,  East  Windsor,  Connecticut,  January  10,  1808 

Died,  Carthage,  New  Mexico,  November  21,  18S4. 

Married  Mary  Elizabeth  Howell,  October,  1838, 

who  died  May  '22,  1845. 


2d  Son  of  Dr.  F.  L.  Crane. 

Eorn,  Easton,  Pennsylvania,  August  23,  1841. 

Died,  Fort  Larned,  Kansas,  June  17,  1864. 


Eldest  Son  of  Dr.  F.  L.  Crane. 

Born,  Easton,  Pennsylvania,  June  8,  1839. 

Married  Clara  R.  Dodds,  June  15,  1365. 

Clara  R.  Crane  died  March  5,  1889. 


Son  of  Jesse  H.  Crane. 

Died,  Hi 

orn,  Topeka,  Kansas,  January  5,  1872. 

boro,  New  Mexico,  January  14.  1899. 


finally  resulted  in  the  construction  of  the  Atchison,  Topeka  ii 
Santa  Fe  Railroad. 

In  1859,  there  being  no  permanent  place  in  Topeka  for  the 
interment  of  the  dead,  and  having  failed  in  several  efforts  to 
organize  a  cemetery  company,  Dr.  Crane  made  the  venture  at  his 
own  expense,  and  laid  out,  in  a  very  tasty  and  artistic  manner,  a 
large  plot  of  ground  about  a  mile  east  of  the  city.  For  this  act 
of  generosity,  if  for  nothing  else,  he  will  ever  be  remembered 
kindly  by  the  citizens  of  Topeka.  In  the  same  year  he  became 
mayor  of  the  city,  on  the  death  of  the  mayor-elect,  by  virtue  of 
his  office  of  president  of  the  city  council.  This  was  just  at  the 
time  when  the  permanent  location  of  the  State  capital  by  a  direct 
vote  of  the  people  was  being  agitated.  Mainly  through  the  wish 
and  prompt  action  of  the  acting  mayor  and  city  council  Topeka 
was  made  the  permanent  seat  of  government  at  that  election.  The 
first  bridge  over  the  Kansas  River  was  built  in  1857-8,  largely 
through  his  influence  and  exertions.  This  bridge  was  swept  away 
by  a  freshet  .July  19,  1858,  and  was  replaced  by  a  temporary 
pontoon,  that  served  the  purpose  until  the  present  iron  structure 
was  erected  by  Mortimer  Cook.  Dr.  Crane  and  others. 

On  the  breaking  out  of  the  rebellion  he  and  two  of  his  sons 
enlisted  for  the  war.  His  knowledge  of  medicine,  kindness  of 
heart  and  generosity  peculiarly  fitted  him  to  take  care  of  the  sick, 
and  he  was  made  a  hospital  steward,  and  on  several  occasions 
established  and  conducted  general  hospitals  by  order  of  the  medi- 
cal directory.  This  branch  of  service  was  in  accord  with  his 
sympathetic  nature,  and  he  was  enabled  to  make  it  a  perfect 

On  his  return  from  the  camp  he  was  chosen  president  of  the 
board  of  education.  Under  his  administration  several  large 
school-houses  were  erected,  among  them  the  Lincoln  School 
building.  He  has  ever  been  liberal  and  foremost  in  advocating 
the  interests  of  education,  assisting  all  societies  and  efforts  in 
every  move  to  harmonize  and  liberalize  society.  From  the  rigid 
church  discipline  under  which  he  was  reared  he  gradually  became 
more  liberal  in  his  views,  until  he  found  himself  a  willing  and 
confirmed  disciple  of  ancient  and  modern  Spiritualism,  and  in  all 
his  relations  with  his  fellows  he  carried  into  his  daily  practice  the 
firm  belief  that  there  is  ever  by  his  side  an  immortal  spirit  that 
is  cognizant  of  his  every  act,  whether  good  or  evil ;  one  that 
mourns  over  his  wrong  doings  and  rejoices  in  every  good  deed, 
and  under  certain  conditions  is  able,  as  in  the  old  biblical  times, 
to  make  its  presence  manifest  by  words  and  signs,  and  to  give 
admonition  of  coming  events.*  He  died  Nov.  I'l.  18*4,  at  the 
home  of  his  eldest  son  in  Carthage.  New  Mexico,  whither  he  had 
gone  for  a  visit.  Funeral  services  were  at  Topeka,  Kan.  Chil 
dren  : 

2071  —  1      Jesse  Howell,  b.  June  23,  1839. 

*  From  the  Topeka  Daily  Capital  of  Nov    22,  188-1 


2072 — 2.     Franklin  Loomis,  b.  Aug.  8,  1840. 
2073—3.     David  Orville,  b.  Feb.  12,  1842. 
2074—4.     George  Woolsey,  b.  Aug.  25,  1843. 

2075.  Chloe  Pitkin  Crane7  [1131],  (David,6  David,5  Hez- 
ekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married  John  Phelps  at 
Stockbridge,  Madison  Countv,  N.  Y.,  and  settled  in  Oneida 
Castle.     Children : 

1.  Ellen  Meroe  (Phelps),  b.  Dec.  18,  1841. 

2.  Susan  Annette  (Phelps),  b.  March  18,  1844;  m.  Eugene  Smith 

3.  John  Allison  (Phelps),  b.  Feb.  22,  1846;  d.  Feb.  27,  1868. 

4.  Frank  Crane  (Phelps),  b.  Jan.  10,  1851 ;  d.  Dec.  10,  1860. 

5.  Edmcnd  Orville  (Phelps),  b.  June  15,  1853;  d.  Dec.  12,  1857. 

2076.  Daniel  Gilbert  Crane7  [1138],  (Samuel  P.,6  David,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  born  at  East  Wind- 
sor, Conn.  Married  Oct.  24,  1844,,  Mary  A.  Taft.  She  was 
born  in  West  Mendon,  Monroe  County.  N.  Y.,  Feb.  28,  1825. 
He  is  a  merchant  at  Rochester,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

2077—1.  Henry  P.,  b.  in  Rochester.  N.  Y. ;  d.  1847. 

2078—2.  Alice,  b.  in  Springfield,  Mass. 

2079—3.  George  D.,  b.  in  Rochester.  N.  Y. ;  1872. 

2080—4.  Hattie  E.,  b.  In  Lockport,  N.  Y. 

2081—5.  Cora,  b.  in  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

2082.  Rosannah  Crane7  [1150],  (Curtis,6  David.5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  March  4,  1833, 
Moses  Church  Browning.     Children  : 

1.  Harriet  Maria  (Browning),  b.  March  2,  1834. 

2.  Emily  Pynchon  (Browning),  b.  May  24,  1841. 

2083.  Harriet  Maria  Browning    [1] ;    m.    William  Heber  Daniel. 

Children  : 

1  Emily-  May  (Daniel),    m.  Thomas  Calterson  ;   d.  Au- 

gust, 1893.     Child : 

1.     Shirley-  (Calterson). 

2  Ella  (Daniel;,  m.  William  James-     Children: 

1.  George  (James) . 

2.  Heber  (James). 

3.  Allen  (James). 

3.     Henry  M.  (Daniel)  ;  m.  Nannie  Fisher. 

2ii84.     Emily   Pynchon   Browning    [2] ;    m.  Robert  Ralston   Lynd. 
Children  ; 

1.  Stoughton  Browning  (Lynd),  b.  Oct.  30,  1867. 

2.  Curtis  Crane  (Lynd),  b.  Aug.  14,  1872. 

2085.     Stoughton  Browning  Lynd  [1] ;  m.  Nelly  Day.  Oct.  10,  1888. 
Children  ; 

1.  Virginia  (Lynd),  b.  1889. 

2.  Robert  (Lynd),  b.  September,  1892. 

2086.  Henry  Crane7  [1151],  (Curtis,6  David,5  Hezekiah,4 
John.3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Zervey  Hanks.  He  was 
a  dentist,  and  lived  in  Brooklyn.  N.  Y.     Children: 

2087—1.     Louise;  m.  J.  N.  Green;  lives  West.     Children: 

1.  John  N.  (Green). 

2.  Lula  C.  (Green;. 


2088—2.     Maria;  m.  Beach. 

2089—3.     Belle;  m.  Heury  J.  Schenk. 

2090—4.     Ella;   m.  Alfred  Nickolds. 

2091—5.     JohnN.;  m.  Lizzie  D.  Deckins.     Children: 

1.  Charles. 

2.  Margaretta. 
2092—6.     Lilly. 

2093  —  7.     George  A.;  m.  Mary  Perry,  of  South  Wiudsor,  Conn. 

2094.  Charlotte  Crane7  [1152],  (Curtis/  David,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  April  27, 
1831,  in  Springfield,  Mass.,  Samuel  King,  who  died  in  New 
Albany,  Ind.,  Jan.  5,  1862.  She  married  2d,  John  Gordon, 
March  26,  1867.     He  died  May  5,  1880,  at  Goodland.  Ind. 

Children  : 

1.  Helen  L.  (King),  b.  June  23,  1839,  in  Piqua,  Ohio. 

2.  Eliza  A.  (King),  b.  June  18,  18+1,  in  Piqua,  Ohio;  d.  June  29, 


3.  Horace  C.  (King),  b.  Oct.  25,  1844,  in  Piqua,  Ohio;  m.  and  d. 

Nov.  29,  1897. 

4.  Emma  A.  (King),  b.  March  10,   1849,  in  College  Hill,  Ohio;  d. 

Oct.  4,  1853. 

2095.  Helen  L.  King  [1]  ;  m.  John  Gordon,  Jr.,  July  1,  1858,  at  New 

Albany,  Ind.     Children  ; 

1.  Charlotte  E.  (Gordon),  b.  May  29,  1859;  m.  George 

R.  Brewster,  Sept.  24,  1878. 

2.  George  B.  (Gordon),  b.  June  14,  1801;  m.  Jessie  A. 

Stevens,  Sept.  25,  1887. 

3.  Henry  L.  (Gordon),  b.  Dec.  8,  1863;  d.  Jan.  1,  1864. 

4.  Stella  M.  (Gordon),  b.  July  11,  1865;  m.  Marcellus 

Waltz,  June  10,  1884. 

5.  Charles  H.   (Gordon),  b.  Oct.  11,  1867;   d.    Oct.  12, 


6.  Horace  K.  (Gordon),  b.  Sept.   16,  1869,  in  Goodland, 


7.  Mary  L.  (Gordon),  b.  Aug.  7,  1871,  in  Goodland,  Ind. ; 

m.  Samuel  C  Miller,  April  7,  1896. 

8.  Arthur   K.  (Gordon),  b.  Jan.  4,  1874,  in   Goodland, 

Ind. ;  d.  same  day. 

9.  Rollin  J.  (Gordon),  b.  March  30,  1879,  in  Goodland, 


2096.  Martin  Hale  Crane7  [1156],  (Curtis,6  David,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Springfield. 
Mass.  ;  married  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  June  29,  1852,  Sallie  Phillips 
Davis.  She  was  born  in  Dayton,  Ohio,  May  31,  1822.  He  was 
of  the  firm  of  Crane  &  Breed  Manufacturing  Co.,  Cincinnati. 
He  settled  in  that  city.  He  was  a  foundryman,  but  later  engaged 
in  furnishing  appliances  for  heating  by  steam  and  hot  water. 

Children  : 

2097—1.     Harrie  D.,  b.  Sept.  26,  1853. 
2098-2.     Ida  M.,  b.  Jan.  9,  1857. 

2099.     Julia  Ann  Crane7    [1157],    (Curtis.15  David,5    Heze- 
kiah,4    John,3   Jonathan,2   Benjamin1),    married    Perry    Tuttle. 
She  lives  in  Indianapolis,  Ind.     Children  : 
1.     Hattie  (Tuttle). 


2.  Millie  (Tuttle). 

3.  Lottie  (Tnttle). 

4.  Zerocy  (Tuttle). 

5. (Tuttle). 

6.  (Tuttle). 

7      (Tuttle). 

•2100.  William  Curtis  Crane7  [1158],  (Curtis.6  David.3 
Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Mary  E. 
Shields.  He  settled  in  New  Albany,  Ind.,  and  served  about 
there  in  1862,  during  the  rebellion.  He  died  Jan.  6,  1899,  at  his 
residence  in  New  Albany.  Ind.     Children  : 

2101—1.  Charles  Eugene,  b.  Dec.  14,  1S53. 

2102—2.  William  Franklin,  b.  Feb.  3,  1856. 

2103—3.  Edgar  Shields,  b.  June  17,  1358. 

2104—4.  Albert  Curtis,  b.  1860;  d.  at  one  year  of  age. 

2105—5.  Arthur  Clement,  b.  Oct.  13,  1863;  m.  Oct.  23,  1890,  Emily 
P.  Hare,  at  New  Albany,  Ind.  j  resides  in  Louisville.  Ky. 

2106 — 6.  Emma  Louise,  b.  Nov.  5,  1865. 

2107 — 7.  Julia  Adallne,         1    .     .        ,     ,r       ,,.    ,  ,_„ 

2108-8.  Martin  Burdette,  J    twlns'  b'  May  10-  18'°- 

2109—9.  Mary  Bessie;  d.  in  infaDcy. 

2110.  Nancy  Maria  Crane7  [1159],  (Curtis,6  David,5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Capt.  Elijah 
Gore  Barney,  of  Henderson,  N.  Y.  She  died  in  Shelby  Springs, 
Ala.,  July  21,  18b'4.  and  was  buried  in  Spring  Grove,  Cincinnati. 
Ohio.  He  married  2d,  Mary  Batersby  Reader,  in  1865.  He 
died  in  Eatonton,  Ga.,  at  the  home  of  his  eldest  son,  of  black 
cholera.  He  was  sick  only  twenty-four  hours,  having  contracted 
the  disease  on  board  steamer  and  just  having  returned  from 
South  America.     Children  : 

1.  Henry  Crane  (Barney),  b.  Dec.  8,  1847,  at  Dayton,  Ohio. 

2.  Charles  Curtis  (Barney) ;  d.  aged  14  months  at  Oxford,  Miss. 

3.  William  Alrert  (Barney),  b.  at  Holly  Springs,  Miss.,  1359. 

4.  Edward  Norton  (Barney),  b.  at  Holly  Springs,  Miss.,  1861. 
!i.  Earnest  Eugene  (Barney) ;  by  second  wife. 

2111.  Henry  Crane  Barney  [1];  in.   1st.  Julia  Marrium,  of  Rome, 

Ga.,  April  12,  1870;  2d,  Mary  J.  Luther,  of  Eatonton,  Ga., 
Jan.  24,  1873.     Child  : 

I.     Clarence   Luther   (Barney),   b.    March   6,    1874,   at 
Plainville,  Ga. 

2112.  William  Albert  Barney'  [3];  m.  a  Spanish  woman  in  South 

America.     He  has  eight  children.     The  names  of  two  are  : 

1.  Nancy-  Maria  (Barney). 

2.  E.  G.  (Barney). 

2113.  Edward    Martin   Barney  [4];  m.  Anna   .  of  Dayton, 

Ohio.     Children : 

1      Charles  (Barney). 

2.     William  Henry  (Barney). 

2114.  Earnest  Eugene  Barney  [5]  j  m.  Edna  Hall      Child: 

1.     GleN  Violet  (Barney). 


2115.  John  Eugene  Crane7  [1160],  (Curtis,6  David,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  April  25,  1857, 
Elizabeth  Jane  Lee  Crane,  at  New  Albany,  Ind.,  where  she  was 
born  Sept.  3.  183(5.  Her  father  was  from  New  Jersey.  She  was 
a  daughter  of  David  and  Charlotte  (Stewart)  Crane.  Mrs. 
Crane  is  the  seventh  generation  in  descent  from  Stephen  Crane, 
one  of  the  founders  of  Elizabethtown,  N.  J.  Children,  all  born 
in  New  Albany : 

2116—1.  Lottie  Stewart,  b.  Sept.  11,  1858. 

2117—2.  Nannie  Montgomery,  b.  June  28,  1861. 

2118—3.  Jessie  Brown,  b.  Sept.  21,  1863;  d.  Aug.  4,  1864. 

2119—4.  Locise  Barney,  b.  Jan.  2,  1866. 

2120—5.  Jennie  Lee,  b.  Dec.  16,  1868. 

2121—6.  Stella  Brown,  b.  March  29,  1872. 

2122.  John  Washington  Crane7  [1175],  (John  W.,6  David,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  at  No.  5, 
Park  Place,  New  York  city,  and  graduated  at  New  York  Uni- 
versity in  1855.  He  studied  dentistry,  and  for  many  years  prac- 
ticed that  profession  in  Paris,  France.  His  address  7  Rue  Scribe, 
that  city.  He  married  Nov.  27,  1867,  Josiephene  Daniell  Leav- 
itt,  a  native  of  New  Orleans,  b.  May  1,  1847.  Mr.  Crane  has 
always  been  greatly  interested  in  the  history  of  the  Crane  family, 
and  in  1898  secured  through  a  Mr.  Strangman,  also  a  descendant 
of  the  Crane  family,  an  engraved  portrait  of  Sir  Francis  Crane 
Stoke  Park;   also  some  coin  (farthings)  struck  off  by  him. 

Children  : 

2123 — 1.     Josephenu  Leavitt,  b.  June  16,   1870,  in  Paris,  France;  d. 

there  Dec.  29,  1888. 
2124—2.     John  Wells,  b.  May  31,  1874,  in  Paris,  France;  d.  Nov.  2, 

1887,  at  his  school,  Eastbourne,  Eng. 
2125—3.     Mary  Emma,  b.  May  27,  1878,  in  Paris,  France. 

212().  SaSiuel  L.  G.  Crane7  [1184],  (Warren  S.,6  David,5 
Hezekiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Beujamin1),  was  born  in  New 
York  city;  married  1st,  Harriet  Augusta  Ellis,  of  Hartford, 
Conn..  April,  1853.  She  was  born  in  1834,  and  died  September. 
1861.  He  then  married  2d,  Oct.  21,  1862,  Susan  J.  Underwood, 
of  Enfield,  born  Oct.  21,  1837.  Mr.  Crane  was  a  dentist  and 
resided  in  Hartford,  Conn.,  where  he  practiced  his  profession. 

2127—1.     Hattie  E..  h.  Nov.  II,  1858. 

2128—2.     Roswell  U.,  b.  Dec.  21,  1870;  d.  Jan.  15,  1873. 

2129—3.     Francis  B.,  b.  Dec.  23,  1S74. 

2130.     Betsy  Ann  Crane7    [1194],    (Rufus,6  Rufus.5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Joshua  Risley. 
Children  : 

1.  Joshua  Allen  (Risley),  b.  April  20,  1830. 

2.  Ann  Elizabeth  (Rislev),  h.  Feb.  4.  1832. 

3.  E.sther  McCloud  (Risley),  b.  Feb.  I.  1834;   d.  Aug    13,  1856 

4.  Ellen  Jane  (Risley).  b.  March  7.  1836;  d.  Oct.  2.  1891. 

5.  Emerett  Allen  (Risley),  b.  April  4,  1838. 


6.  Axbkbt  Ghiffin  (Risley),  b.  April  3,  1840;  d.  Nov.  23,  1S95. 

7.  Henry  Gilbert  (Risley),  b.  March  20,  1842. 

8.  Anson  Bissell  (Risley).  b.  May  2,  1844;  d.  Jan.  16,  1846. 

9.  Elvira  Wealthy  (Risley),  b.  Aug.  1,  1847;  d.  Aug.  20,  1848. 

10.  Eveline  Wealthy  (Risley),  b.  Aug.  5,  1849. 

11.  Erastus  Edward  (Risley),  b.  July  1,  1851. 

12.  Wellie  (Risley),  b.  July  7,  1853;  d.  Oct.  7,  1853. 

13.  Bennet  Tyler  (Risley),  b.  Sept.  23,  1855. 

2131.  Rufus  Allen  Crane7  [1195],  (Rufus,6  Rufus,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Louisa  Wolcott, 
Dec.  2.  1846.  She  was  born  Nov.  18,  1818.  He  died  April  30, 
1869.     She  died  Nov.  20,  1887.     Children: 

2132—1.     Emma  L.,  b.  May  21,   1849;  m.  Dwight  Goodale,  Sept.  29, 

2133—2.     Ella  F.,  b.  June  17,  1853;  d.   Aug.  7,  1856. 
2134—3.     Elroy  A.,  b.  May  2,   1857;  m.  Carrie  Talcott,  March    12, 

2135—4.     George  H..   b.   Dec.   14,  1862;  m.   Mary  J.  Hurd,  Dec.  2, 

2136—5.     Edwin  L.,  b.  Aug.  9,  1866;  d.  May  26,  1867. 

2137.  Henrietta  Crane7  [1196],  (Rufus,6  Rufus,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan, a  Benjamin1),  married  Merrit  Doane. 
She  died  Oct.  13,  1890.     Children  : 

1.  Julia  H.  (Doane).  b.  Sept.  3,  1840;  d.  Dec.  7,  1843. 

2.  Jane  A.  (Doane),  b.  Aug.  20,  1842. 

3.  Merrit  (Doane),  b.  Aug.  30,  1844. 

4.  Martin  (Doane),  b.  May  6,  1846. 

5.  Marcus  (Doane),  b.  Aug.  2,  1848;  d.  Nov.  9,  1848. 

6.  Marshall  (Doane),  b.  Jan.  7,  1850;  d.  June  24,  1858. 

7.  Sumner  L.  (Doane),  b.  April  16,  1852. 

8.  Carlos  (Doane),  b.  April  29,  1855. 

9.  Infant  son  (Doane),  b.  and  d.  May  10,  1857. 
10  Ebenf.zer  S.  (Doane),  b.  April  26,  1859. 

2138.  Henry  Crane7  [1 197],  (Rufus.6  Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1 ),  married  Harriet  M.  Taylor,  who 
was  born  Dec.  11,  1825.     She  died  Dec.  27,  1867.     Children: 

2139  —  1.  Edward  H  .  b.  Feb.  22,  1845;  d.  Jan.  12,  1887. 

2140—2.  AnnahH.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1847;  d.  March  5,  1858. 

2141—3.  Frederick  Taylor,  b.  June  1,  1850;  d.  1893. 

2142—4.  William  F.,  b.  July  15,  1852. 

2143 — 5.  Lizzie  A.,  b.  Jan.  5,  1854;  m.  Frank  Craw,  Jan.  1,  1872. 

•.'144.     Eldridge     Burt    Crane7     [1198],    (Rufus,6    Rufus,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sarah  Farrell. 
Children  : 

2145 — 1.  Charlotte  Ellen,  b.  March  8,  1851. 
2146—2.  Florence  Isaiselle,  b.  Oct.  14,  1856. 
2147—3.     Charlie  Eldridge,  b.  March  15,  1858. 

2148.     Hosea  Burge  Crane7  [1199].  (Rufus,6  Rufus,5  Heze- 
kiah,4   John,3    Jonathan,2    Benjamin1),    married    Sarah    Janes. 
Children  : 
2149—1.     Franklin  H. 


2150—2.     Thomas. 

2151—3.     Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  22.  1854;  d. 

2152—4.     Coka  E.,  b.  June  5,  185*;. 

2153.  Frances  A.  Crane7  [1200],  (Rufus,6  Rufus,5  Heze- 
kiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Thomas  Nesmith, 
Jr..  of  Windham,  N.  H.  She  was  born  July  25,  1822,  and  died 
Aug.  27,  1895.     Children: 

1.  Franklin  Ellsworth  (Nesmith),  b.  Nov.  9,  1861. 

2.  Henry  Irving  (Nesmith),  b.  Aug.  24,  1864. 

3.  Elizabeth  Frances   (Nesmith),  b.  July   19,   1866;    ra.  June   6, 

1888,  Amasa  Harrington,  of  Waltham,  Mass. 

2154.  Henry  Irving  Nesmith  [2]:  m.    Oct.    14,  1885,    Ella  Elvena 

Olney,  of  Lowell,  Mass.  They  now  (1897)  reside  in  Lynn, 
where  Mr.  Nesmith  is  treasurer  and  manager  of  the  Lynn 
Box  Company,  manufacturers  of  wood  and  paper  boxes. 
Children  : 

1.  Estella  May  (Nesmith),  b.  Sept.  12,  1886 ;  d.  Oct.  7, 


2.  Robert  Irving  (Nesmith),  b.  Sept.  16,  1891. 

2155.  Lucius  H.  Crane7  [1202],  (Rufus,6  Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  May  1,  1866,  Margaret 
H.  Bartlett,  who  was  born  1839,  and  died  Oct.  4,  1869,  at 
Ellington.  He  served  in  the  late  war  in  company  G,  25th  regi- 
ment Connecticut  Volunteers,  in  1863.  Settled  at  East  Windsor, 
Conn.      Child : 

2156—1.     Maggie  B  ,  b.  Aug.  29,  1868. 

2157.  Achsah  M.  Crane7  [1203],  (Rufus.6  Rufus.5  Heze- 
kiah,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  George  H.  Sloan, 
Jan.  1,  1855.  Reside  at  Windsorville,  Conn.  She  has  been 
much  interested  in  securing  records  of  her  branch  of  the  family, 
thereby  rendering  material  help  to  the  compiler.     Children  : 

1.  Leon  Henry  (Sloan),  b.  Feb.  7,    1859;  m.   Fannie   J.   Parson, 

June  10,  1885;  have  one  child. 

2.  Jerome  Herbert  (Sloan),  b.  Nov.  27,  1860. 

3.  Elbert  Hosea  (Sloan),  b.  March  11,  1866;  m.  Clara  Tenzler, 

July  18,  1890;  have  two  children. 

4.  Julia  Mary  (Sloan),  b.  Dec.  3,  1867. 

5.  Ellery  George  (Sloan),  b.  Jan.  19,  1874;  d.  Sept.   16,  1874 

6.  Burdett  Howard  (Sloan),  b.  Dec.  22,  1876. 

2158.  Luman  Griswold  Crane7  [1204],  (Rufus,6  Rufus.5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Abbie  R. 
Osborn.     She  was  born  Dec.  11,  1843.     Children: 

2159  —  1.     Addie  Frances,  b.  Oct.  19,  1865. 

2160—2.     Louis  Gilbert,  b.  April  9,  1877;  d.  July  14,  1886. 

2161—  3.     Frank  Edward,  b.  Jan.  1,  1879. 

2162.     Helen  E.  Crane7  [1210],  (Hosea,6  Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  (i.  Buzzell.     Child: 
1.     Lizzie  (Buzzell). 


•2163.  Anna  R.  Crane7  [1212],  (Hosea,6  Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  L.  L.  Whitney,  of  Mill- 
bury,  Mass.     Children  : 

1.  Walter  (Whitney). 

2.  Minnie  (Whitney). 

3.  Laura  (Whitney),  m.  Wm.  Carter. 

4.  Maud  (Whitney). 

2164.     Walter  Whitney  [1] ;  ra.  Martha  Atwood.     Children  : 

1.  Marion  (Whitney). 

2.  Walter  (Whitney) . 

2165.  Rufus  R.  Crane7  [1213],  Hosea,6  Rufus,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Josie  Sutton.  Settled  in 
Millbury,  Mass.     Children : 

2 1 66 — 1 .     Florence. 
2167—2.     Hosia. 

2168.  Matilda  Amelia  Crane7  [1216],  (Timothy,6  Aaron,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William  Pitt 
Mowry,  April  I  7,  1836.  Resided  at  Windsor  Locks,  Conn.  Chil- 
dren : 

1.  Caroline  Matilda  (Mowrv),  b.  April  23,  1837;  d.  Jan.  2,  1839. 

2.  James  Willlim  (Mowry),  b.  Nov.  9,  1839;  d.  Oct.  21,  18U0. 

3.  Louisa  Amelia  (Mowry),  b.  Jan.  2.  1843. 

4.  Mary  Jane  (Mowry),  b.  Nov.  25,  1849. 

2169.  Sylvester  Crane7  [1222],  Ziba,6  Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4 
John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  at  Springfield,  Mass.,  in 
1840,  Mary  Ann  Alden,  of  Wilbraham,  born  in  1818,  and 
settled  in  Longmeadow ;  a  farmer.     He  died  there  June  20,  1890. 

Children  : 

2170  —  1.  Sylvester,  b.  1842,  m.  1st,  Clarinda  J.  Allen,  March  8, 
1866;  2d,  Laura  Hancock,  1895;    no  children. 

2171—2.     Margarett,  b.  18)6. 

2172—3.     Elsie  A.,  b.  1848. 

2173 — 4.  Henry,  b.  1851;  salesman;  d.  February,  1883,  at  Wilbra- 

2174  —  5.     Mary  E.,  b.  1856;  d.  at  East  Longmeadow,  May,  1889. 

2175 — 6.     Ellen  J.,  b.  1858;  d.  at  East  Longmeadow,  Oct.,  1882. 

2176.  Hezekiah  Augustus  Crane7  [1227],  (Hezekiah,6 
Aaron,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1) ,  married  Susan 
C.Thompson,  Oct.  22,  1845.  She  was  born  Aug.  11,  1328, 
and  died  in  Cheshire,  Mass.,  Dec.  31,  1876.  He  was  a  farmer  in 
Becket,  Mass.     He  died  Jan.  15,  1875.     Children: 

2177—1.  Lucy  Augusta,  b.  Dec.  9,  1847. 

2178—2.  David  Augustus,  b.  July  21,  1849 ;  lives  iu  Sheffield,  Mass. ; 


2179—3.  Katie  Jane,  b.  Jan.  16,  1855. 

2180—4.  Walter  Leon,  b.  Sept.  19,  1858;  lives  in  Dalton,  Mass. 

2131—5.  BerdellaJ.,  b.  Jan.  4,  1866;  d.  at  Springfield,  Mass. 

2182—6.  Adaline,  b.  Jan.  26,  1870. 


2183.  Eli  Barber  Crane7  [1230],  (Hezekiah,6  Aaron,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Adelaide 
Jaquith  at  Albion,  Oswego  County,  N.  Y.  Enlisted  in  company 
K,  81st  New  York,  Nov.  10,  1861,  and  served  in  the  late  war, 
battles  at  Yorktown,  Fair  Oaks  and  Cold  Harbor.  Killed  at 
last  named  place  June  3,  1864.     Child  : 

2184—1.     Willis  J.,  b.  Dec.  29,  1856,  at  Sand  Bank,  Oswego  County, 

N.  Y. 

2185.  Leander  Crane7  [1238],  (Ebenezer,6  Zebulon,5  Lem- 
uel,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Hannah  Pollard,  of 
Surry,  N.  H.  She  was  born  in  1815.  Removed  to  Belle  Plain, 
Wis.     Children : 

218(5 — 1.  Harriett  M.,  b.  May,  1835. 

2187—2.  Eleanor  A.,  b.  1837. 

2188—3.  Martha,  b.  September,  1841. 

2189-4.  Sarah,  b.  1847. 

2190—5.  Helen,  b.  1849. 

2191.  Albert  Crane7  [1239],  [Ebenezer,6  Zebulon,5  Lem- 
uel,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Ann  Colman,  of 
Leominster,  Mass.  She  died  in  January,  1857,  and  he  married 
Kate  Hervey.  Lived  at  Belle  Plain,  Wis.  He  died  iu  August, 
1863,  leaving  a  daughter  by  second  wife.  His  widow  again  mar- 
ried, and  settled  in  Leominster,  Mass.     Child  : 

2192 — 1.     Kate,  b.  March,  1858. 

2193.  Gilbert  Crain7  [1240],  (Ebenezer,6  Zebulon,5  Lem- 
uel,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  29,  1842, 
Harriet  N.  Thomas,  daughter  of  Philip  and  Ruth  (Fish)  Thomas, 
of  Surry,  N.  H.  She  was  born  Oct.  10,  1820.  Settled  in  Surry, 
N.  H.  He  died  leaving  a  will,  dated  Aug.  3,  1882,  in  which  he 
names  his  wife  Harriet,  and  children,  Jane  H.,  Chas.  G.,  Frederick 
R.,  Frank  P.,  and  Mary  L.  Nesmith.     Children: 

2194—1.     Harriett,  b.  Oct.  27,  1843. 

2195—2.     Charles  Gilbert,  b.  May  15,  1845;  m.  Stella  Hay  ward ;  no 

2196—3.     Frederick  R.,  b.  May  23,  1847. 
2197—4.     Frank  P.,  b.  June  27,  1849. 
2198—5.     Mary  Louise,  b.  Aug.  26,  1851  ;  m.    Frank  E.  Nesmith;   no 

2199—6.     Ebenezer,  b.  Aug.  28,  1853. 
2200—7.     George,  b.  1861. 

2201.  Elisha  Crane7  [1241],  (Ebenezer,6  Zebulon,5  Lem- 
uel,4 John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Abigail  Stone,  of 
Chesterfield,  N.  H.  She  was  born  in  1818,  and  settled  iu  San 
Francisco,  Cal.     Children  : 

2202—1.  Eliza. 

2203—2.  George. 

2204—3.  Francis. 

2205—4.  Ellen. 

2206—5.  Velma. 


2207.  Ebenezer  Crane7  [1242],  (Ebenezer,6  Zebulon.5 
Lemuel,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Calista  Coburn, 
of  Chesterfield,  N.  H.  She  was  bora  in  March,  1824.  Settled 
in  the  northern  part  of  the  State  of  Iowa.     Children  : 

2208  —  1 

Julia,  b.  1841 



















2218.  Leroy  Deloss  Crane7  [1247],  (Ralph,6  Isaac,5  Isaac,4 
Isaac,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Sept.  12,  1855, 
Jane  Broughton  Whipple,  of  North  Stonington,  Conn.  ;  bora 
May  7,  1838,  and  settled  in  Groton,  Conn.  She  died  April  18, 
1863,  and  he  married  2d,  Mary  Jane  Faulkner,  of  Yantic.  She 
was  born  March  22,  1848.     Children: 

2219—1.     Everett  Leroy,  b.  Aug.  12.  1856. 

2220-2.     Ella  Jenny,  b.  Aug.  10,  1858;  d.  Jan.  18,  1862. 

2221.  Adelbert  Wadsworth  Crane7  [1251],  (Ralph,6  Isaac,5 
Isaac,4  Isaac,3  Jonathan-,  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  12,  1876, 
Margaret  Eliza  Goodrich,  of  South  Glastonbury,  Conn.  She 
was  bora  July  5,  1835. 

2222.  Ira  A.  Crane7  [1271],  (Joseph,6  John,5  Zebulon,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  1st.  Hannah  Hopkins. 
She  was  bora  Jan.  14,  1791.  and  died  March  2,  1839.  He  mar- 
ried 2d,  Zillah  Hazen  ;  3d,  Polly  Foster.  He  removed  to  Bar- 
riugton,  Yates  County.  N.  Y.,  where  he  died  April  4.  1860. 

Children  : 

2223—1.  John  J.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1810;  d.  March  29,  1825. 

2224—2.  William  Egbert,  b.  Feb.  5,  1813. 

2225—3.  Emily,  b.  May  17,  1815. 

2226—4.  Abraham  H.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1817. 

2227—5.  Joseph  N.,  b.  Sept.  29,  1820;  ra.  Helena  A.  Mitchell;  lived 

in  Geneva,  N.  Y.,  in  1897. 

2228—6.  John,  b.  Nov.  5,  1827. 

2229—7.  Auzor  Belden,  b.  April  25,  1830;  d.  unm.  March  6,  1894. 

2230—8.  Emeline,  b.  August,  1833;  d.  Jan.  13,  1848. 

2231—9.  George  W.,  b.  Jan.  24,  1835;  d.  April  16,  1849. 

2232.  Adah  Crane7  [1272],  (Joseph,6  John.5  Zebulon.4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan2  Benjamin1),  married  James  Baldwin.  She 
died  Sept.  9,  1855.     Children: 

1.  Noah  C.  (Baldwin),  b.  1816. 

2.  James  E.  (Baldwin),  b.   1818;  m.  Sarah    Adams;  son  William 

lives  in  Peekskill. 


2233.     Noah  C.  Baldwin  [I];  m.  Martha  P.  Burhuss.     He  died  Oct. 
21,1870.     She  died  May  18,  1889.     Children: 

1.  Lewis  G.  (Baldwin),  b.   1844;  m.  Pierce,  and  d. 

about  1893. 

2.  Adah  A.  (Baldwin);  m.  Cornelius  Pierce,  brother  of 

above;  lives  in  Michigan. 

3.  Emma  A.  (Baldwin),  b.  1856;  d.  Sept.  28,  1872. 

223-1.  Cornelia  Crane7  [1273],  (Joseph,6  John,5  Zebulon,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Lewis  Crosby,  a  son  of 
Enoch  Crosby,  who  figures  in  history  as  "Harvey  Birch  the 
Spy,"  Cooper.     She  died  Dec.  3,  1857.     Children: 

1.  Edward  (Crosby),  b.  June  22,  1812;  m.  1st,  Rachel  Hasbrouck ; 

2d,  Rachel  Duel;  3d,  Nancy  Brundage;  d.  Oct    I,   1890;    he 
was  an  M.D. 

2.  Joseph  (Crosby). 

3.  Zillah  (Crosby). 

4.  Ira  (Crosby). 

5.  Benjamin  (Crosby),  b.  1826,  m.  Laura  Ketchara  and  d.  March 

22,  1880. 

6.  Charles  (Crosby)  ;  d.  when  about  18  years  of  age. 

7.  Henry  (Crosby),  b.  1834;  m.  Susan  Lounsbury.     She  d.  Oct.  30, 

1873.     He  d.  March  10,  1887.     Children: 

1.  Cornelia  (Crosby)  ;  d.  young. 

2.  Lewis  (Crosby)  ;  resides  in  New  London,  Conn. 

3.  Eugene  (Crosby);  resides  in  Fishkill  on  the  Hudson. 

4.  Carrie  (Crosby);  d.  March  12,  1889. 

223.3.  Zillah  Crane7  [1274],  (Joseph,6  John,5  Zebulon,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin'),  married  Gilbert  H.  Travis. 
She  died  Jan.  17,  1833.     Child  : 

1.  Emeline  C.  (Travis),  b.  July  14,  1820;  m.  Oct.  10,  1843,  George 
Ludington,  a  son  of  Col.  Henry  Ludingtou  of  Revolutionary 
fame.     He  d.  April  11,  1874.     She  d.  May  4,  1887.     Children": 

1.  Gilbert   T.    (Ludington),  b.  July  12,    1847;  m.    Mary 


2.  Joseph  (Ludington),  b.  1849. 

3.  Emily   F.  (Ludington),   b.    December,    1850;    m.    Rev. 

Walter  A.  Chadwick.     Children: 

1.  Elsie  (Chadwick). 

2.  George  (Chadwick). 

3.  Albert  (Chadwick). 

4.  Harold  (Chadwick). 

4.  Nelson  E.  (Ludington),  b.  1852. 

5.  Thomas  Edward  (Ludington),  b.  Sept.  19,  1854;  m.  and 

resides  in  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

0.  Georgia  (Ludington).  b.  April  22,  1861. 

2236.  Betsey  Crane7  [1275],  (Joseph,6  John,5  Zebulon,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Thomas  Foster.  She 
died  June  27,  1825.     Children: 

1.  Joseph  C.   (Foster),  b.  about  1822;  was  a  Presbyterian  minis- 

ter; m.  Mrs.  Hannah  (Pierce)  Jackson;  d.  1800.    She  d.  May 
8,  1891. 

2.  William  H.  (Foster),  b.  May,  1824;  m.  Rachel  Chapman. 

Children  : 

1.  Emma  J.  (Foster),  b.  Dec.  26,  1853. 


2.  Marilla  C.  (Foster),  b.  Aug.  2,  1859. 

3.  Bessie  C.  (Foster),  b.  Nov.  23,  1863;  m.  Geo.  E.  Heed, 

Oct.  14,  1891. 

2237.  Azor  Belden  Crane7  [1276],  (Joseph,6  John,5  Zebu- 
lou,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Aurelia  Doane. 
She  was  born  Feb.  21,  1814,  and  died  Oct.  22,  1859.  He  died 
Oct.  14.  186-4.     Children: 

2238—1.  Benjamin  D.,  b.  Sept.  6,  1832. 

2239-2.  Ika,  b.  Aug.  13,  1834. 

2240—3.  AzorB.,  b.  May  15,  1838;  d.  Sept.  9,  1841. 

2241—4.  George  T.,  b.  Feb.  28,  1840;  d.  March  2,  1841. 

2242—5.  George  B.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1845;  d.  June  19,  1848. 

2243—6.  JosEm  Henry,  bTDec.  12,  1850;  lives  at  Mt.  Kisco,  N.  Y. 

2244.  George  Lane  Crane7  [1288],  (Stephen,6  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion.4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  March,  1823,  in 
New  York  city,  Helena  Brewer.  She  was  from  Monmouth 
County,  N.  J.,  born  July  9,  1803.  He  was  a  builder.  He  re- 
sided in  New  York  city  and  Red  Hook,  but  died  in  Dayton,  Ohio, 
in  1839.     She  died  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  23,  1879. 

Children  : 

2245—1.     Stephen. 

2246—2.     Arrabella. 

2247—3.     Edward  M.,  b.  Dec.  23,  1831. 

224S— 4.       r.YDIA   H ELLEN. 

2249—5.  George  L„  b.  Sept.  9,  1836;  m.  Helen  M.  Dow,  Nov.  5, 
1865;  no  children.  He  served  in  late  war,  1861  to  1864, 
mostly  in  Virginia.  In  New  York  Custom  House  1866, 
1867  and  1868.' 

2250.  Andrews  Jay  Crane7  [1289],  (Stephen,6  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Arabella  Knox, 
in  1825.  at  Carmel.  N.  Y.  She  was  born  in  Sorners,  Westches- 
ter County,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  3,  1803,  and  died  in  Red  Hook,  Jan  24. 
1857.     Children: 

2251  —  1.  Sarah,  b.  and  d.  1826,  in  New  York. 

2252—2.  Sarah  Hadden,  b.  1830,  in  New  York. 

2253—3.  John  Knox,  b.  1835,  in  Red  Hook;  d    1837. 

22  J4— 4.  Zilla  Knox,  b.  1841,  in  Red  Hook. 

2255.  Samuel  Harvey  Crane7  [1293],  (John,6  John,5  Zebu- 
lon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Elizabeth  Webb. 
He  went  to  Seneca  County,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

2256—1.     John;  d.  1894. 
2257—2.     Harvey. 
2258—3.     Emeline. 

2259.     Eliza  Crane7    [1294],    (John,6  John,5  Zebulon,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Stephen  Knapp. 
Children  : 

1.  George  (Knapp) ;  a  Methodist  minister. 

2.  Cornelia  (Knapp). 

3.  Catharine  (Knapp). 


Was  in  1843  appointed  judge  of  Court  of  Common  Pleas  and  was  the  first  C< 
judge  and  surrogate  under  the  new  constitution. 
During  his  life  one  of  the  most  prominent  citizens  of  Putnam  County.  N.  Y. 


4.  Mary  Ann  (Kuapp). 

5.  Harrison  B.  (Knapp). 

6.  Benjamln  (Knapp). 

•2260.  Sally  Betsey  Crane7  [1295],  (John.6  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Gilbert  Ganong. 
She  died  Oct.  9,  1889.     Children: 

1.  George  (Ganong). 

2.  Sarah  (Ganong)\ 

3.  Gilbert  (Ganong). 

2261.     George  Ganong  [1J  ;  m.  Emma  A.  Carver.     Children  : 

1.  Edward  (Ganong). 

2.  Adile  E.  (Ganong). 

2262.  Clorinoa  Crane7  [1297],  (John,8  John,5  Zebulon," 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Stephen  Monk.  He 
died  March  15,  1859.     Children: 

1.  .Mary    Ann    (Monk),  b.  Sept.  8,  1829;  m.  James  M.  Ganun  (or 


2.  Stephen   Wallace    (Monk),    b.    Feb.    5,    1831  ;    m.   Josaphine 


3.  Emma  Caroline  (Monk),  b.  Aug.  29,  1832;  m.  J.  H.  Ferris. 

4.  Sarah  Josaphine  (Monk),  b.  July  18,  1834;  m.  Wm.  H.  Storms. 

5.  William  W.  (Monk),  b.  June  3,  1830;  m.  Mary  A.  Starr. 

6.  George  H.  (Monk),  b.  Jan.  18,  1838. 

7.  Roselinda  G.  (Monk),  b.  March  22,  1839;  m.  Walter  R.  Jones. 

8.  Clorinda  (Monk),  b.  March  18,  1840;  d.  at  the  age  of  13  years. 

2263.  Mary  Ann  Monk  [1]  ;  ni.  James  M.  Ganun.     Children  : 

1.  E.  Isabel  (Ganun). 

2.  Stephen  Monk  (Ganun) . 

3.  John  J.  (Ganun). 

4.  Sarah  Josaphine  (Ganun). 

2264.  Stephen    Wallace   Monk    [2]  ;    m.   Josaphine   Moses.     Chil- 

dren : 

1.  Louisa  (Monk). 

2.  Elenor  (Monk). 

2263.     Emma  Caroline  Monk  [3]  ;  m.  James  Henry  Ferris.     Child  ; 
1.     Carrie  Jane  (Ferris)  ;  d.  at  age  of  3  years. 

2266.  Sarah  Josaphine  Monk  [4] ;  m.  William  H.  Storms.    Child: 

1.     George  Woodward  (Storms);  d.  in  infancy. 

2267.  William  W.  Monk  [5]  ;  m.  Mary  A.  Starr.     Children  ; 

1.  Delia  H.  (Monk);  d. 

2.  Florence  A.  (Monk). 

3.  George  L.  (Monk). 

4.  Blanch  A.  (Monk). 

5.  William  W.   (Monk). 

6.  Grace, 

7.  Edgar,  d. 

2268.  Rosblinda  G.  Monk  [7] :  m.  Walter  Richard  Jones.     Child: 

1.     CHARLOTTEVOruELiA    (Jones);   m.   Frederick   Gilbert 
Lock  wood. 



2269.  Nancy  Crane7  [1298],  (John.6  John,3  Zebulon,4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Elias  Newman,  Oct.  20, 
1824.  He  was  born  Dec.  30,  1798,  and  died  Oct.  16,  1886. 
She  died  Aug.  31,  1835.  In  the  family  record  kept  by  Mr.  New- 
man her  birth  is  recorded  May  8,  1805.     Children  : 

1.  Sarah  Elizabeth  (Newman),  b.  Jan.  3,  1829. 

2.  Julia  Ann  (Newman),  b.  Oct.  II,  1832. 

2270-     Sarah  Elizabeth  Newman  [I];  m.  Jonathan  Kenyou  in  1847. 
Children : 

1 .  Mary  (Kenyon). 

2.  Hattie  R.  (Kenyon). 

2271      Julia   Ann   Newman     [2]  j    m.    Niles   Kenyon,   Jan.    2,    1852. 
Children  : 

1.  Fred  D.  (Kenyon). 

2.  Ella  N.  (Kenyon). 

3.  Edward  N.  (Kenyon). 

2272.  Harriett    Crane7    [1300],    (John,6   John,5  Zebulon.4 

Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  m.  1st, Horton  ;  2d,  Palmer 

Havden  ;  3d,  Isaac  Newman,  Nov.  29,  1833.     She  died  Oct.  13, 
1875.     Mr.  Newman  died  March  31,  1890.     Children: 

1.  Julia  (Hayden),  b.  Sept.  29,  1829;  m.  Peter  Reynolds;  residence 

Whitney's  Point,  N.  Y. 

2.  John  P.  (Hayden)  ;  b.  July  26,  1832. 

3.  Stephen  (Newman),  b.  Feb.  24,  1835;  residence  Binghamton, 

N.  Y. 

4.  Isaac  N.  (Newman),  b.  March  15,  1837;  residence  Moravia,  N.Y. 

5.  Hannah  E.  (Newman),  b.  March  14,  1839;  residence  Whitney's 

Point.  N.  Y. 

6.  Henry  W.  (Newman),  b.  Oct.  6,  1841  ;  d.  Nov.  12.  184>3. 

7.  Ira  A.  (Newman),  b.  Sept.  12,  1848;  residence  Itaska,  N.  Y. 

2273.  Adah  Crane7  [1302],  (John.6  John.5  Zebulon.4  Jo- 
seph,3 Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Benjamin  Mead. 

Child  : 
1.     Annts  (Mead). 

2274.  Rosalinda  Lyon  Crane7  [1304].  (John,6  John.5  Zebu- 
lon.4 Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Henry  Adolphus 
Gahn.  of  New  York  city.  Mr.  Gahn's  father  was  a  Swedish 
consul.     Mr.  Gahn  died  June,  1863.     She  died  April  2,  1889. 

Children  : 

1.     Henrietta  Maodalena  (Gahn),  b.  January,  1841. 
Mary.Deven  (Gahn),  b.  October,  1842. 
Jane  F.  (Gahn).  b.  October,  1844. 
Julia  F.  (Gahn),  b.  Feb.  23,  1847. 

Henry  A.  (Gahn),  b.  November,  1850;  m.  Lillian  Wright. 
William  E.  (Gahn),  b.  October,  1852. 

Amelia  B.   (Gahn),  b.  September,  1855;  m.  John  B.  Frost;  2 


2275.     Henrietta  Magdalena  Gahn  [1]  ;  in.  in  1862  to  HeDry  Horton. 
Children  : 

1.  Edward  Gahn  (Horton). 

2.  Mary  L.  (Horton). 

3.  Harry  (Horton). 

4.  Clarence  (Horton). 

5.  Jennie  (Horton). 

227(5.     Mary  Deven  Gahn  [2];  m.  George  Quimbv      She  u\  April  14, 
1875.     Children  : 

1.  Mabel  (Quimbv). 

2.  Ethel  (Quimby). 

2277.  Susan  Amelia  Crane7  [1305],  (John,8  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Lewis  Hutehings. 
She  died  July  27,  1858.     He  died  Jan.  21,  1864.     Children  : 

1.  Helen  (Hutehings)  ;  d.  young. 

2.  Bleeicer  (  Hutehings)  ;  d.  young, 

3.  Lewis  (Hutehings)  ;  d.  young. 

i.     I>.vi!EL  (Hutehings) ;  m.   Ferris. 

2278.  Caroline  Eliza  Crane7  [1311],  (Nathaniel,6  John,5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  December, 
1826,  Pierce  Pinckney.     She  died  Feb.  16,  1839.     Children: 

1.  James  Henry  (Pinckney). 

2.  Frederick  (Pinckney) ;  d.  January,  1892. 

3.  Martha  Ann  (Pinckney). 

4.  Nathaniel  (Pinckney)  ;  d.  young. 

2279.  Charlotte  Louisa  Crane7  [1313],  (Nathaniel,6  John,5 
Zebulon,'1  Joseph.3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  May  9,  1832, 
Ammou  Fowler.  He  was  born  Sept.  9,  1809,  and  died  June  5, 
1885.     She  died  Oct.  5,  1867.     Children: 

1.  James  Gilbert  (Fowler);  d.  1861. 

2.  Charles  Edgar  (Fowler),  b.  April,  1841;   m.  in  1869,  Charlotte 

Louise  Richards.     Children  : 

1.  Charles;  d.  young. 

2.  Charlotte  Louise. 

2280.  Mary  Elizabeth  Crane7  [1316],  (Nathaniel.6  John.5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  23. 
1837,  Thomas  Wright.      She  died  Jan.  28,  1897.      Children: 

Benjamin  T.  (Wright),  b.  Feb.  28,  1838 

2.  Sacicett  L.  (Wright),  b.  April  19.  1841. 

3.  Reuben  A.  (Wright),  b.  Dec.  24,  1843. 

4.  Mary  Augusta  ("Wright),  b.  Dec.  17,  1846. 
Morton  C.  (Wright),  b.  Dec.  15,  1850. 
Amelia  P.  (Wright),  b.  May  18,  1*52. 
Frederick  K.  (Wright),  b.  Oct.  31,  1855. 
Sophia  E.  (Wright),  b.  June  6,  1860. 

Benjamin  T.  Wright  [1J  ;  m.  May  9,  1866,  Mary  A.  Howland, 
at  Lyle,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Mary  Lida  (Wright),  b.  Dec.  8.  1868. 

2.  Elizabeth  Linnell  (Wright),  b.  May  :>.  1872 

3.  Margaret  Squlues  (Wright),  b.  June  20,  187! 


2282.  SaCKett  L.  Wright  [2]  ;  m.  May  8,  1867,  Priscilla  Longman, 

of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Carrietta  P.  (Wright),  b.  Aug.  26,  1868;  m.  Frank 

Hibbard,  May  4,  1891 ;  no  children. 

2.  Georgia  Lulu  (Wright),  b.  Not.   13,  1870;  m.  Rob- 

ert H.  Steed,  April  3,  1894.     Child: 

1 .     Robert  L.  (Steed),  b.  June  5.  1895. 

3.  Annie  Louise  (Wright),  b.  Dec.  31,  1872;  m.  Charles 

Bowen,  Nov.  19,  1893.     Child: 

1.     Clarence  S.  (Bowen),  b.  April,  1895. 

4.  Ralph  Eugene  (Wright),  b.  Sept.  30,  1875. 

2283.  Reuben  A.  Wright  [3]  :  m.  1st,  Dec.  24,  1868,  Lida  P.  How- 

land;  2d,  June  23,  1871,  Ella  Willis;  3d,  Jan.  7,  1891,  Fannie 
Middangh.     First  wife  had  no  children.     Child  by  2d  wife  : 

1.  Lena  P.  (Wright),  b.  Sept.  13,  1873;   m.   Ralph   W. 

Mitchell,  in  1890.     Children  : 

1.  Dorothy  F.  (Mitchell). 

2.  Helen  R.  (Mitchell). 

3.  Edith  (Mitchell). 
Children  bv  3d  wife  : 

2.  Edward  Taylor  (Wright),  b.  Aug.  28,  1893. 

3.  Mary  Elizabeth  (Wright),  b.  Not.  17,  1S95. 

2284.  Morton  C.  Wright  [5]  ;    m.  Dec.  4,  1877,  Jennie  Hitchcock. 

He  d.  at  Rome,  N.  Y.,  May  8,  1895.     Child  : 

1.     Earl  Hitchcock  (Wright),  b.  April  6,  1879. 

2285.  Amelia  P.  Wright  [6];   m.  Dec.  4,   1877,  Nelson  H.  Ripley. 

Children  : 

1.  Augusta  S.  (Ripley),  b.  June  8,  1880. 

2.  Jesse  A.  (Ripley),  b.  Feb.  27,  1882. 

3.  Clarence  L.  (Ripley),  b.  Jan.  20,  1885. 

4.  Reuben  W.  (Ripley),  b.  Dec.  20,  1887. 

5.  William  N.  (Ripley),  b.  July  4,  1893. 

2286.  Frederick  K.  Wright  [7];  m.  Oct.  11,  1877,  Mary  A.  Reilly. 

Children  : 

1.  Frederick  Francis  (Wright),  b.  Nov.  23,  1878. 

2.  Bertha  Mary  (Wright),  b.  Aug.  4,  1880. 

22S7.     Sophia  E.  Wright  [8]  ;   m.  Aug.    4,    1880,    Will   P.    Haynes. 
She  d.  Jan.  4,  1884.     Child: 

1,     Harry  Nicholas  (Haynes),  b.  May  4,  1882. 

2288.  Augusta  Sophia  Crane7  [1317],  (Nathaniel.6  John,5 
Zebulon.4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  April  23, 
1844,  Reuben  Kirkham.  He  was  born  April  23,  1818.  They 
settled  in  South  East.  N.  Y.  She  died  Jan.  7,  1888.  He  died 
Sept.  17,  1897.     Children: 

1.  Caroline  Amella  (Kirkham\  b.  July  6,  1S45. 

2.  Peter  Zopher  ^Kirkham),  b.  March  30,  1847. 

3.  Morton  Eugene  (Kirkham),  b.  Dec.  8,  1848;  d.  July  17,  1871. 

4.  Estella  Augusta  (Kirkham),  b.  June  18,  1851. 

5.  Charlotte  Elizabeth  (Kirkham"),  b.  April  19,  1854. 

6.  Benjamin  Crane  (Kirkham).  b.  July  14.  1857;  d.  April  12,  1S60. 

7.  Frederick  Nathaniel  (Kirkham),  b.  Feb.   17,  1359;  d.  Oct.  1, 


8.  Mattik  A.  (Kirkham),  b.  April  15,  1861  ;  d.  April  6,  1863. 

fr&sCn.  $  /h  (Qv~a^uy 

For  sketch  see  page  233 
















2289.  Caroline  Amelia  Kirkham  [1];  m.   1868,  Samuel  Kelley.     He 

d.  April  20,  1894.     Children: 

1.  Wallace  H.  (Kelley),  b.  Oct.  9,  1860. 

2.  Arthur  D.  (Kelley),  b.  July  29,  1871. 

2290.  Peter  Z.  Kirkham  [2];  m.  Henrietta  Kelley,  who  d.  Sept.  2, 

1894.     Child: 

1.     Nellie  (Kirkham),  b.  Feb   26,  1876. 

2291.  Estella  A.  Kirkham  [4]  ;  m.  Starr  Ga  Nona;.     Children: 

1.  Charles  E.  (GaNong),  b.  April  10,  1877;  d.  Feb.  16, 

1894,  aged  17  years. 

2.  Reuben  K.  (Ga  Nong),  b.  Aug.  1,  1879. 

3.  Augusta  (Ga  Nong)^  b.  Oct.  27,  1885. 

2292.  Benjamin  Townsend  Ceane7  [1318],  (Nathaniel,6 
John.3  Zebulon.4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan. 
11,  1860,  Emma  Augusta  Washburn.  She  was  born  May  10. 
1837,  and  died  Dec.  21,  1883.     Children: 

Aurelia,  b.  Dec.  29,  1860. 
Laura,  b.  July  29,  1863;  d.  Feb.  20,  1865. 
John,  b.  Nov.  12,  1865;   d.  Dec.  10,  1865. 
Samuel  Belden,  b.  Nov.  16,  1867. 
Gertrude,  b.  March  25,  1869. 
Nathaniel  Morton,  b.  Dec.  3,  1871. 
Benjamin  Townsend,  b.  Oct.  11,  1874. 

2300.  Clarinda  Crane?  [1336],  (Belden,6  Zebulon,5  Zebu- 
lon,4 Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Philip  Smith. 
She  died  Feb.  9,  1875.     Children  : 

1.  Belden  Crane  (Smith). 

2.  Alexander  (Smith). 

2301.  Dr.  George  Belden  Crane7  [1342],  (Belden.6  Zebu- 
lon,5 Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  studied  medi- 
cine and  received  the  title  of  M.D.  He  married  1st,  Maria 
Young;  2d,  Mrs.  Fannie  Grayson.  Since  1853  he  has  resided 
in  California.  In  1896  his  home  was  at  St.  Helena,  where  he 
owned  a  large  and  flourishing  vineyard,  and  although  90  years 
of  age  was  quite  active.     Child  : 

2302 — 1.     Mary;    m.   McPike;    d.    a   few    years  since,  leaving 

several  children. 

2303.  John  Weeks  Crane7  [1349],  (Samuel,6  Zebulon,5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  1,  1851, 
Elmira  Bogart  Miller,  of  Pound  Ridge,  near  New  Canaan,  Conn. 
He  died  May  1,  1892.     Children,  born  in  Danbury,  Conn.  : 

2304—1.  Mary  Esther,  b.  Nov.  31,  1851;  d.  Oct.  13,  L853. 

2305—2.  Lydia  Josephine,  b.  Jan.  23,  1853. 

2306—3.  Letitl\,  b.  April  3,  1855. 

2307 — 4.  Lillie  Elizabeth,  b.  March  30,  1861  ;  m.  Edwin  Moore,  of 

Bridgeport ;  residence,  Danbury.  Conn. 

2308—5.  Lena  Emily,  b.  Oct.  7,  1866;  d.  Feb.  7.  1868. 

2309—6.  Minnie  Eliza,  b.  Aug.  5,  1867. 


2310.  Harrison  Crane7  [1353],  (Zebulon,6  Zebulon,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin'),  married  at  Patterson, 
N.  Y.,  by  Rev.  E.  P.  Benedict.  Oct.  17,  1854,  Ann  Jane  Pepper, 
daughter  of  Nehemiah  and  Minerva  (Peet)  Pepper.  She  was 
born  in  Danbury,  Conn.,  Jan.  9,  1829.  They  settled  in  New 
Fairfield,  Conn."  He  died  Oct.  15,  1880.     Children: 

2311  —  1.     Mary  Minerva,  b.    Oct.  7,  1855. 
2312 — 2.     James  Nehemiah,  b.  Sept.  25,  1857. 

2313—3.     Carrie  Maria,  b.  March    12,    1860;  resides   at   Pattersou, 
Putnam  Co.,  N.  Y. 

2314.  Charlotte  Crane7  [1354],  (Zebulon,6  Zebulon,5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  in  1848, 
Levi  Wakeman,  son  of  Hall  and  Amy  (Banks)  Wakeman.  He 
was  born  March  17,  1815.     Children: 

1.  Martha  Crane  (Wakemau),  b.  Jan.  1,  1849. 

2.  George  Miles  (Wakeman).  b.  Feb.  19,  1851. 

3.  William  Alonzo  (Wakeman),  b.  Oct.  31,  1856. 

4.  Thaddeus  Crane  (Wakeman),  b   May  23,  1860;  m.  Lillian  Hal- 

liwell,  of  Wappinger's  Falls,  N.  Y.,  June  5,  1883.     She  d.  iu 

2315.  Martha  Crane  Wakeman  [1]  ;  m.  Nov.  16,  1870,  James  Wright 

Palmer,  son  of  Dennis  and  Millison  (Towner)  Palmer.     He 
was  born  Dec.  31,  1817.     Children  : 

1.     William  Gerard  (Palmer),  b.  Dec.  28,  1872. 

2316.  George  Miles  Wakeman  [2]  ;  m.  Sept.  20,  1876,  Calvina  Vos- 

burgh,  of  Hillsdale,  Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Charlotte  Julia  (Wakeman),  b.  August,  1877. 

2.  Jean  Romer  (Wakeman),  b.  Jan.  19,  1885. 

2317.  Philander  Crane7  [1373],  (Josiah,6  Jonathan,5  Jo- 
seph,4 Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Dec.  5,  1822, 
Delight  Field.     She  died  June  2,  1847.     He  died  Oct.  5,  1875. 

Children  : 

2318—1.     George  Provost,  b.  Feb.  9,  1824. 
2319—2.     Elbert,  b.  July  27,  1341. 

2320.  John  Crane7  [1374],  (Josiah,6  Jonathan,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  March  11,  1824,  Bet- 
sey Wakefield.  She  was  born  in  1801  near  New  Haven,  Conn., 
and  died  in  1853.  For  several  years  they  resided  in  South  East, 
Putnam  County,  N.  Y.  They  removed  to  Seneca  County,  where 
they  remained  fifteen  years.  From  there  they  went  to  Orleans 
County,  where  they  died.     He  died  April  28,  1860.     Children  : 

2321  —  1.  Stella  Ann,  b.  March  23,  1827;  d.  May  20,  1845. 

2322—2.  Sarah  E.,  b.  April  14.  1S2S ;  m.  Baker. 

