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Full text of "Letter from Major General Basilio Valdes to J.C. Schwartz, Editor of "Who's Who Among Physicians and Surgeons""

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April £3, 1938 

Mr. J. C. Schwarz 

Editor, "Who's Who Among 
Physicians and Surgeons" 

£77 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

U. S. A. 

Dear Mr. Schwarz: 

I have received your letter of March 3, 

1938, in which you inform me that my name has 
been recommended by Dr. Jose M. Delgado for 
inclusion in the 1938 edition of "Who’s Who 
Among Physicians and Surgeons." In compliance 
with your request, I am filling out the ques- 
tionnaire which you have sent me although, upon 
second thought, I feel that I am not entitled 
to be included in this publication inasmuch as, 
at present, I am occupying a government posi- 
tion not connected with the medical work. 

I served as a volunteer surgeon, during 
the World War, with the American Red Cross and 
was detailed as surgeon to French hospitals. 

For my services there, I was decorated with the 
French Medal of Honor, the Silver Medal of French 
Recognition and was made an officer of the Legion 
of Honor. Upon my return to the Islands, I joined 
the Medical Corps of the Philippine Constabulary, 
the armed force of the Philippine Government, and, 
five years after I joined the organization, I was 
promoted to the grade of Lieutenant Colonel and 
made Chief Surgeon. At the same time, I was made 
President of the Board of Medical Examiners, which 
position I occupied for several years. 

In 193£ the Department of Health and Welfare 
was organized by the Philippine Legislature, and 
the then Governor-General, Theodore Roosevelt, 
appointed me Acting Commissioner of Health and 
Welfare to organize the department. I occupied 
this position for two years after which Governor- 

vy < 

> vv/i $ V- -t f-»* . M 

V Y ' t**J**' --- 

. i « 


Headquarters Philippine Army 


Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff 

2 - 

General Murphy asked me to give up my medical 
work and accept an appointment as Brigadier Gen- 
eral and Commanding General of the Philippine 
Constabulary. I tried to discuss with Governor- 
General Murphy my objections to such appointment, 
but I was told that my services were needed, and 
I had no other recourse but to accept. Since 
then, I have been separated from my surgical work 
although, occasionally, I still perform surgical 
operations. When the Philippine Army was organ- 
ized in 1936, the President of the Commonwealth 
promoted me to the rank of Major General and de- 
signated me Deputy Chief of Staff which position 
I now hold. 

In the year 1935 I was elected President of 
the Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico de Filipinas, the 
oldest medical society existing in the Islands . 

I was reelected twice during which time I was 
able to bring about the union of the old Spanish 
medical society and the new English-speaking Ma- 
nila Medical Society. Former presidents had tried 
to bring about this union, but opposition on the 
part of the members of both societies made all 
their efforts futile. I was fortunate to be able 
to win the goodwill of the members of both socie- 
ties and, with the cooperation of Dr. Nanagas, 
then President of the Manila Medical Society, I 
was able to bring about the much-needed union. 

Personally, I feel that I am not entitled 
to be included in the publication ’’Who’s Who 
Among Physicians and Surgeons,” but I am leaving 
that to your own judgment. 

Sincerely yours 

(Major General) 





The Publishers 

Who’s Who in the, Philippines 
P. O. Box 2063, Manila. P. I. 


Kindly enter my name for copy of the 2nd edition of WHO’S 

WHO IN THE PHILIPPINES. It is understood that the charge will be 
Ten Pesos (P10.00) per copy, postage prepaid. Payment will be made as follows: 

(a) I agree to pay fifty percent (50%) of the cost of this booh with this 
order, the balance to be paid upon receipt of booh. 

(b) Send copy of booh to following address C.O.D. 





(Please print or typewrite name on this line) 




Make All Checks Payable To 


This Agreement Is Null And Void Unless An Official Receipt Is Received 
Direct Prom Ramon Roces Publications, Inc. 

, A 



1. - Deans and important faculty memUers 
of medical schools of recognized standing. 

2. - Consulting physicians to important 
medical institutions. 

3. - Physicians occupying important 
positions on staffs of medical institu- 
tions or hospitals. 

4. - Recipients of high awards or honors 
for medical or surgical contributions. 

5. - Authors of accepted medical works. 

6. - Editors of official medical journals 
or hooks. 

7. - Officers of important medical soci- 
eties .