2323 — 3.  Cristophkr  Columbus,  b.  March  29,  1829. 

2324 — I.  Hannah,  b.  Sept.  24,  1830;  m.  Sandhouse;  living  1896 

23.'5— 5.  Josephus;  d.  iu  the  army  in  1863,  aged  31  years. 

2326—6  Charles  F.,  b.  1832. 

2327 — 7.  Orrin  Baldwin,  b.  April  2,  1835 

2328—8.  Frances  A.,  b.  Feb.  8,  1836. 


2329—9.     Carso,  b.  July  22,  1837. 
2330-10.     Emily,  b.  May  22,  1839. 

2331-11.     William  H.  H.,b.  Oct.  23,  1840;  d.  aged  23,  of  consumption. 
2332-12.     Isabella  S.,  b.  March  24,  1845;  residence  1899,  Anamosa, 
Iowa;  unm. 

2333.  Oliver  Crane7  [1375],  (Josiah,6  Jonathan,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  March  1,  1832,  Maria 
Snow,  of  South  East,  Putnam  County,  N.  Y.  She  was  born 
Sept.  14,  1808.     He  died  Nov.  18,  1888.     Child: 

2334-1.     William  Snow,  b.  Jan.  16,  1835. 

2335.  Darius  P.  Crane7  [1382],  (Josiah.6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Hannah 
Forbes.  Sept.  28,  1837,  at  Galen,  Wayne  County,  N.  Y.  She 
was  born  in  Corfu,  Greece,  in  November,  1819.  Removed  to 
Hillsdale,   Mich.     He    was  a  farmer.     He   died   Aug.   5.    1890. 

Children  : 


Emily  R.,  b.  September,  1838. 


Kate  H. 


Anna  E. 


Albert  A. 


Ambrose  W.,  b.  July,  1848. 

2341—  6. 

Mark  D. 


Ella  L. 


Lon  A. 

2344.  Xohn  Platt  Crane7  [1397],  (Anson,6  Jonathan.5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Catharine 

2345.  Rufus  Erastcs  Crane7  [1399],  (Anson,6  Jonathan.3 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Annie  Ridley 
in  New  York  citv  June  10,  1850.  He  died  in  New  York  city 
Sept.  5,  18G5.     Children: 

2346—1.     Annie  Ridley,  b.  March  6,  1851;  m.  Edward  L.  Finch. 
2347—2.     Louise  Adelaide,  b.  July  1,  1853;  d.  Sept.  12,  1897. 

2348.  Isaac  Augustus  Crane7  [1400],  (Anson,6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Jonathan,3  Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married  Marie 
Hill,    of  Chicago,   111.,    where    he  died  May   12,   1892  or   1893. 

Children  : 

2349  —  1.     Aduie  Marie,  b.  in  Chicago,  April  7,  ;  d.  young. 

2350—2.     Mary  Virginia,  b.  in  South  East,  Putnam  County,    N.    Y., 
Dec.  20,  1865;   d.  young. 

2351.  Mary  Crane7  [1421],  (Oliver.6  Solomon,5  Joseph.4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Francis  B.  Lane,  Feb. 
13,  1856,  and  settled  in  New  York  city,  which  has  practically 
been  the  home  of  the  family.     Children  : 

1.     Frances  Josephine  (Lane),b.  April  18,  1857;  m.  Sept.  30,  1879, 
Spencer  W.  Lewis.     Children: 

1.  Maude  Spkncer  (Lewis),  )      twins,       I  d.  July .'!,  1884. 

•  h.  Sept.  14  J 

2.  Grace  Crane  (Lewis),      J       1880:        ( 


3.  Beatrice  Loew  (Lewis),  _       \twinSj  b.  May  26,  1883. 

4.  Blanche  Browning  (Lewis),  j 

2352.  Addison  Moses  Crane7  [1425],  (Henry,6  Isaac,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  at  Catskill, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  21,  1839,  Gertrude  Ashley.  She  was  born  at  that 
place  June  15,  1820.  Their  two  eldest  children  were  born  in 
Nunda,  N.  Y.,  after  which  they  removed  to  Lafayette,  Ind., 
where  they  resided  until  after  1851.  Subsequent  to  that  date 
they  removed  to  Alameda  County,  Cal.,  where  they  were  residing 
in  April,  1855.  He  died  in  Oakland,  Alameda  County,  Cal.,  Oct. 
20,  1889.     Children: 

2353—1.  Catherine  Augusta,  b.  Oct.  12,  1840. 

2354—2.  Lauren  Elliot,  b.  July  18,  1842;  d.  February,  1897. 

2355—3.  Anna  Frances,  b.  May  18,  1845. 

2356—4.  Mary  Gertrude,  b.  March  8.  1847;  d.  Jan.  2,  1856. 

2357—5.  Asley  Addison,  b.  May  18.  1849;  d.  at  sea.  October,    1871. 

2358— <!.  Albert  Emerson,  b.  June  7,  1851  ;  d.  May,   1859. 

2359—7.  Helen  Eliza,  b.  April  1,  1855;  d.  March,  1858. 

2360—8.  Gertrcde  Ashley,  b.  Sept.  24.  1857. 

2361—  9.  Maria  Dubois,  b.  Oct.  27,  1859. 

2362.  Albert  Crane7  [1435],  (Charles,6  Isaac,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  born  in  East  Bloomfield,  N.  Y. 
Studied  law  and  graduated  from  the  law  department,  Harvard 
University,  in  1842.  Married  at  New  Bedford.  Mass.,  Aug.  13, 
1846,  Anna  Waterman.  She  was  born  in  South  America,  Feb. 
22,  1828.  Their  eldest  child  was  born  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
They  soon  removed  to  Detroit,  Mich.,  where  the  second  child  was 
bora.  Here  they  remained  until  about  the  year  1866,  when  they 
removed  to  Chicago,  where  he,  in  addition  to  the  practice  of  his 
profession,  became  a  dealer  in  real  estate.     Children  : 

23G3 — 1.  Daniel  Waterman,  b.  July  22,  1847. 

2364— 2.  Alice  Brunson,  b.  March  13,  1849;  d.  Feb.  24,   1850. 

2305—3.  Albert  Hunter,  b.  Dec.  17,  1850;  d.  April  10,  1852. 

2366—4.  Charles  Albert,  b.  April  27,  1853. 

23(37— 5.  AiiCH  McLean,  b.  July  29,  1855,  at  Piltsfield,  Mass. 

2368-6.  George  Wright,  1         .        b    June  27    18-; 

2369—7.  Anna  Waterman,  | 

2:370—8.  Walter,  b.  May  28,  1865. 

2371—9.  Esther  Waterman,  b.  Feb.  27,  1867. 

2372.  William  Hunter  Crane7  [1438],  (Hunter,6  Isaac,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  born  at  Sackett's 
Harbor.  N.  Y.  Married  Jane  C.  Brothers,  Sept.  15,  1853,  at 
Danville,  111.  In  1864  he  enlisted  at  Chicago  in  the  1st  Regt. 
Illinois  Light  Artillery,  Battery  A,  and  served  until  the  battery 
was  mustered  out  in  July,  1865.  In  July,  1879,  was  residing  in 
St.  Louis,  Mo.      Children  : 

2373—1.     William  Hunter,  b.  Sept.  1,  1864,  at  Danville,   111. 
2374—2.     Ada,  m. ;   lives  in  Paris.  111. 

2375.  Arza  Crane7  [1452],  (Albert,6  Isaac,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Laura  Belle  Wilk,  Aug. 

For  ski  tch  si  e  pane  235. 


30,  1871.  She  was  born  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  Nov.  12,  1848. 
Settled  in  Chicago,  where  he  was  engaged  in  the  real  estate 
business.     Children : 

237(5—1.     Grace  Edith,  b.  Aug.  22,  1872. 
2377—2.     Rayston  Maynard,  b.  June  12,  1876. 

2378.  Alvira  Crane7  [1454],  (Albert,6  Isaac,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  George  Beals  Sloan, 
Sept.  2,  1856,  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  born  June  20, 
1831.  Mr.  Sloan  has  enjoyed  the  confidence  and  esteem  of  his 
fellow-citizens  in  various  complimentary  ways,  having  been  called 
to  represent  them  in  the  Assembly  and  State  Senate ;  was 
chosen  Speaker  of  the  Legislature,  and  also  a  Presidential  Elec- 
tor.    Engaged  in  banking  business  in  Oswego.     Children  : 

1.  Helen  Laflix  (Sloan),  b.  July  28,  1857. 

2.  Robert  Sage  (Sloan),  b.  Oct.  23,  1859. 

3.  George  Beals  (Sloan),  b.  March  23,  1865. 

2379.  Helen  Laflin  Sloan  (1)  ;  m.  Lieut.  John  Wilson  Danenhower, 

of  the  United  States  Navy,  who  was  a  member  of  the  Arctic 
exploring  expedition  in  the  Jeannette  under  command  of 
Capt.  DeLong.     Children : 

1.  Sloan  (Danenhower),  b.  Jan.  26,  1885. 

2.  Ruth  (Danenhower),  b.  Feb.  14,  1887. 

2380.  Robert  Sage  Sloan  [2] ;  m.  Ethel  Donaldson,  June  13,  1883, 

at  Elk  Ridge,  Md.  He  is  a  graduate  of  the  United  States 
Naval  Academy,  class  of  1879;  served  in  United  Stales  Navy 
from  1875  to  1882.     Resides  at  Oswego,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Donaldson  (Sloan),  b.  April  21,  1884. 

2.  Ethel  Donaldson  (Sloan),  b.  Aug.  25,  1886. 

2381.  Helen  E.  Crane7  [1470],  (Gilbert,6  Ira,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  20,  1864,  A. 
Frank  Waters.  He  was  born  at  Little  Falls,  Herkimer  County, 
N.  Y.,  in  1841,  and  settled  in  Buffalo,  where  he  died  Oct.  27, 
1874.     Children: 

I      Franklin  (Waters),  was  about  1897  living  in  Boston. 
2.     (Waters). 

2382.  Henry  Demarest  Crane7  [1475],  (Daniel,6  Daniel,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Feb.  6,  1850, 
at  Albany.  N.  Y.,  Julia  M.  Seymour.  She  was  a  native  of  that 
city,  and  born  Oct.  28,  1824.  Mr.  Crane  succeeded  his  father  in 
the  lumber  trade  in  New  York  city.     Children  : 

2383 — 1.  Frederick  Barnard,  b.  Jan.  5,  1851.  in  New  York  city. 

2384  —  2.  Charles  Seymour,  h.  Nov.  22,  1S52,  in  New  York  city. 

2385—3.  Arthur  Demarest,  b.  Nov.  7,  1854.  in  New  York  city. 

2386—4.  Elsie  Demarest,  h.  Sept.  20,  1856,  in  New  York  city. 

2387—5.  Julia  Seymour,  b.  Dec.  22,  1858,  in  New  York  city. 

2388  —6.  James  Ruthorn,  b.  Jan.  16,  1x61 ,  m  New  York  city. 

23x9  —  7.  Henry  Martyn,  b.  April  4.  1X63.  in  New  York  city. 

2390—8.  William  Seymour,  b.   Feb.   1-,   l»G6,  at  Greeubush,  West- 
chester County,  N.  Y. 


•2391.  Hiram  Augustus  Crane7  [1478],  (Daniel,6  Daniel,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sept.  18, 
1866,  in  New  York  city,  Elizabeth  S.  Clark.  She  was  born  in 
that  city  Nov.  1,  1829.  Mr.  Crane  was  born  in  Jefferson,  Green 
County,  N.  Y..  and  with  his  brother  became  a  lumber  merchant 
in  New  York  city,  where  his  children  were  born.     Children  : 

2392—1.  Elsie,  b.  Sept.  25,   1857. 

2393—2.  Augusta  Jane,  b.  Oct.  7,  1859. 

2394—3.  Elizabeth  Clark,  b.  Jan.  3,  1S62. 

2395—4.  William  Forbes,  b.  Nov.  21,  1863. 

2396—5.  Ellen  Clark,  b.  Aug.  6,  1868. 

2397—6.  Mary  Darrow,  b.  Nov.  21,  1875. 

2398.  William  Nevins  Crane7  [1481],  (Daniel,6  Daniel,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,- Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Albany, 
N.  Y.,  and  married  in  New  York  city,  Oct.  16,  1861,  Sarah  Ann 
Ivison,  who  died  in  that  city  Nov.  29,  1863.  He  married  2d, 
Caroline  Abby  Merriam  at  Passaic,  N.  J.,  Nov.  2,  1870.  Resi- 
dence in  New  York  city  ;   occupation,  publisher.     Child  : 

1.     Henrietta  Ivison,  b.  April  22,  1S63;  d.  Sept.  3,  1863. 

2399.  Ellen  Cornelia  Crane7  [1490],  (Joseph  A.,6  Daniel,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  at  Fall  River, 
Mass.,  March  8,  1864,  George  Woods,  a  native  of  Yarmouth, 
Me.,  a  graduate  of  Bowdoin  College.  She  was  educated  at 
Ipswich  Seminary  in  1856.     Present  residence  at  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Children  : 

1.  Edward  Augustus  (Woods),  b.  Jan.  1,  1865,  at  Pittsburg,  Pa. 

2.  Charles  Albert  (Woods),  b.  Aug.  21,  1868,  at  Pittsburg,   Pa.; 

graduate  of  Princeton  in  1890;  attorney-at-law. 

3.  Lawrence   Crane   (Woods),   b.    Dec.    22,    1869,   at  Pittsburg, 

Pa.;   graduate    of    Princeton    in    1891;    secretary    of  West 
Pennsylvania  Agency  of  Equitable  Life  Assurance  Society. 

2400.  Edward  Augustus  Woods  [1]  ;  ra.  Gertrude  Macrum,  May  28, 

1891,   at    Sewickley.     He  is  manager  of    the  Equitable  Life 
Assurance  Society.     Residence  at  Sewickley.     Child: 

1.     Marjory  (Woods),  b.  Aug.  8,  1892. 

2401.  Lillies  Albertine  Crane7  [1497],  (George  R.,6 
Arzah,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,3  Beujamin1),  married  John 
Atkinson,  of  Cohoes,  N.  Y.  He  died.  His  widow  resides  in 
New  York  city.     Children  : 

1.  Lillies  Josephine  Ella  (Atkinson). 

2.  Mary'  Ida  (Atkinson). 

2402.  Sarah  Ellen  Crane7  [1498],  (George  R.,6  Arzah,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Joseph  Brow- 
nell  Wilkinson,  Jr.     Children  : 

1.  JosEni  Pardo  (Wilkinson),  b.  March  12,    1876;    d.    March  19, 

1881,  at  Troy,  N.  Y. 

2.  Sarah  Belding  (Wilkinson),  b.  March  12,  1880,  in  Troy,  N.  Y. 

3.  Alce  Deforest  (.Wilkinson),  b.  Jan.  30,  1882,  in  Troy,  N.  Y. 


4.  Ruth  Hopkins  (Wilkinson ),  b.  Sept.  6,  1884,  in  Troy.  N.  Y. 

5.  Joskph  Browneix  (Wilkinson),  b.  Aug.  15,  1887,    in   Johnson- 

ville,  N.  Y. 

6.  A  .Daughter  (Wilkinson),  d.  in  infancy. 

2403.  Ida  Crane7  [1499],  (George  R.,6  Arzah,5  Joseph,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Leicester  LeRoy. 
Reside  in  Chicago,  111. 

2404.  Charles  Edgar  Crane7  [1500],  (George  R.,6  Arzah.5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  man-fed.  Reside  in 
Chicago.  111. 

2405.  Peter  Crane7  [1510],  (Alfred.6  Peter.5  Thaddeus,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Lucy  Wyman.  Chil- 
dren : 

2406—1.     Albert. 
2407—2.     Lilla. 
2408—3.     Gerard. 

2409.  Wyram  Crane7  [1511],  (Alfred,6  Peter,5,  Thaddeus.4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Helen  Rhodes.  She 
was  born  Jan.  4,  1830.     Children: 

24O0A — 1 .     Eva  L.,  b.  June  18,  1852. 
24091—2.     Xettie,  b.  May  3,  1854. 

2410.  Anson  J.  Crane7  [153G],  (Thaddeus.6  James,5  Thad- 
deus,4 Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Manila  E. 
Derby,  Oct.  13,  1847.     He  died  May  30.  1881.     Children: 

2411  —  1.  Thaddeus  Derby,  b.  Dec.  31,  1848;  d.  March  4,  1862. 

2412—2.  George  E.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1357. 

2413—3.  Buel  D.,  b.  Jan.  1.5,  1800. 

2414—4.  Jessie  May,  b.  Aug.  15,  1865. 

2415.  Mary  Maria  Crane7  [1537],  (Thaddeus.6  James,5 
Thaddeus.4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  George 
R.  Wyman.  He  was  born  July  29,  1824,  and  died  Sept.  11, 
1888.  Mrs.  Wyman  resides  in  Huntington,  Vt..  and  made 
special  effort  to  secure  records  of  her  branch  of  the  family  tree. 

Child  : 

1.     Clarence  L.  (Wyman),  b.  May  5,  1859;  m.  June  25.  1896,  Alice 
I.  Adams,  who  was  b.  Jan.  21,  1862. 

2416.  Thaddeus  Crane7  [1554],  (James.6  James,5  Thad- 
deus,4 Joseph.3  Jonathan,2  Beujamin1),  was  born  at  Fort  Atkin- 
son, Wis.  ;  married  Mollie  Outright,  Oct.  3,  18139,  and  settled 
at  Neosho  Falls,  Kansas.     Children  : 

2417—1.     Frank  Boyle,  b.  June  26,  1870 

2418—2.     Fanny,  b.  Aug.  4,  1877. 

2419.  Ada  Mary  Crane7  [1555],  (James.6  James.5  Thad- 
deus.4 Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),    was    born   at   Oakland, 


Wis.  ;  married  Capt.  W.  J.  Haughawout,  March  7,  1867.     They 
lived  for  a  time  at  Neosho  Falls,  Kansas,  where  their  daughter 
was  born.     In  1897  they  resided  in  Los  Angeles,  California. 
Child  : 
1.     Lollie  Crane  (Haughawout),  b.  Feb.  7,  I860;  m.  Charles  Lee 
Powell,  Jan.  2o,  1893. 

24-20.  Roxana  Ellen  Crane7  [1558],  (Gerard,6  James,5 
Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Byron  A. 
Barlow,  Nov.  22,  1860.     They  reside  in  Jamestown,  N.  Y. 

Children  : 

1.  Belle  (Barlow),  b.  Sept.  5,  1861. 

2.  Jessie  (Barlow),  b.  Dec.  8,  1862;  d.  Oct.  3,  1863. 

3.  Edith  (Barlow),  h.  Aug.  30,  1864. 

4.  Karl  Deane  (Barlow),  b.  Sept.  29,  1866;  d.  Sept.  27,  1867. 

5.  Byron  Abner  (Barlow),  b.  June  8,  1869. 

6.  Gerald  Bruce  (Barlow),  b.  July  25,  1875;  d.  Sept.  18,  1875. 

2421.  Mabel  Crane7  [1562],  (Gerard,6  James,5  Thaddeus,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Mason  Delano  Pratt, 
March  14,  1889.  He  was  born  Jan.  23,  1865.  Residence  at 
Steelton,  Pa.     Children : 

1.  Sarah  (Pratt),  b.  May  24,  1890. 

2.  Richard  Henry  (Pratt),  b.  Dec.  2,  1891. 
■A.  Roxana  Mabel  (Pratt),  b.  Jan.  18,  1893. 
4.  Marion  (Pratt),  b.  July  23,  1894. 

2422.  Judson  Gilbert  Crane7  [1565],  (Alexis,6  James,5 
Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Kitty  (or 
Catherine)  R.  Muntz,  at  Butler,  Pa.,  May  10,  1877.  He  died 
Feb.  5,  1891.     Children: 

2423—1.  Mary  Georgiana,  b.  Feb.  9,  1878. 
2424—2.  Adelaide  Muntz,  b.  Oct.  2,  1882. 
2425—3.     Clifford,  b.  Sept.  25,  1884;  cl.  Oct.  19,  1884. 

2426.  Alexis  Crane?  [1566],  (Alexis,6  James,5  Thaddeus,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  July,  1880,  Emily 
Harrington,  born  1859.     Child  : 

2427—1.     Imogene,  b.  May  12,  1887. 

2428.  Clara  Crane7  [1567],  (Alexis,6  James,5  Thaddeus,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Wheeler  C.  Whieorf, 
at  Jamestown,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  7,  1889. 

2429.  Alice  Frances  Crane7  [1572],  (Thomas,6  James.5 
Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William 
J.  Hoare,  June  2,  1873.     Residence  at  Parkston,  South  Dakota. 

Children  : 

1.  Elton  William  (Hoare),  b.  March  20,  1873. 

2.  Fannie  Elizabeth  (Hoare),  b.  April  23,  1875. 

3.  Olive  Evklyn  (Hoare),  b.  April  15,  1*79. 

4.  Beth  Frances  (Hoare),  b.  April  8,  1887. 

5.  William  John  (Hoar.-.,  I  twins,  b.  April  22,  1895. 

6.  Wilber  Woolcox  (Hoare),  J  ' 


2430.  Matilda  Abbie  Crane'  [1573],  (Thomas,6  James,5 
Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  5, 
1878,  Charlie  II.  Hurd.       Resides  in  Kenosha,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Ruth  Imogene  (Hurd),  b   Nov.  3,  1878. 

2.  BiiSsiB  Celestia  (Hurd),  b.  Sept.  21,  1880. 

3.  Raymond  Crane  (Hurd),  b.  March  20,  1882. 

2431.  Jennie  Maria  Crane7  [1574],  (Thomas,6  James,5 
Thaddeus,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  Fos- 
ter Keen,  Dec.  27,  1884.  He  died  Sept.  24,  1890.  She  married 
2d,  Dec.  30,  1892,  John  M.  Gray.  Residence  Parkston,  South 
Dakota.     Children : 

1.  Robin  Colton  (Keen),  b.  June  2,  1886. 

2.  Hallock  Foster  (Gray),  b.  April  4,  1895. 

2432.  Thaddeus  Bailey  Crane7  [1589],  (Thaddeus,6 Gerard,5 
Thaddeus.4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  at  Somers, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  28,  1891,  Mary  L.  Brown,  of  that  place.  She  was 
born  Aug.  30,  18*56.     Children: 

2433—1.     Dorothy  D.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1892. 
2431—2.     William  B.,  h.  Feb.  15,  1894. 
2435-3.     Ellen  S.,  b.  Dec.  22,  1895. 

2436.  Jolia  Catherine  Crane7  [1605],  (Heman  A.,6  Ste- 
phen,5 Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  March 
5,  1860,  Dr.  Thomas  J.  Charlton.     Residence  Savannah,  Ga. 

Children  : 

1.  W.  Hales  (Charlton),  b.  Dec.  8,  I860;  d.  Oct.  8,  1862. 

2.  Thomas  J.  (Charlton),  b.  Nov.  3,  1863. 

3.  Heman  H.  (Charlton),  b.  July  20,  I860. 

4.  Julia  (Charlton),  b.  July  31,  1868. 

5.  Ellen  H.  (Charlton),  b.  July  30,  1870. 

6.  Sallik  W.  (Charlton),  b.  March  31,  1872. 

7.  Josiah  T.  (Charlton),  b.  Feb.  21,  1874. 

8.  Emily  W.  (Charlton),  b.  Jan.  26.  1876. 

9.  Georgia  H.  (Charlton),  b.  Dec.  2,  1878. 

2437.  Horace  Averill  Crane7  [1607],  (Heman  A.,6  Ste- 
phen,5 Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1).  At  the  close 
of  the  late  war  Mr.  Crane  returned  to  Savannah,  Ga.,  and  entered 
into  business  with  his  father,  where  he  remained  until  1873,  when 
he  withdrew  to  accept  a  position  in  the  Southern  Bank  of  Georgia, 
where  in  1882  he  was  still  engaged.  Mr.  Crane  served  in  the 
southern  army  during  the  late  war,  and  was  wounded  at  the  bat- 
tle of  Chickamauga.  He  had  so  far  recovered  as  to  be  serving 
in  the  invalid  corps,  at  Fort  McAllister,  when  Sherman's  army 
entered  Savannah.  He  was  then  taken  prisoner  to  Fort  Delaware 
and  released  at  close  of  the  war.  Feb.  25,  1866,  he  married 
Georgia  Anderson,  of  Savannah.     She  died  April  2.  1880. 

Children  : 

2438-1.     William  Hkxiiy.  b.  Nov.  22.  1867. 
2439—2.     Horace  Averill,  b.  March  27,  1873. 


24-10— 3.     Edward  Anderson,  b.  June  16,  1876. 
24-41—4.     Nina  Anderson,  b.  April  14,  1879. 

2442.  George  P.  Crane'  [1610],  (Henry  S.,s  Stephen.5 
Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  in  Wood- 
bury, Conn.,  Jan.  15,  1861,  S.  Cordelia  Root.  She  was  born 
there  Feb.  20,  1838.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  resides  in  Woodbury. 
Conn.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Assembly  for  Connecticut  in 
1870.     Children: 

2443—1.     Henry  R.,  b.  Aug.  14,  1863.     " 
2444—2.     George  H..  b.  April  15,  1869. 
2445—3.     Stephen  T.,  b.  Sept.  15,  1872. 

2446.  Stephen  H.  Crane7  [1611],  (Henry  S.,6  Stephen,5 
Stephen,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Emma  B. 
Stone,  May  25,  1865,  at  Woodbury,  Conn.,  where  they  resided 
some  years  and  then  removed  to  California.     Children  : 

2447—1.     Carrie,  b.  March  8,  1866. 
2448—2.     Horace,  b.  May  31,  1870. 

2449.  Lois  B.  Crane7  [1633],  (Nelson,6  Joseph,5  Stephen,4 
Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Nov.  10,  1858,  at 
Newtown,  Conn.,  Charles  A.  Cornwall.  He  was  born  Oct.  8, 
1833.     They  settled  in  Danbury,  Conn.     Children  : 

1.  Helen  M.  (Cornwall),  b.  Aug.  29,  1859. 

2.  Jennie  C.  (Cornwall),  b.  March  9,  1861. 

3.  Alice  S.  (Cornwall),  b.  Sept.  22,  1862. 

4.  Lewis  N.  (Cornwall),  b.  June  4,  1864. 

2450.  Emily  Crane7  [1646],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbel,5  John,4 
John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Noah  Holcomb  in  1836. 
Residence  La  Grange,  Lorain  County,  Ohio.     Children  : 

1.  Kutus  (Holcomb). 

2.  Jane  (Holcomb). 

3.  Ellen  (Holcomb). 

4.  Melvln  (Holcomb). 

5.  Charles  (Holcomb). 

6.  Scott  (Holcomb). 

7.  Andrew  (Holcomb). 

8.  Esther  (Holcomb). 

2451.  Lyman  Crane7  [1647],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John,4 
John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Dianna  S.  Hastings,  a 
native  of  New  York.     Residence  Chatham,  Medina  County,  Ohio. 

Children  : 

2452—1.     Dianna  S.;  d.  young. 

2453—2.     Mary  K. 

2454 — 3.     Chester  C. ;  m.  and  d.  leaving  son  : 

1.     Clarknck. 
2455  —  4.     Ernest  H. ;  d.  young. 

2456.  Ashbil  Crane7  [1648],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John,4 
Johu.3  Abraham.2  Benjamin1),  married  Nancy  Caldwell. 


Children  : 

2457-1.     Alice,  b.  Oct.  15,  184-7;  d.  Aug.  10,  1870,  leaving  children: 

1.  George  (Smith). 

2.  Blanch  (Smith). 

2458—2.     Luella;  m.  Walter  Helman ;  residence  Wellington,  Ohio. 

24,59.  Lewis  Crane7  [1649],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John.-1 
John,3  Abraham,3  Benjamin1),   married  Zilpha  Townsend. 

Children  : 
2400  —  1.     Lucy. 
2401 — 2.     Charles. 
2402—3.     Lizzie. 

2463.  Elmira  Crane7  [1650],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John,4 
John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin,1),  married  Josiah  Richardson,  at 
La  Grange,  Lorain  County,  Ohio,  Dee.  5,  1844,  and  settled  in 
Grafton,  where  their  two  eldest  children  were  born.     Children  : 

1.  Malessa  J.  (Richardson),  b.  Feb.  20,  1840;  d.  March  10,  1846. 

2.  Oiun  S.    (Richardson),  b.  Nov.  28,  1848;  d.  March  25,  1805,  in 


3.  Ann  Adelle  (Richardson),  b.  June  5,  1861,  in  Perry,  Ohio. 

4.  Ella  May  (Richardson),  b.  May  13,   1865,  in  Fostoria,  Ohio; 

d.  July  13,  1865. 

5.  Herbert  O.  (Richardson),  b.  Oct.  29,  1873,  in  Perry,  Ohio. 

24(54.  Hannah  Crane7  [1651],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John.4 
John,3  Abraham,-  Benjamin1),  married  Goodrich  Hastings. 
They  resided  in  La  Grange,  Ohio.     She  died  some  years  ago. 

Children  : 

1.  Susan  (Hastings). 

2.  George  (Hastings). 

3.  Eveline  (Hastings). 

24(35.  Walter  C.  Crane7  [1652],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5 
John,4  John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Cobleskill, 
Schoharie  County,  N.  Y.  In  1835,  when  a  child,  he  went  with 
his  parents  to  La  Grange,  Lorain  County,  Ohio.  He  married 
1st,  Oct.  10,  1857,  at  Penfield,  Ohio,  Mariah  Newton,  and  their 
eldest  child  was  born  in  that  town.  The  other  children  were 
burn  in  Wellington,  which  is  now  his  home,  and  where  his  wife 
died  Aug.  19,  1877.  He  married  2d,  March  31,  1887.  He  is  in 
the  employ  of  the  Big  4  R.  R.,  or  the  Cleveland,  Cincinnati, 
Chicago,  and  St.  Louis  Railway.     Children  : 

2466—1.     Harris  W  ,  li.  Sept.  7,  1859. 

2467—2.     Charles  A.,  b.  June  13,  1861;  d.  June  4,  1890. 

2468-3.     Harry  E.,  b.  May  18,  1805;  d.  July  25,  1886. 

2469.  Abigail  Crane7  [1653],  (Charles  A.,6  Ashbil,5  John,4 
John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Horace  Seeley.  She 
died,  leaving  a  son,  who  was  born  in  Toledo,  Ohio.     Child  : 

1.     Myron  (Seeley),  b.  Oct.  25,  1850. 

2470.  Sarah  J.  Crane7  [1655],  (Charles  A..6  Ashbil.5 
John,4  John,3  Abraham,2  Benjamin1),  married  Daniel  P.  Shel- 


don,  April  3,  1861,  at  Peniield,  Lorain  County,  Ohio,  where  for 
a  time  they  lived.     They  also  resided  in  Wellington,  Ohio.     Now 
(1898)  their  home  is  in  Vermillion,  Clay  County,  South  Dakota. 
Children  : 

Elmer  Owen  (Sheldon),  b.  March  3,  1862. 
Charles  Munson  (Sheldon1),  b.  May  23,  1867. 
John  Lero  (Sheldon),  b.  April  18,  1869. 
Amy  Elida  (Sheldon),  b.  May  25,  1872. 
Nellie  Lillian  (Sheldon),  b.  Feb.  1,  1883. 

■2471.  Robert  Whiting  Crain7  [1658],  (Albert  L.,6  Whi- 
ting,0 William,4  John,3  Abraham,'2  Benjamin1),  married  Lucy 
Isabel  Moores.  Dec.  12,  1866,  at  Maine,  N.  Y.  He  served  four 
years  and  sis  days  in  the  civil  war.     Children  : 

2472—1.     Lotty  Isabel,  b.  Jan.  3,  1S68. 

2+73—2.     Georgia  Adelia,  b.  Feb.  13,  1874;  d.  June  8,  1877. 

2474—3.     Virgia  Alma,  b.  Oct.  23,  1878. 

2475.  James  Crane7  [1675],  (Ira  R.,8  Benjamin,5  Abra- 
ham,4 Abraham,3  Abraham,'-  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  Warren, 
Ohio,  and  married  at  Farmingtou  in  1855,  Amelia  E.  Lewis,  of 
that  place.  From  1861  to  1864  he  was  Captain  of  Battery  E, 
5th  N.  Y.  V.  Artillery,  serving  in  the  Army  of  the  Potomac. 
He  is  now  a  merchant.     Children  : 

2476—1.     Willie,  b.  June  6,  1856;  d.  1857. 
2477—2.     Minnie  L.,  b.  July  11,  1861. 
2478-3.     Jay  D.,  b.  March  6,  1868. 

2479.  Henry  James  Crane7  [1683],  (Calvin  C.,6  Elijah,5 
Elijah,4  Abraham,3  Abraham.2  Benjamin1),  married  1st,  at 
Rockford,  111.,  Dec.  24,  1857,  Emma  Kilborn,  a  native  of  Great 
Barrington,  Mass.  She  died  May  4,  1867.  He  married  2d,  at 
Alton^m.,  June  12,  1872,  Carrie'E.  Pierce,  of  Woodstock,  Vt. 
He  was  for  many  years  from  April  1,  1866,  Deputy  D.  S.  Col- 
lector of  Internal  Revenue  at  Alton,  111.     Children : 

2480—1 .  Harry  Lee,  b.  Dec.  29,  1864  ;  d.  July  3,  1865. 

2481—2.  Harry  Kilborn,  t  twins,  f  d.  July  10,  1867. 

2482—3.  Carrie  Emma,       f  b.  May  4,  1867;  \  d.  Aug.  9,  1867. 

2483—4.  William  Pierce,  b.  Nov.  26,  1877. 

2484—5.  By-ron  Wolf,  b.  Sept.  13,  1881. 

2485 — 6.  Lucretia  Charlotte,  b.  June  21,  1885. 

2486.  Nelson  Alexander  Crane7  [1694],  (Alexander  N.,6 
Abraham,5  Elijah.4  Abraham,3  Abraham,'2  Benjamin1),  married 
Oct.  1,  1865,  Mary  Potts,  of  Bloomfield,  Conn.  Settled  at 
Bristol,  where  he  is  a  manufacturer. 

2487.  Frances  E.  Crane7  [1708],  (Joseph,6  Joseph,5 
Joseph.4  Abraham,3  Abraham,'2  Benjamin1),  married  at  Norway, 
N.  Y.,  Jan.   25,   1853,  George  Randall.     About  the  year  1870 


they  removed  from  Norway  to  Piper  City,  111.,   where  they  now 
(1896)  reside.     Children: 

1.  Henky  (Randall),  b.  Dec.  31,  1853;  m.  Gertie  Hobbies,  Feb.  13, 


2.  Cora  E.  (Randall),  b.  March  10,  1858;  m.  G.   Reeder,  Nov.  29, 


3.  Joseph  C.  (Randall),        )        .     .   „   .  (d.  Sept.  28,  I8G0. 
twins,  b.  I 

icn  .    1  n 

Sept.  6,  1888. 
Estbile  S.  (Randall),  b.  March  25,  1865;  d.  April  20,  18Ufi. 


2488.  Horace  Alonzo  Crane8  [1730],  (Truman  L.,7  John,6 
Benjamin,5  John,4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  a  farmer. 
Resided  in  Bristol,  Vt.  Married  Philomelia  L.  Wright  at  New- 
Haven,  Vt.,  Nov.  4.  1857.  He  died  at  Bristol,  May  30,  1858. 
She  died  at  New  Haven,  March  25,  1888.     Child  : 

24^9.-1.     Horace  Alonzo,  b.  Feb.  13,  1859. 

2490.  George  S.  Crane8  [1738],  (Amos  S..7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John.4  John.3  Jonathan.-  Benjamin1)-  married  Jennette  D. 
Owen,  of  Suttield,  Conn.,  March  23,  1859,  and  there  they 
settled.      He  is  a  farmer  and  dealer  in  agricultural  implements. 

Children  : 

2491—1.  Fanny,  b.  March  3,  1S62 ;  d.  Ana;.  20,  1863. 

2492—2.  Chester,  b.  Aug.  15,  1864;  d.  Nov.  15,  1864. 

249:1—3.  Clara  E.,  b.  Nov.  8,  1865. 

2494—4.  Amos  B.,  b.  Feb.  13,  1868. 

2495—5.  Nelly  0.,  b.  July  27,  1871. 

2496—6.  John  S.,  b.  July  21,  1878. 

2497.  Ellen  M.  Crane8  [1739],  (Amos  S..7  Amos.6  Elijah,5 
John.4  John,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married  Gurdon  Grosvenor 
at  Suttield,  Conn..  Oct.  28,  1852.  They  removed  to  Lawrence, 
Kan.,  Oct.  1,  1857,  where  he  died  April  6,  1869.     Children: 

1.  Charles  P.  (Grosvenor),  b.  Aug.  25,  1855. 

2.  John  C.  (Grosvenor),  b.  May  9,  1863;  d.  June  19,  1865. 

3.  Fanny  M.  (Grosvenor),  b.  Oct.  7,  1865;  d.  Sept   27,  1872. 

2498.  Luther  K.  Crane8  [1740],  (Amos  S.,7  Amos,6  Elijah.5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  the  widow  of  his 
brother,  John  L.,  at  North  Brooktield,  Mass  ,  June  11.  1868. 
He  enlisted  in  the  fall  of  1802  in  2d  Colorado  Infantry;  was  in 
the  battles  of  Elm  Creek,  Honey  Springs  and  Camden  Point, 
Mo.,  where  he  was  severely  wounded;  mustered  out  in  March, 
1865.     His  home  is  at  Leadville,  Col.     Adopted  children  : 

2499—1.     Frank,  b.  Nov.  1,  1873,  in  Boston,  Mass. 
2500—2.     Cora,  b.  Feb.  9,  1877,  in  Denver,  Col. 

2501.  James  P.  Crane8  [1741].  (Amos  S.,7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Cyrena  Sykes,  Qf 
Suttield,  Conn..  Nov.  29,  1865,  and  settled  there  as  a  farmer. 
In  the  spring  of  1868  he  went  to  Lawrence.  Kan.,  and  engaged 
in  the  freighting  business.  In  June,  1871,  he  went  to  Garnett. 
and  engaged  in  the  lumber  business.     In  April  the  following  year 


he  was  elected  mayor,  and  reelected  in  1873,  and  a  member  of 
the  city  council  in  1875.  In  1878  he  returned  to  Lawrence,  and 
was  employed  by  a  firm  in  St.  Louis  as  a  commercial  traveller 
during  the  summer.  In  November  of  that  year  he  removed  to 
Sutiield,  Conn.  ;  but  the  year  1880  found  him  again  in  Kansas  as 
a  farmer.  He  enlisted  in  August,  1862,  as  private  in  company 
G,  22d  Regt.  Connecticut  Volunteers,  a  nine  mouths  regiment, 
although  they  served  nearly  eleven  months.     Children  : 

2502—1.     Cyrus  S.,  b.  Oct.  4,  1866,  at  Suffleld,  Coun. 
2503 — 2.     Lewis,  b.  Sept.  4.  1871,  at  Garnett,  Kan. 

2504.  Samuel  H.  Crane8  [1743],  (Samuel  R.,7  Amos,6 
Elijah,3  John,4  John,-1  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  was  born  in 
Springfield,  Mass.  Married  in  Newtown,  Md.,  April  14,  1869, 
Ellen  Louisa  Barnes,  a  native  of  Fair  Haven,  Conn.  She  was 
born  Oct.  8,  1846.  He  was  a  popular  hotel  keeper  in  New 
Haven,  Conn.,  for  several  years,  proprietor  of  the   Elliot  House. 

Children  : 

2505—1.     Mary  Louise,  b.  July  14,  1874. 
250G— 2.     A  son,  b.  Oct.  19,  1880. 

2507.  Mary  E.Crane8  [1744],  (Samuel  R.,7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Charles"  E. 
Brown,  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  Oct.  26,  1864.  Settled  in  Spring- 
field.     Children  : 

1.  Fred  R.  (Brown),  b.  Dec.  29,  18(38. 

2.  Alice  (Blown),  b.  Nov.  22,  1883. 

2508.  Charles  E.  Crane8  [1754],  (George,7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Lucy  A.  Crane, 
of  Lysander,  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.,  March  30,  1871,  a  third 
cousin,  and  settled  there  as  a  farmer.  In  March,  1878,  he  re- 
moved to  Cambria  Mills,  Hillsdale  County,  Mich.,  continuing  the 
occupation  of  farmer.     Children  : 

2509—1.  Addie  S.,  b.  Nov.  8,    1872. 

2510—2.  Hattie  A.,  b.  May  18,  1875. 

2511— 3.  Lei.and  J.,  b.  Sept.  26,  1876. 

2512—4.  George  A.,  b.  Aug.  25,  1878. 

2513—5.  Clara  L..  b.  Sept.  5,  1880. 

2514.  Amos  S.  Crane8  [1755],  (George,7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Clara  E.  Stiles,  of 
Suffleld,  Conn.,  Nov.  1,  1875.  Settled  in  Westfield,  Mass.,  in 
the  manufacture  of  cigars.  October,  1877,  he  removed  to  Chi- 
cago, 111.,  where  he  was  agent  for  the  South  Shore  Line  of 
Freight.  May  1,  1880,  he  located  in  Boston,  Mass.,  as  agent  for 
the  above  line.     Children  : 

2515—1.     Kobekt  Stiles,  b.  Aug.  7,  1876,  at  Suffleld,  Mass. 
2516—2.     Phillip  Baxter,  b.  Aug.  11,  1878,  at  Chicago,  111. 

2517.     John  W.  Crane8  [1762],  (John  M.,7  Amos,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  Harriet  Church, 


of    Middlefleld,   Mass.,    Nov.    4,   1875,   and  settled   there  as  a 
merchant.     Children : 

2518 — 1.     A  son,  b.  April  15,  1877;  d.  in  infancy. 
2519—2.     Alfred  S.,  h.  January,  1880. 

2520.  Alfred  E.  Crane*  [1768],  (Joel  S.,7  Joel,6  Elijah,5 
John,4  John.3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Adaline  Vander- 
veer.  May  27,  1857,  and  settled  in  Lysander,  N.   Y.  ;   a  farmer. 

Children  : 

2521—1.     Edwin  Joel,  b.  June  4,  1859;  d.  June  U,  1860. 
2522—2.     Clarence  J.,  b.  May  27,  1863;  d.  Feb.  5,  1864. 

2523.  George  W.  Crane-  [1781],  (Olvison  W.,<  Elijah.15 
Elijah.5  John,4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  March  7, 
1872,  Elenor  Clark,  at  Hermon,  N.  Y.,  and  settled  at  Canton;  a 
farmer.     Children : 

2524—1.  Eugene  G.,  b.  Jan.  26,  1874. 

2525—2.  Carrie  A.,b.  April  17,  1876. 

2526—3.  Lillian  M.,  b.  July  I,  1877. 

2527 — 1.  Emily  E.,  b.  Jan.  12,  1879. 

2528.  Mahlon  D.  Crane8  [1800],  (Edwin  D..7  Archer,6 
Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Emily 
House,  a  native  of  Greenville.  Park  County.  Ohio,  Sept.  4.  1851, 
by  Rev.  Jesse  Pryor,  in  Blissfield,  Mich.  She  was  born  Jan.  18. 
1833.  For  several  years  he  carried  on  farming  in  South  Dakota. 
Late  residence  at  La  Porte,  Ind.     Children : 

2529—1.     Edwin  C  b.  Sept.  14,  1852. 
2530—2.     Sarah  L.,  b.  Nov.  12,  1854. 

2531.  James  K.  Crane3  [1801],  (Edwin  D.,7  Archer,6 
Samuel,5  John.4  John.3  Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  served  three 
years  as  a  soldier  in  the  late  war.  Enlisted  in  company  F, 
Michigan  Infantry,  Aug.  13,  1862.  December  12th  the  regiment 
left  camp  in  Jackson  for  Washington,  D.  C.  From  there  was 
ordered  to  Cnion  Mills  near  Bull  Run,  and  thence  to  Alexandria, 
Va.  Oct.  4.  1864,  he  was  commissioned  first  lieutenant  in  Co. 
A.  U.  S.  C.  T..  unassigned ;  the  company  was  sent  to  Accotink, 
Va.,  on  the  picket-line,  where  they  saw  continuous  service, 
scouting  on  picket  and  capturing  guerillas,  which  were  sent  to 
Alexandria.  He  is  a  prosperous  and  well-to-do  farmer,  and 
resides  in  Blissheld,  Mich.  Married  March  27,  1856,  Cynthia 
A.  Sperry,  who  died  of  pneumonia  Feb.  20,  1899,  after  being 
confined  to  her  bed  but  four  days.     Children  : 

2532—1  Dwight  H.,  b.  April  1.  1S57. 

2533—2.  Cynthli  A.,  b.  Mav  2,  1859. 

2534—3.  Myra  A.,  b.  March  18.  1861  ;  m.  Adam  Goetz,  Nov.  11,  1897. 

2535 — 1.  Alfred  J.,  b.  Sept.  16,  1863. 

2536—5.  Edmund  B.,  b.  June  19,  1866;  d.  Feb.  19,  1891. 

2537—6.  Helen  A.,  b.  Jan.  20,  1870;  m.  Geo.  W.  Goetz,  Oct.  9,  1897. 


2538  Charles  E.  Crane*  [1802],  (Edwin  D.J  Archer  ■ 
E"  W  f°w', ^^.'Jo^an,' Benjamin.),  married  Amanda 
E.  Seoy,  of  Wilson  County,  Tenn.,  May  2,  1861  ;  a  lawyer  and 
farmer.      He  died  June  16,  1887,  at  Sandborn,  Ind.     ChUd  : 

2539  —  1.     Charles  J.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1862. 

2540  Celestia  C.  Crane*  [1805],  (Charles  T.J  Archer  « 
Samuel,* John ,«  John, 3  Jonathan,"  Benjamin'),  married  Calvin 
Lazell  March  22,  1864  He  is  a  farmer,  and  lives  in  the  town 
ship  of  Napoleon,  Jackson  County,  Mich.     Children  : 

I  ■  Lloyd  (Lazell),  b.  June  10,  1865 

2.  Charles  T.  (Lazell),  b.  Nov.  8,  1868 

3.  Ida  M.  (Lazell),  b.  April  5,  1872 
i.  Pearl  (Lazell),  b.  Dec.  16,  1879. 

2541  Edith  A.  Crane*  [1806],  (Charles  T.J  Archer  « 
Samuel,*  John  4  John,3  Jonathan,"  Benjamin*),  married  Erastus 
Walter,  Dec  28,  1871.  He  was  a  member  of  the  4th  Michigan 
Infantry,  and  served  over  four  years  in  the  civil  war.     Children  : 

1.  Gut  L.  (Walter),  b.  Nov.  22,  1872 

2.  Minnie  (Walter),  b.  May  li,  1875.' 

Q  2542.'5  TCtARfN,CE,  °;  CRANF'8  ^18073'  (Carles  T.J  Archer,* 
Samuel  J  John  4  John  J  Jonathan,*  Benjamin'),  married  Hattie 
Hibbard  October,  1886.  He  is  a  prosperous  farmer,  residing 
near  Oakley,  Saginaw  County,  Mich.     Children : 

2543—1.     Alma,  b.  April  6,  1889. 

2544—2.     Hazel,  b.  Feb.  11,  1894. 

2545  Archer  G.  Crane*  [1809],  (Charles  T.J  Archer  « 
bamuel J  JohnJ  JohnJ  Jonathan,"  Benjamin'),  married  Annie 
B  Kinney,  Jan.  26,  1887.  She  died  Nov.  24,  1895.  He  taught 
school  a  number  of  years;  now  a  farmer,  living  near  Clinton 
Mich.     Child : 

2546—1.     Charles,  b.  July  1,  1892. 

2547.  C.  Lyle  Crane*  [1810],  (Charles  T.J  Archer  « 
Samuel  J  John,4  John  J  Jonathan,"  Benjamini),  married  Minnie 
Martin,  of  Clinton,  Mich.  He  has  been  a  school  teacher ;  now  a 
farmer.     Children : 

2548—1.     E.  Irene,  b.  Jan.  27,  1891. 
2549-2.     Don  C,  b.  March  27,  1896. 

2550.  Clara  A.  Crane*  [1814],  (Archer  H.J  Archer,6 
Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  J  j 
Nachtrieb,  Feb.  15,  1877.  He  is  a  farmer;  lived  near  Hudson. 
Mich.     Children : 

1.  Archer  C.  (Nachtrieb),  b.  Jan.  26,  1878. 

2.  Ambrose  W.  (Nachtrieb).  b.  Jan.  17,  1880. 

3.  Louise  (Nachtrieb).  b.  March  18,  1882. 

4.  Alice  M.  (Nachtrieb),  b.  April  14,  1884. 


5.  Florence  H.  (Nachtrieb),  b.  Oct.  9,  1889. 

6.  Clarence  (Nachtrieb),  b.  April  28,  1895. 

2551.  Dunham  Jones  Chain8  [1860],  (William  C.,7  Rufus,6 
Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  was  born  in  the 
town  of  Warren,  Herkimer  County,  N.  Y.  ;  graduate  of  Union 
College,  and  a  lawyer  by  profession.  Was  member  of  the  legis- 
lature of  New  York  in  1858  ;  United  States  consul  at  Milan  from 
1877  to  1884.  Married  April  25,  1859,  in  New  York  city, 
Hannah  Ann  Crocker,  daughter  of  David  and  Eliza  C.  Crocker. 
She  was  born  in  that  city  Jan.  21,  1837,  and  where  for  many 
years  they  have  made  their  home      Children  : 

2552—1 .  Thomas  C.  T:,  b.  May  25,  1860. 

2553—2.  Sarah  N.  Eliza,  b.  Sept.  29,  1862;  d.  Jan.  81,  1866. 

2554—3.  Hannah  Ann,  b.  Oct.  5,  1864. 

2555—4.  Chmstobellk,  b.  April  3,  1867. 

2556-5.  Dunham  Jones,  b.  July  12,  1869;  d.  Oct.  8,  1870. 

2557—6.  Daveda  Crocker,  b.  Jan.  25,  1872. 

25.58—7.  Edith  Rantzan,  b.  Oct.  14,  1874;  d.  Sept.  30,  1877. 

2559.  James  D.  Crane"  [1807],  (William  D.,7  Asa,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Anna  M.  Steele, 
of  Clinton,  N.  Y.  Now  (February,  1897),  residing  in  San  Diego, 
Cal.     Child : 

2560—1.    Julia  Louisa,  b.  Aug.  17,  1880,  at  Ouray,  Colorado. 

2561.  William  Henry  Crane8  [1873],  (William  D.,7  Asa,6 
Isaac,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Nellie 
Hogan.     Children : 


Willie  D. 








Roland  Rodirick 



2568.  Charles  D.  Crane8  [1878],  (Moses  L.,7  Asa,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Jan.  10,  1884, 
Belle  M.  Parker.  She  was  born  June  24,  1859.  Residence  at 
Milwaukee,  Wis.  Mr.  Crane  is  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Crane 
&  Barkhauseu,  architects  and  superintendents.     Children  : 

2569—1.     Stanley  P.,  b.  Sept.  29,  1885. 

2570.  Phehe  E.  Crane8  [1883],  (Isaac  N.,7  Amos,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah,4    John,3    Jonathan,2    Benjamin1),    married Good. 

Children  : 

1.  Mary  Cecilia  (Good),  b.  Jan.  9,  1872. 

2.  Ethell  Edna  (Good),  b.  Oct.  29,  1875. 

2571.  Mary  E.  Crane8  [1885],  (Isaac  N.,7  Amos,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah,4    John,3   Jonathan,2    Benjamin1),    married    Annis. 

Children  : 

1.  William  McClintock  (Annis),  b.  Sept.  28,  1879. 

2.  Chester  Holmes  (Annis),  b.  Oct.  30,  1885. 


2572.  Silvea  D.  Crane8  [1887].  (Isaac  N.,7  Amos,6  Isaac,5 
Abiah,4    John,3    Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),   married    Avery. 

Child  : 

1.     Roy  B.  (Avery),  b.  Feb.  7,  1884. 

2573.  Edward  Ariel  Crane8  [1909],  (Joseph.7  Ariel,6 
Joseph,5  Abiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Lizzie 
Backley  at  Brookfield.  Vt..  Dec.  25.  1876.  Is  a  railway  mail 
clerk,  and  resides  (1807)  at  Omaha.  Neb.  His  first  wife  died 
in  September,  1881.  and  he  manned  2d,  Nellie  B.  Fitch,  of 
Mooresville.  Vt.     Child  : 

2574  —  1      Minnie  Worth,  b.  Jan.  28,  1877;  graduate  of  the  Omaha 
High    School,   and   at    present   (1S97)    at   Mt.    Holyoke 

2575.  Mary  P.  Crane8  [1917],  (Charles,7  Ariel,6  Joseph.5 
Abiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  April  15,  1890, 
Rev.  J.  Ross  Lee.  He  was  born  April  15,  1859,  and  died  Feb. 
14,  1893.     Child: 

1.     Mary  Cran-e  (Lee),  b.  Jan.  28,  1891  :  d.  May  16,  1892. 

2576.  Charles  Blair  Crane8  [1919],  (Charles.7  Ariel.6 
Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Sept. 
2,  L890,  at  Dexter,  Iowa,  Cora  B.  Clark,  bora  Jan.  22,  1870. 

Children  : 

2577 — 1.     Charles  A.,  b.  June  18.  1891,  at  Dexter,  Iowa. 
2578 — 2.     Bernice,  b.  July  1.  1893,  at  Hooperston,  111. 

2579.  Emma  Tamar  Crane8  [1929],  (George  H.,7  Horatio,6 
Joseph.5  Abiah.4  John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Dec. 
27,  1880,  Frederick  Louis  Small.     She  died  April  26.  1886. 

Children  : 

1 .  Alice  Emma  (Small),  b.  July  25,  1882. 

2.  Lucy  Elizabeth  (Small),  b.  Dec.  20.  1883. 

3.  Louie  May  (Small),  b.  Dec.  26,  1885. 

2580.  Alice  Eliza  Crane8  [1932],  (George  H.,7  Horatio.6 
Joseph,5  Abiah,4  John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Aug. 
23,  1882,  Leland  Ellis  Tupper.     Child  : 

i.     Lelia  Evelyn  (Tupper),  b.  Oct.  5.   1892. 

2581.  Elmer  E.  Crane8  [1948],  (Horatio  D..7  Oren,6  Jo- 
seph.5 Abiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Jennie 
M.  Draper,  April  19,  1883.     Thev  reside  in  Whitesboro,  N.  Y. 

Child  : 

2582—1.     Raymer  D.,  b.  March  3,  1888. 

2583.  Edward  Martin  Crane8  [1976],  (Edward  P.,7  Por- 
ter,6 Joseph,5  Abiah.4  John.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married 
May  10.  1892,  Carrie  E.  Fairman,  of  Hardwick.  Vt.     Child: 

2584—1.     Edward  Fairman,  Ii.  Feb.  26,  1893. 


2585.  Maria  T.  Crane8  [1994],  (Andrew  M.,7  Daniel  O.,0 
Elisha,5  Elisham,4  John,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  1st, 
Daniel  W.  Stevens,  in  1857  ;  2d,  Ishmael  M.  Cole,  July  23,  1884. 
Resides  in  Lake  Crystal,  Minn.     Children  : 

L.  Orlando  M.  (Stevens),  b.  Dec.  19,  1858. 

2.  Anna  M.  (Stevens),  b.  April  6,  1861. 

3-  Harriet  M.  (Stevens),  b.  Oct.  30,  1862. 

4.  Eva  M.  (Stevens),  b.  Jan.  30,  1866. 

5.  Mason  W.  (Stevens),  b.  Dec.  7,  1868. 

6.  Elmer  E.  (Stevens),  b.  April  28,  1870. 

7.  Lester  K.  (Stevens),  b.  Sept.  22,  1872. 

8.  Roy  (Stevens),  b.  Aug.  8,  1875. 

9.  Lotty  E.  (Stevens),  b.  July  23,  1877. 

2586.  William  Willis  Crane8  [2004],  (Russell  W.,7  Ware- 
ham,6  Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1), 
married  Elizabeth  Spencer,  of  East  Hartford,  Conn.,  where  she 
was  born  July  20,  1821.  He  is  engaged  in  the  manufacture  of 
sash,  doors  and  blinds  at  Plainville,  Conn.     Children: 

2587 — 1.     Allice  Lydia,  b.  Jan.  26,  1858,  in  Hartford. 
2588—2.     Willice  Spencer,  b.  Sept.  15,  1863,  in  Hartford. 

2589.  David  Lewis  Crane8  [2014],  (Oliver  R.,7  Wareham,6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan.'-  Benjamin1),  married 
1st,  Harriet  Watrous,  by  whom  he  had  a  son.  After  her  death, 
he  married  2d,  Nellie  Watrous,  a  sister  of  his  first  wife.  Resi- 
dence New  London,  Conn.     Child: 

2590 — 1 .     Lewis. 

2591.  Annie  Rebecca  Crane8  [2016],  (Oliver  R.,7  Ware- 
ham,6  Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin,1), 
married  Edwin  Johu  Archer,  Aug.  15,  1872,  and  resides  in  New 
London,  Conn.     Children: 

1.  Mary  Abbie  (Archer),  b.  Feb.  7,  1874. 

2.  Emma  Locesa  (Archer),  b.  March  23,  1876. 

3.  Annie  Florence  (Archer),  b.  Oct.  11,  1877. 

4.  Elizabeth   Matilda  (Archer),  b.  Aug.    18,   1879;  d.    Sept.   14, 


5.  Georgia  Crane  (Archer),  b.  May  12,  1881  ;  d.  Aug.  7,  1881. 

6.  Georgia  (Archer),  b.  June  19,  1882;  d.  March  14,  1883. 

7.  Frank  Edwin  (Archer),  b.  Aug.  8,  1883;  d.  Aug.  28,  1883. 

2592.  Abby  Eleanor  Crane8  [2017],  (Oliver  R.,7  Ware- 
ham,6  Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  1st,  William  Maloney.  He  died,  and  she  married  2d. 
Frederick  Douglass.     Children  : 

1.  Phebe  Crane  (Douglass),  b   June  18,  1883. 

2.  Charles  Frederick  (Douglass),  I).  Dec.  17,  1885. 

3.  Marion  (Douglass),  b.  March  10,  1893. 

2593.  Curtis  L.  Crane8  [2025],  (Lorenzo  B.,7  Wareham,6 
Hezekiah.5  Hezekiah.4  John.3  Jonathan.-  Benjamin1),  married 
Celia  ,  b.  1844.     Children  : 

2594—1.     Cora  M.,  b.  1865. 
















Minnie  V.,  b.  1866;  m.  Lucus  Moore,  1893. 
Eva  E.,  b.  1868;  m.  Myron  Ludingtou,  1892. 
Willie  C,  b.  1868;  m.  Ora  H.  House,  1892. 
Alice  May,  b.  1873;  m.  Frank  V.  Pinkham,  1891. 
Irving  H.,  b.  1877. 
Emma  L.,  b.  1878. 
Rose  L.,  b.  1886. 

2602.  Orson  W.  Crane8  [2026],  (Lorenzo  B.,'  Wareham,6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Hattie  E.  Collins.     She  was  born  1851.     Children: 

2603—1.  Edward  E.,  b.  1872;  m.  Ida  Pearle,  1892. 

2604-2.  Arche,  b.  and  d.  1873. 

2605-3.  Twin  boys,  b.  1877. 

2606—4.  Hattie  E.,  b.  1884. 

2607—5.  Razmon,  b.  1888. 

2608.  Ustacia  Grain8  [2028],  (Hendrick,7  Joel,6  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  William  A. 
Raymond,  Oct.  15,  1867,  in  Norwich,  N.  Y.,  where  they  now 
(1882)  reside.     Children: 

1.  William  Chain  (Raymond),  b.  Feb.  9,  1869. 

2.  Mary  Elizabeth  (Raymond),  b.  Oct.  2,  1872. 

3.  Harry  Randolph  (Raymond),  b.  Nov.  8,  1874. 

2609.  Van  Buren  Crane8  [2030],  (Hendrick,7  Joel,6  Heze- 
kiah,5 Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Phebe 
Ackley,  Sept.  8,   1862.     Residence   (1882)   at  Norwich,  N.    Y. 

Children  : 

2610 — 1.     George  Amaziah,  b.  Aug.  20,  1868. 
2611—2.     Kittie  Lottie,  b.  Oct.  3,  1871. 

2612.  Marquis  De  Lafayette  Grain8  [2032],  (Hendrick,7 
Joel,6  Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  mar- 
ried Isabella  Guerin,  Nov.  19,  1864,  in  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  and 
settled  there.     Children : 

2613  —  1 .  Mary  Isabella,  b.  Feb.  10,  1866. 

2614—2.  Henry  Van  Buren,  b.  Oct.  6,  1867. 

2615—3.  Ustacia,  b.  Aug.  7,  1870. 

2616-4.  Emma  E.,  b.  May  20,  1872. 

2617—5.  Marquis  D.  L.,  b.  March  4,  1874. 

2618—6.  Rosita  M.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1876. 

2619-7.  Davie  Ella,  b.  Oct.  25,  1878. 

2620.  Curtis  Crane8  [2035],  (Luther,7  Joel,6  Hezekiah,5 
Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Elsie  B. 
Spencer,  Jan.  16,  1873,  at  Scranton,  Pa.,  where  she  was  born 
April  25,  1853.  They  settled  in  Des  Moines,  la.,  where  he  is  a 
merchant.     Children : 

2621  —  1 .     Charles  S.,  b.  Oct.  5,  1874. 
2622—2.     Harriet  A.,  b.  April  23,  1877. 

2623.  Harriet  Crane8  [2039],  (Oilman,7  Hezekiah,6  Heze- 
kiah,5 Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married  Elisha 


G.  Hatch,  Aug.  6,  1865.  The  ceremony  was  performed  by  Rev. 
E.  W.  Hutchingson.  of  Bucksport,  at  the  home  of  her  father  in 
Orland,  Me.     Children  : 

1.  Arthur  Delmont  (Hatch),  b.  July  26,  1866. 

2.  Oilman  Grindle  (Hatch),  b.  Jan.  5,  1868. 

3.  Alenia  Rose  (Hatch),  b.  and  d.  Dec.  8,  1869. 

2624  Arthcr  Delmont  Hatch  [1]  ;  m.  in  Surry,  Me.,  by  Rev.  A. 
Gray,  Abbie  D.  Carter,  of  that  towD,  April  14,  1389.  Chil- 
dren : 

1.  Ralph  Walter  (Hatch),  b.  April  12,  1890,  in  Orland. 

2.  Jennie  A.  (Hatch),  b.  March  15,  1893. 

3.  Roy  Clyde  (Hatch),  b.  July  18,  1896,  in  Sedgwick. 

2625.  Gilman  Grindle  Hatch  [2];  m.  in  Bucksport,  Me.,  by  Rev. 
E.  H.  Bovnton,  Nov.  29,  1894,  Ursula  F.  Trundy,  of  Blue  Hill, 
Me.     Children : 

1.  Merle  Preston  (Hatch),  b.  Dec.   11,   1895,   in   North 


2.  Lilian  Frances  (Hatch),  b.  and  d.  Nov.  8,  1896. 

•26-2(3.  Prudence  Jane  Crane8  [2041],  (Gilman,7  Hezekiah.6 
Hezekiah.5  Hezekiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married 
Capt.  Epps  G.  Gilley  in  Bucksport,  Me.,  Oct.  2,  1852.  He  was 
son  of  Francis  and  Ruth  (Gott)  Gilley,  and  born  in  Fremont, 
on  the  Island  of  Placentia.  May  6,  1831.  He  died  March  20. 
1897.     Children: 

1.  Arthur  (Gilley),  b.  May  5.  1854. 

2.  Willis  H.  (Gilley),  b.  April  3,  1857;  lost  at  sea,  near  Cape  Good 

Hope,  Nov.  isl  1876,  from  ship   X  T.  Hill. 

3.  Harry  F.  (Gilley),  b.  March  10,  1SH2;  d.  April  10.  1862. 

4.  George  D.  (Gilley),  b.  May  12.  1865;  d.  Aug.  12,  1865. 

2627  Arthur  Gilley  [I];  m.  in  Orland,  Me.,  May  9,  1877,  Helen 
L.  Dorr.  She  was  b.  May  13,  1857,  and  dau.  of  G.  M.  and 
Susan  Keyes  Dorr,  of  Orland,  Me.     Children  : 

1.  Ei'PS  Howard  (Gilley),  b.  April  2,  1878. 

2.  Florence  L.  (Gilley),  b.  Dec.  6.  1886. 

3.  Gladys  M.  (Gilley),  b.  May  5,  1888. 

2628.  Rosei.inda  Crane8  [2042],  (Gilman.7  Hezekiah.6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  Joho,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married, 
by  Rev.  Enoch  M.  Fowler,  in  Orland.  Me..  April  23.  1852,  Rufus 
Leach,  of  Penobscot.  Me.  He  was  born  July  23,  j  829.  She 
died  in  Bangor,  Me.  July  12.  1887.     Children  : 

1.  Fred  M.  (Leach),  b.  Aug.  13,  1853. 

2.  Caro  H.  (Leach),  b.  Nov.  18,  1855. 

3.  Sewall  B.  (Leach),  b.  Jan.  7,  1859. 

4      Errs  G.  (Leach),  b.  June  II,  1862;  m.  Helen  Malcom,  March  19, 
1384,  and  d.  at  Bangor,  December,  1886. 

5.  Laura  Belle  (Leach),  b.  Julv  19,  1869;   m.  Mr.  Richards,  Aug. 

19,  1S87. 

2629.  Fred  M.  Leach  [1];  m.  Vine  Hamilton,  and  settled  in  Orland, 

but  now  of  Brewer.  Me.     Children  ; 

1.  Addie  H.  (l.each),  b.  Oct.  1,  1877. 

2.  Willis  (Leach;,  b.  Aug.  29,  1881. 


26.10.  Caro  H.  Leach  [2]  ;  m.  Albion  C.  Batchelder,  of  Bangor,  Me. 
She  d.  Aug.  19,  1887.     Children  : 

1.  Lrta  Marie  (Batchelder). 

2.  Rena  Louise  (Batchelder) . 

2631.  Gilman Charles  Crane8  [2043],  (Gilman,7  Hezekiah,6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,3  Benjamin1),  married 
1st,  January  1,  1867,  Mary  Jane  Page,  of  Bueksport,  Me.  She 
died  without  issue  April  21,  1868.  He  then  married  Ella  E. 
Cobburn,  who  was  born  in  Bangor,  Nov.  1,  1850.     Children: 

2632—1.     Alice  M.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1873,  in  Bangor. 
2633—2.     Helen  F.,  b.  Jan.  6,  1876,  in  Orland. 

2634.  Catherine  Johnston  Crane8  [2044],  (Gilman,7  Heze- 
kiah,6 Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Elisha  D.  Lowell,  Dec.  4,  1861,  by  Rev.  Edwin  Parker. 
She  died  in  Verona,  Me.,  April  3,  1878.  Mr.  Lowell  was  born 
Aug.  17,  1840,  and  son  of  Abner  and  Olive  C.  Lowell,  of  Bucks- 
port.     Children : 

I  Harvey  A.  (Lowell),  b.  March  5,  1863;  d.  July  6,  18G3. 

2.  Edward  G.  (Lowell),  b.  Oct.  29,  1865;  d.  March  7,  1X68. 

3.  Olive  B.  (Lowell),  b.  Dec.  1,  1x68. 

4.  Abbie  L.  (Lowell),  b.  April  26,  1872. 

5.  Maria  L.  (Lowell),  b.  March  10,  1874. 

2635.  Olive  B.  Lowell  [3]  ;  m.  Sept.  22,  1888,  Austin  D.  Abbott,  at 

Bueksport,  Me.,  by  Rev.  Wm.  Forsyth.     He  is  son  of  Dudley 
A.  and  Arvilla  J.  Abbott,  of  Verona.     Children  : 

1.  Roland  L.  (Abbott),  b.  June  18,  1889. 

2.  Mildred  L.  (Abbott),  b.  May  29,  1896. 

263il.  Abbie  L.  Lowell  [4]  ;  m.  May  17,  1894,  Albert  L.  Avery,  at 
Ellsworth,  Me.,  by  Rev.  G.  W.  Avery.  Mr.  Avery  was  b. 
May  27,  1869,  son  of  Edward  and  Marion  M.  Avery,  of  Pros- 
pect.    Children  : 

1.  Francis  E.  (Avery),  b.  and  d.  July  31,  1894. 

2.  Cora  F.  (Avery),  b.  Aug.  21,  1896. 

2637.  Laura  Ellen  Crane8  [2046],  (Gilman,7  Hezekiah,6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Edward  Narbis,  of  Malaga,  Spain,  March  11,  1864.  He  was 
born  Oct.  7,  1845,  and  settled  in  Orland.  Me.     Children: 

1 .  Marcia  E.  (Narbis),  b.  May  29,  1866. 

2.  Mabel  Imogene  (Narbis),  b.  Sept.  18,  1867 ;  m.  Geo.  A.  Dingle. 

3.  Albert  F.  (Narbis),  b.  June  6,  1869. 

4.  Josephine  C.  (Narbis),  b.  July  25,  1871;  d.  April  14,  1884. 

5.  Agnes  L.  (Narbis),  b.  Nov.  13,  1873. 

6.  Laora  L.  (Narbis),  b.  June  22,  1877. 

7.  Edward  L.  (Narbis),  b.  March  5,  1880. 

26  18.  Marcia  E.  Narbis  [1]  ;  m.  Clarence  S.  York,  of  Weld,  Me., 
Oct.  23,  1889,  in  Orland,  by  Rev.  H.  W.  Norton.     Child  : 

I.     Helen  S.  (York),  b.  Jan.  15,  1892,  in  Bethel. 


2639.  Albert  F.  Narbis  [3];  m.   Annie  M.  Aiken,  of  Dedham,  Me  , 

Nov.   10,  18H2,  by  Rev.  T.    S.    Ross.     Residence   at   Salem, 
Mass.     Children : 

1.  Frank  A.  (Narbis),  b.  Nov.  5,  1894,  in  Salem,  Mass. 

2.  Ernestine  (Narbis),  b.  Nov.  2,  1896,  in  Salem,  Mass. 

2640.  Parker  C.  Crane8  [2049],  (Sewall  L.,7  Hezekiah.6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  Johu,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married 
Dee.   31,   1856,    Lorana  Brown,    who  was   born   April  6,   1840. 

Child  : 
2641  —  1.      I.ewey,  b.  June  25,  1858. 

2642.  Sewall  H.  Crane*  [2053],  (Sewall  L.,7  Hezekiah,6 
Hezekiah,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
June,  1861,  Emma  Folsom.     Children: 

2643—1.  Nettie. 

2644 — 2.  William. 

2645—3.  Caroline. 

2646 — 4.  Sewall. 

2647.  Helen  M.  Crane8  [2068],  (David  O.,7  David,6  David,5 
Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  George  Hoff- 
man ;   a  dentist.      Residence  at  St.  Louis,  Mo.     Children  : 

1.  Minnie  (Hoffman). 

2.  Gkorgie  (Hoffman). 

2648.  Jesse  Howell  Crane8  [2071],  (Franklin  L.,7  David,6 
David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  at 
Fort  Larned,  Kan.,  May  22,  1865,  Clara  R.  Dodds,  a  native  of 
Dayton,  Ohio.  She  was  born  Nov.  25,  1844.  He  was  born  in 
Easton,  Pa.,  and  educated  there,  passing  two  years  at  LaFayette 
College.  During  the  late  war  he  was  sutler  at  Fort  Larned.  Of 
late  years  he  has  resided  in  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  where  he  is  a 
merchant.     Child : 

2649 — 1.     Harry  Jesse,  b.  Jan.  21,  1872,  at  Topeka,  Kan. 

2650.  David  Orville  Crane8  [2073],  (Franklin  L.,7  David,6 
David,5  Hezekiah.4  John,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  born  at 
Easton,  Pa.,  and  educated  in  the  common  schools  there.  He 
enlisted  with  his  brother,  Franklin  L.,  May  4,  1861,  and  con- 
tinued in  service  during  the  war.  They  were  both  at  the 
hard-fought  battle  of  Springfield,  Mo.,  and  were  witnesses  to  the 
killing  of  Gen.  Lyon,  and  the  wounding  of  Col.  Robert  B. 
Mitchell  about  the  same  time.  In  1861  he  was  musician  in  2d 
Regt.  Kansas  Volunteer  Infantry,  and  veteran  in  5th  Cavalry, 
and  saw  severe  service.  He  is  clerk  at  Osage  City,  Kan.,  where 
they  reside.     Children  : 

2651  —  1.  Elizabeth  Alice,  b.  Nov.  22,  1870;  d.  September,  1871. 

2652—2.  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  7,  1871. 

2653—3.  Anna  Sophia,  b.  March  16,  1M73. 

2654—4.  Franklin  Loomis,  b.  Oct.  4,  1878. 


3d  Son  of  Dr.  F.  L.  Crane. 

Born,  Easton,  Pennsylvania,  February  12,  1S42. 

Married  to  Anna  S.  Kay,  March  3,  1869. 



om,  Topeka,  Kansas. 
December  7.  1871. 
led  William  J.  Radcliff, 
June  5,  1895. 


ghter  of  W.  J.  Radcliff. 
)rn,  Topeka,  Kansas, 
June  19,  1898. 


Born,  Topeka,  Kansas, 

March  16,  1S73. 


Born,  Topeka,  Kansas,  October  4,  187J 

Married  Harriett  Maude  Dallas, 

Cincinnati,  October  4,  1S99. 

Born,  November  22,  1870. 
Died,  September  3,  1871. 


4th  Son  of  Dr.  F.  L.  Crane. 

Born,  Easton,  Pennsylvania,  August  25,  1843. 

Married  Ella  Rain,  June  15,  1870, 

who  died  April  17,  1881. 

Married  Fannie  Kiblinger,  November  7,  1382. 



Born,  Topeka.  Kansas,  February  7,  1871. 
Married  Mary  Gertrude  Smith,  October  3, 1894. 


Daughter  of  Frank  S.  Crane. 

Born,  Topeka,  Kansas,  November  6,  1898. 

in,  Topeka,  Kansas,  December  10 



2655.  George  Woolsey  Crane8  [2074],  (Franklin  L.,7 
David,6  David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,9  Benjamin1), 
was  born  in  Easton,  Pa.  Educated  at  Hamilton  (C.W.)  Universi- 
ty, 1863.  He  married  June  29,  1870,  at  East  Topeka,  Kansas, 
Ella  Rain,  a  native  of  Elkhart,  Ind.,  born  Jan.  28,  1853.  He 
is  a  printer  and  binder.     Resides  in  Topeka,  Kansas. 

Children  : 

2656—1.     Frank  S.,  b.  March  29,  1871. 
2657—2.     Edna,  b.  Dec.  10,  1875. 

2658.  Harrie  D.  Crane8  [2097],  (Martin  H.,7  Curtis,6 
David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Laura 
Alace  Mills,  who  was  born  July  24,  1856.     Child  : 

2659—1      Ida  Mae,  b.  July  12,  1876. 

2660.  Charles  Eugene  Crane8  [2101],  (William  C.,7  Cur- 
tis,6 David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married 
June  2,  1880,  Alice  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Munson  and  Ann 
Augusta  Hinman,  in  Hallock,  Peoria  Co.,  111.,  she  was  born  Oct. 
25,  1858.  He  was  educated  in  the  common  schools  and  at  Morse 
Academy  of  New  Albany,  Ind.  and  learned  the  hardware  busi- 
ness with  his  uncle  and  father,  he  afterwards  was  in  the  employ 
of  Raukins-Snyder  Hardware  Co.,  of  Louisville,  Ky.,  where  he 
remained  up  to  July  1,  1881,  in  the  capacity  of  clerk  and  travel- 
ling-man. After  travelling  for  the  Louisville  firm  for  one  year, 
he  removed  to  Yazoo  City,  Mississippi,  where  he  clerked  for 
Nierman  &  Doherty  for  eighteen  months,  when  he  organized  the 
firm  of  Crane,  Nierman  &  Co.,  which  was  changed  Aug.  1,  1883, 
to  Crane  Bros.  &  Co.,  his  brother  Edgar  being  associated  with 
him  in  the  management  of  the  firm.  A  general  hardware  busi- 
ness was  carried  on  by  them  until  July  1,  1891,  when  he  withdrew 
from  the  firm  and  removed  to  Seattle,  Washington.  After  a 
year's  residence  there  he  organized  the  Diamond  Ice  and  Storage 
Co.  and  became  its  president  and  general  manager  and  is  still 
(1899)  acting  in  that  capacity.  He  is  also  the  president  of  the 
Co-operative  Mining  Syndicate,  and  vice-president  of  the  Equita- 
ble Building  Loan  and  Investment  Association,  a  trustee  of  the 
Chamber  of  Commerce  and  a  member  of  the  First  Presbyterian 
Church  of  that  city.     Children  : 

2661—1.  Julia  Hinman,  b.  March  30,  1881,  in  New  Albany,  Ind. 

21)62—2.  Bessie  Shield,  b.  Feb.  8,  1883,  in  Yazoo  City,  Miss. 

2663  —  3.  Harky  Stewart,  b.  Nov.  6,  1886,  in  Yazoo  City,  Miss. 

2664—4.  Aline  Terrell,  b.  Nov.  14,  1890,  in  Yazoo  City,  Miss. ;  d. 

Jan.  12,  1891. 

2665 — 5.  Bonnie  Marguerite,  b.  Dec.  3,  1891,  in  Seattle,  Wash. 

2666—6.  Charles  Leslie,  b.  Jan.  8,  1898. 

2667.  William  Franklin  Crane8  [2102],  (William  C.,7 
Curtis,6  David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  Dec.  16,  1885,  Lillie  May  Hammond,  who  was  born  July 
24,  1866.     He  is  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Lampton,  Crane  & 


Ramey  Co..    Louisville,    Ky.,   dealers    in    paints,  oils,  window- 
glass,  etc.     Resides  in  Clinton,  Miss.     Child  : 
26(38—1.     Hcbeut  Hammond,  b.  April  25,  1893. 

26(39.  Edgar  Shields  Crane8  [2103],  (William  C.,7  Cur- 
tis.6 David, R  Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,-2  Benjamin1),  married 
Oct.  18,  1883,  Elizabeth  Letitia  Gebhart,  a  native  of  New 
Albany,  Ind..  born  Sept.  2(3,  1801.  They  reside  in  Yazoo  City, 
Miss.,  where  Mr.  Crane  is  engaged  in  the  hardware  trade,  also 
stoves,  paints,  &c,  under  style  of  Crane-Hinman  Hardware  Co. 

Children,  all  born  in  Yazoo  City,  Miss.  : 

2(570—1.     Janet,  b.  July  23,  1885. 
2(371—2.     John  Curtis,  h.  Feb.  25,  1888. 
2(372—3.     Paul  Sackett,  b.  Feb.  4,  1889. 

2(373.  Emma  Louise  Crane8  [2106],  (William  C.,7  Curtis/ 
David,5  Hezekiah,4  John.3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  married 
Stephen  E.  Barnwell,  of  Yazoo  City.  Miss.     Children  : 

1.  Bessie  (Barnwell) . 

2.  Locsie  (Barnwell). 

3.  Stephen  (Barnwell). 

2674.  Julia  Adaline  Crane8  [2107],  (William  C.,7  Curtis,15 
David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Allen 
E.  Wright,  of  New  Albany,  Ind.     Child  : 

1.     Burdettk  (Wright). 

2675.  Lottie  Stewart  Crane8  [2116],  (John  E.,7  Curtis," 
David.5  Hezekiah.''  John,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  married  in 
New  Albany,  Ind..  Oct.  6,  1881,  Frank  C.  Nunemacher.  Resi- 
dence Louisville,  Ky.     Child  : 

1.     Stewart  (Nunemacher),  b.  Feb.  8,  1886. 

2(376.  Nannie  Montgomery  Crane8  [2117],  (John  E.,7  Cur- 
tis,6 David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  married 
Nov.  6,  1885,  Horace  C  Kent,  at  New  Albany.  Ind.  They 
settled  in  Louisville,  Ky.,  but  returned  to  New  Albany,  Ind., 
previous  to  June  20,  1890,  and  now  reside  there.     Children  : 

1.  Millard  Crane  (Kent),  b.  Jan.  30,  1887. 

2.  Elizabeth  Gertrude  (Kent),  b.  Jan.  6,  1888;  d.  June  20,  1888. 

3.  Ronald  Wilson  (Kent),  b.  June  20,  1890. 

2677.  Stella  Brown  Crane8  [2121],  (John  E.,7  Curtis,6 
David,5  Hezekiah,4  John,3  Jonathan.'2  Benjamin1),  married  Oct. 
6,  1892,  at  New  Albany.  Ind.,  Wilson  Warmon  Godfrey,  where 
they  reside.     Child  : 

1.     Virginia  Lee  (Godfrey),  b.  Sept.  23,  1895. 

2(378.  Willis  Jaquith  Crane8  [2184].  (Eli  B.,7  Hezekiah.6 
Aaron,5  Hezekiah.4  John.3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1).  His  father 
having  been  killed  in  the  battle  of  Cold  Harbor,  June  3.  18(34, 
the  death  of  his  mother  by  pneumonia   a  few  years  later,  left 


Willis  J.,  a  very  small  boy,  to  be  cared  for  by  relatives  on  his 
mother's  side.  They  removed  to  Neenah,  Wis.,  in  1866,  where  he 
was  married  1st,  in  1880,  to  Frankie  Oborn,  of  that  place.  The 
following  year  he  removed  to  Manistee,  Mich.,  and  in  May,  1883, 
removed  to  Ordway,  South  Dakota,  where  she  died  in  November. 
In  September,  18*4,  he  settled  in  Chippewa  Falls,  Wis.,  and  July 
5,  1886,  removed  to  Negaunee,  Mich.,  where  he  has  since  re- 
sided.    Nov.  30,  1887,  he  was  married  2d,  to  Philomene  Cyr. 

Children  : 

2679—1.      Willis  Jaquith,  b.  Sept.  9,  1881. 

2680—2.     Frankie,  b.  November,  1883;  d.  1884. 

26M I  — 3.     Florence  Adalaid,  b.  Aug.  12,  1888. 

2682—4.     Helen  Beatrice,  b.  March  7,  1890. 

2683—5.     Sheldon  Cyr,  b.  Aug.  15,  1892. 

2684—6.     Katharine  Barnes,  b.  Feb.  13,  1894. 

2685— 7.     Edna  Louise,  b.  Feb.  4,  1897. 

2686.  Frederick.  R.  Crane8  [2196],  (Gilbert,7  Ebenezer,6 
Zebulon,5  Lemuel,4  John,3  Jonathan,'- Benjamin'),  married  April, 
1867,  Melissa  G.  Wilber,  who  was  born  in  Westmoreland  in  1849. 

Children : 

26S7— 1.     Herbert,  b.  May,  1868. 

2688—2.     Bessie,  b.  December,  1873. 

2689—3.     Jessie,  b.  February,  1876. 

2690.  Everett  Leroy  Crane8  [2219],  (Leroy  D.,7  Ralph,6 
Isaac,5  Isaac,4  Isaac,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  married  May  1, 
1879,  Berther  Wilson  Chapman,  a  native  of  Groton,  Conn.,  born 
March  20,  1861.     Resides  at  Poquonock  Bridge.     Children: 

2691—1.     Ralph  William,  b.  June  28,  1881. 
2692—2.     Cassie  Louise,  b.  June  15,  1889. 

2693.  William  Egbert  Crane8  [2224],  (Ira  A.,7  Joseph,6 
John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Han 
nah  Morse.     She  died  March  28,  1889.     He  died  in  1890.     Child  : 

2694—1.     Georgia. 

2695.  Emily  Crane8  [2225],  (Ira  A.,7  Joseph,6  John,5  Zebu- 
lou,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,-  Benjamin1),  married  William  S. 
Knapp.     Children : 

1.  Ira  (Kuapp).     Enlisted  in  late  war  and  died  from  effects  of  ex- 

posure in  southern  prison. 

2.  Belden  (Knapp).     Enlisted  in  late  war  and  marched  with  Sher- 

man, aud  died  before  reaching  the  sea. 

3.  Emily  Augusta  (Knapp) ;  ra.  and  d. 

4.  William  E.  (Knapp). 

5.  Helen  Aurelia  (Knapp). 

2696.  Abraham  H.  Crane8  [2226],  (Ira  A.,7  Joseph,6  John,5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Abigail 
Richards.     He  died  Oct.  4,  1864.     She  died  January,  1895. 

Children : 

2697—1.     Charles  B. 
2698  —  2.     Harriet. 


2690.  John  Crane8  [2228],  (Ira  A.,7  Joseph,6  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'2  Benjamin1),  married  Elizabeth  Clark. 
He  died  Dec.  9,  1874.     Children  : 

2700—1.     George. 

2701—2.      ESTELLA. 

2702.  Ira  Crane8  [2239],  (Azor  B.,7  Joseph,6  John,5  Zebu- 
Ion,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Louise  E.  Strang, 
daughter  of  Martin  Strang.     Children  : 

2703—1.  Azor  B.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1884. 

2704—2.  Bessie  Aurelia,  b.  March  20,  1886;  d.  Nov.  11,  1888. 

2705 — 3.  Mary  Acrelia,  b.  Sept.  22,  1887. 

2706 — 4.  Louisa  Strang,  b.  Jan.  14,  1891. 

2707.  Joseph  Henry  Crane8  [2243],  (Azor  B.,7  Joseph,6 
John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  Julia 
Gorham,  daughter  of  Fletcher  Gorham,  of  Mount  Kisco,  West- 
chester County,  N.  Y.     Children: 

2708 — 1.  Lewis  Belden. 

2709—2.  Harold. 

2710 — 3.  Bessie  Adrelia. 

2711—4.  Fletcher  Gorham. 

2712.  Edward  M.  Crane8  [2247],  (George  L.,7  Stephen,6 
John,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'-  Benjamin1),  married  in 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  where  they  now  reside,  September,  1865,  Esther 
C.  Watson.  She  was  a  native  of  New  York  State,  and  born 
March  30,  1836.     He  is  a  type  finisher.     Children  : 

2713 — 1.     Carrilena. 
'  2714—2.     George. 
2715—3.     Edward. 

2716.  Lydia  Josephine  Crane8  [2305],  (John  W.,7  Samuel,6 
Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
David  W.  Whaley,  of  New  Canaan,  Conn.,  June  11,  1875. 

Children  : 

1.  Hattie  (Whaley),  d.  in  infancy. 

2.  Pearl  (Whaley ) ;  residence  Soulhville,  Conn. 

3.  Samuel  (Whaley),  d.  in  infancy. 

2717.  Letitia  Crane8  [2306],  (John  W.,7  Samuel,6  Zebulon,5 
Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  July  4,  1874, 
James  Andrew.     They  settled  in  Danbury,  Conn.     Children: 

1.  Hattie  (Andrew),  b.  March  30,   1875;    m.   Alfred  Doyle;  resi- 

dence Danbury. 

2.  John  William  (Andrew),  b.  Jan.  23,  1877;  residence  Danbury. 

3.  Alfred  A.  (Andrew),  b.  July  21,  1883;  residence  Danbury. 

4.  James  (Andrew),  b.  June  22,  1889;  d.  May  5,  1890. 

2718.  Minnie  Eliza  Crane8  [2309],  (John  W.,7  Samuel,6 
Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3    Benjamin1),    married 



Residence:  "  Old  Crane  Homestead,"  at  Cannel,  Putnam  County,  N.  Y. 


June  24,  1891,  George  Adelbert  Washburn,  of  Daubury,  Conn., 
where  they  reside.     Child  : 

1.     Nina  Elmira  (Washburn),  b.  Aug.  22,  1892. 

2719.  Mary  Minerva  Crane8  [2311],  (Harrison,7  Zebulon,6 
Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Charles  Henry  Peet,  son  of  Henry  and  Laura  A.  (Wheeloek) 
Peet,  at  New  Fairfield,  Conn.,  Sept.  18,  1894,  Rev.  Edward  Pay- 
son  Herrick,  pastor  of  Congregational  Church,  Tampa,  Florida, 
performing  the  ceremony.  Mr.  Peet  was  born  Jan.  8,  1856,  in 
Danbury,  Conn.     Child  : 

1 .     Mary  Beli.  (Peet),  b.  Nov.  15,  1895. 

2720.  James  Nehemiah  Crane8  [2312],  (Harrison,7  Zebu- 
lon,6 Zebulon,5  Zebulon,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  June  21,  1881,  Fannie,  daughter  of  John  and  Amanda 
(White)  Paget,  iu  Pawling,  N.  Y.,  Rev.  Burroughs  S.  Fauton 
officiating.     She  was  born  Dec.  22,  1863,  in  South  East,  N.  Y. 

Child : 

2721—1.     Nellie  Ann,  b.  Aug.  19,  1885. 

2722.  George  Provost  Crane8  [2318],  (Philander,7  Josiah,6 
Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
March  16,  1846,  Ann  Jennette  Smith,  who  was  born  Feb.  28, 
1825.     Children: 

2723—1.     Harriet  Estelle,  b.  Nov.  25,  1848;  m.  Jan.  13,  1876. 
2724—2.     Anna  Delight,  b.  Nov.  2,  1850;  m.  Nov.  16,  1871;  d.  Dec. 

16,  1889. 
2725—3.     Sarah  Jannette,  b.  June  2,  1856;  m.  May  23,  1878;  d.  Nov. 

24,  1894. 
2726—4.     Eugenla  Smith,  b.  May  11,  1863;  d.  May  2,  1869. 
2727—5.     Lillie  Irene,  b.  Dec.  27,  1868;  d.  Jan.  3,   1875. 

2728.  Elbert  Crane8  [2319],  (Philander,7  Josiah,6  Jona- 
than,5 Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  Mar- 
garet Porce,  in  1862.     He  died  Jan.  27,  1865.     Child  : 

2729—1.     Philander,  b.  Oct.  4,  1863;  d.  March  23,  1865. 

2730.  Sarah  E.  Crane8  [2322],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married  John  Baker, 
of  Albion,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  John  C.  (Baker). 

2.  Adella  (Baker). 

3.  Emma  (Baker). 

■1.     Charles  (Baker). 

2731.  Christopher  Columbus  Crane8  [2323],  (John,7  Jo- 
siah,6 Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1), 
married  E valine  Kuck.     He  died  in  his  27th  year,  of  consumption. 

Child  : 

2732  —  1.     Carrie  E. 


2333.  Hannah  Ckane8  [2324],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Harmon  Sand- 
honse.     Children: 

1.  Adelbert  (Sandhouse). 

2.  Harry  (Sandhouse). 

3.  Jenny  (Sandhouse). 
.4.  William  (Sandhouse). 

5.     Cora  (Sandhouse). 

2734.  Charles  F.  Crane8  [2326],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jona- 
than,5 Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  in 
1859,  Lucy  A.  Battles,  a  native  of  Massachusetts,  born  in  1842. 
He  was  a  farmer  and  resided  for  a  time  in  Monticello,  Iowa,  but 
about  1888  went  to  California  and  settled  at  Fall  Brook. 

Children : 

2735-1.  Eva  D.,  b.  18(51. 

2736—2.  Willie  E.,  b.  1863. 

2737—3.  Ida  M.,  b.  I860. 

2738—4.  Flora  B.,  b.  1867. 

2739—5.  Frank  S.,  b.  1869. 

2740—6.  Charlie  F.,  b.  1373. 

2741—7.  Okrin  B.,  b.  1878. 

2742.  Orrin  Baldwin  Crane8  [2327],  (John,7  Josiah,6 
Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married 
Jennie  Burlingame,  of  Cleveland,  Ohio.  He  died  at  the  age  of 
42  years,  of  consumption.     Children  : 

2743-1.     Cora. 

2744 — 2.     De  Forrest. 

2745.  Frances  A.  Crane8  [2328],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jona- 
than,5 Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  John 
D.  Walworth.     She  died  ased  34  years,  of  consumption. 

Children  : 

1.  Clara  A.  (Walworth)  ;  m.  Lon  B.  Gi'iffln,  of  Kirkville,  Mo. 

2.  Carrie  (Walworth)  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2746.  Carso  Crane8  [2329],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  Electa  L. 
Glidden.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  late  civil  war,  and  went  from 
Iowa.     Now  (1899)  resides  in  Anamosa.     Children: 

2747 — 1.     Fred  G. ;  m.  Minnie  Austin  ;  residence  Sumner,  Iowa. 
2748 — 2.     Lizzie  A.;  m.  Fred  A.  Brainard ;  residence  Anamosa,  Iowa. 

2749.  Emily  Crane8  [2330],  (John,7  Josiah,6  Jonathan,5 
Joseph,4  Joseph,3  Jonathan,'3  Benjamin1),  married  William  G. 
Condit.     She  died  aged  52  years,  of  consumption.     Children  : 

1.  Lalia  (Condit). 

2.  William  C.  (Condit)  ;  m.  Sylvia  Walker;  residence  Ames,  Neb. 

3.  Ernest  D.  (Condit) ;  residence  Anamosa,  Iowa. 

4.  Bessie  (Condit)  ;  residence  Anamosa,  Iowa. 

5.  Orrin  (Condit)  ;  residence  Ames,  Neb. 


The  material  from  which  the  following  sketches  were  drawn 
was  furnished  the  compiler  after  the  family  record  had  been 

[See  opposite  page,  No.  2746.] 

Carso  Crane8  married  Electa  L.  Glidden.  He  served  in 
the  late  war.  Enlisted  as  a  private  from  Jones  County,  Iowa, 
in  July,  1861,  elected  2d  Lieutenant,  ordered  into  camp  at 
Dubuque,  and  mustered  into  the  United  States  service  Sept. 
2,  in  Co.  D,  9th  Regt.  Iowa  Infantry.  Then  proceeded  via. 
St.  Louis,  Mo.,  to  Pacific  City,  and  with  Gen.  Curtis  in  com- 
mand, the  army  of  the  South  West  started  after  the  enemy  under 
General  Price,  came  up  with  the  rear  of  the  enemy  before  reach- 
ing Springfield,  but  could  not  bring  on  an  engagement  until  Price 
had  formed  a  junction  with  Van  Dorn,  when  with  a  force  of 
35,000  they  turned  upon  Curtis  with  his  10,000  men.  In  a 
skirmish  at  Nubben  Ridge  the  casualties  were  light,  but  at  Pea 
Ridge,  where  they  fought  March  6  and  7,  1861,  the  company  of 
which  he  was  then  in  command  went  into  the  engagement  with 
55  men,  had  2  killed.  2  taken  prisoners,  and  29  wounded.  Com- 
pany C.  having  lost  its  officers,  was  attached  to  Mr.  Crane's 
company  on  the  afternoon  of  the  6th,  and  continued  there 
throughout  that  action.  Afterwards  they  marched  through 
Arkansas  to  Helena,  in  August;  remained  there  until  December; 
made  an  attack  on  Chickasaw  Bayou  and  were  repulsed  ;  returned 
to  Arkansas  and  captured  Arkansas  Post;  returned  to  Vicksburg 
and  worked  in  the  famous  cut-off  canal.  Here  Mr.  Crane  be- 
came prostrated  by  the  effects  of  a  sunstroke  in  connection  with 
chronic  diarrhoea  and  resigned  in  March,  1863,  on  a  surgeon's 
certificate.  He  was  made  1st  Lieutenant  in  September,  1862, 
and  Captain  in  February,  1863.  While  in  camp  at  Helena,  he 
served  several  months  on  the  staff  of  Gen.  Vandevers.  Now 
(1899)  resides  in  Anamosa,  Iowa.     Children: 

[See  page  203,  No.  2301.] 

••Dr.  George  Belden  Crane  was  born  July  31,  1806,  in  the 
State  of  New  York,  Dutchess  County,  now  Putnam,  and  died 
Monday,  May  9,  1898.  His  first  school-days  were  spent  in  a 
little  shanty  near  his  father's  sawmill  on  the  Croton  river.  Like 
other  boys  in  those  days,  he  worked  on  the  farm  in  the  summer 
and  went  to  school  in  the  winter.  When  sixteen  years  old  he 
secured  a  certificate  and  commenced  teaching  school,  receiving 
therefor  about  §12  per  month  and  board.  Four  years  later  he 
entered  the  medical  department  of  the  State  University  in  New 
York  City,  graduating  in  1832.  He  soon  turned  his  face  west- 
ward, travelling  from  Albany  to  Schenectady  on  the  first  passen- 
ger railroad  in  the  United  States.  He  continued  his  journev  on 


a  canal-boat  to  Buffalo,  and  by  steamer  from  there  to  Cleveland. 
Obio,  thence  to  the  Great  Scioto  river.  Here  he  settled  and 
practiced  medicine  for  nearly  five  years,  marrying,  meantime, 
Maria,  eldest  daughter  of  Dan  Young,  a  pioneer  from  New 
Hampshire.  The  health  of  his  wife  demanding  a  change  of 
climate,  he  in  1836  removed  to  Northern  Alabama,  where  he 
continued  the  practice  of  his  profession  until  he  found  his  consti- 
tution was  beina:  undermined  by  hard  labor  in  what  was  then  not 
only  a  hot  but  a  malarious  section.  From  here  he  went  to  Pike 
county,  Missouri,  a  place  made  conspicuous  by  California  emi- 
gration. It  was  here  that  in  1343  he  had,  unsolicited,  the  honor 
of  being  one  of  two  or  three  physicians  of  that  State  on  whom 
the  medical  department  of  the  University  of  Missouri  conferred  the 
honorary  degree  of  M.  D.  In  January,  1853,  Dr.  Crane,  with 
family,  started  by  sailing  vessel  for  California  via  the  Horn.  On 
the  3rd  of  May.  1853.  he  left  San  Francisco  by  steamer  for  Alviso. 
aud  thence  to  San  Jose  by  stage.  Here  he  lived  and  prospered  for 
four-  years,  when  the  continued  ill  health  of  his  wife,  caused  him 
to  relinquish  charge  of  the  city  and  county  hospital  and  a  large 
private  practice  and  remove  to  Napa.  Having  studied  viticulture 
as  followed  in  France  and  Germany,  and  comparing  the  soil  of 
this  valley  with  that  of  other  countries,  he  decided  to  engage  in 
that  industry  and  at  once  purchased  nearly  400  acres  of  land 
near  the  little  hamlet  of  St.  Helena,  paying  therefor  an  average 
of  between  §6  and  -S7  per  acre.  He  procured  Mission  cuttings 
from  San  Jose,  there  being  no  foreign  ones  in  the  country,  and 
planted  about  twelve  acres  in  February,  1859,  a  portion  of  which 
grew  well.  The  planting  was  continued,  and  in  ten  years  he 
possessed  a  vineyard  of  one  hundred  acres.  He  encountered  all 
the  vicissitudes  usual  to  pioneers  in  any  movement,  but  ultimately 
achieved  success.  It  was  not  long  after  his  acres  of  wilderness 
had  been  converted  into  a  fruitful  and  beautiful  home  that  his 
first  wife  died,  and  in  187i>  he  married  the  widow  of  A.J.  Gray- 
son, the  ornithologist  who  lost  his  life  while  painting  the  ornith- 
ology of  Central  America.  The  doctor  saw  the  little  hamlet  of 
redwood  shanties  near  his  home  grow  to  a  substantial  and  thrifty 
town  with  comfortable  homes  established  so  close  together  that 
stations  along  the  line  of  railroad  had  to  be  placed  a  mile  or  two 
apart  for  the  convenience  of  residents.  For  many  years  deceased 
lived  quietly,  always  extending  a  hearty  welcome  to  the  visitor 
who  crossed  the  threshold  of  his  hospitable  home.  He  passed 
considerable  time  in  reading  and  writing.  His  articles  for  the 
press  were  many,  and  he  was  always  pleased  when  new  thoughts 
were  brought  out.  In  1885.  when  79  years  old.  he  wrote  his  life 
history,  together  with  incidents,  experiences  and  comments  on  a 
variety  of  topics.  This  he  caused  to  be  published  for  distribution 
among  his  relatives  and  friends.  And  now  that  its  author  has 
gone,  we  quote  from  its  pages  a  few  of  his  thoughts  on  death : 
•But  whv  regard  the  dav  of  death  as  an  "evil  dav"?     It  is  an 


event  as  natural  as  that  of  our  birth.  Our  birth  was  for  a  pur- 
pose. We  are  compelled  to  believe,  from  an  analogical  reason- 
ing, that  there  is  a  purpose  in  so  called  death.  The  apparent 
difference  between  birth  and  death  is  not  real.  The  first  is  to 
people  earth  with  rudimental  intelligences,  the  next  to  translate 
those  intelligences  to  a  higher  sphere  of  existence.  Progress  is 
the  rule  of  nature.'  What  better  can  be  said  of  him  than  that 
the  ninety-two  years  of  his  earthly  existence  were  spent  in  well- 
directed  efforts  for  the  benefit  of  mankind !  He  possessed  a 
noble  character,  was  a  kind  friend  and  a  good  citizen. 
Child  : 

2302 — 1.  Mary;  m.  John  McPike.  She  d.  a  few  years  since,  leaving 
four  sons  and  a  daughter,  who  together  with  their 
children  number  Ave  grandchildren  and  six  great-grand- 
children that  Dr.  Crane  left  at  his  decease. 

[See  page  206,  No.  2352.] 

Judge  Addison  Moses  Crane  was  born  in  Litchfield,  Herki- 
mer County,  N.  Y.,  July  2,  1814.  He  served  at  Buffalo,  N. 
Y.,  in  the  Navy  Island  rebellion  during  the  months  of  June 
and  September,  1838.  He  married  in  Catskill,  Greene  County, 
Oct.  21,  1839,  Gertrude  Ashley,  who  was  born  at  Catskill,  June 
20,  1820.  They  settled  at  Nunda,  Livingston  County,  where 
their  two  eldest  children  were  born.  About  1844  he  removed  to 
La  Fayette,  Ind.,  where  he  served  as  judge  from  1848  to  1852. 
In  1853  he  removed  to  California,  making  the  trip  around  Cape 
Horn,  and  settled  in  Alameda  County.  Here  he  purchased  twelve 
acres  of  land,  extending  from  Buena  Vista  avenue  back  to  the 
Canal  and  from  Oak  to  Walnut  streets,  in  Oakland,  where  he  lived. 
He  was  the  first  judge  for  Alameda  County,  1853  to  1857,  and 
represented  Alameda  County  in  the  State  Senate,  1862  and  1863, 
and  was  also  a  railroad  commissioner.  His  death  occurred  Oct. 
20,  1887,  and  the  following  memorial  so  plainly  shows  with  what 
high  esteem  he  was  held  by  those  who  knew  him  best,  that  we 
cannot  refrain  from  printing  it  in  full : 

"  In  Memoriam. 
To  the  Hon.  Superior  Court  of  Alameda  Co.,  Cal. 

The  committee  heretofore  appointed  by  this  court  to  draft 
suitable  resolutions  respecting  the  death  of  the  late  Addison  M. 
Crane  report  the  following  Preamble  and  Resolutions  : 

Whereas,  We  having  learned  with  sincere  regret  of  the  death 
of  Hon.  Addison  M.  Crane,  for  many  years  a  resident  of  this 
county,  a  member  of  the  Bar  of  the  State,  and  late  Judge  of  this 
Court,  which  occurrence  took  piace  at  his  residence  in  the  city 
of  Oakland,  on  the  20th  day  of  October,  1887  ;  and 

Wliereas,  We,  as  members  of  the  Bar,  have  known  him  long 
and  intimately,  as  well  in  private  and  social  life,  as  in  the  worry- 
ing and  harassing  duties  of  his  profession  —  ever  finding  him  a 


conscientious,  upright  and  faithful  lawyer,  an  impartial  and  wise 
Judge,  and  an  honest  man,  distinguished  alike  for  his  gentleness 
of  manner  and  kindness  of  disposition,  and  in  all  the  relations 
of  life  for  strict  fidelity  and  integrity — faithful  and  capable  in 
the  discharge  of  the  duties  devolving  upon  him  as  a  lawyer  and  a 
Judge,  truthful  and  trustworthy  as  a  man,  reliable  and  able  in 
the  discharge  of  the  duties  devolving  upon  him  in  the  many 
official  positions  held  by  him — his  character  was  always  above 
reproach,  without  stain,  and  without  blemish.     Therefore, 

Resolved.  That  in  the  death  of  Hon.  Addison  M.  Crane  society 
has  lost  a  useful  citizen  and  an  influential  man,  and  the  Bar  a 
faithful,  capable  and  earnest  member,  and  the  County  and  State 
an  old  and  respected  citizen. 

Resolved,  That  we  tender  to  his  surviving  widow,  his  family 
and  friends  our  heartfelt  sympathy  in  their  bereavement. 

Resolved,  That  a  copy  of  these  resolutions  be  presented  to  the 
familv  of  the  deceased,  and  also  spread  upon  the  minutes  of  this 

R.   A.   Redman, 
James  C.  Martin, 
A.   M.   Rosborocgh, 
A.  A.   Moore, 
John  R.  Glascock, 


A  son  of  Judge  Addison  Moses  Crane. 

235-t — 2.  Lacren  Elliott,  b.  July  18,  1842;  d.  February,  1897,  of  pa- 
ralysis of  the  heart,  in  San  Fraucisco.  He  was  a  bright, 
ambitious  youth,  became  highly  educated  and  a  linguist; 
was  a  successful  writer  of  both  prose  and  verse,  and 
gained  thereby  considerable  distinction  ;  was  on  the  stali'of 
the  old  Orerland  Monthly.  Poland  Chronicle  of  San  Fran- 
cisco; also  assistant  editor  of  the  Sacramento  Record- 
Union.  He  arranged  and  threw  open  for  circulation  boobs 
of  the  Free  Public  Library  of  San  Francisco.  Among 
various  stories  from  his  pen,  perhaps  he  is  best  known 
by  his  "  Newton  Booth  of  California."  He  acted  as  Gov- 
ernor Booth's  private  secretary,  and  he  was  also  secre- 
tary for  Governor  Pacheco.  '•  Dick  Doone  a  California 
gambler,"  a  dialect  poem,  also  his  poem  "Jnanita," 
attracted  no  small  degree  of  attention.  He  was  of  fine 
physique,  and  a  person  of  rare  personality. 

2750.  William  Snow  Crane8  [2334],  (Oliver,7  Josiah.6 
Jonathan,5  Joseph,4  Joseph.3  Jonathan.2  Benjamin1),  married 
Dec.  3,  1856,  in  New  York  city,  Eleanor  Frances  Collin.  She 
was  born  in  that  city  Dec.  12,  1837,  and  there  they  have  resided. 
He  is  engaged  in  the  dry  goods  business.     Children  : 

2751—1.     Carrie  Ella,  b.  March  31.  1858. 

2752—2.     Edna  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  21,  lSi32;  d.  Oct.  7,  1865. 


tSL?Y  L\C3RArNE8  [U°?tt>  (Wyram,^  Alfred,-  Peter,* 
Thaddeus,"  Joseph^  Jonathan,"  Benjamin'),  married  Geo.  W. 
bayles,  born  Nov.  1,  18-41.     Children: 

1.     Kathleen  A.  (Sayles),  b.  Oct.  14,  1880. 

Th27^4'  ^ETtTIE  uR,ANf  P*09*].  (WyramJ  Alfred,*  Peter,* 
Tbaddeus,"  Joseph  Jonathan,"  Benjamin'),  married  Ovett 
Morrill,  bora  Aug.  23,  1856.     Children  : 

1.  Earl  Crane  (Morrill),  b.  Jan.  22,  1883 

2.  Julia  H.  (Morrill),  b.  Sept.  12,  1888. 

t  2755s  ^r    B,0TLE    CrANe8    t2417J>    (ThaddeasJ  James,s 
James,*  Thaddeus,'  Joseph,*  Jonathan,"  Benjamin'),  was  born 
in  Neosho  Falls,  Kansas;  married  Nov.  12,  1891,  Clella  Jackson. 
Child  : 

2756-1.     James  Jackson,  b.  May  17,  1894,  at  Vernon,  Kan. 

2757  Mary  K.  Cranes  [2453],  (Lyman,*  Charles  A.,«  Ash- 
bil,5  John,"  John,"  Abraham,"  Benjamin'),  married  Edward 
Goodyear.      They  settled  in  Chatham,  Medina  County,  Ohio 

Children :  J 

1.  Charles  E.  (Goodyear). 

2.  George  R.  (Goodyear). 

3.  Edna  D.  (Goodyear). 

2758.     Charles    E     Goodyear    [1],    m.   and   settled   in    Litchfield, 
Ohio.     Children :  ' 

1.  Florance  (Goodyear). 

2.  Lola  (Goodyear). 

,  !15?;  tHaki"s  W-  Crane8  [2466],  (Walter  C.,'  Charles  A., « 
Ashbil.5  John,4  John,3  Abraham,"  Benjamin'),  married  Abbie 
Hales,  of  Mount  Gilead,  Ohio,  Jan.  3,  1822.  He  is  an  engineer 
on  Big  4  R.  R.,  or  the  Cleveland,  Cincinnati,  Chicago,  and  St 
Louis  Railway.     Children  : 

2760 — 1.     Lourettia. 

2761 — 2.     Charles  Arthur. 

2762—3.     George  Walter. 


■2763.     Rev.      Horace     Alonzo     Crane,9     M.A.,     [2489], 

(Horace  A.,8  Truman,7  John,6  Benjamin5,  John,4  John,3  Jona- 
than,2 Benjamin1),  born  at  New  Haven,  Vt.  ;  a  Methodist  minis- 
ter. Graduated  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  1885  ;  spent  several  years  in 
missionary  work.  Was  in  India  in  18913  and  1897,  and  presiding 
elder  of  the  Bombay  district.  Since  his  return  to  America  he 
has  given  several  lectures  on  life  in  India,  its  people,  their  man- 
ners and  customs,  etc.  He  is  at  present  (1899)  pastor  of  the 
Methodist  Episcopal  Church  at  Lima,  N.  Y.  A  man  of  scholarly 
attainments;  an  eloquent  and  forcible  speaker.  June  17,  1885, 
he  married  Julia  Farr  at  Middlebury,  Vt.  She  was  born  at  Lin- 
coln, Vt.,  Jan.  21,  1860.     Children: 

2764—1.     Gkorgiana  A.,  b.  June  5,  1886,  at  Central  City,  Neb. 
2765 — 2.     Phlla  Ldella,  b.  Oct.  23,  1891,  at  Omaha. 

2766.  Edwin  C.  Crane9  [2529],  (Mahlon  D.,8  Edwin  D.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,9  Benjamin1),  married 
Augusta  L.  Boyd,  of  La  Porte,  Ind.,  Oct.  19,  1882.  He  was 
for  several  years  telegraph  operator  for  the  L.  S.  &  M.  S.  R.  R. ; 
now  (1898)  railroad  ticket  agent  at  La  Porte,  Ind.     Children: 

2767—1.  Emily  L.,  b.  Aug.  21,  1883. 
2768—2.  Mahlon  B.,  b.  May  2,  1887. 
2769—3.     Gladys  Virginia,  b.  Aug.  28,  1889. 

2770.  Sarah  L.  Crane9  [2530],  (Mahbm  D.,8  Edwin  D.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Arthur  L.  Williams,  Jan.  2,  1873.  He  was  born  at  Blissfield, 
Mich.,  Sept.  4,  1852.  For  some  years  he  was  a  merchant  in 
Blissrield.  In  the  year  1882  he  went  to  South  Dakota,  and  was 
engaged  in  farming  for  a  few  years;  now  (1898)  resides  in 
Chicago,  111.     Children  : 

1.  Edwin  F.  (Williams),  b.  June  23,  1874;  cl.  September,  1874. 

2.  Clara  L.  (Williams),  b.  Keb.  27,  1878. 

3.  J.  Stanley  (Williams),  b.  Dec.  25,  1892;  d.  Aug.  5,  1893. 

2771.  Dwight  H.  Crane9  [2532],  (James  K.,8  Edwin  U.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  went  to 
California,  and  worked  in  the  silver  mines  some  five  years.  Was 
also  in  the  service  of  the  Street  Railway  Company  in  the  city  of 
San  Francisco  about  five  years.  Returned  to  Michigan,  and 
settled  at  Deerfield ;  a  farmer. 



2772.  Cynthia  A.  Crane9  [2533],  (James  K.,8  Edwin  D.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Lucy  P.  Wilson,  Jan.  16,  1881.     Child: 

1.     Adaline  E.  (Wilson). 

2773.  Alfred  J.  Crane9  [2535],  (James  K.,8  Edwin  D.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Hattie  A.  Goodrich.  Nov.  20,  1884,  daughter  of  Lyman  E.   and 

Mary  Goodrich.     She   was    born    Feb.    23,    1863.     He   is 

agent  for  the  L.  S.  &  M.  S.  R.  R.,  at  Riga,  Mich.     Children: 

277+— 1.  Edna  B. 

2775 — 2.  Hazel. 

2776—3.  Iva  G. 

2777 — i.  Herold  Alfred,  b.  Oct.  19,  1898. 

2778.  Charles  J.  Crane9  [2539],  (Charles  E.,8  Edwin  D.,7 
Archer,6  Samuel,5  John,4  John,3  Jonathan,2  Benjamin1),  married 
Lillie  Curry.  July  30,  1884.  She  was  born  Oct.  31,  1860,  at 
Vincennes,  Ind.  For  several  years  he  has  been  ticket  agent  for 
the  Pennsylvania  Railroad  lines  at  Indianapolis,  Ind.     Children  : 

2779—1.  Charles  E.,  b.  May  3,  1885. 

2780— 2.  Perry  Curry,  b.  Sept.  19,  1886. 

2781 — 3.  Henry  Barton,  b.  July  15,  1888. 

2782—4.  George  F..  b.  March  4,  1891. 

2783—5.  Helen,  b.  Jan.  19,  1898. 


Mr.  William  L.  Weaver,  then  editor  of  the  Willimanttc 
Journal,  began  Oct.  10,  1862,  to  publish  in  that  paper  data 
relating  to  the  history  of  Windham  County,  Conn.,  and  gave 
considerable  attention  to  genealogies  of  the  families  that  were 
early  settlers  there.  Among  them  were  some  of  the  descend- 
ants of  Jonathan  Crane,  of  Windham,  and  John  Crane,  of 
Coveutry.  For  reasons  best  known  to  himself,  the  publication  of 
the  history  was  abandoned,  although  the  publication  of  the  geneal- 
ogies was  continued  in  the  Journal  for  some  time :  and  the 
following  is  copied  from  that  paper,  issued  under  date  of  Oct.  20, 
1864,  and  from  the  pen  of  Mr.  Weaver: — 

"•John  Crane,  an  early  settler  of  Coventry,  was  the  common 
ancestor  of  the  Mansfield  Cranes.  We  have  made  considerable 
effort  to  trace  his  ancestry,  and  to  connect  him  with  some  of  the 
early  Crane  families  in  New  England ;  but  without  success.  He 
was  certainly  one  of  the  very  early  settlers  of  Coventry,  where 
he  was  living  in  1708,  where  he  had  land  deeded  to  him.  He  was 
not  a  descendant  from  Jonathan,  of  Windham,  and  we  cannot 
find  that  he  was  the  son  of  either  of  the  brothers  of  Jonathan,  of 
Wethersfield ;  but  we  strongly  suspect  there  was  a  connection 
between  the  families.  The  fact  that  John  Crane,  of  Windham, 
settled  in  Coventry  while  John  Crane,  the  Coventry  settler,  was 
living  there  ;  the  similar  family  names  and  traditions  among  some 
branches  of  the  Cranes,  lend  color  to  the  suspicion.  The  early 
settlers  of  Coventry  were  mostly  from  the  towns  of  the  Connecti- 
cut River  valley,  including  some  families  from  Wethersfield;  and 
we  consider  it  not  at  all  impossible  that  John  Crane,  the  Coventry 
settler,  was  a  son  of  the  Wethersfield  Cranes,  though  no  record 
of  his  birth  has  been  found  there.  John  Crane  was  one  of  the 
accepted  inhabitants  of  Coventry  in  1730,  when  the  first  list  of 


freemen  was  made  ;  and,  of  course,  a  resident  of  the  town  at  that 
time.  He  subsequently  removed  to  Mansfield,  but  at  what  time 
is  not  ascertained.  It  is  supposed  that  he  lived  near  the 
Willimautic  River,  and  that  his  removal  to  Mansfield  was  only 
across  the  stream,  the  dividing  line  between  the  towns.  Descend- 
ants say  he  was  buried  in  the  Willimantic  burying-grouud  above 
Eagleville,  in  Mansfield.  We  have  not  ascertained  in  regard  to 
the  church  relations  of  John  Crane ;  but  from  what  we  have  been 
able  to  gather,  judge  that  both  he  and  his  wife  were  pious  and 
respectable  people  in  comfortable  circumstances.  He  is  called 
Mr.  in  the  Mansfield  records, — then  a  special  mark  of  respect. 

John  Crane's  will  names  his  "  wife  Abigail ;  children,  Hezekiah, 
Ebenezer,  John ;  three  grandchildren  of  my  daughter  Abigail 
Barrows ;  daughter  Mary  Allen,  wife  of  Samuel ;  and  children 
of  my  daughter  Ruth  Paddock,  deceased."  Mrs.  Crane  also 
names  the  same  children  in  her  will.  After  careful  investigation, 
with  records  of  the  various  lines  in  view,  the  suspicion  still 
remains,  with  accumulated  strength,  even  bordering  on  belief, 
that  John  Crane,  of  Coventry,  was  a  descendant  of  Benjamin, 
senior,  of  Wethersfield.  From  the  birth  of  this  John,  of  Coventry, 
in  1689  or  1690,  to  his  death,  in  1765,  there  were  no  less  than 
seven  John  Cranes  living  within  a  radius  of  twenty-five  or  thirty 
miles  from  Wethersfield  :  John,  son  of  Benjamin,  b.  1663  ;  John, 
son  of  Jonathan,  b.  1687;  John,  son  of  Abraham,  b.  1700; 
John,  son  of  John  of  Jonathan,  b.  1709  ;  John,  son  of  John  of 
Coventry,  b.  1716;  John,  son  of  John  of  Abraham,  b.  1739; 
and  John,  son  of  John,  of  Coventry,  b.  1743.  It  is,  there- 
fore, apparent  that  John  was  a  popular  name  with  the  Crane 
family  at  that  time,  and  great  care  has  been  exercised  in 
arranging  their  children  in  their  proper  lines. 

The  question  arises :  If  this  John  was  grandson  of  Benjamin, 
senior,  of  Wethersfield,  whose  son  was  he?  Most  likely  he  was 
son  of  John,  who  went  among  the  first  settlers  to  Windham  with 
his  brother  Jonathan.  He  is  reported  as  having  been  by  trade 
a  blacksmith,  and  the  record  fixes  his  death  Oct.  21,  1694,  at  the 
age  of  31  years.  He  married  Abigail  Butler,  by  whom  he  had 
one  child,  Josiah.  b.  March  22,  1694.  This  marriage  with 
Abigail  Butler  took  place  Oct.  27,  1692,  he  being  then  twenty-nine 
years  and  six  months  old.  With  the  laws  of  the  colony  encour- 
aging, and  almost  compelling,  early  marriages,  it  is  not  unlikely 
that  this  was  his  second  marriage,  and  that,  while  in  Windham. 


by  a  former  wife,  who  had  died,  he  had  a  son  .John.  If  not  why 
did  he  not  fotlow  the  custom  and  name  Abigail's  child  John?  Of 
course,  this  is  theory;  no  records  have  been  found  to  confirm 
beyond  doubt  the  position  here  taken.  He  may  have  been  the 
son  of  Jacob,  but  that  is  rather  doubtful. 

John  Crane,  supposed  to  be    this   ancestor  of    the  Mansfield 
Cranes,  purchased  land  of  Samuel  Burnham,  of  Windsor   Conn 
in  1708,  which   he  sold   in    1711   to  Benjamin  Jones.     He    then 
purchased  home  lot  No.  68. 

Rev.  Jonathan  Crane,  for  forty  years  a  minister  at  Middletown, 
N.  T.,  who  gave  much  time  to  investigating  the  history  of  his 
immediate  family,  entertained  the  same  opinion,  that  this  John,  of 
Coventry,  was  grandson  of  Benjamin,  of  Wethersfield. 


From  Records  of  Coven-try,  Conn.,  Mostly   Obtained    From 

Manuscripts  of  Mr.  Wm.    L.  Weaver,   by 

E.  B.  Crane  in  1879. 

1.  John  Crane  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Coventry, 
Conn.,  born  1689  or  1690,  married  Abigail  Cross,  Oct.  29,  1712, 
she  was  daughter  of  Peter  Cross  of  Mansfield,  and  Mary,  his  wife. 
She  was  born  in  Windham,  -fane  23,  169-1.  October,  1743,  John 
Crane  of  Mansfield,  and  Wm.  Williams  with  others  asked  the 
Assembly  to  fix  site  for  Second  Society  Meeting-house.  John 
Crane's  will  is  dated  May  31,  176-1,  proved  March  16,  1765, 
probated  March  19,  1765.  (Invo.  £146-17-6).  Will  men- 
tions wife  Abigail,  children  Hezekiah,  Ebenezer,  John,  and  Mary 
Allen,  three  grandchildren  of  his  daughter  Abigail  Barrows,  and 
three  grandchildren  of  daughter  Ruth  Paddock.  Mrs.  Crane's 
will  was  dated  July  6,  1765,  proved  Sept.  25,  1765,  probated  Oct., 
1765.  He  died  in  Mansfield,  March  1,  1765,  aged  75.  She 
died  Sept.  1,  1765,  aged  71. 

In  what  has  been  known  as  the  Gurley  burial-ground,  situated 
about  a  mile  and  a  half  northwest  from  the  meeting-house  in 
North  Mansfield,  John  Crane  and  his  wife  Abigail  were  buried, 
and  their  grave-stones  were  standing  in  1868,  bearing  the  follow- 
ing  inscriptions:     "In    memory  of    Mr.  John  Craine    who  died 

March  ye 1765  in  ye  76  year  of  his  age,"     "  In  memory  of 

Mrs  Abigail  ye  wife  of  Mr.  John  Craine,  who  died    Sept  y*  

1765,  in  ye  year  of  her  age."     Children  : 

2—1.     John,  b.  Sept.  3,  1713;  d.  Sept.  20,  1713. 

3—2.     Abigail,  b.  Oct.  20,  1714. 

4—3.     John,  b.  Oct.  25,  171(5. 

5—4.     Ebenezer,  b.  July  4,  1720. 

6 — 5.     Mary,  b.  May  22,  1722;   m.  Samuel   Allen,  and  had  three  or 
four  children. 

7—6.     Samuel,  b.  April  23.  1724. 

8—7.     Hezekiah,  b.  Oct.  10,  1725. 

9  —  8.     Deborah,  b.  Aug.  1,  1727;  probably  died  young. 
10-9.     Daniel,  b.  Jan.  29,  1723-9;  died  young  (Jan.  4,  1739). 

11-10.     Ruth,  b.   Dec.  22,    1730;   m.  " Paddock  and  d.  before 


12.  Abigail  Crane-  [3], (John1),  married  Lieut.  Thomas  Bar- 
rows for  his  second  wife  Feb.  2,  1743-4,  she  died  Aug.  9,  1750. 
Lieut.  Barrows  married  for  his  first  wife  Mehitable  Porter,  and 
after  the  death  of  Abigail  Crane,  married  Elizabeth  Turner  for  a 
third  wife,  by  whom  he  had  several  children,  names  not  given. 

1.  Abigail  (Barrows),  b.  Xov.  5,  1744;  m.  Sathan  Palmer. 

2.  Mehitable  (Barrows),  b.  Jan.  7,  1745-6;  m.  Thos    Swift,  Jr. 

3.  Thomas  (Barrows),  b.  May  24.  1748;  d.  Mar.  15,  1749. 

4.  Thomas  (Barrows),  b.  July  27,  1750. 


13.  John  Crane2  [4],  (John1),  married  Sarah  Chamberlain, 
May  IS,  173S.  She  was  daughter  of  Edmund.  Mr.  Crane  settled 
first  in  Mansfield,  Conn.,  where  his  children  were  born.  He 
afterwards  removed  to  Becket,  Mass. 

14 — 1.     Sarah,        )   .     .         .      ,      ..  „,.    ,_„„      f 

15-2.     Deborah,  f  tw,ns  ^  »>.  April  20,  1 ,39.    {  d.  Nov.  18,  1744. 

16—3.     Anna,  b.  May  18,  1741. 

\l~t  Thankful,  }twiQS;  b'  March  *■  '"« 

19—6.  Catherine,  b.  Oct.  3,  1744. 

20—7.  Stephen,  b.  Jan.  10,  1747. 

21—8.  Samuel,  b.  July  4,  1749. 

22 — 9.  Solomon,  b.  July  15,  1754. 

23.  Ebenezer  Crane2  [5],  (John  '),  married  Sarah,  daugh- 
ter of  Jonathan  Curtis,  June  21,  1744.  Settled  first  in  Mans- 
field, Conn.,  but  was  of  Lebanon  in  1765,  when  in  April  of  that 
year  he  declined  to  act  with  his  brother  Hezekiah  as  one  of  the 
executors  of  his  father's  will.  He  could  not  have  long  been  a 
resident  of  Lebanon,  for  he  was  of  Mansfield  in  1762  and  again 
in  1770.  It  is  supposed  the  family  removed  from  the  town,  as 
no  records  of  his  descendants  are  to  be  found  at  Mansfield 
where  his  children  were  born.  It  appears  that  he  was  twice 
married,  for  his  grandson  Edmund  Franklin  Craine,  says  he 
married  a  Welsh  lady  by  name  of  Mary  Neff .     Children  : 

24—1.  Abigail,  b.  Oct.  1,  17+5. 

25—2.  Ebenezer,  b.  July  26,  1747. 

26-3.  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  14,  1749. 

27—4.  Deborah,  b.  Aug.  11,  1751. 

28—5.  Rebeck  ah,  b.  Sept.  7,  1753;  d.  Oct.  7,  1753. 

29 — 6.  Rebeckah,  b.  Sept  11,  1755. 

30—7.  Jonathan,  b.  Aug.  20,  1757. 

31—8.  Amariah,  b.  Oct.  16,  1759. 

32—9.  Roger,  b.  May  4,  1762. 

33-10.  Sarah,  b.  Sept  4,  1770. 

34.  Hezekiah  Crane2  [8],  (John1),  married  Tamesin,  daugh- 
ter of  Elisha  Eldridge  of  Mansfield,  Conn.,  June  6,  1749.  She 
died  March  15,  1771.  He  died  Jan.  8,  1795,  aged  68.  Mr. 
Crane  lived  and  died  in  Mansfield,  Conn.  ;  he  was  executor  of 
his  father's  will,  and  it  is  supposed  from  the  records  that  he  lived 
on  the  Crane  homestead,  and  that  his  father  and  mother  spent 
their  last  days  with  him.     Children: 

35  —  1.     Hezekiah,  b.  March  4,  1751. 
36—2.     Daniel,  b.  April  14,  1752. 


37 — 3.     Roth,  b.  May  1,  1753;  m. Clark  of  Ellington,  Conn. 

38 — t.     Elisha,  b.  July  13,  1754;  m.  Hanks. 

39—5.  Tamksin,  b.  Feb.  16,  1755;  m.  Elijah  Field,  Jan.  26,  1774. 
He  was  b.  April  20,  1 756, son  of  Bennett  Field  who  was  son 
of  John  of  Deerfield,  Mass.  The  latter's  wife  was  taken 
captive  by  the  Indians,  1704.  and  returned  1706,  and  son 
Bennett  was  born  afterwards,  1709.  Elijah  Field  after 
marriage  removed  from  Woodstock,  Vt.,  and  from  there 
to  Houndsville,  N.  Y.,  where  he  d.  Oct.,  1828.  He  was  a 
drummer  through  the  Revolutionary  war. 

40—6.     Dorcas,   b.  Aug.  28,  1757;   m. —  Howard. 

+  1 — 7.  Phillip,  b.  July  3,  1759;  a  dfer  in  the  Revolutionary  war;  d. 
while  in  army  at  E.  Chester,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  9,  1776. 

42—8.     Jemima,  b.  Oct."  25,  1761. 

43—9.     David  E.,  b.Dec.  16,  1763;  removed  to  Dorset,  Vt. 

44-10.     Anne,  b.  Dec.  20,  1766;  m.  Constad  Constanse  Balcom. 

45-11.  Zerviah,  b.  May  28,  1769;  m.  Chester  Southworth,  May  4, 


46.     John  Crane3  [17],  (John,3  John1),  bornMarch4,  1743. 

Married  Sarah  .     Think  this  is  the   John    Crain,  yeoman, 

who  purchased  his  farm  of  one  hundred  acres  in  Wilbraham, 
Mass.,  of  Stephen  Bliss,  Oct.  23,  1765.  Nov.  24,  1775,  he  sold 
this  farm  with  the  buildings  on  it  to  his  son,  Stephen  Grain,  for 
£200.  He  died  1798,  and  Aug.  28,  1798,  the  court  appointed 
Simeon  Graves  of  Palmer  administrator;  Gideon  Ring,  Theophi- 
lus  Knight  and  Daniel  Newell  appraisers.  Sept.  4,  1798,  they 
presented  their  inventory,  amounting  to  $286.74;  to  this  was 
added  for  interest  $14.62,  making  the  total  amount  $301.36.  The 
estate  was  settled  June  25,  1799,  at  which  time  the  son  Stephen 
was  deceased,  and  his  widow  Mary  was  given  $8.44.  Widow 
Sarah  had  874.96.  The  children  of  Stephen,  deceased,  had 
$24.98,  and  the  sisters  of  Stephen  received  a  like  amount;  also 
John  and  Cyrus,  children  of  Stephen.  Children,  their  names 
beins  given  in  settlement  of  the  estate  : 




Sarah,  m. 



Anna,  m.  - 



Caty,  m.  - 

—  Graves. 

51  —  5 

Mary,  m.  - 



Rhoda,  m 


53.  Ebenezer  Crane3  [25],  (Ebenezer,3  John1).  An  Eben- 
ezer  Crane  died  in  Alstead,  N.  H.,  April  9,  1777,  who  is 
supposed  to  have  been  the  above  Ebenezer,  who,  with  his  wife, 
Thankful  Bickmore,  resided  at  that  place.     Children : 

54 — 1.  Ebenezer,  b.  April,  1770. 

55—2.  Robert,  m.  Polly  Child. 

56 — 3.  William,  m.  Susan  Dutton,  Jan.  23,  1805,  at  Alstead,  N.  H. 

57  —  4.  Betsey  or  Polly. 

58.  Jonathan  Craine3  [30],  (Ebenezer,2  John,1),  enlisted 
May  6th,  and  discharged  Dec.  16,  1775.  Was  private  in  5th  Co., 
Capt.  Thomas  Knowlton,  of  Ashford,  3d  Regt.  Vols.,  Gen. 
Putnam  ;  served  in  and  about  Boston.  Enlisted  again  May  22, 
1777,  for  three  years;  discharged  May  22.  Was  private  in 
Capt.  Willis  Cliffs  Co.,  of  Plainfield,  3d  Regt.,  Connecticut 
Line,  Col.  Samuel  Wyllys,  of  Hartford.  This  regiment  served 
in  New  York  and  along  the  Hudson  River,  at  Stony  Point,  and 
the  raid  on  Danbury.  Was  in  the  battle  of  Trenton.  Granted 
a  pension  in  1819.  Married  Sybil  Ranney,  daughter  of 
Elijah  Ranney,   of  Blandford,  Mass.     In  the  record  at  Spring- 


field,  Mass.,  it  is  spelled  Sibbel.  Jan.  26,  1797,  they  sold  land 
in  Blandford,  which  Sibbel  received  from  her  father's  estate,  to 
Noah  Warren,  of  Blandford,  for  $100,  and  about  that  time 
removed  to  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  kept  a  hotel.  He 
died  in  PI vmouth,  Chenango  Co..  N.  Y.,  April  13,  1820.  She 
died  in  1842.     Children: 

59—1.  Sylvester,  b.  Aug.  2,  1735,  in  Blandford,  Mass. 

60—2.  Ebenezer,  b.  July  27,  1787,  in  Blandford,  Mass. 

61 — 3.  Sally,  b.  17S9  or  1790,  in  Blandford,  Mass. 

62—4.  Mary  or  Polly,  b.  Oct.  19,  1792,  in  Blandford,  Mass. 

63—5.  Abigail,  b.  April  8,  1794.  in  Blandford.  Mass. 

64—6.  Martha  (Patty),  b.  Aug.  12,  1797. 

65—7.  Roxana,  b.  1798,  in  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y. 

66 — 8.  Rhoda,  b.  1799,  in  Chenanso  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  d.  in  infancy. 

67—9.  Jonathan,  b.  June  18.  1801.  in  Plymouth,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y. 

68-10.  Sybil  Ann.  b.  1803,  in  Plymouth,   Chenango   Co.,   N.    Y.;  d. 

May,  1835. 

69-11.  Rachel,  b.  June  4,  1805,  at  Plymouth,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y. 

70.     Ailariah   Crane3    [31],    (Ebenezer,2    John1),     married 

Tryphena .     Settled  on  Ware  River,    Mass.      Was  a  soldier 

in  "the  Revolutionary  war.  Enlisted  in  Capt.  Benj.  Throop's  Co. 
May  12,  1777,  for  three  years,  at  18  years  of  age.  Promoted  as 
fifer  May  18.  Discharged  May  12,  1780.  Served  in  Col. 
JedediahHuntington's  1st  Regt.,  Conn.  Line.  Was  a  carpenter 
and  joiner  by  trade.  He  was  recorded  as  a  pensioner  in  1818, 
and  was  then' living  in  N.  Y.  State.  He  sold  property  in  Ware, 
Mass.,  March  10.  1809.  for  S2500,  to  John  Shaw,  Jr.  ;  April  18th 
another  piece  to  Joseph  Field  for  $2000  ;  Sept.  9  th  still  another 
piece  for  81000.     Children,  all  born  in  Ware.  Mass.  : 

71—1.  Abigail,  b.  May  21,  1790. 

72—2.  Amariah,  b.  Oct.  17,  1792. 

73—3.  Tryphena,  b.  June  12,  1794. 

74 — i.  Eunice,  b.  Sept.  29,  1796. 

75—5.  Mary,  b.  April  17,  1798. 

76—6.  Sarah,  b.  March  28,  1800. 

77 — 7.  Sophia,  b.  Jan.  3,  1802. 

78.  Roger  Craine3  [32],  (Ebenezer,3  John1),  married  in 
Ashford,  Conn.,  May  20,  1784.  Sarah  Whiting,  who  was  born  in 
Ashford,  Conn.,  Oct.  26,  1764.  He  served  in  the  Revolutionary 
war  six  vears.  and  his  granddaughter  says  he  was  with  Washing- 
ton at  Valley  Forge  through  the  winter ;  also  that  he  was  one  of 
forty  men  under  Col.  Barton  who  surprised  and  captured  Major- 
Gen.  Prescott  in  his  own  quarters  at  night,  and  who  was 
exchanged  for  Gen.  Lee.  In  Massachusetts  Soldiers  and  Sailors 
in  the  War  of  the  Revolution  will  be  found  on  page  75,  vol.  4. 
Roger  Crain  served  for  Medway.  enlisting  for  three  years  as 
private  in  Capt.  John  Fuller's  Co.,  Col.  Wm.  Shepard's  (4th) 
Regt.  Served  along  the  Hudson  River.  Was  at  West  Point, 
February,  1782.  He  receipted  for  his  bounty  paid  him  by  the 
town  committee,  May  30,  1781.  His  time  began  June  1st.  He 
was  a  farmer,  and  for  many  years  lived  in  Groton,  N.  Y.     He 


died  in  Painesville,  Ohio,  June  3,  1841.     She  died  in  Groton,  N. 
Y.,  Jan.  21,  1854.     Children: 
79—1.     Abigail,  b.  1786. 


Samuel,  b.  July  28,  1788. 


Ahira.  b.  Sept.  12,  1794. 

Eleazer  Whiting,  b.  May  22,  1796. 

Tower  Whiting,  b.  June  4,  1799. 


Alvln,  b.  July  23,  1803. 


88.  Hezekiah  Crane3  [35],  (Hezekiah,2  John1),  married 
Rachel,  daughter  of  Isaac  Hall,  April  14,  1774.  She  was  born 
June  1,  1751.  Lived  in  Mansfield,  Conn.  Was  a  farmer  and 
dealer  in  stock.  One  informant  says  he  went  to  Dorset,  Vt., 
another  says  he  died  in  Mansfield.  His  grandson  Charles,  son  of 
Jesse,  says  this  Hezekiah  Crane  was  a  trooper  in  the  Revolutionary 
war.  He  died  of  fever  at  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,in 
1813.  His  brother  David  E.  falling  a  victim  to  the  then  prevail- 
ing epidemic  in  the  form  of  a  fever.     Children  : 

89—1.     Isaac,  b.  Feb.  20,  1775;  m.  Sarah  Leonard. 

90 — 2.  John,  b.  May  16,  1776;  is  said  to  have  settled  East  Hartford, 
Conn.  There  was  a  John  Crane  of  Hartford,  d.  insolvent. 
Estate  settled  Oct.  27,  1820,  Elizabeth  Crane,  administra- 
trix.    The  estate  was  reported  to  the  Court  Oct.  30,  1819. 

91—3.     Jesse,  b.  May  9,  1779;  m.  Rhoda  Abbe. 

92 — t.     Asa,  b.  April"  27,  1781. 

93—5.     Amasa,  b.  July  27,  1782;  settled  in  N.  Y.  State. 

94—6.     Abigail,  b.  June  11,  1784. 

95—7.     Daniel,  b.  July  26,  1786. 

96—8.     Zerviah,  b.  April  3,  1789 ;  m.  Thos.  Baldwin. 

97—9.     Anna,  b.  Aug.  21,  1792. 

98.  Daniel  Grain3  [36],  (Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Esther 
Fuller,  Jan.  31,  1776.  He  died  1832,  aged  80.  Settled  in 
Mansfield,  Conn.  Esther  Fuller  was  daughter  of  Dr.  Jonathan 
Fuller  and  was  born  in  1755.  Mr.  Bela  Crane  stated  that  his 
father  served  during  the  war  of  the  Revolution ;  was  one  of 
Washington's  body-guard,  and  was  present  at  the  execution  of 
Maj.  Andre.  Was  private  in  2d  Co.,  Capt.  Experience  Storrs 
of  Mansfield,  in  Gen.  Putnam's  regiment,  from  May  17  to  Dec. 
1,  1775  ;  served  in  and  around  Boston,  and  part  of  this  regiment 
was  engaged  in  the  battle  of  Bunker  Hill.*  The  Bureau  of  Pen- 
sions at  Washington,  D.  G,  gives  the  following:  Aug.  11, 
1832,  Daniel  Crain,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolutionary  war,  made 
application  for  a  pension,  at  which  time  he  was  eighty  years  old, 
and  residing  in  Mansfield,  Conn.,  and  his  pension  was  allowed 
for  nine  months'  actual  service  as  a  private  in  the  Connecticut 
troops,  Revolutionary  war.  A  part  of  the  time  he  served  under 
Col.  Experience  Storrs  and  Gen.  Putnam.  He  enlisted  at 
Mansfield.     Children : 

99—1.     Daniel,  b.  Aug.  15,  1778;  m.  Clarissa  Whitman. 

•Connecticut  Records. 


100—2.     Mehitabel,  b.  Aug.  20,  1780;  d.  Feb.  20,  1789. 

101—3.     Clahissa,  b.  Nov.  4,  1781;    m.  Eldridge;  lives  (1864) 

Willington,  Conn, 
102 — t.     Cordial  S.,  b.  Nov.  9,  1783. 
103—5.     SYBfL,  b.   April  22,  1785;  m.  Parley  Kendall,  June  22,  1805; 

m.  Lyman  Randall;  lives  (1864)  Whitewater,  Wis. 
104  —  6.     Lucy,  b.  May  7,  1787. 

105 7.     Jonathan,  b.  Feb.  5,  1790;  m.  Orpha  Barrows. 

106—8.     Bela,  b.  March  6,  1792;  m.  Deborah  Aylsworth. 
107 — 9.     Mehitable,  b.  May  26,  1793. 

108.  Elisha  Crane3  [38],  (Hezekiah2,  John1)  ;  m.  Irene 
Hanks,  Dec.  6,  1776,  and  settled  first  in  Mansfield ;  after  1802  he 
removed  to  Orleans,  N.  Y.  Was  at  the  battle  of  Bunker  Hill, 
and  served  through  the  Revolutionary  war.     Children  : 

109—1.  Libbeus,  b.  April  25,  1777. 

110—2.  Phillip,  b.  April  1,  1779. 

Ill— 3.  Zilpha  (dau.),  b.  Oct.  12,  1781. 

112—4.  Lccinda,  b.  Oct.  3,  1783. 

113—5.  Chester,  b.  Dec.  6,  1786. 

114—6.  Philena,  b.  Jan.  27,  1793. 

115—7.  Polly,  b.  Jan.  29,  1795. 

116—8.  Jclia,  b.  Aug.  29,  1799. 

117—9.  Lucius,  b.  July  3,  1802. 

118.  David  Eldridge  Crain3  [43],  (Hezekiah,2  John1), 
m.  1st  Phebe  Sargeant,  April  3  or  21,  1785  ;  2d  Eachel  Baldwin, 
Jan.  30,  1798,  Dorset,  Vt.  Phebe  Sargeant  was  born  in  Mans- 
field, Conn.,  Nov.  15,  1768,  and  died  in  Dorset,  Vt.,  March  2, 
1797.  Rachel  Baldwin,  his  second  wife,  was  born  in  Oblong, 
Dutchess  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  24,  1769,  and  died  at  East  Poultney, 
May  6,  1836.  Mr.  Crane  served  in  the  war  of  the  Revolution; 
was  a  teamster  under  Gen.  Lafayette.  He  died  at  Canton,  St. 
Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  of  fever,  Feb.  16,  1813,  as  also  did  his 
brother  Hezekiah.  Both  were  buried  side  by  side  at  the  head  of 
Wm.  Farewel's  grave.     Children  : 

119  —  1.     Nathan,  b.  Feb.  15,  1787. 

120—2.     Phebe,  b.  Jan.  17,  1789. 

121 — 3.  David  Eldridge,  b.  May  6,  1791;  was  voted  to  be  credited 
by  State  Treasurer  of  Vermont,  Nov.  6,  1819,  according 
to  sum  mentioned  in  the  act.  Nov.  8.  1820,  an  act  was 
passed  directing  Treasurer  of  Vermont  to  pay  David 

122 — 4.     Lauretta,  b.  Nov.  1,  1794. 

123—5.     Hezekiah,  b.  Feb.  3,  1797. 

124—6.     Benjamin  Baldwin,  b.  Dec.  10,  1798. 

125—7.     Rachakl  Baldwin,  b.  Dec.  12,  1800. 

126—8.     Philip  Paddock,  b.  Oct.  23,  1802. 

127—9.     Ardelia.  b.  Oct.  7,  1804. 

128-10.     Ruth  Baldwin,  b.  July  5,  1806. 

129-11.     Tamesin  Eldridge,  b.  Jan.  2,  1809. 

130-12.     Hiram  Abiff,  b.  May  19,  1811. 

131.  Zerviah  Crane3  [45],  (Hezekiah,2  John1)  ;  married 
Chester  Southworth  and  was  the  mother  of  nine  children,  all 
born  in  Dorset  and  Pawlett,    Vt.     After  her  death   Mr.  South- 


worth  married  2d,  widow  Potter,  by  whom  he  had  two  ehildreD, 
Ralph  and  a  daughter  whose  name  was  not  given.    Children  : 

1.  Tamesin  (Southworth)  ;  m.  David  Dunton. 

2.  Irene  (Southworth),  b.  Nov.  22,  1788. 

3.  Polly  (Southworth);  m.  Anson  Richardson. 
■4.  Chester  (Southworth)  ;  ra.  Miss  Church. 

5.  Lemuel  (Southworth) ;  m.  Marcia  Clark. 

6.  Origin  (Southworth) ;  m.  Miss  Clark,  sister  of  above. 

7.  Zerviah  (Southworth)  :  m.  Nathan  White. 

8.  Luther  (Southworth)  ;  m.  Sarah  Graham. 

9.  Emily  (Southworth)  ;  m.  Robert  Dubois. 

132.  Irene   Southworth    [2]  ;    m.  Hugh  Montgomery   a   native   of 

Londonderry,  Vt.,  b.  Aug.  12,  1785.  They  were  married  at 
South  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  here  they 
resided  until  their  death.     Children  : 

1.  Chester  (Montgomery),  b.  Sept.  1,  1809. 

2.  Hannah  (Montgomery),  b.  Sept.  10,  1811. 

3.  Charles  (Montgomery,  b.  May  5,  1814. 

4.  Mack  (Montgomery),  b.  Dec.  31,  1815. 

5.  Porter  (Montgomery),  b.   July  11,  1818. 
8.     Altha  B.  (Montgomery),  b.  Nov.  12,  1821. 

7.  John  C.  (Montgomery),  b.  Sept.  28,  1824. 

8.  Eliza  A.  (Montgomery),  b.  Oct.  31,  1827. 

9.  Lorena  M.  (Montgomery),  b.   Dec.  24,  1829. 
10.     William  (Montgomery),  b.  April  2,  1833. 

133.  Mack  Montgomery   [4];  m.  Jane  Elizabeth  Warren,  dau.  of 

Rev.  Augustus  Warren.     Children  : 

1.  Frank    Warden     (Montgomery),    b.    Sept.   19,     1850, 

at  Silver  Creek,  Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y. 

2.  Nellie   Marie   (Montgomery),    b.    Sept.   30,    1856,  at 

Silver  Creek,  Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Frank  Warren  Montgomery  [1] ;  m.  Alice  Brooks  Norris. 
who  was  born  in  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  Sept.  11,  1852,  dau.  of 
Greenleaf  Dudley  Norris,  and  following  children  born  in 
Milwaukee,  although  he  is  now  (1896)  resident  of  New  York 
City.     Children: 

1.  Alice  Norris  (Montgomery),  b.  Dec.  1,  1879 

2.  Warren  (Montgomery),  b.  Nov.  9,  1881. 

3.  Dudley  (Montgomery),  b.  Aug.  20,  1883. 

4.  Hugh  (Montgomery),  b.  March  8,  1890. 


134.  Stephen  Crane4  [47],  (John,3  John,2  John1).  He  pur- 
chased the  farm,  with  the  buildings  thereon,  of  his  father  John 
Crane,  Nov.  24,  1775,  for  £200.  This  farm  contained  one 
hundred  acres,  and  was  the  same  land  his  father  bought  of 
Stephen  Bliss,  Oct.  23,  1765,  in  Wilbraham ;  witnessed  by  Isaac 
Conant  and  Rhoda  Crane.  June  7,  1785,  Stephen  mortgaged 
this  farm  to  Oliver  Bliss  for  £46  13s.,  at  which  time  his  father 
John  Crane  was  living.  He  married  widow  Mary  (Miner) 
Wheeler.  He  died  prior  to  Aug.  28,  1798,  and  his  widow  Mary 
received  88.44  from  his  father  John  Crane's  estate.  Sept.  28, 
1805,  Mary  Crane,  the  widow  of  Stephen  Crane,  mortgaged  land 
on  which  she  then  lived  to  her  son  Joseph  Wheeler,  of  Wilbra- 
ham. Nov.  6,  1812,  widow  Mary  Crane  paid  John  Crane,  son 
of  her  late  husband,  Stephen  Crane,  1150  to  release  his  right  or 
interest  in  a  certain  piece  of  land  to  her  own  use.     Children  : 

135—1.     John',  b.  about  1786. 
136—2.     Cyrus,  b.  March  26,  1788. 

137.  Ebenezer Crane4  [54],  (Ebenezer,3  Ebenezer,9  John'), 
married  Rhoda  Towne  of  Ipswich,  Mass.  She  was  born  in 
1776.  They  were  married  in  1794  in  Alstead,  N.  H.,  where 
they  settled.  His  mother  is  said  to  have  lived  in  his  family  for 
some  years,  and  died  there  between  1809  and  1812.     Children  : 

138  —  1.     Ebenezer,  b.  April  12,  1795,  in  Alstead,  N.  H. 

139—2.     Rhoda,  b.  Aug.  23,  1797;  d.  Julv  3,  1815. 

140—3.     Eliza,  b.  DecTl2,  1799;  d.  July  9,  1815. 

HI — 1.     Saphronia,  b.  Sept.  10,  1802;  m.    Calvin  Carpenter,  of  Wal- 

pole,  N.  H.;  she  d.  in  Alstead,  N.  H. 
112—5.     Ezra  T.,  b.  June  10,  1806;   lived  in  Claremont,  N.  H.,  also  at 
Keene  in  1862,  and  Boston,   Mass.,  and   d.    iu    Illinois;    m. 
1st,  Betsv  Wilder;  m.  2d,  Fannv  Wilder. 
143—6.     Mercy,  b.  July  7,  1809;  d.  Sept.  2,  1862,  in  Alstead,  N.  H. 
114—7.     George  W.,  b.  Oct.  14,  1812,  at  Nunda,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Mary  Day, 

of  Gilsuro,  N.  H.     He  d.  in  1882. 
115—8.     Franklin,  b.  Aug.  20,  1814;  d.  March  23,  1846,   in   Alstead, 

N.  H. 
146—9.     Jerry,  b.    March  21,    1318;  d.    Feb.   29,    1*35,   in   Alstead, 

N.  H. 

147.  Robert  Crane4  [55],  (Ebenezer,3  Ebenezer,2  John,1), 
married  Polly  Child,  Jan.  31,  1804,  at  Alstead,  N.  H.  It  is 
reported  that  his  family  lived  among  the  Shakers ;  but  they  lived 
in  Dalton,  N.  H.,  for  a  time.     Children: 

148—1.    Jullana,  b.  Nov.  8,  1804. 


149—2.     Martana,  b.  Aug.  4,  1806. 
150—3.     Edward  L.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1808. 
151—4.     Robert,  b.  July  29,  1810. 

152.  Sylvester  Grain4  [59],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,3  John1), 
married  Sally  Chapman,  June  9,  1808,  at  Plainfield,  N.  Y.  She 
was  born  Jan.  27,  1785,  in  Lyme,  Conn.,  and  died  Aug.  20, 
1850.     He  died  in  Courtlandville,  N.  Y.,  May  21,  1847. 

Children  : 

153—1.     Sylvester,  b.  July  4,  1810,  in  Cortland,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 
154—2.     Jonathan  G.,  b.  Oct.  27,  1811,  in   Plymouth,   Chenango  Co., 

N.  Y. 
155—3.     Sally,  b.  June  24,  1813,  in  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 
156—4.     Nklson,  b.  March  26,  1815,  in  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 
157—5.     Cernah.  b.  April  6,  1817,  in  Cortland,  Cortland  Co. ;  d.  1818. 
158—6.     Elijah,  b.  Dec.  25,  1821,  in  Cortland;  d.  1823. 
159—7.     Eliza,  b.  Dec.  25,  1821,  in  Cortland;  d.  Oct.  4,  1851. 
160—8.     Nancy,  b.  Feb.   16,  1824,  in  Cortland;  m.  Reuben   Davis;  d. 

Nov.  3,  1846. 
161—9.     Lorenzo,  b.  Jan.  2,  1827,  in  Cortland;  d.  in  1828. 
162-10.     Lorinda,  b.  Jan.  2,  1827,  in  Cortland. 

163.  Ebenezer  Crain4  [60],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,-  John1), 
married,  Aug.  29,  1800,  Hannah  Geer.  She  was  born  in  Mas- 
sachusetts, Sept.  14,  1787,  and  died  in  1856  at  Earlville,  N.  Y. 
He  died  there  in  1867.     Children: 

164—1.  Betsey,  b.  Dec.  28,  1810;  d.  Jan.  4,  1811. 

165—2.  Betsey  Ann,  b.  Aug.  31,  1813,  in  Earlville,  N.  Y. 

166-3.  Charles,  b.  April  13,  1815;  d.  Feb.  21,  1820. 

167 — 4.  Silas  Harvey,  b.  Sept.  24,  1816,  in  Earlville,  N.  Y. 

168—5.  Emmeltne  F.,  b.  May  18,  1823,  in  Earlville,  N.  Y. 

169—6  Miranda,  b.  April  14,  1826,  in  Earlville,  N.  Y. 

170.  Sally  Chain4  [61],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,9  John1), 
married  George  Wales,  Feb.  20,  1808.  He  was  born  Feb.  20, 
1780.  They  settled  in  Plymouth,  Chenango  County,  N.  Y., 
where  she  died  Feb.  9,  1832.  He  then  married  her  sister  Rachel 
Crain,  and  died  July  29,  1844.      (See  page  262).     Children  : 

1.  Sally  (Wales),  b.  1808;  d.  1809. 

2.  Almiren  (Wales),  b.  July  16,  1809;  d.  1813. 

3.  Lawrence  (Wales),  b.  June  6,  1813. 

4.  Frederick  (Wales),  b.  Dec.  12,  1814. 

5.  Eben  Vine  (Wales),  b.  Aug.  29,  1816. 

6.  Charles  ( Wales),  b.  Oct.  22,  1818. 

7.  Jonathan  (Wales),  b.  June  16,  1820;  d.  1821. 

8.  George  (Wales),  b.  March  21,  1S22. 

9.  Richmond  (Wales),  b.  March  29,  1824;  d.  1831. 
10.  Smith  (Wales),  b.  Feb.  8,  1832;  d.  1832. 

171.  Lawrence  Wales  [3]  ;  m.  1st,  Annie  M.  Fox,  July  19,  1853;  b. 

May  22,  1819;  d.  Nov.  10,  1860;  2d,  Elvira  Rosseter,  Nov.  8, 
1866;  she  d.  1879.  Settled  iu  Plymouth,  N.  Y.,  and  d.  there 
Feb.  7.  1880.     Children  : 

1.  Addison  (Wales),  b.  April  29,  1854. 

2.  Bcrt  (Wales),  b.  May  29,  1858. 

3.  Mary  (Wales),  b.  May  6,  1860;  d.  June  2,  1863. 


Addison  Wales  [1]  ;  id.  A.  Nightingale,  Dec.  24,  1874.     Settled 
in  Plymouth,  Chenango  County,  N.  Y.     Child  : 
1.     Merton  (Wales),  b.  Feb.  11,  1877. 

Bert  Wales  [2] ;  m.  Clara  Aldrich,  March  1,  1882,  at 
Plymouth,  N.  Y.     Settled  there.     Children: 

1.  Floyd  Charles  (Wales),  b.  1889;  d.  May  30,  1889. 

2.  Leon  D.  (Wales),  b.  March  9,  1891. 

3.  Hermon  Morell  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  21,  1893. 

172.  Frederick  Wales  [4] ;  m.  March  7,  1843,  Laura  Shoals;  b. 
Aug.  18,  1816.  She  d.  Jan.  1,  1883,  in  North  Genoa,  Wis.  He 
d.  in  Elkhorn,  Wis.,  1889.  Children,  born  in  Plymouth, 
N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Genora  (Wales),  b.  Dec.  7,  1844. 

2.  Edgar  (Wales),  b.  April  18,  1846. 

3.  Adaresta  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  22,  1847. 

4.  Elton  (Wales),  b.  April  17,  1849;  d.  May  7,  1864. 

5.  Eli  (Wales),  b.  Oct.  23,  1850. 

6.  Alice  (Wales),  b.  Dec.  3,  1852. 

7.  Walter  (Wales),  b.  April  4,  1855. 

8.  Arthur  (Wales),  b.  April  12,  1857. 

Genora  Wales  [1]  ;  m.  Thomas  Morefleld  in  Elkhorn,  Wis., 
March  18,  1871.  He  was  b.  in  Gloucester,  Ens.,  March 
18,  1850.     Settled  in  Elkhorn.     Children  : 

1.  Alice  Genora  (Morefleld),  b.  Feb.  20,  1872. 

2.  Rosa  Laura  (Morefleld),  b.  Feb.  11,  1875. 

3.  Olive  May  (Morefleld),  b.  July  8,  1878. 

4.  Mabel  (Morefleld),  b.  Dec.  16,  1882. 

Edgar  Wales  [2];  m.  March  4,  1874,  Ellen  A.  Shepard.  She 
•was  b.  March  14,  1850.     Settled  in  Elkhorn,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Luella  (Wales),  b.  Jan.  12,  1879;  d.  Feb.  9,  1879. 

2.  Charles  E.  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  24,  1880. 

3.  Henry  S.  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  25,  1884. 

Adaresta  Wales  [3];  m.  in  Elkhorn,  Wis.,  Nov.  30,  1871, 
John  W.  Farrar.  He  was  b.  in  Ogdensburg,  N.  Y.,  May  5, 
1847.     She  lives  in  Elkhorn.     Children,  b.  in  Delavan,  Wis.: 

1.  Hila  (Farrar),  b.  March  18,  1874. 

2.  Laura  A.  (Farrar),  b.  Aug.  3,  1878. 

3.  Harrison  (Farrar),  b.  Oct.  8,  1888. 

Eli  Wales  [5] ;  m.  Sarah  Ellen  Baker,  Feb.  22,  1875.  Lives  in 
Aurora,  Kan.     Children : 

1.  Frederick  E.  (Wales),  b.  March  22,  1878,   in   Madison 

County,  Iowa. 

2.  John  Leroy  (Wales),  b.  Dec.   9,   1879,   in  Walworth 

County,  Wis. 

Alice  Wales  [6] ;  m.  George  B.  Dunlap,  May  6,  1885,  at  Elk- 
horn, Wis.     Lives  in  Stevens  Point,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Nellie  (Wales),  b.  May  17,  1886,  in  Barabo,  Wis. 

2.  Earl  B.  (Wales),  b.  July  26,  1893,  in  Waukesha,  Wis. 

Walter  Wales  [7]  ;  m.  1st,  Julia  Goodspeed,  Sept.  15,  1881. 
She  d.  Dec.  25,  1882,  and  he  m.  2d,  Frank  Montgomery, 
1886,  in  Elkhorn,  Wis.,  where  he  lives.     Children  : 

1.  Merton  (Wales),  b.  Dec.  25,  1882. 

2.  Harley  (Wales),  b.  Feb.  24,  1887. 

3.  Nettie  Irene  (Wales),  b.  Oct.  24,  1889. 

4.  Rispah  May  (Wales),  b.  May  20,  1892. 


Arthur  Walks  [8] ;  m.  Rita  Isham,  April  13,  1883.  She  was 
b.  Sept.  18,  1861 .     Live  in  Elkhorn,  Wis.     Children: 

1.  Lulu  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  7,  1884. 

2.  Herbert  (Wales),  b.  March  29,  1889. 

173.  Eben  Vine  Wales  [5];  m.  Sept.  18,  1849,  Helen  M.  Comstock. 

She  was  born  April  10,  1828.  He  was  a  Presbyterian  minis- 
ter, and  d.  June  28,  1878,  at  Oneonta,  N.  T.  She  d.  at  Spra- 
kers,  Dec.  12,  1891.     Children  : 

1.  Helen  Maria  (Wales),  b.  June  20,  1850,  at  Laurens,  N. 

Y. ;  m.  Clinton  Ford,  Sept.  30,  1875;  lives  at  Oneonta, 
N.  Y. 

2.  Eben  Vine  (Wales),  b.  Aug.  6,  1855;  d.  Nov.  2,   1883. 

174.  Charles    Wales  [6];  ra.   1st,  in  Cortland,   N.   Y.,   Eliza   Ann 

Crandall,  Oct.  26,  1848.  She  d.  April  6,  1868,  and  he  m.  2d, 
Lorahama  Butler,  Dec.  20,  1869;  lives  at  Elkhorn,  Wis. 
(1S99).     Children: 

1.  Ruth    Eliza   (Wales),   b.    Sept.   20,    1849,    at    North 

Geneva,    Wis.;    m.   Fred  W.   Isham,  June  1,    1893; 
lives  at  Elkhorn,  Wis. 

2.  Rosa  Philinda  (Wales),  b.  Aug.  3,  1851;  m.  Feb.   14, 

1882,  H.  A.  Newton:  d.  May  io,  1884. 

3.  Richmond  (Wales),  b.  1855;  d.  1855. 

4.  Belle   Bethania    (Wales),  b.   May   12,  1859,  at  North 

Geneva;  m.  Clinton  D.  Dewing,  Jan.  30.  1881. 

5.  Charles  Marshall  (Wales),  b.  May  2,  1862. 

6.  Janet   (Wales),  b.  Oct.  26,  1880,  at  Elkhorn,  Wis.  ;  d. 

Jan.  11,  1882. 

Charles  Marshall  Wales  [5]  ;  married  Katharine  Gillet. 
April  4.  1894,  at  Addison,  N.  Y. ;  lives  (1899),  256  West  85th 
street,  New  York  City.     Child  ; 

1.     Katharine  Eliza  (Wales  \  b.  July  15,  1898,  at  Addison, 
N.  Y. 

175.  George   Wales  [8]  ;  m.  1st  Eunice  Catharine  Ramsdell,  May  4, 

1842,  in  Plymouth,  N.  Y.  She  was  b.  Aug.  24.  1823.  She  d. 
May  15,  1860.  He  then  m.  Mrs.  Priscilla  Annie  Washburn 
Scott,  April  13,  1865.  She  was  b.  Aug.  II,  1839,  in  Merri- 
mac,  Mo.  She  d.  Oct.  22,  1880,  in  Delavan,  Wis.  He  d.  in 
North  Geneva,  March  17,  1895.     Children: 

1.  Mercy   Lovinia    (Wales),  b.  March    14,  1844,  at   Ply- 

mouth, N.  Y. 

2.  Sally  Amelia  (Wales),  b.  Jan.  28,  1852,  at  Plymouth, 

N.  Y.;  d.  Feb.  12,  1852. 

3.  George   (Wales),   b.   Jan.  25,  1867,  at   North  Geneva, 


4.  Eudora  Frances  (Wales),   b.  Aug.  17,  1869,  at  Dela- 

van, Wis. 

Mercy  Lovinia  Wales  [1];  m.  A.  Wallace  Wilcox,  Oct.  5, 
1862,  at  Plymouth,  N.  Y.     She  d.  Jan.  17,  1883.    Children  : 

1.  Clara   Lovinia   (Wilcox),   b.  Aug.  1,  1864;  m.  Feb.  3, 

1381,  Henry  E.  Sabin. 

2.  George  W.  (Wilcox),  b.  Sept.  9,  1866;  m.  Susan  Stone, 

Sept.  27,  1894. 
8.     Bertha  L.  (Wilcox),  b.  June  30,  1874. 

17(5.     Mary  or  Polly  Grain4   [62],   (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  James  Swain,  May  12,  1812.     He  was  born   in 


Vermont,  March.  15,  1785,  and  died  June  6,  1853,  at  Cortland, 
N.  Y.     She  died  May  14,  1872,  at  Toledo,  Ohio.     Children : 

1.     Mary  Polly  (Swain),  b.  Oct.  9,  1813,  at  Plymouth,  N.  Y. ;   d. 

Oct.  13,  1813. 
Irvin  (Swain),  b.  April  13,  1815. 
James  Perry  (Swain),  b.  June  30,  1817;  d.  March  28,  1843,  in 

South  Carolina. 
Richard  W.  (Swain),  b.  July  2,  1819,  in  Cortlandville,  N.  Y. 
Charles  Harvey  (Swain),  b.  Feb.  28,  1822 ;  d.  Nov.  20,  1877,  at 

Salt  Lake  City. 
Mary  Elvira  (Swain),  b.  Aug.  23,  1826,  at  Plymouth,  N.  Y. 
Allen  (Swain),  b.  Sept.  11,  1831 ,  at  Cortland. 

Irvln  Swain  [2]  ;  m.  Rebecca  Pike,  Feb.  7,  1841.  She  was  b. 
Jan.  31,  1816.  He  d.  June  21,  1877,  at  Toledo,  Ohio.  She  d. 
Sept.  24,  1S97,  at  the  same  place.     Children  : 

1.  Frances  (Swain),  b.  July  25,  1845,  in  Cortland,  N.  Y. ; 
d.  Jan.  30,  1846. 

2.  Ransom  P.  (Swain),  b.  Aug.  31,  1847,  in  Cortland,  NY. 

3.  Luella  (Swain),  b.  Dec.  2,  1849,  in  Cortland,  N.  Y. ;  d. 
Sept.  3,  1857. 

4.  Celloe  Frances  (Swain),  b.  Aug.  11,  1855,  in  Cortland. 

Ra>tsom  P.  Swaln  [2]  ;   m.  Mary  Brigham   Dec.  28,  1876.     She 
was  b.  June  17,  1855;    living  (1899)  in  Toledo,  Ohio. 
Children  : 

1.  Maud  (Swain),  b.  Nov.  11,  1877. 

2.  Nettie  (Swain),  b.  Nov.  16,  1879. 

3.  Irvtn  (Swain),  b.  Apr.  20,  1855. 

4.  Mildred  (Swain),  b.  Dec    14,  1391. 

Chloe  Frances  Swain  [4];  m.  Peter  C.  Lowe  April  15,  1382; 
lives  (1399)  in  Toledo,  Ohio.     Children  : 

1.  Edna  (Lowe),  b.  July  6,  1883. 

2.  Grace  (Lowe),  b.  Sept.  30,  1884. 

3.  Ruth  (Lowe),  b.  March  9,  1887. 

4.  Ralph  (Lowe),  b.  March  22,  1891. 

Richard  W.  Swaln  [4];  m.  in  Charleston,  S.  C,  Martha  J. 
Cameron,  May  9,  1850.  She  was  b.  Nov.  II.  1826.  He  d. 
May  1,  1891,  in  Toledo,  Ohio,  where  his  widow  now  (1899) 
resides.     Children : 

1.  James  Perry  (Swain),  b.  Apr.  3,  1851,  at  Charleston, 
S.  C;  m.  1st,  Feb.  8,  1876,  Anna  Mathews.  She  d. 
Apr.,  1881;  m.  2d,  Dec.  7,  1887,  Sadie  Thompson. 
Resides  in  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

2.  Charles  Harvey  (Swain),  b.  Jan,  16, 1853,  in  Cortland, 
N.  Y.;  d.  Dec.  3,  1873. 

3.  Frances  Julia  (Swain),  b.  Jan.  15,  1855,  in  Toledo, 
Ohio;  d.  May  22,  1860. 

4.  Arthur  Cameron  (Swain),  b.  Dec.  3,  1856. 

5.  Luella  Logan  (Swain),  b.  June  12,  1860. 
Arthur  Cameron  Swain  [4]  ;   m.   Estella  Robinson,  Mav  25, 

1886;  lives  (1399)  Toledo,  Ohio.     Children: 

1.  Martha  (Swain),  b.  July  22,  1894. 

2.  Marion  (Swain),  b.  Jan.  17,  1897. 

Luella  Logan   Swain  [5];    m.    William  L.  Schaefer   Jan.  10, 
1883.     Residence,  Toledo,  0.     Children : 
1.     Otto  H.  (Schaeferi,  b.  March  17,  1885. 


2.  Charles  H.  (Schaefer),  b.  Dec.  12,   1886;  d.  An<*     18 

1887.  a        ' 

3.  Clarence  (Schaefer),  b.  Sept.  28,  1889. 

179.  Mary  Elvira  Swain  [6];  m.  Richard  D.  Logan,  Nov  II  1858 
in  Washington,  Ark.  She  d.  May  4,  1892,  in  Rogers,  Ark  ' 
where  the  family  reside. 

1.  Lillian  L.  (Logan),  b.  Nov.  24,  1862,  at  Bethel,  Owen 

Co..  Ky. ;  lives  (1899)  at  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

2.  Gertrude   N.    (Logan),   b.   Dec.   20,  1864,  in  Toledo, 

Ohio ;  lives  at  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

3.  Sydnor  M.  (Logan),  b.  Sept.  2,  1868,  in  Jeffersonville, 


Sydnor  M.  Logan  [3] ;   m.  Bertha  Chambers,  Nov.  20,  1892   in 
Fort  Smith,  Ark.,  and  d.  July  26,  1894,  at  Rogers.  Ark 
Child  : 
1.     Earl  Marcellus  (Logan),  b.  July  26,  1893,  in  Rogers. 

180.  Allen   Swain  [7];  m.  Clara   Partridge,   Sept.   28,   1870-   resi- 

dence, St.  Paul,  Minn.     Children: 

1.  Albert  (Swain),  b.  Dec.  19,  1871;  d.  Oct.  15,  1882. 

2.  Charles  (Swain),  b.  June  6,  1874;  d.  Jan.  8,  1874 

3.  Edward  (Swain),  b.  Dec.  17,  1876. 

4.  Walter  (Swain),  b.  Aug.  1,  1883. 

181.  Abigail  Crain-*  [63],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2  John1), 
married  1st,  Elisha  Ransom.  He  died,  leaving  one  child.  She 
married  2d,  Richard  Crandall  in  1817.  He  died  in  Elkhorn 
Wis.,  in  1865.     She  died  June  3,  1877,  in  Cortland,  N.  Y. 

Children  : 

1.  Elisha  Darwin  (Ransom). 

2.  Hiram  (Crandall),  b.  May  14,  1818,  in  Plymouth,  N.  Y. 

3.  Richard  0.  (Crandall),  b.  Aug.  12.  1820,  in  Norwich,  N   Y 

4.  Philinda  (Crandall),  b.  Sept.'  10,  1822,  in  Norwich,  N.  Y. 

5.  Eliza  Ann  (Crandall),  b.  March  21,  1827,  in  Norwich,  NY 

6.  Abba  Maria  (Crandall),  b.  Dec.  21,  1*27;  d.  Aug.  28,  1829 

7.  Bethania  (Crandall),  b.  Dec.  28,  1829,  in  Burdette,'  Tompkins 

8.  Albert  (Crandall),  b.  Aug.  8,  1835;  d.  Feb.  14,   1875,  at  North 

Geneva,  Wis. 

9.  Edward  (Crandall),  b.  Dec.  3,  1838;  d.  March  16,  1839. 

182.  Elisha  Darwin  Ransom  [I];  m.  1st,  Nancy  Gifford  in  1840. 
Shed  and  he  m.  2d,  Olive  Courtwright,  April  15,  1847.  He 
d.  Dec.  17,  1891,  in  Cortland,  N.  Y.  His  widow  lives  (1899) 
in  Ithaca,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  James  Orville  (Ransom),  b.  July  29,  1841  ;  d.  Sect   14 

1841.  '      ' 

2.  Frank  Eaton  (Ransom),  b.  April  30,   1848:   d.   Jan    9 


3.  Harriet  Eudora  (Ransom),  b.  July  28,  1852-  d   Jan    1 

Hiram  Crandall   [2];  m.   1st,    Wilhelmena   Sanders,    Feb.  6, 
1861,  in   Cortland,  N.   Y.     She  d.  March  30,  1867,  and  he  m. 
2d,  Jennie  Barnes.      He  d.  Aug.  31,   1881,  in  Cortland,  N.  Y. 
Children  : 

1.  Katharine  (Crandall),  b.  Dec.  29,  1863. 

2.  Richard  S.  (Crandall),  b.  March  17,  1867;    d.  Feb    10 





Katharine    Crandall    [1];  in.    Sept.    2,    1885,    Chicago,    111.. 
Charles  B.  Ver  Nory,  who  was  born  in  Accord,  N.  Y.,  Sept. 
7.1860.     Residence  (1899)  Chicago.     Child: 
1.     Winifred  (Ver  Nory),  b.  July  14,  1891. 

Richard  0.  Crandall  [3]  ;  m.  in  1849.  Mrs.  Maria  Cushman 
Curtis,  in  Flint,  Mich.  She  was  b.  June  13,  1818,  in  Toronto, 
Can.  He  d.  Jan.  30,  1893,  in  La  Porte,  Ind.  She  d.  Sept.  1, 
1894.     He  was  a  physician.     Children: 

1.  Charles    Spencer    (Crandall),    b.   Oct.    12,    1S52,    in 

Waverly.  N.  Y. 

2.  Hiram     Mendez    (CrandalD,    b.     Oct.    27,    1855,     in 

Waverly,  N.  Y. ;  d.  March,  1861,  in  La  Porte,  Ind. 

3.  Clara   Mary  (Crandall),   b.  May  1,  1857,  in  Oswego, 

N.  Y. 

Charles  Spencer  Crandall  [1];  m.  1st.  Lina  Ocoboch,  April 
28,  1879,  in  Harbor  Springs,  Mich.  She  was  b.  Jan.  20,  1852, 
in  Medina,  N.  Y..  and  d.  Jan.  13,  1892.  June  9,  1397,  in.  2d,  at 
Port  Collins,  Col..  Maud  Bell.  She  was  b.  Oct.  8,  1859,  in 
New  York  city.  He  is  Professor  of  Plant  Diseases  in  Agricul- 
tural College/Colorado.     Child : 

1.     Lineta    (^Crandall),    b.    April    19,    18S2,     in     Harbor 
Springs,  Mich. 

Clara  Mary'  Crandall  [3]  ;  m.  James  A.  Hughston,  Jan.  9, 
1892,  at  La  Porte,  Ind.  He  was  b.  April  18,  1845,  at  Una- 
dilla,  N.  Y.     Residence  at  La  Porte,  Ind.  (1899). 

Phillnda  Crandall  [4] ;  m.  David  Flack,  Jan.  24,  1852,  at 
Elkhorn,  Wis.,  and  d.  Jan.  20,  1872.  He  d.  there  April  20, 
1393.     Children: 

1.  Hiram  C.  (Flack  i.  b.  March  23,  1855. 

2.  Mary  A.  (Flack;,  b.  Nov.  25,  1857. 

Hiram  C.  Flack  [1]  ;  m.    Amanda  Bulkley.   Oct.  26,    1881,   in 
Elkhorn,    Wis.     She   was   b.   April   5,    1861.     Residence    at 
Perry.  Iowa.     Child : 
1.     Frank  W.  (Flack),  b.  June 20,  :889. 

Berthania  Crandall  [7]:  m.  Charles  Dunlap,  Dec.  1,  1853. 
Residence  at  Elkhorn,  Wis.     Children: 

1.     George  B.  (Dunlap),  b.  June  4,  1856;  m.  Alice  Wales, 
May  6.  1385. 
Horatio  S.  (Dunlap),  b.  April  25,  1859. 
Alice  M.  (Dunlap),  b.  Dec.  9,  1862;  d.  May  9,  1867. 
Mark  C.  (Dunlap),  b.  May  26,  1866. 
Doha  H.  (Dunlap),  b.  Sept.  25,  1368. 
Willlam  P.  (Dunlap).  b.  Feb.  6,  1371. 
7.     Charles  K.  (Dunlap),  b.  Oct.  5,  1S72. 

Horatio  S.  Dunlap  [2]  ;  m.  Julia  Amos,  Sept.  19,  1883.  Resi- 
dence (1899)  Soulsbyville,  Cal.     Child: 

1.     Charles  K.  (Dunlap),  b.  July  14.  188-1. 

Mark  C.  Dcnlap  [4]  ;  m.  Laura  Loyd,  March  26,  1890,  at 
.Tanesville.  Wis.,  where  she  was  b.  April  16,  1369.  Residence 
(1899)  at  Milwaukee.     Children  : 

1.  Lester  (Dunlap),  b.  Jan.  21,  1891,  in  Elkhorn,  Wis. 

2.  Loyd  K.  (Dunlap),  b.  Nov.  13,  1894,  in  Janesville,  Wis. ; 

d.  Dec.  16.  1S94. 

Dora  H.  Dcnlap  [5]  ;  m.  Clinton  Bennett,  Oct.  10,  1894. 
dence  at  Doon.  Iowa.     Child  : 

1.     Clifford  [^Bennett),  b.  May  23,  1397. 



William    P.    Domlap  [6];  m.  Oct.    14,    1891,   Lessie   Dunbar. 
Residence  (1899)  at  Elkhorn,  Wis.     Children  : 

1.  Leo  D.  (Dunlap),  b.  Ausj.  24,  18H2. 

2.  Clifford  C.  (Dunlap),  5.  Nov.  28,  1894. 

186.  Martha  Crain-*  [64],  (Jonathan^  Ebenezer,2  John'), 
married  Solomon  Burrell  Aldrich,  April  4,  1822.  He  died  June 
11,  1872,  at  Warsaw,  Minn.  She  was  familiarly  called  Patty. 
She  died  at  Morristown,  Minn.,  Aug.  24,  1881.     Children: 

1.  Martha  Ami  (Aldrieh),  b.  Jan.  24,  1823,   in   Virgil,    Cortland 

County,  N.  Y. 

2.  Levi  (Aldrieh),  b.  Oct.  1,  1833,  in  Norwich,  N.  Y. 

3.  Polly  Angelina  (Aldrieh),  b.  May  24,  1835,  in  Virgil   N   Y 

4.  George  W.  (Aldrieh),  b.  Sept.  19.  1836,  in  Virgil,  N  Y 

o.     Curtis  P.  (Aldrieh),  b.  Jan.  10,  1838,  in  Virgil"  N.  Y.  •  d    Jan 

11,  1838.  '      ' 

6.     lux  C.  (Aldrieh),  b.  May  9,  1839,  in  Virgil,  N.  Y. 

Martha  Ann   Aldrich  [1] ;  m.  Levi   T.   Brook,  Oct.   2,    1846; 


d.  May  10,  1886,  in  Morristown,  Minn.     She  d.  Oec.  i 

Oh  i  LI  van    ■ 



William   E.  (Brook),  b.   July   19,    1854,   in    Plymouth, 

n.  y . 

Willloi  E.  Brook  [1]  ;  m.  Ellen  D.  Moshier,  May  16  1880 
Lives  (1899)  in  Rice  County,  Minn.     Children  ■ 

1.  Elmer  F.  (Brook),  b.  July  5,  1881. 

2.  Charles  (Brook),  b.  Sept.  26,  1883. 

3.  Anna  M.  (Brook),  b.  Oct.  3,  1885. 

4.  Walter  (Brook),  b.  Oct.  1.  1887;  d.  July  1,  1888 

5.  Clarence  (Brook),  b.  April  21,  1891. 

6.  Martha  A.  (Brook),  b.  Oct.  17,  1894. 

7.  Harry  (Brook),  b.  March  26,  1897;  d.  Sept.  8,  1897. 

Levi  Aldrich  [2]  ;  m.  Eliza  Wait,  July  29,  1859,  in  Warsaw 
Minn.,  and  d.  Jan.  II,  1896,  at  Pipestone,  Minn.,  where  his 
widow  (1899)  resides.    Children: 

1-     Elmer  E.  (Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  7,  1861  ;  d.  Aug.  25,  1879 

2.  Maybell  E.  (Aldrich),  b.  June  8,  IS66. 

3.  Ruth  C.  (Aldrich),  b.  Feb.  2.  1869;  d.  Aug.  27,  1879 

4.  -Olivia  L.  (Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  19,  1871. 

5.  Clarence  H.  (Aldrich),  b.  June  2,  1881. 

Maybell  Aldrich  [2]  ;  m.  Lyman  Taylor,  Nov.  28,  1888.  Resi- 
dence at  Rochester,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Ruth  (Taylor),  b.  Dec.  16,  1889. 

2.  Elbert  (Taylor),  b.Aug.  27,  1891. 

3.  Allison  (Taylor),  b.  June  2,  1895. 

Olivia  L.  Aldrich  [4]  ;  m.  John  W.  Kufus,  Oct.  30,  1890.  Resi- 
dence at  Pipestone,  Minn.     Children  : 

1.  Floyd  (Kufus),  b.  Sept.  2,  1891.  K 

2.  Molly  (Kufus),  b.  Jan.  11.  1893. 

3.  Vera  (Kufus),  b.  Aug.  7,  1894. 

4.  Alma  (Kufus),  b.  May  17,  1896. 

Polly  Angelina  Aldrich  [3]  j  m.  1st,  Alxander  Evans,  Feb. 
13,  1853,  at  Plymouth,  N.  Y.  He  d.  Jan.  II,  1891,  and  she  m. 
2d,  Benjamin  demons,  July  26,  1894,  at  Morristown.  Minn. 
Residence  at  Warsaw,  Rice  County,  Minn.     Children  : 

I.     Francis  A.  (Evans),  b.  Aug.  12,  1851,  in  Plymouth,  N. 
Y.;  m.  Margaret  Shaffer,  Sept.  30,  1884. 


2.  Ida  M.  (Evans),  b.  Sept.  23,  1856,  in  Plymouth,  N.  T. 

3.  Elmer  E.  (Evans),  b.  Sept.  21,  1861,  in  Preston,  N.  Y. 

4.  Axice  May  (Evans),    b.  Feb.  11,  1869;  d.  Jan.  4,  1873. 

Ida    M.   Evans     [2]  ;  m.    William   Griffith,   July    4,     1877,   at 
Warsaw,  Minn.     Children  : 

1.  Edith  F.  (Griffith),  b.  Aug.  23,  1878. 

2.  Earnest  (Griffith),  b.  June  23,  1880. 

3.  Bessie  (Griffith),  b.  June  31,  1884. 

Elmer  E.  Evans  [3]  ;  m.  Julia  Sweeney,  June  11,   1885.     Lives 
in  Rice  County,  Minu.     Children  : 

1.  Alice  May   (Evans),  b.  March  28,   1886;  d.    Feb.  24, 


2.  Gkorge  (Evans),  b.  June  3,  1889;  d.  Oct.  8,  1889. 

190.  George  W.  Aldrich  [4]  ;  m.  Margaret  J.  Gilhousen,   June   5, 

1860.  Residence  (.1899)  at  Warsaw,  Minn.     Children  : 

1.  RomanzoE.  (Aldrich),  b.ApriU,  1861;d.  Oct.31,  1863. 

2.  James  M.  (Aldrich),  b.  Nov.  II,  1864. 

3.  William  R.  (Aldrich),  b.  Sept.  5,  1869. 

4.  Otis  W.  (Aldrich),  b.  July  26,  1873. 

5.  George  F.  (Aldrich),  b.  Feb.  6,  1876;  d.  Feb.  8,  1896. 

6.  Curtis  I.  (Aldrich),  b.  March  -.'8,  1880. 

7.  Roy  C.  (Aldrich),  b.  Oct.  15,  1883. 

191.  James  M.  Aldrich  [2j  ;  m.  Cora  Wales,    Oct.  25,    1884.     Resi- 

dence at  Warsaw,  Rice  County,  Minn.     Children  ; 

1.  Marton  (Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  21,  1885. 

2.  Floyd  (Aldrich),  b.  Dec.  15,  1887. 

3.  Pearl  (Aldrich),  b.  Nov.  28,  1889. 

4.  Maud  (Aldrich),  b.  Dec.  5,  1891. 

5.  Clifford  (Aldrich).  b.  April  8.  1894. 

6.  James  (.Aldrich),  b.  Oct.  21,  1397. 

William  R.  Aldrich  [3] ;  m.  Edna  Dowe,  July  19,  1890.     Resi- 
dence at  Morristown,  Rice  Couuty,  Minn.     Child: 
1.     Archie  (Aldrich),  b.  April  4,  1892. 

192.  Otis  W.  Aldrich  [4];  m.  Maud  Baker,  Dec.  25,  1896.     Resi- 

dence at  Warsaw,  Miun.     Child: 

1.     Hazel  (Aldrich),  b.  Nov.  21,  1897. 

193.  Ira   C.  Aldrich  [6]:    m.    1st,   Laura  I.  Snyder.  Jan.   1,   1866, 

at  Fairbault,  Minn.  She  d.  April  14,  1891,  and  he  m.  Ida  A. 
demons,  July  26,  1894.  at  Morristown,  Minn.  Residence 
(1899)  at  Fairbault.     Children  ; 

1.  Lloyd  B.  (Aldrich),  b.  Oct.  5,  1866. 

2.  Inez  V.  (Aldrich),  b.   Dec.  16,  1871  ;  d.  April  8,  1892. 

Lloyd  B.    Aldrich    [I];  m.  Lizzie  Doweney,    April   27,    1892. 
Residence  (1899)  at  Owatonna,  Minn.     Child: 
1.     Catherine  (Aldrich),  b.  May  8,  1893. 

104.-  Eoxana  Craine-4  [65],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2  John1), 
married  Taft  Aldrich,  in  Chenango  County.  N.  Y.,  in  1830, 
cousin  to  Solomon  B.  Aldrich,  who  married  her  sister,  Martha 
Craine.  He  was  born  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  April  27,  1804,  and 
died  Feb.  21,  1866,  in  Illinois.  She  died  in  Cortland,  N.  Y.,  in 
1839.     Children : 

1.  Cyrus  C.  (Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  5,  1833. 

2.  Ambrose  (Aldrich).  b.  May  14,  1838;  wounded  at  battle  of  Pea 

Ridge,  Ark.;  d.  April  1,  1862. 

3.  Harriet  (Aldrich),  b.  June  20,  1839;  d.  April  11,  1840. 


195.  Cyrus  C.  Aldrich    [1];    m.    Amanda   Chapin,    Feb.    18,    1854. 

She  d.  June  29,  1897.     He  lives  in  Elsinore,  Cal.     Children: 

1.  Charles  C.  (Aldrich),  b.  August,  1854,  at  Cincinnatus, 

N.  Y.;  cl.  1854. 

2.  Herbert  C.   (Aldrich),  b.  Sept.   13,   1858,  at  Warsaw, 

Rice  Co.,  Minn. 

3.  Luella  E.   (Aldrich),  b.  June  5,   1860,  at  Morristown, 

Rice  Co.,  Minn. 

4.  Victor  L.  (Aldrich),  b.  Sept.  11,  1864,  at  Morristown, 

Rice  Co.,  Minn. 

5.  Jesse  A.    (Aldrich),  b.  July  24,   1876,  at  Morristown, 

Rice  Co.,  Minn. 

6.  Arthur  A.  (Aldrich),  b.  1879;  lives  in  Elsinore,  Cal. 

Herbert  C.  Aldrich  [2];  m.  Mary  J.  Chapman,  April  16, 
1882.  at  Rochester,  Minn.  He  lives  in  Moose,  Beltrami  Co., 
Minn.     Children  : 

1.  Harry  C.    (Aldrich),  b.  Feb.   7,   1884,  at  Morristown, 


2.  Clara  M.  (Aldrich),  b.  Dec.  16,  1887,  at  Maine,  Minn. 

3.  James  C.  (Aldrich),  b.  April  5,  1891,  at  Maine,  Minn. 

4.  Maud  R.  (Aldrich),  b.  Sept.  19,  1895,  at  Moose,  Beltrami 

Co.,  Minn. 

5.  Wallace  (.Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  29,  1896. 

Luella  Edith  Aldrich  [3]  ;  m.  Orange  Bennett,  Dec.  25,  1879, 
at  Morristown,  Minn.      Children  : 

1.  Lillie  P.   (Bennett),   b.    Sept.    18,    1880;    m.    Mathew 

Bauer,  April  8,  1896. 

2.  Mabel  F.  (Bennett),  b.  Oct.  22,  1882;  lives  in  Morris- 

town, Minn. 

Victor  L.  Aldrich  [4] ;  ra.  Jennie  Birch,  in  1886,  at  Morris- 
town, Minn.  She  was  b.  Sept.  3,  1868,  at  Fairbault,  Minn. 
Children  : 

1.  Charles  R.  (Aldrich),  b.  June  26,  1887,  at  Morristown. 

2.  Alfred  A.  (Aldrich),  b.  Aug.  18,  1889,  at  Brownsville. 

3.  Grace  E.  (Aldrich),  b.  Feb   22,  1891,  at  Brownsville. 

4.  Leslie  J.  (Aldrich),  b.  Jan.  21,  ls94,  at  Brownsville. 

5.  Claud  F.  (Aldrich),  b.  Oct.  20,  1896,  at  Brownsville. 

196.  Jonathan  Craine4  [67],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2  John1), 
married  Aug.  7,  1825,  Susan  Tiley  Wales,  at  Plymouth,  Chenan- 
go Co.,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  Aug.  16,  1804,  at  Saybrook,  Conn. 
He  died  Dec.  4,  1848,  at  Oriskany  Falls,  N.  Y.  She  married 
2d,  Calvin  Bently,  March  29,  1856,  and  died  March  28,  1876,  in 
Clinton,  N.  Y.     Children: 

197 — 1.     Ira,  b.  Oct.  24,  1828,  at  Plymouth  ;  d.  1833. 

198—2.     Charles  Richard,  b.  Feb.  15,  1831,  at  Cortland,  N.  Y. 

199—3.     Smith  Wales,  b.  April  5,  1833,  at  Cortland.  N.  Y. 

200  —  4.     Antoinette,  b.  Nov.  12,  1835,  at  Oriskany  Falls,  N.  Y. 

201—5.     Lyman  Curtis,  b.  July  4,  1838,  at  Oriskany  Falls,  N.  Y. :  d. 

May  15,  1881,  from  result  of  continement  in  Libby  Prison. 
202—6.     Frances  Adiclaid,  b.  Aug.  25,  1841,  at  Oriskany  Falls,  N.  Y. ; 

d.  March  2,  1843. 
203—7.     James  Perry,  b.   May  17,  1844. 
204 — 8.     Mary  Adelaide,  b.  June  20,  1847,  at  Hamilton,  N.  Y. 

205.  Rachel  Crain4  [69],  (Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,3  John1), 
married  George  Wales,  at  Plymouth,  Chenango  Co.,   N.  Y.,  in 


1834.  His  first  wife  was  RacheFs  sister.  Sally  (Train.  She  died 
.Jan.  20,  1870,  at  North  Geneva.  Wisconsin.  He  died  July  29, 
1844,  at  Plymouth,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Almira  (Wales\  b.  Jan.  1,  1836,  at  Plymouth,  N.  T. :  resides  in 

Elkhorn,  Wis. 

2.  Elisha  Clark  (Wales),  b.  Nov.  2,  1839. 

3.  William  Dwight  (Wales),  b.  Oct.  2,  1841. 

Elisha  Clark  Wales  [2]  ;  m.  Laura  Rider,  March  2G,  1867,  at 
Plymouth,  N.  T.  He  d.  Jan.  24,  1378,  at  Parkersburg,  Kan- 
sas.    She  d.     Child  : 

1.     Albert  (Wales),  b.  Oct.  18,  1870;  d.  March  28,   1888, 
at  Parkersburg.  Kan. 

William  Dwight  Wales  [3];  m.  Eva  Hand,  May  28,  1891,  at 
Elkhorn,  Wis.     Reside  in  Springfield,  Wis.     Child: 

I.     Dwight  Howard  (Wales),  b.  Sept.  15,  1894;  d.  Dec. 
13,  1894. 

206.  Amariah  Crain4  [72],  (Amariah,3  Ebenezer.2  John1), 
married  Betsey  Hakes,  born  May  3.  1796,  in  New  York  State. 
They  were  married  in  Rensselaer  County.  He  was  a  farmer. 
Removed  to  Indiana,  where  he  died  in  September,  1854  ;  she  died 
there  in  1863.     Children  : 

207—1.     George  S.,  born  July  31,  1820,  in  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  T. 
203—2.     Orri.v. 
209—3.     Jcdson  W. 
210—4.     Alfred,  b.  1827. 

It  is  reported  that  another  son  lived  in  Michigan,  but  no 
name  given. 

211.  Abigail  Craine4  [79],  (Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1), 
married  Nov.  11,  1813.  David  Hopkins,  at  Groton,  Tompkins 
Co  ,  N.  Y.  She  died  Sept.  13,  1833.  aged  47  years.  Nine  of 
their  children  lived  to  mature  age.  married,  and  had  families. 
In  furnishing  the  data  for  this  family  record,  their  daughter, 
Phebe  Ann  (Hopkins)  Sullivan,  of  Geneva,  Ohio,  wrote,  Jan. 
13,  1898:  "I  will  say,  as  Washington  said  of  his  mother,  she 
was  the  nearest  Heaven  of  all  on  earth  I  knew,  and  all  but  adora- 
tion was  her  due."     Children  : 

1.  Alfred  (Hopkins). 

2.  Lacra  (Hopkins). 

3.  Warner  W.  (Hopkins). 

4.  Nancy  Jane  (Hopkins). 

5.  Mauy  Abigail  (Hopkins),  b.  Nov.  11,  1819;  m.  Alden;  re- 

sided at  Coldwater,  Mich. 

6.  Harriett  ^ Hopkins). 

7.  David  (Hopkins). 

8.  Phebe  Ann  (Hopkins),  b.  June  4,  1824;  m.  Josiah  Sullivan;  she 

d.  at  her  home,  X.  Geneva,  Ohio,  Mav  13,  1899. 

9.  Charles  M.  (Hopkins). 

10.     Hannah  CHopkins)  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

212.  Samuel  Craine4  [80],  (Roger.3  Ebenezer.2  John1), 
married  Theodora  Thirston,  Dec.  26,  1809.  at  Cincinnatus, 
N.  Y.     He  died  in  Michigan.  June  15,  1872.     Child  : 

213 — 1.     Lovina;  m.  Oaklev  ;  no  children. 


214.  Cyecs  Craine4  [81],  (Roger,3  Ebenezer,9  John1),  mar- 
ried Sarah  Snow.     Children  : 

215—1.  Edgar,  b.  Aug.  15,   1813;   went  to  Tennessee;  m.  and  had 


216—2.  Sarah  Ann,  b.  March  25,  1815;  m. 

217—3.  Mary,  b.  March  27,  1817;  d.  Feb.  H,  1844. 

218— t.  Camilla,  b.  Dec.  27,  1818. 

219-5.  Sybil  Marilla,  b.  May  29,  1821;  d. 

220 — 6.  Ruth  Marilla,  b.  Aug.  22,  1823;  d. 

221—7.  Cyhus  S.,  b.  May  23,  1825. 

222—8.  Rosa^tna.  b.  March  26,  1827. 

223—9.  Henry  Martyn,  b.  April  13,  1829;  m.  Maggie  Howe. 

224.     Ahira    Craine4     [82],     (Roger,3    Ebenezer,'2    John1), 

married .     He  died  April  3^  1874,  at  the  home  of  his 

son,  Lewis  S.  Craine,  Traverse  City,  Mich.     Children: 

225-1.  Ahira  B.,  b.  May  7,  1823. 

226—2.  Esther,  b.  July  23,  1824. 

227—3.  Lewis  S.,  b.  March  15,  1826. 

228—4.  Abigail,  b.  Oct.  21,  1827. 

229—5.  Milton  W.,  b.  Sept.  6,  1830. 

230—6.  Cyrus  R.,  b.  May  7,  1833. 

231—7.  Samuel  E.,  b.  Oct.  31,  1835. 

232.  Dr.  Eleazer  Whiting  Craine4  [83],  (Roger,3  Ebene- 
zer,2 John1),  married  1st,  Lydia  Willoughby,  April  25,  1815. 
She  was  born  July  7,  1796,  and  died  Jan.  7,  1840.  For  a  time 
they  resided  in  Groton,  N.  Y.  He  married  2d,  Ruby  Ann  Dem- 
mon.  They  removed  to  Kent,  Ohio,  in  1843.  He  practiced  his 
profession  as  a  physician  both  in  Groton  and  in  Kent.  He 
died  March  4,  1866.     Children  : 

233-1.  Edmund  F..  b.  Jan.  14,  1816;  d.  June  27,  1832. 

234—2.  Lauretta  E..  b.  April  16,  1818;  d.  July  10,  1822. 

235—3.  Joslih  Willoughby,  b.  Oct.  5,  1820. 

236—4.  A  son,  b.  April  10,  1823;  d.  June  5,  1823. 

237—5.  Henry  C,  b.  March  4,  1825;  d.  Sept.  12,  1825. 

238—6.  Lydia  O.  E.,  b.  July  5,  1827. 

239—7.  Sarah  M.,  b.  Aug.  8.  1833. 

240—8.  Emma  W.,  b.  April  27,  1836. 

241—9.  Geo.  Byron,  b.  May  19,  1841  ;  d.  1861. 

242-10.  Lewis   Cass,  b.  October,   1847;   m.   Minnie  Smith,  at  West 
Haven,  Conn. ;  killed  in  Ashtabula  disaster,  December,  1876. 

243-1 1 .  Walter  S.,  b. ,  at  Groton,  N.  Y. 

244-12.  Frank  D.,  b.  July  20,  1853. 

245-13.  Evallne;  said  to  have  ru.  Dean,  at  Goshen,  Iud 

246.  Tower  Whiting  Craine4  [84],  (Roger,3  Ebenezer,'2 
John1),  married  1st,  Nov.  6,  1822,  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  Nancy 
Anna  Whiting,  born  at  Ashford,  Conn.,  March  1,  1802;  died  at 
Mentor,  Ohio,  in  1856.  He  married  2d,  Jan.  28,  1857,  Ann  S. 
Grey,  at  Madison,  Ohio,  born  in  Massachusetts.  He  married  3d, 
Jan.  3,  1875,  Marinda  A.  Griswold,  at  Painesville,  Ohio,  born 
June  9,  1825,  at  Mentor,  Ohio.     Painesville,  Ohio,  has  been  his 


home    since    1832,    having    previously   resided    in    Genoa    and 
Groton,  N.  Y.     He  was  a  farmer  and  shoemaker.     Children  : 

247—1.  Giles  W.,  b.  Sept.  29,  1823,  at  Genoa,  N.  T. 

248—2.  Louisa  J.,  b.  April  4,  1825,  at  Groton,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Oct.  30,  1849. 

249—3.  Charles  M.,  b.  March  27,  1829,  at  Perry,  Ohio. 

250—4.  Henry  W.,  b.  Oct.  19,  1830. 

251—5.  Loretta  A.,  b.   Nov    17,  1832,  at  Painesville,   Ohio;  d.  Feb. 

2,  1834. 

252—6.  Samuel  T.,  b.  Aug.  12,  1834;  d.  Sept.  12,  1835. 

253—7.  Charlotte  E.,  b.  May  25,  1836. 

254—8.  Jared  W.,  b.  Jan.  4,  1838 ;  d.  March  4,  1839. 

255-9.  Harlan  P.,  b.  April  27,  1840;  d.  March  20,  1862. 

256-10.  Franklin  E.,  b.  April  29,  1844. 

257.  Alvin  Ceaine4  [86],  (Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1),  was 
bora  in  Genoa,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  was  twice  married. 
His  first  wife  was*  the  widow  Castle,  whose  maiden  name  was 
Lydia  Niles.  She  died  June,  1824,  leaving  children  by  Mr. 
Castle,  but  only  one  by  marriage  with  Mr.  Craine,  a  daughter. 
He  married  2d,  Feb.  8,  1827.  Tamzen  Seaton,  a  native  of  the 
same  place.  Occupation,  clock-maker.  Justice  of  the  peace, 
twelve  years.     Last  residence,  Brownsville,  Houston  Co.,  Minn. 

Children  : 

258 — 1.     Cordelia,  b.  June  2,  1824;  m.  Norman  Perry,  1842;  d.  Sept., 

259 — 2.     Frederick  William  Augustus,  b.  1827;  m.  Martha  Lowell, 

1853,  at  Baraboo,    Wis.;    is  a  silversmith  and  resides  at 

Brownsville,  Minn.     Served  in  late  war  ;    was  corporal  in 

27th  Iowa  Volunteers. 
260—3.     Mary  Melissa. 

261 — 4.     Edmund  Franklin,  b.  May  20,  1830;  served  in  Civil  War. 
262—5.     Sarah  Jane. 
263 — 6.     Horace   Newton.      Watchmaker  and   jeweler;     m.    T.    P. 

Longfellow,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
264—7.     Josephine  Lovtnia. 
265—8.     Elkazer  Whiting,     Served  in  Civil  War. 

266.  Alexis  Craine4  [87],  (Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1), 
married  Elizabeth  Clark.  He  died  at  his  home  in  Winfield. 
Cowley  Co.,  Kansas.  Dec.  25,  1890,  at  the  age  of  83.  She 
died  April  21,  1893,  aged  85.  Five  of  their  sons  served  in  the 
Union  army  in  the  Civil  War.     Children  : 

267 — 1.  James  Alexis;  lives  in  Kansas  City. 

268 — 2.  Elijah  Evans:  lives  in  Kansas  City. 

269—3.  Isaac  Clark  :  d.  Oklahoma,  1897. 

270 — 4.  David  C;  d.  in  Arkansas,  1898. 

271  —  5.  Anne  B. ;  m.  A.  B.  Knight;  lives  in  New  Salem,  Kan. 

272 — 6.  Sarah  Sophia;  m.  Chas.  Everett,  lives  in  Winfield,  Kan. 

273 — 7.  John;  lives  in  Winfield,  Kan. 

274 — 8.  Richard  Henry;  m.;  lives  in  Kansas  City. 

275 — 9.  Martin  Roger;  m.  and  has  three  sons;  lives  in  Oklahoma. 

276-10.  Charlks  Augustus:  m.  and  lives  in  Kankakee,  111. 

277.  Isaac  Crane4  [89],  [Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah2,  John1), 
married  Jan.  19,  1795,  widow  Sarah  Leonard,  daughter  of  Solo- 


mon  Abbe,  Jr.,  and  settled  in  that  part  of  Mansfield  now  called 
Atwoodville.  Was  a  weaver  and  manufacturer  of  carpets,  mats, 
robes,  etc.,  also  had  a  carding  factory.     Children  : 

278  —  1.     Hezekiah,  b.  Dec.  25,  1795. 

279—2.     Jesse,  b.  June  7,  1797. 

280—3.     Haiiry,  b.  May  10,  1799. 

281—4.     Sophia,  b.  June  1,  1802;  m.  Westhorp  Geer;  lives  in  111. 

282—5.     Anna,  b.  March  30,  1806:  in.  E.  Chapman  Moulton. 

283—6.     Caroline,  b.  Jan.  U,  1808;  m.  Alvin  Moulton  of  Chaplin. 

284 — 7.  Amanda,  b.  April  6,  1809  ;  m.  Azariah  Freeman  ;  lives  in  Val- 
paraiso, Ind. 

285—8.  Sarah  Abbe,  b.  March  24,  1811;  m.  Aaron  Geer;  lives  in 

286—9.     Martha,  b.  June  21,  1815;  m.  Manning  F.  Hunt  of  Chaplin. 

287.  Jesse  Crane4  [91],  (Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah.3  John1), 
married  Sept.  16,  1798,  Rhoda  Abbe,  daughter  of  Solomon  A., 
Jr..  and  Lucy  (Johnson)  Abbe,  b.  March"  2,  1781.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  lived  in  Mansfield,  Conn.  He  died  April  7,  1862, 
aged  83.     Children  : 

288—1.  Charles,  b.  Feb.  5,  1799. 

289—2.  Millen,  b.  Dec.  19,  1802. 

290—3.  Origen,  b.  July  25,  1804. 

291—4.  Abby  Ann,  b.  Feb.  19,  1810;  m.  Eleazer  Freeman. 

292—5.  Mary  Ann.  b.  May  30,  1813;    m.  Enoch  Freeman;  2d,  Thos. 


293—6.  Marilla;  m.  Albert  Storrs. 

294.  Asa  Grain4  [92].  (Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  mar- 
ried 1st.  Welthy,  daughter  of  Timothy  Babcock,  Nov.  28,  1805, 
at  Ashford,  Conn.,  where  she  was  born  May  27,  1785.  She  died 
there,  Aug.  22,  1823.  Married  2d,  Mary  B.  Balch,  Oct.  26, 
1823.  She  was  born  July  20,  1797.  He  died  in  Cicero,  N.  Y., 
Oct.  2,   1844.     Children: 

Almyron  W.,  b.  Jan.  17,  1807,  in  Ashford,  Conn. 
George  S.  B.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1808.  in  Ashford.  Conn. 
Achsah  Babcock,  b.   Sept.  22,   1811,  in   Ware,  Mass.;   m. 
Ebenezer  G.  Lamb,  Cicero,  N.  Y. ;  d.  leaving  2  children,  in 
Clinton,  Mich. 
Timothy  B.,  b.  Aug.  25,  1814,  in  Ashford.  Conn. 
Archibald  B.,  b.  Aug-  2,  1817,  in  Mansfield,  Conn. 
Eosetta,  b.  Oct.  27,  1819,  in  Mansfield.  Conn. 
Welthy.  E.,  b.  Dec.  2,  1822,  in  Ashford;  d.  July  10.  1823. 
Welthy,  b.  Sept.  16,  1824,  in  Mansfield;  d.  May  10,  1840. 
Sophia,  b.  Aug.  6,  1829,  in  Cicero,  N.  Y. 
Isaac,  b.  March  11,  1832. 
Harriett  Amanda,  b.  March  7,  1834. 

Maryette,  b.  Aug.  2,  1837;  m.  Geo.  W.  Ward;  living  (1866) 
in  Fulton,  N.  Y.     2  children. 
307-13.     Carollne  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  30,  1839. 

308.     Amasa    Crain4    [93],   [Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,'3  John1), 

married  Elizabeth  Bugsby.     She  was  born  Dec.  17,  1787.     He 

died  June  11,  1832.     She  died  April,  1872.     Soon  after  marriaee 

they  removed  from  Connecticut,  to  Thompson  Township,  Sulli- 


























van   Co.,   N.  Y.,  at  which  time  the  country  was  a  wilderness. 
Had  a  number  of  children  who  died  young.     Children: 

309—1.     Ralph,   2.  Hezekiah,   3.  Josiah,    4.  Lester,  d.  young. 
310—5.     Austin  Bcgsby,  b.  April  9,  1816. 

311.  Daniel  Crain4  [95],  (Hezekiah3,  Hezekiah2,  John1), 
married  Eunice  Conant,  born  about  1801.  He  had  two  sons 
and  a  daughter;  only  one  son  living  in  1864.    Child : 

312—1.     Edmund;  residence,  Willimantic  (1887). 

313.  Zerviah  Crane4  [96],  (Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,'- John1), 
married  Thomas  Baldwin,  of  Mansfield,  Conn.,  about  1825,  and 
removed  to  New  York  State.     Children  : 

Anna  (Baldwin);  m.  Wm.  V.  Johnson,  of  Mansfield. 
Ebenezer  (Baldwin). 
Daniel  (Baldwin). 
Mansfield  (Baldwin). 
Windhaji  (Baldwin). 
And  perhaps  others. 

314.  Anna  Crane4  [97].  (Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah.2  John1), 
married  Simeon  Abbe,  of  Mansfield,  Conn.  She  died  October 
5,  1822.  He  then  married  Lydia  Nichols,  by  whom  he  had 
eight  children.     Children : 

1.  Lucy  (Abbe),  b.  May  25,  1310. 

2.  Fearing  ( Abbe),  b.  Nov.  8,  1811;  m.  Julia  A.  Thompson. 

3.  Austin  (Abbe),  b.  May  5,  1813;   m.  Clarissa  Gordon. 

4.  Lucy  Ann  (Abbe),  b.  July  26,  1820;  m.  Joseph  Woodward  and 

settled  in  Mansfield,  and  have  three  children. 

315.  Daniel  Crane4  [99],  (Daniel,3  Hezekiah,2  John1), 
married  in  1807,  Clarissa  Whitman,  of  Williamsburg,  Mass.  He 
died  in  Lisle,  N.  Y.      Children  : 

316  —  1.  Esther  Fuller;  m.  Wm.  Butterfield,  of  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

317 — 2.  Electa;  m.  Amns  Hoadley. 

318 — 3.  Lucian  E.:  m.  Hannah  Jenning. 

319 — 4.  Shepherd  P.,  b.  May  29,  1813;  m.  Almira  Bosworth. 

320—5.  Abby-  Ann;  m.  Henry  Williams. 

321 — 6.  Harriet;  m.  William  Burnham. 

322—7.  Hannah;  m.  Niles  Woodworth,  of  Franklin,  N.  Y. 

323—8.  Charles  B.;  m.  Speedy  Dexter,  of  Fayette,  N.  Y. 

324.  Clarissa  Crane4  [101],  (Daniel.3  Hezekiah,2  John1), 
married  Elijah  Eldridge,  Dec.  31,  1806.  She  died  Oct.  22,  1809. 
He  married  2d,  June  21,  1810,  Sally  Hunt,  by  whom  he  had  eight 
children.  She  was  living  (1864)  at  Willington,  Conn.  Chil- 
dren : 

1.  Clarissa  (Eldridge),  b.  Feb.  24,  1808. 

2.  Esther  (Eldridge),  b.  May  5,  1809. 

325.  Cordial  S.  Crane4  [102],  (Daniel,3  Hezekiah,2  John1), 
married  1st,  Mary  Cross  in  1808;  2d,  Mary  Wheeler,  June  10, 
1822;  3d,  Lucy  Rising,  who  died  May  29,  1863.  Lived  in 
Mansfield    until   after   second    marriage,    when    he    removed   to 


Mansfield,  and  in  1864  was  living   with   his   son  Harvey.     Chil- 

326—1.  Harvey  L.,  b.  Oct.  5,  1810. 

327—'.'.  William  H.,  b.  Aug.  31,  1812. 

328—3.  Jkhiel  W.,  b.  Nov.  20,  1814;  d    1815 

3-'9 — 4.  Mary  B.,  b.  May  7,  1816. 

330      Sybil    Crane^    [103],    (Daniel^    Hezekiah,*     John') 
married    Parley    Kendall,    June    22,    1805.     Living    (1864)     in 
Whitewater      Wis.     Parley    Kendall    settled    on    a"  farm     near 
bpnngfield,    Mass.,  but  in  1833  he  removed  to  Cortland    N    Y 
where  he  died  in  1838.     About  the  year  1842  the  family  removed 

n  TSS      S     '  \J^  mu-Ti6d  2d'  L?man  Randall  and  died 

in  1868.     Her  son  Albert's  children  reside  at  or  near  that  place 
Children:  r 

'       HrSAoHut(hKDedhlb-  MarCh  2'  18°8 ;  m'  Mr-  FaleS'  and  d-  ^ 

2'     LYr„rl(lHe  fi'''  ,ba,?e,C'   3J    1809i  m-    Helen   Chamberlin   in 
Cortland,  N   \      1838;  lived  and  d.  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  1843. 

water   wf      18^  ;  m'  Benj'  FreemaD-  ™<*  d.  atWhlte- 

4.  Lucres  Boles  (Kendall),  b.  1816;  d.  at  Cortland,  N    Y     1836 

5.  Clarissa    Kendall),  b.  1818;  m.  Benj.  Freeman;  d.   at'  White- 

water, Wis.,  1840.  le 

6.  Albert  (Kendall),  b.  1820;  m.  1st,  Martha  P.    Woodbury  "d 

Jane  Pratt.     He  d.  1877  in  Whitewater,  Wis. 

331.  Jonathan  Crane"  [105],  (Daniel,3  Hezekiah,*  John') 
married  Orpha  Barrows,  May  10,  1810.  She  was  born  in  Mans- 
field, Conn.,  Dec.  27,  1788,  daughter  of  Ethan.  She  died  in 
1824.  He  then  married  2d,  Azubah  Hamilton,  of  Brookfield 
Mass.  He  was  born  in  North  Mansfield,  Conn.,  where  he  passed 
his  boyhood  days,  receiving  his  early  education  in  the  country 
schools.  At  the  age  of  eighteen  he  left  home  and  located  at 
Newburgh,  N.  Y.  In  1814  Mr.  Crane  removed  to  Schenectady, 
which  place  he  afterwards  made  his  home.  In  1819  he  purchased 
a  large  tract  of  land,  and  erected  factories  that  have  since  con- 
tinued to  be  among  the  chief  industries  of  the  place.  The  first 
passenger  railway  built  from  Albany  to  Schenectady  passed  near 
his  factories,  attracting  his  interest  in  railway  construction,  and, 
with  the  use  of  inventions  of  his  own,  assisted  in  the  building  of 
the  Hartford  &  New  Haven,  Providence  &  Stonington,  Boston  & 
Providence,  Boston  &  Albany,  and  Boston  &  Maine  railways. 
For  many  years  he  carried  on  the  manufacture  of  screws,  and 
was  a  man  of  much  financial  ability  and  business  energy,  with  a 
true  Christian  character.  He  served  as  alderman  for^Scheuec- 
tady.     He  died  Oct.  9,  1870.     Children: 

332—1.  Ethan  B.,  b.  July  11,  1811. 

333—2.  Jonathan,  b.  March,  1814. 

334—3.  Edward,  b.  1816. 

335—4.  Cordial  S.,  b.  1819. 


336—5.  Eliza,  b.  March  24,    1820;    m.  J.    R.  Hayward.     Residence 

(1842)  "at  Hannibal,  Mo. 

337 — 6.  David;  d.  in  infancy. 

338—7.  Catharine  Hamilton,  b.  1825;  d.  Sept.  5,  1841. 

339—8.  Lucinda,  b.  IS27. 

340—9.  Henry  Martyn,  b.  1828. 

341-10.  Martha  0.,  b.  1834. 

342.  Bela  Crane4  [106],  (Daniel, :!  Hezekiah,2  John1),  mar- 
ried Sept.  28,  1816.  at  Half  Moon  (now  Orange),  Saratoga  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Deborah  Aylworth.  She  was  born  there  March  27.  1794. 
Mr.  Crane  served  six  months  at  Sackett's  Harbor  in  1812,  and 
four  months  in  New  York  city  in  i814;  was  a  musician  in  both 
campaigns.  Mr.  Crane  has  resided  in  Mansfield,  Conn.,  where 
five  generations  of  Cranes  have  been  born  and  lived  on  the 
old  homestead,  which  has  been  in  the  possession  of  the  family 
two  hundred  years.  He  has  also  lived  in  Schenectady,  Troy,  N. 
Y.,  Saratoga  Co.,  Delaware  Co..  N.  Y.,  Luzerne  Co.,  Pa.  ;  but 
in  December,  1879,  was  residing  in  Middletown,  Orange  Co.,  N. 
Y.  Has  held  the  office  of  school  director  and  supervisor  in  Dela- 
ware Co.,  N.  Y.  By  occupation  has  been  a  farmer,  raftsman 
and  ropemaker.     Children  : 

343—1.     Melissa  Catharine,  b.  July  20,  1817,  in  Schenectady.  N.  Y. 
344 — 2.     Melancthon   Crydenwise,    b.   July   26,    1S24,  in  Delaware 
•       Co.,  N.  Y. 

345.  Libbecs  Crain4  [109],  (Elisha,3  Hezekiah,-  John1), 
married  Sallv  Dimick.  Nov.  9,  1800.  He  was  a  blacksmith,  and 
died  at  Cassville,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  25,  1858.     Child : 

346—1.     Lafayette,  b.  July  27,  1824. 

347.  Nathan  Crain4  [119],  (David  E.,3  Hezekiah,3  John,1), 
married  Mary  Choate.  She  was  born  in  Leicester,  Mass.,  Nov. 
15,  1787.  He  died  at  Evans  Mills.  Jefferson  Co.,  N.  Y.,  May 
4,  1837.     She  died  at  same  place  May  27,  1*30.     Children  : 

348  -1.  Isaac  S.,  b.  June  3,  1810,  in,  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N\  Y. 

349 — 2.  Phebe  A.,  b.  June  26,  1812,  in  Dorset,  Vt. ;  d.  Nov.  18,  1857. 

360-3.  George  W.,  b.  Sept.  13,  1814,  in  Rutland,  Vt;  d.  in  Grinnell, 


351—4.  Mariann,  b.  Sept.  5,  1816,  in  Felt's  Mills. 

352—5.  Charles  E.,  b.  June  26,  1819,  in  Le  Roy;  d.  May  14,  1824. 

353—6.  Betsey  M.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1822. 

354—7.  Olive  W .,  b.  Jan.  5,  1824. 

355—8.  Ruth  K.,  b.  Nov.  25,  1826. 

356—9.  Eveline  W.,  b.  March  8,  1828. 

357.     David  Eldridge  Crain4  [121],    (David  E,3  Hezekiah.2 

John1),  married  1st,  ;   2d,  Mary  Pepper  at  Ogdensburg,  N. 

Y.,  in  1829.  She  was  born  Feb.  4,  1805,  in  Enniscorthy, 
County  of  Wexford,  Ireland.  He  died  at  Maitland,  Ontario, 
Canada,  May  8,  1849.  She  died  at  Brockville,  Ontaria,  Oct. 
31,  1889.  First  three  children,  born  in  Canton,  St.  Lawrence 
Co..    N.  Y.,   were   by   his  first  wife,   who  died  at  that  place; 


all  the  other  children  were  born  in  Maitland,  Ontario,  Canada. 
Children  : 

358 — l.    Loretta. 

359 — 2.     Sariah  Moriah. 

360—3.     Malissa. 

361—4.     Eliza  J.,  b.  May  7,  1830. 

362—5.     Hiram  Abiff,  b.  Sept.  8,  1832. 

363—6.     Robert,  b.  Oct.  14,  1834. 

364—7.     Levi,  b.  July  13,  1836. 

365—8.     John,  b.  April  16,  1838;  d.  at  Manteno,  111..  Feb.,  1856. 

366—9.  George,  b.  March  29,  1841;  m.  1st,  Feb.  15,  1871,  Emma 
Elizabeth  Aylsworth,  of  Bath.  Ontario,  CaDada.  She  d. 
May  9,  1872,  and  he  m.  Aug.  2,  1876,  Adeline  Church 
Leggo,  of  Ottawa;  no  children.  He  is  an  architect  and 
builder;  also  a  manufacturer  of  woolen  goods. 

367-10.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Oct.  14,  1844. 

368.  Eachel  Baldwin  Crain4  [125],  (David  E.,3  Heze- 
kiah.- John1),  married,  in  1833,  Allin  Grover,  of  Wells,  Vt. ;  born 
1802.  She  died  Sept.  3,  1887.  He  was  a  merchant  there,  and 
represented  his  town  in  the  Vermont  legislature,  1838,  and  died 
in  1865.  She,  by  her  first  husband,  had  a  daughter,  Luthera 
Cornelia  (Harnden),  born  in  Poultney,  Vt.,  Dec.  7,  1824,  who 
married  Rev.  William  H.  Hull,  minister  of  the  Methodist  Episco- 
pal Church.     Mrs.  Hull  died  Jan.  14,  1885,  leaving  no  children. 

Children  : 

1.  Allin  Crain  (Grover),  b.  March  31,  1837,  in  Wells,  Vt. 

2.  Marcus  Delett  (Grover),  b.  June  18,  1841,  in  Wells,  Vt. 

369.  Dr.  Allln  Crain   Grover   [IJ;  m.   Corinthia   Vandermarker. 

She  was  b.  in  Chester,  Warren  Co.,  N.  Y.,  in  1848.  They 
were  m.  there  Dec.  24,  1874,  and  settled  at  Wells,  Vt.,  where 
he  has  carried  on  a  farm  and  practiced  his  profession,  he 
being  a  graduate  of  the  Albany  Medical  College  in  1866.  Was 
selectman  for  Wells  in  the  years  1872,  1873  and  1874.  In 
1884  he  removed  to  Port  Henry,  N.  Y.,  where  he  now  (1897) 
resides  and  practices  his  profession.     Children: 

1.  Marcus  Allln  (Grover),  b.  Aug.  7,  1876,  in  Wells,  Vt. 

2.  Annis  Luthera  (Grover),  b.  Sept.  3,   1878,  in   Wells, 


3.  Adrain  Crain  (Grover),  b.  Dec.  20,  1880,  in  Wells,  Vt. 

4.  Scott  Vandermarker  (Grover),  b.  Nov.  14,  1884;  d. 

at  Port  Henry,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  1,  1885. 

370.  Marcus    Delett  Grover   [2]  ;  m.  Virginia  A.  Townsend,   of 

Jordan,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  October,  1869.  He  is  a  lawyer 
of  considerable  prominence.  He  now  (1897)  resides  at  St. 
Paul,  Minn.,  and  is  general  soclicitor  for  the  Great  Northern 
Railroad.     Children  : 

1.  Vinnie  Luthera  (Grover),  b.  April  3,   1871,  in  Wells, 


2.  Myra   Electa   (Grover),   b.    May    5,    1876,    in     Port 

Henry,  N.  Y.  ' 

371.  Ruth  Baldwin  Crain4  [128],  (David  E,3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  born  in  Dorset,  Vt.  Married  at  Poultney,  July  6,  1824, 
Chester  Whitney,  a  native  of  Poultney,  born  May  22,  1798.     He 


was  a  farmer,  and  died  in  the  town  where  he  was  born  Aug.   6, 
18-45.     She  died  there  July  29,  1845.     Children: 

1.  Rachel  E.  (WhitneyJ,  b.  July  29,  1825;  m.  Sept.  12,  1846. 

2.  John  (Whitney),  b.  Jan.    16,  1827;  m.  July  3,  1851;   d.   Jan., 

1864,  in  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

3.  Sarah  (Whitney),  b.  May   5,  1829;  m.  May  7,  1857. 

4.  Hiram  (Whitney),  b.  1831;  d.  aged  10  mouths. 

5.  Minerva  (Whitney),  b.  1834;  d.  aged  18  months. 

6.  Ann  W.  (Whitney),  b.  Sept.  1,   1835;  m.  Jan.,  1852,  at  Wells, 


372.  Tamesin  Eldridge  Grain4  [129],  (David  E.,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John,1),  married  Feb.  21,  1828,  in  Poultney,  Vt.,  John 
K.  Webster,  of  Hampton,  Washington  Co.,  N.  Y.,  at  which 
place  their  eldest  child  was  born.  He  died  Feb.  15,  1856.  She 
was  living  Nov.  4,  1897,  with  her  son  Hiram  D.,  in  Jefferson, 
Allen  Co.,  Ind.,  the  only  survivor  of  her  father's  family,  aged 
89.     Children:  -» 

1.  Buel  Crain  (Webster),  b.  May  5,  1829,  in  Warsaw,  Wyoming 

Co.,  N.  Y. 

2.  Earline  A.  (Webster),  b.  May  6,  1832. 
Hiram  D.  (Webster),  b.  Feb.  22,  1835,  in  Huron,  Erie  Co.,  Ohio. 
Fannie  M.  (Webster),  b.  Oct.  31,  1837. 
Mary  L.  (Webster),  b.  June  15,  1840. 
John  W.  (Webster),  b.  March  29,  1842. 

Hiram  D.  Webster  [3]  ;  m.  Jan.  1,  1860,  Sophia  Miller,  of 
Unity,  Columbiana  Co.,  Ohio.  She  was  b.  Dec.  25,  1340,  and 
settled  in  Jefferson,  Allen  Co.,  Ind.     Children  : 

1.  Nathan  Crain  (Webster). 

2.  Martha  M.  (Webster),  b.   Jan.    11,1863;  d.    Feb.  22, 

3.  John  W.  (Webster),  b.  March  23,  1865. 

4.  Warren  B.  (Webster),  b.  Dec.  25,  1866. 

5.  Delett  Grovk.r  (Webster),  b.  July  16,  1869. 

6.  Ida  J.  (Webster),  b.  June  21,  1872. 

7.  Hiram  D.  (Webster),  b.  April  13,  1875. 

8.  Elma  L.  (Webster),  b.  and  d.  April  28,  1878. 

9.  Myka  E.  (Webster),  b.  June  6,  1880. 

Nathan  Crain  Webster  [1];  m.  Sept.  9,  1884,  Addie  J. 
Brandlier.  She  was  b.  in  Jefferson,  Allen  Co.,  Ind.,  Oct.  15, 
1861.     Children: 

1.  Julia  A.  (Webster),  b.  Aug.  5,  1885. 

2.  Willard  H.  (Webster),  bTFeb.  21,  1888;  d.  March  17, 

3.  Hiram  D.  (Webster),  b.  June  15,  1890. 

4.  Mabel  M.  (Webster),  b.  April  9,  1892. 

5.  Howard  E.  (Webster),  b.  Jan.  12,  1895. 

6.  WilmcrE.  (Webster),  b.  March  29,  1897. 


373.  John  Crane5  [135],  (Stephen,4  John,3  John,'2  John1), 
married  Sarah  Burke.  Oct.  4.  1811,  he  sold  for  $120  his  interest 
in  the  same  lot  of  land  that  his  father  Stephen  Crane  mortgaged 
to  Oliver  Bliss,  to  his  brother  Cyrus  Crane,  housewright.  There 
were  several  transfers  back  and  forth  between  the  brothers  John 
and  Cyrus,  and  the  widow  Mary  Crane.  About  the  year  1816 
Mr.  Crane  removed  from  Wilbraham.  Mass.,  to  Cortland,  Cort- 
land Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  from  there  John  Crane  and  his  family 
removed  to  Addison,  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.  Oct.  24,  1811,  he  sold 
land  in  Wilbraham  to  William  Rindge  for  8560.  He  sold  land 
in  Wilbraham  for  8275.  Dec.  2,  1815,  and  again  to  John  Bliss  for 
8400.  July  9,  1816.     Children: 




Stephen:  killed  by  lightning,  aged  12  years. 

Ctrus  Lyman. 

John  M.,  b.  Dec.  19,  1812. 

William  E. 

Anson ;  m.  Mary  Jane  Hutchinson;  no  children. 

Alonzo  G. 

Egbert  L. 

Lettice  Maria,  b.  May  15,  1810;  m. 

Mart  a. 

Sarah;  m.  R.  Jones. 

384.  Cyrus  Crane3  [136],  (Stephen.4  John,3  John,3  John1), 
married  Mary  Chapin,  July  20,  1809.  She  was  a  daughter  of 
Abner  and  Rhoda  (Kibbe)  Chapin,  born  April  7,  1789.  Abner 
Chapin  was  private  in  Capt.  Paul  Langdon's  company  of  minute- 
men  (Wilbraham  company),  marched  in  response  to  the  alarm 
April  19,  1775.  April  20,  served  nine  days.  Enlisted  April  29, 
1775.  in  the  army  in  same  company,  Col.  Timothy  Danielson's 
regiment,  muster-roll  dated  Aug.  1,  1775;  in  service  Oct.  6. 
1775,  and  also  Dec.  25,  same  year.  Probably  the  same  Abner 
who  was  corporal,  Capt.  James  Shaw's  company  detached  from 
Col.  Chas.  Pynchon's  regiment,  entered  service  Sept.  24.  1777. 
discharged  Oct.  18,  1777,  ordered  to  join  army  under  General 
Gates.  Cyrus  Crane  was  of  rather  a  wild,  restless  disposition. 
Left  home  (so  his  son  Rollin  writes)  when  he  was  very  young, 
that  he  was  a  soldier  in  War  of  1812,  and  was  drowned  in  New 
York  State.  July  20,  1832.  Cyrus  Crane,  Oct.  14.  1811,  sold  his 
interest  in  the  home  estate  to  his  brother  John  Crane  for  8250, 
and  must  have  left  Wilbraham  soon  afterward,  for  his  son  Rollin 
was  not  old  enough  to  remember  him.     She  died  Jan.  4,  1864. 

Children  : 

385—1.     Rollin  C,  b.  May  8,  1811. 
386—2.     Julia  A.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1813. 


387.  Ebenezer  Crane5  [138],  (Ebenezer.4  Ebenezer,3  Ebene- 
zer,a  John1),  m.  January,  1822.  Rebecca  Gordon  Russell,  daughter 
of  John  Russell.  She  was  born  at  Dublin,  N.  H.,  April  19,  1801. 
He  first  went  to  Dalton,  N.  H.,  in  1815,  and  worked  one  season  for 
his  uncle  Robert  Crane  on  the  same  farm  he  afterwards  made  his 
home  and  what  is  now  known  as  the  ••Crane  Farm."  That  year, 
1815,  he  excavated  the  cellar  for  the  house,  now  the  homestead, 
the  house  having  been  completed  in  1816.  He  received  a  deed 
of  this  place  from  his  father,  and  went  there  to  live  in  1819, 
taking  his  bride  there  in  January,  1822.  The  father  of  Mrs 
Crane  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  war,  born  June,  1760; 
died  1829.  John  Russell  married  Abigail  Gordon  of  Rindge, 
N.  H.,  born  in  1780.  He  was  born  in  Harvard,  Mass.  Mr. 
Crane  was  a  man  of  great  energy,  and  for  mauy  years  carried  on 
farming  on  a  large  scale,  having  as  many  as  three  farms  under 
cultivation  at  one  time.     He  died  at  Dalton,  Oct.  5,  1867. 

Children  : 

388—1.  Abby  Eliza,  b.  Nov.  11,  1822. 

389—2.  Rhoda  K.,  b.  June  1,  1824;  d.  Nov.  2,  1892. 

390—3.  Geokge  Eben,  b.  March  31,  1826. 

391—4.  SaPhronla  M..  b.  March  18,  1828;  d.  July  4,  1855. 

392—5.  Frank  R.,  b.  July  31,  1831. 

393—6.  Charles  Albert",  b.  Feb.  26,  1833. 

394—7.  Francis  J.,  b.  April  19,  1835. 

395_8.  Infant  son,  b.  and  d.  March,  1837. 

396—9.  Louisa  M.,  b.  June  II,  1839. 

397-10.  M.  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  25,  1843. 

398-11.  Elbridge  G.,  b.  Nov.  25,  1845;  d.  Oct.  27,  1890. 

399.  Sylvester  Crain3  [153],  (Sylvester.4  Jonathan,3  Ebene- 
zer,2 John1),  married  Mary  A.  Goodell,  Nov.  5,  1833,  at  Cort- 
land. N.  Y.  She  was  born  Aug.  11,  1813;  d.  May  14,  1883. 
He  died  April  22,  1878.  at  Virgil",  Cortland  Co.,  X.  Y. 

Children  : 

400 — l.  Sylvester,  b.  Jan.  20.  1835. 

401—2.  Mary  M..  b.  Feb.  15,  1337. 

402—3.  Edward  A.,  b.  Aas.  5,  1838. 

403—4.  Samantha  E.,  b.  Jan.  10,  1839. 

404.  Jonathan  G.  Crain5  [15-4],  (Sylvester.4  Jonathan,3 
Ebenezer,-  John1),  married  Nancy  Pettis.  Nov.  14,  1839,  at 
Groton,  N.  Y.  He  died  Aug.  8.  1896,  at  Cortlandville.  N.  Y. 
She  was  born  April  29,  1816,  at  Groton,  and  was  living  in  1899 
at  South  Cortland.  N.  Y.     Children  : 

405—1.     Mary,  b.  Oct.  31.  1855. 
406—2.     Wilber  C,  b.  Aug.  11,  1858. 

407.  Sally  Crain5  [155].  (Sylvester,4  Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  Edward  Adriance,  Oct.  10,  1839.  He  was  born 
April  18,  1814.  in  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.  She  died  Oct.  19, 
1844,  at  Scipio,  Cavuga  Co..  N.  Y.  He  died  Jan.  16,  1884,  at 
Delhi,  Ohio. 


Child : 

1.  Ellen  ( Adriance),  b.  Nov.  27,  1840,  at  Scipio,  N.  Y. ;  m.  George 
D.  Mercereau,  Jan.  22,  1867;  residence  Shortsville,  Ontario 
Co.,N.T.     Children: 

1.  Mary   Eliza   (Mercereau),  b.  Sept.  7,  1869,  at  Flint, 


2.  Caroline  Isabel  (Mercereau),  b.  July  20,  1871,  at  Flint, 


3.  Mabel  Edna  (Mercereau),  b.  May  3,  1877,  at  Farming- 

ton,  N.  Y. 

408.  Nelson  Crain5  [156],  (Sylvester,4  Jonathan,3  Ebene- 
zer,2  John1),  married  Orinda  Barber,  Oct.  4,  1840,  in  Cortland 
Co.,  N.  Y.  ;   where  he  d.  Dec.  17,  1847;  she  d.  1861.     Children: 

409  —  1.     Olive,  b.  July  11,  1841. 
410—2.     Carlton,  b.  Nov.  13,  1842. 

411—3.     Theodore,  b.  Jan.   6,  1845;  d.  May  8,  1870.     Said  to  have 
left  Child  : 
1.     Bert,  b.  May  10,  1869. 
412—4.     Charles,  b.  July  30,  1846. 

413.  Lorinda  Crain5  [162],  (Sylvester,4  Jonathan,3  Ebene- 
zer,2 John1),  married  Reuben  Davis,  widower  of  her  sister  Nancy 
Crain,  at  Cortland,  N.  Y.,  and  died  May  5,  1886.  He  died  June 
29,  1888.     Child: 

1.     Clara  (Davis),  b.  1851 ;  d.  aged  9  years. 

415.  Betsey  Ann  Crain5  [165],  (Ebenezer,4  Jonathan,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Aug.  20,  1837,  Oranel  Livermore. 
He  was  a  physician,  and  died  March  18,  1872.  She  died  Nov. 
3,  1880.     They  resided  at  Deansville,  N.  Y.     Children : 

1.  Eudora  M.  (Livermore),  b.  Dec.  6,  18.q9;  d.  Nov.  9,  1896. 

2.  Mortimer  C.  (Livermore)  ;  m.  Docia  Churchill. 

3.  Silas  Wright  (Livermore),  b.  March  24,  1»44. 

4.  Leslie  (Livermore),  b.  December,  1846. 

5.  Harvey  Crain  (Livermore),  b.  July  21,  1850. 

6.  Arthur  (Livermore),  b.  Nov.  29,  1854;  d.  Feb.  3,  1871. 

Silas  Wright  Livermore  [3];  m.  Anna  Churchill,  Jan.  27,  1865. 
She  was  sister  to  Mortimer  Livermore's  wife.  Kesidence 
Bridgewater,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Zayda  C.  (Livermore),  b.  March  31,  1866,  at  Sanger- 

fleld,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Harvey  M.  Hull,  Oct.  11,  1894. 

2.  Maud  E.  (Livermore),  b.  Dec.   16,  1868,  at  Glenmore, 

N.  Y. 

3.  Viuginia  S.  (Livermore),  b.  March  8,  1871,  at  Willow 

Springs.  Kan. ;  m.  Wm.  H.  Briggs,  June  20,  1*9*. 

4.  Ira  J.    (Livermore),   b.    March    16,   1873,    at   Willow 

Springs.  Kan. 

5.  William  H.  (Livermore),  b.  July  11,  1877,  at  Bridge- 

water,  N.  Y. 

6.  Grace  B.  (Livermore),  b.  Jan.  2,  1882,  at  Bridgewater, 

N.  Y. 

7.  Leland  W.  (Livermore),  b.  Sept.  10,  1883,  at  Bridge- 

water,  N.  Y. 


Harvey    Crain   Livermore  [5]  ;    m.    Genoa   Burton   in    1874. 
Residence  Olathe,  Kansas.     Children: 

1.  Harvey  (Livermore),  b.  1874. 

2.  Etta  B.  (Livermore),  b.  1876. 

416.  Silas  Harvey  Crain3  [167],  (Ebenezer,4  Jouathan,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Roxana  Cory  in  1853,  and  died  in 
1357.     She  died  in  1871.     Child: 

417—1.     Edwin  Harvey,  b.  March  23,  1860. 

418.  Emmeline  F.  Crain5  [168],  (Ebenezer,4  Jonathan.3 
Ebenezer.'3  John1),  married  Lafayette  Slocum  in  1848.  He 
died  in  1893.     She  resides  (1899)  at  Earlville,  N.  Y.     Child  : 

1.     Frances  E.  (Slocum),  b.  Feb.  1,  1851  ;  d.  Jan.  27,  1858. 

419.  Charles  Richard  Craine3  [198],  (Jonathan,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,2  John1 ) ,  married  May  30,  1864,  Louisa  Bradt, 
in  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  and  removed  to  Detroit,  Mich.  She  died 
Aug.  3,  1865.  He  married  "2d,  Lucinda  M.  Stevens,  of  Roseville. 
Mich.,  Dec.  31,  1867,  in  Detroit.     She  was  born  Nov.  2.  1847. 


420—1.  Winefrld  Roos,  b.  Sept.  1,  1873,  in  Detroit,  Mich.  Resi- 
dence (1899),  Detroit,  Mich. 

421.  Smith  Wales  Craine3  [199],  (Jonathan,4  Jonathan3, 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Mary  S.  Clark,  July  19,  1864.  in 
Mount  Pleasant,  Iowa.  She  was  born  Dec.  10,  1845.  Resi- 
dence (1899),  Buffalo,  N.  Y.      Children: 

422—1.     George   Benjamin,  b.  July  1,  1866,  in  Mt.   Pleasant,  Iowa; 

d.  Aug.  6,  1883. 
423 — 2.     Laura   Alice,  b.    April   3,  1868,  in  Mt.  Pleasant,  Iowa;   d. 

April  12.  1870,  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
424—3.     Charles  Rollen,  b.  June  12,  1876,  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

425.  Antoinette  Craine5  [200],  (Jonathan,4  Jonathan.3 
Ebenezer.2  John1),  married  Berthier  David  Bancroft.  Dec.  29, 
1858,  at  New  Hartford,  N.  Y.  He  was  born  March  22,  I8l'8, 
in  Sangerfield,  N.  Y.,  and  died  April  4,  1884,  at  Clinton,  N.  Y. 
She  is  living  (1889)  in  the  latter  place.     Children  : 

1.  Vernon   Fermer    (Bancroft),    b.   Nov.   6,    1859,   in   Oriskanv 

Falls,  N.  Y. ;  d.  March  1,  1884.  at  Clinton. 

2.  Charles  Pratt  (Bancroft),  b.  Jan.  24.  1861,  at  Oriskany  Falls; 

d.  March  26,  1864,  at  Waterville.  N.  Y. 

3.  Fred  Seymour  (Bancroft),  b.  May  23,  1863;   d.  April  29,  1898. 

in  Clinton. 

4.  James  Pkrry  (Bancroft),  b.  June  22,  1865;    d.  June  13,  1889,  in 


5.  Susan  Estella   (Bancroft),  b.  Sept.  1,  1869;   d.  July  26,  1871, 

in  Clinton. 

6.  Nellie  May-  (Bancroft),  b.  Jan.  12,  1872,  in  Clinton. 

7.  Jessie  Alice  (Bancroft),  b.  Oct.  13,  1874,  in  Clinton. 

426.  James  Perry  Craine5    [203],    [Jonathan,4  Jonathan,3 


Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Georgiana  Barker,  Oct.  22,  1873,  at 
Deansville,  N.  Y.     She  was  born  Feb.  22,  1852.     Children  : 

427—1.     "William  Elmer,  b.  Sept.  21,  1874,  at  Deansville,  N.  Y. 
428 — 2.     Eddaneva  May,  b.  Aug.  2,  1877,  at  Deansville,  N.  T. 

429.  Mary  Adelaide  Craine5  [204],  (Jonathan,4  Jonathan,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  June  21,  1866,  David  Austin,  at  New 
Hartford.  N.  Y.  He  was  born  Nov.  4,  1840.  Residence  (1899), 
Clinton,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y. 

1.  Norman  John  (Austin),  b.  Nov.  1,  1867;   m.  Olive  J.  Loomis, 

Jan.  8,  1887,  in  Clinton,  N.  T. 

2.  Elmer  Charles  (Austin),  b.  March  11,  1871. 

3.  Edith  Ella  (Austin),  b.  Aug.  19,  1879. 

430.  George  S.  Crain,5  [207],  (Amariah,4  Amariah,3  Eben 
ezer,2  John1),  was  born  in  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and 
removed  with  his  father  to  the  State  of  Indiana,  where  he 
married  Lucinda  Barton,  and  settled  in  Elkhart  Co.  ;  a  farmer. 
Here  four  of  his  children  were  born.  In  1858  or  1859  he  re- 
moved to  Kansas,  settling  in  Franklin  Co.     Children  : 

431—1.  Mary  J.,  b.  Aug.  17,  1852;  m.  March  21,  1871. 

432—2.  David,  b.  Oct.  11,  1854;  d.  Sept.  9,  1855. 

433—3.  Cyntha  E.,  b.  Sept.  24,  1856;  m.  Feb.  18,  1875. 

434 — i.  Oliver  C.  b.  March  8,  1858. 

435—5.  Lewis  M.,  b.  Jan.  29,  1860. 

436—6.  Betsey  D.,  b.  Sept.  1,  1862. 

437—7.  JudsonW.,  b.  Dec.  13,  1864;  d.  Apr.  14,  1869. 

438—8.  Mattie  A.,  b.  Feb.  18,  1866. 

439—9.  Kosetta  A.,  b.  Dec.  15,  1868. 

440-10.  Alice  D.,  b.  July  2,  1871. 

441-11.  Eda  M.,  b.  Feb.  17,  1874. 

442.  Alfred  Crain5  [210],  (Amariah,4  Amariah,3  Ebene- 
zer,3 John1),  married  Fanny  Barton,  in  Indiana,  Oct.  25,  1857. 
She  was  born  there  Oct.  1,  1835;  settled  in  Franklin  County, 
Kansas  ;  a  farmer.     Children  : 

443—1.  Martha  R.,  b.  May  5,  1858. 

444—2.  Charles,  b.,  July  27,  1860. 

445_3.  William  W.,  b.  Jan.  16,  1862. 

446—4.  Mary  A.,  b.  Feb.  26,  1864. 

447—5.  Grant,  b.  April  8,  1866. 

448—6.  Edwin,  b.  March  26,  1868. 

449—7.  Flora,  b.  Jan.  30,  1870. 

450—8.  Ida,  b.  Aug.  11,  1872. 

451—9.  John  A.,  b.  April  14,  1875. 

452-10.  Calvin,  b.Nov.  24,  1877. 

453.  Sarah  Ann  Crain5  [216],  (Cyrus,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,3 
John1),  married  Luman  Burtch,  and  lived  in  Groton,  N.  Y. 
She  died  in  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  18,  1899.     Child: 

1.     Willard   (Burtch),  b.  1848;  d.  Dec.  22,  1898,  leaving  a  daagh- 
ter,  Bertie. 


454.  Camilla  Crain5  [218],  (Cyrus,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  E.  Burtch.  She  died  Oct.  31,  1848,  leaving 
two  daughters.     Children  : 

1.  Emogene  (Burtch) ;  m.  and  has  :  1.  Millie  and  2.   Jennie. 

2.  Jennie  (Burtch). 

455.  Ctrus  Snow  Grain5  [221],  (Cyrus,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,9 
John1),  married  Merab  Evaline  Yale.  He  was  a  Baptist  minis- 
ter, and  lived  in  Delphi,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  enlisted  in 
the  Union  army  in  the  fall  of  1862,  and  served  twenty  months. 
She  died  in  June,  1862,  leaving  two  sons.  He  married  2d,  Mary 
A.  Lee.     He  died  July  10,  1895.     Children: 

456—1.  Hermann  Leslie,  b.  May  15,  1850,  at  Groton,  Tompkins  Co. 

457—2.  Stephen  B.,  b.  April  7,  1851. 

458—3.  Jessie  A.,  b.  June  29,  1865. 

459—4.  J.  Henry,  b.  Jan.  22,  1870. 

460.  Rosanna  Crain5,  [222],  (Cyrus,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,9 
John1),  married  David  Adams.    She  died  leaving  two  daughters. 

Children  : 

1.  Mary  (Adams),  b.  1850;  m.  S.  L.  Peer. 

2.  Nettie  (Adams),  b.  1852;  d.  young. 

461.  Ahira  B.  Craine5  [225],  (Ahira,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  Laura  Churchill,  and  settled  in  Traverse  City, 
Mich.     Children : 

465 — i 

Earnest;  m.  Eva  Weller. 
Elmer;  m.  Hattie  Jewell. 
Bdiinet;  m.  May  Crain. 
Dean;  m.  Hattie  Chase. 
Katie;  m.  Joseph  Jewell. 
Emogene;  m.  John  Zimmerman. 

468.  Esther  Crain5  [226],  (Ahira,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  Archibald  Houghtaling.  Settled  near  Monroe 
Centre,  Mich.     He  died  about  1872.     She  died  about  1874. 

1.  Tobias  (Houghtaling);  d.  Aug.,  1862. 

2.  Clokinda  Ann  (Houghtaling). 

3.  Eli  (Houghtaling). 

4.  Olive  (Houghtaling). 

5.  Samuel  (Houghtaling). 

469.  Lewis  S.  Craine5  [227],  (Ahira,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  Sally  Fish,  in  1845.  She  died  in  1858,  and  in 
1862  he  married  Mary  E.  Butler.  Mr.  Craine  was  born  in  Liv- 
ingston Co.,  N.  Y.,  March  15,  1826,  and  two  years  later  re- 
moved with  his  parents  to  Ohio,  where  he  was  bound  out  to 
work  on  a  farm  until  of  age.  After  eight  years  of  service  he 
ran  away,  and  returned  to  the  State  of  New  York,  Onondaga 
Co.,  and  lived  with  a  half-brother  until  he  married.  He  then 
settled  at  Mentor,  Lake  County,  Ohio,  in  1852.  In  1860,  he 
removed  to  Traverse  City,  Mich. 

470—1.     Mary  M.,  b.  1846. 



Sylvester  E.,  b.  May  12,  1848. 
Viles  Leslie,  b.  Dec.  6,  1851. 
Kosannah,  b.  July  14,  1855. 
Josephine,  b.  April  22,  1862. 
Nettie,  b.  Dec.  26,  1865. 

476.  Abigail  Craine5  [228],  (Ahira,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1),  married  Smith  Weller,  by  whom  she  haofall  her  children  ; 
married  2d,  Addison  White.  Settled  in  Almira,  Benzie  Co., 
Mich.     Children : 

1.  William  W.  (Weller)  ;  m.  Irene  Palmer. 

2.  Harland  (Weller)  ;    m.  Sarah  Palmer. 

3.  Adell  (Weller)  ;  m.  John  Grelish. 

4.  Almira  (Weller)  ;  m.  Samuel  Martin. 

5.  Eva  Jane  (Weller)  ;  m.  Earnest  Crain. 

6.  Victoria  (Weller)  ;  m.  Julius  Chase. 

•477.  Ctrus  R.  Craine3  [230],  (Ahira,4  Roger,3  Ebenezer,2 
John1) ,  married .     Lives  in  Traverse  City,  Mich.     Children  : 

478 — 1.     Gilbert. 
479—2.     Byron. 
480—3.     Mary. 

481.  Josiah  Willoughby  Crain5  [235],  (Eleazer  W.,4 
Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Cornelia  Emery  at  Novi, 
Mich.,  June  10,  1847.  He  was  a  major  in  the  late  war,  and  was 
killed  at  the  battle  of  Shiloh.     Children  : 

482—1.     Frank  Willoughby,  b.  May  25,  1848. 


Charles  Emery,  b.  March  22,  1850. 
Mary  Helen,  b.  Sept.  27,  1852. 
George  Edmond,  b.  Oct.  26,  1854. 
Jared  Walter,  b.  April  25,  1857. 

487.  Lybia  0.  E.  Crain5  [238],  (Eleazer,  W.,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Lathrop  Wells  Root,  June  2,  1844. 
He  died  Jan.  8,  1887.     Children  : 

1.     Wells  Josiah  (Root),  b.  July    17,  1845.     Served   in   42d   Ohio 
Vols,  under  Garfield.     Came  home  at  close  of  the  war,  and  d. 
Jan.  19. 1865. 
2      Charles  Willoughby  (Root),  b.  Jan.  14,  1847;  d.  April  1,  1847. 
Frank  Willoughby  (Root),  b.  April  20,  1849. 
Charles  Hamilton  (Root),  b.  Sept.  11,  1855. 
Helen  Louise  (Root),  b.  May  26,  1860. 
Louis  Burton  (Root),  b.  May  4,  1865. 
DeWitt  Clinton  (Root),  b.  April  25,  1368. 

Frank  Willoughby  Root  [3] ;  ra.  Olie  Perdue  in  1878.     Child  : 
1.     Cornelia  Viola  (Root),  b.  Aug.  1,  1879. 

Charles  Hamilton  Root  [4]  ;  m.  Mary  Vickers   in    1384.     He 
resides  in  St.  Louis,  Mo.     Children  : 

1.  Lathrop  Wills  (Root). 

2.  Charles  Harold  (Root). 

3.  Helen  (Rooti. 

4.  Nellie  Olivia  (Root). 

5.  Laura  May  (Root) . 


Helen  Louise  Root   [5] ;    m.   Edward    A.    Sheets    in    1883 
Child : 
1.     Emma  Lora  (Sheets),  o.  June  30,  1884. 

488.  Sarah  M.  Crain5  [239],  (Eleazer  W.,4  Roger,3  Eben- 
ezer.-  John1),  married  Samuel  B.  Howe,  July  15,  1862.  She 
died  Jan.  19,  1889,  leaving  three  children.  He  then,  March  17, 
1890,  at  Groton,  N.  Y.,  married  2d,  Emma  VV.  Crain,  a  sister 
of  his  first  wife.  Residence  at  Schenectady,  N.  Y..  where  Mr. 
Howe  has  for  thirty  years  been  the  superintendent  of  schools. 
His  long  tenure  of  that  office  tells  more  plainly  than  words  his 
efficiency  for  the  position.     Children  : 

1.  Rosedelle  (Howe),  b.  April  2,  1865. 

2.  Mather  Ckain  (Howe),  b.  June  19,  1867. 

3.  Samuel  B.,  Jr.  (Howe),  b.  July  15,  1379. 

Rosedelle  Howe  [1] ;  m.  William  Beattie  Jameson  in  Philadel- 
phia. Pa.,  April  2,  1893,  where  they  reside,  and  are  both 
practicing  physicians. 

Mather  Crain  Howe  [2]  ;  m.  Belle  Gertrude  Smith  in  Groton, 
X.  Y.,  Feb.  7,  1891.  He  is  a  teacher  at  Oneida  Castle. 
Children  : 

1.  Smith  Burnett  (Howe),  b.  Nov.  18,  1892. 

2.  Sarah  Louise  (Howe),  b.  Oct.  3,  1894. 

3.  Rose  Belle  (Howe),  b.  Nov.  27,  1896. 

489.  Frank  D.  Crain3  [244],  (Eleazer  W.,4  Roger,3  Eben- 
ezer,3  John1),  married  Jan.  26,  1878,  Lillie  A.  Kenyon.  Resi- 
dence at  Maumee,  Ohio.  Editor  of  TJie  New  Era.  Children 
all  born  there.     Children  : 

49S—  9 

RoyK.,  b.  Oct.  31,  1878. 

EvaE.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1879. 

Harry  F.,  b.  Sept.  5,  1381 ;  d.  Sept.  30,  1881. 

GuyH..  b.  Oct.  7,  1885. 

Ruby  B.,  b.  Aug.  4,  1889. 

May,  b.  and  d.  May  20,  1890.   ' 

Lee  D.,  b.  May  19,  1892. 

Harold,  \twins   b.  jray  9,1895;-'   .     .         „.    1aa. 
Helen,     )  J  id-  Aug.  2.,  189o 

499.  Giles  W.  Craine5  [247],  (Tower  W.,4  Roger,3  Ebene- 
zer,2  John1),  was  born  in  Groton,  Tompkins  Co.,  N.  Y.  He 
married  at  Painesville,  Ohio,  April  16,  1846,  Eliza  A.  Holden,  a 
native  of  Parishville,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.  She  was  born 
Aug.  15,  1828.  They  removed  to  Marengo,  111.,  where  four  of 
their  children  were  born.  The  two  youngest  were  born  in 
Winona,  Minn.  Late  residence,  Mankato.  He  is  by  trade  a 
blacksmith.     Children : 



Walter  E.,  b.  Jan.  19,  1848. 
Arthur  E.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1831. 
Frank  H.,  b.  July  8,  1856. 
Addie  M.,  b.  Aug.  20,  1862. 
Lincoln  E.,  b.  Nov.  8,  1864. 


505.  Charles  M.  Craine,5  [249],  (Tower  W.,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,3  John1),  was  born  in  Perry,  Ohio.  He  married,  July 
16,  1859,  Adaline  H.  Barrett,  who  was  born  July  29,  1836. 
He  died  July  21,  1889,  at  Mentor,  Lake  Co.,  Ohio,  leaving  the 
record  of  a  Christian,  a  man  loved  and  respected  by  all  who 
knew  him.     Children  : 

506—1.  George  Giles,  b.  Jan.  27,  1864. 

507—2.  Louisa  Anna,  b.  Nov.  2,  1865. 

508 — 3.  Addie  Lillian,  b.  March  1,  1870. 

509—4.  Lena  Emma,  b.  June  9,  1872. 

510.  Charlotte  E.  Craine5  [253],  (Tower  W.,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Jan.  29,  1857,  at  Mentor,  Ohio,  Asa 
V.  Churchill.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  late  war,  enlisting  in 
Mich.  Vol.  Infantry,  Aug.  14,  1862,  joining  Capt.  Hokfen's 
Co.  "Lake  Shore  Tigers,"  and  served  until  July  5,  1865,  a 
portion  of  the  time  as  hospital  nurse.  He  was  discharged  July 
5,  1865,  and  returned  home  with  a  broken  elbow  and  a  shattered 
constitution.  In  the  spring  of  1869,  the  family  removed  from 
Michigan  to  Iowa.  In  March,  1880,  Mr.  Churchill  went  to 
Minnesota,  where  he  for  a  time  seemed  to  enjoy  life,  but  the 
seeds  of  disease  had  been  sown,  and  the  result  was  insanity,  and 
for  about  a  year  he  was  confined  in  the  hospital  in  St.  Peters, 
Minn.,  where  he  died.  Just  before  his  death,  notice  had  been 
received  that  he  had  been  allowed  a  pension,  dating  July,  1865, 
which  brought  help  and  comfort  to  the  widow's  aching  heart,  and 
from  which  she  is  still  enjoying  a  remittance  of  twelve  dollars  a 
month.     Late  residence,  Plainfield,  Iowa  (Aug.,  1897). 

Children  : 

1.  Mary  L.  (Churchill),  b.  Jan.  18,  1858,  at  Mentor;   m.  Feb.  13, 

1882,  Arza  W.  Swayne,  of  Bartlett,  Washington  Co.,  Ohio. 

2.  Albert  (Churchill),  b.  Oct.   17,  1860,  at  Chardon ;    m.  Esther 


3.  Jessie,  b.  May  21,  1866,  at  Traverse  City,  Mich. ;  m.  at  Preston, 

Minn.,   July  30,   1886,  George  McMarron,  of  Chatfield,  and 
resides  at  Stewartville,  Minn. 

4.  Frank  (Churchill),  b.  Oct.  15,  1867,  at  Traverse  City  Mich'. 

5.  Winflora  Gertrude  (Churchill),  b.  Oct.  25,  1869,  at  Plainfield, 

Iowa;    m.    Feb.   15,   1893,  Sherman   U.  Foster,    Of    Hortou, 
P.  O.  address,  Plainfield,  Iowa. 

511.  Franklin  E.  Craine5  [256],  (Tower  W.,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Philena  Perry,  of  Perry,  Ohio,  Sept. 
20,  1868.  She  was  born  there,  July  3,  1842.  He  is  a  painter 
and  a  harness-maker.     Settled  in  Perry.     Children  : 

512—1.  Page,  b.  Jan.  14,  1871.  Has  spent  two  years  in  Klondike 
region,  with  considerable  pecuniary  profit.  Residence  at 
or  near  Dawson. 

513—2.     Earl,  b.  Sept.  4,  1872. 

514—3.     Max  J.,  b.  Sept.  18,  1874. 

515.  Hezekiah  Crane5  [278],  (Isaac,4  Hezekiah,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John1),  married  Elizabeth  Fenton.  Lived  in  Killawog, 
Broome  Co.,  N.  Y. 


516.  Jesse  Crane5  [279].  (Isaac.4  Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah.2 
John1),  married  Joanna  P.  Hall.  Nov.  "25,  1818.  He  died  in 
Indiana,  and  his  widow  married  Horace  Lee.     Children  : 

517—1.     Mary  Ann,  b.  Jan.  18,  1819. 
518—2.     Lester,  b.  March  20,  1822. 

519.  Harry  Crane5  [280],  (Isaac,4  Hezekiah.3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  married  Martha  Barrows,  and  lived  on  the  Crane  home- 
stead. She  died  Jan.  15,  1892,  aged  87.  He  died  Oct.  13, 
1873,  aged  73.     Children: 

520—1.  Sophronia  M.,  b.  Dec.  7,  1831. 

521—2.  Caroline  M.,  h.  July  29,  1833. 

522—3.  Charles  B.,  b.  Feb"  29,  1835. 

523—4.  Isaac  T.,  b.  March  27,  1336. 

521—5.  Sarah  S.,  b.  Dec.  2,  1837. 

525—6.  Cornelia  S.,  b.  March  15,  1840 

526—7.  William  H.,  b.  Oct.  24,  1841. 

527—8.  Charles  T.,  b.  April  29,  1843. 

528—9.  George  A.,  b.  March  23,  1849. 

529.  Charles  Crane5  [288],  (Jesse.4  Hezekiah.3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  married  Theoda  Bennett  of  Mansfield,  Conn.,  in  1821. 
A  farmer.     P.  O.  address.  Eagleville.  Tolland  Co.,  Conn. 

530—1.  William  B. ;  lived  in  Mansfield,  Conn. 

531 — 2.  Albert  J. 

532—3.  Austin. 

533 — 4.  Amelia. 

534—5.  Harriet. 

535—6.  Anna. 

536.  Deacon  Millen  Crane5  [289],  (Jesse.4  Hezekiah.3 
Hezekiah.2  John1) ,  married  March  3,  1824.  Sarah  Bennett,  only 
child  of  Eleazer  and  Deborah  (Hall)  Bennett.  He  settled  in 
that  part  of  Mansfield,  Conn.,  called  Chestnut  Hill;  was  a 
respected  and  esteemed  citizen  of  that  town.  A  member  of  the 
Connecticut  Legislature  in  1843;  was  deacon  of  the  Baptist 
Church ;  by  occupation  a  farmer.  He  made  a  visit  to  his  sod 
then  in  the  army,  stationed  at  Fortress  Monroe,  and  died  Oct. 
20.  1863,  soon  after  returning  home.     Children  : 

537 — 1.  Sarah  Cordelia;  m.  Don  F.  Johnson;  lived  in  Willimantic. 

538 — 2.  Deborah  Bennett. 

539—3.  Abby  Ann. 

540—4.  Eleazer  Bennett,  b.  Sept.  10,  1834. 

541—5.  Alvin  M.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1839. 

542.  Rev.  Origen  Ceane5  [290],  (Jesse,4  Hezekiah,3  Hez- 
ekiah,2 John1),  married  Bridget  T.  Greene,  who  was  born  in 
Richmond,  R.  I.,  July  29.  1804.  Mr.  Crane  was  educated  at 
the  Newton  Theological  Institution,  in  Massachusetts,  and 
preached  in  Weston  and  Grafton,  Mass.  He  was  a  Baptist 
minister.  He  often  had  children  placed  in  his  care  to  be  educa- 
ted, and  at  one  time  had  a  daughter  of  Ex-Governor  Fenton  of 
New  York  State  at   his   home   for  that  purpose.       On  a  certain 


occasion  the  Governor  came  to  New  England  Village,  Grafton, 
to  visit  with  his  daughter  at  Mr.  Crane's  home.  They  were  out 
in  the  yard  enjoying  a  little  exercise  at  the  swing.  The  Governor 
sat  in  the  swing  while  Mr.  Crane  gave  him  a  vigorous  push  or 
two,  and  immediately  fell  on  his  face  and  died  April  20,  1860. 
Children  : 

543—1.     Origkn  Clark,  b.  Oct.  21,  1830. 
5-44—2.     Emma. 
545 — 3.     Frank. 

546.  Almtbon  W.  Chain5  [295],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Heze- 
kiah,'2  John' ) ,  removed  to  the  State  of  New  York,  and  married 
Jan.  12,  1832,  at  Fabins,  Lucy  Penoyer.  She  was  the  daughter 
of  Truman  Penoyer,  a  native  of  that  place,  born  May  3,  1810. 
He  died  at  Truxton,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y.,  June  15,  1876.  In 
1866  he  was  of  a  woolen  manufacturing  firm,  A.  W.  Crain  &  Son, 
in  Truxton.  Perry  P.  and  Wyatt  were  associated  with  their 
father  in  this  manufacture  of  woolens.     Children : 

547  —  1.     Pkrry  P.,  b.  Feb.  28,  1833,  at  Pompey,  N.  Y. 

548—2.     Wyatt  Asa,  b.  Dec.  10,  1837;  m.    Sarah   M.    Dunham,   Jan. 

23,  18112.  at  Truxton  ;   d.  June  20,  1862. 
549 — 3.     Sarah  Delucia,  b.  Oct.  5,  1842,  at  Truxton. 

550.  George  S.  B.  Crain5  [296],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  married  Esther  Close,  June  28,  1842,  and  died  in 
Fayetteville,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  19,  1854.     Children: 

551  —  1.     Charles  H.,  b.  April  22,  1843.     Enlisted  in  122d  Regt.  N.  Y. 

Vol.;  taken  sick;  was  discharged,  and  d.  at  home  Aug.  17, 

1864,  of  consumption. 
552—2.     Welthy,  b.  Jan.  4,  1845;  d.  Oct.  12,  1847. 
553—3.     Mary  L.,  b.  June  13,  1848. 
554—4.     George  A.,  b.  Oct.  12,  1850. 

555.  Timothy  B.  Crain5  [298],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Heze- 
kiah,'2 John1),  married  Jan.  17,  1839,  Mary  Ann  McGebany. 
She  was  born  May  9,  1822.     He  died  Dec.  14,  1862.     Children  : 

556—1.     Merritt,  b.  March  20,  1840. 
557—2.     Milo  T.,  b.  Jan.  13,  1842. 

558—3.     Margaret  A.,  b.  March  2,  1846;  m.  Myron   Clark,    Dec.     1, 
1863,  at  Clay,  N.  Y. 

559.  Archibald  B.  Crain5  [299],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  married  Sarah  Lane.  Was  for  many  years  con- 
stable and  collector  at  Cicero,  N.  Y.  He  died  May  12,  1860. 
No  children. 

560.  Rosetta  Crain5  [300],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  married  Horace  Holmes,  of  Truxtou,  N.  Y.  Living  in 
1866  in  Monmouth,  Iowa.     Children  : 

1.  Ellen  M.  (Holmes),  b.  March  18,  1848. 

2.  Luther  Almiron  (Holmes),  b.  July,  1859;  d.  Jan.  1,  1865. 



561.  Sophia  Grain5  [303],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  married  George  W.  Ward,  Jan.  22,  1845.  She  died 
Sept.  12,  1859.     Children: 

1.  Correl  Asa  (Ward),  b.  Aug.  28,  1846. 

2.  Mary  Elizabeth  (Ward),  b.  May,  1849;  d.  April,  1860. 

562.  Isaac  Grain5  [304],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2 
John1),  married  Sarah  Kipley.  She  was  born  Nov.  22,  1840. 
He  resided  in  Clay,  N.  Y.  Was  a  farmer  and  gardener.  Chil- 
dren : 

563_1.  Wixbard  H.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1856. 

564—2.  Walter  A.,  b.  March  2,  1858. 

565—3.  Sophia  E.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1859. 

566 — i.  Franklin  J.,  b.  Aug.  16,  1862. 

567—5.  Ella  May,  b.  Dec.  26,  1864. 

568.  Harriet  Amanda  Chain5  [305],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  March  7.  1854,  Homer  Dunham,  a 
farmer,  in  Clay,  N.  Y.     She  died  about  1869.     Children  : 

1.  Cora  Esther  (Dunham),  b.  Oct.  25,  1857. 

2.  Milton  Asa  (Dunham),  b.  Dec.  13,  1864;  d.  Feb.  23,  1865. 

Cora  Esther  Dunham  [1]  ;  m.  Moses  Welton  Newcomb  about 
the  year  1880.     Residence  at  N.  Syracuse,  X.  T.     Children  : 

1.  Homer  Dunham  (Newcomb). 

2.  Belle  Evelyn  (Newcomb),  d. 

3.  Alva  Allen  (Newcomb),  d. 

569.  Caroline  Elizabeth  Crain5  [307],  (Asa,4  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah.2  John1),  married  R.  E.  B.  Wilcox,  Nov.  10,  1859, 
and  settled  in  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  but  removed  about  1864  to  Fre- 
mont.   Minn.     Was    living  in  April,   1899,    in  Minnesota  City. 

Children  : 

1.  Flora  May  (Wilcox),  b.  Sept.  17,  I860;  d.  Oct.  3,  1860. 

2.  Jennie  Amanda  (Wilcox),  b.  Nov.  28,  1861. 

3.  Wdllard  B.  (Wilcox),  b.  Feb.  9,  1865. 

4.  Cora  R.  (Wilcox),  b.  Oct.  27,  1868. 

5.  Byron  H.  (Wilcox),  b.  June  7,  1871. 

6.  Myron  H.  (Wilcox),  b.  June  7,  1871;  d.  Aug.  26,  1871. 

7.  Almiron  H.  (Wilcox),  b.  March  30,  1873. 

570.  Austin  Bugsby  Crain5  [310],  (Amasa,4  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Mahetabel,  daughter  of  Constant 
Lindsley.  She  was  born  Sept.  4,  1810,  and  died  April  4,  1866. 
He  died  March  17,  1876.     Children  : 

571  —  1.     Alpheus  Amasa,  b.  May  15,  1835. 
572—2.     Elizabeth  Bugsby,  b.  Dec.  31,  1838. 

573.  Shephard  P.  Crain5  [319],  (Daniel,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  married  Almira  Bosworth,  June  8,  1837.  She 
was  born  April  9,  1815,  at  Killawog,  Broome  Co.,  N.  Y.  She 
was  a  school  teacher.     He  was   a  carpenter  by  trade,   and  was 


living  in  1848  in  Middlebury,   Elkhart  Co.,    Ind.     He  died  in 
1850.     Children : 

574 — 1.     Frances  B.,  b.  June  26,  1842;  d.  July  14,  1846. 
575—2.     Daniel  S.,  b.  Sept.  24,  1848. 

576.  Harvey  L.  Crane5  [326],  (Cordial  S.,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,'- John1),  married  March  13,  1838,  Eliza  Weed.  Was 
engaged  in  silk  manufacture.  Residence  (1864)  at  Mansfield, 
Conn.     Children : 



Mary  E.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1839. 
Joseph  H.,  b.  June  1,  1841 ;  d.  1843. 
Martha  T.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1844. 
Nancy  W.,  b.  Feb.  13,  1849. 
Cordial  S.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1857. 

582.  William  H.  Crane5  [327],  (Cordial  S.,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John1),  married  May  29,  1836,  Mrs.  Fanny  (Bishop) 
Fish,  of  Seekonk,  Mass.     He  died  at  Dorchester,  Mass.,   1858. 

Children  : 


William  H.,  b.  April  24,  1837;  d.  1852. 

Jonathan,  b.  Oct.  9,  1838;  d.  1838. 

Edward  H.,  b.  Sept.  18,  1839;  d.  1858. 

Fanny  E.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1841;  d.  1844. 


Ebenezer  B.,  b.  March  24,  1844. 

589—7.     Cordial  S.  J.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1845. 

590.  Mary  B.  Crane5  [329],  (Cordial  S.,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John1),  married  in  1838  James  Walker,  Jr.     Children  : 

1.  Edward  (Walker). 

2.  Lillie  (Walker). 

3.  JUry  C.  (Walker),  b.  Jan.  6,  1847. 

591.  Rev.  Ethan  B.  Crane5  [332],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  was  born  in  West  Troy,  N.  Y.  He  gradu- 
ated in  Union  College,  class  1832.  He  studied  Theology  in 
Auburn  Seminary.  Married  in  1839,  Deborah  Pratt.  He  was 
installed  pastor  of  the  Congregational  Church,  Old  Saybrook, 
Conn.,  June  27,  1838,  where  he  preached  about  thirteen  years, 
when  his  health  compelled  him  to  rest  from  his  labors.  He 
spent  a  year  in  Europe,  on  his  return  was  dismissed,  and,  as  his 
health  would  allow,  has  preached  some  since.  His  late  home 
was  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

592 — 1.     Frederick  Wm.  Hotchkiss,  b.  Nov  4,  1840. 
593 — 2.     Catherine  Hamilton,  b.  Dec.  12,  1841. 

594.  Rev.  Jonathan  Crane5  [333],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Anna  Hannah  Sanford,  daughter  of 
Hannah  Crane,  who  was  in  the  fifth  generation  in  descent  from 
Jasper  Crane,  of  New  Haven,  Conn.,  and  Newark,  N.  .1.  She 
was  a  daughter  of  John,  great  grandson  of  Jasper.  Her  mother 
was  Rhoda  Lyon.     He  was  born  in  Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  gradu- 


ated  at  Union  College,  and  Auburn  Theological  Seminary.  He 
preached  in  Attleboro,  Mass.,  New  York  city,  St.  Joseph,  Mo., 
and  Kalamazoo,  Mich.  He  was  ordained,  Oct.  20,  1836,  and 
was  minister  at  Middletown,  N.  Y.,  for  forty  years,  a  Congrega- 
tionalism He  died  of  appoplexy  Dec.  25,  1877.  He  took  great 
interest  in  the  genealogy  of  the  family  of  Crane,  and  had  written 
considerable  upon  it.     Children  : 

595—1.  Anna  E.,  b.  June  26.  1838. 

596—2.  Mary  B.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1839. 

597—3.  Nathaniel   Whiting   S.,  b.    April   19,    1843;    m.    Helen   M. 

Shepherd;  lived  in  Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

598—4.  Emma  H.,  b.  Jan.  5,  1846;  d.  May  2,  1854. 

599—5.  Jonathan,  b.  Oct.  14,  1847. 

600—6.  Francis  P.  J.,  b.  May  27,  1857. 

601.  Edward  Crane5  [334],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John1),  was  for  some  time  connected  with  the  prominent 
railroads  in  New  England.  He  married  in  1841,  Anna  S. 
Farrar,  and  for  some  years  lived  in  Dorchester,  Mass.  He  was 
an  extensive  railroad  builder.     Children  : 

602-1.     Timothy  Farrar,  b.  Feb.,  1843;  d.  Nov.,  1866. 

603—2.     Mary  Orpah,  b.  Oct.  27,  1844;  m.  Geo.  S.  Jackson,  Oct.  15, 

1867;  lived  in  Dorchester. 
604—3.     Edward  Barrows,  1).  May  8,  1849. 

605.  Cordial  Crane5  [335],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2  John1),  married  June  8,  1842,  Emily  S.  Phelps,  and 
lived  in  Boston,  Mass.     Children:- 

606—1.     Austin  H.,  b.  Nov.  23.  1843. 

607—2.     Eliza  Forbes,  b.  April  29,  1847. 

608—3.     Emily  Azubah,  b.  July  28,  1855;  d.  April,  1856. 

609.  Eliza  Crane5  [336],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3  Hezekiah.9 
John1)  ;  married  in  1842,  John  T.  R.  Hayward.     Children  : 

1.  Catharine  (Hayward),  b.  April  22,  1843. 

2.  Jonathan  K.  (Hayward),  b.  Nov.   17,  1845. 

3.  Eliza   Crane  (Hayward),  b.  Oct.,  1847 ;  d.  Oct.,  1849. 

4.  Elizabeth  (Hayward),  b.  1850;  d.  1851. 

5.  James  (Hayward),  b.  Aug.  28,  1856. 

6.  Edward  Craot:  (Hayward),  b.  Oct.  21,  1863. 

610.  Lccinda  Crane5  [339],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  married  June  14,  1853,  Eev.  Thos.  E.  Bliss,  and 
died  in  Hancock,  Mich.,  1863.     Children: 

1.  Catharine  Crane  (Bliss),  b.  May  2,  1854. 

2.  Adelia  Phillips  (Bliss),  b.  July  14,  1858;  d.  Jan.  6,  1863. 

3.  Charles  Hamilton  (Bliss),  b.  Oct.,  1860;  d.  Jan.  4,  1863. 

611.  Henry  Martyn  Crane5  [340],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married,  1848,  Elizabeth  Griswold.  Resi- 
dence near  Schnectady,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

612—1.     Henry-,  b.  1851. 
613—2.     Edward  E. 


614—3.  Jonathan. 

615—4.  Jasper. 

6115—5.  Herman  G.,  b.  1860. 

617 — 6.  Elizabeth. 

618.  Martha  Orpha  Crane5  [341],  (Jonathan,4  Daniel,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Edward  Cartledge ;  settled  in  Han- 
nibal, Mo.      Children : 

1.  Edward  (Cartledge). 

2.  Martha   Hamilton  (Cartledge) . 

3.  Eliza  Hayward  (Cartledge.) 

4.  Abia  E.   (Cartledge). 

5.  Charles  (Cartledge). 

619.  Melissa  Catharine  Crane5  [343],  (Bela,4  Daniel,3 
Hezekiah,'-  John1),  married  Rev.  William  Case,  June,  1843,  at 
Plymouth,  Luz  Co.,  Pa.     Children: 

1.  Deborah  Albertine  (Case). 

2.  Catharine  E.  (Case). 

3.  Anna  Josephine  (Case). 

4.  Evallne  Clementine  (Case). 

5.  William  Malancthon  (Case). 

620.  LaFatette  Grain5  [346],  [Libbeus,4  Elisha,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  married  April  7,  1846,  Martha  Jane  McConnell, 
who  was  born  Dec.  16,  1821  ;  resides  at  Alamo,  Mich.  ;  is  a 
farmer.     Children : 

621—1.  Charles  F.,  b.  Oct.  22,  1853;  m.  March  22,  1876,  at  Otsego, 

622—2.  Martha  Jennie,  b.  April  22,  1856;  m.  Oct.  1,  1879,  at  Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. 

623.  Isaac  S.  Crain5  [348],  (Nathan,4  David  E.,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  was  born  in  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y. 
He  married  at  Evans  Mills,  Dec.  29,  1834,  Myrtilla  Root,  who 
was  born  in  Russia,  Herkimer  Co.,  April  9,  1811.  He  was  a 
plasterer,  brick  and  stone  mason  by  trade,  as  was  his  father 
before  him,  and  was,  in  1879,  residing  in  Carthage,  N.  Y.,  al- 
though all  his  children  were  born  at  Evans  Mills.     Children  : 

624 — 1.     Sarah   Louisa,  b.  Oct.  12,  1835;    lived  at  Oxbow,  Jefferson 

Co.,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Overton. 

625 — 2.     Elizabeth  Green,  b.  March  15,  1837. 

626—3.     Charles  Bowen,  b.  Aug.  12,  1838;  d.  Aug.  25,  1839. 

627 — 4.     Mary  Amelia,  b.  Jan.  13,  1840;  m.  Gates,  Carthage. 

628—5.     Aaron  Root,  b.  May  14,  1841. 

629  —  6.     Emily  Myktilla,  b.  April  4,  1843. 

630—7.     George  Bowen,  b.  Sept.  12,  1844. 

631—8.     Harriet  Frances,  b.  Oct.  4,  1846. 

632 — 9.     Caroline  Oaks,  b.  Nov.  13,  1847;  m. Lewis,  Carthage, 

N.  Y. 
633-10.     Willie,  b.  Aug.  18,  1850;  d.  June  25,  1852. 

634.  Robert  Crain5  [363],  (David  E.,4  David  E.,3  Heze- 
kiah,2 John1),  was  born  in  Maitland,  Ontario,  Canada.  He 
married  at  Algonquin,   Ontario,   Canada,  March  12,  1857,  Per- 


milia  Ann  Earl.  She  was  a  native  of  that  place,  and  was  born 
Sept.  22,  1834.  She  died  in  Ottawa,  Nov.  21,  1865.  He  then 
married  Dec.  30,  1867,  at  Ottawa,  Martha  Ann  Davies,  who 
was  born  at  Bytown,  now  Ottawa,  April  17,  1847.  Mr.  Grain 
was  a  contractor  and  builder,  having  carried  on  that  business  in 
Ottawa  for  many  years.  He  died  there  Sept.  23,  1893. 
Children  : 

635 — 1.     Nelly,  b.  May  7,  1858,  at  Algonquin. 

636—2.     Corodan  Eldridge,  b.  Jan.  27,  1861,  at  Algonquin;    d.  Feb. 

28,  1865. 
637—3.     Edgerton  Rufus,  b.  Sept.  20, 1863,  at  Algonquin  ;  d.  Feb.  26, 

638 — 1.     Arthur  Herbert,  b.  Feb.  3.  1869,  at  Ottawa. 
639—5.     George  Albert,  b.  Feb.  20,  1872. 
640—6.     Frederick  Hiram,  b.  July  7,  1874. 
641—7.     Gertrude  Mira,  b.  Jan.  3,  1876. 
642—8.     Robert  Hugh,  b.  Feb.  27,  1879. 
643—9.     Lillian  Emma,  b.  Apr.  16,  1888. 

644.  Levi  Grain5  [364],  (David  E.,4  David  E.,3  Hezekiah,3 
John1),  was  born  in  Maitland,  Ontario,  Canada.  He  married  in 
Augusta,  Jan.  10,  1866,  Henrietta  M.  Dake.  She  died  Feb.  25, 
1878,  at  Ottawa,  where  he  is  a  contractor  and  builder. 

Children  : 

645—1.    Lillie  Vergillia,  b.  May  25,   1370,  at  Augusta;  d. Sept.  7, 

646—2.     Willie  Eldridge,  b.  July  21,  1871,  at  Augusta. 
647 — 3.     Ethel  Lena,  b.  July  19,  1875,  at  Ottawa. 


648.     Cyrcs  Lyman  Crane6  [375],   (John,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1),  married  Charlotte  Howe.     Children: 


Frances  L. 


Edmond  D. ;  served  in  Civil  War. 


Km  Ki 




John  Ferral. 



655 — 7 





Matilda  A.;  TO.  Wm.  Anson  Benedict 

658.  John  M.  Crane6  [376],  (John,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1),  married,  in  1836,  Lorenda  Hutchinson.  She  died 
Dec.  17,  1862.  He  died  Dec.  27,  1876.  About  the  year  1857 
he  became  interested  in  the  cure  of  cancers,  studied  medicine, 
passed  examination,  and  was  admitted  to  practice  pursuant  to 
the  laws  of  New  York  State.  He  established  an  infirmary  for 
the  cure  of  cancers  on  South  Street,  in  Addison,  and  soon  gained 
a  widespread  reputation  as  a  successful  practitioner  in  his  chosen 
profession.  His  highest  ambition  seemed  to  be  to  relieve  the 
sufferings  of  the  human  family  in  so  far  as  it  came  within  his 
power  and  skill.  He  gained  the  reputation  of  being  a  generous, 
kind-hearted,  honorable  gentleman.     Children  : 

659 — l.  George,  b.  1840;  in.  1st,  Mary  E.  Orr,  who  d.  leaving  four 
children;  2d,  Lida  Montgomery.  He  served  four  years  in 
II.  S.  A.  during  Civil  War.  After  the  death  of  his  father  he 
continued  the  treatment  of  cancers  until  1880,  when  Dr. 
Rush  P.  Brown  became  associated  with  him  at  the  institu- 
tion established  by  his  father,  Dr.  John  M.  Crane. 
Children  : 

S.  C.  Erwin. 


Minnie  ;  m 






John  M. 


Mary  E. 

























667.  William  E.  Crane6  [377],  (John,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1),  married  Jane  Adams,  of  Tioga,  Pa.,  and  settled 
in  Williamsport.     Children : 

668—1.    Utley. 
669—2.     Julia. 

670.  Alonzo  G.  Crane6  [379],  (John,5  Stephen,1  John,3 
John,'-  John'),  married  Naney  Ruff,  of  Tioga,  Pa.,  and  settled 
at  Lawrenceville  ;  had  several  children,  among  them  the  following  : 

671—1.    Lewis. 
672-2.     Ella. 

673.  Egbert  L.  Crane6  [380],  (John,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1)  m.  Frances  L.  Williams,  of  Woodhull,  N.  Y.,  and 
settled  at  Addison.  Served  in  the  Civil  War.  Enlisted  in  Co.  B, 
86th  Regiment,  N.  Y.  Vol.  Inf.,  Aug.  U,  1861;  appointed 
orderly  sergeant  Nov.  15  ;  elected  first  lieutenant,  receiving  his 
commission  Nov.  22  ;  served  until  March  23,  1863,  when  he  was 
discharged  on  surgeon's  certificate.  Was  at  second  Bull  Run. 
Aug.  30,  1862,  and  battle  of  Fredericksburg,  Dec.  11  to  16, 
1862.     Six  of  his  nephews  were  in  the  union  army  during  the  war. 

Child  : 

674 — 1.     Willie  D.  ;  in.  Emma  Mourhess;  residence  Addison,  N.  Y. 
Children  : 

1.  Leilah  Belle. 

2.  Frances  Leone. 

675.  Lettice  Maria  Crane6  [381],  (John,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1),  married  June  14,  1835,  Luke  Wadsworth  Bene- 
dict, of  Cortland,  N.  Y.     She  is  deceased.     Children: 

1.  Lester  Herbert  (Benedict),  b.  May  21,  1836;  served  in  war, 

and  d.  at  Yorktown,  Va. 

2.  William  Anson  (Benedict),  b.  Dec.   10,  1838;    m.    Matilda  A. 

Crane;  residence  Elmira.  N.  Y. 

3.  Henry  H.  (Benedict),  b.  Aug.  29,  1840;  d.  1840. 

4.  Sarah  A.  (Benedict),  b.  Aug.  16,  1844;  d.  1850. 

5.  John  Leroy  (Benedict),  b.  June  27,  1848;  d. 

676.  Mary  A.  Crane6  [382],  (John,5  Stephen,4  John.3 
John,2  John1),  married  William  Morton,  of  Woodhull,  N.  Y. 
She  is  deceased.     Child  : 

1.     William  O.  (Morton),  of  Cameron  Mills,  N.  Y. 

677.  Rollin  C.  Crane6  [385],  (Cyrus,5  Stephen,4  John,3 
John,2  John1),  left  home  at  the  age  of  fourteen  to  care  for 
himself.  Went  to  sea.  Served  three  and  a  half  years  in  the 
United  States  Navy;  also  in  the  United  States  Army.  Was  in 
the  battles  of  South  Mountain,  Antietam  and  Fredericksburg. 
Went  to  California  via  Cape  Horn  in  the  early  days  of  gold 
excitement  there,  and  has  visited  that  State  three  different  times 
since.  By  trade  a  house  joiner,  an  occupation  he  followed  many 
years.     Made    his    will    Aug.    19,    1893 ;  Oct.   4,   1893,    it   was 


admitted  to  probate  at  East  Windsor,  Conn.  He  married 
Elizabeth    Blodget,  of   East    Windsor,  Conn.,  Feb.    28,     1839. 

Child  : 

678—1.  Elizabeth;  m. Feugar,  and  had  Ella,  who  was  men- 
tioned in  the  will  as  his  granddaughter. 

679.  Sylvester  Grain6  [400],  (Sylvester,5  Sylvester,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  in  1859  Maria  Ryan.  He 
died  June  7,  1870,  at  Virgil,  N.  Y.  His  widow  resides  at 
Lyons,  N.  Y. ;  also  her  son.     Child  : 

680—1.     Marvin,  b.  Jan.  10,  1862,  at  Virgil. 

681.  Mary  M.  Crain6  [401],  (Sylvester,5  Sylvester,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  1st,  George  Ladd,  Oct.  2, 
1853,  at  Virgil,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  died  Jan.  16,  1889, 
and  she  married  2d.  Harvey  Yeager,  Feb.  24,  1891,  at  Virgil, 
where  they   reside    (1899),   and  where   her  children  were  born. 

Children  : 

1.  Eva  (Ladd),  b.  Sept.  7,  1851;   d.  Nov.  20,  1859. 

2.  Ray  (Ladd),  b.  Sept.  5,  1879,  d.  April  H,  1881. 

682.  Edward  A.  Crain6  [402],  (Sylvester,5  Sylvester,4  Jon- 
athan,3 Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Sally  Watrous,  Sept.  6, 
1857,  in  Virgil,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  died  May  15,  1898. 
His  widow  lives  (1899)  in  Virgil,  N.  Y.     Children: 


Frank,  b.  Dec.  10,  1862;  d.  March  6,  1865. 
Eddie,  b.  Nov.  15,  1866;  d.  April  25,  1867. 
Mary,  b.  March  10,  1872. 

Minnie  E.,  b.  March  10.  1872;  d.  Jan.  28,  1885. 
Susie,  b.  July  4,  1876. 

688.  Mary  Crain  [3]  :  m.   Harrv  Ingraham.  Dec.  25,  1388.     Lives  in 

Dryden,  Tompkins  Co.,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

1.  Fossie  (Ingraham),  b.  March  3,  1891,  in  Virgil,  N.  Y. 

2.  Marie  (Ingraham),  b.  Sept.  25,  1895,  iu  Virgil,  N.  Y. 

3.  Cecil  (Ingraham),  b.  July  7,  1896,  in  Drydeti,  N.  Y. 

1.     Webster   (Ingraham),    b.    Dec.   22,    1898,  in   Dryden, 
N.  Y. 

689.  Susie  Crain  [5];  m.    A.  V.  Rounds,  Aug.  11,  1892.     Settled  in 

Virgil,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y.      Child  : 

1.     Lenora  (Rounds),  b.  June  16,  1891. 

690.  Samantha  E.  Crain6  [403].  (Sylvester,5  Sylvester,4 
Jonathan,3  Ebenezer,2  John1 ),  married  Cornelius  Chaplin,  Sept. 
16,  1856.  She  died  Nov.  7,  1880,  in  Stockton,  Cal.  He  also 
deceased.      Children  : 

1.  Henry  A.  (Chaplin'). 

2.  Mark  H.  (Chaplin). 

691.  Mary  Grain6  [405],  (Jonathan  G.,5  Sylvester,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  William  Hamilton,  Dec.  25, 
1873.     Settled  in  Cortland,  N.  Y._    Children  : 

1.  Albert  J.  (Hamilton),  b.  July  14,  1875. 

2.  George  H.  (Hamilton),  b.  April  6,  1877. 



692.  Wilber  C.  Crain6  [406],  (Jonathan  G.,5  Sylvester,4 
Jonathan.3  Ebenezer,'- John1),  married  Laura  Gibson,  of  Etna, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  17,   18S3.     Settled  in  Graeie,  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 


693—1.     Olln  B.,  b.  July  1,  1885. 

694.  Olive  Crain6  [409].  (Nelson,5  Sylvester,4  Jonathan,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Benjamin  B.  Logue.  June  7,  1860, 
at    Sinuamahoning,   Pa.     Died  Nov.   13,   1886,    at    that   place. 

Children  : 

1.  Elizabeth  (Logue),  b.  Sept.  16,  1861  ;  m.  John  M.  Russell. 

2.  Lucina  M.  (Logue),  b.  April  19,  1863;  (1.  Sept.  25,  1870. 

3.  Grant  ^Logue),  b.  March  20,  1865;  m.  Carrie  Sones. 

4.  Mary  (Logue),  b.  May  15,  1867. 

5.  Julia  (Logue),  h.  Oct.  9,  1869;   m.  Edward  Beldin. 

6.  Edward  (Logue),  b.  Oct.  9,  1871. 

7.  Carlton  (Logue),  b.  March  22,  187-1. 

8.  Olive  (Logue),  b.  Aug.  1 1,  1376;  m.  James  Hurley. 

9.  Lafayette  (Logue),  b.  March  7.  1879. 
10.  Thomas  (Logue),  b.  July  13,  1881. 

Elizabeth  Logue  [1] ;  m.  John  M.  Russell,  at  Sinnamahoning, 
Pa.  She  d.  July  10,  1891,  at  Quinton,  McKean  Co.,  Pa.  His 
residence  1899,  at  Straight.     Children  : 

1.  Frederick,  d. 

2.  Raymond. 

3.  VOYLE,  d. 

4.  Ellen. 

5.  Benjamin. 

Grant  Logue  [3]  ;  m.  Carrie  Sones.     Children  : 

1.  Mildred,  b.  Aug.  11,  1896.  at  Wheaton,  Potter  Co.,  Pa. 

2.  Mabel,  b.  June  13,  1898,  at  Beaver  Lake,  Lycoming  Co., 


Julia  Logue  [5]  ;  m.  Edward  Beldin.     Children  : 

1.  Charles,  b.  Feb.  6,  1«95,  at  Sinnamahoning,  Pa. 

2.  Lucius,  b.  Nov.  12,  1896,  at  Sinnamahoning,  Pa. 

3.  Claude,  b.  Nov.  6,  1898,  at  Sinnamahoning,  Pa. 

Olive  Logue  [8] ;  m.  James  Hurley.     Children  : 

1.  Helen,  b.  Nov.  13,  1S97,  at  Wheaton,  Potter  Co.,  Pa. 

2.  Ralph,  b.  April  30,  1899,  at  Wheaton,  Potter  Co.,  Pa. 

695.  Carlton  Crain6  [410].  (Nelson,5  Sylvester,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,3  John1),  married  1st,  Elizabeth  Busambarg, 
in  1870.  She  died  1873,  and  he  married  2d,  Elsie  Busambarg, 
cousin  of  his  first  wife,  in  1875.  Residence  Sonora,  Steuben 
Co.,  N.  Y.     Child: 

696—1.     Bertha  M.,  b.  June  16,  1873. 

697.  Charles  Crain6  [412],  (Nelson,5  Sylvester,4  Jona- 
than,3 Ebenezer,'-  John1),  married  Harriet  Johnson,  July  4, 
1871,  at  Philipsburg,  Pa.     Lives  at  Sinnamahoning.     Child: 

698—1.     William,  b.  March  26,  1876. 


699.  Hermann  Leslie  Crain6  [456],  (Cyrus  S.,5  Cyrus,4 
Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Olive  Marion  Covey,  May  1, 
1876.  She  was  born  at  Bainbridge,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Oct. 
27,  1858.  They  reside  at  Mt.  Upton,  where  he  is  a  dealer  in 
sash  and  blinds,  lumber,  lime,  cement,  brick,  and  a  general  line 
of  building  materials.     She  died  leaving  a  son.     Child  : 

700—1.     Frank  Howard,  b.  Nov.  13,  1878. 

701.  Stephen  B.  Crain6  [457],  (Cyrus  S.,5  Cyrus,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Libbie  Bailey.     Children: 

702—1.    Jessie. 
703 — 2.     Elsie. 

704.  StlvesterE.  Craine6  [471],  (Lewis  S.,5Ahira,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Oct.  20,  1867,  Eliza  J.  Chapman. 
He  is  a  carpenter,  and  resides  at  Traverse  City,  Mich. 

Children : 

705—1.  Edwin  A.,  b.  1868. 

706—2.  Lewis  J.,  b.  1870. 

707—3.  Herbert  E.,  b.  1872. 

708—4.  Arthur,  b.  1874. 

709—5.  Leslie,  b.  1877. 

710—6.  John  W.,  b.  1880. 

711—7.  Reuben,  b.  1882. 

712—8.  Sylvester,  b.  1885;  d. 

713—9.  Otto,  b.  1887. 

714.  Viles  Leslie  Craine6  [472],  (Lewis  S.,5  Ahira,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  1st,  Rebecca  Chapman  in  1876;  2d, 
Jennie  Vorhies  in  1879.     Children: 

715 — 1.  Almond;  d. 

716 — 2.  Ethel. 

717—3.  Nina. 

718—4.  Wallace. 

719—5.  Maktnly. 

720.  Rosannah  Craine15  [473],  (Lewis  S.,5  Ahira,4  Roger,3 
Ebenezer,2  Johu-)i  married  Joseph  M.  Seaton  in  1874.  She 
died  May  4,  1878.     Child  : 

1.    May  (Seaton). 

721.  George  Giles  Craine6  [506],  (Charles  M.,5  Tower  W.,4 
Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Alta  L.  Smith,  Oct.  28,  1893, 
at  Enterprise,  Whatcom  Co.,  Washington.     Child: 

722 — 1.     Earl  Charles,  b.  Sept.  1,  1894,  at  Ferndale. 

723.  Max  J.  Craine6  [514],  (Franklin  E.,5  Tower  W.,4 
Roger,3  Ebenezer,2  John1),  married  Dec.  29,  1896,  Lucy  M. 
Abbott,  at  Perry,  Ohio. 

724.  Charles  T.  Crane6  [527],  (Harry,5  Isaac,4  Hezekiah,3 
Hczekiah,'-  John1),  married  June  14,  1868,  Vilura  F.  Parker,  of 
Mansfield.     She  was  born  Nov.  18,  1844.      He  has  been  honored 


by  his  fellow  townsmen,  having  held  the  positions  of  constable, 
collector,  and  representative  of  Mansfield  in  the  General  Assem- 
bly for  Connecticut,  1897  and  1898.     Children: 

725—1.     Annie  G.,  b.  April  2,  1872;  d.  Sept.  9,  1873. 

726—2.     Eugenie  M.,  b.  Sept.  16, 1875;  m.FredW.  Gerrick,  Rockville. 

727—3.     Annie  E.,  b.  Dec.  6,  1880. 

728.  Eleazer  Bennett  Crane6  [540],  (Millen,5  Jesse,4 
Hezekiah.3  Hezekiah.2  John1),  was  born  in  Mansfield,  Conn.; 
married  there  Oct.  5,  1859,  Clara  A.  Barrows,  daughter  of  Rob- 
ert A.  Barrows.  She  was  born  July  30,  1840.  He  is  a  farmer 
and  settled  on  the  homestead.     Children  : 

72fl—l.     Winnie  S.,  b.  June  13,  1862. 
730—2.     Alice  M..  b.  Sept.  9,  1867. 
731—3.     Gertrude  B.,  b.  Oct.  12,  1873. 

732.  Rev.  Alvin  M.  Crane6  [541],  (Millen.5  Jesse.4  Heze- 
kiah.3 Hezekiah,2  John1),  graduated  from  Brown  University  1869, 
Newton  Theological  Seminary  1872,  and  for  some  years  settled 
as  a  clergyman  at  West  Boylston  and  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Civil  War,  serving  three  years  in  Vir- 
ginia. Enlisted  in  1862  in  Co.  D,  21st  Regt.,  appointed  Lieuten- 
ant, promoted  to  Captain  in  place  of  Capt.  F.  S.  Long,  who  was 
killed  before  Petersburg ;  this  commission  he  held  the  last  year  of 
his  service.  Elected  a  member  of  the  Connecticut  Legislature  in 
1866.  He  married  July  13,  1869,  at  Mansfield,  Conn.,  Sarah 
G.  Adams.     She  was  a  native  of  Gosnold,  born  July  15,   1844. 

Child : 

733  —  1.     Jutjson  Adams,  b.  1884. 

734.  Origen  Clark  Crane6  [543],  (Origen,5  Jesse,4  Heze- 
kiah,3 Hezekiah,2  John1),  was  born  in  Mansfield,  Conn.;  mar- 
ried Oct.  31,  1853,  at  New  England  Village,  Grafton,  Mass., 
Caroline  M.  Gove,  a  native  of  Amesbury,  Mass.,  born  Sept.  27, 
1830.  She  died  Oct.  10,  1876.  He  is  a  machinist,  and  after 
conducting  that  business  a  few  years  in  New  England  Village, 
removed  soon  after  1859  to  New  York  city,  and  was  employed 
on  the  Brooklyn  Bridge.     Children  : 

735—1.  Helen  A.,  b.  March  16,  1855;  d.  Dec.  8,  1872. 

736—2.  Thomas  E.,  b.  Oct.  14,  1856. 

737—3.  Anna  G.,  b.  Aug.  11,  1859. 

738—4.  Harry  L.,  b.  Feb.  27,  1862. 

739.  Perry  P.  Crain6  [547],  (Almyron  W.,5  Asa,4  Heze- 
kiah,3 Hezekiah,2  John1),  was  born  in  Pompey,  N.  Y.  He 
married  at  Otselic,  Nov.  10,  1859,  Annah,  daughter  of  Eli 
Church,  native  of  Columbus,  born  Nov.  21,  1836.  He  settled 
in  Truxton ;  a  woolen  manufacturer,  and  was  honored  with 
office  of  magistrate.     Children  : 

740—1.     Nellie,  b.  Dec.  29,  1862;  d.  Jan.  30,  1864. 
741—2.     HaTTIE,  b.  Jan.  28,  1865. 
742—3.     Almyron  P  ,  b.  May  28,  1868. 


743.  Sarah  Delccia  Crain6  [549],  (Almyron  W.,5  Asa,4 
Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Charles  A.  Pierce,  a 
farmer  in  Truxtou,  N.  Y.      Children: 

1      Nora  (Pierce),  b.  Nov.  16,  1863. 

2.     Wllliam  Wyatt  (Pierce),  b.  June  8,  1865. 

744.  Mary  L.  Crain6  [553],  (George  S.  B.,5  Asa,4  Heze- 
kiah,3 Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Joseph  L.  Butler,  March  23, 
1864.     He  settled  in  Fayetteville,  N.  Y.     Children: 

1.  Charles  A.  L.  (Butler),  b.  April,  1865. 

2.  George  (Butler). 

745.  Merritt  Grain6  [556],  (Timothy  B.,5  Asa,4  Heze- 
kiah,3 Hezekiah,'3  John1),  married  Barbara  Bard.     Children: 

746 — 1.     Addie;    m.    Arthur   Collius ;    has   three   boys   and  lived   in 

Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
747—2.     Myron. 

748.  Milo  T.  Crain6  [557],  (Timothy  B.,5  Asa,4  Hezekiah,3 
Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Caroline  Walton.     Children: 

749—1.     Edna. 
750—2.     Gknivie. 

751.  ALPHrus  Amasa  Crain6  [571],  (Austin  B.,5  Amasa,4 
Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Frances  M.,  daughter  of 
M.  P.  Lindsley,  and  resides  at  Monticello,  N.  Y.     Children : 

752—1.     Ida  Lincoln,  b.  Aug.  16,  1861. 
75a— 2.     Frederick  Mervtn,  b.  Sept.  9,  1867. 

754.  Elizabeth  Bugsby  Crane  [572],  (Austin  B.,5  Amasa,4 
Hezekiah,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  R.  B.  Cooper,  of  Liberty, 
Sullivan  Co.,  New  York  State,  where  they  reside.     Children  : 

1.  Frank  (Cooper),  b.  June  21,  1869. 

2.  Frederick  (Cooper),  b.  1877. 

755.  Elizabeth  Green  Crain6  [625],  (Isaac  S.,5  Nathan,4 
David  E.,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  Oliver  P.  V.  Root,  June 
24,  1858 ;  settled  near  Norway,  N.  Y. ;  resides  on  the  old 
homestead  farm.     Children  : 

1.  John  C.  H.  (Root),  adopted,  b.  Oct.  15,  1858. 

2.  Hattie  Lizzie  (Root),  b.  Nov.  6,  1861. 

3.  Fannie  Myrtilla  (Root),  b.  Dec.  15,  1863. 

4.  Rosell  Bowen  (Root),  b.  May  26,  1866. 

5.  Sarah  Roselia  (Root),  b.  July  5,  1868. 

756.  Aaron  R.  Crain6  [628],  (Isaac  S.5  Nathan,4  David 
E.,3  Hezekiah,2  John1),  married  1st,  Dec.  30,  1863,  Maria  L. 
Gates.  She  died  July  4,  1866,  having  had  two  children  who  died 
in  infancy.  He  than  married  at  Deer  River,  Lewis  Co.,  N. 
Y.,  April  9,  1867,  Emma  B.  Sammons,  native  of  that  place, 
born  June  6,  1846.     Mr.  Crain  is   a  mason   by   trade,  and    has 


conducted    business   in   Carthage.    N.    Y..    but   removed    Aug., 
1878,  to  Norway,  Herkimer  Co.     Children  : 

757—1.     Charles  H.,  b.  July  24,  1869. 
758—2.     Myrtilla  M.,  b.  Dec.  12,  1871. 
759  —  3.     Sarah  Frances,  b.  June  1,  1875. 

760.  George  Bowen  Crain6  [630],  (Isaac  S.,5  Nathan,4 
David  E.,3  Hezekiah,'3  John1),  served  in  20th  N.  Y.  Cavalry,  in 
Civil  War.  He  married  at  Carthage,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  14,  1870, 
Carrie  C.  Hurd,  who  was  born  in  Montezuma,  Jan.  19,  1844. 
He  is  a  mason  by  trade,  and  removed  from  Carthage  to 
Lapeer,  Mich.     Children: 

761—1.     George  J.,  b.  July  30.  1873,  at  Lapeer. 
762 — 2.     Norman,  b.  June  3,  1877,  at  Lapeer. 



1.  Jasper  Crane1  was  one  of  the  original  settlers  of  the  New 
Haven  Colony,  June  4,  1639,  and  signed  the  first  agreement  at  a 
general  meeting  of  all  the  free  planters  held  in  Mr.  Newman's 
barn.  He  took  the  oath  of  fidelity  at  the  organization  of  the 
government,  with  Campfield,  Pennington,  Gov.  Eaton  and  others. 
In  1 644  he  was  "freed  from  watching  and  trayning  in  his  own 
person  because  of  his  weakness,  but  to  find  one  for  his  turn." 
Was  a  member  (with  Treat)  of  the  General  Court,  and  many 
years  a  magistrate.  Was  interested  in  a  bog-ore  furnace  at  East 
Haven  in  1651.  He  removed  to  Branford  in  1652.  He  was 
elected  a  magistrate  in  1658,  and  held  the  office  of  deputy  for 
some  years  previous  to  that  date. 

In  a  note-book  kept  by  Thomas  Lechford,  Esq.,  a  lawyer  in 
Boston,  Massachusetts  Bay,  from  June  27,  1638,  to  July  29, 
1641,  we  find  the  following:  "Samuel  Searle  of  Quinapease 
Planter  in  behalfe  of  Jasper  Crane  of  the  same  Agent  or  Attorney 
for  Mr.  Roe  Citizen  of  London  Demiseth  unto" Henry  Dawson 
and  John  Search  of  the  Same  one  house  and  house  lottTand  three 
acres  of  land  lying  in  Boston  wherein  William  Herricke  now 
dwelleth  from  29  Sept.  next  for  five  years  four  pounds  ten 
shillings  rent  half  yearly,  to  fence  to  the  value  four  pounds  ten 
shillings,  to  repaire  21-6-1640." 

This  transaction,  showing  his  connection  with  a  gentleman  of 
London,  England,  would  lead  one  to  think  that  he  certainly  was 
known  there,  and  might  have  lived  there.  Whether  or  not  the 
above  record  furnished  the  foundation  for  the  tradition  that  he 
came  from  London  to  America,  we  do  not  know.  But  such  a 
tradition  has  been  cherished  by  some  of  his  descendants.  Ex- 
tensive research  among  the  record  offices  in  London  has  thus  far 
failed  however  of  finding  any  trace  of  him  there.  It  is  also  said 
that  he  came  over  from  England  with  Winthrop  in  the  ship 

But  the  date  of  Jasper  Crane's  birth,  or  the  place  in  which  he 
was  born,  have  not  been  fixed.  Whether  he  came  from  parents 
occupying  high  or  middle  stations  in  life  can  as  yet  only  be 
determined  by  the  records  revealed  to  us.  He  assuredly  was  one 
of  the  staunch  and  active  men  among  the  first  settlers  of  the 
New  Haven  Colony  as  well  as  one  of  the  fathers  of  the  new 
settlement  in  New  Jersey.  He,  with  Capt.  Robert  Treat,  seemed 
to  have  a  large  share  of  the  weight  of  responsibility  of  that  young 
colony    upon    their   shoulders,   and   its    success    at   heart.     Mr. 


Crane  did  not  go,  it  is  said,  with  the  first  company  to  "  Milford," 
as  the  first  settlement  at  Newark,  N.  J.,  was  called,  but  signed, 
with  twenty-two  others,  the  first  contract  in  1665.  Jan.  20, 
1667,  he  headed  the  list  of  signers  and  church  members  of  the 
first  Church  at  Newark,  and  became  one  of  the  most  influential 
and  active  men  of  the  new  colony.  Jasper  Crane  and  Robert 
Treat  were  the  first  magistrates  in  Newark.  It  is  said  that  Mr. 
Crane  was  dissatisfied  at  the  New  Haven  Colony  becoming  united 
with  the  Connecticut  Colony  ;  he  preferred  to  have  the  New  Haven 
Colony  remain  separate. 

He  was  a  surveyor  and  merchant,  as  well  as  a  magistrate,  and 
with  Mr.  Myles  laid  out  the  most  of  the  New  Haven  town  plot, 
located  grants,  established  division  lines,  and  settled  disputed 
titles.  It  is  said  that  he  was  steward  of  Rev.  John  Davenport's 
property  in  1639.  In  March,  1641,  he  received  a  grant  of  100 
acres  of  land  in  the  East  Meadow.  He  was  one  of  the  New 
Haven  Company  concerned  in  the  settlement  on  the  Delaware 
River  in  1642,  who  were  so  roughly  handled  by  the  Dutch.  In 
1643  his  estate  was  voted  at  £480,  with  three  persons  in  his 
family, — self,  wife  and  son  John.  In  1644—45  he  received  a 
grant  of  16  acres  of  upland,  situated  in  East  Haven,  upon  which  he 
built  a  house,  in  which  his  son  Joseph  was  born.  While  residing 
at  this  place  he  was  in  trade  as  a  merchant,  but  not  being  satisfied 
with  the  location  he  sold  this  place  Sept.  7,  1652,  and  became 
one  of  the  first  planters  of  Branford,  Conn.,  a  new  settlement 
then  just  being  instituted  by  families  from  Wethersfield,  Conn., 
under  the  leadership  of  Mr.  Swayne,  and  a  few  from  Southamp- 
ton, L.  I. 

Jasper  Crane,  Esq.,  and  Mr.  Wm.  Swayne  were  the  first  depu- 
ties to  the  General  Court  of  Electors  from  Branford  in  May, 
1653,  Mr.  Crane  being  returned  during  the  four  succeeding  years. 
In  May,  1658,  he  was  chosen  one  of  four  magistrates  for  the  New 
Haven  Colony  and  held  the  office  by  appointment  until  1663; 
also  one  of  the  magistrates  called  together  by  the  Governor,  at 
Hartford,  in  1665-67.  In  the  union  of  the  Colonies  he-  was 
chosen  one  of  the  assistants,  was  also  Trustee  of  County  Court, 
New  Haven,  1644.  His  house  lot  in  New  Haven  was  located  on 
what  is  now  Elm  Street,  at  the  corner  of  Orange  Street,  the  same 
now  occupied  by  the  Church  of  St.  Thomas. 

The  first  Church  of  Newark  was  founded  in  1667,  and  a  build- 
ing erected,  about  1714  or  1716,  a  second  meeting-house  was 
built,  and  the  third  erected  about  1787  to  1791.  The  people  of 
Orange,  Bloomfield  and  Montclair  communed  with  the  Newark 
Church  until  about  1716.  In  fact,  for  considerably  more  than  a 
hundred  years  after  the  founding  of  Newark  the  crest  of  the  first 
mountain  was  the  western  boundary  of  the  town,  and  until  the 
year  1806  the  town  of  Newark  was  divided  into  three  wards  : 
Newark  Ward,  Orange  Ward,  and  Bloomfield  Ward.  That  year 
Orange  became  a  separate  town,  and  six  years  later  Bloomfield 
Ward  became  the  town  of  Bloomfield.     This  part  of  Newark  took 


in  the  territory  from  the  Passaic  on  the  east  to  the  crest  of  the 
first  mountain  on  the  west,  and  as  this  section  was  so  thoroughly 
occupied  by  the  descendants  of  Jasper  Crane  it  was  early  called 

i    ,JfSr1'  Cr?,ne  Senior  was  one  of  the  Purchasers  of  the  "Kino-s- 
BeUevme1118'     "  UBmeDSe  estate  near  Newark,  now  known  "as 
The  exact  date  that  Jasper  senior  took  his  leave  of  Branford 
has  not  been  definitely  fixed.     In  the  spring  of  1666  the  people 
of  Branford,  becoming  dissatisfied  about  the  union  of  the  New 
Haven  and  Connecticut  Colonies,  and  particularly  on  account  of 
granting  the  right  of  suffrage  to  the  inhabitants  not  members  of 
the     hurch,  resolved  at  once  to  remove  to  New  Jersey,  as  a-ents 
who  had  been  sent  thither,  came  back  bringing  favorable  reports 
of  the  new  country.     In  October,  after  adopting  a  code  of  laws 
for  their  government,  Mr.  Pierson  with  a  portion  of  his  congre- 
gation   left    Branford    for    their   future    home,    Newark     N°J 
Jasper    senior   although  one  of    the   original    twenty-three   who 
signed  the  first  contract  in  1665,  still  was  active  in  public  affairs 
in  Branford,   holding  the  office  of  assistant  magistrate  in  1666 
and  166/.     But  Jan.  30,  1667,  he  headed  the  list  of  signers  to  a 
new   covenant  and    disposing  of  his  property  at  Branford  that 
year  took  up  his  permanent  home  at  Newark  and  became  very 
prominent  in  all  transactions  of  the  town,  especially  during  the 
hrst  fourteen  years  of  its  growth  and  development.  "  He  was  the 
first  president  of  the  town  court,  and  first  on  the  list  of  deputies 
to  the  General  Assembly  of  New  Jersey  for  several  years       \t 
the  drawing  of  Home  Lots,  Feb.  6,  1667,  Lot  49  fell  to  the  senior 
Jasper  Crane,  No.  40  to  Deliverance  Crane,  and  No.  62  to  John 
Crane,  they  being  his  two  eldest  sons. 

At  a  town  meeting  of   Newark,  held   January,   1668,  Jasper 
Crane,  with  Robert  Treat,  were  chosen  magistrates  for  the  year 
ensuing,  and  also  deputies  or  burgesses  for  the  General  Assembly 
for   the  same  year.     This  Robert  Treat   was    the  first  recorder 
or  town  clerk  for  Newark,  and  was  exceedingly  prominent  in  all 
public  matters  while  he  remained  in  the  settlement.      But  in  1671 
he  returned  to  Connecticut,  where  he  was  held  in  high  esteem 
and  for  several  years  was  Governor  of  that  Colony."  proving  a 
faithful  and  conscientious  worker  for  the  interest  of  the  inhabit- 
ants under   his   charge.     From  January,   1668,  until  his  death, 
Jasper  Crane  senior  was  given  a  prominent  part  to  perform  in 
the  settlement  of  Newark.     May  20,  1668,  he  as  one  of  a  com- 
mittee   signed    an    agreement   fixing  the    dividing  line    between 
Newark   Town    and   Elizabeth    Town.     July  28,   1669,  he  with 
Robert  Treat  was  chosen  by  the  town  to  take  first  opportunity 
'■  to  go  to  '  York'  to  advise  with  Col.  Lovelace  concerning  our 
standing.     Whether  we  are  designed  to  be  a  part  of  the  Duke's 
Colony  or  not,  and  about  the  Neck,  and  liberty  of  purchasing 
lands  up  the  river,  that  the  Town  would  petition  for."    Re-elected 
magistrate  January,  1669,  "  and  Deputy  to  the  General  Assembly 


if  there  shall  be  any."  He  with  Robert  Treat  were  chosen  to 
be  moderators  of  town  meetings  for  the  year  ensuing.  Jan.  2. 
1670,  again  chosen  magistrate  and  deputy,  serving  in  latter 
capacity  annually  until  1674.  and  at  the  town  meeting  Feb.  20, 
it  was  voted  that  the  governor  be  requested  to  confirm  Jasper 
Crane  and  Robert  Treat  magistrates  or  justices  of  the  peace. 
The  same  honors  were  conferred  in  1671,  and  in  addition  it  was 
voted  Jan.  22.  1671,  that  "every  man  should  bring  his  half 
bushel  to  Henry  Lyon  &  Joseph  VVraters  and  have  it  tried  and 
sealed  when  made  fit  with  Mr.  Crane's,  which  for  the  present  is 
the  standard."  Mr.  Crane  was  also  one  of  a  committee  to  see  to 
burning  the  woods  for  a  year.  May  13.  1672.  Mr.  Crane  and 
Lieut.  Swain  were  chosen  representatives  for  the  town  to  consult 
with  other  representatives  of  the  country  to  order  matters  for  the 
safety  for  the  country.  June  17,  1672.  Mr.  Crane  was  again 
chosen  magistrate,  and  also  chosen  ••  President  of  the  Quarterly 
Court  to  be  held  in  Newark  to  begin  September  nest."  He  was 
also  given  '•  liberty  to  sell  liquors  in  the  town  till  the  country 
order  alter  it." 

At  a  town  meeting  July  1,  1673,  Mr.  Crane  was  chosen  to 
serve  on  a  committee,  with  Mr.  Bond.  Mr.  Swain,  Mr.  Kitchell 
and  Mr.  Lyon,  to  consider  with  messengers  from  other  towns 
about  sending  a  petition  to  the  Lords  Proprietors  in  England  for 
the  removal  of  grievances ;  and  July  oth  the  town  agreed  to  pay 
for  sending  the  messenger  to  England,  as  the  above  committee 
had  agreed  with  Mr.  Delevall  about  money  to  cover  that  expense. 

August  4th  the  town  chose  Mr.  Crane.  Mr.  Bond.  Lieut.  Swain 
and  Sergeant  John  Ward  deputies  to  treat  with  the  generals 
about  having  a  privileged  county  between  the  two  rivers  Passaic 
and  Araritine.  August  12th  again  chosen  magistrate  ;  September 
6th.  on  committee  to  try  and  secure  the  "Neck"  to  add  to  the 
possessions  of  Newark;  and  September  16th  instructed  by  the 
town  to  "  treat  with  the  generals,  and,  if  they  can.  to  buy 
it."  It  would  seem  the  committee  were  successful,  for  Octo- 
ber 25th  Mr.  Crane,  Mr.  Molyns  and  Mr.  Hopkins  were 
chosen  to  look  after  the  confirmation  of  the  purchase  of 
the  Neck  and  sue  for  further  easement  in  respect  to  pay. 
November  17th  Capt.  Swain  and  Mr.  Crane  were  chosen  to 
continue  the  trade  for  the  Neck.  The  following  year  (June 
29,  1674.)  the  town  voted  to  have  Mr.  Crane  and  Mr.  Pierson. 
Jr.,  carry  the  petition  and  present  it  to  the  Governor  and 
Council  at  North  Orange  to  "obtain  confirmation  of  their 
bought  and  paid  for  lands."  August  10,  1674,  was  again 
chosen  magistrate.  Mr.  Crane  was  now  becoming  quite  ad- 
vanced in  years,  and  the  important  and  exacting  services 
required  of  him  by  the  town  must  have  proved  a  heavy  tax  upon 
his  strength,  for  he  now  dropped  out  of  political  office,  while  his 
sous.  John.  Azariah  and  Jasper.  Jr..  began  to  work  in.  Feb.  19, 
1673-9.  it  having  been  discovered  that  many  of  the  settlers  had 
taken  up  lands  contrary  to  a  town  agreement,  Mr.  Crane  stated 


at  town  meeting  that  he  would  lay  down  all  lands  so  taken  if 
others  would,  and  March  10th  following  he  was  chosen,  with 
Robert  Dalglesh  and  Jasper  Crane,  Jr.,  to  lay  out  Samuel 
Potter's  lot  again.  This  entry,  so  far  as  the  public  records  of 
Newark  shows,  closes  the  public  life  of  the  senior  Jasper  Crane. 

If  we  may  judge  from  the  entries  upon  the  Newark  Town 
Records  we  should  say  that,  next  to  Robert  Treat,  Jasper  Crane 
was  the  most  prominent  figure  in  the  early  settlement  of  that 
town.  After  Treat  returned  to  Connecticut,  Jasper  Crane's 
name  came  first  in  the  filling  by  popular  vote  the  highest  and 
most  responsible  positions  of  public  trust  in  the  settlement.  That 
he  held  the  confidence  of  the  people  is  clearly  manifested  by  their 
returning  him  annually  for  so  many  years,  and  until  the  infirmi- 
ties of  age  unfitted  him  for  further  public  service.  But  the 
family  name  and  traits  of  character  were  appreciated,  for  no 
sooner  than  the  name  of  Jasper  senior  disappears  from  the  pro- 
ceedings of  the  town  meetings  than  the  names  of  John,  Azariah 
and  Jasper,  Jr.,  are  brought  into  recognition.  The  patents  for 
land  in  Newark  to  Jasper  Crane,  Aug.  25,  1675,  covering  one 
hundred  and  sixty-eight  acres,  are  as  follows  :  "  House:  lot  14 
acres,  17  a.  his  first  division  on  Great  Neck,  11  a.  in  part  for  his 
second  division  ou  said  Neck,  6  a.  on  said  Neck,  4  a.  at  bottom 
of  the  Neck,  20  a.  for  his  second  division  by  Two  Mile  Brook,  26 
a.  his  third  division  by  head  of  Mile  Brook,  20  a.  for  his  third 
division  at  the  head  of  the  branch  of  Second  River,  14  a.  of 
meadow  for  his  first  division  at  Great  Island,  12  a.  of  meadow 
for  his  second  division  by  the  Great  Pond,  14  a.  for  proportion  of 
bogs,  5  a.  of  meadow  near  the  Great  Island,  1  a.  of  meadow 
at  Beef  Point,  4  a.  of  meadow  near  Wheeler's  Point,  yealcling  i 
penny  lawful  money  of  England,  or  in  such  pay  as  the  country 
doth  produce  at  merchants'  price,  for  every  one  of  the  said  acres, 
the  first  payment  to  begin  the  25th  of  March,  which  was  in  the 
year  1670."  These  lands  were  taken  up  and  occupied  some  time 
prior  to  date  of  the  patents.  Another  warrant  seems  to  have 
been  issued  to  Jasper  Crane,  May  1,  1675,  for  103  acres  of  land 
in  Newark. 

At  a  town  meeting  held  Aug.  24,  1670,  an  agreement  was  made 
with  Mr.  Robert  Treat  and  Sergt.  Richard  Harrison  to  build  and 
maintain  a  sufficient  corn-mill  upon  the  brook  called  Miil  Brook. 
They  were  given  sole  privilege  of  this  brook,  with  all  the  town 
grists,  and  all  stone  within  the  town  limits  suitable  for  mill- 
stones, with  all  the  timber  that  was  prepared  by  Joseph  Horton 
for  the  mill,  and  two  days'  work  of  every  man  and  woman  that 
holds  an  allotment  in  the  town,  with  all  the  lands  formerly 
granted  to  Joseph  Horton.  They  were  to  hold  this  land  as  their 
own  so  long  as  they  held  and  maintained  the  mill,  and  not  to 
dispose  of  the  mill  without  consent  of  the  town.  The  town  was 
also  to  give  thirty  pounds  in  good  wheat,  pork,  beef,  or  one- 
fourth  in  good  Indian  corn,  at  such  prices  as  would  enable  them 
to  exchange    it    for  or  procure    iron,   millstones,    or   the  work- 


man's  wages,  &c.  :  Winter  wheat  5  shillings  per  bushel ;  summer 
wheat  4s.  5d.  ;  pork  3d.  per  lb. ;  beef  2d. ;  Indian  corn  2s.  6d. 
per  bushel.  As  Mr.  Treat  was  to  return  to  Connecticut,  Jasper 
Crane  assumed  his  portion  of  the  contract. 

From  Jasper  Crane  we  have  a  large  number  of  descendants — 
one  branch  of  them  located  westward  of  Newark,  and  five  or  six 
miles  distant,  calling  the  place  Cranetown.  Some  of  his  descend- 
ants located  four  miles  southward  of  Newark,  at  a  place  called 
Elizabeth  Town.  Among  those  who  settled  here  was  Stephen 
Crane,  who  there  is  good  reason  to  believe  was  an  elder  son  of 
Jasper,  born  in  England  about  1630. 

From  these  points  members  of  the  family  pressed  their  way 
further  westward,  crossing  the  Passaic  River,  settling  Morris 
County.  They  were  all  remarkable  for  frugality,  honesty  and 
piety,  and  were  mostly  Presbyterians.  It  has  heen  said  by  one, 
not  a  member  of  the  family,  "  no  more  respectable  people,  no 
better  citizens,  are  found  in  our  communities  than  those  who  bear 
Crane  blood  in  them." 

Oct.  30,  1666,  at  a  meeting  in  Branford,  Conn.,  the  prelimi- 
nary agreement  outlining  the  conduct  of  the  proposed  new 
settlement  upon  the  '•  Passiack  River  in  the  Province  of  New 
Jersey "  was  signed  by  many  Branford  people,  among  them 
Jasper  Crane  senior  and  his  sons  John  and  Delivered.*  These 
three  names  appear  among  the  first  proprietors  of  the  town  of 
Newark,  and  at  the  town  meeting  held  Feb.  6,  1667,  Mr.  Jasper 
Crane,  John  and  Deliverance  *  appear  to  have  been  present. 
Thenceforth  for  more  than  a  century  the  name  of  Crane  occupied 
a  conspicuous  place  in  the  annals  of  the  town,  and  scarcely  a 
town  meeting  was  held  during  a  period  of  one  hundred  years  that 
there  was  not  a  Crane  chosen  to  fill  some  town  office,  and  it  was 
not  unusual  to  elect  to  public  positions  several  of  the  name  at  one 
meeting.  But  March  13,  1759,  the  family  seemed  to  have  reached 
the  zenith  of  its  popularity,  for  at  that  meeting  by  vote  of  the 
town  eight  different  offices  were  filled  by  Cranes.  As  it  appears, 
however,  that  John  Crane  was  chosen  collector  and  John  Crane 
to  serve  on  a  committee  to  settle  a  line  in  the  parsonage  land,  it 
may  have  required  but  seven  Cranes  to  fill  the  eight  posi- 
tions ;  so  that  the  election  held  this  day  exceeded  but  a  trifle  that 
held  March  12,  1754,  when  six  Cranes  were  elected  to  fill  seven 
public  positions.  Their  names  were:  John,  for  collector; 
Timothy  and  Ezekiel,  surveyors  of  highways  ;  Elijah  and  William, 
overseers  of  the  poor;  John,  clerk  of  strays;  Noah,  on  com- 
mittee to  settle  the  line  between  the  towns  of  Newark  and  Eliza- 
beth towu. 

Jasper  Crane's  will,  dated  1678.  named  children  John, 
Azariah,  Jasper,  and  Hannah  Huntington,  and  granddaughter 
Hannah   Huntington;    John   to   have   his    "silver    bole."     Mr. 

'  This  name  is  spelled  both  ways. 


Crane  was  probably  born  about  1605,  and  died  1681,  his  will 
having  been  proved  that  year,  and  names  wife  Alice.  Children 
of  Jasper  Crane,  1st,  and  wife  Alice : 

2—1.     John,  b.  about  1635. 

3—2.     Hannah,  b.  about  1639. 

4—3.     Delivered,  b.  July  12,  1642;  settled  at  Newark,  N.  J.;  left  no 

children.    On  map  published   1806   his  house  lot  appears  on 

High  street,  near  the  northerly  end. 
5—4.     Mercy  (or  Mary),  bapt.  March  1,  1645. 
6—5.     Micah,  bapt.  Nov.  3,  1647. 
7—6.     Azariah,  b.  1649. 
8—7.     Jasper,  b.  April  2,  1651. 


9.  John  Crane'-  [2],  (Jasper1).  Rev.  Stephen  Dodd  says 
he  married  Elizabeth  Foote,  a  sister  of  Nathaniel  Foote,  of 
Wethersfield.  Conn.,  and  settled  in  Brauford,  Conn.,  in  1663, 
signing  the  Branford  agreement  with  his  father.  He  with  his 
brothers  Delivered  and  Jasper  were  among  the  first  to  remove  to 
the  settlement  of  Newark,  N.  J.,  in  the  spring  of  1666.  The  first 
town  meeting  was  held  in  Newark.  May  21,  1666.  He  died  in 
1694,  aged  59.  He  was  first  elected  to  public  office  there  as 
fence  viewer.  Jan.  2,  1670-1,  and  he  soon  became  prominent 
in  public  affairs.  He  had  a  seat  in  the  first  meeting-house  in 
Newark.  Was  among  the  deputies  to  the  General  Assembly  of 
New  Jersey,  1671-5.  In  1674,  he  was  chosen  by  vote  of  the 
town  to  warn  the  people,  at  his  end  of  the  town,  of  town 
meetings.  He  was  chosen  grand  juryman  for  1677,  and  select- 
man in  1683.  His  house  lot  plated  on  the  map  of  Newark, 
published  in  1806,  places  it  on  Broad  Street,  northerly  from 
Trinity  Episcopal  Church  and  the  upper  Common,  and  ex- 
tending to  the  Passaic  River.  He  was  to  have  the  '-silver 
bole,"  and  at  his  death,  the  bowl  evidently  went  to  his  brother 
Azariah,  although  it  may  have  passed  through  the  hands  of 
Delivered.  A  warrant  was  issued  under  date.  April  27,  1694,  to 
him  for  seventy-three  acres  of  land,  in  eight  parcels,  the  fifth  by 
Maple  Island.  His  will,  dated,  1694,  proved  Jan.  6,  1695, 
names  wife  Hannah.     She  was  his  2d  wife.     Children : 

10—1.  John,  b.  1671. 

11—2.  Jasper,  b.  1679. 

12—3.  Daniel,  b.  1684. 

13—4.  Sarah. 

14.  Hannah  Crane2  [3],  (Jasper1),  married  Thomas  Hunt- 
ington, who  was  son  of  that  Simon  who  died  on  the  passage 
from  England  to  Boston,  in  1633.  Thomas  had  two  brothers, 
Simon  and  Christopher.  Margaret,  mother  of  Thomas,  lived  for 
a  time  in  Roxbury.  Mass.  Married  for  2d  husband,  Thos. 
Stoughton.  of  Dorchester,  Mass.,  and  removed  to  Windsor, 
Conn.  Thomas  Huntington  was  freeman  in  Connecticut,  in 
1657;  settled  in  Branford,  in  1663.  and  died  after  1684.  She 
married  2d,  John  Ward  senior,  of  Branford,  and  was  his  2d 
wife.     Children : 

15 — I.    Samuel. 

16—2.     Hannah.  » 


thin"  R^Ti™  f  T  VCRANE9  [5]'  (JasP«rl),  married  Jona- 
than   Bell    of  Stamford,  Conn.,  Aug.   22,    1662.     He    was    the 
first  white    child  born  in  that  town.     She  died  Oct.  26,   1671 
leaving    three    children.       Mr.     Bell,    Oct.    31,    1672,    married 
Susanna  Pierson  of  Branford,  Conn.     Children  : 

1.  Jonathan  (Bell),  b.  Feb.  14,  1663 

2.  Hannah  (Bell),  b.  Aug.  29,  1665 

3.  Rebecca  (Bell),  b.  Dec.  6,  1667. 

4.  Abigail  (Bell),  b.  Dec.  23.  1673 

5.  Abraham  (Bell),  b.  June  22,  1675 

6.  Mercy  (Bell),  b.  Nov.  5,  1678. 

7.  John  (Bell),  b.  Jan.  16,  1681. 

8.  A  daughter,  b.  Aug.  3,  1683. 

9.  James  (Bell),  b.  Dec.  11,  1684. 

10.  Susannah  (Bell),  b.  Dec.  25,  1686. 

11.  Mary  (Bell),b.  Sept.  29,  1689. 

18  Deacon  Azariah  Crane*  [7],  (Jasper- ),  married  Mary 
daughter  ot  Capt.  Robert  Treat.  She  was  born  1649,  died  Nov 
lJi,  1-04,  aged  55  ;  he  died  Nov.  5,  1730,  in  his  83d  year.  In 
the  overturn  of  the  government  by  the  Dutch,  etc.,  he  was 
betrusted  with  the  concerns  of  his  father-in-law,  Mr.  Robert 
Ireat,  who  was  Governor  of  Connecticut  during  the  Charter  Oak 
affair  Azariah  appears  to  have  outlived  all  the  original  settlers 
and  left  his  silver  bowl  to  be  used  forever  in  the"lst  Presby- 
terian Church  in  Newark,  where  he  was  a  deacon  from  1690  until 
his  death.  He  held  many  offices  of  public  trust  in  the  town  :  in 
1690,  on  committee  of  safety;  in  1691,  chosen  to  care  for  the 
poor  of  the  town;  in  1692,  to  treat  with  Rev.  John  Pruden  to 
become  the  minister;  Jan.  1693-4.  deputy  to  Provincial  Assemblv 
also  deputy  in  1695;  selectman  in  1676,  1683  and  1694;  also  as 
constable,  grand  juryman,  pound-keeper;  to  look  after  the 
young  people  of  the  town,  to  lay  out  highwavs,  view  children's 
estates,  overseer  of  the  poor,  etc. 

As  early  as  1715,  he  was  living  on  his  home  place  at  the 
Mountain,  and  it  is  almost  certain  that  he  located  there  manv 
years  prior  to  that  date,  for  we  find  in  the  early  town  records 
the  following :  -  By  warrant,  April  27,  1694,  there  was  laid  out 
by  John  Oardner  a  tract  of  land  at  the  foot  of  the  Mountain, 
having  Azariah  Crane  on  the  northeast,  and  Jasper  Crane  on 
the  southwest." 

June  9,  1679,  warrants  were  issued  to  him  for  136  acres  in 
nine  parcels,  the  sixth  was  fifty  acres  on  branches  of  the  Eliza- 
beth River,  April  27,  1694,  100  acres  in  three  parcels.  April 
19,  1698,  the  town  voted  that  a  committee  of  five  should  view 
whether  Azariah  Crane  should  be  given  land  out  of  the  Com- 
mon for  a  tanyarcl  at  the  front  of  John  Plum's  home  lot ;  on 
committee  in  1706,  to  treat  with  Rev.  Samuel  Whittlesey,  to 
settle  in  work  of  the  ministry.  They  must  have  had  some  "little 
trouble  in  securing  the  right  man,  for  March  21,  1708,  he  was 
on  a  committee  to  instruct  Mr.  Pearson,  who  was  going  to 
New  England,  to  endeavor  to  procure  a  minister.     He"  secured 


Nathaniel  Bowers,  who  remained  with  the  people  there  until  his 
death,  Aug  30,  1716,  and  again  Mr.  Crane  was  on  committee  to 
secure  a  new  minister. 

There  was  apparently  some  hitch  in  the  arrangement  for  the 
tannery  before  referred  to,  for  Azariah  soon  after  that  date 
removed  to  a  place  near  the  mountain,  and  formed  a  settlement 
known  as  Cranetown  (Montclair),  six  miles  from  Newark. 
Jan.  13,  1719,  there  was  organized  a  Church  called  "The  Society 
at  the  Mountain,"  now  Orange,  two  miles  west  of  Newark,  and 
during  that  year  land  was  purchased  for  a  meeting-house  plot  of 
Thomas  Gardner,  and  soon  a  small  church  edifice  was  erected. 
Azariah  Crane  became  a  prominent  actor  in  the  society,  and  for 
many  years  was  a  deacon  there,  living  to  the  age  of  seventy- 
four  years. 

His  sons,  Nathaniel,  Noah,  Azariah  and  William,  also  in  their 
turn,  took  leading  positions  in  this  society,  aiding  materially  with 
funds  in  building  the  church  edifice.  William  succeeded  his 
father  Azariah  as  deacon  in  that  Church.  Oct.,  1785,  this 
mountain  "Society  at  the  Mountain"  was  first  called  "Orange 
Dale,"  and  two  "years  later  the  "Dale"  was  omitted,  and 
thenceforth  known  as  Orange. 

In  June,  1798,  Joseph  Crane,  son  of  Noah,  was  deacon  of 
this  Church.  He  was  then  a  resident  of  Cranetown,  and  after- 
wards became  elder  in  the  Church  at  Bloomfield.  Of  the  elders 
in  that  Church  by  the  name  of  Crane,  we  may  name  Lewis,  who 
died  in  1777,  aged  59  ;  Noah  in  office,  1776,  died  June  8,  1800, 
aged  81  ;  Joseph,  mentioned  above,  in  office,  1794-98,  died  Oct. 
it,  1832,  aged  81.     Children: 

of  Milford,  Conn.,  and  had  Mary, 


Hannah;  m.  John  Plum,  of  M 

who  m.  Mr.  Dickenson. 


Nathaniel,  b.  about  I6S0. 


Azariah,  b.  1682. 


Robert,  b.  1684. 

23 — 5. 

Jane,  b.  1686. 


Mary,  b.  1693;  m.  Mr.  Baldwin 


John,  b.  1695. 


Richard;  d.  in  infancy. 


Jasper;  d.  in  infancy. 

28.  Jasper  Crane'-  [8],  (Jasper1),  married  Joanna  Swaine, 
born  1651,  daughter  of  Capt.  Samuel  and  Joannah  Swaine. 
She  died  Sept.  16,  1720,  aged  69.  He  was  born  at  East  Haven, 
Conn.,  and  removed  with  his  parents  to  New  Jersey.  In  1684, 
he  purchased  the  property  of  Robert  Lyman,  who  had  returned 
to  England.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Assembly  in  1704,  in 
Cornbury's  time,  and  also  a  magistrate. 

He  with  his  brothers  John  and  Deliverance,  owned  seats  in  the 
first  Church  in  Newark.  Jasper,  Jr.,  was  given  his  share  of 
public  honors,  having  been  chosen  by  popular  vote  to  fill  the 
various  offices  of  fence  viewer,  surveyor  of  highways,  constable, 
and  selectman,  as  well  as  committeeman,  deputy  to  the  Provincial 



Assembly  in  1697-1702.  and  to  see  about  settling  the  minister, 
and  the  boundary  controversy  between  Newarkand  Elizabeth- 
town,  etc.  He  received  two  warrants  for  land,  one,  April  27, 
1694,  and  the  other,  April  10,  1696,  aggregating  120  acres, 
located  on  branches  of  the  Elizabethtown  River. 

Jasper  Crane  has  a  house  lot  located  on  the  map  of  Newark, 
published  in  1806,  at  the  corner  of  High  and  Market  Streets ; 
whether  this  was  meant  for  senior  or  junior  does  not  appear. 

It  is  quite  certain  that  he  located  in  that  part  of  Newark 
called  Cranetown,  afterwards  West  Bloomfield,  now  Montclair. 
Soon  after  the  year  1681,  at  which  time  the  town  of  Newark 
ordered  the  laying  out  of  a  highway  as  far  as  the  mountain, 
which  act  no  doubt  was  for  the  accommodation  of  settlers  in 
that  portion  of  the  town,  and  where  in  the  year,  1694,  the  town 
records  give  him  a  location,  and  it  is  said  that  his  descendants, 
and  those  of  his  brother  Azariah,  occupied  nearly,  if  not  quite, 
all  the  westerly  side  of  the  town.  He  died  March  6,  1712.  aged 
62.  His  tombstone  stood  in  the  Presbyterian  churchyard  on 
Broad  Street,  Newark.  According  to  his  will  he  had  the  follow- 
ing children  : 


Joseph,  b.  1676. 

Elihu,  b.  1689. 

David,  b.  1693. 

Jonathan,  b.  1678. 

Sarah,  b.  1683;  m.  Joseph  Wheeler. 

Hannah,  b.  1690;  m.  Robt.  Ogden,  Esq. 



35.  John  Crane3  [10],  (John2,  Jasper1),  in  1719,  was 
chosen  assessor  and  collector  of  taxes,  and  served  as  such 
several  years.  He  was  overseer  of  the  poor  in  1725,  and  sheep- 
master  same  year,  and  in  1736,  to  record  strays.  For  many 
years  he  was  assessor  and  rate  maker;  tithingman  in  1735; 
and  chosen  on  committee  to  agree  with  Rev.  Aaron  Burr,  Nov., 
I73t3.  He  removed  to  Whippany ;  died  Feb.  22,  1739,  aged  68, 
buried  at  Whippany.  His  will,  dated  Jan.  2,  1734,  proved  May, 
1739,  names  the  following  children  : 

36—1.  John. 

37 — 2.  Edmond,  b.  about  1692. 

38 — 3.  Amos;  m.  Elizabeth ;  lived  at  Whippany.     She  d.  Sept. 

1,  1736. 

39 — 4.  Mary;  m. Hamilton. 

40 — 5.  Abigail;  m.  Stephen  Ward. 

41 — 6.  Keziah  ;  m.  Cantield. 

42.  Jasper  Crane3  [11],  (John,2  Jasper1),  married  Ann 
;  died  1749  (or  1769)  ;  will  names  children  : 

43—1.     David. 

44 — 2.     Joseph,  b.  about  1722. 

45—3.     Solomon,   b.   about   1725;     elected   overseer   of    highways, 
March  13,  1759,  and  March  8,  1768;  d.  Jan.  9,  1784. 

46 — 4.     Sarah;  ra.  Barber. 

47 — 5.     Hannah;  m. Kingsland. 

48.  Daniel  Crane3  [12],  (John,2  Jasper1),  married  Phebe, 
supposed  to  have  been  daughter  of  Nathaniel  Ward.  He  died 
Sept.  8, '1747,  aged  63  years,  and  was  buried  at  Newark,  N.  J. 

Children  : 

49—1.  Phebe,  b.  1711 ;  d.  Jan.  8,  1732,  aged  21. 

50—2.  Thomas,  b.  1713;  d.  Nov.  10,  1736,  aged  23. 

51 — 3.  James,  b.  1723;  m.  Lydia ;  she  joined  First  Presbyterian 

Church  at  Newark;  d.  March,  1750,  aged  27. 

52—4.  Daniel,  b.  1721;  d.  Jan.  15,  1748-9,  aged"  28. 

53—5.  Joshua,  b.    1725,;  d.  Jan.  14,  1748-9.  aged  23. 

54—6.  Moses,  b.  1715;  d.  Nov.  16,  1736,  aged  21. 

55—7.  Phineas,  b.  1730;  d.  Nov.  13,  1759,  aged  29. 

56—8.  Jeremiah. 

57 — 9.  Patience,  b.  1733;  m.  Joseph   Crane,  perhaps  a  son  of  Lt. 

David,3  Jasper;2  d.  March  1,  1760,  aged  27. 

58-10.  Joanna;  m.  Stephen  Young. 

59-11.  Lydia. 

60.  Major  Nathaniel  Crane;3  [20],  (Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Elizabeth  Gibson.     He  settled    near  a  spring  at  West 


Bloomfield  on  the  place  which  was  afterwards  occupied  by  Cyrus 
Pierson  as  late  as  1851.  The  spring  near  which  he  lived  is 
located  near  the  railway  depot  in  Montclair,  N.  J.  He  was 
chosen  to  record  strays  March,  1744.  He  died  in  1760,  aged 
about  80  years.     The  will  (1760)  names  the  children. 

About  the  year  1716  the  people  in  and  about  Cranetown  formed 
what  for  some  years  was  known  as  the  "  Mountain  Society  "  and 
later  became  the  "  Second  Church  of  Newark,"  now  the  "First 
Presbyterian  Church  of  Orange."  He.  in  1753,  was  one  of  the 
subscribers  to  build  the  second  meeting-house.  His  son  Nathan- 
iel, Jr.,  was  also  a  subscriber  with  the  following  Cranes:  Caleb, 
William.  Job,  Gamaliel,  Noah,  Stephen,  Jedediah,  Louis,  Elihu 
and  Ezekiel.  Their  subscriptions  amounting  to  56-16-6.  Dec. 
7,  1796,  a  resolution  was  passed  by  the  congregation  and  trustees 
assuming  the  title  of  "The  Presbyterian  Church  of  Bloomfield," 
and  the  following  Cranes  contributed  to  hire  a  minister  for  six 
months  :  Oliver,  Stephen,  William,  Job,  Simeon,  Widow  Susanna, 
Phineas,  Noah,  Noah,  Jr.,  Joseph,  Israel,  Aaron,  Nathaniel, 
Benjamin,  Eleakim,  Widow  Jane  and  Iddok  (probably  meant  for 
Zadock) .     Children  : 

fit— 1 



Noah,  b.  1719. 


Nathaniel;  never  married 


Elizabeth;  ra.  Young 


Jane;  m.  Smith. 



67.  Azaeiah  Crane3  ["21],  (Azariah,2  Jasper1).  Azariah, 
Jr.,  had  wife  Rebecca.  In  1733  he  granted  three  acres  at  the 
mountain  plantation  to  his  well  beloved  son-in-law  Zachariah  Bald- 
win. He  settled  at  West  Bloomfield,  N.  J.,  near  his  brother  Na- 
thaniel. Elias  B.  Crane  lived  on  the  place  in  1851.  She  died  June 
15,  1739,  aged  48,  and  he  married  again.  He  with  his  brother 
Nathaniel  were  the  promoters  of  (Cranetown)  Montclair,  locating 
their  home  places  near  the  spring  which  was  a  few  years  ago,  and 
possibly  at  present  time  may  be  seen  near  the  railroad  depot  at 
Montclair,  N.  J.  In  1753  Azariah  conveyed  to  his  son  Azariah 
a  tract  of  land  extending  to  the  top  of  the  mountain.  He  was  a 
subscriber  to  the  fund  for  erecting  a  parsonage  at  Montclair,  and 
also  the  meeting-house.  He  was  not  without  his  honors  at  the 
hands  of  his  fellow-townsmen;  as  early  as  Nov.  2,  1703,  he  was 
chosen  one  of  the  pounders.     Children  : 



Rebecca,  b.  Sept.  6 






Gamaliel,  b.  17 — . 






Moses,  b.  1731. 




76.     Robert    Crane3     [22],     (Azariah,2    Jasper1),    married 

Pbebe  .     She  died  May  13,  1759.     He  died  July  14,  1755, 

aged  71.  His  will  named  children  as  given  below.  He  is  said  to 
have  lived  in  a  stone  house  in  Newark,  N.  J.  It  seems  quite 
certain  that  having  been  named  for  his  grandfather  Robert  Treat 
he  inherited  a  part  of  the  land  in  Newark  once  the  property  of 
this  grandfather,  located  on  Market  Street,  between  Broad  and 
Mulberry  Streets,  and  back  of  the  old  meeting-house  through  to 
Washington  Street.  In  1806  the  Presbyterian  Church  stood  on 
what  was  once  a  portion  of  this  estate.  Mr.  Isaac  Watts  Crane 
says  Mulberry  Street  was  formerly  called  Baldwin's  Lane.  He 
also  writes  that  on  this  above-mentioned  tract  of  land,  meaning 
the  Robert  Treat  estate,  he  could  recall  among  those  who  had 
occupied  it  '-John  Crane,  Isaac,  Timothy,  Obadiah,  &  Azariah." 
They  were  doubtless  all  of  them  descendants  of  Deacon  Azariah 
Crane,  father  of  this  Robert.  March  11,  1718,  he  was  chosen 
pounder,  and  surveyor  of  highways  in  1736  and  1737,  and  fence 
viewer  in  17-10.     Children  : 


Eunice,  b.  1720;  m.  David  Johnson 


Timothy,  b.  1726. 




Josiah,  b.  1732. 

81—  5. 

Mary,  b.  1735;  m.  David  Hayes. 




Lydia  ;  m.  Timothy  Bruen. 

84.  Jane  Crane3  [23],  (Azariah,2  Jasper1),  married  John 
Richards,  and  settled  at  Newark.  N.  J.  She  was  his  first  wife. 
She  died  Sept.  12,  1741,  aged  55.  He  died  March  16,  1748, 
aged  61.     Children : 

1.  Moses  (Richards),  ]  twins,  f  d.  March  14,  1743. 

2.  Aaron  (Richards),  ■     b.      \  grad.  Tale  1745;  m.  Susan  Smith; 

)   1718;    (  45  years  in  ministry  ;  d.  May",  1793. 

3.  David  (Richards')  ;  m.  Edus  Crane. 

David  Richards  [3]  ;  m.  Edus  Crane,  of  Bloomfield,  AT.  J.,  and 
for  several  years  resided  in  Newark.  He  then  purchased 
a  farm  in  Columbia,  Morris  County,  where  they  lived  and 
died;  he  in  the  year  1773  or  1774,  she  in  1781.     Children  : 

1.  John  (Richards),  b.  1751 ;  d.  Aug.  20,  1752,  aged  13  mos. 

2.  Aaron  (Richards)  ;  m. Bonnell. 

3.  Samuel  (Richards),  b.  1755;  killed  at  battle  of  Spring- 

field, Jan.  23,  1780. 

4.  Abigail  (Richards')  ;  m.  Ahram  Corey. 

5.  Hannah  (Richards)  ;  m.  Col.  Daniel  Corey. 

6.  Jkmima  (Richards)  ;  m.  Reuben  Chadwick. 

7.  Nancy  (Richards);  d.  unmarried. 

8.  Thomas  (Richards),  h.  1769;  d.  Nov.  3,  1816. 

9.  Jonathan  (Richards),  b.  1771  ;  d.  June  21,  1859. 

85.  John  Crane3  [25],  (Azariah,3  Jasper1),  m.   1st,  Abigail 

,  about  1717.     She  was  b.  1700;  she  d.  June  25,  1744.     2d, 

Rebecca .     He    d.    Sept.    5,    1776,   aged   81.     Will    names 

children  :  Jonas,  a  minor,  named   for  a  son  who  died  Jan.    24, 



1745,  aged  27  years.  This  Jonas  was  father  of  Rufus,  and  this 
Rufus  was  father  of  William,  of  Baltimore,  Md.  He  lived  on 
the  east  side  of  Broad  Street,  on  a  part  of  the  home  lot  inher- 
ited by  his  mother  from  her  father  Robert  Treat;  was  a  very 
active  and  influential  man  in  the  town.  He  was  chosen  in  1740 
recorder  for  strays  as  well  as  assessor  of  taxes.  These  duties  he 
performed  many  years ;  also  serving  on  many  important  town 
committees,  such  as  looking  after  the  parsonage,  collecting  for 
the  parsonage  and  burying-ground,  etc.  ;  a  freeholder  1757. 
Obadiah  and  Jonas  were  children  by  second  wife.     Children  : 

Jonas,  b.  1718. 

Samuel,  b.  1723. 

Abigail,  b.  1725;  d.  Oct.  29,  1736,  aged  11  years. 




Matthias;  graduated  at  Yale,  1747;  chosen  pound-keeper, 
March  11,  1766;  d.  about  1777. 

Benjamin,  b.  1740. 

Obadiah,  b.  1741;  d.  Sept.  28,  1784,  aged  43;  lived  in  the 
stone  house,  Broad  Street;  m.  Azariah  Crane;  probably 
served  in  Capt.  Squiers'  Co.,  2d  Regt.,  Essex  Co.,  in  Revo- 

Jonas,  b.  1747. 



















9(3.  Joseph  Crane,3  Esq.  [29],  (Jasper,2  Jasper1),  married 
Abigail  Lyon,  daughter  of  Joseph  Lyon.  He  died  1726,  aged  50. 
His  will  names  children  given  below.  Was  magistrate  of  the 
county  for  many  years.  Served  the  town  in  1721  as  freeholder. 
His  name  appears  among  the  charter  members  in  the  patent  of  incor- 
poration for  the  town  of  Newark,  N.  J.,  issued  by  the  province  of 
New  Jersey,  April  27,  1713.  March  28,  1719,  he  received  a 
deed  of  warrant  of  92  acres  of  land  located  in  Newark,  from  the 
New  Jersey  Society.  April  20,  1720,  from  same  source,  a 
warrant  for  120  acres;  and  again,  Feb.  27,  1724,  21^  acres; 
also,  Dec.  18,  1724,  120  acres.  These  tracts  of  land  came  to 
him  from  the  New  Jersey  Society  as  heir  to  the  right  of  his  father. 
He  was  chosen  surveyor  of  highways  March  8,  1720.     Children  : 

97—1.  Benjamin,  b.  Nov.  27,  1705;  d.  1777. 

98—2.  Isaac,  b.  Oct.  8,  1709. 

99—3.  Ezekiel,  b.  Mav  8,  1711. 

100—4.  Israel,  b.  Jan.  2,  1713;  d.  Aug.  1,  1785. 

101—5.  Josiah,  b.  Jan.  2,  1716. 

102 — 6.  Joseph,  b.  Dec.  28,  1717;  ra.  Elizabeth  Johnson. 

103 — 7.  Joanna,  b.  Sept.  8,  1718;  m.  Samuel  Conger. 

104-8.  Abigail,  b.  April  1,  1727. 

105.  Elihu  Crane3  [30],  (Jasper,9  Jasper1),  married  Mary 
Plum.  She  afterwards  married  Rev.  Jonathan  Dickenson,  one 
of  the  first  presidents  of  Princeton  College.  He  died  in  Newark, 
N.  J.,  April  27,  1732,  aged  43.  His  will  names  children.  She 
died  Aug.  30,  1762,  in  the  68th  year  of  her  age.     He  served  the 


town  as  overseer  of  the  poor  in  1725,  and  collector  of  taxes  in 
1728-1730.     Children: 

10(5—1.  Lewis,  b.  1718. 

107 — 2.  Christopher,  b.  1720;  d.  April  17,  1750,  without  issue. 

10s— 3.  Charles,  b.  1721;  d.  April  22,  1758,  without  issue. 

109—4.  Elihu,  b.  1726. 

110 — 5.  Isaac;  d.  without  issue. 

Ill— (5.  Hannah. 

112—7.  Phebe. 

113.      David   Crane3  [31],  (Jasper,3  Jasper' ),  married  Mary 

.     Lieut.  David,3  died   May   16,    1750,   aged   57.     His  will 

names  children  given  below.  He  served  the  town  in  1742  as 
collector  of  taxes,  and  March  11,  1745-6,  was  chosen  on  a  com- 
mittee to  prosecute  any  person  or  persons  for  cutting  wood  or 
timber  on  the  parsonage  within  the  space  of  seven  years  from 
that  date,  and  the  following  year  was  chosen  on  a  committee  to 
have  charge  of  the  parsonage  lands  in  addition  of  the  power  to 
prosecute  offenders.     Children  : 

114 — 1.     Jedediah,  b.  about  17 1G. 
115—2.     David,  b.  about  1721. 
1 16 — -3.    Joseph,  b.  about  1732. 

117 — 4.     Abigail;  m.  Johnston. 

118 — 5.     Phebe;  m. Lawrence. 

119—6.     Mary;  m. Ailing. 

120—7.     Dorcas. 

121 — 8.     Sarah,  b.  Aug.  24,  1734;  perhaps,  if  so,  she  in.  March,  1762, 

Isaac  Plume,  b.  Oct.  1,  1734.     He  d.  Nov.  19,  1799;  she  d. 

Nov.  24,  1779,  at  Newark,  N.  J. 

122.  Jonathan  Craine,3  Esq.  [32],  (Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
married  Sarah  Treat,  daughter  of  Major  John  Treat,  and  grand- 
daughter of  Capt.  Robert  Treat.  For  nearly  thirty  years  he  was 
active  in  the  public  life  of  Newark.  April  12,  1714,  he  was 
ushered  into  service,  when  "  Lieut.  Jonathan  Crane,"  was 
elected  on  the  "  Prudentiall "  Committee  to  attend  to  matters  at 
the  Neck;  Aug.  30,  1716,  on  committee  to  procure  a  minister; 
March,  1717,  surveyor  of  highways;  Nov.  20,  1719,  chosen  to 
inspect  account  of  debts  and  give  the  account  to  the  assessors, 
with  rate  to  be  made;  March  8,  1725,  chosen  collector  for  the 
provincial  tax ;  and  for  many  years  he  was  continued  in  this 
office,  adding  in  1736  the  duty  of  serving  on  committee  to  secure 
the  services  of  Rev.  Aaron  Burr  and  agree  with  him  in  the  work 
of  the  ministry  in  Newark.  This  Rev.  Aaron  Burr  was  the  first 
president  of  Princeton  College,  and  also  father  of  Aaron  Burr, 
born  in  the  parsonage  of  the  First  Church  at  Newark,  Feb.  6, 
1756,  who  became  the  famous  Col.  Burr,  of  Revolutionary  fame, 
the  political  rival  of  General  Hamilton,  and  his  slayer  in  a  duel. 
In  1739  Jonathan  Crane,  Esq.,  was  chosen  on  a  committee  to 
treat  with  the  people  of  Elizabethtown  about  settling  the  boun- 
dary line  between  the  two  towns;  from  1740  to  1743  he  was 
assessor;  and  for  about  twenty-five  years  held  the  office  of  judge 


of  Essex  County  Court  of  Common  Pleas.     He  died  June  25, 
1744,  aged  66  years  and  7  months.     His  will  names  children. 
Children  : 



Samuel,  b.  about  1712. 
Caleb,  b.  about  1713. 
Elijah,  b.  about  1716. 
Nehemiah,  b.  about  1719. 
John  Treat. 

Mary;  m. Johnson. 


130.  Hannah  Crane3  [34],  (Jasper,2  Jasper1),  married 
about  1712  Robert  Ogden,  of  Elizabethtown,  N.  J.,  son  of 
Jonathan  and  Rebecca  Ogden,  from  whom  it  is  said  descended 
Governor  Aaron  Ogden.  son  of  Robert  and  Phebe  (Hatfield) 
Ogden;   also  governor,  afterwards  judge,  Haines.     Children: 

1.  Hannah   (Ogden),  b.   17H;  m.  Samuel  Winans ;  d.  March  14, 

1783;  had  12  children. 

2.  Robert  (Ogden),  b.  Oct.  7,  1716 ;  m.  Phebe  Hattleld  ;  d.  Jan.  21, 


3.  Phebe  (Ogden),  b.  1718;  d.  Oct.  14,  1735. 

4.  Moses  (Ogden),  b.  1722;  m.  Mary  Cozzens;  d.  1768. 

5.  Elihu  (Ogden). 

6.  David  (Ogden).    b.    Oct.   26,   1726;  m.   Hannah    Woodruff;  d. 

Nov.  28,  1801. 


131.  Edmond  (or  Edmund)  Ckane4  [37],  (John,3  John,2 
Jasper1),  married  Abigail  Kitchell.  She  was  born  Nov.,  1717, 
and  died  Aug.  20,  1801.  He  died  about  1761.  His  will  is 
dated  1761  ;  proved  Jan.  30,  1762.  He  lived  between  Madison 
and  Morristown,  N.  J.,  at  what  was  called  the  '■Hummock." 
Was  a  farmer,  and  his  grandson  Loyal  Crane,  born  1813,  says  his 
grandfather  Edmund  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war.  It  ap- 
pears that  two  of  his  sons,  Josiah  and  Ezekiel,  were  captains 
in  the  service.  Names  and  dates  of  births  of  their  children 
were  furnished  by  Dorothy  N.  Law,  of  Dixon,  111.,  a  descend- 
ant of  the  family.     She  copied    them  from    the    family   Bible. 

Children  : 

132  —  1.  Stephen,  b.  June  23,  1735. 

133—2.  Eunice,  b.  Sept.  15,  1738. 

134-3.  Affie,  b.  July  15,  17-10. 

135—4.  Phoeby,  b.  April  13,  1743. 

136—5.  Josiah,  b.  June  25,  1745. 

137—8.  Ezekiel,  b.  Oct.  29,  1747 

138—7.  John,  b.  Jan.  24,  1749. 

139 — 8.  Abigail,  b.  May  28,  1752. 

140—9.  James,  b.  July  27,  1754. 

141-10.  David,  b.  Dec.  24,   1756;  probably  served  in   Revolutionary 

war  from  Morris  Co.,  N.  J 

142-11.  Benonie,  b.  June  27,  1761. 

143.  Joseph  Crane4  [44],  (Jasper,3  John,'- Jasper1),  married 
Eunice  Dodd,  daughter  of  Thomas  Dodd,  for  his  2d  wife  ;  lived 
in  or  near  Bloomfield,  N.  J.  Will  dated  1807.  He  died  in  or 
near  Bloomfield,  Sept.  20,  1807,  aged  85.  She  died  Jan.  or 
Feb.  20,  1822,  aged  80.  His  grandson,  Nathan  J.  Crane, 
reports  that  this  Joseph  Crane  served  in  the  French  and  Indian 
wars,  and  died  in  Bloomfield.  Mr.  Kimball  says  he  lived  and 
died  in  Belleville,  N.  J.  March  14,  1758,  he  was  chosen  one  of 
the  overseers  of  highways  for  the  town  of  Newark. 

Children : 

144—1.     Joseph,  b.  1767. 

145—2.     Moses. 

146—3.     Daniel. 

147 — 4.     Aaron  ;  said  to  have  lived  and  died  at  Caldwell,  N.  J. 

148—5.     Hannah;    m.  Samuel  Mun,  a  farmer  of  Caldwell,  N.  J. ;  had 

twelve  children;  a  srranddaughter,  Eunice  Taylor,  m. 

Ward  and  lived  in  Newark. 

149.  Jeremiah  Crane4  [56],  (Daniel,3  John,2  Jasper1),  was 
born  about  1717,  and  married  about  1764.     He  was  the  only  son 

-  4  ■  "A  ;  ¥N 





>•              /    ' 

r  / 

J l/pfr- 

,     S^&^&Sxlt&j  ii  jfc? 


=*i-^ii^Sv^M ' YVi- 



¥  r- 1 

r^    /' 


•srjzjS^Tr      ^^^ASf^W)  wf$"< 

Jjf      -!'- 

%7  ••mM 

BjI^hM^^  •-?! 

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.^'  • 

_  41 


Montclair,  N.  J. 
Occupied  several  weeks  during  the  Revolutionary  War  by  General  George  Wash- 
ington and  the  Marquis  de  Lafayette  as  their  Headquarters.    And  now  (1899i  the 
property  of  Mr.  Alfred  J.  Crane,  No.  10'24,  page  363.    It  has  been  the  birthplace  of 
four  generations  of  Cranes :  Nathaniel.  William,  Oliver  anil  Amos. 



of  Daniel3  who  married.     Will  was  dated   Au£ 
names  the  following  children  : 

17,  1785,  and 

150 — 1.     Rebeckah,  b.  about  1765. 

151 — 2.     Eleanor,  b.  about  1772;  d.  young,  unmarried. 

152 — 3.     William,  b.  about  1775. 

Also  a  niece,  widow  Martha  of  John  Gifford ;  "my  nephew 
Moses  Newel  Combs." 

153.  Lydia  Crane4  [59],  (Daniel,3  John,3  Jasper1),  married 
Combs.     Child  : 

1.     Moses  Newell  (Combs),  b.  Jan.  2,  1754,  who  m.  Mary,  dau.  of 
David  and   Mary   (Crane)  Hayes  (see  No.  246),  who  was   b. 
June  22,  1760,  and  d.  Feb.  10,  1816.     He  d.  April  12,  1834. 
Children  : 

Sally  (Combs). 

Polly  (Combs). 

Mary  (Combs). 

Richard  N.  (Combs). 

David  (Combs)  ;  m. Richards.     Children: 

1.  Peter   W.    (Combs);     m.    and   had    Ernest   B. 

(Combs),  of  Morristown,  N.  J. 

2.  Isaac  (Combs). 

3.  Charles  (Combs). 

4.  Mary  (Combs). 

5.  Julia  (Combs). 

6.  Ann  (Combs). 

7.  Sally  (Combs). 

6.  Phebe  (Combs). 

7.  Isaac  (Combs). 

8.  Phebe  H.  (Combs). 

9.  Hannah  (Combs). 

10.  Lydia  (Combs). 

11.  Deborah  (Combs). 

12.  Aaron  (Combs). 

'  13.     Rachel  (Combs). 

154.  William  Crane4  [61],  (Nathaniel,3  Azariah,'2  Jasper1), 

married  1st, Wheeler,  of  Newark  ;  2d,  Mary  (or  Mercy) . 

He  resided  in  that  part  of  Newark  called  for  many  years  Crane- 
town,  then  West  Bloomfleld,  now  Mont  Clair,  N.  J.,  and  was  a 
subscriber  for  the  purpose  of  hiring  a  minister  to  preach  the  Gos- 
pel there.  He  was  overseer  of  the  poor  from  1753  to  1756  inclu- 
sive, and  of  highways  from  1760  to  1764;  freeholder,  1767.  He 
may  have  inherited  property  here  from  his  father,  and  possibly 
succeeded  to  the  home  estate ;  of  that,  however,  we  are  not  cer- 
tain, but  the  notable  Crane  mansion  occupied  by  him  or  his  family 
during  the  period  of  the  war  of  the  Revolution,  still  standing  at 
the  junction  of  Valley  road  and  Clairmont  avenue,  was  his  home, 
and  occupied  about  three  weeks  by  Gen.  Washington  as  his  head- 
quarters, Gen.  Lafayette  being  with  him.  The  time  of  occupa- 
tion doubtless  being  from  the  latter  week  in  October  to  about  the 
middle  of  November,  1780.  While  those  two  great  generals 
were  making  Mr.  Crane's  house  their  home,  he  with  four  if  not 
five  of  his  sons  were  performing  soldiers'  duties  in  the  army  of 
which  they  were  the  commanders.     It  is  related  by  Rev.  Oliver 


:;i  1 


Crane,  D.D..  LL.D..  that  on  the  arrival  of  Gen.  Washington  at 
the  house,  Mercy  Crane  then  in  charge,  and  causing  supper  to  be 
prepared,  discovered  she  had  no  tea  to  serve,  and  becoming 
quite  disturbed  about  it  offered  an  apology  to  the  General  for 
the  lack  of  what  might  seem  to  him  an  important  feature  of  his 
repast.  '•  Never  mind,  my  good  lady,"  replied  His  Excellency. 
••  please  have  a  crust  of  bread  toasted  and  use  it  for  tea.  that  is 
good  enough  for  me."  ilrs.  Crane's  anxiety  was  thus  dispelled, 
and  supper  was  served.  Night  came  on.  and  the  capacity  of  the 
house  for  beds  was  overtaxed,  the  lower  back  room  selected  by 
the  two  generals  for  their  use,  had  been  used  for  the  dining-room, 
the  deficiency  of  beds  then  was  thereupon  made  known  to  the 
General,  who  rejoined.  '■  But  there  is  plenty  of  straw  in  the  barn, 
is  there  not?  "  The  straw  was  soon  brought  in  and  spread  in  one 
corner  of  the  room,  and  the  two  famous  generals  retired  to  rest, 
wrapped  in  their  army  blankets,  on  that  bundle  of  straw. 
Children  : 



Rachel;  m.  Simeon  Baldwin. 

Hannah  ;  m.  Major  Nathaniel  Crane. 



Jonas,  b.  1750. 

Sarah,  b.  1755;  m.  Stephen  Fordham;  d.  1825. 

James;  d.  unmarried. 

Zadoc.  b.  1758;  m.;  no  children;  d.  1841.  Gen.  Washing- 
ton had  an  old  gray  horse  which  was  almost  as  well  known 
as  its  rider.  Zadoc  Crane,  one  of  the  Revolutionary 
Fathers,  took  care  of  the  old  gray  when  Washington  was 
at  Cranetown.  in  New  Jersey.  While  Zadoc  took  care  of 
the  horse,  the  family  entertained  Washington,  and  waited 
upon  him  with  a  finely  Japanned  server.  This  server, 
though  the  Japanning  is  all  worn  off,  was  brought  to  the 
Fair  to  exhibit  in  Bric-a-brac,  by  Mrs.  Emma  Fasshaber, 
whose  father  was  Zadoc  Crane's  uncle.  Those  were  times 
famous  for  having  tried  men's  souls,  and  it  was  absolutely 
necessary  to  exercise  the  greatest  care  and  vigilance.  The 
oats  fed  to  Washington's  horse  were  kept  concealed  under 
a  stack  of  hay.  and  every  time  Zadoc  got  a  mess  from 
under  it  he  replaced  the  hay  nicely,  and  after  feeding,  he 
carefully  picked  up  every  scattered  straw  for  fear  the 
British  might  nose  the  oats  and  •'  cahoage"  them. 

During  the  time  Washington  was  occupying  "Cranetown 
Gap,"  as  he  styled  it,  the  alarm  came  that  the  British  were 
about  to  make  an  attempt  on  the  American  lines  in  their 
somewhat  insecure  position,  and  desiring  to  be  in  readi- 
ness to  meet  such  a  movement  should  it  he  made,  and  not 
feeling  at  this  critical  moment  that  he  had  a  man  to  spare 
from  the  ranks,  he  called  for  volunteers  outside  of  those 
in  the  service  to  act  as  couriers  to  warn  the  minute-men 
living  beyond  the  so  called  "  first  and  second  mountains," 
covering  the  region  between  the  Passaic  River  and  the 
second  mountain,  including  Horseneck,  Pine  Brook,  Swine- 
field,  etc.  Zadoc.  a  son  of  William,  who  had  been  lame 
from  boyhood,  offered  to  assume  the  ditficult  and  perilous 
undertaking.     Although  lame,  one  leg  being  shorter  than 


the  other,  was  well  able  to  ride  on  horseback,  and  soon 
appeared  mounted  on  his  own  spirited  horse,  and  armed 
with  a  heavy  cutlass,  this  being  his  only  weapon;  just  as 
the  sun  was  disappearing  behind  the  mountains,  under 
special  orders  from  the  General,  he  set  out  on  his  impor- 
tant errand.  It  was  a  ride  for  the  night,  calling  at  every 
house  and  routing  them  from  their  slumbers.  As  the 
gray  of  the  morning  began  to  show  itself,  he  was  march- 
ing his  men  toward  the  Crane  mansion,  and  just  at  day- 
break drew  up  his  squad  in  front  of  the  doorstep,  on 
which  stood  Gen.  Washington  for  the  purpose  of  inspect- 
ing them.  "  Well  done,  my  man,"  was  the  salute  of  His 
Excellency.  "  Now  come  in  and  take  a  horn  of  whiskey, 
for  you  must  need  it." 

163—9.     William,  b.  1759. 

164-10.     Oliver,  b.  Sept.  29,  1765. 

165.  Noah  Crane4  [62],  (Nathaniel,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Mary  Baldwin,  daughter  of  Samuel.  He  died  June  8, 
1800,  aged  81  years.  She  "died  May  18,  1805,  aged  81  years. 
Lived  in  Crauetown,  1779  ;  at  town  meeting  at  Newark,  March 
12,  1754,  chosen  one  of  the  overseers  of  highways;  March  12, 
1765,  again  chosen  at  town  meeting  one  of  the  overseers  of 
highways.  In  1776  was  one  of  the  officers  of  the  Church  at 
Bloomfield.     Children : 

166—1.  Samuel,  b.  Oct.  29,  1747. 

167  —  2.  Esther;  m.  Joseph  Baldwin. 

168—3.  Joseph,  b.  1751. 

169 — 4.  Elizabeth,  b.  April  13,  1753;  m.  John  R.  Crane. 

170 — 5.  Caleb;  d.  unmarried. 

171—6.  Nathaniel;  d    1758. 

172 — 7.  Nehemiah;  d.  in  infancy. 

173 — 8.  Mehitable;  m.  Gen.  Wm.  Gould. 

174—9.  Mary. 

175-10.  Nehemiah. 

176-11.  Stephen. 

177.  Mehitable  Crane4  [66],  (Nathaniel,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1 ) ,  married  Thomas  Richards.  He  died,  leaving  a  will 
dated  1758.     Children: 

1.  Thomas  (Richards),  b.  1741;  d.  April  14,  1788,  at  Newark,  N.J. 

2.  Nathaniel  (Richards)  ;  he  was  a  loyalist  during   the    Revolu- 

tionary war,  and  his  estate  was  contiscated,  valued  at  £482  2s. 

3.  Mary  (Richards). 

4.  Abigail  (Richards). 

178.  Rebecca  Crane4  [68],  (Azariah,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Zaehariah  Baldwin,  and  settled  at  Parsippany,  where  she 
was  buried  in  the  old  churchyard  June  15,  1791,  aged  84.  He 
was  born  in  Milford,  Conn.,  Sept.  6,  1709.  He  removed  to  Han- 
over with  his  brother  Abraham.  Azariah  Crane,  father  of  Mrs. 
Baldwin,  gave  "  three  acres  of  mountain  plantation  to  his  beloved 
son-in-law"  Zaehariah  Baldwin."  The  following  children  are 
found  accredited  to  them,  and  they  may  have  had  others.  Chil- 
dren : 

1.     Jacob  (Baldwin),   b.  about  1733. 


2.  Job  (Baldwin),  b.  about  1738. 

3.  Silas  (Baldwin),  b.  about  1749;  m.  and  had  Ephraim,  whose 

son  Amos  m.  Rachel,  daughter  of  Deacon  Oliver  Crane,  of 
Cranetown,  N.  J. 

179.     Azariah  Chane4   [69],    (Azariah,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 

married  .     He    died    1752.     His  will  names  the  following 

children  : 











185.  Job  Crane4  [70],  (Azariah,3  Azariah,9  Jasper1) ,  mar- 
ried Abigail  Dodd,  daughter  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Lampson 
(or  Sampson)  Dodd.  Settled  in  Cranetown,  now  Mont  Clair, 
N.J.     Children: 

186—1.  Tlmotht;  no  children. 

187—2.  Aaron,  b.  March  5,  1750;  d.  Feb.  7,  1836,  at  Mont  Clair. 

188 — 3.  Thomas;  killed  on  eve  of  marriage  by  the  falling  of  a  tree. 

189 — 1.  Betsy;  m.  Matthias  Crane. 

190.  Gamaliel  Crane4  [71],  (Azariah,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1). 
He  may  have  married  1st,  a  Miss  Brown,  who  died.  He  lived  in 
Cranetown,  N.  J.  Married  Susanna  Dodd,  who  was  born  at 
that  place  in  1747.  She  died  in  Williamson,  Wayne  Co.,  N.  Y., 
February,  1824.     Children  : 

191  —  1.  Jane;  m.  Parmenas  Dodd. 

192—2.  Simeon. 

193—3.  Moses. 

194—4.  Jacob. 

195—5.  Caleb. 

196—6.  Zebina,  b.  April  25,  1772. 

197 — 7.  Elizabeth. 

198—8.  Obediah,  b.  1786. 

199.  Ezeklel  Crane4  [72],  (Azariah,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Elizabeth  Halloway,  of  Southold,  L.  I.  She  married 
2d,  John  Range,  Esq.  Served  in  Col.  Schuyler's  Regiment, 
Jersey  Blues.  Was  taken  prisoner  by  the  French  at  Oswego  in 
1758,  and  died  in  Canada.  Chosen  March  12,  1754,  surveyor  of 
highways.     Children : 

200 — 1.  John  R. ;  m.  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Noah  Crane. 

201 — 2.  Joseph;  m. Baldwin. 

202—3.  Lois,  b.  March  26,  1754;  m.  Moses  Dodd. 

203 — 4.  Bktty;  m.  Enos  Tompkins,  and  had  six  children. 

204 — 5.  Deborah;  m.  Ebenezer  Dodd. 

205.     Josiah    Crane4    [73],    (Azariah,3  Azariah.2  Jasper1), 

married  Joanna .     Settled  at  Parsippany,  where  he  with  his 

wife  and  child  Samuel  were  baptized  into  the  First  Presbyterian 
Church  by  the  Rev.  Timothy  Johnes.     Children : 

206  —  1.     Samuel;  baptized  Oct.  11,  1747;  first  postmaster  for  Chat- 
ham, Morris  Co.,  N.  J. 


207 — 2.     Elijah;  baptized  March  17,  1851. 
208 — 3.     Hannah;  baptized  July  29,  1753. 
209 — 1.     Mary;  baptized  Dec.  21,  1755. 

210.  Moses  Crane4  [74],  (Azariah.3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  1st,  Susannah  Brant.  She  died  Aug.  14,  1776,  aged  46; 
2d,  widow  Kogers,  with  six  children,  her  maiden  name  was 
Catharine  Littell,  of  Littleton.  Settled  at  Parsippany  and 
died  there.  Feb.  12.  1795.  aged  64.  Married  by  the  Rev. 
Timothy  Johnes,  first  pastor  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at 
Morristown.  N.  J.,  March  1,  1750.  He  was  then  called  of 
Hanover.  He  was  probably  the  Moses  Crane,  who  served  in  the 
Revolutionary  war  from  Morris  Co.,  N.  J.     Children: 




Daniel  Prince;  baptized  Sept.  15,  1751;  m.  Phebe  Burnet. 

Rachel,  b.  July  30,  1757;    m.  Ralph  Burnett,  and  had  four 

By  2d  wife  : 

216—6.     Josiah;    m.  1st,  Rachel   ;   went   to  Seneca  Falls,  N.  T. 

about  the  year  1800;  she  d.  and  he  m.  2d,  Philomelia 
Parks,  a  widow.     He  d.  about  1824;  no  children. 

217 — 7.     Jonas;  lived  and  d.  at  Junius,  N.  T. 

218—8.     Phebe,  b.  Feb.  22,  1783. 

219—9.  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  6,  1787;  m.  Caleb  Woodworth;  went  to 
New  York  State,  1804,  and  d.  in  1829. 

220.  Stephen  Crane4  [75],  (Azariah,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Rhoda  Holloway.  Settled  at  West  Bloomfield,  N.  J. 
He  died,  1794.  March  14,  1758,  was  chosen  one  of  the  overseers 
of  highways.     His  will  also  names  his  ''poor  son  Bradford." 

Children  : 

224 — i 


Benjamin,  b.  1753. 

Stephen,  b.  Sept.  1,  1787;  was  the  father  of  Benjamin. 

Azariah,  b.  1754;  m.  Tucker. 


Lois;  baptized  May  11,  1760;  m.  Justice  Burnet. 

Polly;  m.  Dr.  Bone. 

Rhoda,  b.  about  1760;  m.  Linus  Baldwin. 

Abigail;  m.  Caleb  Martin. 

Ketcrah  ;  m.  Ira  Williams;  went  to  New  York  State;  had 

large  family. 
Sarah;  m.  Nehemiah  Baldwin. 

232.     Timothy  Crane4    [78],    (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 

married  Sarah  .     She  died  Jan.  1,  1752,  aged  25.     He  died 

Feb.  22,  1786,  aged  60.  His  will  names  child  Timothy  of 
brother  Isaac  ;  also  names  Sayres.  child  of  brother  Josiah.  There 
was  a  Timothy  Crane,  uncle  to  Samuel  Curry,  whose  will  in  1786 
mentions  him  as  uncle  Timothy  Crane.  March  12,  1754,  was 
chosen  one  of  the  surveyors  of  highways,  and  again  March  8, 
1763.     In  1737  he  was  one  of  the  pounders  for  the  Great  Neck, 














and  to  perform  same  duties  in  company  with  Jonas  Crane  in 
1739-40.  He  was  probably  the  Timothy  who  served  in  the 
Revolutionary  war  from  Essex  Co.,  N.  J. 

233.  Isaac  Crane4  [79],  (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1),  mar- 
ried Hannah .     Was  surveyor  of  highways,  March  10,  1772. 

He  perhaps  was  the  Isaac  Crane  who  served  in  the  Revolutionary 
war  from  Essex  Co.,  N.  J.     Children: 

Johanna,  b.  March  29,  1760. 
Mary,  b.  June  6,  I7K2. 
Dorcas,  b.  Nov.  25,  1764. 
Phebe,  b.  Nov.  6,  1767. 
Timothy,  h.  March  28,  1770. 
Isaac,  b.  March  28,  1770. 

240.  Josiah  Crane4  [80],  (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1). 
Mr.  Isaac  Watts  Crane  thinks  he  married  Hannah  Pennington. 
He  died  Jan.  18,  1774.  aged  42.     Children: 

241  —  I.  Sayres;  d.  May  5,  1795,  aged  34.  Buried  in  First  Church 
yard,  Newark.  In  his  will  he  left  §1000  to  his  sister 
Hannah,  and  remembers  also  Comfort  and  Phebe. 

242—2.     Hannah. 

243 — 3.     Comfort:  m.  Garret  Jacobs. 

244 — 4.     Phebe ;  m.  John  Day. 

245 — 5.     Abigail;  m.  Moses  Vertoot. 

246.  Mary  Crane4  [81],  (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  David  Hayes.  He  was  born  about  1732.  He  died  Jan. 
28,  1811,  aged  79.     She  died  Dec.  18,  1817,  aged  82.    Children  : 

1.  Robert  (Hayes). 

2.  David  (Hayes). 

3.  Joseph  (Hayes). 

4.  Mary  (Hayes) ;  m.  Combs. 

5.  Abigail  (Hayes) :  m.  Pike. 

6.  Lydia  (Hayes)  ;  m.  Drake. 

7.  Elizabeth  (Hayes)  ;  m.  Congar. 

8.  Rachel  (Hayes). 

247.  Phebe    Crane4    [82],     (Robert,3    Azariah,2   Jasper1), 

married  1st.  ■  Lawrence.      Perhaps  married  2d,  David  Bruen 

for  his  second  wife.     Children  : 

1.  Benjamin  (Lawrence). 

2.  Jonathan  (Lawrence). 

3.  Barnabas  (Lawrence). 

218.  Lydia  Crane4  [83],  (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Timothy  Bruen.     His  will,  1798,  names  children: 

1.     Thaddeus  (Bruen). 
Nathaniel  (Bruen). 
Josiah  (Bruen). 
Josephus  (Bruen). 

5.  Phebe  (Bruen). 

6.  Charlotte  (Bruen);  m.  Farrand. 

7.  Catharine  (Bruen)  ;  m.  Crane. 


219.  Eunice  Crane4  [77],  (Robert,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  David  Johnson  at  Newark,  N.  J.  He  had  2d  wife, 
Hannah .     She  died  Oct.  22,  1776,  aged  56.     Children: 

1.  Nathaniel  (Johnson). 

2.  David  (Johnson). 

3.  Jothaji  !. Johnson). 

4.  Jabez  (Johnson). 

5.  Timothy  C.  (Johnson). 

6.  Phebe  (Johnson)  ;  m.  Daniel  Johnson. 

7.  Martha  (Johnson)  ;  m.  Aaron  Day. 

250.  Jonas  Crane4  [86],  (John,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1),  married 
Hannah  Lyon,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Lyon,  and  lived  in  Newark, 
N.  J.,  on  east  side  of  Broad  Street,  on  part  of  the  house  lot  given 
his  mother  by  Robert  Treat,  her  father,  and  died  there  .Ian.  2-1, 
1745,  aged  27  years.  His  wife  also  died  the  same  day,  and  they 
were  buried  together.  They  left  one  child  about  a  year  old 
named  Rufus,  who  was  taken  to  live  with  his  grandfather,  John 
Crane.  Was  chosen  pounder  for  the  Great  Neck  in  1710. 
March  5,  1743—1  was  chosen  one  of  the  assessors  for  the  town. 

Child : 

251-1.     Rurus,  b.  1741. 

252.  Samuel  Crane4  [87],  (John,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1), 
married  Keziah,  daughter  of  Nathaniel  Baldwin,  of  Newark. 
She  was  born  about  1722,  and  died  Sept.  24,  1779,  aged  56. 
March  3,  1755,  he  was  chosen  one  of  the  assessors  for  the  town 
of  Newark.  He  died  July  2,  1796,  aged  73.  During  the  Revo- 
lutionary war  he  lived  in  Newark,  was  taken  prisoner  by  the 
British,  and  had  his  feet  frozen  from  exposure.  He  lived  in  a 
stone  house,  with  quite  a  large  lot  of  land  surrounding  it,  situated 

on Street,  in  Newark,  N.  J.      His  youngest  daughter  Abigail 

inherited  the  estate,  and  resided  there  for  many  years,  refusing 
to  part  with  the  land,  although  urged  to  do  so  by  persons  needing 
it  for  the  site  of  stores  and  for  other  business  purposes.  In  1836 
she  was  residing  there  ;  but  a  few  years  later  she  was  persuaded 
to  relinquish  the  place  and  secure  a  home  in  another  portion  of 
the  city.  It  is  said  she  had  previously  refused  $10,000  in  money 
and  a  lot  with  a  much  better  house  upon  it  in  exchange  for  her 
home.  But  now  she  was  far  advanced  in  years  and  by  force  of 
circumstances  obliged  to  yield  to  the  onward  march  of  improve- 
ments. She  died  about  1844,  soon  after  leaving  her  old  home. 
This  stone  house  had  over  the  door  the  figures  1760.  Mr. 
Edwin  Crane  thinks  that  may  have  been  the  date  of  its  con- 
struction.    Children  : 

253  —  1.     Samuel;    may    have    gone    to    Amsterdam,    N.    Y.;     con- 
veyed a  lot  in  Newark  in  1796. 
254—2.     Timothy,  b.  May  27,  1760. 
255 — 3.     Esther;  m.  Cyrenus  Riggs. 
25H — 4.     Hannah;  d.  young. 
257 — 5.     Abigail;  d.  in  Newark  1804  or  1805;  unmarried. 


258.  John  Crane4  [89],  (John,3  Azariah,-  Jasper1),  married 
1st.  Hannah  Johnson,  who  died  in  1779,  aged  46;  2d.  Rboda 
Lyon,  the  widow  of  James  Wheeler.  He  died  about  1790.  May 
have  been  the  John  Crane  who  served  in  Capt.  Abraham  Lyons' 
Co..  2d  Regt,  from  Essex  Co.,  N.  J.     Children: 

259  —  1. 



Azariah;  d.  in  Philadelphia  about 



Matthias,  b.  1765. 

262 — t. 

Martha,  b.  May  12,  1759. 


Rebrcca;  m.  David  E.  Crane. 


Hannah,  b.  1772;  d.  1776. 


Hannah,  b.  1781;  m.  Sanford 

266.  Eliakim  Crane4  [90],  (John.3  Azariah.'2  Jasper1),  mar- 
ried Joanna .     Lived  between  Orange  and  West  Bloomfield. 

He  died  about  1811.  March  14.  1758,  he  was  chosen  one  of  the 
overseers  of  highways.  Probably  served  in  the  Revolutionary 
war  from  Esses  Co.,  N.  J.     Children  : 

267—1.     John. 

268—2.     Josiah. 

269 — 3.  Eliakim;  April  8,  1793,  and  1797,  chosen  overseer  of  high- 
ways at  Newark  town  meeting;  probably  served  in  War 
of  1812. 

270 — 4.     Catharine;  m.  Stephen  Ward. 

271 — 5.     Margaret;  baptized  Sept.  19,  1756;  m.  Samuel  J.  Ward. 

272.  Ellas  Crane4  [91],  (John,3  Azariah.3  Jasper').  He 
died  1789  ;  his  will,  Jan.  4,  1789,  proved  August  following,  names 
Sayers  Crane,  son  of  his  brother  John  Crane,  and  his  son  David 
executors ;  and  besides  his  four  children  mentions  Abigail  and 
Mary,  daughters  of  his  daughter  Mary  Smith.  March  10,  1761, 
he  was  chosen  overseer  of  highways  and  pounder  for  the  Neck. 
March  9,  1762,  he  with  David  Rogers  and  Joseph  Ball  were 
chosen  pounders  to  take  care  of  the  Neck.  He  was,  we  presume, 
the  Elias  Crane  who  served  in  Capt.  Josiah  Pierson's  Co.,  2d 
Regt.,  from  Essex.     Children: 




Sarah;  m.  Tichnor 


Phkbe;   m.  Cadmus. 


Mary;  m.  Smith. 

277.  Benjamin  Crane4  [93],  (John,3  Azariah.2  Jasper1), 
married  Phebe  Meeker,  and  moved  to  Amsterdam,  N.  Y..  early 
in  the  history  of  that  place,  probably  about  1790.  He  was  a 
blacksmith.  Was  buried  near  Craneville,  Montgomery  Co.,  N. 
Y.  She  died  on  the  Ohio  River  while  making  the  journey  west 
with  her  son  Jonas  and  his  family.     Children : 

273  —  1 
2S0— 3 
282   -5 

Jonas,  b.  May  20,  1766. 

Obediah  M.,  b.  1780. 


Isaac  B. ;  settled  in  New  York  city. 



3  21 

283—6.     Caleb  C. 
284—7.     Phebe. 

285.  Jonas  Crane4  [95],  (John,3  Azariah,2  Jasper1),  married 
Sarah,  daughter  of  Josiah  Beach.  She  died  Sept.  8,  1785,  aged 
37.  He  was  mortally  wounded  near  Fort  Delancy,  the  enemy's 
post  ou  Newark  Bay,  and  died  April  4,  1782.  He  served  in  the 
Revolutionary  war  from  Essex  Co.     Children  : 

2815  —  1.     John  Hoyt,  b.  1773;  d.  April  13,  1785. 

287—2.     Rebecca;  m.   1st,  James  Campbell,  who  d.  1804 ;  m.  2d,  Mr. 

288—3.     Paul. 

289.  Benjamin  Crane4  [97],  (Joseph.3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
lived  in  Elizabeth,  N.  J.,  and  died  there  July  14.  1777,  at  the 
age  of  72  years,  and  was  designated  as  Benjamin  Crane  senior. 
Sarah ,  his  wife,  was  born  Aug.  11,  1709.      Children: 


Hannah,  b.  Nov.  20,  1729. 
Abigail,  b.  Dec.  20,  1731 ;  m.  Mr.  Beach. 
Stephen,  b.  Oct.  9,  1733. 
'Sarah,  b.  1735;  m.  Mr.  Hayes. 
Josiah,  b.  Jan.  16,  1738. 

twins,  b.  Feb.  4,  1740. 

297.  Ezekiel  Crane4  [99],  (Joseph,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
lived  in  that  part  of  Newark  called  Lyons  Farms.  March  12, 
1754,  he  was  chosen  one  of  the  surveyors  of  highways  in 
Newark.  He  died  about  1794.  His  will,  dated  1787,  names  the 
following  children  : 




EliaS,  b.  April  10,  1753. 


Joanna;  m.  Mr.  Plume. 


Rachael;  m.  Joseph  Lyon,  Nov.  19, 
Farms,  N.  J. 

1766,  and  were  of  Lyons 


Phebe,  b.  1740. 















304.  Isaac  Crane4  [98],  (Joseph,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1) .  He  is 
reported  to  have  been  the  printer  of  Newark,  N.  J.     Children  : 

305—1.     Isaac. 

Uzal;  m.  Sarah  Pierson,  Nov.  4,  1778. 

Phebe;  m.  Jonathan  Clark. 
Abigail;  m.  John  Swain. 

Martha;   m.   James  Webster;  may  have  had  Keturah,  who 
m.  Caleb  Harrison. 

312.  Israel  Crane4  [100],  (Joseph,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
lived  between  Camptown  and  Connecticut  Farms,  N.  J.  At  town 
meeting  March  9,  1762,  he  was  chosen  one  of  the  overseers  of 
highways.  March  12,  1776,  he  was  chosen  on  committee  for 
raising  money  for  the  poor  of  the  town  of  Newark.  He  died 
Aug.  1,  1785,  aged  73.      His  will  names  the  following  children  : 

313 — L.     Israel,  b.  about  1755. 


311—2.  Rachel. 

315—3.  Mary;  m.  Woodruff. 

316—4.  Lucy;  m.  James  Clisba. 

317—5.  Esther;  m. Eagles. 

318.     Josiah    Crane4    [101],    (Joseph,3    Jasper,2   Jasper1), 

married    Phebe   .       Will,    1786,    names    children  and   wife 

Phebe.  From  the  headstone  at  his  grave  we  learn  that  he  died 
Dec.  15.  1785,  in  the  67th  year  of  his  age,  and  that  he  was 
known  as  Captain  Josiah  Crane ;  also  that  his  wife's  name 
was  Jerusha;  that  she  died  Oct.  10,  1777,  in  the  55th  year  of  her 
age.  The  writer  has  not  been  able  to  learn  whether  Captain 
Josiah  lived  at  Connecticut  Farms  or  not,  although  his  son 
Josiah  did ;  therefore  it  is  uncertain  which  one  of  these  two 
Josiahs  is  referred  to  in  the  town  records,  March  8,  1768,  where 
it  reads:  "Josiah  Crane,  at  the  Farms,  chosen  one  of  the  over- 
seers of  highways."  At  this  time  there  were  no  less  than  four 
Josiah  Cranes,  of  suitable  age  to  serve  in  public  office ;  hence 
the  difficulty  of  proper  designation.     Children  : 

319 — 1.  Obbdiah,  b.  1755. 

320 — 2.  Josiah. 

321 — 3.  EliaS;  served  as  overseer  of  highways,  1798. 

322 — 4.  Lois;  m.  Mr.  Hinmau. 

323—5.  Betsy;  m.  Mr.  Pool. 

321—6.  Mary*;  ni.  Mr.  Harrison. 

325—7.  Joanna;  m.  Mr.  Heard. 

326 — S.  Jercsha;  m.  Mr.  Brown. 

327.  Joseph  Crane4  [102],  (Joseph,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
married  Elizabeth  Johnson.  She  was  born  Oct.  3,  1729.  Mr. 
Burnet  writes  that  most  of  the  Cranes  in  the  line  of  Joseph, 
lived  during  the  last  century,  between  Newark  and  South 
Orange,  N.  J.,  in  and  about  Springfield,  and  at  North  Farms, 
now  Middleville.  March  8,  1757,  was  chosen  one  of  the  over- 
seers of  highways.  She  was  left  a  widow,  and  married  Paul 
Day,  and  her  will,  dated  1785,  names  the  following  children: 

328—1.     Abigail,  b.  April  1,  1750. 

329—2.     John,  b.  Feb.  12,  1751. 

330—3.     David,  b.  March  12,  1756. 

331 — 4.     Phebe,    b.   March  26,    1753;    said   to   have   married  

Pribby,  and  settled  at  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 
332—5.     Elizabeth,  b.  March  1.  1760. 
333—6.     Benjamin,  b.  Feb.  6,  1762. 
331—7.     Sarah,    b.    Feb.   6,    1762:    m.  Mr.  Thompson,   and  lived  in 

Mendham,  Morris  Co.,  N.  J. 
335  —  8.     Joseph,  b.  March  6,  1761. 
336—9.     Isaac,  b.  Feb.,  1766. 

337.  Joanna  Crane4  [103],  (Joseph,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 
married  Samuel  Conger.  He  died  Dec.  14,  1752.  aged  37  years. 
She  then  married  Joseph  Camp.     Children  : 

1.  David  (Conger). 

2.  Jonathan  (Conger). 

3.  Stephen  (Conger). 


i-     Samuel  (Conger). 
5.     Joanna  (Camp). 

■  S  DWIS  CRANE  t106^  (Elihl>-3  Jaspers  Jasper')  mar- 
red Mary  Burr;  settled  at  Orange,  N.  J.  ;  lived  and  died  or X 
place  opposite  Phineas  Crane's,™  the  Orange  road  to  Crane- 
town.     She  was  sister  to  Rev.  Aaron  Burr,  of  Newark,  nT 

who   was   son   of  Daniel   Burr    Esq.  oflaMeMsSt    fA 
president  of  Princeton  College,  who  married    Esther   Edward 
daughter  of  Rev.     Jonathan   Edwards,  of  Stockbridge    Mass 

S2T  mS  UTim^  Wh°  I""1  Al6Sauder  HaSitonT-a 
' ,  .V.  /laicc  M>  17'b,  ne  was  chosen  one  out  of  a  committee 
Of  thirty-seven  to  oversee  the  highways  in  the  town  of  Newark 
This  would  seem  as  if  they  were  putting  things  in  order  for  the 
transportation  of  armies.  It  eertainIy\how&s  that  the  roads 
about  Newark  needed  a  vast  amount  of  attention.     She  di  d  in 

IS  177?  ,  i|e,?led  July    14'   1777'  aSed   59.      Date    of 

will  1776,  named  chddren  given  below: 

339 — 1.     Isaac,  b.  1746. 

340-2.     Mary;  m.  John  Ward;  no  children. 

dil — 3.     Joanna;  never  m. 

343Z5:     PhebeES;  ^  "  LebaD°n  SpriDSS'  1S0+'  Ieavin»  two  <^dren. 

3U  Elihu  Crane^  [109],  (Elihu,3Jasper,2Jasperi)  mar- 
ried Hannah,  daughter  of  Dr.  Timothy  Ms,  of  New  Haven 
Settled  in  Newark,  N.  J.  He  died  Feb.  4,  1  36  a*ed  60  <  an 
iSan^rS^-''     ^  ™  -rseer  of^igntaysln 

345—1.     Mary;  m.  Cornelius  Davis. 

346-2.     Martha,  b.  Sept.  19,  1762;  m.  Rev.  John  Cross,  afterwards 

347~3-  HK^Sffti&B. A-  "■• of  L^ns  Far-;  «■  « 

348—4.     Hetty;  d.  when  10  years  old. 

Hl~l'     ^NNA;  m-  JosePh  Davis.  Esq.,  of  Bloomfleld. 

350-6.  Elihu,  b.  1771 ;  lived  In  Bloomfleld,  N.  J. ,  was  constable  in 
1801  ;  overseer  of  highways  in  1805  and  1811.  A  stone 
ES ,  fn|.  .1S  r^stlnS-P^ce  bears  the  following :  »  m  mem- 
ory of  Elihu  Crane,  son  of  Elihu  the  son  of  Elihu  Yale 
&  grandson  of  Jasper  Crane,  2d,  who  died  Jany  30  1847 
aged  76.  J 

351-7.     Isaac  Watts;    lived  in  Orange.     (Made  this  record,  Nov.  2, 

1850) . 

352—8.     Hannah;  died  in  infancy. 

353-9.  John  Austin  ;  went  to  the  west  in  1823  ;  not  heard  from  for 
2b  years  (now  1850). 

354.  Hannah  Crane<  [111],  (Elihu,*  Jasper,*  Jasper'). 
Mr.  Burnet  says  she  married  1st,  Mr.  Johnson,  and  had  Anna 
(Johnson),  who  married  Dr.  Moses  Scott  of  New  Brunswick- 
married  2d,  Peter  Paine ;  settled  at  Hopewell,  Hunterdon  Co  ' 
and  had  Elihu  (Paine). 


355.  Phebe  Crane4  [112],  (Elihu,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1).  Mr. 
Burnet  says  she  married  Rev.  Mr.  Carmichael,  of  Brandywine, 
and  was  related  to  the  Carmichaels  of  Queen  Ann  Co.,  Md. 


1.     Dr.  John  Flavel  (Carmichael)  ;  d.  previous  to  1851,  at  Pinkney- 
ville,  Miss. 

356.  Jedediah   Crane4   [11-1],    (David,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1), 

married  Elizabeth  .     He  was,  we   presume,  twice  married, 

for  Mary  Crane,  wife  of  Jedediah  Crane,  joined  the  first  Presby- 
terian Church,  iu  Newark.  In  1756,  he  was  chosen  one  of  the 
overseers  of  highways,  also  the  following  year,  and  for  several 
years  afterwards,  even  as  late  as  1771.  He  died  Sept.  10,  1785, 
aged  69  ;  will  names  no  children. 

357.  David  Crane4  [115],  (David,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1),  mar- 
ried 1st.  Sarah  A.  Dodd,  born  1734.  She  died  March  6,  1772, 
aged  38  years.  He  married  Abigail  Ogden  for  his  2d  wife. 
She  was  daughter  of  Justice  John  Ogden,  and  sister  to  Mrs. 
Caldwell,  wife  of  Rev.  James  Caldwell,  of  Elizabeth,  from 
whom  the  township  received  its  name  Caldwell.  He  died  March 
6,  1794,  aged  73.  March  13,  1753,  Mr.  Crane  was  chosen  one 
of  the  surveyors  of  highways,  and  1755  one  of  the  overseers  of 
highways.  March  10,  1778,  chosen  one  of  the  surveyors  for  the 
town,  and  the  following  year,  pound-master.  Looking  after  the 
highways  and  strays  seemed  to  demand  the  principal  or  chief 
attention  of  the  settlers  of  Newark  about  this  time.  Will  names 
children  : 

358—1.  Stephen. 

359 — 2.  Jedediah;   April  12,    1802,   chosen    constable  for  Newark; 

1815  and  1819,  overseer  of  highways. 

3(50—3.  Joseph. 

361—4.  Aaron. 

362—5.  David  D.,  b.  Sept.  19,  17(53. 

363 — 6.  Phebe  ;  m.  Mr.  Davis. 

364 — 7.  Anna;  m.  Joseph  Davis,  of  Bloomtield,  N.  J. 

365.  Joseph  Crane4  [116],  (David,3  Jasper,2  Jasper1).  It 
is  said  he  married  Patience  Crane.  He  died  Nov.  21,  1789, 
aged  57.  He  was  chosen  Constable,  March  10,  1778.  Will 
names  children  : 

366 — 1.  Phineas;  perhaps  served  in  War  of  1812,  from  Cranetown. 

367—2.  James. 

368 — 3.  John. 

369—4.  Sarah. 

370 — 5.  Hannah;  m.  John  Gifford.     She  was  mother  to  late  Archer 


371 — 6.  Abigail;  m.  Uriah  James. 

372—7.  Mary;   m.  John  Baldwin. 

373.     Samuel  Crane,  Esq.4  [123],  (Jonathan,3  Jasper,2  Jas- 


per1),  married  Ann  ;   died   Dec.  28,    1746,  aged  34  years. 

Will  mentions  these  children  : 

371—1.     Sarah. 
375—2.     Elizabeth. 
376—3.     Margaret. 

377.  Caleb  Crane,  Esq.4  [124],  (Jonathan,3  Jasper,2 
Jasper1),  married  Phebe  Farrand ;  died  July  16,  1793,  aged  80. 
He  was  born  and  buried  at  Orange,  N.  J.      VVill  names  children  : 


Samuel;  was  mortally  wounded  in  a  skirmish  near  Belleville, 

and  d.  Sept.,  1777,  aged  23.     He  left  a  son  Dr.  Caleb,  who 

d.  1842,  aged  68. 


John  Caleb. 






Phebe;  m.  Benjamin  Williams. 


Silas;  d.  in  Indiana. 


Caleb;  had  in  Allegheny  Co.,  Pa.,  children  : 

1.     Daniel,  b.  1808. 

2.     John. 

3.     Stephen. 

4.     Caleb. 

5.     Ezra. 

6.     Silas. 

385.  Daniel  Crane  [1]  ;  had  children; 

1.  John,  b.  about  1836;  settled  in  Exira,  Iowa. 

2.  Van  Buren;  edited  The  Pilot,  Jackson,  Minn. 

386.  Elijah  Crane4  [125],  (Jonathan.3  Jasper,3  Jasper1), 
married  Rachel  Beach,  and  died  April  24,  1790,  aged  74.  At 
town  meeting,  March  13,  1759,  he  was  chosen  collector  of  taxes, 
serving  several  years  in  that  capacity.  In  1764,  he  was  chosen 
town  clerk,  collector,  and  bookkeeper  for  strays.  March  12, 
1774-5,  pursuant  to  act  of  the  Assembly,  Elijah  Crane  was 
chosen  assessor  for  the  county  and  poor-rates.  He  served  as 
town  clerk  for  Newark,  several  years,  1764  to  1769.  Will 
names  children  : 

387—1.  Elijah. 

388—2.  Jonathan;  d.  at  Newark;  unmarried. 

389—3.  Rebecca;  d.  at  Newark;  unmarried. 

390—4.  Ldcy;  d.  May   19,  1806,  age  36. 

391 — 5.  Phebe;  in.  Zephaniah  Grant. 

392—6.  Rachel;  m. Sickels. 

393—7.  Hannah;  m. Baldwin. 

394—8.  Abigail,  m.  Spinning. 

395 — 9.  ANNiS;m. Whittemore. 

10. ,  who   m.  a  Dr.  Browne,  son  of  loyal  Rev.  Isaac 

Browne,  of  Trinity  Church,  Newark,  N.  J. 

396.  Nehemiah  Crane4  [126],  (Jonathan,3  Jasper,2  Jas- 
per1), died  Aug.   11,  1751,  aged  32,  in  Newark,  N.  J.     Child : 

397_1,    Jonathan,  b.  March  17,  1743. 


398.  John  Treat  Crane4  [127],  (Jonathan,3  Jasper,2  Jas- 
per1), married  Elizabeth  Baldwin.  She  died  May  4,  1806.  He 
was  chosen  surveyor  of  highways,  March  13,  1759.  Isaac 
Watts  Crane  says  this  John  Treat  Crane  built  a  house  down  near 
Chestnut  Street,  and  nearly  opposite  Dr.  Barneys,  where  Van 
Berker  lived,  and  where  Samuel  Pennington  died.  The  house 
was  then  (1850)  standing.     Child: 

399—1.     Aauon  Treat;  d.  at  St.  Louis,  Sept.  26,  1819,  where  he  was 


400.  Stephen  Crane5  [132],  (Edmund.4  John,3  John,3  Jas- 
per1). Quite  recently  we  have  been  furnished  data  which,  to  the 
best  of  our  judgment,  after  careful  investigation,  belongs  here. 
And  being  unable  to  perfect  the  line  before  the  arrangement  of 
other  families  was  made,  the  full  line  is  entered  at  this  point. 
The  above  Stephen  Crane  was  a  cooper  by  trade,  and  lived  in 
Elizabeth,  N.  J.  Subsequently  he  removed  to  Goshen,  N.  Y. 
Married  ,  and  the  following,  with  record  of  his  descend- 
ants, has  been  furnished  by  Rev.  Floyd  N.  Crane,  of  Goshen, 
son  of  John  Sears  Crane  : 

In  a  bond  of  indemnity  by  Nathaniel  Ball,  of  Newark,  N.  J., 
to  Stephen  Crane,  dated  April  '22,  1761,  Josiah  Crane  was  a 

In  a  deed  of  59  acres  to  Stephen  Crane  by  Elkanah  Fuller, 
Stephen  C.  is  said  to  be  '•  of  late  from  East  New  Jersey." 

In  an  old  bond  of  my  grandfather,  John  Crane,  to  his  brother, 
Stephen.  Jr.,  the  time  of  payment  is  thus  worded:  "the  same  to 
be  paid  sis  months  after  the  death  of  Stephen  Crane,  the  father 
of  the  said  Stephen  Crane,  Junr." 

In  a  deed  made  "May  20,  1757,  in  the  30th  yr  of  his  Majes- 
ties Reign  King  George  the  Second  of  Great  Brittain,  Between 
Josiah  Woodruff  of  Borough  of  Elizabeth  in  the  County  of  Essex 
&  Eastern  Division  of  the  Province  of  N.  J.  &  Stephen  Crane 
of  the  Borough  aforesaid."  Consideration,  "110  pounds  at  8 
shillings  the  ounce  &  all  one  certain  Messuage  &  in  the  Borough 
of  Elizabeth,  31  acres  with  House,  &c." 

Children  : 

401 — 1.  Stephen;  supposed  to  have  m.  Oct.  11,  1781,  Mary  Arnout. 

402—2.  William. 

403 — 3.  John,  b.  Aug.  24,  1766 ;  m.  Abigail  Sears. 

404 — 4.  Benjamin. 

405—5.  Letty;  m.  Thomas  Bronson. 

406 — 6.  Sarah:  m.  Samuel  Bronson,  Nov.  21,  1790. 

William  Crane  [2];  m..  it  is  said,  Mary  Cooley,  March  16, 
1788.  He  d.  of  dysentery,  Sept.  26,  1827,  aDd  she  d.  of  the 
same  disease  in  the  forenoon  of  the  following  day.  Both 
were  buried  in  the  same  grave,  Webb  Cemetery,  in  Goshen, 
N.  Y.     Children  : 

407—1.     Stephen  Nelson,  b.  May  27,  1799;  d.  Feb.  1,  1875. 

408— 2.     Oliver;  d.  at  Goshen,  Ind. 

409—3.     Daniel. 

410.     Stephen  Nelson  Crane  [1] ;  m.  Mary  E.  Crane,  a  cousin.     She 
was   b.  Sept.  20,  1799,  and  d.  Nov.  20,  1873.     He  d.  Feb.  1, 
1875.     Children: 
1.     Mary  E. ;  d.  June  10,  1835. 


2  Mary  E. ;  d.  June  17,  1850. 

3.  Alfred;  d.  Sept.  15,  1875. 

4.  Fannie  A. ;  d.  Dec.  23,  1882. 

5.  Sarah  F. ;  d.  April  27,  1876. 

6.  Carrie;  m.  George  C.  Baldwin;  had  Alfred  H. 

7.  Stephen  Newton;  m.  Helen  V.  Sawyer  ;  had  Benjamin, 

Frank,  Marv  Louisa. 

8.  G.  D.  F. 

As  Stephen  senior  mentions  in  his  will  a  grandson,  John  Nel- 
son Crane,  we  infer  he  was  son  of  Stephen  Nelson. 

John  Crane  [3]  ;  m.  Abigail  Sears.  She  was  b.  July  24,  1774. 
He  resided  in  Goshen,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  a  farmer  and 
cooper.  He  d.  Oct.  1,  1824.  She  d.  July  22,  1860.  They  had 
one  child  ; 

411  —  1.  John  Sears,  b.  Aug.  3.  1795;  m.  Sarah  Smith,  April  18, 
1822.  She  was  b. March  17,  1802.  He  d.  Jan.  1,  1875. 
She  d.  March  8,  1879.  Both  lived  and  died  in  Goshen,  N. 
Y.     He  was  an  M.  D.     Children  : 

1.  Fannie  E. 

2.  Ann  Eliza,  b.  May  18,  1825;  d.  Dec.  1,  1826. 

3.  Ira  Smith,  b.  Jan.  27,  1828;  d.  July  24,  1846. 

412 — 4.  Albert  Gaxatin,  b.  Sept.  15,  1829;  m.  Julia  Ayrault  Holden. 
Children  : 

1.  Floyd  Holden,  b.  July  22,  1866. 

2.  Albert  Smith. 

3.  Anna  Louise,  b.  Feb.  10,  1870;  m.  Burton  G.  Winton ; 

had  Robert  McB.  (Winton) ;  d.  Nov.  12,  1896. 

4.  Edesh  A.,  b.  Dec.  7,  1872. 

5.  Mabel. 

413 — 5.     Willlam  Henry,  b.  Sept.  25,  1831 ;  d. 

414—6.  Floyd  Augustus,  b.  Sept.  28,  1835 ;  m.  June  15,  1858,  Melissa 
A.  Jennings,  who  was  b.  July  5,  1833.  He  is  a  graduate  of 
Princeton  College,  class  1855,  and  from  Princeton  Serai- 
nary,  1858.  A  clergyman;  settled  at  Goshen,  where  he 
was  born.     Child  : 

1.     Melissa    Jennings,    b.    Aug.    23,    1859,    at    Goshen, 
Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Oct.  12,  1881,  Edgar  Batter- 
son  Redfield,  who  was  b.  July  4,  1859.     Child: 
1.     Florence  Jennings  (Redfield),   b.  Nov.  15, 
1884;  d.  Jan.  6,  1889. 

Benjamin  Crane  [4]  :  m.  1st,  Dec.  22,  1791,  it  is  said,  Asunath 
Pellet.     She  d.  May  3,  1807,  and  he   m.  2d,  Sally  Lusk,  April 

7,  1810,  and  possibly  3d,  Eve ,  who  withdrew  from  the 

Church,  Oct.  29.  1831,  and  removed  from  Goshen. 
Children  ; 

415—1.  Mary  E.;  m.  Stephen  Nelson  Crane;  d.  Nov.,  1873. 

416 — 2.  Ellen;  m.  G.  D.  Smith;  had  Benjamin  and  Moses. 

417 — 3.  Sallie;  m. Slaughter. 

418 — 4.  Horace;  m.  Maria  Lusk.     Children: 

419 — 1.  Mary  E. ;  m.  Jack  Harrison. 

420—2.  Ellen;  m.  Men-it  C.  Owen. 

421—3.  Sarah  F. ;  m.  Harlan  Hall. 

422—4.  Fannie;  m.  John  Kimber. 

423—5.  Anna;  m.  James  V.  Brown. 

424.     Capt.  Josiah  Crane3  [136],    (Edmund.-1  John.3  John.2 
Jasper1),  married  Abigail  Hathaway,  March  28,  1768.     She  was 


daughter  of    Dr.    Benjamin   Hathaway,   of   Morristown,    N.   J., 
bom  Oct.    6,   1746;  she  died  April  19,  1792. 

Mrs.  D.  H.  Law,  a  descendant  who  has  given  much  time  to 
investigation,  writes  that  he  entered  into  covenant  in  the  Pres- 
byterian Church  of  Morristown,  Nov.  4,  1764;  that  he  served  as 
lieutenant  in  Captain  Halsey's  Company,  Eastern  Battalion. 
Morris  Co.,  N.  .1.  Militia,  during  August  and  September.  1776, 
and  as  captain  from  September  until  the  close  of  the  Revolu- 
tionary war.  In  the  spring  of  1784.  he  removed  to  Goshen, 
N.  Y.,  with  his  three  sons,  and  purchased  three  hundred  acres 
of  land  in  Orange  Co..  giving  each  of  them  a  farm  there. 
Some  of  his  descendants  still  (1897)  reside  on  a  portion  of 
that  original  tract  of  land.  By  trade  he  was  a  hatter,  and 
before  removing  to  New  York  State,  kept  a  store  in  Morristown, 
N.  J.  He  was  a  large  man,  weighing  about  250  pounds.  Is 
said  to  have  married  three  times,  one  wife  being  a  Kitchell,  of 
Rockaway  Neck,  N.-J-,  but  all  his  children  were  by  his  first 
wife.  He  died  July  14.  1822,  aged  77.  He  was  a  man  of  good 
repute,  and  enjoyed  the  confidence  and  respect  of  all  who  knew 
him.     His  last  wife  survived  him.     Children  : 

425  —  1.     Benjamin,  b.  Feb.  12,  1769. 

426—2.     Abraham,  b.  Dec.  25,  1774. 

427 — 3.     Akfa   (or   Alphia),  b.  July  19,  1777;   m.  William  Morrison, 
May  28,  1796. 

428 — i.     Stephen,  b.  May  5,  1780. 

429 — 5.     Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  7,  17 — ;  m.  Robbins. 

430.  Capt.  Ezekiel  Crane5  [137],  (Edmund,4  John,3  John,2 
Jasper1),  married  Eunice  Hayward,  Sept.  23  (or  Oct.  10),  1770. 
She  was  probably  daughter  of  Shadrack  Hayward.  She  was  bap- 
tized April  1,  1754.  He  was  a  house-builder,  and  at  one  time 
owned  and  operated  the  Hoboken  ferry,  at  which  time  he  resided 
in  New  Jersey,  opposite  New  York  city.  He  was  a  schoolmate 
of  Martin  Van  Buren  and  DeWitt  Clinton.  Was  also  a  surveyor, 
and  became  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Mentz.  Cayuga  Co.,  N. 
Y.  Was  the  first  supervisor  of  the  town  of  Aurelius  when  it 
embraced  nearly  one-half  of  the  present  territory  of  Cayuga  Co. 
Was  appointed  justice  of  the  peace  and  associate  justice  of  the 
court  of  common  pleas  by  Gov.  John  Jay,  March  9,  1796. 
He  left  Morristown  Church  March  2,  1775.  Church  records 
mention  him  as  "captain"  in  Nov.,  1783.  He  died  suddenly 
March  15,  1813.  She  died  May  28,  1816.  Both  were  buried  in 
an  ancient  cemetery  on  the  farm  occupied  by  them,  seven  miles 
northwest  of  Auburn.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary 
war,  serving  at  Valley  Forge,  and  later  became  a  captain  in  the 
western  battalion  State  troops.     Children  : 

431  —  1.     Shadrack,  b.  May  24,  1773. 

432—2.     Abigail,  b.  July  21,  1776. 

433—3.     SllaS,  b.  Jan.  30,  1780. 

434_4.     Ann,  b.  July  14,  1783;  d.  Sept.  12,  1784. 

435 — 5.     Ann  Kimbaix,  b.  Feb.  28,  1785. 

436 — 6.     Nancy;  d.  young. 


437.  As  the  brothers  whose  names  are  given  below  were  cousins 
of  the  above  Shadrack  Crane,  we  give  here  what  we  have  been 
able  to  obtain  concerning  their  descendants.  The  name  of  their 
father  seems  not  to  have  been  made  clear.  Whether  it  was 
Stephen  or  John  (uncles  to  Shadrack)  we  do  not  know,  although 
that  would  seem  probable,  or  it  may  have  been  Aaron.  Alexan- 
der Dallas  Crane  gave  the  latter  as  his  grandfather's  name,  and  at 
the  same  time  said  his  own  father  Stephen  was  cousin  to  Shadraeh 
Crane,  who  married  Hannah  Palmer.  A  daughter  of  Martin  L. 
Crane  writes  :  "  Aaron  was  half  brother  to  Stephen.  I  think.  I 
never  heard  his  name  mentioned  in  connection  with  the  Cranes 
but  once  or  twice,  and  then  I  asked  my  father  who  Aaron  was ; 
he  said  to  me  he  was  '  an  odd  sheep '  and  they  never  paid  any 
attention  to  him.     That  is  all  I  know  of  the  said  Aaron." 

1.  Stephen"    Crane,    b.   June   1,    1781,   in   Hanover,  Morris   Co., 

X.  J. 

2.  Daniel  Crane,  who  lived  at  or  near  Port  Byron,  Cayuga  Co., 

N.  Y.     About  1340  he  removed  to  the  State  of  Michigan,  and 
located  near  Lansing;  d.  about  I860. 

43S.  Stephen  Crane  [1];  m.  April  5,  1804,  Katurah,  dan.  of  Simon 
H.  and  Mary  Topping,  and  lived  in  Mentz,  Cayuga  Co..  N. 
Y.,  where  he  d.  June  19.  1313.  Katurah  Topping  was  b.  in 
Hanover,  Morris  Co.,  X.  J.,  July  2,  1736,  and  d.  at  Monte- 
zuma, X.  Y.,  March  5,  1824.     Children  : 

1.  Joanna,  b.  March  1,  1805;  d.  at  Lima.  Mich.,  Julv  10, 


2.  Elizabeth,  b.   July    12.    1807:  m.   Fox;    lived  at 

Redwood,  Cal.,  with  her  son,  George  Fox. 

3.  Alexander  Dallas,  b.  Oct.  5,  1809. 

4.  Martin  L.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1812. 

439.  Hon.  Alexander  Dallas  Crane  [3];  was  b.  in  Mentz  or  Mon- 
tezuma, N.  Y..  the  son  of  a  farmer.  Learned  the  trade  of  a 
blacksmith.  In  the  year  1827  he  removed  to  Michigan, 
arriving  there  Nov.  24.  stopping  at  Ann  Arbor.  Three  years 
later  he  located  at  Dexter,  continuing  to  work  at  his  trade  until 
1832,  when  he  began  the  study  of  law.  Was  soon  elected 
constable  ;  and  subsequently  was  deputy  sheriff  and  collector 
of  taxes,  continuing  in  the  latter  position  ten  years.  He  tried 
merchandising  for  a  year  and  a  half,  when,  in  1343.  he  was 
admitted  to  the  bar.  and  learned  to  practice  in  the  legal  pro- 
fession. In  1 84 9  President  Fillmore  appointed  him  post- 
master at  Dexter:  also  served  as  justice  of  the  peace.  At 
the  close  of  the  year  1853  he  resigned  the  postmastership  to 
accept  the  office  of  prosecuting  attorney  of  Washtenaw  Co., 
1854  to  1»65.  Four  times  in  succession  he  was  called  upon 
to  preside  over  the  circuit  court  as  its  judge,  and  in  1873  he 
was  appointed  judge  of  the  fourth  judicial  district  of  Michi- 
gan, embracing  the  counties  of  Jackson,  Ingham  and  Washte- 
naw, which  seat  he  tilled  with  credit  and  honor  for  three 
years.  At  the  close  of  his  judgeship  he  formed  a  copartner- 
ship with  A.  .1.  Sawyer  at  Ann  Arbor.  Little  later  he  returned 
to  Dexter,  where  he  continued  his  law  practice,  adding  the 
insurance  business,  and  continuing  it  until  failing  health  com- 
pelled the  relinquishment  of  all  care.  Mr.  Crane  was  ap- 
pointed colonel  of  the  7th  Regt.,  4th  Brigade,  2d  division  of 
Michigan  State  Militia,  bv  Governor  S.  T.  Mason.  March  30. 


1832.  April  29,  1842,  he  was  appointed  brigadier-general  by 
Governor  E.  Ransom,  and  by  Governor  K.  S.  Bingham  major- 
general  of  the  2d  division.  In  1861  he  raised  a  company  of 
101  men,  and  entered  the  service  of  the  United  States,  May 
29,  18SI,  as  captain  of  Co.  K,  4th  Regt.,  Michigan  Infantry. 
Ill  health  from  exposure  and  service  soon  compelled  him  to 
resign,  much  to  his  regret.  Feb.  6,  1830,  Mr.  Crane  married 
in  Redford,  Mich.,  Nancy  Smith,  a  native  of  Meadville,  Pa., 
b.  June  9,  1807,  by  whom  he  had  six  children.  She  d.  Sept. 
13,  1842,  and  he  m.  May  11,  1843,  Julia  Ann  Heller  at  Ann 
Arbor.  She  was  b.  in  Germany,  and  d.  June  21,  1862,  at 
Dexter.  He  m.  3d,  Feb.  8,  1863,  Helen  L.  Palmer.  She  was 
b.  in  Queensbury,  N.  Y.,  April  16,  1823.  He  d.  Aug.  14,  1893, 
at  Dexter,  Mich.     Children,  all  b.  in  Dexter  : 

1.  James  M.,  b.  July  1,   1832. 

2.  Helen  M.,  b.  May  31,  1834;  d.  June  6,   1839. 

3.  Nancy  Loisa,  b.  May  31,  1836;  d.  Aug   7,  1836. 

4.  Joanna,  b.    Nov.  8,  1837;  d.  Nov.  12,  1837. 

5.  Henry  Clay,  b.  Dec.  9,  1838;  d.  Jan.  30,  1860. 

6.  Josephine,  b.  Jan.  27,  1841 ;  d.  July  3,  1842. 

7.  Charles  Fox,  b.  Dec.  28,  1863. 

8.  George  D.,1.     .        ,     „        „„   ,.„_ 

9.  Stephen,      ftwlns.  b-  Dec-  28,  I860. 

440.  Martin  L.  Crane   [4];    m.    1st,   Phebe  Kendrick;   2d,  Louisa 

Curtis,  both  natives  of  New  York  State.  Settled  in  Novi, 
Mich.,  where  he  died  July  15,  1896,  having  had  two  sons  by 
first  marriage  and  two  daughters  by  the  second.     Children  : 

1.  George   Newton;    was    with   Sherman's   army,    and 

killed  on  the  march  to  the  sea. 

2.  Alexander  Barton;  d.  in  Jackson,  Mich. 

3.  Frances  Joan. 

4.  Elizabeth. 

Frances  Joan  Crane  [3] ;  m.  Philip  McCrumb.     Lives  in  Novi, 
Mich.     Children  : 

1.  Eva  L.  (McCrumb). 

2.  Aggie  May  (McCrumb). 

3.  Marshall  (McCrumb)  ;  drowned  June  17,  1888. 

Elizabeth  Crane  [4] ;  m.  Miles  Hodges.     Residence  at  Van- 
derbilt,  Otsego  Co.,  Mich.     Children": 

1.  Edwin  J.  (Hodges). 

2.  Clarence  A.  (Hodges). 

3.  Cora  (Hodges)  ;  d.,  aged  5  years. 

441.  James  Crane5  [140],  (Edmund,4  John,3  John,2  Jasper1). 
He  was  born  May  20,  1786.  He  married  Sally  Palmer,  by  whom 
he  had  three  children ;  2d,  Polly  Southwell,  by  whom  he  had 
two  children ;  3d,  Mary  Ann  Brush.  He  was  a  farmer.  Served 
in  the  War  of  1812  in  western  New  York,  and  died  Sept.  27,  1868. 
Thus  it  is  given  by  James  M.  Crane,  of  Paw  Paw,  Mich.,  the 
grandson.*     Children: 

442 — 1.     A.  Lanson. 
443—2.     Harry. 

*  There  was,  we  presume,  another  James,6  son  of  James,5  who  was 
father  of  the  above  five  children ;  for  Mr.  Crane  says  his  grandfather 
James  was  born  1786,  while  James,5  was  born  1754,  and  served  in  the 
Revolutionary  war  from  Morris  Co.,  N.  J. 


444—3.     Loyal,  b.  April  14,  1313. 
445 — 4.     Alonzo. 
446 — 5.     James  M. 

447.  Phoeby  Crane5  [135],  (Edmund,4  John,3  John,2 
Jasper1),  supposed  to  have  married  Isaac  Pierson,  Nov.  4,  1759. 

She  died .     He  married  2d,  Mary .     He  died  Aug.  24, 

1790.     Children: 

2.  Tom,}  twins;  bapt-  Nov'  U'  17r>2' 

3.  Asa;  bapt.  Nov.  1,  17134. 

4.  Cyrus  ;  bapt.  Jan.  11,  1767. 

5.  Eunice,  b.  Feb.  10,  1770. 

6.  Phebe,  b.  Sept.  3,  1772. 

7.  Jacob,  b.  Aug.  28,  1774. 

8.  John,  b.  May  16,  1779. 

9.  Abraham,  b.  March  6,   1781. 

10.     Eliza  M.,  b.  Dec.  26,  1785,  by  wife  Mary. 

448.  Joseph  Crane5  [144],  (Joseph,4  Jasper,3  John,2 
Jasper1),  married  Sarah  Jones,  of  Orange,  Jan.  21,  1796.  Lived 
in  Bloomfield,  N.  J. ;  a  farmer.  Served  in  the  "  whiskey  war"  in 
Pennsylvania.  He  died  Sept.  27,  1832,  at  Bloomfield,  aged  65. 
She  died  June  7,  1846,  aged  73  years,  5  months  and  22  days. 
On  his  tombstone  you  may  read:  "Pause,  reader,  and  reflect 
that  thou,  too,  art  mortal."     Children  : 






Nathaniel  J 





454.     Moses  Crane5  [145], (Joseph,4  Jasper,3  John,2  Jasper1), 

married .     Presume  this  Moses  Crane  served  as  overseer  of 

highways  in  1808.     Children  : 

455 — 1.  Robert. 

456 — 2.  Harry. 

457—3.  Louisa. 

458—4.  Phebe. 

459—5.  Jane. 

460.  Daniel  Crane5  [146],  (Joseph,4  Jasper,3  John,2 
Jasper1),  said  to  have  died  in  Jersey  City,  April  26,  1863  Chil- 
dren : 

461—1.  Aaron;  m.  Henrietta ;  had  5  children. 

462  —  2.  Walter;  drowned  at  sea. 

463—3.  Sarah;  ra.  Isaac  Seaman;  he  was  killed  on  railroad. 

464 — 4.  Ann;  m. ;  lived  in  Pennsylvania. 

465 — 5.  Mary;  m.  Methodist  minister. 

466— 6.  Edie. 

467-7.  Jane;  m.  a  brother  of   her  brother  Aaron's    wife,  and  lived 
near  Jersey  City. 

468.     Rebeckah  Crane5  [150],   (Jeremiah,4   Daniel,3  John,2 


Jasper1),   married  Joseph  Davis  in   1790.     He  was  captain  of 
Washington's  Life  Guard.     Children  : 

1.  William  (Davis),  b.  July  4,  1791. 

2.  James  (Davis). 

3.  John  (Davis). 

469.  William   Davis  [1]  ;  m.  Catharine  Kingsland,  who  was  b.  Oct. 

28,  1806,  and  d.  Dec.  7,  1880.     He  d.  Oct.,  1856.     Children: 

1.  William  H.  (Davis),  b.  July  22,  1828;  d.  Sept.  7,  1837. 

2.  Samuel  Stephen  (Davis),  b.  Oct.  17,  1830. 

3.  Catharine  Mary  (Davis),  b.  Dec.  9,  1835. 

4.  Eleanor  E.  (Davis),  b.  Aug.  25,  1837. 

5.  William    Tyler    (Davis), "b.  March  20,  1841 ;    d.  July 

17,   1846. 

6.  Erastus  (Davis),  b.  June  30,  1842;  d.  Aug.  26,  1848. 

470.  Samuel  Stephen  Davis  [2]  ;  m.  Charlotte  Ann  Scott. 

Children  : 

1.  Samuel  S.  (Davis). 

2.  Catharine  (Davis). 

3.  Adaline  (Davis). 

4.  William  Scott  (Davis). 

5.  John  Crawford  (Davis) 

471.  Catharine  Mary  Davis  T3]  ;  m.   James   0.    Haulenbeck,   Feb. 

17,  1850.     Children: 

1.  William  (Haulenbeck),  b.   Nov.   11,   1850;   d.  Jan.  28. 

2.  Franklin  (Haulenbeck),  b.  Aug.  5,  1853. 

3.  James  (Haulenbeck),  b.  Sept.  20,  1856. 

4.  Charles  (Haulenbeck),  b.  March  5,  1859. 

472.  Ele.anor  E.  Davis  [4]  ;  m.  Charles  L.  Fithian,  Dec.  28,  1858. 

Children : 

1.  William  H.  (Fithian),  b.  Dec.  27,  1859;  d. 

2.  Katie  E.  (Fithian),  b.  Aug.  31,  1862. 

3.  Thomas  (Fithian),  b.  Nov.  20,  1864;  d. 

4.  William  H.  (Fithian),  b.  Sept.  16,  1866;  d. 

5.  Emma  (Fithian),  b.  Apr.  8,  1869. 

473.  William  Crain5  [152],  (Jeremiah,4  Daniel,3  John,3 
Jasper1 ) .  He  spelled  his  name  Crain  ;  supposed  to  have  been 
born  at  Newburgh,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.  ;  married  Phebe,  daughter 
of  Lieutenant  Thos.  Nicholson.  Her  grandfather  Nicholson 
settled  at  Little  Britain,  in  1730,  with  Chas.  Clinton. 

Children  : 

474—1.  Maria,  b.  about  1805. 

475 — 2.  Amanda;  d.  young. 

476—3.  Achilles  Rainer,  b.  March  3,  1810.  at  Newburgh,  N.  Y. 

477—4.  Josephus  Nicholson,  b.  1812;  m.  Frances  E.  Guinness. 

478 — 5.  Susan:  ra.  Dennis  Gahagan. 

479—6.  William  Davis,  b.  April  10,  1819;  m.  Emily  Matilda  Blake. 

480 — 7.  Hector;  d.  young. 

481.  Matthias  Crane5  [157],  (William,4  Nathaniel,3  Aza- 
riah.'-  Jasper1),  married  Elizabeth  Crane,  daughter  of  Job 
Crane.  She  was  born.  1744.  Probably  was  the  Matthias  Crane 
who  served  in  the  Revolutionary  war,  Morris  Co.  He  died 
Sept.  14,  1786,   aged  43  years,  2  days.     Children  : 

482 — 1.     Israel,  b.  1774;  m.  Fannie  Peirson. 

483 — 2.     Abigail;  m.  Hugh  Holmes. 


■484.  Jonathan  Crane5  [158],  (William.4  Nathaniel,3  Aza- 
riah,a  Jasper1),  married  Mary  Ward.  She  died  Nov.  4.  1820. 
The  silver  tankard  which  was  an  heirloom  in  the  Crane  family, 
was.  so  says  Henry  A.  Crane,  grandson  of  Jonathan,  in  posses- 
sion of  "  grandmother  Mary  Ward  Crane,  and  destroyed  at  the 
burning  of  Uncle  Timothy  Crane's  house  at  Caldwell,  N.  J.,  in 
1824."  One  record  says  he  died  Aug.  1,  1801  ;  another  says  he 
died  in  Caldwell.  N.  J..  1805.  March  12,  1776,  chosen  sur- 
veyor of  highways.     Children : 

■435 — 1.     Abijah,  b.  June  11.  1765. 
486—2.     Uzeal. 
487—3.     Tdiothy. 

488.  Jonas  Crane5  [159],  (William.4  Nathaniel.3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married.  He  died  in  Caldwell.  N.  J.,  Oct.  17.  180*3, 
aged  56.     Children: 

489—1.  Amos. 

490—2.  William. 

491—3.  Calvin  Smith,  b.  Jan.  20,  1795. 

492—4.  Bethuel,  b.  1780 

493  —  5.  Lydia. 

494—6.  Rachel. 

495 — 7.  Phebe. 

496 — 8.  Abigail. 

497.  William  Crane5  [163],  (William.4  Nathaniel,3  Aza- 
riah.2 Jasper1),  married  Lydia  Baldwin,  daughter  of  Joshua. 
His  granddaughter  Hester  says  he  was  a  lieutenant  and  captain 
in  the  war  of  the  Revolution,  and  was  in  the  War  of  1812.  He 
was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Cranetown.  N.  J.  Subscribed  £22 
toward  building  the  church  in  1794.  She  died  in  Cranetown. 
N.  J.,  where  thev  lived.  June  22,  1832.  He  died  there  Nov.  16, 
1832.     Children": 

498 — 1.  Henry;  d.  young. 

499 — 2.  Elisha:  d.  young. 

500 — 3.  ;  d.  youDg. 

501—4.  Hannah,  b.  about  1781. 

502 — 5.  Sarah. 

503—6.  Joslah  W.,  b.  1786. 

504 — 7.  William,  b.  1788. 

505 — 8.  Mary,  b.  1791  ;    m.  Joseph  Harrison,  Jr..  i>f  Caldwell,  N.  J. 

She  died  in  Delaware,  Ohio,  Aug.  5,  1827. 

506 — 9.  Lucy;  m.  Lewis  Pierson,  of  Orange,  N.  J. 

507-10.  Joshua,  b.  1797. 

508-11.  Prudence;  m.  Z.  Baldwin,  Bloomfield,  N.  J. 

509.  Oliver  Crane5  [164],  (William,4  Nathaniel.3  Azariah.2 
Jasper1),  married  Susannah,  daughter  of  David  Baldwin,  of 
Bloomfleld,  N.  J.,  and  lived  in  the  stone  house  built  by  his 
father  in  Cranetown  now  Montclair :  was  overseer  of  highways 
for  1797.  He  subscribed  £25  toward  building  the  church,  1794. 
He  was  killed  by  a  horse  kicking  him  on  the  Sabbath  day.  Aug. 
31,  1817,  while  getting  ready  to  go  to   Church.      He    was   51 



years  of  age  at  the  time  of  his  death.     She  died  Nov.  11,  1838, 
aged  70. 


Children  : 



He  was  in  the  War  of  1812. 

Sarah,  b.  June  3,  1787;  d.  Dec. 
Lydia,  b.  Feb.  5,  1789. 
Stephf.n  Fordham,  b.  Dec.  27 
Rachel,  b.  Oct,.  16.  1794. 
Amos,  b.  Jan.  20,  1799. 
Zophar  Baldwin,  b.  June  14,  1803. 
Nathaniel  Marcus,  b.  Dec.  12,  1805. 
Isaac  Wheeler,  b.  July  8,  1808. 

518.  Samuel  Crane5  [166],  (Noah4,  Nathaniel,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married  Mary,  daughter  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Bald- 
win. He  was  a  farmer;  born  in  Cranetown,  and  lived  in  Cald- 
well, N.  J.,  where  he  died  Feb.  28,  1811.  She  died  Jan.  26, 
1817.  Dee.  3,  178-1,  Church  was  organized  at  Caldwell;  his 
name  appears  in  the  first  list,  with  Mary  and  Phebe  Crane.  He 
was  elected  deacon,  1784.  Children  : 
519— I .     Caleb,  b.  Aug.  28,  1769. 

Zenas,  b.  1772. 

Cyrus;  d.  in  infancy. 

Dorcas,  b.  1777;  m.  Timothy  Crane.     She  d.  1805. 

Cyrus,  b.  1779. 

Elizabeth,  b.  1781. 

Mary,  b.  1784. 

Nathaniel  S.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1789. 

527.  Deacon  Joseph  Crane5  [168],  (Noah,4  Nathaniel,3 
Azariah,2  Jasper1),  married  Hannah  Sampson;  resided  in  West 
Bloomfield,  N.  J.  Held  office  in  the  Church,  1794  to  1798,  and 
subscribed  £60  toward  building  the  church  in  1794;  served  in 
the  War  of  1812.  He  doubtless  served  his  turn  as  overseer  of 
highways  in  1806.     He  died  Oct.  11,  1832.     Children: 

528 — 1.  Eleazer;  bapt.  Dec.  21,  1783;  was  overseer  of  highways  in 
1807  and  1809;  d.  at  Mont  Clair,  N.  J.,  May  24,  1865,  aged 
39 ;  no  children. 

Rev.  Daniel;  m.  H.  Crane,  dau.  of  Aaron  and  Tabatha. 

Rev.  Noab  ;  m. Grover. 

Nathaniel;  bapt.  Dec.  21,  1783. 



Jane;  id.  Oct.  24,  1806,  Amzi  L.,  son  of  Deacon  Samuel 
Ball;  lived  many  years  in  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was 
sheriff.  Subsequently  returned  to  New  Jersey.  He  died  in 
Mont  Clair,  Sept.  26,  1860.     She  d.  Feb.  9,  1364. 



Peter  Doremus  m.  one  of  these  last  two  daughters. 

537.     Elizabeth    Crane5    [169],    (Noah,4    Nathaniel,3  Aza- 
riah,2 Jasper1- j,  married  John  R.  Crane.     Children  : 
1.     Mary. 

534  —  7 



538.  Major  Nathaniel  Crane5  [171],  (Noah,4  Nathaniel,3 
Azariah,2  Jasper1),  married  Hannah,  daughter  of  William  Crane, 
son  of  Nathaniel.  Had  no  children.  He  was  in  the  battle  of 
Long  Island,  Sept.  15,  1776.  He  died  in  1833,  aged  75.  He 
was  in  the  War  of  1812.  He  gave  the  bulk  of  his  property  for 
the  support  of  the  Presbyterian  ministry  in  the  town  where  he 
had  lived.  Served  as  overseer  of  highways  in  1795  and  1796, 
and  also  on  the  town  committee  for  the  years  1799  and  1800. 
He  is  supposed  to  be  the  Nathaniel  Crane  who  subscribed  £100 
towards  building  the  church  in  1794. 

539.  Mehitable  Crane5  [173], (Noah,4  Nathaniel,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married  General  William  Gould.  She  died  Dec.  4, 
1843,  aged  79  years.     Children: 

1.  Mary  (Gould) ;  m.  Robert  Baldwin. 

2.  Johnson  N.  (Gould) ;  m.  Elizabeth  Reeves. 

3.  Phebe  (Gould). 

4.  Betsey  (Gould) ;  m.  Dr.  Abner  Reeves. 

5.  Stephen  (Gould);  d.  young. 

6.  Emily  (Gould). 

7.  Charlotte  (Gould) ;  m.  Joseph  Harrison. 
.3.  Nathaniel  (Gould)  ;  ra.  Mary  Ward. 

9.     Harriet  (Gould). 

10.  William  (Gould) ;  m.  Charlotte  Ward. 

11.  Stephen  (Gould);  m.  Sarah  . 

540.  Aaron  Crane5  [187],  (Job,4  Azariah,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married  Tabatha  Baldwin,  of  Orange,  N.  J.  Settled 
in  Mont  Clair,  N.  J.  The  place  was  formerly  called  Cranetown. 
He  was  a  farmer.  Served  in  the  Revolutionary  war,  so  says  his 
son  Zenas  S.  He  subscribed  £90  towards  building  the  church  in 
1794.  Was  in  the  War  of  1812.  He  died  Feb.  7,  1836.  Chil- 
dren : 

541—1.     Nancy,  b.  Sept.  1,  1775. 

542 — 2.     Thomas,  b.  Sept.  8,  1778;  at  town  meeting  in  Newark,  April 

8,  1805,  was  chosen  overseer  of  highways,  and  constable 

in  1S09. 
543_3.     Jeptha,  b.  July  17,  1780. 
544_4.     Hannah,  b.   Aug.  27,  1782. 
545 — 5.     Abigail,  b.  June  18,  1785. 
54i;_(5.     Timothy  A.,  b.  June  17,  1787. 
547_7.     Elias  B.,  b.  Dec.  17,  1789. 
548—8.     Zenas  Squier,  b.  Oct.  20,  1793. 
549—9.     Polly,  b.  March  19,  1797. 

550.  Jane  Crane5  [191],  (Gamaliel,4  Azariah,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married  Parmenas  Dodd,  son  of  Nathaniel  and  Ruth 
(Condit)  Dodd.     Children: 

1.  Thaddeus  (Dodd),  b.  March  8,  1784;  m.  Lucy  Rice 

2.  Nathaniel  (Dodd).  b.  Jan.  17,  1787. 

3.  Stephen  (Dodd),  b.  March  18,  17S9;  m.  Mary  Riker 

4.  Jeptha  (Dodd),  b.  Oct.  15,  1791;  m.  Polly  Hinbman. 

5.  Daniel  (Dodd),  b.  1793. 

6.  Albert  (Dodd),  b.  March,  1797;  d.  Sept.  13,  1846. 

7.  Matthew  (Dodd),  b.  Nov.  4,  1800. 


8.  Abner  (Dodd) ;  ra.,  and  went  to  Canada  West. 

9.  Reuben  (Dodd). 

18.     Isaac  (Dodd),  b.  May  9,  1806;  went  to  Williamsport,  Md. 

551.  Simeon  Crane5  [192],  (Gamaliel,4  Azariah.3  Azariah,- 
Jasper1),  married  Eunice  Baldwin.  Lived  at  the  top  of  the 
mountain  in  Cranetown,  now  Mont  Clair,  N.  J.  He  attended 
town  meeting  in  Newark,  N.  J..  April  14.  1800,  and  was  elected 
overseer  of  highways  for  Bloomfteld.  All  went  to  New  York 
State  and  Michigan.     Children  : 


552 — 1. 

Ambrose;  d. 





555 — 4. 















Lewis  Dodd 



564.     Jacob  Crane5  [194],    (Gamaliel,4  Azariah,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  probably  married  Anna  Pennington.     Children: 

565—1.     Sophia,  b.  Sept.  4,  1785;  residence,  1870,  at  Greenfield,  Mass. 

566—2.     Sarah. 

567—3.     George  W.;  d.  Nov.  1,  1807. 

568.  Zebina  Crane5  [196],  (Gamaliel,4  Azariah,3  Azariah.2 
Jasper1),  married  Jan.  8,  17lJ3,  Anna  Gould.  When  a  small 
boy  he  was  bound  out  by  an  older  brother  to  a  teamster  who 
lived  near  the  family  home.  The  boy  was  so  harshly  treated 
that  he  ran  away,  and  while  travelling  barefooted  and  ragged, 
without  food,  he  came  upon  a  woman  milking  a  cow,  and  asked  her 
for  food  and  lodging.  He  stayed  with  this  family  a  number  of 
years,  who  treated  him  very  kindly,  and  gave  him  some  schooling  ; 
but  he  Anally  became  homesick,  and  returned  to  his  old  home. 
About  the  year  1807  or  1808  he  left  the  State  of  New  Jersey,  and 
sought  to  better  his  fortune  in  what  was  then  the  wilderness  of 
Central  New  York,  and  settled  in  the  town  of  Genoa,  Cayuga 
County.  He  stayed  there  until  the  6th  of  May,  1810,  when  he 
moved  to  what  is  now  the  town  of  Marion,  Wayne  County,  about 
one-half  mile  from  the  pleasant  little  village  of  Marion.  His 
house  was  made  of  logs,  with  bark  roof,  stone  fireplace,  and 
blankets  for  doors.  In  this  house  he  lived  about  two  years, 
clearing  his  land  and  turning  his  hand  to  anything  by  which  he 
might  earn  an  honest  penny.  He  built  the  first  blacksmith  shop 
in  town.  He  was  also  a  famous  shingle-maker;  could  do  a  fair 
job  at  mason- work  or  carpentering.  In  the  War  of  1812  he  went 
to  the  defence  of  Pultneyville,  and  afterwards  volunteered  for  sis 
months  on  Niagara  frontier,  serving  most  of  the  time  on  detached 
duty,  building  barracks  and  other  mechanical  work ;  was  taken 


sick  near  Black  Rock,  and  offered  a  discharge,  but  only  accepted 
a  furlough  that  he  might  come  home  for  medicine.  He  never  was 
quite  well  afterwards,  although  a  great  worker.  He  built  a  frame 
house,  barn  and  corn-house  on  his  farm,  and  lived  there  until  his 
death,  which  occurred  on  the  11th  of  September.  1823.  Chil- 
dren : 

569—1.  Jacob  G.,  b.  April  5,  1795. 

570—2.  Susannah,  b.  Nov.  22,  1796. 

571 — 3.  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  28,  1798. 

572—4.  Caleb,  b.  July  1,  1801  ;  d.  May  26,  1822. 

573—5.  Hannah,  b.  March  12,  1804. 

574 — 6.  David,  b.  June  9,  1806. 

575 — 7.  Obediah,  b.  June  8,  1808. 

576—8.  Sarah  Ann,  b.  1,  1810. 

S77— 9.  Zebina,  b.  Nov.  21.  1812;  d.  March  14,  1813. 

578-10.  Rachel,  b.  Mav  6.  1814. 

579-11.  Anna,  b.  Nov.  28,  1815. 

580.  Obediah  Crane*' [198],  (Gamaliel.4  Azariah,3  Azariah,2 
Jasper1),  married  April  10,  1811,  Charlotte  Osborn,  daughter  of 
Ichabod  Osborn.  who  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  war, 
and  lived  at  Chatham,  N.  J.;  also  at  Bottle  Hill;  all  but  the 
eldest  and  youngest  of  their  children  named  were  born  at  the 
latter  place.  He  died  at  Goshen,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y..  Nov.